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Biology, Geography & Health Sciences Research: Section 8

Section 8 provides bibliographic information on scholarly research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Alteration of thylakoid membrane structure in brassica rapa ssp oleifera during ageing in high and low light

Altered expression of hla antigens and cd16 fc receptors on leukocytes of alcoholic subjects and uremic patients

Alu i and hae iii restriction enzyme banding patterns of macaca fuscata and cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus chromosomes

Amiloride reduces intensity responses of human fungiform papillae

Ammi visnaga somatic embryo induction and furanochromone production in embryos seedlings and plants

Amygdaloid kindling and kindled seizures in rats receiving chronic ethanol administration

An analysis of histaminergic efferents of the tuberomammillary nucleus to the medial preoptic area and inferior colliculus of the rat

An assay to quantitate the binding of rhodococcus equi to macrophages

An efficient route to c 4 linked imidazole nucleosides synthesis of 2 carbamoyl 4 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosylimidazole

An epr study to determine the relative nucleic acid binding affinity of single stranded dna binding protein from escherichia coli

An experimental immunoscintigraphic study with anti cea monoclonal antibody dg2

An improved densitometric determination of equine estrogens

An integrated approach for the management of root knot nematode meloidogyne javanica in tomato

An operated case of atresia of aortic arch without pddt in an adult

Anaerobic digestion of brewery wastewater using a fixed film reactor

Analysis of an origin of dna replication located at the l terminus of the genome of pseudorabies virus

Analysis of glycosaminoglycan derived oligosaccharides using reversed phase ion pairing and ion exchange chromatography with suppressed conductivity detection

Analysis of poultry fertility data 2. comparison of long term and short term fertility trials

Analysis of the household distribution of trachoma in a gambian village using a monte carlo simulation procedure

Analytical study of a rift valley fever epidemic

Androgen regulates gap junction mrna expression in androgen sensitive motoneurons in the rat spinal cord

Angiotensin ii exerts its effect on aldosterone production and potassium permeability through receptor subtype at 1 in rat adrenal glomerulosa cells

Anomalous pulmonary venous drainage shown by duplex sonography computed tomography and plain radiography

Anterior trunk surface thermograms in patients with different tonus of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

Anti lps antibodies reduce endotoxemia in whole body cobalt 60 irradiated primates a preliminary report

Antibiotic use in outpatients

Anticalculus effect of a dentifrice containing 0.5 percent zinc citrate trihydrate

Antigen triggered membrane potential changes in ige sensitized rat basophilic leukemia cells evidence for a repolarizing response that is important in the stimulation of cellular degranulation

Antimicrobial activity of pefloxacin versus that of other quinolones

Antisecretory activity of omeprazole in the conscious gastric fistula cat comparison with famotidine

Anxiolytic hypnotic drugs relationships between prescribing abuse and suicide

Apparent reduced absorption of gemfibrozil when given with colestipol

Application of immunogold silver staining and immunoenzymatic methods in multiple labeling of human pancreatic langerhans islet cells

Applying mathematical models to traditional chinese medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain

Are hearing loss and balance dysfunction linked in construction iron workers?

Arsenic levels in wine comparison of molecular absorption spectrophotometry and atomic absorption spectrophotometry coupled to covalent hydride generation

Arylalkylamine serotonin n acetyltransferase assay using high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence or electrochemical detection of n acetyltryptamine

Aspirin dose dependently reduces alcohol induced birth defects and prostaglandin e levels in mice

Assessment of cardiac metabolic disorders with positron emission tomography

Assessment of the contribution of leydig cells to the secretion of inhibin by the rat testis

Association of a virus like particle with a diseased isolate of leucostoma persoonii

Astrocytes and schwann cells are virus host cells in the nervous system of rats with borna disease

Atopic dermatitis ii. the status of complementary proteins and the pathogenetic role of the anaphylatoxins c4a c3a and c5a

Attachment of toxigenic vibrio cholerae 01 to various freshwater plants and survival with a filamentous green alga rhizoclonium fontanum

Audiometry results after tympanoplasty with and without mastoidectomy

Autochthonous organic matter in baltic ordovician dictyonemic oil shales

Autonomic control of secretion of gastric acid and pepsin

Availability of various magnesium compounds to tilapia oreochromis niloticus

B ht 920 stimulates feeding and antagonizes anorexia induced by acth and immobilisation

Bacterial vaginosis as a risk factor for post cesarean endometritis

Barnes chapel swamp an unusual arborvitae thuja occidentalis l. site in washington county virginia usa

Bayesian derived predictions for twice daily theophylline under outpatient conditions and an assessment of optimal sampling times

Behavioral bias and left right differentiation in the rat

Benefit of exercise conditioning for patients with peripheral arterial disease

Beta adrenoceptor and adenylate cyclase function in the infarct model of rat heart failure

Bidirectional interaction between immune and neuroendocrine systems an experimental approach

Binding characteristics and functional g protein coupling of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in rat duodenum smooth muscle membranes

Binding to membrane proteins within the endoplasmic reticulum cannot explain the retention of the glucose regulated protein grp78 in xenopus oocytes

Biochemical and pharmacological properties of 5 lipoxygenase inhibitor kf 8940

Biochemical systematics of the australian dotterels and plovers charadriiformes charadriidae

Biologic assessment of cuban made rodenticide anti rat in populations of rattus norvegicus

Biological properties of a renotropic protein present in plasma of uninephrectomized rats

Biomedical engineering management of novacor left ventricular assist system lvas patients

Biosynthesis of tetrahydrofolate sequence of gtp cyclohydrolase i from escherichia coli

Bis 2 4 6 tribromophenylphosphorochloridate a new type of condensing reagent in oligonucleotide synthesis

Blood and plasma volumes determined by carbon monoxide gas technetium 99m labelled erythrocytes iodine 125 albumin and the t 1824 technique

Blood serum cardiotoxicity in patients after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery

Bombesin vasopressin and endothelin stimulation of tyrosine phosphorylation in swiss 3t3 cells identification of a novel tyrosine kinase as a major substrate

Both atp and the peptide vip are inhibitory neurotransmitters in guinea pig ileum circular muscle

Brain distribution of idebenone and its effect on local cerebral glucose utilization in rats

Breast reconstruction following mastectomy for cancer our experience with harmtrampf's transversal rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap

Bronchial asthma is not associated with auto antibodies to lipocortin 1

Bullous pemphigoid occurring in psoriatic plaques in association with hashimoto's thyroiditis

Ca 125 level in matched samples of amniotic fluid extra embryonic coelomic fluid and maternal serum in the first trimester of pregnancy

Calcium 45 uptake by retinal pigment epithelial cells

Calcium induced insulin secretion from electrically permeabilized islets loss of the calcium induced secretory response is accompanied by loss of calcium induced protein phosphorylation

Calibration of the simulation model ceres wheat under conditions of soils with shallow watertable and temperate climate part i. limitations in the applicability of the original model and necessary modifications

Can we manage our multispecies fisheries?

Capillary permeability of technetium 99m dtpa in canine myocardium determined by intracoronary bolus injection and residue detection

Carbon 13 proton nmr noe and multiplet relaxation data in modeling protein dynamics of a collagen carbon 13 enriched glycine gxx repeat motif hexadecapeptide

Carcinogenicity studies of tobacco extract in vitamin a deficient sprague dawley rats

Cardio respiratory synchronization and myocardial function in hypoxic carp cyprinus carpio l

Care of the newborn by traditional birth attendants

Cassava residues induce high production of cellulolytic enzymes

Cation exchange capacity of roots in relation to response of fertilizer nutrients in salt affected soil

Cdc2 pp56 62 are in vitro substrates for the tyrosine kinase encoded by the v fms oncogene

Cell line dependent response of the enhancer element of sv 40 to transactivator p40t a x encoded by human t cell leukemia virus type i

Cellular commitment in early amphibian development

Central axis depth dose curve for electron beams

Cerebral acid buffering capacity at different ages measured in vivo by phosphorus 31 and proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Certain factors of the development of vulval kraurosis and leukoplakia

Change of il 2r expression in the malignant tumor patients

Changes in diet prey size and feeding habit in bagrus bayad and possible interactions with bagrus docmac in a nile canal

Changes in membrane lipid components and antioxidant levels during natural ageing of seeds of acer platanoides

Changes in serum and lipoprotein lipids and apolipoprotein b and a i in patients with different types of primary hyperlipoproteinemia treated with gemfibrozil

Changes in the levels of lipoperoxide and antioxidant factors in human placenta during gestation

Changes of fatty acid composition in whole blood platelet hdl 2 and hdl 3 by ingestion of polyunsaturated fatty acids

Characteristic sonographic pattern of schistosomal hepatic fibrosis

Characteristics of specific bindings of nitrendipine and pn 200 110 to various crude membranes induction of irreversible bindings by uv irradiation

Characterization of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 receptor interactions with target sequences in the rat osteocalcin gene

Characterization of a u 937 subline which can be induced to differentiate in serum free medium

Characterization of copper and iron mesoporphyrin complexes with histidine rich glycoprotein evidence for copper iron mesoporphyrin interaction

Characterization of interleukin 11 receptor and protein tyrosine phosphorylation induced by interleukin 11 in mouse 3t3 l1 cells

Characterization of progeny of coleus blumei following an in vitro selection for salt tolerance

Characterization of the defect in the escherichia coli mut t1 mutator gene

Characterization of the translational start site for if2 beta a short form of escherichia coli initiation factor if2

Chemical and moessbauer spectroscopic evidence that iron containing concanavalin a is a ferritin

Chemical modification of cobrotoxin with bifunctional reagent 1 5 difluoro 2 4 dinitrobenzene

Chemoreceptor responses to substance p physalemin and eledoisin evidence for neurokinin 1 receptors in the cat carotid body

Childhood migraine in general practice clinical features and characteristics

Chloride channels on epithelial cells cultured from human fetal epididymis

Cholesteatoma in children

Chromatin architecture and nuclear rna

Chromosome aberrations in rotogravure printing plant workers

Chronic exercise and its hemodynamic influences on resting blood pressure of hypertensive rats

Chronological relationships between mediator release and changes in airway dynamics during an ascaris response in sensitive cynomolgus monkeys

Circadian rhythms of drinking feeding and body weight in pinealectomized rats

Cisternographic pattern of spontaneous liquoral hypotension

Clearance of african swine fever virus from infected tick acari colonies

Clinical and laboratory findings with giant cell arteritis

Clinical criteria for the assessment of disease activity in graves' ophthalmopathy a novel approach

Clinical experience with cefodizime in pediatric field

Clinical presentation of unusual breast carcinomas

Clinical study of the efficacy of a battery operated portable orthopedic stimulator

Clinicopathological study on melanosis of the duodenum with a case report of melanosis of the stomach

