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Compensatory growth and reduced maturation in second sea winter farmed Atlantic salmon following starvation in February and March

, : Compensatory growth and reduced maturation in second sea winter farmed Atlantic salmon following starvation in February and March. Journal Of Fish Biology. 43(5): 805-810

Starvation of second sea winter farmed Atlantic salmon through February and March reduced body weight by 0.10% day-1 or 6.0% during the starvation period, whereas fed fish increased body weight by 0-10 day-1 or 5.9%. When fed again during 41 days in April and May, the starved group increased weight by 22.7% (0.55% day-1) compared with a 11.4% (0-28% day-1) gain in the unrestricted control. Ultrasound determination of sex and maturity in late May showed that the incidence of maturation was reduced by 48% among females and 32% among males in the starved group, compared with the unrestricted group.

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