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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

A contribution to the pathology of Trypanosoma simiae infection in pigs

A contribution to the pathomorphology of vitamin A deficiency in chickens

A contribution to the pest resistance of a collection of sainfoin

A contribution to the possibilities of increasing winter resistance in breeding productive varieties of wheat

A contribution to the preparation of nutrient solution from mineral fertilizers

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003005

A contribution to the problem of hay yield and hay quality in Bavaria

A contribution to the problem of hollowness in celeriac tubers

A contribution to the problem of ice-sheet resistance of winter wheat

A contribution to the problems of breeding early maize hybrids

A contribution to the question of the genetic nature of induced tomato mutants

A contribution to the question of the oviposition of Phorbia coarctata Fall. on cultivated soil, artificial fallow and in the laboratory, and on its flight in the open

A contribution to the reconstruction of the ancestry of maize

A contribution to the removal of obstacles to agricultural trade

A contribution to the simplification of the study of the biology of flowering in wheat

A contribution to the soil dilution plate method

A contribution to the solution of problems relating to wine-grape varieties in Slovenia

A contribution to the structure of soil cover in the Western Carpathians

A contribution to the study and the significance of the changes in the consistence and volume in heavy, vertic soils of the pilot farm Jezevo

A contribution to the study of Aceria oleae (Nalepa, 1900) (Acarina: Eriophyidae)

A contribution to the study of Coccomyces hiemalis Higg. in Bosnia and Hercegovina

A contribution to the study of Lotus L. on Gran Canaria

A contribution to the study of Tylenchulus semipenetrans on citrus in Cyprus

A contribution to the study of a Fusarium disease of cucurbitaceous fruits and possibilities of its treatment

A contribution to the study of adult activity in the dark sword-grass moth - Scotia ipsilon Hufnagel (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera)

A contribution to the study of animal helminthiasis south of the Save

A contribution to the study of cardoon blanching with plastic materials

A contribution to the study of causes of apple russeting : a trial of various fungicide treatment programmes on the cultivar Golden Delicious

A contribution to the study of certain MM. rootstocks in Slovenia

A contribution to the study of changes of mineral substances in the dry matter of the field vegetation

A contribution to the study of chemical destruction of weeds on industrial railway tracks

A contribution to the study of chromatotropism of Dacus oleae (Gmel.). Experiments in the laboratory and field

A contribution to the study of dead arm disease of grapevines in Hercegovina

A contribution to the study of dieback of elm caused by the Dutch elm disease in the Bjelovar Forest Establishment area

A contribution to the study of excess base saturation

A contribution to the study of flower differentiation in chestnut (Castanea sativa)

A contribution to the study of flowering in Clivia miniata

A contribution to the study of flowering in grape vines. V. Flower sex and pollen germinability

A contribution to the study of fruit quality. The richness in vitamin C of Golden Delicious apples in the Gembloux region in 1971

A contribution to the study of induced somatic mutation in the Jonathan apple

A contribution to the study of inheritance of anthocyanin pigments in red raspberry fruits

A contribution to the study of introduced hybrids and cv. of grain sorghum

A contribution to the study of limited weed control in peach orchards

A contribution to the study of maintenance-breeding methods in red clover (Trifolium pratense var. praecox)

A contribution to the study of methods of growing strawberries

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003047

A contribution to the study of parasitic Gamasid mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) in Nigeria

A contribution to the study of parthenocarpy and parthenogenesis in maize - II

A contribution to the study of pear-quince graft incompatibility. II. Modifications of the union process caused by the application of growth substances to herbaceous material

A contribution to the study of production possibilities of lowland grass swards

A contribution to the study of productivity factors in the seed pea cv. Raman

A contribution to the study of seed production in lucerne under artificial conditions with the aim of decreasing the time between generations. I. The influence of the concentration of nitrogen in the nutrient solution

A contribution to the study of self fertility in the hazel (Corylus avellana, C. maxima and their hybrids)

A contribution to the study of soil formation on Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos

A contribution to the study of some anomalies of the flower in some peach varieties

A contribution to the study of synanthropic flies on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

A contribution to the study of tannins in the rhizomes of tormentil and strawberry and in blackberry leaves

A contribution to the study of the amino acid composition of hazelnuts and the chemical properties of their oils

A contribution to the study of the anatomical structure of the stem of winter rye (Secale cereale L.) from the viewpoint of forage production

A contribution to the study of the anatomy, morphology and systematics of African Paramphistomidae (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda)

A contribution to the study of the aphid fauna of the Musaceae

A contribution to the study of the cell nucleus and of cross compatibility in some species of the genus Secale L

A contribution to the study of the control of weeds in bean crops

A contribution to the study of the control of weeds in pea crops (Pisum sativum)

A contribution to the study of the cotton bollworm in the Sudan

A contribution to the study of the dynamics of the breakdown of some insecticides. I. The dynamics of the breakdown of some insecticides that are used for the control of the cherry fruitfly (Rhagoletis cerasi L., Diptera, Trypetidae)

A contribution to the study of the dynamics of the breakdown of some insecticides. II. The breakdown of some insecticides in the fruits of peach and apricot

A contribution to the study of the effects of humidity on the development of Lamellicorns (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

A contribution to the study of the floral biology of the plum (Prunus domestica L.)

A contribution to the study of the genus Rhizoglyphus Claparede, 1869 (Acarina: Acaridae)

A contribution to the study of the grapevine root system

A contribution to the study of the growth of eyes and shoots in the second phase of development in some dessert grape varieties, in relation to air temperature

A contribution to the study of the identification of sweet-cherry varieties on the basis of their productive branches

A contribution to the study of the influence of the sowing and harvesting dates on sugar beets

A contribution to the study of the inheritance of the naked grain character in cultivated oats

A contribution to the study of the inheritance of the length of the vegetative period

A contribution to the study of the morphological characteristics of the fruiting spurs in pears

A contribution to the study of the morphology of the banana plant (Musa spp.): bud position on the base of the leaf sheath

A contribution to the study of the natural resistance of coffee to Ceratocystis fimbriata

A contribution to the study of the nature of resistance to Ceratocistis fimbriata (Ell. Halst.) Hunt. in coffee. II

A contribution to the study of the nature of the resistance to Ceratocystis fimbriata (Ell. Halst.) Hunt. of the coffee tree

A contribution to the study of the pathogenic properties of Phyllosticta prunicola

A contribution to the study of the regularities in the areal distribution of carbon sources and consumers in the cropping patterns of Czechoslovakia

A contribution to the study of the relationship between flower bud differentiation and shoot growth in peaches

A contribution to the study of the relationship between growth and fruiting in plum cultivars. I. Growth characteristics of the cultivars

A contribution to the study of the resistance of fruit of some apple varieties to Fusicladium dendriticum (Wall) Fuck

A contribution to the study of the root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood)

A contribution to the study of the simplification of the study of the floral biology of wheat

A contribution to the study of the stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci Kuhn) with a review of the host plants in Serbia

A contribution to the study of the technical value of some peach varieties for freezing

A contribution to the study of the vegetation and flora of Khedbrahma region of North Gujarat

A contribution to the study of the world collection of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

A contribution to the study of variability in pear trees

A contribution to the study of vegetable species for improving the Sahel coast

A contribution to the study of vine shoot growth

A contribution to the study of virulent lines of Peronospora tabacina A

A contribution to the study of water regime of some significant herbaceous plants at the rocky coast of the Adriatic island Lokrum near Dubrovnik

A contribution to the study of weed control in field beans

A contribution to the study of weed control in fruit tree stock nurseries

A contribution to the study of weed control in sunflowers grown under varying soil and climatic conditions in Romania

A contribution to the study of white thread blight in the southern Ivory Coast

A contribution to the study of wild Atropa belladonna plants, with a view to bringing them into cultivation

A contribution to the study of yield capacity in some important plum varieties

A contribution to the study of yield composition in spring wheat

A contribution to the survey of some arthropods from Yugoslavia, Greece and USSR for the presence of nematodes of the suborder Oxyurata Skrjabin, 1923