Cloning and expression of a chick liver glutathione s transferase cl 3 subunit with the use of a baculovirus expression system

Cloning nucleotide sequence and heterologous expression of the protective outer membrane protein p.68 pertactin from bordetella bronchiseptica

Closure of rabbit ileum enterotomies with the argon and carbon dioxide lasers bursting pressures and histology

Cocaine babies the scourge of the 1990's

Cognitive failures and accidents

Collection and observation of fishes from the coastal waters of tanoura bay shimoda izu peninsula japan

Colorimetric method for the determination of the activity concentration of some penicillins

Combined mutagenicity of methyl methanesulfonate and ethyl methanesulfonate in chinese hamster v79 cells

Community nurse survey in birganj nepal

Comparative characterization of skeletal muscle arterial and venous vessels reactions to the combined action of catecholamines

Comparative features of the preventive effect of carbamazepine and lithium carbonate in affective and schizo affective psychoses

Comparative reproductive morphology of orias and lagerstroemia lythraceae

Comparative study of platelet angiotensin ii binding and the angiotensin ii sensitivity test as predictors of pregnancy induced hypertension

Comparison between brain and liver paste standards for quantitative autoradiography

Comparison of broth enrichment and direct plating for the isolation of campylobacter jejuni from dogs

Comparison of experimental infectivity and development of plasmodium vivax in anopheles sacharovi and anopheles superpictus in turkey

Comparison of long term results between prolactin secreting adenomas and acth secreting adenomas

Comparison of real and placebo acupuncture in histamine induced asthma a double blind crossover study

Comparison of the development of tolerance to nitroglycerin in aortic preparations isolated from non diabetic and diabetic rats

Comparison of the teesdale glass sandwich and kato katz techniques for the diagnosis of schistosoma mansoni a double blind study

Compartmental analysis of the disposition of benzo a pyrene in rats

Complementary dna cloning establishes microfibril associated glycoprotein magp to be a discrete component of the elastin associated microfibrils

Complexity analysis of genomes i. complexity measures and the classification of detection structural regularities

Composition of tuberculous patients who migrated or returned from other territories and results of their treatment

Computer assisted mechanical ventilation of newborns

Concentration of spirulina suspensions by radial migration with flow through vertical tees

Conditions for maximizing and inhibiting synthesis of glutathione in cultured rat lenses an application of hplc with radioisotope detection

Conformational stability of pig citrate synthase and some active site mutants

Conjunctival impression cytology in dry eye states

Conspectus of myristica myristicaceae indigenous in the moluccas

Consumers and experts alike prefer the taste of sterile triploid over gravid diploid pacific oysters crassostrea gigas thunberg 1793

Continuous epidural infusion of 0.0625 percent bupivacaine 0.0002 percent fentanyl during the second stage of labor

Contrast sensitivity loss in a group of former microelectronics workers with normal visual acuity

Contribution to the knowledge of the coleopteran fauna of the eichkogel northern austria

Control of c jun activity by interaction of a cell specific inhibitor with regulatory domain delta differences between v jun and c jun

Controlled evaluation of slimming diets use of television for recruitment

Cooperative estrogen receptor interaction with consensus or variant estrogen responsive elements in vitro

Corn semiochemicals and their effects on insecticide efficacy and insecticide repellency toward western corn rootworm larvae coleoptera chrysomelidae

Correlation and path analysis for quality traits in potato solanum tuberosum l

Correlation of dna content p53 t antigen and v antigen in sv 40 infected human diploid cells

Cortical projections of the nucleus ventralis posteromedialis vpm neurons receiving somatosensory input from intraoral structures in the cat thalamus

Coupled changes between lipid order and polypeptide conformation at the membrane surface a deuterium nmr and raman study of polylysine phosphatidic acid systems

Creb regulation of cellular cyclic amp responsive and adenovirus early promoters

Cross reactive asparagine rich determinants shared between several blood stage antigens of plasmodium falciparum and the circumsporozoite protein

Crystal and molecular structure of chelidonine

Ct in orbital traumatology

Current approaches in the treatment of bladder cancer and policy in marmara university hospital turkey

Cyclic amp attenuates autacoid release from endothelial cells relation to internal calcium

Cyclosporin treatment of the anemia associated to chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Cytochrome content in a batch culture of the yeast candida sp at various dissolved oxygen concentrations

Cytokeratin pattern in normal and hpv infected oral mucosa in women with genital hpv infections

Cytomorphometric analysis of dna content in neurons of auerbach's plexus

Cytotoxicity of alkyl 2 cyanoacrylate adhesives

Dasineura gleditschiae o. s. 1867 in the area surrounding berlin germany insecta diptera cecidomyiidae

Decline of sugi cryptomeria japonica and assessing method by morphological features

Decreased reproductive rate of the spider nephila clavata inhabiting small woodlands in urban areas

Defining soil buffer power: implications for ion diffusion and nutrient uptake modeling

Dehydrogenases of the pentose phosphate pathway in rat liver peroxisomes

Delusion of parasitosis or chronic tactile hallucinosis hypothesis about their brain physiopathology

Dengue virus a flavivirus propagates in human bone marrow progenitors and hematopoietic cell lines

Dephosphorylation induced interactions of neurofilaments with microtubules

Dermal grafts of the temporomandibular joint postoperative appearance on mr images

Description of various types of intensive and intermediate care units in france

Destruction of young colonies of the red imported fire ant by the pavement ant hymenoptera formicidae

Detection of aortic arch thrombus using mr imaging

Detection of hepatitis c virus hcv rna in paraffin embedded tissue sections of human liver of non a non b hepatitis patients by in situ hybridization

Detection of polymorphisms of human dna after polymerase chain reaction by miniaturized sds page

Determinants of hiv disease progression six year longitudinal study in the edinburgh haemophilia hiv cohort

Determination of caseins in cow's milk by electrophoresis and fast protein liquid chromatography fplc comparison of results

Determination of k value of canned fish meat

Determination of rate constants for the antigen antibody interaction kinetic parameters of interaction of soluble and corpuscular antigens with specific antibodies

Determination of the sulfate content in algal polysaccharides by flask combustion method

Development and characterization of a protein kinase c beta isozyme deficient t cell line

Development of a shuttle vector and a conjugative transfer system for actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Development of leishmania donovani in phlebotomus argentipes and phlebotomus papatasi fed on kala azar patients in bihar india

Development of tolerance during continuous intravenous infusion of nitroglycerin ntg

Developmental potential of rabbit oocyte matured in vitro the possible contribution of prolactin

Diabetic maculopathy in a jamaican population

Diagnosis of poststernotomy infection comparison of three means of assessment

Diagnostic value of two dimensional echocardiography in cardiac hydatid disease

Diel vertical migration and timing of metamorphosis of larvae of the dungeness crab cancer magister

Dietary sodium glomerular filtration rate autoregulation and glomerular size distribution profiles in domestic fowl gallus gallus

Differences in responsiveness of clonally derived axc ssh rat prostate cancer cells to secreted or prototypic mitogens

Different porphobilinogenases in cytoplasm and isolated chloroplasts from light grown euglena gracilis z

Differential effect of functional olfactory bulb deafferentation on tyrosine hydroxylase and glutamic acid decarboxylase messenger rna levels in rodent juxtaglomerular neurons

Differential expression of the hla class i multigene family by human embryonal carcinoma and choriocarcinoma cell lines

Differential regulation of liver p 450 iii cytochromes in choline deficient rats implications for the erythromycin breath test as a parameter of liver function

Differentiation inhibiting activity is produced in matrix associated and diffusible forms that are generated by alternate promoter usage

Digestibility of nutrients and vfa production rate in crossbred cattle fed paddy straw supplemented with different nitrogenous feeds

Dinosaur tracks and radial cracks unusual footprint features

Direct evidence for calcium induced ischemic and reperfusion injury

Disappearance of igm antibodies to hepatitis a virus after an acute infection in children and adolescents

Disinfective effects of preservatives or heat treatment in o w emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane for oral use prepared with nonionic surfactants and thickening agent

Disseminated syringomas of the upper extremities case history and immunohistochemical and ultrasound study

Distinction of two components of passive calcium transport into human erythrocytes by calcium entry blockers

Distribution morphology and number of monoamine synthesizing and substance p containing neurons in the human dorsal raphe nucleus

Distribution of in vivo insulin action in pima indians as mixture of three normal distributions

Distribution of transplantation hla antigens in glomerulonephritis patients depending on the type clinical variant of the disease and sensitivity to steroid therapy

Diurnal variation and melatonin induction of hepatic molybdenum hydroxylase activity in the guinea pig

Dna binding sites 5' of the igg1 switch region comprising il4 inducibility and b cell specificity

Dna replication origin and transcriptional enhancer in c myc gene share the c myc protein binding sequences

Does acute consumption of large alcohol amounts lead to pancreatic injury a prospective study of serum pancreatic enzymes in 300 drunken drivers

Dominance orders in the ponerine ant pachycondyla apicalis hymenoptera formicidae

Dosage adjustment and clinical outcomes of long term use of high dose tobramycin in adult cystic fibrosis patients

Double disconnection effects resulting from infiltrating tumors

Drought in different growth phases in peas growth nutrient uptake and yield

Dual effects of pertussis toxin on in vitro invasive behavior of metastatic lymphoma variants

Dynamic changes of pancreatic structure and function in rats treated chronically with nicotine

Dynamics of soil redox potential of a spruce whortleberry forest

Early changes produced in mouse skin by the application of 3 middle distillates

Early orthodontic treatment measures in infants with emg syndrome

Echocardiographic appearance of pulmonary artery stenosis

Ecology of the endangered species solidago shortii v. plant associates

Effect of 1 methyl 4 phenylpyridinium ion on catecholamine levels and activity of related enzymes in clonal rat pheochromocytoma pc12h cells

Effect of active immunization against growth hormone releasing factor on growth and onset of puberty in beef heifers

Effect of ambient temperature changes on chronic toxoplasmosis in rats

Effect of autologous blood donation in patients undergoing elective spine surgery

Effect of calcium ions on miniature end plate currents after inhibition of transmitter hydrolysis

Effect of chronic toxoplasmosis on the course of successive labors

Effect of culture medium on acid production from sorbitol by oral bacteria

Effect of dietary linolenic acid on endotoxin induced thromboxane and prostacyclin production by equine peritoneal macrophages

Effect of dry curing process parameters on pork muscle cathepsin b h and l activity

Effect of exercise modality on ratings of perceived exertion at various lactate concentrations

Effect of forced running on rat skeletal muscle with acrylamide neuropathy

Effect of gynoecium excision on auxin mediated promotion of petal senescence in cut carnation flowers

Effect of hyperosmolarity on human isolated central airways

Effect of interferons and poly i poly c on the pathogenesis of the diabetogenic variant of encephalomyocarditis virus in different mouse strains

