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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 616

Chapter 616 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chromosome numbers for the Portuguese flora. 1-15

Chromosome numbers from some federally proposed threatened or endangered southwestern angiosperms and other miscellaneous taxa

Chromosome numbers in Chihuahuan Desert Cactaceae. Trans-Pecos Texas

Chromosome numbers in Crocus flavus (synonym C. aureus) and in C. flavus cv. Grote Gele

Chromosome numbers in Leguminosae from the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chromosome numbers in Limonium sinuatum and L. bonduellii

Chromosome numbers in Ononis L. series vulgares Sirj

Chromosome numbers in Rubus species from Sri Lanka

Chromosome numbers in elites of sour cherry X sweet cherry origin

Chromosome numbers in garden tulips

Chromosome numbers in species of the section Macrantha Elk. of the genus Papaver L

Chromosome numbers in the Aphididae and their taxonomic significance

Chromosome numbers in the Compositae. XIV. Lactuceae

Chromosome numbers in the Phaseoleae (Fabaceae:Faboideae) and their relationship to taxonomy

Chromosome numbers in the genus Cardamine L. (Brassicaceae) in European Russia

Chromosome numbers in the tribe Rhipsalinae (Cactaceae)

Chromosome numbers of Far Eastern apple varieties

Chromosome numbers of Orobanche indica Hain-Buch

Chromosome numbers of Panicum species differing in photosynthetic pathways

Chromosome numbers of Scarabaeidae (Polyphaga: Coleoptera)

Chromosome numbers of apple species, cultivars, and Sports V

Chromosome numbers of cultivated junipers

Chromosome numbers of some grasses of the USSR flora (Poaceae). 3

Chromosome numbers of some plant species from southern Chukhotka

Chromosome numbers of some plant species from southern Siberia and the Far East

Chromosome numbers of the Spanish flora. 45-83

Chromosome numbers of three Balkan Sesleria species

Chromosome ordering in spermatids of Schistocerca gregaria (Acrididae)

Chromosome pairing and fertility in the F2, F3 and F4 of Triticum durum cv. Gulas X Aegilops squarrosa meyeri

Chromosome pairing and fertility of F1 hybrids of Aegilops longissima and Ae. searsii

Chromosome pairing and radiosensitivity in induced mutants of bread wheat

Chromosome pairing in wheat-rye addition lines

Chromosome pairing relationships among the D and M genomes of Triticum and Aegilops species

Chromosome polymorphism and sex determination in a wild population of tsetse

Chromosome polymorphism in Bromus inermis L

Chromosome polymorphism in populations of the grasshopper Trimerotropis pallidipennis from southern Argentina

Chromosome polymorphism of the Poa macrocalyx complex in Hokkaido

Chromosome reduction by halogenized amino acids in Festuca-Lolium hybrids

Chromosome segregation and expression of rat immunoglobulins in rat/mouse hybrid myelomas

Chromosome stability of plants regenerated from mesophyll protoplasts of Nicotiana species

Chromosome structure, function and evolution; somatic cell genetics

Chromosome studies in Ocimum

Chromosome studies in Scutellaria

Chromosome studies in Spanish species of the genus Astragalus L. 1. Chromosome number and behaviour during meiosis

Chromosome studies on 'Bristol' Kentucky bluegrass

Chromosome studies on two species of family Meloidae (Coleoptera)

Chromosome substitutions in some hexaploid triticales

Chromosome survey of certain angiosperms - II

Chromosome translocations in barley - problems and prospects

Chromosome translocations induced in sex cells of male mice by a combination of chronic gamma- and acute X-irradiation

Chromosome uncoiling effect of paraquat

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615061

Chromosome variation in the common garlic, Allium sativum L

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615064

Chromosomes and DNA of Mus. The behavior of constitutive heterochromatin in spermatogenesis of M. dunni

Chromosomes and genes of Chinese maize

Chromosomes during fertilization in nematodes

Chromosomes in Porrorchis indicus (syn. Pseudoporrorchis indicus Das 1957)

Chromosomes of Cyclocoelum oculeum (Trematoda: Cyclocoelidae)

Chromosomes of diploid and triploid forms found in the natural populations of tiger lily in Tsushima

Chromosomes of some Asian wild sheep (Ovis) and goats (Capra)

Chromosomes of the genus Macrophya Dahlbom (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae)

Chromosomes of two species of Paragonimus

Chronic Chagas' disease in the rat. Serological, electrocardiographical and histopathological characteristics

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615077

Chronic Trichophyton rubrum infection and bloodgroups

Chronic active hepatitis in dogs associated with leptospires

Chronic active hepatitis in the dog

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615085

Chronic aflatoxicosis in cattle in a breeding centre in Northern Thailand

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615087

Chronic amoebic abscess of the liver

Chronic arthritis in goats caused by a retrovirus

Chronic bursitis caused by Phialophora richardsiae. A case report

Chronic cadmium poisoning in bulls

Chronic candidiasis and serum iron binding capacity

Chronic chlamydial infection in the goat

Chronic copper poisoning in sheep. Biochemical, kinetic, morphologic and comparative studies

Chronic copper toxicosis in growing swine

Chronic cough and haemoptysis due to a nematode, Syngamus laryngeus

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615099

Chronic diarrhea of childhood and the misuse of elimination diets

Chronic diarrhoea caused by allergy to cows' milk

Chronic diarrhoea with disaccharide intolerance. Anatomoclinical correlations

Chronic diarrhoeas in adults

Chronic disseminated histoplasmosis associated with renal insufficiency

Chronic effects of mycotoxins on animals

Chronic effects of plant allelochemics on insect nutritional physiology

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615107

Chronic erysipelas polyarthritis of swine: enzyme, histochemical, and immunohistological studies

Chronic ethanol consumption and exocrine pancreatic response to ethanol and acetaldehyde in the rat

Chronic ethanol feeding produces an increase in muscarinic cholinergic receptors in mouse brain

Chronic exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in the dog

Chronic exposure of sheep to silver iodide

Chronic haematuria caused by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus in a race horse

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615114

Chronic hepatitis in lambs in Norway, a condition resembling ovine white liver disease in New Zealand

Chronic infection of mice with Trypanosoma cruzi. I. Anatomopathological and electrocardiographic study

Chronic infection of mice with Trypanosoma cruzi. II. Immunological studies

Chronic infection of the mouse with Trypanosoma cruzi. An experimental model for Chagas' disease

