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Life, Earth & Health Sciences Reference Collections

Provides collections of bibliographic references for user requested search terms in the basic and applied Life, Earth & Health Sciences.

Request a Reference Collection

Please contact us through this form to request a reference collection.
Please be as specific as possible, e.g.,

"Entamoeba histolytica" AND "adhesin"
"Entamoeba histolytica" NOT "mucosa"
"Entamoeba histolytica" AND "adhesin" NOT "mucosa"

You can also send a request through the DISQUS form at the bottom of this page.

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Life, Earth & Health Sciences Reference Collections

Provides collections of scientific references on life, earth & health sciences subjects.

Entamoeba histolytica adhesin


Secondary metabolite production by endophytic fungi

Tea stalk separation

Coccinella undecimpunctata

Euryops chrysanthemoides

Skin pathology

Dolichos biflorus

Air pollution and acute respiratory infection (ARI)


Channa barca

Anxiety in cancer patients receiving chemo therapy

Litchi fruit cracking

Mertila malayensis

Black cumin

'Frida' apple

Photosynthesis in rice under water stress

Effect of NPK on growth and flowering of Gerbera

Palynology dating from the Mesozoic

Metalloporphyrin catalysis

Anaesthesia in hyperthyroidism

Lemon grass

Bovine paratuberculosis

Carboniferous tabulate corals

Orange-bellied parrot

Macaca fascicularis growth

Whooping crane Grus americana


Neyveli lignite fossil

Diospyros morphology

Lepidoptera pests of sunflower related to weather

Macro and trace mineral profile of buffaloes

Pathology of Cylindrocladium scoparium

Systemic protection of onion in storage


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