Effect of left ventricular hypertrophy secondary to systemic hypertension on left coronary artery flow dynamics

Effect of malnutrition on aerobic and anaerobic performance of fast and slow twitch muscles of rats

Effect of mycorrhiza and nitrate nutrition on nitrate reductase activity in scots pine seedlings

Effect of occupational and household factors on systemic diseases of the connective tissue

Effect of pesticides on the yield and quality of brinjal

Effect of porcine conceptus secretory proteins on interestrous interval and uterine secretion of prostaglandins

Effect of pyridostigmine on the exercise heat response of man

Effect of sample viscosity in high performance size exclusion chromatography and its control

Effect of sodium potassium and calcium on salt stressed barley i. growth analysis

Effect of subclavian flap angioplasty on growth and circulation of the left front leg in pigs

Effect of testosterone on testicular steroidogenesis in the hypogonadal hpg mouse

Effect of therapy involving a beta adrenoblocker and a complex of vitamins on indices of hydroxyproline excretion in some hereditary connective tissue diseases

Effect of ultrasound on the contraction force and action potential of rat papillary muscle

Effect of winter conditions on mushroom production

Effectiveness of the kinetic treatment table for preventing and treating pulmonary complications in severely head injured patients

Effects of a very low magnetic field on the gravitropic curvature of zea roots

Effects of alpha momorcharin on human trophoblast and decidua cells in vitro

Effects of atrial natriuretic peptide on urinary protein excretion in mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis

Effects of calcium modulators on vagally mediated constriction in the guinea pig isolated trachea

Effects of cilofungin ly 121019 on carbohydrate and sterol composition of candida albicans

Effects of d 2 antagonists on frequency dependent stimulated dopamine overflow in nucleus accumbens and caudate putamen

Effects of dinocap on otolith development evaluation of mouse and hamster fetuses at term

Effects of ethanol on the development of mice and the lipid peroxides in mice brains

Effects of four essential oil vapors on the oviposition and fecundity of acanthoscelides obtectus say coleoptera bruchidae laboratory evaluation

Effects of heat treatments on degradation of ruminal nitrogenous compounds in roughages

Effects of incubation temperature on behavior of hatchling pine snakes implications for reptilian distribution

Effects of kappa opioid receptor agonists on locomotor activity and memory processes in mice

Effects of luteinizing hormone insulin insulin like growth factor i and insulin like growth factor small binding protein 1 in the polycystic ovary syndrome

Effects of n 3 fatty acids in essential hypertension

Effects of oral soy phosphatidylcholine on phagocytosis arachidonate concentrations and killing by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Effects of physiologic hyperinsulinemia on renal phosphate handling in the rat a role for calcium

Effects of prostanoids on the rat's myometrium in vitro during pregnancy

Effects of salt sources and concentrations on germination early seedling growth and varietal difference of salt tolerance in rice oryza sativa l

Effects of soil resources on plant invasion and community structure in californian usa serpentine grassland

Effects of systemic and intra amygdaloid diazepam on long term habituation of acoustic startle in rats

Effects of the plot cropping past on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the weed flora consequences on the annual dynamics of weed flora and the basis of weed control in winter wheat

Effects of ubinone 9 a synthetic antioxidant on the intensity of lipid peroxidation in the platelets and plasma of patients with ischemic heart disease

Effects on estrus duration of west african dwarf goats

Efficacy of ivermectin against mange and gastrointestinal nematodes of buffalo bubalus bubalis

Efficient optical resolution of 2 4 chlorophenoxypropanoic acid with lipase by the use of organosilicon compounds as substrate the role of silicon atom in enzymatic recognition

Electric fencing for duck and pheasant production in wisconsin

Electroencephalographic spectral analysis in carp cyprinus carpio anesthetized with high concentrations of carbon dioxide

Electron microscopy of the continuous membrane system in a large heliozoan echinosphaerium

Electrophysiological effects of berbamine on ischemic ventricular tachyarrhythmia

Elevated maternal serum alpha fetoprotein and mild fetal uropathy

Embedded hard contact lens report of a case

Empirical free of genetic model estimation of recurrence risks in multifactorial diseases conditional probability approach

Endochondral bone formation in embryonic mouse pre metatarsals

Endometritis in the mare a comparison between reproductive history and uterine biopsy as techniques for predicting susceptibility of mares to uterine infection

Endothelin 1 actions on resorption collagen and noncollagen protein synthesis and phosphatidylinositol turnover in bone organ cultures

Energy budget of manila clam ruditapes philippinarum adams et reeve production and trophic relationships in semi closed ponds

Enhanced induction by high cholesterol diet of remnant gastric carcinogenesis by n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine in rats

Enhancement of leaf nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and seed protein in vigna radiata by pyridoxine application

Enterogyrus melenensis new species monogenea ancyrocephalidae parasite of the stomach of hemichromis fasciatus peters 1857 teleostei cichlidae in southern cameroon

Enzymatic amplification and sequence analysis of precore core dna in hbsag positive patients

Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of fusobacterium necrophorum antibody in bovine sera

Epidemiological danger of various tuberculosis infection foci

Epidermal growth factor egf is not an index of seminiferous tubular function

Epithelial necrosis and alveolar collapse in the pathogenesis of usual interstitial pneumonia

Ergotamine enhances acetylcholine induced relaxation in various vascular segments of rabbits

Esculentoside l and k two new saponins from phytolacca esculenta

Establishment of human small cell lung carcinoma cell line ltep sm 1 in nude mice and in vitro

Estimation of cyclosporin a in whole blood by simple and rapid reversed phase hplc utilizing a salting out extraction procedure

Estradiol regulates class i alcohol dehydrogenase gene expression in renal medulla of male rats by a post transcriptional mechanism

Ethnic differences in cyclic amp accumulation effect on alpha 2 beta 2 and prostanoid receptor responses

Evaluating a simple water balance index for the northern agricultural area of south west africa namibia

Evaluation of aerial photography as an aid to diagnosing rizomania of sugar beet

Evaluation of different nutrient sources in acid soils of himachal pradesh india

Evaluation of long term aggressive dietary management of chronic renal failure in children

Evaluation of right ventricular systolic and diastolic properties using krypton 81 scintigraphy with continuous infusion

Evaluation of the environmental impact of dredging on intertidal coral reefs at ko phuket thailand using ecological and physiological parameters

Evaluation of tubal patency with radio isotopic salpingography and hysterosalpingography

Evidence for a single protein kinase c mediated phosphorylation site in rat brain protein b 50

Evidence for posttranslation control of fetal hemoglobin synthesis

Evidence of high self fertilization in natural populations of eastern white cedar thuja occidentalis

Evoked potentials and electroencephalography in adolescents with phenylketonuria

Exacerbation of mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in turkeys by rhinotracheitis virus

Excluded volume effects on the partition of macromolecules between two liquid phases

Expanded head surface eeg electrode array an application to display the voltage topography of focal epileptiform discharges of mesiotemporal origin

Experimental aortocoronary artery bypass grafting using a carbon dioxide laser on the dog acute experiment

Experimental radioimmunotherapy of hela tumors in nude mice with iodine 131 labeled monoclonal antibodies

Experimentally induced whirling disease i. dose response of fry and adults of rainbow trout exposed to the triactinomyxon stage of myxobolus cerebralis

Expression and release of phosphatidylinositol anchored cell surface molecules by a cell line derived from sensory neurons

Expression of cholecystokinin forms by medullary thyroid cancer

Expression of low affinity receptor for ige fc epsilon rii cd23 and ige bf soluble c23 release by lymphoblastoid b cell line rpmi 8866 and human peripheral lymphocytes of normal and atopic donors

Expression of the erb a beta class of thyroid hormone receptors is selectively lost in human colon carcinoma

Extensive digestion of sodium potassium atpase by specific and nonspecific proteases with preservation of cation occlusion sites

Extracorporeal photophoresis in the treatment of aids related complex a pilot study

Eye movements and reversal rates of ambiguous patterns

Factors affecting mineralization from urine and serum of normal persons and urinary bladder stone patients

Factors influencing the acceptance of hepatitis b vaccine by students in health disciplines in ottawa ontario canada

Failure to detect changes in ampa receptor binding after long term potentiation

Famotidine full dose 40 mg daily in duodenal ulcer short and long term therapy a pathophysiological and clinical study

Fatigability and blood flow in the rat gastrocnemius plantaris soleus after hindlimb suspension

Features of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium consumption by field crops in specialized crop rotations

Feeling fat motivations knowledge and attitudes of overweight women and men

Fertilizer utilization and its effect on saudi arabia's agricultural production

Fibrinolytic therapy for infra inguinal synthetic graft occlusions

Fifty years of hygiene a bibliographic approach

Finger width corrections in fitts' law implications for speed accuracy research

Fish of the family moridae from the southeastern atlantic paralaemonema new genus

Flavonol o glycosides from the pinnae of asplenium marinum l

Flow cytometric competitive binding assay for determination of actinomycin d concentrations

Fluorescence anisotropy of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in castor oil

Flying spiriferids some thoughts on the life style of a devonian spiriferid brachiopod

Food effects on the nighttime pharmacokinetics of theo dur tablets

Forest and land use of northeast thailand

Formation of partially phosphorylated glycogen phosphorylase in the fat body of the migratory locust

Four tandem defective p elements associated with positive regulation of the drosophila melanogaster glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase gene

Free living crinoids from the korytnica clays middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

Frequency of viral hepatitis admitted at division of infectious diseases hospital umberto i of siracusa

Full valve annuloplasty in treatment of primary deep venous valvular incompetence of the lower extremities

Functional coupling of cerebral gamma aminobutyric acid gaba b receptor with adenylate cyclase system effect of phaclofen

Functional serotonin receptor sites on atlantic surf clam spisula solidissima dillwyn 1817 oocytes and sperm

Further change in the pattern of mental illness in the elderly

Fusion of adenovirus e1a to the glucocorticoid receptor by high resolution deletion cloning creates a hormonally inducible viral transactivator

Gallium 67 citrate scintigraphy in patients with fever of unknown origin

Gas chromatographic mass spectrometric determination of epoxidized soybean oil contamination of foods by migration from plastic packaging

Gastrointestinal contrast media in abdominal pelvic magnetic resonance

Gene homogeneity for aminoglycoside modifying enzymes in gram positive cocci

Generation of natural killer cells from thy 1.1 positive bone marrow precursor cells in the rat

Genetic and molecular organization of ribosomal dna variants in wild and cultivated barley

Genetic evaluation of production traits between and within flocks of merino sheep i. hogget fleece weights body weight and wool quality

Genetic studies on low abundance human plasma proteins xii. a new variant of corticosteroid binding globulin detected by isoelectric focusing immunoblotting