Chronic infection with Trichostrongylus vitrinus in sheep. Some effects on food utilisation, skeletal growth and certain serum constituents

Chronic ingestion of cadmium and/or tritium in rats. 1. Accumulation and distribution of cadmium in two generations

Chronic intracerebroventricular infusion of insulin reduces food intake and body weight of baboons

Chronic iodide toxicity in dairy herds

Chronic iodine toxicity in dairy herds

Chronic lead poisoning in a herd of mute swans

Chronic lead poisoning in horses

Chronic lead poisoning in young chickens

Chronic malarial infection of mice: a comparison of single and multiple infections with Plasmodium berghei following P. yoelii

Chronic methylmercurialism in a horse

Chronic methylmercurialism in the cat

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (CMCC) associated with congenital bronchiectasis

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and disseminated histoplasmosis

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and transfer factor

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, pernicious anaemia and IgA deficiency

Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. Immunologic studies of three generations of a single family

Chronic nasal disease in the dog: its radiographic diagnosis

Chronic nephritis in a pony

Chronic nitrate loading in ruminants

Chronic non-specific ulcerative duodenojejunoileitis: report of four cases

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in horses: aetiological studies: responses to intradermal and inhalation antigenic challenge

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): effects of bronchodilator drugs on normal and affected horses

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): factors influencing the occurrence

Chronic oesophageal stricture due to moniliasis

Chronic papular dermatitis of the scrotum due to Schistosoma mansoni

Chronic pericarditis due to a Streptomyces species

Chronic peritoneal dialysis in juvenile-onset diabetes mellitus. A comparison with hemodialysis

Chronic pica in an adult

Chronic pleural blastomycosis with hyperprolactinemia, galactorrhea, and amenorrhea

Chronic progressive coccidioidal pneumonitis. Report of six cases with clinical, roentgenographic, serologic, and therapeutic features

Chronic pseudoluxation of patella in bovines. Some observations

Chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis following the excavation of a bird roost

Chronic pulmonary sporotrichosis

Chronic rabies infection in the cat

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615164

Chronic renal failure in young dogs - possible renal dysplasia

Chronic renal insufficiency following poisoning by Cortinarius orellanus Fries

Chronic roundworm infection

Chronic salmonella septicemia and malabsorption of vitamin A

Chronic septic granulomatosis imitating exogenic allergic alveolitis (farmer's lung)

Chronic subclinical fascioliasis in sheep: effects on food intake, food utilisation and blood constituents

Chronic toxicity of Cotoran herbicide in white rats

Chronic toxicity of zineb in fowls treated from birth

Chronic toxoplasmosis modelling by cell cultures

Chronic urticaria and food additives

Chronic urticaria, penicillin allergy and dairy products in the diet

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615179

Chronic wasting disease of captive mule deer: a spongiform encephalopathy

Chronobiologic study in the domestic duck. I. Quantitative and temporal study of the action of the white light, factor releasing the gonad-stimulation

Chronobiology of feeding in the premature. Preliminary data on some indices

Chronogaster indica n.sp. and C. typica (Nematoda: Plectidae) from Haryana, India

Chronographic variability of parameters of honeybees from the mountainous zone of Kazakhstan

Chronological correspondence between outbreaks of aphids, coccinellids and syrphids

Chronological data on the morphogenesis of the female genitalia of Locusta migratoria migratorioides (R. & F.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Chronological reference of zoonoses. Toxoplasma and toxoplasmosis. Volume 1

Chronological reference of zoonoses: leptospires and leptospirosis. Volume 1

Chronological studies on the rat jejunal mucosa experimentally infected with Giardia lamblia

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615192

Chronologically arranged bibliography of the discovery of leishmaniasis in man

Chronology of events in the control and eradication of malaria in Mauritius

Chronology of tooth development in the dog

Chronology: the field of social time

Chrysanthemum growth at cool night temperature

Chrysanthemum growth response to line voltage drop

Chrysanthemum nematodes: list of hosts for the leaf nematode, Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi

Chrysanthemum production system variables affect pest population and damage

Chrysanthemum varieties resistant to rust and Verticillium wilt




Chrysanthemums for cut flowers

Chrysanthemums in a phytotron

Chrysanthemums, a strikingly simple solution

Chrysomela menthastri Suffr. as a host for Gregarina munieri (Schneider) and Gregarina crenata (Bhatia et Setna)

Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) of Yugoslavia (Subfamilies: Lamprosomatinae, Eumolpinae, Chrysomelinae, Alticinae, Hispinae, Cassidinae)

Chrysosporium species as fungal air pollutants

Chuave housing: a study of Kabikom village

Church youth work in rural areas

Churches and multinationals in the spread of modern education: a third world perspective

Cibarial sensilla and pharyngeal valves in Aedes albopictus (Skuse) and Culex pipiens pallens Coquillett (Diptera: Culicidae)

Cicada (Diceroprocta apache (Davis)) mortality by feeding on Nerium oleander

Cicada ecology in a Costa Rican tropical rain forest

Cicadella viridis wounding broadleaved saplings and infection of the wounds by pathogenic fungi



Cicer species new for the USSR

Cicindelid papers published in Entomological News (1890-1974)

Cider apple harvesting techniques

Cider cash crop helps West Country farmers

Ciencia y Tecnica en la Agricultura, Citricos y otros Frutales, Havana, Cuba

Ciencia y Tecnica en la Agricultura, Suelos y Agroquimica

Ciencias Biologicas

Ciencias Forestales

Cigno S rotary sprinkler (Mellini & Martignoni Spa., I-42016 Guastalla, Italy)

Ciguatera (a variety of fresh fish poisoning). (A case report.)

Ciguatera fish poisoning in Miami

Ciliate implantation in the rumen: influence of inoculated genus and type of diet

Ciliate protozoans as links in freshwater planktonic food chains

Ciliated protozoa of Mexico. XXII. Biological study of nine species of the order Astomatida Schewiakoff, 1896 entozoics of oligochaete annelids

Ciliates of the rumen of the Philippine carabao (Bubalus bubalis L.)

