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A chemist among plants, Hubert Bradford Vickery

, : A chemist among plants, Hubert Bradford Vickery. Annual review of plant physiology: 3 1-27

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Other Research

Functional characterization of canine lymphocyte subsets: Functional characterization of subsets of T lymphocytes is essential for transplantation studies in dogs, as it is in other species. We studied the function of T cells separated by two mouse monoclonal antibodies recognizing complementary subsets...

Calcareous algae from the Resita-Moldova Noua Zone southern Carpathians, Romania: A rich assemblage of calcareous algae was found in the Lower Cretaceous carbonate deposits of the Resita-Moldova Noua zone. The most numerous are the Dasycladales (46 species belonging to 30 genera out of a total of 52 genera and 76 species). Pale...

Syntheses of gamma-fluoro-alpha-amino acids: Methods for the synthesis of racemic and optically active title compounds are presented. Key step of these four-step procedures is the alkylation with 1-bromo-2-fluoroalkanes of glycine-ester-derived imines in anhydrous medium using lithium diisop...

The effect of auditory stimulation on the consumption of soft drinks: Three groups of five male and five female students were exposed to different levels of auditory stimulation (no music or music played at 70 dB or 90 dB) under naturalistic conditions and were permitted to avail themselves freely of a supply of sof...

Characterizing secondary seals for geologic storage of CO sub 2 in the Weyburn Field of the Williston Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada: Long-term geological storage of anthropogenic CO (sub 2) associated with EOR within Mississippian carbonates is being investigated in the Williston Basin, Canada, as part of the IEA Weyburn CO (sub 2) Storage and Monitoring Project. Regional geolo...

Einige bemerkenswerte Beobachtungen von der Insel Poel

The application of geochemical zoning to endogene aureoles of one of the ore fields in the Carpathian region during propecting and exploration work

Isolation of salmonella paratyphi a from a processed meat product

Structure of fungal polysaccharides isolated from the cell-wall of three strains of Verticillium fungicola: The structure of fungal polysaccharides, isolated from the cell-wall of three isolates of Verticillium fungicola, has been investigated by chemical analysis and 1D and 2D 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. The polysaccharides have an idealized repeatin...

Actions of glucagon on flux rates in perfused rat liver 2. relationship between inhibition of glycolysis and stimulation of respiration by glucagon: The relationship between inhibition of glycolysis and stimulation of O2 consumption by glucagon was studied in perfused rat livers. The 2 effects exhibit similar kinetics and dose-response curves; they are slower and less sensitive to the glucagon...

Comparison of aladin video image processing to manual interpretation of uniscept 20e

Chemistry, toxicology, and human health risk of cyanide compounds in soils at former manufactured gas plant sites: Cyanide-containing wastes are commonly found in soils at former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites, also known as town gas sites. The complex forms of cyanide are responsible for the blue-stained soils and rocks found at these sites. Most concentr...

Nouvelles observations sur les deux cilies oligotriches: Halteria grandinella (la morphologie et la morphogenese) et Strombilidium gyrans (la morphologie)

Family history of hypertension influences left ventricular diastolic function during chronic antihypertensive therapy: Background: Genetic factors play an important role in linking insulin resistance and hypertension, also influencing insulin sensitivity changes during anti hypertensive treatment. This study was aimed to evaluate whether genetic predisposition to...

Can one arrive at the end of Sylindrosporium disease of rape?