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Effects of GA3, BA and NAA on dry matter partitioning and rhizome development in two cultivars of Achimenes longiflora DC, under three levels of irradiance

, : Effects of GA3, BA and NAA on dry matter partitioning and rhizome development in two cultivars of Achimenes longiflora DC, under three levels of irradiance. Acta horticulturae: (251) 79-92

Two cultivars of Achimenes longiflora DC., 'Flamenco' and 'Hilda' were placed at 21 degrees C and 16 h light of 3 irradiance levels 35, 18 and 10 W m-2 for 16 weeks after being sprayed with gibberelic acid (GA3), benzyladenine (BA) or a-naphthalenacetic acid (NAA), alone and in combination. Increasing irradiance levels increased dry weight of aerial parts and number and dry weight of rhizomes. GA3 increased plant height; the elongation effect was more prominent at lower irradiances. The combination of GA3 with BA or/and NAA increased weight of aerial parts and lowered the percentage of dry matter incorporated in the rhizomes (RWR). BA combined with NAA increased dry weight and number of rhizomes; however responses to growth regulator treatments depended on the cultivar; 'Flamenco' was more responsive than 'Hilda'.

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