Cilitate fauna of wild ruminants

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615251

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615253

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615254

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615255

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615256

Cinara cronartii on the roots of pine trees (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Cinnabar moth as a biological control of tansy ragwort: comparison of population dynamics in England and Oregon

Cinnamic acid as a potential herbicide

Cinnamon - a spice in great demand

Circadial activity of Phlebotomus smirnovi Perf., 1941 and its attacks on man in the conditions of the Kzyl-Ordinsk region of the KazakH SSR

Circadian activity patterns in three species of tsetse fly: Glossina palpalis, austeni and morsitans

Circadian control of oviposition in the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella, Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae

Circadian dynamics of the finding of Enterobius ova in a patient

Circadian fluctuations in liver and blood parameters in rats adapted to a nutrient solution by oral, intravenous and discontinuous intravenous feeding

Circadian growth layers in the cuticle of behaviourally arrhythmic cockroaches (Blaberus fuscus, Ins., Blattoidea)

Circadian organisation and neural mediation of hamster reproductive rhythms

Circadian periodicity in airborne spores of Dendryphiella, Pestalotia and Periconia

Circadian periodicity of microfilaraemia in a temperate climate

Circadian rhythm of 9-oxodec-2-enoic acid, queen honeybee pheromone, and of 10-hydroxydec-2-enoic acid in worker honeybees

Circadian rhythm of blood components in sheep with congenital microphthalmia and in intact controls

Circadian rhythm of digestion and absorption in the small intestine of the rat and its relation to food intake

Circadian rhythm of gluconeogenesis and its generation mechanism

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615282

Circadian rhythm of metamorphosis and time of development of the preimaginal stages of Simulium damnosum s.l. (Diptera, Simuliidae) in the Ivory Coast

Circadian rhythm of movement in the Mexican jumping-bean moth Laspeyresia saltitans (Westwood)

Circadian rhythmicity in phosphorylase activity and glycogen content in the heart muscle of the scorpion, Heterometrus fulvipes, C.L. Koch

Circadian rhythms in ingestive behavior and responsiveness to glucoprivic and osmotic challenges in rats with rostral zona incerta lesions

Circadian rhythms in the excretion of electrolytes and proteins in urine by rats

Circadian rhythms of Trypanosoma congolense in laboratory rodents

Circadian rhythms of locomotion in six noctuid species

Circadian rhythms of parasites

Circadian rhythms of self-selected lighting in golden hamsters: relation to gonadal condition

Circadian variation in the apparent digestibility of diets measured at the terminal ileum in pigs

Circadian variation of somatomedin and cortisol in pigs

Circadian variations in plasma somatotropin in normal and obese women: preliminary observations

Circadian variations in the plasma concentration of prolactin in the adult male rat

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615300

Circeo National Park: reclaiming a rich heritage

Circodinium minimum (Gassovsky, 1918), electron-microscope investigations

Circuit-breaker tax relief for farmers in Wisconsin and Michigan: a comparison of benefits and incentives

Circular dichroism studies on turnip rosette virus

Circular plot surveys in large-scale aerial photographs

Circular saw vibration research

Circular slicing with constant radius. Study no. 158

Circularity of the ribonucleic acids associated with cadang-cadang disease

Circulating B and T lymphocytes in foals during first five months of life

Circulating alanine disposal in diabetes mellitus

Circulating alanine production and disposal in healthy subjects

Circulating and tissue-bound immune complex formation in murine malaria

Circulating antibodies and blood histamine in cattle after treatment against hypodermosis

Circulating antibodies in human echinococcosis before and after surgical treatment

Circulating antibodies to cow's milk proteins in children with acute diarrhoea

Circulating antigen antibody complexes in scabies

Circulating antigens and immune complexes in Schistosoma mansoni-infected rats. Characterization by radioimmunoprecipitation-PEG assay (RIPEGA)

Circulating antigens and immune complexes in the serum of rat infected with Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Circulating antigens, antibodies and immune complexes in milk from mothers infected with Schistosoma mansoni

Circulating big human prolactin: conversion to small human prolactin by reduction of disulphide bonds

Circulating capital of collective farms and credit given by the state bank

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615324

Circulating immune complexes and C3d in human parasitosis

Circulating immune complexes and anti-IgG antibodies in mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

Circulating immune complexes in experimental Chagas' disease. Identification of parasite antigens in the complexes

Circulating immune complexes in experimental filariasis

Circulating immune complexes in onchocerciasis

Circulating non-human microfilaria in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

Circulating pool and adrenal soluble content of dopamine beta -hydroxylase (DBH), in rats, guinea pigs, dogs and humans: their role in determining acute stress-induced changes in plasma enzyme levels

Circulative and propagative virus transmission by aphids

Circulo-respiratory efficiency in some agricultural work

Circumoval precipitin test in the prepatent and acute phases of human schistosomiasis mansoni infection

Cirkennedya porlockensis, a new genus and species of digenean from the sunfish Mola mola (L.)

Cirolana spp. (Isopoda) associated with marine wood-boring and fouling organisms

Cirrhosis due to hypervitaminosis A

Cirrhosis of the liver caused by multilocular hydatidosis considered as a specific nosological form

Cis- and trans-octa-1,5-dien-3-ol, new attractants to the cheese mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank) (Acarina, Acaridae) identified in Trichothecium roseum (Fungi Imperfecti)

Cis-2-methyl-5-hydroxyhexanoic acid lactone in the mandibular gland secretion of a carpenter bee

Citizen action for the environment

Citizens' participation in village development

Citopan production plant in Zalaegerszeg

Citotoxicity of a cell-free extract of Entamoeba histolytica

Citrate accumulation by Golgi apparatus fractions from bovine mammary gland

Citrate and succinate uptake by potato mitochondria

Citrate in plasma and urine during total fasting

Citric acid content in milk of cows with different kappa -casein genotypes

Citric acid production by three members of Aspergillus ochraceus group

Citrinin and ochratoxin toxicoses in cattle in the United States

Citrinin mycotoxicosis in the mouse, Syrian hamster and rat

Citrinin mycotoxicosis in the rat. I. Toxicology and pathology

Citrinin mycotoxicosis in the rat. II. Clinicopathological observations

Citrinin toxicity in chicks

Citro - a popular new buttermilk drink

Citron melon for cash and condiment





Citrus - a case study of environmental effects on plant water relations

Citrus blackfly control on container grown citrus by soil drench with systemic insecticides

Citrus blackfly controlled biologically

Citrus blight diagnosis in several scion variety/rootstock combinations of different ages

Citrus canker control with fungicides and antibiotics

Citrus canker in Latin America: a review

Citrus color - a review

Citrus die-back in Marathwada

Citrus disease X in Peru

Citrus essential oils

Citrus exocortis viroid (CEV): protein alterations in different hosts following viroid infection