Genital infection with chlamydia trachomatis in patients with chlamydial conjunctivitis unexplained results

Geochemical conditions of metallization of the lijiagou lead zinc deposit gansu province

Gestation and spontaneous delivery in hydrocephalus with ventriculo peritoneal shunt

Glomectomy plasmapheresis and plasmacytopoiesis in the treatment of patients with bronchial asthma

Glucose phosphate isomerase variants in human bloodstains and seminal stains

Glyceryl trinitrate and platelet aggregation effects of n acetylcysteine

Gompertzian mortality derived from competition between cell types congenital toxicologic and biometric determinants of longevity

Granulocytic differentiation of hl 60 cells is not regulated by dna de novo methylation

Growth activity of endogenous iaa in winter wheat seedlings under various daylight regimens

Growth dependent inhibition of ccaat enhancer binding protein c ebp alpha gene expression during hepatocyte proliferation in the regenerating liver and in culture

Growth of human keratinocytes in a defined medium supplemented with growth factor of serum

Gtp dependent regulation of myometrial calcium activated potassium channels incorporated into lipid bilayers

Habitat utilization and its relationship to growth and reproduction of the eastern long necked turtle chelodina longicollis testudinata chelidae from australia

Haplotyping of the human porphobilinogen deaminase gene in acute intermittent porphyria by polymerase chain reaction

Health risk linked to the use of drinking water from st. lawrence river

Heavy meromyosin decorated actin filaments a simple method to preserve actin filaments for rotary shadowing

Hematology of cattle during summer and winter

Hemodynamic progression of aortic stenosis in adults assessed by doppler echocardiography

Heparin lowers blood pressure and vascular calcium uptake in hypertensive rats

Hepatitis c virus infection in post transfusion hepatitis an analysis with first and second generation assays

Herpes simplex virus antigens and inflammatory cells in oral lesions in recurrent erythema multiforme immunoperoxidase and autoradiographic studies

Heterogeneous photolysis of polychlorinated dibenzo p dioxins on fly ash in water acetonitrile solution in relation to the reaction with ozone

High calcium diet augments vascular potassium relaxation in hypertensive rats

High level chromosomal gentamicin resistance in streptococcus agalactiae group b

High performance size exclusion chromatography of monomer dimer and trimer mixtures

Highly immunogenic regressor tumor cells can prevent development of postsurgical tumor immunity

Histochemical detection of insulin in the culture of endocrine pancreatic tissue using pseudoisocyanine and immunofluorescent techniques

Histological study on the pyeloureteric junction obstruction

Hiv 1 regulator of virion expression rev protein binds to an rna stem loop structure located within the rev response element region

Holocene environmental history in and around the paleo nagareyama bay central kanto plain japan

Hormonal and subjective effects of smoking the first five cigarettes of the day a comparison in males and females

Host pathogen specificity in post seedling reaction of linum usitatissimum to melampsora lini

Hplc and flow cytometric analyses of uptake of adriamycin and menogaril by monolayers and multicell spheroids

Human cytotoxic lymphocytes reactive with pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells

Human leg neuromuscular diseases phosphorus 31 mr spectroscopy

Human recombinant interleukin 1 beta decreases plasma thyroid hormone and tsh levels in rats

Hyaluronic acid of human skin and post burn scar heterogeneity in primary structure and molecular weight

Hydrological ecogenetic profile of a virgin chernozem under an unmown steppe

Hypercapnia tolerance test during oxygen therapy the effects induced from a benzodiazepine in patients affected by chronic respiratory failure clinically unstable

Hypertrophy of surviving myocytes overlying the infarct in human old myocardial infarctions with abnormal q waves

Hypothermia due to an ascending impairment of shivering in hyperacute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in the lewis rat

Identification and characterization of a 15 lipoxygenase from fish gills

Identification by photoaffinity labeling of fatty acid binding protein as a potential warfarin receptor in rat liver

Identification of a specific exon sequence that is a major determinant in the selection between a natural and a cryptic 5' splice site

Identification of emotion from body movements a cross cultural study of americans and japanese

Identification of novel members of the serum amyloid a protein superfamily as constitutive apolipoproteins of high density lipoprotein

Identification of the mitochondrial genome in the chrysophyte alga ochromonas danica

Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Illnesses associated with escherichia coli 0157 h7 infections a broad clinical spectrum

Immobilization of norwegian reindeer rangifer tarandus tarandus and svalbard reindeer rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus with medetomidine and medetomidine ketamine and reversal of immobilization with atipamezole

Immunoaffinity pre column for selective on line sample pre treatment in high performance liquid chromatography determination of 19 nortestosterone

Immunocytochemical localization of cr3 complement receptors with ox 42 in amoeboid microglia in postnatal rats

Immunogenicity of allogeneic pancreatic islet grafts the effect of in vitro culture and the site of transplantation

Immunohistochemical evidence for coexistence of methionine enkephalin and tyrosine hydroxylase in neurons of the locus coeruleus complex projecting to the spinal cord of the cat

Immunohistological diagnosis of rabbit haemorrhagic disease rhd

Immunological studies of families segregating the silent gene for plasma cholinesterase

Immunostaining of motor nerve terminals by igm m protein with activity against gangliosides gm 1 and gd 1b from a patient with motor neuron disease

Impact of the aids epidemic on morbidity and mortality among intravenous drug users in a new york city new york methadone maintenance program

Implication of fatty acids and seed dormancy in a new screening procedure for cold tolerance in rice

Improved egg yolk agar plate medium for the detection of clostridial phospholipase c activity

Improvement of ornamental shrubs by family selection

In situ observations of bluegill lepomis macrochirus raf. foraging behavior the effects of habitat complexity group size and predators

In vitro antimicrobial activity of salsola rosmarinus and adiantum capillus veneris

In vitro evaluation of the plasma and blood compatibility of a parenteral formulation for ditekiren a novel renin inhibitor pseudopeptide

In vitro promoter activity associated with the latency associated transcript gene of herpes simplex virus type 1

In vitro virucidal effectiveness of a 0.12 percent chlorhexidine gluconate mouthrinse

In vivo high resolution mr imaging of the skin in a whole body system at 1.5 t

Inactivation of a slow calcium current in ca1 neurons of the adult rat hippocampal slice

Incidence of four sexually transmitted diseases in a rural community a prospective study

Incorporation versus infection or retroperitoneal aortic grafts mr imaging features

Increased expression of fibroblast growth factors in a rabbit skeletal muscle model of exercise conditioning

Increased red cell aggregation does not reduce uteroplacental blood flow in the awake hemoconcentrated late pregnant guinea pig

Independent regulation of 55 kda and 75 kda tumor necrosis factor receptors during activation of human peripheral blood b lymphocytes

Individualized correction factors in the preselection of hearing aids

Induction of antigen specific parasiticidal cytotoxic t cell splenocytes by a major membrane protein p30 of toxoplasma gondii

Induction of leucine aminopeptidase by interferon gamma identification by protein microsequencing after purification by preparative two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Induction of water stress proteins in cyanobacteria exposed to matric or osmotic water stress

Infective respiratory exacerbations in young adults with cystic fibrosis role of viruses and atypical microorganisms

Influence of aluminum on biomass nutrients soluble carbohydrates and phenols in beech fagus sylvatica

Influence of cover crops and tillage on seedcorn maggot diptera anthomyiidae populations in soybeans

Influence of fat soluble vitamins on root elongation of cucumis sativus seedling and its physiological basis

Influence of iron deficiency anemia on selected thymus functions in mice thymulin biological activity t cell subset and thymocyte proliferation

Influence of organic matter and phosphates inoculated with blue green algae anabaena naviculoides and green algae chlorella pyrenoidosa on the reclamation of alkali soils in the presence and absence of light

Influence of salinity on permeability characteristics of marine sediments

Influence of the addition of mineral salts on the inhibitory activity of strains of the arthrinium genus

Influence of water stress on kiwifruit growth

Inhaled lignocaine does not alter bronchial hyperresponsiveness to hyperventilation of dry cold air in asthmatic subjects

Inhibition of 2 amino 3 methylimidazo 4 5 f quinoline iq dna binding by chlorophyllin studies of enzyme inhibition and molecular complex formation

Inhibition of ex vivo paf induced platelet aggregation by the paf antagonist rp 48740 relationship to plasma concentrations in healthy volunteers

Inhibition of modori (gel weakening) in surimi by plasma hydrolysate and egg white

Inhibition of superoxide and nitric oxide release and protection from reoxygenation injury by ebselen in rat kupffer cells

Inhibitory effect of crown compound on photoelectron transport activity of beet spinach thylakoid membranes

Initial study of the rheological behavior of prepared infant foods

Insect cardioactive peptides neurohormonal regulation of cardiac activity by two cardioacceleratory peptides during flight in the tobacco hawkmoth manduca sexta

Insulin downregulates the steady state level of its receptor's messenger rna

Integrating language and gesture in infancy

Interaction between phorbol dibutyrate and anesthetics on synaptic responses from olfactory cortex of rat

Interaction of influenza virus hemagglutinin with a lipid monolayer a comparison of the surface activities of intact virions isolated hemagglutinins and a synthetic fusion peptide

Interactions between calcium and auxin during pollen androgenesis in anther cultures of solanum carolinense l

Interannual variations in larval fish recruitment to estuarine epibenthic habitats

Interferon induction in mouse spleen cells by the newcastle disease virus ndv hn protein

Interleukin 3 induces translocation and down regulation of protein kinase c in human platelets

International experience with etodolac therapy for rheumatoid arthritis an interim report of comparative efficacy

Interspecific interactions in naturally acquired nematode communities from sheep abomasum in relation to age of host and season in four areas of leon spain

Intra annual timing of density band formation of porites coral from the central great barrier reef

Intracellular sodium activity and bretschneider's cardioplegia continuous measurement by ion selective microelectrodes at initial equilibration

Intramitotic controls in the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe the effect of cell size on spindle length and the timing mitotic events

Intrarenal angiotensin ii inhibition influences the actions of atrial natriuretic peptide

Intravenous pulse cyclophosphamide therapy of crescentic glomerulonephritis

Inversion of stereoselectivity in epoxidation of steroids by magnesium monoperoxyphthalate induced by manganese porphyrins

Investigation of the significance of heavy metal contents of blackbird feathers

Involvement of a serine protease in the activation of prophenoloxidase in drosophila melanogaster

Iohexol clearance for the determination of glomerular filtration rate in clinical practice evidence for a new gold standard

Iron in human parotid saliva

Is on line monitoring of renal function possible

Isobolographic algebraic and search methods in the analysis of multiagent synergy

Isolation and characterization of a partial complementary dna for a human sialyltransferase

Isolation and characterization of thiodigalactoside resistant mutants of the lactose permease which possess and enhanced recognition for maltose