A contribution to the susceptibility of sweet and sour cherry cultivars to Coccomyces hiemalis in Metohija

A contribution to the system of the order Fabales Nakai (Leguminales Jones)

A contribution to the systematics of three cestodes of the genus Diorchis Clerc, 1903 reported from birds of the genus Fulica L

A contribution to the taxonomy of the Agrostis mertensii-flaccida complex (Poaceae) in Japan

A contribution to the taxonomy of the genus Tomentella

A contribution to the techniques for determining the growth vigour of fruit trees

A contribution to the theory of combustion processes in wood

A contribution to the traits combinations in Mendel's paper

A contribution to the understanding of pollination in pears

A contribution to the understanding of quality in dessert plums

A contribution to the understanding of taxonomic problems in the genus Thymus L. in the territory of Croatia

A contribution to the understanding of the diseases and pests of soya bean in the areas where it is grown in Bosnia

A contribution to the understanding of the distribution of Salvia officinalis in Croatia

A contribution to the understanding of the genotype for fatty acid content in Brassica arvensis seed

A contribution to the understanding of the taxonomy, ecology and cenology of the oak (Quercus) in the Derdap region

A contribution to the use of heterosis in mangel

A contribution to the use of mechanical shakers for thinning peaches

A contribution to the varietal characteristics and properties of Czech hops

A contribution to the warble-fly genus Przhevalskiana Grunin (Diptera: Oestridae, Hypodermatinae)

A contribution to understanding the ecology of truffle, Tuber melanosporum

A contribution toward determining the effectiveness of urea on hops

A contribution towards a flora of the State of Kuwait and the Neutral Zone

A contribution towards clarifying price formation of land used for agriculture

A contribution towards quantifying the growth in cereal yields. Illustrated for GFR on the basis of land use, plant breeding and fertilizer use

A contribution towards reducing damage by late frosts in viticulture

A contribution towards the control of the transport of assimilates under the influence of growth substances

A contribution towards the diagnosis of trichostrongylosis in flocks of sheep under field conditions

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003134

A contributionn to solving the problems of transporting fruit on pallets

A control circuit and transducer for an automatic milking machine detacher

A control project for insect pests and diseases injurious to the rice-plants in Japan and India

A controlled culture system for physiological and preservation studies of wood

A controlled field study using live virus vaccines and an antiserum in a preconditioning program

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003140

A controlled release pellet of the amine salt of endothall

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003142

A controlled study of morbidity of schistosomiasis mansoni in St. Lucian children, based on quantitative egg excretion

A controlled test of oxyclozanide and rafoxanide against Fasciola hepatica in calves

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003145

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003146

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003147

A convenient automated method for the determination of proteolytic enzymes

A convenient ferricyanide estimation of reducing sugars in the nanomole range

A convenient method of labelling Ixodid ticks with radio-isotopes for future identification during field studies

A convenient system for the separation of some steroids on Sephadex LH-20

A convenient technique for killing and preserving leeches for general study

A coordinating device for studying the vector field of air currents in environmental chambers

A copolymer formed in situ between lignin and cresol-formaldehyde

A correction for soil contamination of herbage samples by dry ashing

A correlated light- and electron-microscope investigation of the structural evolution of the nucleolus during the cell cycle in plant meristematic cells (Allium porrum)

A correlation analysis of height increment, height, diameter, and diameter increment in some Silver Fir stands

A correlation and path coefficient analysis of yield components in sesame (Sesamum indicum. L.)

A correlation and path-coefficient analysis of yield components of dwarf wheat, (S-308)

A correlation between a ribonucleic acid fraction selectively labelled in the presence of gibberellic acid and amylase synthesis in barley aleurone layers

A correlation between chlorophyll content of leaf tissue and days to maturity in tomato, lettuce and cabbage

A correlation between growth inhibition of the first leaf and mitotic delay after irradiation of soaking barley seeds

A correlation between severity of hail damage in potato cultivars and the nature of the calcium in the leaf and stem tissues

A correlation between solar radiation and physiological effects of the environment on poikilothermic animals

A correlation between the size of the cerebrum and metabolism (oxygen consumption) in the ontogenesis of Agrotis segetum Schiff. and Chloridea obsoleta F

A correlation of nuclear DNA content and thin-layer chromatographic patterns in resolving genome relationships in Avena

A correlation of stem sugars, starch, and lipid with wood formation in Eastern White Pine

A correlational analysis of intravarietal variation in quantitative characters in winter wheat

A cost analysis of clearing a Ponderosa Pine watershed

A cost comparison of pipe and air heating

A cost comparison of tomato production and harvesting systems: mechanical versus hand picking. Report 1 task force on tomato canning industry

A cost-benefit analysis of deep and shallow tube-wells in West Bengal

A cost-benefit evaluation of alternative control policies for foot-and-mouth disease in Great Britain

A costing system for Teak forest logging in Java

A coulometric method for the determination of low peroxide values of fats and oils

A coupled heat and moisture transport model for arctic soils

A cowpea genotype with desirable plant habit

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003179

A critical analysis of 'deet' as a repellent against arthropods of public health importance and water leeches

A critical analysis of the Sessile Oak group of taxa in Hungary

A critical appraisal of Boerma's proposals

A critical appraisal of the growing stock in Galis forests (N.W.F.P.)

A critical chromosome analysis of Glossina austeni Newst. (Dipt., Glossinidae)

A critical consideration of the plum cultivar Stanley

A critical evaluation of 183 splenoportographies performed during 4 years in the Ivory Coast

A critical evaluation of the currently available results of some Ethrel trials in Sri Lanka

A critical evaluation of the methods for assessing ESR in domestic animals

A critical look at helicopter and balloon yarding systems

A critical look at livestock improvement in Tonga

A critical path analysis of fruit production in strawberry

A critical review of different editions of Mendel's Pisum paper

A critical review of methods used in detecting brucellosis by serological tests on cattle farms in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A critical review of the field application of a mathematical model of malaria eradication

A critical review of the helminth fauna of bats in the USSR and parts of Europe

A critical review of timber survey methods in tropical rainforest

A critical study of Helminthosporium spp. isolated from Panicum, Pennisetum and sugarcane in Antilles

A critical study of evaporation by Penman's method during the growing season of vegetation in the arid zone of India

A critical study of methods for the determination of nitrates in plants

A critical study of the phosphate concentration in the soil solution of submerged soils

A critical study of the use of weather data for the economic control of Hevea diseases

A critical survey of Indian planning and its achievements

A critical survey of methods of testing for resistance to lodging, sprouting, ear breakage and shattering in rye (Secale cereale)

A criticism of some classical concepts on ringworm

A criticism of the method of pellet freezing of semen

A critique of a policy for agricultural development at the poles of soil and water

A critique of Linton's method of assessing scenery as a natural resource

A critique of equine joint kinematics and co-ordination

A critique of low-carbohydrate ketogenic weight reduction regimens. A review of Dr. Atkins' diet revolution

A critique of the 'Green Revolution' in West Pakistan

A critique of the capitalist strategy for agricultural development

A critique of the methods and results of the British National surveys of disease in farm animals. I. Discussion of the surveys

A critique of the methods and results of the British National surveys of disease in farm animals. II. Some general remarks on population surveys of farm animal disease

A critique of the status of plant regulatory and quarantine activities in the United States

A critique of two current methods used in the calculation of heritability estimates in forage plants

A critique of varietal purity testing

A crop of no small consequence

A crop with great potential

A cross-country analysis of changing nutrition patterns

A cross-cultural household level-of-living scale

A cross-section and time-series analysis of Canadian egg demand

A cross-sectional analysis of off-farm work of wives of farm operators

A cross-sectional nutritional and anthropometric study, with an interval of 7 years, on 611 young adolescent schoolchildren