Citrus eye disease

Citrus flowering in the lower Ivory Coast

Citrus fruit development: endogenous systems and external regulation

Citrus fungicide residues and legislation in western European countries

Citrus grove mapping with colored infrared aerial photography

Citrus grove mapping with coloured infrared aerial photography

Citrus growing regions in Croatia

Citrus harvesting - winds of change

Citrus harvesting in California and Arizona

Citrus harvesting in Israel

Citrus ichangensis Sw., family Rutaceae, and its hybrids

Citrus irrigation experiment in the Ivory Coast

Citrus leaf abscission. Regulatory role of exogenous auxin and ethylene on peroxidases and endogenous growth substances

Citrus meal as an energy supplement for dairy cows

Citrus mealybug: effect of pesticide residues on adults of the natural enemy complex

Citrus melanose and its related disease in Japan

Citrus nematode (Tylenchulus semipenetrans) problems worldwide

Citrus pests in the Republic of South Africa. Part I: Introduction

Citrus pests in the Republic of South Africa. Part II: methods of controlling citrus pests

Citrus phenology in the tropics

Citrus pollen storage

Citrus production and premature fruitdrop disease in Belize

Citrus production in Iran

Citrus production in the United States: 1977 and 1985

Citrus propagation in a Mediterranean climate

Citrus red mite in Lower Rio Grande Valley

Citrus relatives are not irrelevant as dwarfing stocks or interstocks for citrus

Citrus responses to irrigation methods

Citrus reticulata and a few other species as rootstocks for the nucellar 'Palmer' navel orange

Citrus root weevils in Florida: identification, biology and control

Citrus rootstock: good, better and best

Citrus rootstocks and salt resistance - a review

Citrus rootstocks in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Citrus scab control with benomyl in relation to time of spraying and sites of fungicide deposition

Citrus scale: 'Birlane' looks promising

Citrus scale: a most successful pest

Citrus seedbeds: methyl bromide and mycorrhizae

Citrus spp. and relatives as hosts for Meloidogyne spp

Citrus stubborn disease in Egypt, Libya and Lebanon

Citrus studies

Citrus tree decline complex diagnostic identification of blight

Citrus tree spacing in California

Citrus tristeza

Citrus trunk wrap evaluations

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615447

City - children - countryside

Civil responsibility of the veterinary board for the damage incurred by man due to trichinelliasis. Part III

Civil responsiblility of the veterinary board for the damage incurred by man due to trichinelliasis. Part II

Cladosporium castellanii: study of variants

Claim joint heat-pump/sun unit halves solar costs

Clarification of dairy farm water by electrocoagulation

Clarification of the botanical nomenclature of soya bean

Clarifying concepts: the ongoing struggle for understanding

Clark-Bobcat Feller/Buncher

Class determination of immunoglobulins in serum, colostrum and nasal secretions from progressive pneumonia virus-infected sheep

Class relations in Indian agriculture - I

Class relations in Indian agriculture II

Class relations in Indian agriculture III

Class specific antibodies and fluorescent staining patterns in acute and chronic forms of schistosomiasis mansoni

Class status in the countryside: changes over three decades

Class structure in an Egyptian village

Class struggle in rural Maharashtra (India): towards a new perspective

Class, patriarchy, and women's work in Bangladesh

Classica greenhouse (Peter Bisgard, Todbjerg, 8530 Hjortshoej, Denmark)

Classical and alternate complement pathway activities in paired dairy cow - newborn calf sera

Classical and practical relascope sampling

Classical leaf scorch: boron or fluoride

Classification and grading of New Zealand timbers (National Timber Grading Rules): metric units

Classification and identification of ovine and caprine mycoplasmas

Classification and method of determining damage to seeds

Classification and nomenclature of viruses. Third report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses

Classification and organization of forests near cities

Classification and terminology for the comminution of wood

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615480

Classification by weight and gestational age of newborn infants in the province of Taranto

Classification in forestry planning

Classification key for identification of vegetation in panchromatic colour and colour infra-red photographs

Classification of C3 and C4 turfgrass species based on CO2 compensation concentration and leaf anatomy

Classification of Cuban forests based on the importance of the tree species

Classification of Hawaii residents' attitudes toward tourist and tourism. Tourism Research Project

Classification of Pinus sibirica stands by their turpentine composition and resin productivity

Classification of abnormality in quarter milk based upon the admixture theory for the formation of abnormal milk

Classification of agricultural areas by geographical characteristics, location and soil groups

Classification of agricultural crops, based on their weed flora

Classification of anomalies in protoscoleces of Echinococcus granulosus and E. multilocularis

Classification of areas of Sardinia into zones of homogeneous risk for hydatid infection

Classification of birdsfoot trefoil seeds

Classification of bog sites in relation to medium-scale mapping of agricultural land units in the GDR

Classification of brown ochreous and cryptopodzolic soils by analysis of buffered tetraborate extracts at pH 9.5

Classification of forest sections according to the level of possible damage by the Siberian lasiocampid

Classification of forest subcompartments by degree of potential Dendrolimus superans damage

Classification of fruits

Classification of grass and clover varieties for Scotland 1978

Classification of grass and clover varieties for Scotland 1979-80

Classification of inherited hypo- and hyperlipidemia

Classification of leisure

Classification of leptospires isolated in Peru

Classification of low marsh habitats in a Georgia salt marsh

Classification of maize populations into heterotic groups

Classification of meat products according to their nutritional value

Classification of mouthfeel characteristics of beverages

Classification of muskeg

Classification of peste des petits ruminants virus as the fourth member of the genus Morbillivirus

Classification of pesticides and storage protecting agents, biological process regulators and parasiticides as Group 1 and 2 poisons

Classification of polyene antibiotics according to chemical structure and biological effects

Classification of psyllids of the genus Psylla Geoffr. (Homoptera, Psyllidae)

Classification of rice varieties for true resistance to blast. I

Classification of rice varieties for true resistance to blast. II

Classification of rotaviruses: report from the World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization Comparative Virology Program

Classification of seeds

Classification of sour cherry varieties

Classification of staphylococci isolated from the nasal cavities of dogs and cats; relationship of newly classified types to rhinitis in those animals

Classification of the anaemia of bovine trypanosomiasis

Classification of the degree of decomposition in bark

Classification of the forest lands of the wet tropical zone of Vietnam

Classification of the forests of Cuba

Classification of the forests of Cuba according to economic importance

Classification of the haplosporidia

Classification of the natural conditions of Slovakia for systems of fertilizing field crops