Isolation and sequence studies of cysteinyl peptides from spirulina glutathione reductase comparison of active site cysteine peptides with those of other flavoprotein disulfide oxidoreductases

Isolation of caenorhabditis elegans mutants lacking alcohol dehydrogenase activity

Isolation of three allergenic fractions of the major allergen from olea europaea pollen and amino terminal amino acid sequence

Iti hollow cylinder and hollow screw implants prosthodontic management of edentulous patients using overdentures

Kao shuan a member of the dera ghazi khan serogroup bunyaviridae nairovirus from argas robertsi acari argasidae in taiwan and indonesia

Kettle holes stratigraphical archives for weichselian geology and paleoenvironment in northernmost sweden

Kinetic properties of bacterial urate oxidase contained in hydrated reversed micelles

Kinetics of oxidation of ascorbic acid by octacyanomolybdate v in aqueous methanol a comparative study

L 696474 a novel cytochalasin as an inhibitor of hiv 1 protease iii. biological activity

Laboratory transmission of jamestown canyon and snowshoe hare viruses bunyaviridae california serogroup by several species of mosquitoes

Lack of thyroid hormones but not their excess affects the maturation of olfactory receptor neurons a quantitative morphologic study in the postnatal rat

Laparoendoscopic surgical management of the abdominal transinguinal undescended testicle

Laser assisted urethral closure in the rat comparison of carbon dioxide and neodymium yag laser techniques

Late treatment with anti lfa 1 cd11a antibody prevents cerebral malaria in a mouse model

Leaf area compensation and nutrient interactions in carbon dioxide enriched seedlings of yellow poplar liriodendron tulipifera l

Left ventricular dynamics after aortic valve replacement a long term combined radionuclide angiographic and ultrasonographic study

Lesions of the central nucleus of the amygdala block the excitatory effects of septal ablation on the acoustic startle reflex

Levels of dna topoisomerases single stranded dna binding protein and dna polymerase i in rho positive and rho 15 strains of escherichia coli

Life history patterns of the mosquito fish gambusia affinis in the estuary of the guadalquivir river of south west spain

Light microscopic histochemistry of the postnatal development and localization of carbonic anhydrase activity in glial and neuronal cell types of the rat central nervous system

Linear cardiac output in borderline and sustained hypertension

Lipid metabolism during early stages of wallerian degeneration in the rat sciatic nerve

Liposomal pulmonary drug delivery i. in vivo disposition of atropine base in solution and liposomal form following endotracheal instillation to the rabbit lung

Liver and biliary tract cancer among chemical workers

Local scale damage among chum salmon oncorhynchus keta of the bering sea and the gulf of anadyr ussr 1966 ii. geographic distribution and stock identification

Localization of insulin like growth factor ii receptors in rat brain by in vitro autoradiography and immunohistochemistry

Location and alternative splicing of type xiii collagen rna in the early human placenta

Long term chemical and cytochemical assessment of oil contamination in estuarine intertidal sediments

Long term lithium treatment selectively reduces receptor coupled inositol phospholipid hydrolysis in rat brain

Long term treatment of 189 acromegalic patients with the somatostatin analog octreotide results of the internal multicenter acromegaly study group

Loss of pseudorabies virus thymidine kinase activity due to a single base mutation and amino acid substitution

Low level stress test soon after an acute myocardial infarction correlation with coronariography

Lunar and semi lunar reproductive cycles in some spinose planktonic foraminifers

Lymphocyte infiltration and the synthesis of igm and iga rheumatoid factors by rheumatoid synovial membrane

M2 currents and residual flow in the gulf of california

Magnetic field dependence of 1 t 1 of human brain tumors correlations with histology

Maintenance of opsin and s antigen gene expression in rcs dystrophic rats following rpe transplantation

Malignant fibrous primary histiocytoma of the recto vaginal septum

Management of chronic active b hepatitis with alpha interferon

Mannanase from lactuca sativa metabolic requirements for production and partial purification

Marine national park wandoor a and n islands a difficult but novel management challenge

Mast cell tumors in cd 1 mice

Mathematical model for comparing proficiency testing results across analytical methods

Mcbride's operation for hallux valgus a 2 11 year follow up 46 cases

Measurement of iron iii desferal complex quantities in perfused liver epr method

Measures of the inflammatory response in cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis

Mechanism of acute myocardial infarction in patients with prior coronary artery bypass grafting and therapeutic implications

Mechanism of the inhibition of phloem loading by sodium sulfite effect of the pollutant on respiration photosynthesis and energy charge in the leaf tissues

Mechanisms of tumor necrosis factor action

Medium chain triglycerides in parenteral nutrition in the newborn a short term clinical trial

Membrane distillation in the textile wastewater treatment

Mental status and working ability of persons who became ill due to the chernobyl accident during their recovery and the short term effects of acute radiation disease

Metabolic complementation for single gene function associated with partial and total loss of donor dna in interspecific somatic hybrids

Metabolism of carbon 14 labeled cholesterol to c 20 isomeric carbon 14 labeled pregn 5 ene 3 20 diols in the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta

Metallothionein immunoreactivity in the liver and kidney of copper injected rats

Method to evaluate ease of pericarp removal on lime cooked corn kernels

Methylprednisolone increases dystrophin levels by inhibiting myotube death during myogenesis of normal human muscle in vitro

Microbial transformation of 1 2 dibromo 3 chloropropane dbcp

Microglial and astroglial reactions to inflammatory lesions of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the rat central nervous system

Microspermatid and macrospermatid production induced by meiotically unstable b chromosomes in two species of grasshoppers acrididae

Migrated cell nuclei in the posterior tuberculum of gambusia affinis teleost

Minimal peripheral blood cells carrying clonal markers of b cell disorders evidence for monoclonality of circulating lymphocytes in patients with multiple myeloma

Mitochondrial vacuole types in anoxic myocytes

Mode of action of a nuclease from the fruit body of flammulina velutipes

Modelling phytoplankton abundance in a small enclosed bay used for salmon farming

Modification of the porin function by the membrane components used for the reconstitution of model membranes

Modulation of collagen and fibronectin synthesis in fibroblasts by normal and malignant cells

Modulation of the cytotoxicity of porfiromycin by dicoumarol in vitro and in vivo

Molecular and physiological analysis of a heat shock response in wheat

Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequences of ovine hepato ferredoxin cdna identical primary structures of hepato and adreno ferredoxins

Molecular dynamics in the membranes of helper t cells

Molecular species of phosphatidylcholine in familial lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency effect of enzyme supplementation

Monoamine depletion does not alter angiotensin ii binding sites in the rat brain

Monoclonal antibody to keratin k8.12 expression in ductal basal cells of obstructive lesions and in outer tumor cells of salivary pleomorphic adenomas

More comparative morphological studies in the range of forms of aphis fabae homoptera aphididae

Morphological and functional development of larval and juvenile limanda yokohamae pisces pleuronectidae reared in the laboratory

Morphological studies on the roots of maxillary premolars in japanese

Morphometric analysis and identification of infiltrating leucocytes in regressing and progressing shope rabbit papillomas

Mortality trends in cancer of the digestive system

Movement of chloropicrin or methylisothiocyanate through the boles of douglas fir trees

Mucinous differentiation in prostatic adenocarcinoma

Multiligand interactions at the combining site of anti fluorescyl antibodies molecular recognition and connectivity

Multiple myeloma and contrast media

Multiwavelength measurements of atmospheric turbidity and determination of the fluctuations in total ozone over antarctica

Mushroom poisoning in infants and children the amanita pantherina and amanita muscaria group

Mutational analysis of the icp4 binding sites in the 5' transcribed noncoding domains of the herpes simplex virus 1 u l49.5 gamma 2 gene

Mycotoxins in cereal grain part 13. deoxynivalenol and 3 acetyldeoxynivalenol in wheat kernels and chaff with heat fusariosis symptoms

Myosin isoform transitions in regeneration of fast and slow muscles during postnatal development of the rat

Nadph cytochrome p 450 oxidoreductase gene organization correlates with structural domains of the protein

Natural antioxidants furanoeremophilanes from cacalia roots

Naurol a and naurol b novel triterpene alcohols from a pacific sponge

Neoadjuvant cis ddp in esophageal cancers an experience at a regional cancer center india

Nephrotoxicity associated with ifosfamide

Neural spread of herpes simplex virus after anterior chamber inoculation

Neurolinguistics and pragmatics a place of the right hemisphere in language

Neuropeptide y immunoreactive innervation of trh synthesizing neurons in the rat hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus

Neutralization of egtved virus pathogenicity to cell cultures and fish by monoclonal antibodies to the viral g protein

New bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids from tiliacora triandra

New genera and species of ultrapsammophilous namib desert namibia lepismatidae thysanura

New polyphenolic 5' nucleotidase inhibitors isolated from the wine grape koshu and their biological effects

New species of vidius evans and cobalopsis godman and salvin of brazil lepidoptera hesperiidae hesperiinae

Nicotine effects on body weight: a regulatory perspective

Nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in soils beneath the jalmahal lake of jaipur city india

Nmr spectroscopic analysis of ancistrocladidine

Non camaenid land snails of the kimberley and northern territory australia i. systematics affinities and ranges

Noncardiac chest pain in adolescents and children with mitral valve prolapse

Nonreductive activation of spinach chloroplastic fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase evidence for structural modification of the enzyme

Normal values of eye position in the chinese population of hong kong

Notes on southern ocean hydrography sea ice and bottom water formation

Novel non nucleosides inhibitors of hiv 1 reverse transcriptase 1. tricyclic pyridobenzodiazepinones and dipyridodiazepinones

Nucleo cytoplasmic male sterility in faba bean vicia faba l. ix. tapetum behaviour and membranous formations in fertile genotypes incidence of tapetum dysfunction on exine ontogenesis of sterile microspores 447 cytoplasm

Nucleotide sequence of the ononis yellow mosaic tymovirus genome

Nutrients and planktivorous fish as regulators of productivity in lake pyhajarvi southwest finland

Obesity in the dog role of the adrenal steroid dehydroepiandrosterone dhea

Observations on the development of ascending spinal pathways in the clawed toad xenopus laevis

Occupational cancer mortality among urban women in the former ussr

Occurrence of microaerophilic bacteria in the water and sediment of a grass culture pond

Odor components of human breath after the ingestion of grated raw garlic

Omeprazole vs. ranitidine in short term treatment of helicobacter pylori positive duodenal ulcer patients

On some representatives of the eryopoidea amphibia temnospondyli from the european rotliegend uppermost carboniferous permian? 3 onchiodon

On the extension and lithological facial composition of the upper cretaceous phosphatic horizon in the ionian zone

On the oak groves of the selva plain gerona spain

On the stability of the stock harvesting system controlled by a feedback management procedure

One stage anterior cervical decompression and posterior stabilization with circumferential arthrodesis

Oogenesis of the raptorial gall midge aphidoletes aphidimyza pond v. peculiarities of growth and formation of the egg follicle in ovarioles of the raptorial gall midge

Opsonic activity of a new intravenous immunoglobulin preparation pentaglobin compared with sandoglobulin

Optimization of the intracavitary irradiation of endometrial cancer patients

Oral soft tissues in hereditary epidermolysis bullosa

Organization of the euplotes crassus micronuclear genome

Orofacial functions in patients with congenital and acquired maxillary defects a fluoroscopic study

Osteopenia in the immobilized rat hind limb is associated with increased bone resorption and decreased bone formation

Outpatient arteriography a safe and practical proposition?