A cross-spectral analysis of beef prices

A crossbred suckler cow

A crossbreeding experiment with Texel and Flemish sheep

A crossbreeding experiment with three breeds of sheep

A crossover suppressor-enhancer system in the mosquito Aedes aegypti

A crystallized bitter constituent isolated from the seeds of Coffea vianneyi

A cubicle unit for 220 cows

A cucumber without pubescence

A cultivar and rootstock trial with plums from 1950 to 1972

A cultivating machine for greenhouses and solaria

A cultural control method for Pinyon needle scale

A cultural trial with chrysanthemums for cutting

A cultural trial with vegetables at Hoejer and Jyndevad 1964-73

A culture medium for in vitro cultivation of cells, tissues and organs of insects

A culture method for Hercinothrips femoralis (Reuter) (Thysanoptera)

A culture method for the cotton stainer Dysdercus fasciatus Signoret (Hem., Pyrrhocoridae)

A culture method permitting in vitro growth of Spirometra mansonoides spargana

A culture of Puccinia recondita virulent to the wheat cultivar Transfer

A curcumin method for boron compatible with an atomic absorption system of plant analysis

A current bibliography of Dutch agricultural science

A current examination of the alligatorweed flea beetle in Texas

A current list and bibliography of the mosquitoes of New Mexico

A custom-incentive farming plan

A cut-flower crop which is also suitable for small enterprises

A cutaneous manifestation of systemic candidiasis

A cutaneous manifestation of untreated disseminated histoplasmosis

A cutaneous osseous, ganglionic and pulmonary form of African histoplasmosis

A cutter for measuring temperatures during the working of wood

A cytochemical study of the localization and content of some substances in the process of microsporogenesis and gametogenesis in grape

A cytoembryological investigation of Medicago rhodopaea Vel

A cytoembryological study of Dioscorea caucasica Lipsky

A cytoembryological study of Ribes nigrum L. X Grossularia reclinata L. hybrids

A cytoembryological study of Tripsacum dactyloides L

A cytoembryological study of a new Pisum sativum L. sterile mutant

A cytoembryological study of some distant hybrids in the Gramineae

A cytoembryological study of the ontogeny of the endosperm in some species of the genus Lathyrus L. (Papilionaceae Gis.)

A cytogenetic analysis of mutants

A cytogenetic analysis of sex in grapes

A cytogenetic analysis of the combined action of different concentrations of ethyleneimine and radiation

A cytogenetic analysis of the mutagenic effect of trifunctional nitrogen mustard (HN3) on dry seeds of Crepis capillaris L

A cytogenetic study of a radiation-induced male sterile mutant of cucumber

A cytogenetic study of interspecific diploid hybrids and amphidiploids in the genus Lotus

A cytogenetic study of polyhaploids of incomplete Triticum X Agropyron amphidiploids (2n = 56). II. The formation of microspores

A cytogenetic study of some Citrullus vulgaris triploids

A cytogenetic study of the genus Citrullus Schrad

A cytogenetic survey of young bulls in the USA

A cytogenetic, morphological and physiological analysis of a form of male-sterile tomato isolated from the variety Talalikhin 186

A cytogenetical study on the origin of twin plants found in the progeny of an aneuploid in Brassica napus L

A cytogenic study of certain trigeneric hybrids between Aegilops, Triticum and Secale

A cytokinin oxidase from Zea mays

A cytologic study of Dipetolenema perstans in cervical smears

A cytological and biochemical study of the heterotic maize hybrid Slava

A cytological and genetic investigation of male sterility in barley. I. Cytological investigation of male sterility in barley

A cytological and immunological study of Tipula irredescent virus-infected Galleria mellonella larval hemocytes

A cytological investigation of advanced generations of interspecfiic wheat hybrids

A cytological investigation of flowering plants from the Canary Islands

A cytological investigation of male-sterile onion (Allium cepa L.) plants of the varieties Wolska and Rawska

A cytological study of 56 and 42-chromosome forms of Triticale

A cytological study of F1 hybrids of Triticum aestivum L. with triticale (2n = 42) and secalotricum (2n = 42)

A cytological study of colchiploid Cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.)

A cytological study of experimentally obtained polyploid forms of Fragaria

A cytological study of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) affected by stolbur virus

A cytological study of the Zingiberales with special reference to their taxonomy

A cytological study of the behaviour of the pollen tubes in some interspecific crosses within the genus Capsicum

A cytological study of the ovary of Rhodnius prolixus. III. Cytoarchitecture and development of the trophic chamber

A cytological study of the postnatal development of the rabbit oviduct epithelium

A cytological study of the terminal meristem of the root of Zea mays in tissue culture

A cytological study of tobacco cells in culture with the application of high temperatures

A cytological survey of Zea-Tripsacum hybrids

A cytological technique for the study of Anopheles gambiae complex

A cytopathogenic strain of bovine viral diarrhea-mucosal disease virus isolated from a bovine fetus

A cytophotometric and caryological study of some Allium species of the section Codonoprasum and Allium

A cytophotometric and caryological study of some Allium species of the subgenus Melanocrommyum (Webb et Berth.) Wendelbo, section Melanocrommyum

A cytophotometric study of nucleic acids and proteins in the shoot apex of White Spruce

A cytophotometric study of some onion species of the sections Cepa Prokh. and Rhiziridium Don

A cytoplasmic polyhedrosis of gram caterpillar, Heliothis armigera Hbn

A cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus in midgut cells of Anopheles stephensi and in the sporogonic stages of Plasmodium berghei yoelii

A cytoplasmic symbiont in Ephestia (=Anagasta) kuehniella: location and morphology

A cytoplasmic-polyhedrosis of the cotton leafworm, Prodenia litura

A cytotaxonomic investigation of Alopecurus pratensis ssp. alpestris

A cytotaxonomic investigation of the cultivated Allium species in Bulgaria

A cytotaxonomic investigation of the juicy-fruited prickly-pears of Arizona (Cactaceae Opuntia series Opuntiae)

A cytotaxonomic study of certain species in the genera Cenchrus and Pennisetum

A cytotaxonomic study of some onion species from the Bulgarian flora

A cytotaxonomic study of the Calamagrostis purpurea - langsdorffii canadensis complex in the lowlands of Hokkaido

A daily signal for the LH surge in the rat

A dairy herd in transition

A data collection and processing procedure for evaluating a research program

A debilitating fatal murine dermatitis

A decade of agricultural development in Tanzania and Kenya

A decimal code for the growth stages of cereals

A decision model for apple harvester selection

A decline disease of pear in Greece: pear decline or graft incompatibility?

A decline of Strelitzia reginae caused by Cylindrocarpon destructans

A decline of tea bushes associated with a root rot

A decrease of incorporation of cholesterol-14C into aorta after administration of dimethylbiguanide to the normal rabbit

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003322

A deferred-rotation grazing system for southwestern ranges

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003324

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003325

A deficiency of phosphorus and calcium in cattle in Fiji

A definition and standard nomenclature for polygenic loci

A definition of degree of heredity for a quantitative character in relationship to the classical coefficient of heritability

A definition of the physical environment of typical vineyards in Czechoslovakia

A defoliator of Pines, Orgyia hopkinsi ( Lepidoptera : Lymantriidae) in Turbo, Kenya

A demand analysis for fluid milk in Ontario

A demographic and social study of fertility in rural New Guinea

A demographic model for forecasting the flock of laying hens

A demographic study of a semi-desert grassland

A demographic study of the growth rate of the red spider mite Oligonychus coffeae (Nietner) on two varieties of tea

A demonstration of olive leaf-spot control in the provinces of Imperia and Savona

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003337

A dendrometrical study on heartwood formation of forest trees

A density gradient method for fractionating Microsporidan spores

A dental epidemiological study in a high fluoride area of County Fermanagh

A dependent domain model of capillary hysteresis

A depolarizing aftereffect of intense light in the drone visual receptor

A dermatophyte from birds: Microsporum ripariae sp.nov

A dermatosis in manatee (Trichechus manatus): mycological report of a case

A description of Eucalyptus deglupta

A description of Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003347

A description of crop varieties

A description of developmental stages of the common bean plant

A description of general commodity organizations in Texas

A description of males of Hoplolaimus columbus

A description of seed corn buying behavior

A description of smallholder ruminant production systems in the high potential areas of Kenya

