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Phytosociology and ecology of Santalum album L. Santalaceae in Pondicherry and its environs

, : Phytosociology and ecology of Santalum album L. Santalaceae in Pondicherry and its environs. Plant Archives 5(2): 473-477

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Cells do talk to one another, but the question remains how: Systems biology and tissue engineering experts are using liver mimic to study inter-cellular communication.

Thiol pools and glutathione redox ratios as possible indicators of copper toxicity in the green macroalgae Enteromorpha spp from the Scheldt Estuary and Thermaikos Gulf: Defence mechanisms against Cu toxicity were examined in two dominant Enteromorpha species from two coastal water types. The macroalgae were collected at three locations in the eulittoral of the Scheldt Estuary (Netherlands, Belgium) and the Therma...

Genetic transformation of a Rhizomucor pusillus mutant defective in asparagine-linked glycosylation: production of a milk-clotting enzyme in a less-glycosylated form: The authors develop an efficient transformation system for Rhizomucor pusillus 1116 in order to produce milk-producing aspartic proteinase (MPP) in a less glycosylated form. Toward this end, a uracil auxotrophic mutant was derived from strain 111...

Rational and appropriate uti

Central Australia (Arunta Complex and Amadeus Basin); history of work and outline of problems

Psychosocial stress and the duration of cocaine use in non-treatment seeking individuals with cocaine dependence: The aim of this study was to explore a potential link between psychosocial stress and cocaine dependence among 36 non-treatment-seeking individuals enrolled in a brain imaging protocol. Stress was assessed using computerized multidimensional instr...

Isolation, primary structure and synthesis of leucokinins 7 and 8 the final members of this new family of cephalomyotropic peptides isolated from head extracts of Leucophaea maderae

Preparation of L-arabinose isomerase originated from Escherichia coli as a biocatalyst for D-tagatose production: L-Arabinose isomerase for tagatose production from recombinant Escherichia coli was partially purified 15-fold with a specific activity of 70 U mg-1 protein. The purified enzyme had a major band when it was subjected to SDS/PAGE. With the purified...

Intestinal helminthiasis in the rural area of Khuzestan, south-west Iran: In order to indicate the prevalence of different intestinal helminths among the inhabitants of 10 villages in southern Iran, 100 persons were examined from each of 9 villages and 36 from a tenth village. The total number of persons examined was 93...

Comparative cytoarchitecture of lactotrophs and gonadotrophs in the flat headed bat, Tylonycteris pachypus during gestation and lactation: Reproductive events such as gestation and lactation influence the cytoarchitecture of the adenohypophysial lactotrophs and gonadotrophs of the female flat headed bat, Tylonycteris pachypus (Temminck). Most pronounced changes in relation to the fun...

Chromosomal distribution, localization and expression of the human endogenous retrovirus ERV9: ERV9 is a class I family of human endogenous retroviral sequences. Somatic cell hybrid genomic hybridization experiments using a mono-chromosomal panel indicate the presence of approximately 120 ERV9 loci in the human genome distributed on most ch...

Report on work of testing races of leaf disease fungus on coffee selections at Coffee Research Station, Balehonnur: Races I, II and IV of Hemileia vastatrix have so far been isolated. Testing of selections is only carried out with II and IV, since resistance to II is associated with resistance to I. S795 (S288-23 x Kents) and its progeny are resistant to II, th...

Canadian erucic acid oils. 5. Physical, chemical, and edible properties of oil from weed seed screenings: The composition of oil obtained from screenings of varying composition was found to be almost constant, its characteristics being: I value 124, saponification number 182, percentage free fatty acid, as oleic acid, 2, relative light transmission 5...

Praying for rain Behavioural and demographic responses of western grey kangaroos to severe drought: The Victorian Mallee experienced severe drought from late 2001 to mid 2003. Birthday Plains, in Murray-Sunset National Park, supported a high density of western grey kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus) at the beginning of the drought. By mid 2002, a...

Foreign bodies of the gastrointestinal tract