Classification of the village settlements of the county Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen. Research Report

Classification of two cultivated sorghum species - Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench and S. saccharatum (L.) Moench

Classification of water melon

Classification of wetlands and deepwater habitats of the United States

Classification of wild forms and varieties of Cydonia oblonga Mill

Classification system for the peat of northeastern and northern China

Classifications of some Indonesian wood species based on their treatability, air permeability and bleeding characteristics

Classified maize types in Yugoslavia and their significance in breeding

Classifying environments for sampling purposes using a principal component analysis of climatic data

Classifying rural sub-regions of Austria on the basis of positive and negative influences of agriculture on the landscape

Classifying the Dipterocarpaceae: the wood technologist's view

Clay in relation to pedality and stability of microstructure in Nile alluvial soils

Clay migration in well to moderately well drained acid brown soils of the Belgian Ardennes. Morphology and clay content determination

Clay mineral distribution in two toposequences of tropical soils of India

Clay mineralogical make up of Marathwada soils and their relationship with the content of zinc, iron, manganese and copper

Clay mineralogy of deep and medium black soils of Marathwada Agricultural University Campus, Parbhani

Clay mineralogy of soils developed on weathering products of basic eruptive rocks in Botucau, Sao Paulo

Clay mineralogy of soils in a litho-toposequence in Botucatu, Sao Paulo

Clay mineralogy of soils in the Nigerian tropical savanna regions

Clay mineralogy of soils of the Falkland Islands

Clay mineralogy of the terra roxa estruturada soils from forest/savannah transition in the Amazon region

Clay mineralogy of the soils from the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences of Jaboticabal

Clay mineralogy of two andepts, an oxisol and an unidentified soil in Hawaii

Clay minerals and the Michaelis constant of urease

Clay minerals and weathering in Banat saline and alkali soils

Clay minerals formed from micas and chlorites in some New Zealand soils

Clay minerals in coal-seam overburdens and their relevance to land reclamation in the North Bohemeian lignite district

Clay minerals in the soils of Mt. Hermon

Clay minerals of Montana soils formed on volcanic parent materials

Clay minerals of the soils of S.Miguel Island (Azores)

Clay plains and geomorphic history of the central Sudan. A review

Clay soil compaction due to wheel slip

Clay soils on limestone in South Limburg, The Netherlands, 1. Setting and general characteristics

Clay soils on limestone in South Limburg, The Netherlands, 2. Weathering

Clay soils on limestone in South Limburg, The Netherlands, 3. Soil formation

Clay-organic matter complexes: model studies and binding properties

Clean bathing from Europe's beaches

Clean fuels from agricultural and forestry wastes

Clean pots O.K., but how?

Clean stocks are the first line of defence against virus

Clean thinking on slurry

Clean wool determination of individual fleeces

Cleaning Populus seed with a blender

Cleaning and disinfection methods in milk production

Cleaning and resistance of fibre flax seed

Cleaning and weeding paper birch - a 24-year case history

Cleaning behaviour in the buthid scorpion Tityus trivittatus fasciolatus Pessoa, 1935

Cleaning in the dairy industry

Cleaning methods for milking and cooling plants

Cleaning milking equipment: why iodophors?

Cleaning of by-products of rice processing

Cleaning of cheese brine

Cleaning properties of iodophors in relation to their composition and contamination conditions

Cleaning raceways with a concrete grinder

Cleaning raw material better in the forest must take account of stumpwood chips

Cleaning slurry with disc-type biofilters

Cleaning the air ducts under potato stores

Cleaning the pipeline in pipeline milking installations

Cleaning up in 'Big Cheese Country'

Cleaning waste water in an electric field

Cleaning with or without reuse of cleaning solutions

Cleanliness with high pressure

Clear communication or arbitrary ambiguity

Clear correlation between sowing method and harvesting losses in sugar beet

Clearance and excretion of N tau -methyl histidine by lactating dairy cows

Clearance and secretion rates of prolactin in dairy cattle in various physiological states

Clearance and shedding of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus from the nasal mucosa of immune and nonimmune calves

Clearance of bacteria from lungs of mice after opsonising with IgG or IgA

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615602

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615603

Clearance of microfilariae of Dipetalonema viteae in CBA/N and CBA/H mice

Clearance of slash, stumps and undergrowth with soil cultivation in a single operation with the Rotoclear-Landbreaker

Clearcuts - do they have to be ugly?

Clearcutting vs. alternative timber harvesting-stand regeneration systems: effects on soils and environment of the south

Cleared-pistil and thick-sectioning techniques for detecting aposporous apomixis in grasses

Clearing a tropical forest I. Effects on soil and micro-climate

Clearing and disinfection of muddy water supplies

Clearing saws 1976

Clearing saws save costs in heavy growth

Cleavability of hemagglutinin determines spread of avian influenza viruses in the chorioallantoic membrane of chicken embryo

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615616

Cleft grafting of young avocado and the nature of the union

Cleft palate in the horse

Cleidodiscus robustus Mueller, 1934 (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalinae) from Lepomis gibbosus L. (Pisces: Centrarchidae) in Ontario, Canada: anatomy and systematic position

Cleistocarps of Phyllactinia as shuttlecocks

Cleistothecia of Sphaerotheca macularis on strawberry leaves in Nova Scotia

Cleopatra mandarin - a promising rootstock for citrus in the Punjab

Clerodendrum cultivation is still problematical

Clerodendrum thomsoniae. Yet another problem plant to grow?