Overwintering colonies of german vespula germanica and common wasps vespula vulgaris hymenoptera vespidae in new zealand

Oxidatively modified human low density lipoprotein stimulates leukocyte adherence to the microvascular endothelium in vivo

Ozone depletion and increase in annual carcinogenic uv dose

Paleobiogeographic considerations regarding the discovery of new opilioacaridae in thailand acari notostigmata

Panic disorder in psychiatrically hospitalized children

Parasite fauna of masu salmon from primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Parity associated alterations of medial preoptic opiate receptors in female rats

Partially esterified sucrose derivatives synthesis of 6 o acetyl 2 3 4 tri o s 3 methylpentanoylsucrose a naturally occurring flavor precursor of tobacco

Patch test with mold basic food and microorganisms in patients with atopic dermatitis

Pathological observation of experimental asbestosis treated by hydroxypiperaquine phosphate in dogs

Pattern of hand tumors in lagos nigeria

Patterns of uterine contractions and prolonged uterine activity using three methods of breast stimulation for contraction stress tests

Peg and electroporation induced transformation in nicotiana tabacum influence of genotype on transformation frequencies

Peptide maps at picomolar levels obtained by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and pre column derivatization with phenylisothiocyanate microsequencing of phenylthiocarbamyl peptides

Percutaneous needle biopsy of the spine

Peri operative immunotherapy with ok 432

Peripheral blood t lymphocyte sensitization to thyroid microsomal antigen from patients with graves' disease negative for circulating anti thyroid microsomal antibodies

Peroxidase catalysed formation of prostaglandins from arachidonic acid

Personality effects in current mood pervasive or reactive?

Phagocytosis and deposition of vascular beta amyloid in rat brains injected with alzheimer beta amyloid

Pharmacokinetics and immune response of iodine 131 chimeric mouse human b72.3 human gamma 4 monoclonal antibody in humans

Pharmacokinetics of rheumatic fever prophylaxis regimens

Pharmacological study of nicergoline effects on regional cerebral blood flows and arterial carbon dioxide and oxygen pressure and ph in rats under cyanide induced histotoxic anoxia

Phaseoloidin a homogentisic acid glucoside from entada phaseoloides

Phenotypic yield stability depending on plant density and on mean yield per plant of winter rapeseed varieties and of their f 1 and f 2 generations

Phosphates and antioxidants as cryoprotectants in meat batters

Phosphorus and nitrogen contents of azolla grown in the philippines

Photocatalytic oxidation for total organic carbon analysis

Photoreceptor cell specific proteins of snake pineal

Phylogenetic relationships of the crystal darter crystallaria asprella teleostei percidae

Physicians' attitudes toward using deception to resolve difficult ethical problems

Physiological interpretation of negative circumferential tension in vascular walls

Phytosociology of the vanishing sub tropical vegetation of swat with special reference to docut hills ii spring aspect

Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide stimulates calcium mobilization in amphibian pituitary cells

Plant population studies on peanut arachis hypogaea l. in subtropical australia 2. water limited conditions

Plasma corticosterone responses to electrical stimulation of the diagonal band of broca

Plasma thrombomodulin as a marker of endothelium damage

Platelet activating factor paf effects on ciliary activity of human paranasal sinus mucosa in vitro

Pliciloricus hadalis new species pliciloricidae of loricifera collected from the izu ogasawara trench western pacific

Pollen consumption and utilization in worker honeybees apis mellifera carnica dependence on individual age and function

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in air soil and vegetation in the vicinity of an urban roadway

Polyomavirus based shuttle vectors for studying mechanisms of mutagenesis in rodent cells

Population dynamics of stalk borers attacking corn and sorghum in the texas rio grande valley usa

Positional cues governing cell migration in leech neurogenesis

Possible involvement of the cellular retinol binding protein crbp in retinol uptake in vitro

Post traumatic csf fistulae the case for surgical repair

Postnatal mortality and the possible effect of overcrowding in a mouse population with high fertility

Potassium channel blockers inhibit d 2 dopamine but not a 1 adenosine receptor mediated inhibition of striatal dopamine release

Potential value of computerized 2 dimensional echocardiography in the objective diagnosis of unstable angina pectoris

Pre flowering growth and development of the inflorescences of maize ii. accumulation and partitioning of dry matter and nitrogen by inflorescences

Predicting foliar biomass of pinus radiata from basal area increment

Prediction of velum movement from phonological specifications

Prefrontal cortical dopamine depletion enhances the responsiveness of mesolimbic dopamine neurons to stress

Preliminary observations on efficacy of bio techniques for road fill slope stabilization

Prenatal diagnosis of deletion 17p13 associated with digeorge anomaly

Preparation and photolysis of diaryl esters of acetylenedicarboxylic acid

Preparative separation of pyrogens from proteins by isoelectric focusing using a multicompartment electrolyzer with immobiline membranes

Presentation of acute phenytoin overdose

Prevalence and serotype specificity of rotavirus antibodies in different age groups of ecuadorian infants

Prevalence of pulmonary embolism at necropsy in patients with cancer

Prevention of sepsis following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Primary intimal fibroplasia with multiple aneurysms of renal artery in childhood

Primary testicular sarcoma a report of two cases

Problems in measuring human leukocyte cation content effects of cell preparation and handling

Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to rat liver arginase

Production of gawk chromogranin b 420 493 like immunoreactivity by endocrine tumors and its possible diagnostic value

Production of tumor necrosis factors alpha and beta by human mononuclear leukocytes stimulated with mitogens bacteria and malarial parasites

Prognosis of luxated non vital maxillary incisors treated with calcium hydroxide and filled with gutta percha a retrospective clinical study

Progress in the quality assurance of environmental trace organic analysis

Proliferative response of highly purified b chronic lymphocyte leukemia cells in serum free culture to interleukin 2 and tumor necrosis factors alpha and beta

Propagation velocities and frequencies of contractions along canine small intestine

Prophylaxis of early ventricular fibrillation by inhibition of acylcarnitine accumulation

Prostaglandin d 2 production by term human decidua cellular origins defined using flow cytometry

Protection by tree peony paeonia suffruticosa andr of obesity in sln x c3h he f1 obese mice

Protein and antigen heterogeneity among strains of mycoplasma fermentans

Protein phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria

Protocol for the evaluation of automated blood coagulation instruments coagulometers for determination of the international normalized ratio

Proximity of repair patches to persistent pyrimidine dimers in dna of normal human and xeroderma pigmentosum cells

Psychogeriatric consultation within a geriatric hospital a six year experience

Psychotherapy with schizophrenics in team groups a systems model

Pulmonary pressures at high flows in the intact pulsatile flow perfused lung

Purification and characterization of a lectin from erythrina americana by affinity chromatography

Purification and characterization of recombinant antistasin a leech derived inhibitor of coagulation factor xa

Purification and properties of human serum carnosinase

Purification of human liver fumarylacetoacetase using immunoaffinity chromatography

Pyogenic hepatic abscesses value of ultrasonography in their diagnosis and treatment

Quality control of the prothrombin time and international normalized ratios national and international schemes

Quantitation of free sugars in plant tissue by g.l.c. of their peracetylated aldononitrile and ketoxime derivatives

Quantitative autoradiographical analysis of the age related modulation of central dopamine d 1 and d 2 receptors

Quantitative measurement of radiation induced base products in dna using gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Quinolinic acid promotes the biochemical differentiation of cerebellar granule neurons

Radiation therapy for localized extranodal non hodgkin's lymphoma of the nasopharynx

Radiolabelled stripped mucin sm3 monoclonal antibody for immunoscintigraphy of ovarian tumors

Rain a novel approach to computer aided decision making in agriculture and forestry

Rapid automated quantitation of isoleucine leucine tyrosine and phenylalanine from dried blood filter paper specimens

Rapid measurement of compartment pressure a new technique

Rat dorsal root ganglion gangliosides during early development until senescence

Re evaluation of the effects of norepinephrine on the single unit activity of paraventricular neurosecretory neurons

Reactive pharmacist interventions results from a spontaneous reporting program

Recent advances in epidemiology of dementia among the elderly

Recognition of fetal arrhythmias by echocardiography and doppler

Reconstitution of the genetic system of maize mitochondria in liposomes during gel filtration on sephadex lh 20

Recruitment mechanisms in north sea plaice pleuronectes platessa

Redescription of culex lopesi sirivanakarn and jakob 1979 with the description of immature stages diptera culicidae

Reducing mean squared error in the analysis of pair matched case control studies

Reef coral survival and mortality at low temperatures in the arabian gulf new species specific lower temperature limits

Regenerative capacity of ischemic liver tissue and the effect of resection and proliferation stimulating factors on liver tissue regeneration

Regional variations in nocturnal fluctuations in subcutaneous blood flow rate in the lower leg of man

Regulation of blood respiratory function in patients with acquired heart diseases during operations with cardiopulmonary bypass report ii

Regulation of interleukin 6 receptor expression in human monocytes and monocyte derived macrophages comparison with the expression in human hepatocytes

Regulation of tcr alpha and beta gene allelic exclusion during t cell development

Rejection herpesvirus infection and ki 67 expression in endomyocardial biopsy specimens from heart transplant recipients

Relationship among various reproduction and production efficiency traits in murrah buffaloes

Relationship between mast cell degranulation and jejunal myoelectric alterations in intestinal anaphylaxis in rats

Relationship between working life satisfaction health practices and primary symptoms problems

Relationships between marrow fat and bone turnover in ovariectomized and intact rats

Relative substrate activities of structurally related pteridine quinazoline and pyrimidine analogs for mouse liver folylpolyglutamate synthetase

Reliability of long term recall of participation in physical activity by middle aged men and women

Renal angiomyolipoma comments on three recent observations

Renin correlates with blood pressure reactivity to stressors

Replacement patterns of ascaris lumbricoides populations in filipino children

Reproduction timetable for the tropical vireya rhododendron rhododendron macgregoriae

Research note conditions necessary for a response by the commercial laying hen to supplemental choline and sulfate