A description of some quince cultivars from Western Turkey

A description of the immature stages of Culicoides sanguisuga (Coquillett) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

A description of the male and redescription of the female of Camallanus oxycephalus Ward and Magath, 1916 (Nematoda: Camallanidae)

A description of the morphological characters of species of the ermine moth group (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae)

A description of the new training dairy at Dalum dairy college

A description of the new variety Shumen 98

A description of two large automatic germination chambers

A description of ultrasonically-induced chromosomal anomalies in Vicia faba

A description on the algal constituents of the diet of the snail Lymnaea truncatula

A descriptive study of the Premium Finger Lakes wine industry in New York State

A descriptive survey of woody phreatophytes along the Arkansas River in Kansas

A design for safe hop bearing structures

A desynaptic mutant in the soybean

A detailed geobotanical division of the Ukrainian steppes

A detailed look at the Serias-system

A detailed soil survey in the sub-zone of derno-podzolic soils

A detailed study of soils, for agricultural purposes, of the Arache-Cerete-Monteria Area (Cordoba Department)

A detailed survey on the actual and potential soil acidity at the Bang Pakong Development Centre, Thailand. In Acid Sulphate Soils

A determinate mathematical model of the salinization process

A determination of the substitutability of capital for labor in the cultivation of principal crops in Iran

A deterministic model for the life cycle of a class of internal parasites of sheep

A deterministic model of cyclical selection

A development model for a semi-arid region with its own biological resources. The forest district

A developmental and genetic study of ribonuclease in corn (Zea mays L.) endosperm

A developmental comparison of steroid-induced and male-induced ovulation in young mice

A device for assessment of udder shape

A device for comparing callus growth rates in vitro

A device for determing the kinetics of photosynthetic gas exchange in relation to 12CO2 and 14CO2

A device for determining curds formation

A device for determining seed damage

A device for determining the sum of effective temperatures

A device for dispensing hay to ruminants in operant conditioning experiments

A device for dispensing larvae of Lixophaga diatraeae

A device for forming bunches of logs and truing up their ends

A device for hoeing the protective area in vineyards

A device for injecting grandlure into cigarette filters

A device for inoculating mosquitoes with larval filariae

A device for measuring leaf area

A device for measuring the average temperature of water, soil, or air

A device for monitoring the orifice direction of a Hirst spore trap

A device for obtaining uncontaminated and undisturbed soil samples

A device for producing artificial squares for boll weevil oviposition and feeding

A device for removing the lids of soil-sample bottles

A device for sampling the distribution patterns of granules dispersed from aircraft

A device for self-marking of Tabanidae

A device for the application of 2,4-D solutions to selected weeds in soybean fields

A device for the automatic supply of the nutrient solution in hydroponics

A device for the incubation of Fusarium-inoculated tulip bulbs in a constant air stream

A device for the pupal separation of male from female mosquitoes in the field

A device for the rapid separation of male and female mosquito pupae

A device for the self-marking of mosquitos

A device for washing plant roots

A device providing continuous stimulus to oviposition for individual screwworm flies

A device registering the growth movements of plants

A device to aid in examining the brain and meninges of deer for helminth parasites

A device to aid in examining the small intestine of deer for helminth parasites

A device to obtain lysimetric water

A dewpoint hygrometer for water potential measurement

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003412

A diagnostic instrument for measuring the staff management processes in an agricultural situation

A diagnostic skin test for encephalitozoonosis (nosematosis) in rabbits

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003415

A diagnostic survey of bovine abortion and stillbirth in the northern plains states

A diagnostic technique to differentiate between buried gleysolic and chernozemic B horizons

A diallel analysis of height in wheat

A diallel analysis of male mouse sex behavior

A diallel cross analysis of genetic determinants of copulatory behavior in rats

A diallel cross in Black Spruce, Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P

A diallel cross in Sitka Spruce. Assessment of first year characters in an early glasshouse test

A diallel study of combining ability and reciprocal effects on economic and fruit quality characteristics of tomato

A dicentric Robertsonian translocation in a Dexter cow

A dictionary of Indian agriculture

A dictionary of genetics

A dictionary of plants used by man

A dictionary of statistical terms

A dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns

A dictionary of useful and everyday plants and their common names

A dictionary of useful and everyday plants and their common names. Based on material contained in J.C. Willis: A dictionary of flowering plants and ferns (6th edition, 1931)

A dictionary of useful and everyday plants and their common names. Based on material contained in J.C. Willis: A dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns (6th editiion, 1931)

A dieback of Euonymus alatus caused by Whetzelinia sclerotiorum

A diet of hay and oats as a source of energy, digestible crude protein, minerals and trace elements for saddle horses

A dietary method to correct a gizzard abnormality of broilers

A difference between auxin-induced and hydrogen ion-induced growth

A different Helminthosporium disease of corn in the Corn Belt

A different RH factor relative humidity relationships vital to woods operations

A different disposition of colonies placed in glasshouses for pollinating cucumbers

A different type of wine production on the farms and co-operation between the wine processors in the Matra region

A differential psychro test of plant-soil-weather relationships and water use

A difficult ordeal for EEC agricultural policy in 1974

A diffusion model for tracheid production and enlargement in conifers

A digest compressorium technique for detection of Trichinella spiralis larvae

A digest of forest statistics

A digestion-solvent technique for detecting dead trichinae

A digital diffusion porometer circuit

A digital instrument for egg shape index measurement

A digital leaf-area measuring system using a television-scanned conveyor

A digital programmer for the Heinrich miniature probe attachment for an X-ray emission spectrograph

A diluent for preservation of buffalo semen

A dimension lumber survey - why and how

A diploid rat liver cell culture. 2. Effect of aflatoxin B1 on ribonucleic acid synthesis

A diploid rat liver cell culture. I. characterization and sensitivity to aflatoxin B1

A dipterous pest of vegetable crops under glass: Liriomyza bryoniae Kalt. (Dipt. Agromyzidae)

A direct X-ray technique for measuring microfibril angle

A direct and precise method for the determination of serum globulins

A direct centrifugal-flotation method for extractions of nematodes from clay soils

A direct complement fixation test for infectious bronchitis virus using heat-inactivated chicken sera

A direct counting technique for estimating high parasitaemias in infections of Babesia argentina, Babesia bigemina and Plasmodium berghei

A direct effect of prolactin and placental lactogen on mammary epithelial nuclei

A direct estimate of the number of cowpea chlorotic mottle virus particles absorbed by tobacco protoplasts that become infected

A direct exposure technique for determination of geometric configuration in small organisms

A direct fluorescent antibody test for identification of group E streptococci

A direct gradient analysis of the vegetation of the surroundings of the Kevo Subarctic Station

A direct method for chromosome preparations of living newborn mice

A direct radioimmunoassay for mouse casein

A direct sowing technique for Pinus

A direct-planting method of raising apple rootstocks in the nursery

A directory of primary wood-using industries in west-central Canada, 1973

A directory of seed research in Britain

A disappearing female function: breast feeding

A disc-shear technique for evaluating assembly glue bonds in plywood-lumber composites

A discriminant function for Digitaria diagonalis. Studies in the Gramineae: 37

A discussion of simulation results for various aspects of the neutral alleles model

A discussion of the 1973 Economic Report of the President

A discussion of the study Protection of the soil and development of agriculture

A discussion on agricultural productivity in the 1980's

A discussion on disease resistance in plants

A discussion on plant collapse

A discussion on the validity of Rhabdochona baylisi Rai, 1969

A disease complex of okra and tomato involving the nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, and the soil-inhabiting fungus, Rhizoctonia solani

A disease in dogs resembling human pemphigus vulgaris: case reports

A disease of 'Green Ball' cauliflower caused by turnip mosaic virus

A disease of Mangifera indica L. in Florida similar to mango malformation

A disease of Mangifera indica L. in Florida similar to mango malformation

A disease of Sokoto goats resembling 'peste des petits ruminants'

