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Functional analysis of HIV -1 reverse transcriptase motif C: site directed mutagenesis and metal cation interaction

, : Functional analysis of HIV -1 reverse transcriptase motif C: site directed mutagenesis and metal cation interaction. Journal of Molecular Evolution 47(1): 73-80

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Apoptosis resistance and response to chemotherapy in primary nodal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: Diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCL) represent the most common type of adult malignant lymphoma in western countries and are treated with high dose combination chemotherapy. Although initially the majority of patients respond to this therapy, ma...

Parents perceptions of the medical care in a university childrens hospital

Innate immunity and cancer Analysis of IgM reactivity pattern

The distribution of a typhlocybine leafhopper ribautiana ulmi homoptera cicadellidae on a specimen wych elm tree ulmus glabra cultivar camperdownii: 1. Higher numbers of feeding and resting Ribautiana ulmi (L.) were found on the more highly illuminated areas of the canopy of a wych elm tree, Ulmus glabra Huds. cv. Camperdownii. 2. Higher numbers were also found in the basal leaves of each bran...

The effects of methionine levels on skin collagen in newborn rats: From parturition mother Sprague-Dawley rats were given a diet with 10% casein without or with 0.1 or 1% methionine. By 20 days old the young weighed 24.5, 28.6 and 33.9 g. Collagen content of skin of the young was greater in those with mothers giv...

Immunodepression as a pathogenicity factor of some infectious agents

Simulating carbon dynamics of the boreal forest in Pukaskwa National Park: The development of forests in Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario, Canada, was simulated over 150 years to investigate boreal carbon dynamics and to test the feasibility of simulating large tracts of heterogeneous boreal forest. Pukaskwa National Park...

Borrelia burgdorferi hsp70 homolog characterization of an immunoreactive stress protein: The gene encoding an immunoreactive Borrelia burgdorferi HSP70 homolog was isolated and characterized. The predicted amino acid sequence of this spirochetal protein confirms that this gene encodes a member of the HSP70 family of protein. Although...

Studies on the formation of fish eggs XI The formation of a continuous mass of yolk and the chemical nature of lipids contained in it in the oocytes of the flounder, Liopsetta obscura

Distribution of Holocene foraminifera in St. Louis Bay and a comparison with the distribution in Mobile Bay

Effects of feeding mycotoxin binder (HSCAS) at later ages on gastrointestinal environment and metabolism in broilers: The study was conducted to determine the effect of Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alimunosilicate (HSCAS; 0, 1 and 2.5 g/kg), a toxin binder, on the performance, internal organ weight, gastrointestinal tract pH, and some blood parameters of broilers two-...

Recombinase activating gene expression in thymic subpopulations. A transitional cell type has lost RAG-2 but not RAG-1

Experiments on the resistance of the apple to disinfection by hydrocyanic acid gas: Since 1913 the Sanitary Office for Imported Plants and Seeds has possessed three ferro-concrete fumigation chambers, and the present experiments were made in them. For deciduous plants the following formula was used: Water, four parts by weight; s...

Mya shell manipulating by turnstones Aves results in concave-up position and left/right sorting: During low tide, up to 50% of Mya arenaria valves were observed in the unstable concave-up position on a tidal flat of the Dutch Wadden Sea. These shells were overturned by foraging birds (turnstones, Arenaria interpres L.). During high tide most...

Asthma control is maintained following a switch from conventional CFC-beclomethasone dipropionate to half the dose of HFA-BDP extrafine aerosol