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Gibberellic acid and cytokinin affect Phalaenopsis flower morphology at high temperature

, : Gibberellic acid and cytokinin affect Phalaenopsis flower morphology at high temperature. Hortscience. 32(6): 1069-1073

Gibberellin A-3 (GA,: 1, 3, or 5 mu-g/shoot), 6N-benzyladenine (BA: 1, 3, or 5 mu-g/shoot), or both were applied to the flowering shoots of a white hybrid Phalaenopsis orchid (Leda) when they were 2 to 3 cm (stage 1, no flower primordia) long at high temperature (30 degree C day/25 degree C night). When flowering shoots were treated with GA-3 alone, deformed flowers were more frequent with increasing GA-3 concentrations. The occurrence of GA-3-induced deformed flowers was prevented by BA at the same dose as GA-3 when applied 4 days after GA-3 treatment. BA (1, 3, or 5 mu-g/shoot) was also applied 4 days before (time 1) or 4 days after (time 2) GA-3 (1 mu-g/shoot) treatment for regulating plant characteristics. The application of BA at 1 or 5 mu-g/shoot to stage 1 flowering shoots at time 2 resulted in short internodes between florets, whereas BA application at time 1 had no effect. Simultaneously, BA at 1 or 5 mu-g/shoot applied at time 1 or time 2 to stage 2 (5 to 6 cm long, two- to three-flower primordia) flowering shoots also shortened internode length between florets as compared to GA-3 alone. When a stage 1 flowering shoot was given BA (3 or 5, but not 1 mu-g/shoot) and then treated with GA, 4 days later, flower count was slightly reduced as compared to treating with GA-3 alone. However, a high dose of BA applied at time 1 or time 2 on stage 2 flowering shoots had no effect on flower count. Chemical names used: N-(phenylmethyl)-1H-purine-6-amine (benzyladenine (BA)), gibberellic acid (GA-3).

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