A disease of White Ash caused by tobacco mosaic virus

A disease of chickens associated with Arthrocystis galli n.g., n.sp., an organism of uncertain taxonomic position

A disease of conifer buds in western Canada associated with Dichomera gemmicola n.sp

A disease of cultivated mushrooms caused by Pseudomonas agarici Young

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003496

A disease of lemon fruits observed in eastern Sicili

A disease of passion-fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa)

A disease of peppers caused by potato virus Y

A disease of pistachio tree (Pistacia vera L.) caused by the fungus Camarosporium pistaciae n. sp

A disease of the variety Red Delicious and its mutant forms

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003502

A disease resembling malignant catarrhal fever in captive white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan

A disease-resistant forcing tomato

A disparlure-baited box trap for capturing large numbers of gypsy moths

A dispersion analysis of the effect of ecological conditions on water content in the leaves of meadow plants

A disposable adult mosquito bioassay cage

A disposable cage for the Mediterranean fruit fly

A disposable disc container (divos-1) for pig insemination

A disseminated form of pulmonary candidiasis in an 8-day-old child

A dissent - migration, growth centres, and the Ozarks

A distillation apparatus for the determination of nitrogen

A distinction between the actions of abscisic acid, gibberellic acid and cytokinins in light-sensitive lettuce seed

A distribution free test for major gene differences in quantitative inheritance

A distributional note for Culiseta silvestris minnesotae Barr

A division by micro-complement fixation tests of previously reported avian mycoplasma serotypes into identification groups

A dominant epistatic gene which inhibits cellular susceptibility to RSV(RAV-O)

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003519

A dominant gene for yellow fruit in the raspberry

A dominant white mutation induced by N-nitrosoethylurea in tobacco

A dorsolateral muscle-separating approach for thoracolumbar intervertebral disk fenestration in the dog

A dosage trial in Pine: soil changes, volume growth and dry matter production after fertilizing with urea, calcium ammonium nitrate and NPK

A dose-rate effect on translocation induction by X-irradiation of mouse spermatogonia

A dose-response evaluation of naftalofos against Trichostrongylus spp., Ostertagia circumcincta and Nematodirus spathiger in sheep

A double Gasteria

A double air-loop over central Ugogo to study soil erosion problems

A double blind controlled trial of house mite fortified house dust vaccine in childhood asthma

A double buffer method for the determination of lime requirement of acid soils

A double linear chain for describing correlations in multi-locus systems

A double pot technique for rapid soil testing

A double sampling technique for estimating dietary composition

A double translocation heterozygote in Aedes aegypti

A draft legislative proposal to improve nutrition levels

A drug-induced cerebrospinal lipodystrophy in the domestic chicken (Gallus domesticus)

A dry rot of amaryllis floral parts in Egypt (U.A.R.)

A dual source gamma ray traversing mechanism suitable for the non-destructive simultaneous measurement of bulk density and water content in columns of swelling soil

A duodenal role in gastrin release

A dust-free 'pooter'

A dwarf hybrid of maize VIR338

A dwarf mutant in Kalimoonch-64 - a scented variety of rice

A dwarf mutant oat

A dying arm disease of grape in California

A dynamic econometric model of the milling and baking industries

A dynamic information and decision system for beef feed lots

A dynamic model for the effects of soil and weather conditions on nitrogen response

A dynamic model of agricultural development in Southern Brazil: some retrospective policy simulations (1960-70)

A dynamic model of crop growth rate of Italian ryegrass after cutting

A dynamic model of the U.S. tobacco economy

A dynamic population model

A dynamic programming approach to optimal grazing strategies using a succession model for a tropical grassland

A dynamic programming method to optimize policies for the multistage harvest of crops with an extended maturity period

A dynamic simulation model for timber-harvesting systems in the southern coastal plain

A dynamic spatial equilibrium model for marketing agricultural products including storage

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003556

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003557

A dynamic timber/water joint production model

A dynamometer for controlled exercise of Shetland ponies

A facility for the biological treatment of a complex chlorophenolic waste

A factoral analysis of conditions of accumulation in co-operative agriculture

A facultative, imaginal diapause in the black blowfly, Phormia regina

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003563

A false dilemma: agricultural or urban investments

A familial incidence of structurally restricted antibodies to pneumococcal polysaccharides

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003566

A family likeness

A family study of coeliac disease

A far-red absorbing form of chlorophyll formed by the action of aminotriazole

A farinographical study on inheritance of winter wheat cultivated at different densities of sowing

A farm and village paddy rice dryer for less developed countries of the tropical and semi-tropical regions

A farm for old-age pension

A farm from the desert - the Welsh way

A farm scale comparison of permanent and temporary grass

A farmer looks at weed control in almonds

A farmer usage survey and extension trials with metribuzin for weed control in UK potato crops

A farming picture: all-grass wintering in Southland

A farmlet study on the effects of grass grub damage in the Takapau District of central Hawke's Bay

A fast method for nitrogen determination in single seeds

A fast-curing phenolic adhesive system

A fat supplement for calves reared on limited amounts of milk

A fatal adenovirus infection of broiler chickens: inclusion body hepatitis

A fatal case of aneurysm caused by Spirocerca lupi in an army dog

A fatal case of pulmonary infestation by mites in Macaca

A fatal cutaneous granuloma due to Entomophthora coronata in a mare

A fattening trial to compare Simmental and 3/4 Red-Holstein calves

A faunistic study of Philippine aphids (Aphididae, Homoptera) II

A feasibility study of crop insurance in Uttar Pradesh

A feather mutation in the domestic fowl

A feeding plan for 12 months. 1. Development of a system of meat production with variations during final fattening

A feeding plan for 12 months. 2. Development of a system of meat production with variations during the first winter

A feeding study of a used, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, frying fat in dogs

A feeding study with the herbicide, Kerb (N-(1,1 dimethylpropyl)-3,5-dichlorobenzamide), in the dairy

A feeding study with the herbicide, Kerb (N-(1,1-dimethylpropynyl)-3,5-dichlorobenzamide), in the dairy cow

A female black rat (Rattus rattus) with a single X-chromosome

A female-sterile mutant in wheat

A fermentation system for filamentous fungi with special reference to dermatophytes

A fertile colchiploid from a sterile interspecific camellia hybrid

A fertile male rabbit with a minute Y chromosome

A fertilizer experiment in the Gedhus plantation near Karup. The effect of various nitrogen sources in combinations with P and K fertilizing and cleaning on a Norway Spruce plantation on heathland in central Jutland

A fertilizer experiment on direct-sown Pinus pinaster in 1956

A fertilizer experiment with young rubber on latosol on Cibungur estate

A fertilizer system at rates calculated to produce a planned yield in a rotation

A fertilizer trial in connexion with the afforestation of raised bog in the 'Urstromtal' (ancient valley) of the river Weser

A fertilizer trial with Carpinus betulus

A fertilizer trial with Larix leptolepis and Picea sitchensis established on peat over sand, mixed by cultivation

A fertilizer trial with hearting cabbage

A few acres and much waste. The case of intensive livestock production units

A few aspects of 50 years of soil chemistry

A few aspects of fertilizing guavas

A few examinations and discussions on the normal form factor

A few hours are sufficient. Studies on the question of pot plant irrigation on different irrigation mats

A few thoughts on agricultural policy in the light of changed conditions

A few words about the yielding capacity of maize hybrids

A fibrinolytic agent from a Saturnid caterpillar: partial purification and characterization

A field and glasshouse evaluation of several potassium availability indices

A field and laboratory study of the effects of slurry application to soil on the bacterial contamination of drainage waters

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003619

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003620

A field comparison of the modes of action of aldrin and mirex for controlling colonies of the leaf-cutting ants Atta cephalotes (L.) and Acromyrmex octospinosus (Reich) (Formicidae, Attini)

A field evaluation of air pollution effects on petunia and potato cultivars in New Jersey

A field evaluation of nematode-resistant tomato varieties for vine-ripe tomato production

A field evaluation of vaccination of bulls against bovine vibriosis

A field experiment to assess the role of parainfluenza type 3 virus in pneumonia in a flock of sheep in Victoria

A field guide to the insects of Britain and Northern Europe

A field guide to the trees of Britain and northern Europe

A field indicator in plants associated with ergot-type toxicities in cattle

A field laboratory for gas exchange measurements of grassland swards

A field method for determining soil water availability to crops

A field method for determining the silt and clay contents of soil samples. Short communication

A field method for estimating sun-leaf angles in productivity studies

A field method for estimating sun-leaf angles in productivity studies - addendum

A field method for measuring patterns of water dropped from helicopters

A field method for selecting for fiber content in sugarcane varieties

A field method for the estimation of sodium status of Rhodesian soils

A field occurrence of congenital meningoencephalocoele in pigs

A field or laboratory thermal conductivity probe

A field outbreak of nitrate poisoning in dairy cattle, and the nitrate content of pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus).

