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Aerobic fixed-media biofilter treatment of flushed swine manure

, : Aerobic fixed-media biofilter treatment of flushed swine manure. ASAE Annual International Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA, 12-16 July, 1998: 28 pp.

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Other Research

Comparative study on length-weight relationship and condition factor of the genus Oreochromis in polluted and non-polluted parts of Lake Mariut Egypt

Synergism of carbamate and orga

Dynamic and specific response of plasma aldo sterone in man after stimulation with angiotensin ii potassium and acth

Status and future trends in plantation silviculture in China: Problems and future trends regarding the timber plantations initiated in China in the mid-1980s are discussed. Relatively systematic research on management methods has been conducted in China, but many technical problems are still unsolved. The...

A new genus of geomyocid rodent from the Miocene of Texas and Panama: Texomys gen. nov. is recorded from Late Hemingfordian and Barstovian deposits of the Texas Coastal Plain and from Early Hemingfordian deposits of Panama. The Panamanian T. stewarti is the smallest species of the genus; the Texas Barstovian T. ritc...

Effectiveness of maize cultivations in different conditions

Lipid content and phospholipid synthesis in degenerating sciatic nerve of dogs: Total lipids, phospholipid phosphorus, total cholesterol, and radioactivity were determined in cut sections of sciatic nerves of dogs. Total lipids, phospholipid phosphorus, and total cholesterol were decreased in cut sections of sciatic nerves of...

Harald Ulrik Sverdrup

Economics and pollution control options for leachates: A review of the characteristics, flow and pollution effects of leachate generated from solid waste dumps is presented. Various treatment options and their economic cost are discussed.

Thyroid status and the regulation of thyrotropin-releasing hormone synthesis in rat pancreatic islets Comparison with insulin regulation: Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH), originally characterized as the first hypothalamic hormone, is also synthesized in the insulin-containing cells. TRH stimulates the glucagon secretion and attenuates exocrine pancreatic secretions. We have prev...

Light-dependent proton transport into mesophyll vacuoles of leaves of C3 plants as revealed by pH-indicating fluorescent dyes: a reappraisal: Esculin, a pH-sensitive fluorescent dye, was used to indicate light-dependent pH changes in leaves of Spinacia oleracea L. and Pelargonium zonale L. Shortly after its introduction into the leaves via the transpiration stream, esculin was localized...

The evolution of class i major histocompatibility complex genes

Phytophagous mites and their predators in an apple orchard at bathurst new south wales australia part 1 the influence of a ryania captan dinocap spray schedule

Chemical control of the lecanium scale lecanium delta homoptera malathion folidol trithion parathion hercules s 303 insectic ornamental citrus d

The morphological comparison between Eriocheir japonica and Eriocheir sinenesis in different water systems