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Notes on the fauna and flora of Shooters Hill, including Oxleas Wood SSSI, with particular reference to the years 1943-1958

, : Notes on the fauna and flora of Shooters Hill, including Oxleas Wood SSSI, with particular reference to the years 1943-1958. London Naturalist. 0(71): 75-115

Shooters Hill (130 meters above sea-level) is a prominent landmark in south-east London (UK) just inside the former boundary of the old County of London where it bordered Kent. It has attracted much attention in recent years because of the threat to its eastern lower slopes, particularly the ancient woodland of the Oxleas Wood SSSI, posed by the construction of the proposed East London River Crossing. Until this threat materalised, little had been published specifically about the flora and fauna of this important open space in a largely built-up area. Nevertheless, it was much visited by the author and others from 1943 to 1958, and the present account of the flowering plants, ferns, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, Orthoptera and Macrolepidoptera recorded during this period is given to help fill this gap and provide further documentation of the rich wildlife interest of the area to that already published in recent years. Known records from earlier and late periods are also included for comparison. As far back as records exist, 311 species of flowering plants and ferns; 19 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles; 81 species of birds and 275 species of Macrolepidoptera have been recorded on Shooters Hill. Of the 'all time' list of 275 species of Macrolepidoptera. 107 species (39 per cent) are particularly associated with ancient woodland. Of these 107, 62 (58 per cent) were still surviving after 1943 and 51 (48 per cent) after 1980.

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