Clientelism and rural development in Thailand

Clifton Hot Springs: discharge, chemistry, and influence on the San Francisco River


Climate and East Coast Fever

Climate and Solar Energy Conversion; proceedings of a IIASA Workship, December 8-10, 1976

Climate and agriculture of Taiwan and South Korea

Climate and crop planning with particular reference to rainfall

Climate and crop production

Climate and crop productivity in Australia

Climate and desertification. Background document

Climate and energy in Central Arizona: preliminary version

Climate and hydrology of the Entiat experimental forest watersheds under virgin forest cover

Climate and irrigation

Climate and man in Patagonia

Climate and reproduction of grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park

Climate and rice

Climate and soil characteristics of the central station Nina Bonita

Climate and soil characteristics of the pasture substation Cascajal

Climate and soil characteristics of the pasture substation of Las Tunas

Climate and soil characteristics of the pasture substation of Santi Spiritus

Climate and the changing sun

Climate as an agent for the natural exploitation of vegetation

Climate characteristics prevailing at the pasture substation of Ciego de Avila

Climate choice behaviour in cattle

Climate during the period of Indus Civilization: evidence from Kalibangan

Climate for deserts

Climate of Minnesota. 10. Precipitation normals for Minnesota: 1941-1970

Climate of Minnesota. 11. The availability and dependability of solar radiation at St. Paul, Minnesota

Climate research and energy saving with roses (1)

Climate, physiography and land use in south western Kenya

Climate, plant response and development of dunes on barrier beaches along the U.S. east coast

Climate, soil, and vegetation. 1. Introduction to water balance dynamics

Climate, soil, and vegetation. 3. A simplified model of soil moisture movement in the liquid phase

Climate, soil, and vegetation. 4. The expected value of annual evapotranspiration

Climate, soil, and vegetation. 5. A derived distribution of storm surface runoff

Climate, soil, and vegetation. 6. Dynamics of the annual water balance

Climate, soil, and vegetation. 7. A derived distribution of annual water yield

Climate, weather, aridity

Climates and vegetation types

Climates of fescue grasslands of mountains in the western United States

Climates of upland rice regions

Climates of vegetation types of the northern Rocky Mountains and adjacent plains

Climatic adaptation and plant water relations: the response of aubergines to glasshouse conditions

Climatic adaptation and species status in the lawn ground cricket. I. Photoperiodic response

Climatic adaptation and species status in the lawn ground cricket. III. Ovipositor length

Climatic adaptation in sorghum

Climatic and biological changes in south-western Africa during the late Cainozoic

Climatic and edaphic criteria for vineyard establishment

Climatic and soil factors affecting the pathogenesis of Alternaria disease in potato

Climatic atlas of the Zaire basin. 4

Climatic calf housing

Climatic capability classification for agriculture in British Columbia

Climatic change and economic development

Climatic change and its implications on agriculture

Climatic change in the Indian Desert and North-West India during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene

Climatic changes relating to desertification in the arid zone of northwest India

Climatic characteristics of the Canary Islands

Climatic classification and terminology. Monthly climate

Climatic conditions and rice productivity

Climatic conditions and their effect upon resin production by tropical pines

Climatic conditions during the harvesting of fodder crops from the point of view of periodicity

Climatic conditions in Hungary in relation to the distribution of high quality wheat production areas

Climatic conditions in cheese stores

Climatic conditions prevailing at the pasture substation of Guantanamo

Climatic control of floral differentiation and development in selected latitudinal and altitudinal ecotypes of Poa pratensis L

Climatic effects on strawberry plants grown in the open

Climatic environment and its influence. High temperature

Climatic environment and its influence. Microclimate of two rice canopies with contrasting plant types

Climatic environment and its influence. Solar radiation

Climatic environment and its influence. Solar radiation and water balance. Effect of water regimes on root development

Climatic environment and its influence. Solar radiation and water balance. Relationship between root penetration and penetration resistance of soil

Climatic environment and its influence. Temperature. Effect of temperature and vapor pressure deficit on the occurrence of unfertilized grains

Climatic environment and its influence. Temperature. Effect of temperature on spikelet number per square meter

Climatic factors affecting post-harvest decay of Jamaican bananas

Climatic factors and reproduction of Awassi sheep at the Dujaila farm in Iraq

Climatic factors and the development of grass weeds in cereals in France

Climatic factors to consider in planning a winter recreation enterprise in Michigan

Climatic indices and classifications in relation to the biogeography of southern Africa

Climatic influence on growth and nutrient uptake of rice roots, with special reference to the growth unit theory

Climatic influence on photosynthesis and respiration of rice

Climatic influence on yield and yield components of lowland rice in the tropics

Climatic influence on yield of summer cereals grown under northern climatic conditions

Climatic investigation on the productivity of some crops in Macerata province

Climatic limits for silage maize growing

Climatic modeling of summer range lands in Utah

Climatic models for use in phytotrons

Climatic probability of irrigation water requirements

Climatic resources for maturing barley and wheat in Canada

Climatic restraints, soil limitations, farming systems and possibilities in pampean, tierra fria and humid subtropical climates

Climatic sequences in boreal and temperate zones: a comparison in Europe and America

Climatic signals in tree-ring chronologies for British oaks

Climatic stations with over fifty years of record in Arizona

Climatic studies in Ducke Forest Reserve, Manaus, Amazonas. 1. Soil temperatures

Climatic summary, a method to summarize concisely climatic data and their variation from year to year

Climatic trends in the arid southwest

Climatic variability and wheat growing in the Prairies

Climatic variations in the Sahel and other African regions during the past five centuries

Climatic water budget for Parbhani

Climatography of the Front Range Urban Corridor and vicinity, Colorado

Climatological and physiological effects on milk and constituent yields in dairy cows

Climatological conditions for coastal tourism: a comprehensive research method

Climatological data from the Berthoud Pass area of Colorado

Climatological factors in maize adaptation

Climatological observations in the region of Auyan-Tepui (Bolivar State)

Climatological studies in Mexico and Nigeria: contributions on the problems of humidity and aridity

Climatological water balance of North America: mean yearly totals of water surplus and deficit

Climatological, environmental, genetic, and mathematical aspects of milk composition and yield

Climatology of Brazil. 2. Air humidity

Climatology of the ponderosa pine type in central Arizona

Climatypes of Picea abies in stands in the Lomonosov forestry farm in Leningrad province

Climbing French beans grown in glasshouses and under large shelters: results of trials over several years

Climbing French beans: the old are still doing well

Climbing beans for cultivation under glass

Climbing behavior and host-finding of larval rabbit ticks (Haemaphysalis leporispalustris)

Climbing behavior of Haemaphysalis leporispalustris (Acari: Ixodidae)

Climbing cutworms; early-season pests of grapes

Climosequence in southern Tenerife Island (Canary Islands). Part 1: ecology, morphology, physico-chemical characteristics

Climosequence in the southern part of Tenerife island (Canary Islands). 2. Mineralogical characteristics: interpretation and classification

Climosequence of recent soils in northern Tenerife (Canary Islands). 2. Mineralogical characteristics. Interpretation and classification

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615756

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615757

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615758

Clinging and climbing ability of larvae of eleven species of stored-product insects on nine flexible packaging materials and glass

