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Report of a saxon wasp nest attacked by a cuckoo wasp

, : Report of a saxon wasp nest attacked by a cuckoo wasp. Drosera: 115-117

In Plettenberg, Federal Republic of Germany, a nest of the Saxon wasp, Dolichovespula saxonia (FABRICUS), was found, which had been attacked by the cuckoo wasp, Pseudovespula adulterina (BUYSSON). It contained only 3 combs. The upper one had been built before the attack and consisted of small cells. The comb in the middle was built during the attack and at the inside consisted of large cells, out of which adulterina- .female. were hatching, at the outside it consisted of small cells, out of which adulterina .male. were hatching. The lower, abnormal comb, consisting of small cells, was probably built after the death of the old adulterina-.female. and after the flight of the young adulterina-.female. and -.male. The small cells of all combs were filled up with embryo wasps or had discharged parthenogenetic saxonica-.male. being hatched from eggs laid by saxonica-.female.

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