A field study of rugose leaf curl virus infection in stoloniferous Trifolium species

A field study of soil water depletion patterns in presence of growing soybean roots. 2. Effect of plant growth on soil water pressure and water loss patterns

A field study of soil water depletion patterns in presence of growing soybean roots: I. Determination of hydraulic properties of the soil

A field study of soil water depletion patterns in presence of growing soybean roots: III. Rooting characteristics and root extraction of soil water

A field study of the correlation of static lime paper sampler with forage and cattle urine

A field study of the efficiency of herbicides as affected by pre-monsoon irrigations in sugar-cane cultivation

A field survey of mites on stored sugar in Taiwan

A field survey of the mites infesting stored sugar in Taiwan


A field survey on child health in a rural community in Egypt

A field survey on the seasonal variations in the reproductive performance and nutritional status of female Japanese Black cattle kept in open yards in Kagoshima prefecture

A field technique for studying water metabolism of large marsupials

A field technique for the recovery and preservation of infective filarial larvae from their vectors

A field test for N-oxides of unsaturated pyrrolizidine alkaloids

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003656

A field trial comparison of bovine semen packed in straws

A field trial of Abate larvicide for the control of Aedes aegypti in Bangkok, Thailand

A field trial of Finnish Landrace rams as sires of crossbred ewes

A field trial of Landrin as a residual house spray in El Salvador

A field trial of anthelmintics in fascioliasis control

A field trial of live avian infectious bronchitis vaccines in replacement breeding stock

A field trial of optical calipers

A field trial of sportsfield construction materials extremely high in sand content

A field trial of tissue culture attenuated swine fever (LOM) vaccine.

A field trial on a suspected dieldrin-resistant population of banana weevil borer

A field trial on the fertility of deep-frozen boar spermatozoa

A field trial to control Trichobilharzia brevis by dispersing eggs of Echinostoma audyi

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003669

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003670

A field trial, using killed-Mycoplasma gallisepticum vaccine to protect against chicken respiratory mycoplasmosis

A field-theory perspective for community development research

A fifth variant of barley yellow dwarf virus in New York

A filarial parasite in greyhounds in Southern Ireland

A filarial parasite of greyhounds

A final report on recommendations in plant disease and pest control for St. Vincent and Dominica 1970/72

A financial cost/benefit study of selected drainage projects in the Eastern part of England

A financial profile of farmer cooperatives in the United States

A find of Juniperus seravschanica in the Aktau range (S. Nuratau Mts.)

A find of Nelumbo nucifera from old Cyprus. With some notes on the history of the species

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003681

A fine structural study of the highly active thyroid follicular cell of the African Basenji dog

A fine-structural study of conidium initiation in Stemphylium botryosum Wallroth

A finger joint connected (FJC) wood truss system

A finite element approach to watershed runoff

A finite element solution for the torsional rigidity of box beams

A fire danger rating system for Hawaii

A fire hazard severity classification system for California's wildlands

A fire load index for British Columbia. (A provisional report on the calibration of the Fire Weather Index for B.C.)

A fire-fighting launch

A first attempt to obtain a statistical survey of Slovene beekeepers

A first check list of the herbaceous flora of Malawi

A first discovery of Dreyfusia prelli galls on Picea omorika in Austria in 1971

A first record of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Microsphaeropsis centaureae on Centaurea diffusa

A first report on Verticillium wilt of cotton in Iraq

A fish leech of the genus Acanthobdella found in North America

A five sector model of agricultural development, industrialization and food aid in a dual economy

A five year study of weed control in pecan orchards

A five-second shake clears tree of fruit

A fixative for aphids

A flexibacter that lyses blue-green algae

A flexible system for automatic generation of special purpose dichotomous keys, and its application to Australian grass genera

A floral abnormality in the progenies of tetraploid sorghum cross

A floristic survey of corticolous subaerial algae in North Carolina

A flotation method for the rapid measurement of the wet bulk density of soil clods

A flow path ground water sampler

A flower rot disease of camellias

A flowmeter for the dairy industry

A fluidising column for extracting nematodes from soil

A fluorescence method for the estimation of vitamin C in food products and natural raw materials

A fluorescence study of heterochromatin and nucleolar organization in the laboratory and tobacco mouse

A fluorescence study of the interactions between kappa - and alpha s1-casein and between lysozyme and ovalbumin

A fluorescent antibody technique for determination of growth rates of bacteria in soil

A fluorescent antibody test in the diagnosis of farmer's lung

A fluorescent brightener used for pollen tube identification in vivo

A fluorescent compound for marking Tephritidae

A fluorescent dye technique for marking insect eggs in predation studies

A fluorescent powder for marking the tarnished plant bug

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003720

A fluorimetric method for the determination of tryptophan in animal tissues

A fluorimetric study of the interactions of insolubilized human alpha -lactalbumin with galactosyl transferase (A-protein) and with anti- alpha -lactalbumin antibodies

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003723

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003724

A fluorometric method for the estimation of aflatoxins

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003726

A foam repellent for protecting forest plantations against game damage

A focal necrotizing encephalitis in cattle associated with tuberculosis

A focus of Chagas' disease transmitted by Triatoma infestans in the Baixada Fluminense, Municipality of Caxias, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A focus of filariasis in Sandiara (Senegal). I. Endemicity

A focus of mastitis infection in cows

A focus of trichuriasis in the Khabarovsk territory and ways of its elimination

A folding trap for synanthropic flies

A foliar disease of Anthurium seedlings caused by Aphelenchoides fragariae

A foliar disease of anthurium seedlings caused by Aphelenchoides fragariae

A follow-up study to evaluate the efficacy of mass chemotherapy for control of paragonimiasis

A food consumption study of three New Zealand alpine grasshopper species

A forage legume for arid zones

A forced air system for cooling soil under glass

A forecast of wheat production in the Punjab for 1973-74

A forecasting model for mosquito population densities

A forecasting system for use in the chemical control of Oidium secondary leaf fall on Hevea

A forest fertilization study for the Inland Empire

A forest fire detection demand model - for scheduling and routing of airborne detection patrols

A forest hypsometer

A forest inventory of part of the Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize

A forest management decision variable

A forestry contracting squad on a small private estate - the second three years

A forgotten variable in the agrarian problem: the urban proletariat (Chile)

A form of T. dicoccum that restores fertility

A form of genic sterility in an allotriploid of Arachis

A form of pine suitable for selection and cultivation in the lower Volga area near Saratov

A formula for the mean infection success of invasive stages and a mathematical model for proving the homogeneous susceptibility of host populations

A formula for the mean infection success per miracidium and a method of proving the homogeneous susceptibility of snail populations to trematode infection

A formula to predict the transmission frequency of acentric fragments

A fossil acid sulphate soil in ice-pushed Tertiary deposits near Uelsen (Kreis Nordhorn), Germany

A fossil brown forest soil from Angus

A four minute lactophenol fixation method for nematodes

A four year summary of weed control in white potatoes in upstate New York

A four-season programme for cauliflower

A four-year clinical and serologic study of the use of inactivated parainfluenza-3 virus vaccines and Pasteurella sp. bacterins in beef calves

A fraction separated from casein micelles in cow's milk by treatment with sodium chloride

A fracture mechanics approach to the tensile strength perpendicular to grain of dimension lumber

A framework for a technological theory of regional development

A framework for an all-year-round chrysanthemum holding

A framework for analysing the contribution of the agricultural sector to economic development

A framework for comparing the efficiency of futures markets

A framework for evaluating institutional and socio-economic issues of land treatment of waste water

A framework for evaluating risks, costs, and benefits of pesticide use in support of pesticides regulatory decisions

A framework for planning and evaluating development projects in agriculture

A framework for regional development of the Northern region, Malawi

A framework for research on the economics of farm mechanization in developing countries

A framework for research within a smallholder dairying research programme

A framework for the analysis of the political aspects of agrarian reform

A framework for the analysis of villager-official contact in rural Thailand

A freeze-dried strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus. I. Preparation

A freeze-dried trivalent vaccine against canine leptospirosis.

