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On some meristic characters of lancetfish alepisaurus collected from suruga bay japan

, : On some meristic characters of lancetfish alepisaurus collected from suruga bay japan. Journal of the School of Marine Science and Technology Tokai University (11): 63-70

During 1964-1975, 248 specimens of lancetfish A. ferox Lowe, fished by gill-net, set-net, boat-seine, or stranded on the beach of Miho Key in Suruga Bay [Japan] were analyzed. Meristic characters of lancetfish from Suruga Bay were compared with data of specimens from the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans. Fin (dorsal, anal, pectoral and pelvic) ray counts of lancetfish from Suruga Bay averaged lower than in Atlantic Ocean specimens. The mean count for specimens from Suruga Bay was 36.6, and that for Atlantic specimens was 40.5. The mean value of the total number of gill-rakers in specimens from Suruga Bay (24.8) was lower than that of specimens from Atlantic Ocean (25.4). Mean vertebrae number in Suruga Bay specimens was 49.3. The relationship between B.L. [body length] (X) and H.L. [head length] (Y) was expressed as Y = 0.13X + 45.5 with r = 0.9463. The relationship between H.L. (X) and S.L. [snout length] (Y) was expressed as Y = 0.43X - 3.10 with r = 0.9415. Specimens from Suruga Bay fitted the diagnosis of A. ferox reported by Gibbs (1960), but there were slight differences in Atlantic and Pacific populations. A. borealis (Gill) is probably a valid name for 1 sp. of lancetfish in Pacific Ocean, but more specimens from various localities in Indo-Pacific Oceans are needed for confirmation.

Accession: 006024680

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