Clinic of trichinellosis

Clinic, pathogenesis and pathomorphology of experimental delafondiosis in foals

Clinical Fascioloides magna infection in sheep in Oregon on pasture shared by Columbian white-tailed deer

Clinical Parasitology

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615765

Clinical aerobiology in Finland

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615767

Clinical and X-ray characteristic of opisthorchiasis

Clinical and anatomical changes in helminthic gastritis in sheep

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615771

Clinical and bacteriological findings in the genital tract of cows in the first three weeks of the puerperium, after difficult parturition

Clinical and biochemical abnormalities in porcine GM2-gangliosidosis

Clinical and biochemical characteristics associated with anthropometric nutritional categories

Clinical and biological symptoms of Trypanosoma gambiense infection during the meningoencephalitis phase

Clinical and clinicopathologic observations in induced malignant catarrhal fever of cattle

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615777

Clinical and eipzootiological studies on Gumboro disease (avian infectious bursitis)

Clinical and electrocardiographic findings in suspected viral myocarditis of pups

Clinical and electroencephalographic findings associated with ten cases of suspected limbic epilepsy in the dog

Clinical and endocrinological aspects of induced parturition in multiparous sows

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615782

Clinical and epidemiological aspects of cryptococcosis in Costa Rica

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of candidiasis in the newborn

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of multilocular hydatidosis in the Kamchatka and methods for controlling this infection

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of visceral leishmaniasis in the northern extremity of its range in the eastern hemisphere

Clinical and epidemiological comparison of fresh, torpid and acute gonorrhoea in women

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615788

Clinical and epidemiological studies on tinea versicolor in Kerala

Clinical and epizootiological features of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis in Macaca nemestrina (pig-tail macaque)

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615791

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615792

Clinical and experimental observations on the therapeutic value of chloroquine against balantidiosis in pigs

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615794

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615795

Clinical and hematologic peculiarities of malaria in infancy. A study of 40 infants

Clinical and histologic observations of actively induced resistance to Eimeria ferrisi Levine and Ivens, 1965 (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) in the mouse (Mus musculus)

Clinical and histological findings in preputial ulcers of boars

Clinical and histopathologic effects of lensectomy and anterior vitrectomy in the canine eye

Clinical and immunologic studies of beekeepers

Clinical and immunologic studies of patients with large local reactions following insect stings

Clinical and immunological aspects of sporotrichosis cutanea

Clinical and immunological studies in pulmonary extrinsic allergic alveolitis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615805

Clinical and laboratory characteristics of trichuriasis and blood groups

Clinical and laboratory evaluation of hepatic injury in the lympho-glandular form of acquired toxoplasmosis

Clinical and morphological evidence of the efficacy of Iodinocol aerosols at the early stage of mixed infection with ILT virus and Escherichia coli in chicks

Clinical and morphological features of thromboembolic meningoencephalitis in calves

Clinical and paraclinical changes in cattle with traumatic pericarditis, before and after puncture of the pericardium

Clinical and paraclinical study of experimental Nematodirus infection in lambs

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615813

Clinical and pathologic conditions of female nude (athymic) mice in two conventionally maintained colonies

Clinical and pathologic features of various drug-related problems in the control of swine dysentery

Clinical and pathological changes in fowls infected with the D-2 strain of Marek's disease virus

Clinical and pathological study of bovine chronic haematuria

Clinical and physiological condition and production of dairy cows kept tied-up in summer or on pasture

Clinical and post-mortem studies of rabbits, injected with virulent or lapinized swine fever virus

Clinical and radiographic signs in primary and metastatic esophageal neoplasms of the dog

Clinical and radiographical observations in biliary ascariasis

Clinical and radiological features of anterior mediastinal lymphosarcoma in the cat: a review of 30 cases

Clinical and statistical study on the type I allergy to fungi

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615824

Clinical application of measurements of serum bee venom specific IgE and IgG

Clinical application of milk progesterone in the diagnosis of subfertility in suckled cows

Clinical applications of local antibiotics therapy: mammary gland

Clinical applications of the tolerance test with radioactively labelled bile salts

Clinical aspect of acute opisthorchiasis and some unsolved problems of its treatment

Clinical aspects and pathology of Sarcocystis suicanis infection in pigs

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615832

Clinical aspects of Strongylus vulgaris infection in the horse. Emphasis on diagnosis, chemotherapy, and prophylaxis

Clinical aspects of adult leishmaniasis. (Observations on an outbreak in the province of Bologna in 1971-72)

Clinical aspects of giardiasis in the adult

Clinical aspects of malaria in France

Clinical aspects of mycotic keratitis in the horse

Clinical aspects of nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism in cage birds

Clinical aspects of the nutritional status of the dam and parturition

Clinical aspects of the therapeutic use of beta-2-mimetic drugs in respiratory diseases of the horse

Clinical aspects, detection methods and the damage caused by coccidiosis in broilers

Clinical assessment of the efficacy and tolerability of nimorazole in the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615843

Clinical bacteriological and epidemiological observations on infectious atrophic rhinitis of pigs in southern England

Clinical biochemical blood values in sows

Clinical biochemistry

Clinical cases of equine babesiosis

Clinical characteristics of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Clinical characteristics of opisthorchiasis in chronic typhoid carriers

Clinical consideration of dirofilariasis

Clinical correlation of gingivitis in deciduous and permanent dentitions of dogs

Clinical course and prognosis of pulmonary aspergillosis

Clinical course and treatment of some frequent diseases of amphibians and reptiles, and methods of analgesia

Clinical description of rabies in the fox. Experimental study

Clinical diagnosis and correction of pulmonary stenosis in the dog

Clinical diagnosis of internal noninfectious diseases of farm animals

Clinical diagnosis of spontaneous chlamydial abortions in sheep and goats

Clinical diagnosis of systemic fungal infections

Clinical ecology: a review

Clinical effects of consuming milk and its products

Clinical effects of vitamin C in elderly inpatients with low blood-vitamin-C levels

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615863

Clinical efficacy of dietotherapy for children using Enpit and low-lactose mixtures

Clinical epidemiological studies on endemic chronic arsenic poisoning in children and adults, including observations on children with high- and low-intake of dietary arsenic

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615866

Clinical evaluation of a commercial vaccine against chlamydial abortion of ewes

Clinical evaluation of a live vaccine against bovine respiratory syncytial virus

Clinical evaluation of a multicomponent ointment for the treatment of dermatoses

Clinical evaluation of a single day therapy (2 gm) with ornidazole in vaginal trichomoniasis