Resistance of mice to infection with the human strain of hymenolepis nana

Respiratory and cardiac function during exercise in squid

Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea l. to presowing treatments with phytohormones

Response to phenelzine and imipramine in placebo nonresponders with atypical depression a new application of the crossover design

Restoration of play in a severely burned three year old child

Results of experimental salmonella vaccine in pigeon

Retinal and vitreal neovascularization in uveitis

Retrosternal oesophagocoloplasty in palliative surgery of carcinoma

Reversible inhibition of osteoclastic activity by bone bound gallium iii

Revision of the supraspecific taxa in the palearctic apionidae schoenherr 1823 1. introduction and subfamily nanophyinae seidlitz 1891 coleoptera curculionoidea

Ribavirin mitigates wart growth in rabbits at early stages of infection with cottontail rabbit papillomavirus

Risk factors deteriorating into renal replacement therapy in patients with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Rna template specific polymerase chain reaction rs pcr a novel strategy to reduce dramatically false positives

Role of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase in acetate synthesis by the acetogenic bacterium acetobacterium woodii

Role of hydrophobic surface proteins in mediating adherence of group b streptococci to epithelial cells

Role of prestomal teeth in feeding of the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae

Role of the superoxide anion in the oxidative activation of the new antitumor drug bd40 a radiolysis study

Rotalin a and rotalin b two novel diterpene metabolites from the encrusting mediterranean sponge mycale rotalis bowerbank

Ruthenium red decreases capsaicin and citric acid induced cough in guinea pigs

Salivary defense mechanisms in juvenile periodontitis

Sarcoidosis in a patient with myasthenia gravis case report and review of the literature

Sch 23390 d 1 modulation of oral dyskinesias induced in snakes by xenopus skin mucus

Screening for a common cardiac disease mitral valve prolapse

Searching for transfer rna genes in dna sequences an ibm microcomputer program

Seasonal incidence of male dogwood borer lepidoptera sesiidae and other species of clearwing moths in selected habitats in tennessee usa

Second generation assays for the detection of antibody to hbsag using recombinant dna derived hbsag

Secretory tissue in ipomoea purpurea convolvulaceae laticifers and glands

Seismic reflection investigation of kalamalka lake a fiord lake on the interior plateau of southern british columbia canada

Selective adrenergic agonists and colon motility in monkeys

Selective modulation of the two antagonistic activities of protein kinase fa the activator of atp magnesium dependent protein phosphatase

Self generated zigzag turning of bombyx mori males during pheromone mediated upwind walking

Sensitive receptor specified elisa for escherichia coli verocytotoxin

Separation and characterization of heterodera glycines acetylcholinesterase molecular forms

Sequence analysis of the phosphoprotein p genes of human parainfluenza type 4a and 4b viruses and rna editing at transcript of the p genes the number of g residues added is imprecise

Sequential chemotherapy in good prognosis patients with small cell lung cancer

Serologic parasitic and pregnancy survey of the colockum elk herd in washington

Serotyping of group a neisseria meningitidis by bactericidal technique

Serum gc hp and alpha 2hs phenotypes in human t lymphotropic leukemia virus type i infection

Serum thyrotropin thyroxine and triiodothyronine concentrations in maternal and cord blood of goitrous and non goitrous pregnant women living in the black sea region of turkey

Sex dependent association between immune function and paw preference in two substrains of c3h mice

Sexual differentiation and regulation of cytochrome p 450 cyp2c7

Shoot and needle diseases of pinus spp in south africa

Shortening of the rostrum and rostral variability in aristeus antennatus risso 1816 decapoda aristeidae

Significance of bronchial mucosal blood flow for the monitoring of acute rejection in lung transplantation

Silver nor technique in fine needle aspiration cytology of salivary gland masses

Simulation of coherent energy transfer in an alpha helical peptide by fermi resonance

Simultaneous measurements of rates of protein de novo synthesis and its steady state levels by immunoblotting

Single step purification of potent antigenic protein from sparganum by gelatin affinity chromatography

Siv of stump tailed macaque siv s t m is a divergent asian isolate

Skin reactivity of substance p not to neurokinin a is increased in allergic asthmatics

Small hepatocellular carcinoma detection with sonography computed tomography ct angiography and lipiodol ct

Social intelligence a neurological system

Sodium potassium atpase activity in cultured c 6 glioma cells

Solanocardinol a steroidal alkaloid from solanum neocardenasii

Soluble polymeric carriers for durg delivery part 2. preparation and in vivo behavior of n acylethylenimine copolymers

Somatostatin inhibits nicotinic cholinoceptor mediated excitation in rat ambigual motoneurons in vitro

Some factors associated with the size and weight of 21 day old duroc pigs

Some properties of configural learning an investigation of the transverse patterning problem

Sound wave stimulation of duodenal motility in chronic duodenal ileus

Spatial disposition and extension of the structural root system of douglas fir

Species composition distribution and seasonal dynamics of rotifera in a rift valley lake in ethiopia lake awasa

Specific high affinity binding sites for iodine 125 labelled porcine endothelin in rat cardiac membranes

Spectral analysis of sympathetic discharge r r interval and systolic arterial pressure in decerebrate cats

Sperm cell mediated gene transfer in cattle

Spindle cell hemangioendothelioma a clinicopathological and immunohistochemical study indicative of a non neoplastic lesion

Spontaneous mineralization of the sciatic nerve of senescent rats

Squaric acid diethylester a simple and convenient coupling reagent

Stable expression of human tissue type plasminogen activator regulated by beta actin promoter in three human cell lines hela wi 38 va13 and kms 5

Starch phosphorylase inhibitor is beta amylase

Staurosporine induces protein kinase c agonist effects and maturation of normal and neoplastic mouse keratinocytes in vitro

Stereoselective reduction of 2 methylacetoacetaldehydes protected as norephedrine derived oxazolidines a new access to enantiomerically pure propanal type aldols

Sterols of kalanchoe pinnata first report of the isolation of both c 24 epimers of 24 alkyl delta 25 sterols from a higher plant

Stimulation of protein phosphorylations in frog rod outer segments by protein kinase activators suppression of light induced changes in membrane current and cyclic gmp by protein kinase c activators

Storage of structured beef steakettes produced with algin calcium adipic acid gel

Stress and the part time student work factors associated with failure rate

Structural analysis of water storage tissue in leaves of sansevieria agavaceae

Structural effects on the binding of amine drugs with diphenylmethyl functionality to cyclodextrins ii. a molecular modeling study

Structure activity relationships in a new series of insecticidally active dioxatricycloalkenes derived by structural comparison of the gaba antagonists bicycloorthocarboxylates and endosulfan

Structure and ultrastructure of arth cells in goats in anestrus gestation and milk production

Structure of l 1 benzyl 4 hydroxymethyl 2 azetidinone

Structures of d xylose isomerase from arthrobacter strain b3728 containing the inhibitors xylitol and d sorbitol at 2 5 a and 2 3 a resolution respectively

Studies of loss estimation and relative susceptibility of genotypes of sorghum to earhead caterpillar heliothis armigera huebner

Studies on antinephritic effects of plant components in rats 1. effects of saikosaponins original type anti gbm nephritis in rats and its mechanisms

Studies on gallium 67 uptake by mouse granuloma tissues

Studies on polysaccharides of dendrobium candidum

Studies on the body sway in the upright standing posture and soft neurological signs in children

Studies on the functional activity of the promoter for the human thyroid peroxidase gene

Studies on the pith cavity of edible burdock arctium lappa l. iv. effects of temperature on the occurrence of pith cavity in the main root and on growth of leaves or main root

Studies on two unexploited fish species peristedion adeni and peristedion weberi

Study of lipids in dermatophytes i. the effect of ketoconazole on fatty acids of microsporum gypseum and its mutants

Study of the genus pandanus pandanaceae in west africa part 8 new species from guinea

Study on hbsag detection in feces of infected persons with hbv infection and its infectivity

Studying vegetative incompatibility in phytophthora infestans mont. d. by. by protoplast fusion

Subglottic stenoses caused by ischaemia angioarchitecture at the sites of predilection

Substitutions at the p 2' site of gag p17 p24 affect cleavage efficiency by hiv 1 protease

Successful use of higher than recommended dosage of imipenem in pseudomonas aeruginosa endocarditis

Sulfasalazine desensitization in children and adolescents with chronic inflammatory bowel disease

Superman a regulator of floral homeotic genes in arabidopsis

Suppression of maturation in male atlantic salmon salmo salar l. parr by reduction in feeding and growth during spring months

Surface lipid composition of c 3 and c 4 plants

Surgical therapy of ozena

Surveys of human enterotoxigenic escherichia coli from three different geographical areas for possible colonization factors

Susceptibility of lens epithelial membrane sh groups to hydrogen peroxide

Symmetry breaking in neural nets

Synchronous ultradian rhythms in adrenocortical secretion detected by microdialysis in awake rats

Syntheses of 3 deoxy 3 fluoroglucosamine derivatives

Synthesis and biological activity of pyochelin a siderophore of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of procaterol derivatives having a tert amino group

Synthesis of 1 3 dioxin 4 ones and their use in synthesis xx. 6s 7s 10r7 and 6r 7s 10r 7 isopropyl 10 methyl 4 oxo 1 5 dioxaspiro 5.5 undec 2 enes synthesis and their use in enantiomerically pure corey lactone analogue synthesis

Synthesis of an ether oxime ligand and its rhodium iii complex and x ray structure of the rhodium iii complex unique rhodium iii bonding to a simple ether

Synthesis of levo slaframine and related indolizidines

Synthesis of spacer containing homopolysaccharides and block heteropolysaccharides

Synthetic studies on nogalamycin congeners 4. syntheses and antitumor activity of various nogalamycin congeners

Systemic steroids for otitis media with effusion in children

Tactile hemispheric specialization using a nonsense shape formboard

Taurine uptake in apical membrane vesicles from the bovine retinal pigment epithelium

Technetium 99 labelled methylene diphosphonate uptake scans in patients with dialysis arthropathy

Temperature dependence of metal ion sorption by spirulina

Temporal pattern of nerve growth factor receptor expression in developing cochlear and vestibular ganglia in quail and mouse

Termination of lh secretion in japanese quail due to high and low temperature cycles and short daily photoperiods

Testosterone unresponsiveness of existing immunity against plasmodium chabaudi malaria

The 5' flanking region of the gene encoding the large subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase is crucial for growth of the cyanobacterium synechococcus sp strain pcc 7942 at the level of carbon dioxide in air

The activity of the forelimb muscles under vestibular stimulation in guinea pigs with removed cerebellum

The aminobenzoic acid derivatives as specific inhibitors of the rat uterus phosphodiesterase of cyclic nucleotides

The application of a short anxiety and depression questionnaire to oil industry staff

