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Quality of sapote andino fruits chupa chupa stored under controlled atmosphere

, : Quality of sapote andino fruits chupa chupa stored under controlled atmosphere. Acta Horticulturae (553(Vol. 2)): 677-678

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Other Research

Habitos de vida de la serpiente cretacica Dinilysia patagonica Woodward: Palaeoecological reconstructions of the Patagonian Cretaceous snake Dinilysia patagonica are discussed in relation to hypothesized life modes for an "ancestral snake", and in relation to the ecotypes of basal snakes. A comparison of orbit orientat...

On the formation and possible biological role of 25-hydroxycholesterol: The oxysterol 25-hydroxycholesterol is a widely used compound displaying an array of pharmacological actions in in vitro systems and cell based experimental systems. In spite of the frequent use of this compound over the last few decades and a lar...

Radiation oncology training in the United States Report from the Radiation Oncology Resident Training Working Group organized by the Society of Chairman of Academic Radiation Oncology Programs: Purpose: In response to the major changes occurring in healthcare, medical education, and cancer research, SCAROP addressed issues related to post-graduate education that could enhance existing programs and complement the present system. Methods a...

Contribution to the fauna of diptera of budapest results of various methods of investigation

Some observations on the behavior of schools of fishes in the Gulf of Mexico and adjacent waters: The behavior patterns of schools of fishes, Jenkinsia lamprotaenia, Anchoa hepsetus hepsetus, Opisthonema oglinum, Sardinella anchovia, Decapterus punctatus, Mugil cephalus, Rhincodon typus, Thunnus atlanticus, and Lagodon rhomboides seen under un...

Pregnancies in cancelled gamete intrafallopian transfer cycles: Forty-four percent of started GIFT cycles were cancelled. Insemination and intercourse in the cancelled cycles yield a 23% and 10% pregnancy rate, respectively.

Isolation of a novel motor-like protein that interacts with Retinitis Pigmentosa GTPase Regulator in the rod outer segments of the retina

Non-obese men with high lipoprotein(a) values: A cardiovascular risk group different from those with the metabolic syndrome?: We have investigated the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors including insulin and lipoprotein(a) in 40-year old men from the island of Oland (n = 314, 84% of those invited) in order to assess to what extent insulin and lipoprotein(a) - two...

Simultaneous determination of sugars, sugar alcohols, acids and amino acids in apricots by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: Our GC-MS method for the simultaneous quantitation of mono- di- and trisaccharides, sugar alcohols and acids, measured as their trimethylsilyl-oxime ether/ester derivatives, prepared in presence of the fruit matrix, from one solution by one inject...

Ability of restorative and fluoride releasing materials to prevent marginal dentine demineralization: The study aimed to define the in vitro secondary caries inhibiting potential of restorative materials currently used in dental practice. Class V restorations were prepared in extracted human third molars and immersed in a demineralizing solution (...

Les rhopaloceres de Hautes-Alpes (F-05) 1ere contribution (suite et fin)

Phylogenetic relationships of group III F+RNA coliphages from different sources: Serological or genetic typing of F+RNA coliphages may be useful to distinguish human from animal fecal contamination. Group III F+RNA coliphages are generally associated with human wastes, however ten group III isolates were identified from a hog...

Cytogenetical investigation in Cucumis L. B chromosomes in two Cucumis species

Lipid and protein oxidation in microsomal fraction from turkeys: Influence of dietary fat and vitamin E supplementation: The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of dietary fats (6% soya oil or rapeseed oil or tallow) and alpha-tocopheryl acetate supplementation (30 ppm for control and 200 ppm for supplemented animals), on lipid and protein oxida...

Methods of standardizing the feeding of farm animals