A freeze-etch study of membranes in Plasmodiophora-infected and non-infected cabbage root hairs

A freeze-etch study of plant cell walls for ectodesmata

A freezing apparatus for cold-tolerance tests of conifers

A fresh look at the incidence of protein deficiency in Pakistan

A fresh look at the inguinal cleft and inguinal rings of the domestic mammals

A fruit defect of Golden Delicious transmissible by grafting

A fully automatic apparatus for soil particle-size analysis according to Kohn

A fully automatic method of packaging bull semen in plastic tubes according to the Landshut method

A functional 'sex-reversed' oocyte in the mouse

A functional equivalence of top component a RNA and coat protein in the initiation of infection by alfalfa mosaic virus

A fundamental study on mechanical handling of wood particles. I. The behaviour of pressure transmitted by the plunger to the wood particle layer charged in the cylindrical vessel

A fundamental study on mechanical handling of wood particles. II. The behaviour of pressure transmitted by the plunger to the wood particle layer extruded in the tapered plane dies at the start

A fundamental theorem of natural selection for sex linkage or arrhenotoky

A fungal leaf spot disease of grapes caused by Cercospora vitis (Lev.) Sacc

A fungal parasite of plum hairy caterpillar, Euproctis fraterna Moore (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

A fungal pathogen for mosquito larvae with potential as a microbial insecticide

A fungicide efficiency trial for the control of apple mildew

A fungicide trial for the control of Colletotrichum sp. on pawpaw in Veracruz

A fungicide trial for the control of bean leaf diseases

A fungus associated with young females of the cereal cyst-nematode, Heterodera avenae

A fungus observed on egg clusters of the gypsy moth, Porthetria dispar (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

A funnel apparatus for the extraction of microarthropods from agricultural soils

A further analysis of hybrid vigour in Zea mays during the vegetative phase

A further assessment of the potential hazard for calves allowed to graze pasture contaminated with Salmonella dublin in slurry

A further contribution to knowledge of the morphology of the maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais Motsch.)

A further contribution to the demonstration of the pathogenicity of mycoplasma field strains in gnotobiotic pigs.

A further evaluation of the programming and implementation management (PIM) system

A further examination of the penicillin-agar test for post-pasteurization contamination of milk

A further experiment on the effect of dieldrin coversprays on wood-eating termites

A further investigation into the treatments for adapting difficult slopes for grassing

A further investigation of the effect of nitrogen and stocking rate on the productivity of pasture for beef cattle

A further look at mechanical tier-pruning

A further method of treating yeast infections

A further note on plywood from Shorea robusta (Sal)

A further note on the cases of Fusarium disease observed on date palms in the Oued Rhirh, Algeria

A further note on the incidence of 'active' females of Callosobruchus macultatus (F.) on mature cowpea in the field in Nigeria

A further paradox of the two-locus model

A further record of the coastal mosquito Aedes detritus (Haliday) (Diptera, Culicidae) breeding in inland freshwater

A further report on blossom delay of tung trees with succinic acid 2,2-dimethylhydrazide in spray oil

A further step in the rationalization of milk utilization. Inauguration of the Kirchberg store (Switzerland)

A further study of the epidemiology of ovine fascioliasis in Scotland and its control using molluscicide

A further study of the use of date extract dibis for mycological fat production in still and shaken cultures

A further study on the genetic rules of transplantation in the mouse

A further study on the quality and feed value of sugar beet leaves harvested with a defoliating machine in 1970-1971

A further type of cattle serum transferrin

A further use of the 'styropor method': evaluating the response of the fruit bark beetle, Scolytus (Ruguloscolytus) mediterraneus Eggers, to extracts of its host plants

A further verification of the hypothesis concerning the reasons for the varied occurrence of D and L organs in nature

A future-orientated new dairy factory in Gutersloh, German Federal Republic

A galactomannan degrading enzyme from germinating Cyamopsis tetragonoloba seeds

A gall mite, Trisetacus floridanus K., on Florida pines (Acarina: Eriophyidae)

A gall-forming nematode (Anguina sp.) parasitic on cocksfoot grass

A gamma transmission method for the determination of moisture content in soils

A gap-filling phenol-resorcinol adhesive for laminating

A gas chromatographic comparison of the fatty acids of the green coffee bean, Coffea arabica, and the submerged coffee cell culture

A gas chromatographic method for determining nitrosable amines in foods

A gas chromatographic method for sodium fluoroacetate (compound 1080) in biological materials

A gas chromatographic method for the analysis of MBC in plants and soil

A gas chromatographic method for the determination of aldose and uronic acid constituents of plant cell wall polysaccharides

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003836

A gas chromatographic method for the mycotoxin penicillic acid

A gas-chromatographic method for the determination of coumarin in Melilotus spp

A gas-chromatographic method for the determination of increased bromide concentrations in blood

A gas-liquid chromatographic assay for plasma free fatty acids

A gaschromatographic analysis of the volatile fatty acid component in the alimentary canal of laying hens

A gel diffusion assay for diastatic activity, and its use in plant breeding

A gene controlling bell- and photically-induced ovulation in mice

A gene controlling male pheromonal facilitation of PMSG-induced ovulation in mice

A gene controlling pigmentation in sheep laurel

A gene for sensitivity to irradiation in soya-bean varieties

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003847

A general account of the fauna and flora of Mangrove swamps and forests in the Indo-West-Pacific region

A general approximate method for fitting additive and specific combining abilities to the diallel cross with unequal numbers of observations in the cells

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003850

A general code for ecosystem models

A general look at the development of silviculture. From the primeval forest to the intensively managed forest

A general model for describing the variance and covariance of populations derived from two lines when epistasis is present

A general model for genetic recombination

A general model for the genetic analysis of pedigree data

A general model to account for enzyme variation in natural populations

A general review of the Chinese Communist affairs in 1970. Part II: Agricultural affairs

A general review of the Chinese communist affairs in 1972. Part II: agricultural affairs

A general study, for agricultural purposes, of the middle and lower basins of Bogota river and the bordering Municipalities

A general survey of the incidences and control methods of vertebrate pests of crop plants in Western State of Nigeria

A general survey of the problem of the resistance of plants to diseases

A general survey of the sources and supplies of vegetable oil in Mainland China. Part I

A general survey of the sources and supplies of vegetable oil in Mainland China. Part II

A general theory on line intersect sampling with application to logging residue inventory

A general view of practices in geochemical soil survey

A general view of the Indonesian sugar industry

A general volume table for Rhizophora apiculata Bl. (syn. Rhizophora conjugata Linn.) (Bakau Minyak) in Matang Mangroves, Taiping, West Malaysia, incorporating a brief history of tree volume table construction in Malaya

A generalized concept concerning the distribution of fumigant-type pesticides in soils

A generalized crop-fertilizer production function

A generalized model of inversion polymorphism

A generalized simulation approach to agricultural sector analysis, with special reference to Nigeria

