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Possibilities for weed control with herbicides in sainfoin during establishment

, : Possibilities for weed control with herbicides in sainfoin during establishment. Fragmenta Herbologica Jugoslavica 17(1-2): 115-122

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Other Research

Selection index for Corriedale yearling ewes: The data in this study are obtained from Corriedale yearling ewes raised at the Department of Animal Husbandry, Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station during a 7-year period from 1951 to 1957. The indices for selecting yearling ewes are...

Summary of Florida commercial marine landings 1972. Florida Bd Conserv. Saltwat. Fish. Div

The relationship between children's threats of violence and violent behaviors: Background: We sought to examine the relationship between students' threats of interpersonal violence and self-reported violent behaviors. Methods: Anonymous self-report questionnaires were administered to students in grades 3 through 12 in school...

EGFR kinase inhibition Its role in diverse diseases

Rare plants of coastal new hampshire usa: An inventory was made in the summer of 1982 of 42 vascular plant species previously identified as rare, threatened, or endangered in the coastal regions of seven New Hamphshire towns. Field work was conducted to confirm historical records and inve...

Non-protein nitrogen utilization by ruminants: status of ureolytic and proteolytic activities in rumen liquor of Kankrej cows receiving urea rations with and without oxytetracycline: Three groups of 4 Kankrej cows were given, in addition to hay and green hybrid Napier grass, concentrate mixtures containing 4% urea which were supplemented with oxytetracycline 150 or 300 mg/cow day for 15 weeks. For the next 15 weeks the groups...

Somatosensory amplification and its relationship to somatosensory, auditory, and visual evoked and event-related potentials P300: Somatosensory amplification refers to the tendency to experience benign and ambiguous somatic sensation as intense, noxious, and disturbing. The construct is helpful in assessing the perceptual style of a variety of somatizing conditions, but the...

Studies on the nutrition of various forms of vitamin C for prawn Penaeus chinensis

Solid phase extraction for GC trace analysis of isosorbide dinitrate and glycerol trinitrate in human plasma

Soil applications of gypsum as a source of calcium for apples

Zooparasites of livestock in Peru

Bicyclic amines and their use as insecticides: A compound of formula (I) wherein A is a bidentate group of the formula: XCdbdCY or XCH--CHY (wherein X and Y are independently hydrogen, hydroxy, acyloxy, alkoxy, cyano or halogen); and Ar is optionally substituted phenyl or optionally substitute...

Northern Vietnam: treasure box of butterflies

Cerebrovascular effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition involve large artery dilatation in rats: Background and Purpose: The aim of the study was to selectively examine the effects of converting enzyme inhibition on the large brain arteries by using concomitant inhibition of carbonic anhydrase to cause severe dilatation of mainly parenchymal...

1981 annual report: Southwestern Minnesota Farm Management Association: This paper presents data collected from 172 farms in Southwestern Minnesota, all members of the Association. The tables show typical enterprise costs and returns, and variation in enterprise earnings as well as total farm earnings.