Clinical evaluation of a single day therapy with ornidazole 1 gm in vaginal trichomoniasis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615872

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615873

Clinical evaluation of febantel and trichlorfon paste formulations in the horse

Clinical evaluation of glomerular function: 24-hour creatinine clearance in dogs

Clinical evaluation of jadit solution in dermatomycoses

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615878

Clinical evaluation of the Bain breathing circuit in small animal anesthesia

Clinical evaluation of the antimycotic preparation mycodekan spray

Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of oxfendazole (Systamex) against the most important helminth infections of sheep, cattle and pigs

Clinical evaluation of two new anthelmintics - pyrantel pamoate and phenylene diisothiocyanate

Clinical examination of cattle

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615885

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615886

Clinical experience with a combination drug in the treatment of cervico-vaginitis

Clinical experience with a fluorescent antibody test in dogs with occult dirofilariasis

Clinical experience with a new treatment of mycotic or mixed vaginitis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615890

Clinical experience with the soybean protein diet in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615892

Clinical experience with vaginal candidiasis

Clinical experiences on parturition induced in sows by means of a prostaglandin analogue

Clinical experiences with a variable tube diet in a neurological intensive care unit

Clinical experiences with anthelmintics in the horse

Clinical experiences with dry cow therapy and coliform mastitis

Clinical features and morphology of Babesia caballi and B. equi in the horse

Clinical features and therapy of bacterial dysentery accompanied by giardiasis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615900

Clinical features of liver fluke infection of man

Clinical features of some collagenoses in patients infected with Toxoplasma gondii

Clinical findings of acute toxoplasmosis in the adult

Clinical findings, pathological changes and endocrinological secretory patterns in mares with ovarian tumours

Clinical genetics

Clinical giardiasis in small animals

Clinical immunology and dermatology in the dog

Clinical importance of estimating folic acid radiologically

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615910

Clinical investigation of malaria treated with acupuncture

Clinical investigations on sedation and anaesthesia of mink, chinchilla and rabbits

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615913

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615914

Clinical manifestations of giardiasis in childhood

Clinical manifestations of overdose of ketamine-xylazine in the cat

Clinical notes on micaveen, a new antimycotic detergent

Clinical nutrition of patients after vascular shunts for portal hypertension

Clinical nutritional applications of basic concepts of nitrogen metabolism

Clinical observation of three cases of Strongyloides stercoralis infection

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615922

Clinical observations and diagnostic difficulties in pneumocystic pneumonia in babies

Clinical observations and statistical evaluation of the action of a new topical antimicrobial and antimycotic agent in pediatric skin diseases. Polycentric research

Clinical observations on Holstein steers overfed with concentrates for fattening

Clinical observations on eperythrozoonosis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615927

Clinical pharmacology of anti-arrhythmic drugs in the dog

Clinical picture and pathology of haemorrhagic nephritis and enteritis in geese

Clinical picture and radiographic findings in polydactylia in horses

Clinical picture and treatment of complicated liver hydatidosis

Clinical picture of Aujeszky's disease in the pig

Clinical picture of allergy in piglets with ascariasis

Clinical picture of experimental Mycoplasma bovis mastitis in the cow

Clinical picture of nicotine poisoning in breast-fed infants

Clinical problems with 5-fluorocytosine

Clinical pulmonary perfusion imaging in the dog

Clinical radiology in the tropics

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615939

Clinical results in the treatment of mycoses with 5-fluorocytosine

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615941

Clinical riboflavin deficiency in preschool children, offspring of migrants in transit through Central de Triggem e Encaminhamento, in the capital of Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615943

Clinical significance of skin testing with phospholipase A fraction of honeybee venom in patients sensitive to insect stings

Clinical signs and diagnosis of atopic disease in the dog

Clinical signs of acute and chronic experimental lesions of the cerebellum

Clinical signs of anemia in vitamin A-deficient rats

Clinical studies of renal function in the fattening bull

Clinical studies of the concentration of free amino acids in plasma and urine in postaggression metabolism. 1

Clinical studies of the concentration of free amino acids in plasma and urine in postaggression metabolism. 2

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615951

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615952

Clinical studies on the influence of more frequent milking on recovery from mastitis

Clinical studies on tremorgenic mycotoxicoses in sheep

Clinical studies with a new polyvalent preparation for the local treatment of vaginal infections

Clinical study and treatment of sideropenic iron-deficiency anaemia in children

Clinical study of Marek's disease for one year after inoculation

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615959

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615960

Clinical study of liver abscess

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615962

Clinical study on clonorchiasis of hepatobiliary tract

Clinical study on the treatment of malaria with Qinghaosu

Clinical symptoms of parturient paresis due to hypophosphataemia and treatment with a new phosphorus preparation Ursolyt P

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615966

Clinical tests of radiographic intensifying screens (as applied to the equine tarsus)

Clinical trial of Teclozan for treatment of non-dysenteric colitic amoebiasis using a 24-hour dosage

Clinical trial of a new anti-hookworm drug: Jonit

Clinical trial of canesten spray for various cutaneous mycoses

Clinical trial of deglycyrrhizinised liquorice in gastric ulcer

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615972

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615973

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615974

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615975

Clinical trial of sodium cromoglycate in canine follicular conjunctivitis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615977

Clinical trial with secnidazole in a single dose for the treatment of trichomoniasis

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615979

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615980

Clinical trials on the treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis with Tiberal one day therapy

Clinical trials with Mastalone-U

Clinical trials with I.D.P.L. mastitis formula on goats and cattle

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615985

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615986

Clinical use of a protein-sparing modified fast

Clinical use of echocardiography in the domestic cat

Clinical use of ketamine-xylaxine for anaesthesia in the cat

Clinical use of piperacetazine to modify behavior in dogs and cats: a practitioner's viewpoint

Clinical use of pyrantel pamoate, a new anthelmintic with a polyvalent action, in the dog and cat

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615992

Section 1, Chapter 616, Accession 000615993

Clinical values and macroscopic and histological changes in joints in gnotobiotic pigs with experimental Erysipelothrix infection

Clinical variants of malaria

Clinical, anatomical, histological and cytogenetic aspects of freemartinism in a heifer

Clinical, biochemical, and histological studies of osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and parathyroid function in chronic liver disease

Clinical, biological and aetiological aspects of acute hepatic failure

Clinical, clinicopathologic, and electroencephalographic features of lead poisoning in dogs

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