A generic synopsis of Brachistini (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and recognition of the name Charmon Haliday

A genetic analysis at the level of haploid sporophytes of Nicotiana tabacum L

A genetic analysis of 305-day yield in second lactation in Red Danish cattle and Black Pied Danish cattle

A genetic analysis of Latvian Brown cattle in relation to leucosis resistance

A genetic analysis of a miniature pig population

A genetic analysis of adult mortality in Leghorn by heavy-breed reciprocal crosses

A genetic analysis of fertility in the Finnsheep and its crosses

A genetic analysis of infertility in heifers

A genetic analysis of leaf rust resistance in Red River 68 wheat

A genetic analysis of lifespan, fecundity, and weight in the mouse

A genetic analysis of mutations induced by radiation in cotton of the species G. hirsutum L

A genetic analysis of peroxidase isozymes in two species of Nicotiana

A genetic analysis of skeletal characters of Japanese quail

A genetic analysis of the character wilt resistance in cotton

A genetic analysis of the progenies of the hybrid Vigna sinensis (L.) Savi and V. sesquipedalis (L.) Fruw

A genetic analysis of the relationships among rates of growth, rate of maturing, body size and productivity in beef cattle

A genetic approach to the population suppression of the common field cricket Teleogryllus commodus

A genetic approach to the subdivision of tropical soils, regolith and their products of redeposition

A genetic base for estimating the genetic transmitting ability of dairy bulls in populations undergoing genetic change

A genetic collection of inbred lines of buckwheat

A genetic evaluation of progeny testing stations for fattening performance and carcass value in cattle

A genetic interpretation of some forms of Betula verrucosa and Betula pubescens

A genetic investigation of roller and tumbler pigeons

A genetic lethal in the fox and the possibility of eliminating it

A genetic locus for inducibility of C-type virus in BALB/c cells: the effect of a nonlinked regulatory gene on detection of virus after chemical activation

A genetic method for studying the role of the seed coats in the germination of lettuce

A genetic recombination map of foot-and-mouth disease virus

A genetic study of a specific crossbreeding system in sheep

A genetic study of an extracellular elastin-hydrolysing protease in the ringworm fungus Arthroderma benhamiae

A genetic study of apholate resistance in Aedes aegypti

A genetic study of characters of the potato which are of practical use in relation to the growing conditions of the parental components and of the first generation

A genetic study of lactose digestion in Nigerian families

A genetic study of male sterility in the carrot (Daucus carota L.)

A genetic study of milk yield of Murrah buffaloes

A genetic study of potato mutants

A genetic study of reproductive performance of sows in a large commercial pig herd

A genetic study of the F1 generation in hybrids of Triticum aestivum L. with Triticale (2n = 42) and Secalortricum (2n = 42)

A genetic study of the clustering characteristics of pistillate flowers in the cucumber, Cucumis sativus L

A genetic study of the monogerm character

A genetic study of tolerance in pea (Pisum sativum L.) to Aphanomyces root rot

A genetic study of tomato mutants with altered cell turgor

A genetic study on dry period of Murrah buffaloes

A genetic study on the development of the lower molars and mandible in mice: change of genetic and environmental effects in the course of pre- and postnatal morphogenesis

A genetic theory of general varietal ability for diploid crops

A genetical analysis of the strength of the root system in spring barley

A genetical investigation of resistance to knockdown and kill by DDT in adults of the mosquito Aedes aegypti L

A genetically caused embryonal ectodermal tumor in the mouse

A genetically determined antibody response to poly(L-lysine) in guinea-pigs

A genetically determined incompatibility system between spermatozoa and eggs leading to embryonic death in mice

A genetically determined quantitative blood-group factor in sheep

A genotype-environment experiment on strawberries in Scotland

A gentic analysis of leaf rust resistance in Red River 68 wheat

A genus of the Gymnoascaceae

A geobotanical study in the Atlin region in northwestern British Columbia and south-central Yukon territory

A geographic, social and economic study. The South-east village

A geography of agriculture in the United States' Southeast

A geography of food

A germination trial with the pelleted and bare seed of six vegetable crops

A giant brush-cutter

A giant variant in green

A giant variant in green gram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.)

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003935

A gigantic beekeeping business in Mexico: Miel Carlota

A glance at the pattern of wood production and conversion in France in 1970

A glasshouse investigation of the competition between winter wheat and an early weed (Veronica hederaefolia L.)

A glimpse of forestry in China

A global review of greenhouse food production

A glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase isoenzyme characteristic of preneoplastic and neoplastic mouse mammary tissue

A glued plywood grain bin

A glycol-methacrylate embedding technic for nematode whole mounts

A good corn borer resistant line of grain corn A619

A good foundation is essential for success. 3. The seedbed

A good living on a small farm in Brittany

Section 1, Chapter 4, Accession 000003947

A gradient of positional information in an insect, Rhodnius

A grading and counting table which is suitable for smaller enterprises too

A grading study with White Spruce nursery stock

A graminicolous species of Drechslera on Gladiolus

A granulated preparation for protection against aphid

A granulosis virus from Heliothis punctigera

A granulosis virus of Pieris rapae as a microbial control agent on cabbage in Missouri

A granulosis virus of the almond moth, Cadra cautella

A granulosis virus of the rice leaf roller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee (Pyraustidae, Lepidoptera)

A granulosis virus of the tiger moth

A granulosis virus, possible biological agent for control of Adoxophyes orana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apple orchards. 1. Mass production

A granulosis virus, possible biological agent for control of Adoxophyes orana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apple orchards. II. Semipersistent effect of artificial dissemination into an apple orchard

A grape harvester prototype

A grape leafhopper, Erythroneura ziczac (Homoptera: Cicadellidae), and its Mymarid (Hymenoptera) egg-parasite in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

A grapevine mutation: Tannat with shiny leaves

A graphic method for determining yields

A graphic system for presentation of fertility of cocoa soils

A graphical interpretation of the A.R.C. recommendations for cattle. Parts 1 and 2

A graphical method for estimating the relative lengths of chromosomes, chromosome arms and segments

A graphical method of estimating the volume median diameter of a spray spectrum

A grass cover/mulch system-establishment, maintenance and mechanized grass cutting

A grass-infesting fly, Chlorops n.sp. (Diptera: Chloropidae), and its parasite, Eurytoma n.sp. (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) in south Florida

A grassland system based on ensiled timothy cultivars

A grassland system for dairy cattle based on ensiled timothy (Phleum pratense) cultivars

A graticule for classification of spray droplets

A gravimetric method for estimating the root-knot incidence

A great scientific exploit

A great step forward by the Hungarian state farms in 1973

A green cassava mite recently found in Africa

A green revertant obtained from a Chlorina mutant in diploid wheat by gamma-irradiation

A green seed coat mutant in southern peas: mode of inheritance and commercial potential

A greenhouse method to evaluate high temperature setting ability in the tomato

A greening in the Arab east

A gross margin approach to the analysis of farm financial data

A gross study of the compartmentalized stomach of two new-world Camelids, the llama and guanaco

A groundwater profile sampler

A grower's experience with some new cherry varieties

A grower's field test with 2(p-tert-butylphenoxy) cyclohexyl 2 propynyl sulfite (Comite) a new miticide

A grower's retailing who's who

A growth analysis of the young sorghum root system

A growth cabinet for studies on biotronics, and analyses of the relationship between environmental factors and leaf temperature

A growth chamber for studying the effect of environment on plants

A growth factor in brewer's yeast for the saw-toothed grain beetle, Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.)

A growth medium for the production of a bacterin for immunization against infectious coryza

A growth stimulator

A growth study of broiler and layer chicks reared in single-strain and mixed-strain groups

A growth-regulating substance produced by Pythium sylvaticum

A growth-stage key for rape

A guide for cassava field trials

A guide for obtaining aerial photographs and their costs

A guide for the plant breeder

A guide to air photo interpretation of forest damage in Canada

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