The availability for the rat of methionine contained in soybean glycine max

The biological function of rabbit blastocyst peptides rbps

The capacity of drug metabolism in chinese fetal liver i. presence of p 450 enzyme system

The character of spontaneous and induced mutagenesis in genetically unstable mutator strain of drosophila melanogaster

The clinical importance of cardiac output dissociation between the right and the left ventricle without provable anatomical shunt

The complete sequence of the unit ycr59 situated between cry1 and mat reveals two long open reading frames which cover 91 percent of the 10 1 kb segment

The cooperation between intermedium genes and the six row gene hex v in a six row variety of barley

The daily dynamics of the catadromous migration of chum and pink salmon reared in the sokolovsky hatchery southeast sakhalin russian ssr ussr

The development of a peregrine falcon population falco peregrinus peregrinus breeding on building and quarries in the lowlands of wuerttemberg

The differential fluorescence of bacteria stained with acridine orange and the effects of heat

The diversity of stamen structures and dehiscence patterns among magnoliidae

The ecori rflp of c mos in patients with non hodgkin's lymphoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia compared to geriatric and non geriatric controls

The effect of ants on development and dispersal of myzus cerasi f. homoptera aphididae on cherry trees

The effect of continuous gamma irradiation on the growth rate of neurospora crassa species

The effect of ethylene and short chain saturated fatty acids on ethylene sensitivity and binding in ripening bananas

The effect of hydrotropic agents on the heat coagulation of bovine serum albumin

The effect of m 1 muscarinic blockade on behavior and physiological responses following traumatic brain injury in the rat

The effect of pge in multiple experimental models ii. effect on steady state levels of plasma and brain amino acids and transmitters

The effect of severe hyperthermia on cardiodynamics hemodynamics and acid base balance in dogs

The effect of the melanostatin tripeptide on phospholipid metabolism in the rat olfactory cortex

The effectiveness of helmets reducing all terrain vehicle injuries and death

The effects of conservation methods and level of nitrogen fertilizer treatment on grass biomass consumption by sheep

The effects of instructions and anxiety on interrogative suggestibility

The effects of pulse and continuous treatments with gibberellic and triiodobenzoic acid on the growth and rejuvenation of mature phase hedera helix plants

The effects of water soluble arabinoxylan on gelatinization and retrogradation of starch

The enzymatic deficiencies in leukocytes of workers exposed to mercury vapor part i. neutrophils

The evolution of the endoplasmic reticulum of the synergids from aquilegia vulgaris l

The fc epsilon r2 cd23 antigen a hallmark of chronic lymphocytic leukemia b cells

The formation of dough and gluten a study by scanning electron microscopy

The generation effect in primed word fragment completion reexamined

The golden tapetal sheen reflex in retinal disease

The histogenesis of integuments in some species of menispermaceae

The identification of combretum gums which are not permitted food additives ii

The importance of early surgical treatment in childhood infective endocarditis

The indoor air quality in finnish homes with mold problems

The influence of dimethoate and vibrations on the fetal development of rats

The influence of oral potassium citrate bicarbonate on blood pressure in essential hypertension during unrestricted salt intake

The influence of the therapeutic frame of reference on the evaluation of the first sessions of psychotherapy a pilot study

The interaction of bone gla protein osteocalcin with phospholipid vesicles

The isolation and yields of volatile oils from the biomass of coniferous species

The leucine regulon of escherichia coli k 12 a mutation in rbl a alters expression of l leucine dependent metabolic operons

The lysis of cytotoxic t lymphocytes and their blasts by cytotoxic t lymphocytes

The mechanism of anti cd3 monoclonal antibodies mediation of cytolyses by inter t cell bridging

The mineral status of ruminants i. calcium phosphorus magnesium potassium nitrogen and iron contents in feedstuffs

The mspi restriction fragment length polymorphism 3' to the apolipoprotein a ii gene relationships with lipids apolipoproteins and premature coronary artery disease

The neurological aspect of medical ecology

The occurrence of calcium salt deposition on dermal collagen fibers following electrical injury to porcine skin

The osteogenetic potential of fracture hematoma subperiosteal and intramuscular transplantation of the hematoma

The peh a questionnaire to assess acknowledgment of psychiatric illness

The physiological ecology of daphnia a dynamic model of growth and reproduction

The potential effects of climatic change on agricultural insect pests

The prevalence of mitral valve prolapse in patients with down's syndrome implications for dental management

The prolongation of the thrombotest clotting time in newborns

The radiochemical hydroxyl radical measurement method

The relation between color spreading and illusory contours

The relationship between variability of intertap intervals and interval duration

The resolution of conflict

The role of altered sodium currents in action potential abnormalities of cultured dorsal root ganglion neurons from trisomy 21 down syndrome human fetuses

The role of glycocalyx in surface phagocytosis of bacteroides spp in the presence and absence of clindamycin

The role of pulsatile flow perfusion in decreasing hormone stress response to open heart surgery

The roles of the synaptic basal lamina and of innervation in directing the accumulation of a synaptic molecule mab 3b6 antigen in regenerating skeletal muscles

The serological response of the common seal phoca vitulina and the grey seal halichoerus grypus to phocine distemper virus as measured by a canine distemper virus neutralisation test

The snail or the difficulties of hermaphroditism

The start of an autoimmune disease idiotypic network during early progression of myasthenia gravis

The structure of the sensory zone of the muscle spindle of rats after the administration of dexamethasone

The synergistic effects of his d trp ala trp d phe lys nh 2 on growth hormone gh releasing factor stimulated gh release and intracellular cyclic amp accumulation in rat primary pituitary cell culture

The thoracoabdominal syndrome tas a new x linked dominant disorder

The treatment of postoperative synovitis after meniscectomy with ibuprofen

The use and benefits of assistive devices and systems for the hard of hearing

The use of intravenous gamma globulin in the treatment of typical hemolytic uremic syndrome

The use of zoletil for the immobilization of spotted hyenas

The vascularized saphenous nerve as cross face nerve graft

Theophylline minimally alters contractile properties of canine diaphragm in vitro

Therapy related myelodysplastic syndrome and leukemia with no unfavorable cytogenetic findings have a good response to intensive chemotherapy a report on 15 cases

Thermophily of amanita solitaria basidiomycetes

Threaded k wire spinous process fixation of the axis for modified gallie fusion in children and adolescents

Three new pectinacean species from the indonesian archipelago collected during the siboga expedition 1988 1900 with additional information and corrections on the previous report mollusca propeamussiidae pectinidae

Thromboxane and prostacyclin generation by human umbilical veins after thrombin

Thyrotropin stimulates transcription from the ferritin heavy chain promoter

Time of night patterns in plms activity

Tissue levels of prostaglandins and what do they mean studies on the guinea pig uterus

Tolerance of bentgrass of amount frequency and timing of ethofumesate applications

Topography of rat hepatic microsomal enzymatic components of the fatty acid chain elongation system

Totally implantable catheter for intraperitoneal chemotherapy in ovarian cancer

Toxicity testing of mussels during the dinoflagellate bloom

Trainee surgery in teaching hospitals is there a cost

Transcriptional analysis of puf operon expression in rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1 and an intercistronic transcription terminator mutant

Transfer of plasmid pam beta 1 between members of the normal microflora inhabiting the murine digestive tract and modification of the plasmid in a lactobacillus reuteri host

Transforming growth factor beta suppresses the invasiveness of human fibrosarcoma cells in vitro by increasing expression of tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease

Translation initiation at a downstream aug occurs with increased efficiency when the upstream aug is located very close to the 5' cap

Transplantation of purified islet cells in diabetic bb rats

Trapping of larvae of the cattle tick boophilus microplus by stylosanthes scabra under grazing conditions

Treatment of chronic venous failure secondary to deep venous thrombosis a comparative study of heparan sulfate and sulodexide

Treatment of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia with oral diltiazem

Treatment with itraconazole of experimental coccidioidomycosis in the wistar rat

Tricyclic antidepressants block n methyl d aspartic acid induced lethality in mice

Tritium labeled trans 4 n butyl 2 3 tritated cyclohexanecarboxylic acid preparation of testosterone 17 beta trans 4 n butyl 2 3 tritated cyclohexanecarboxylate and 4 carbon 14 testosterone 17 beta trans 4 n butylcyclohexane carboxylate

Tuberculosis in the elderly

Tumor radiosensitization by nicotinamide a result of improved perfusion and oxygenation

Two cases of dandy walker syndrome and chronic polyneuropathy

Two human genes encoding zinc finger proteins znf12 kox3 and znf26 kox20 map to chromosomes 7p22 p21 and 12q24.33 respectively

Two new species of the genus dicyema mesozoa from octopuses of japan with notes on dicyema misakiense and dicyema acuticephalum

Ty rna levels determine the spectrum of retrotransposition events that activate gene expression in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ubiquinol 10 protects human low density lipoprotein more efficiently against lipid peroxidation than does alpha tocopherol

Ultrasound and the prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies a medicolegal perspective

Ultrastructural evidence for a phylogenetic linkage of the truffle genus hydnobolites to the pezizaceae pezizales ascomycetes

Ultrastructure and development of pigmentary effectors in embryos of the freshwater shrimp macrobrachium olfersii wiegmann decapoda caridea palaemonidae

Umbilical cord occlusion stimulates breathing independent of blood gases and ph

Unique microvascular characteristics of the dorsal root ganglion in the rat

Upper cambrian mindyallan trilobites and stratigraphy of the kayrunnera group western new south wales australia

Urea transformations in flooded soil columns ii. derivation of model and implications to ammonia volatilization

Urine and serum beta 2 microglobulin in patients with rheumatoid arthritis a study of 101 patients without signs of kidney disease

Use of an electronic apex locator in the treatment of teeth with incomplete root formation

Use of geostatistical techniques for the evaluation of temporal variation in groundwater table depth data

Use of polymerase chain reaction for detection of chlamydia trachomatis

Use of the urokinase type plasminogen activator gene as a general tool to monitor expression in transgenic animals study of the tissue specificity of the murine whey acidic protein wap expression signals

Using log linear models to test for associations among congenital malformations

Utilization of nasogastric feeding tubes in a group of chronically ill elderly patients in a community hospital

Vaginal intratubal insemination viti and vaginal gift endosonographic technique early experience

Value of the cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity cbh response for distinguishing weak contact sensitization from irritation reactions in the guinea pig

Variable morphology of microthrix parvicella in activated sludge systems

Variation in wood density of pinus radiata in new south wales australia

Vascular alterations in the canine kidney following obstruction of the urinary tract a sem investigation of corrosion casts

Vasorelaxant effects of short chain fatty acid salts in rat caudal artery

Ventricular conduction defects and atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass grafting multivariate analysis of preoperative intraoperative and postoperative variables

Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae in some plants iv

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