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Biology, Geography & Health Sciences Research: Section 17

Section 17 provides bibliographic information on scholarly research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hemopericardium in a dog due to hemorrhage originating in a heart base thymic remnant

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic: Cholangiocarcinoma in a double bile duct

Herbicide application by ultra-low-volume sprayer for controlling common weeds in rubber

Herbicides for strawberry plantings

Heres how to avoid harvest hang ups

Hermaphroditism in swine

Heterogeneity of the plastid population and chloroplast differentiation in Acetabularia mediterranea

Heterozygosity and phylogenetic relationship of Japanese threespinestickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) populations revealed bymicrosatellite analysis

High brightness mechanical pulp by the steep method: production and use at APPM Wesley Vale

High mutagenic potency of several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons induced by liver postmitochondrial fractions from control and xenobiotic-treated immature carp Cyprinus carpio

High serum 1,25-(OH)2D in acromegaly. Effect of bromocriptine treatment

High-level expression of fully active yeast flavocytochrome b2 in Escherichia coli

High-voltage electron microscopy and computerized tomography: new approaches to study microsporidian spore internal organization

Highly effective appraisal of ra

Hired farm labor use on fruit, vegetable, and horticultural specialty farms

Histochemical study on intermediate muscle in fishes

Histological studies on the testicles and epididymis of Peking drakes

Histopathology of carnation infected with Fusarium osysporum f. sp. dianthi

Historical survey of main phycological activities in Iceland

History of refrigeration in Japan

Hog cholera precipitating antigen: purification technique and properties

Home business centers

Home therapy with LMWH in deep vein thrombosis: Randomized study comparing single and double daily administrations

Homologous interference caused by active Newcastle disease virus

Honeybee foraging and resultant seed set among male-fertile and cytoplasmically male-sterile carrot inbreds and hybrid seed parents

Hordelymus europeaeus new to Gastrikland

Hormone mediated translational control of protein synthesis in cultured cells of Glycine max

Horses in early modern England

Hospitality tips for employees serving the traveling public

Host-Foraging Success of Three Species of Trichogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in a Simulated Retail Environment

Household behavior and the Tax Reform Act of 1986

How America lives

How can one control the olive fly?

How effective is export promotion of U.S. cotton?

How much can you pay for land rent?

How the 1983 weather hurt the corn crop

How to clean the bathroom

How to get a high yield of spring wheat

How to know and grow gesneriads

How to produce high-protein hay

How to ultraound the normal pelvis for aiding diagnosis of pelvic fractures using rectal and transcutaneous ultrasound examination

Hsi-an leu yu shou tse

Human genetics

Humane educator and obedience trainer

Hungry nations need to reduce food losses caused by storage, spillage, and spoilage, Department of State and other agencies

Hybrid seed corn production in Missouri

Hydraulic calculations in designing and operation of the drip irrigation systems

Hydrodynamic forces on floating off-shore aquaculture cages

Hydrogeology of the D aquifer and movement and ages of ground water determined from geochemical and isotopic analyses, Black Mesa area, northeastern Arizona

Hydrological research basins and their use in water resources planning

Hydrophobic association of (Sa(B-helices, steric dewetting, and enthalpic barriers to protein folding

Hygienic and economic aspects of biogas in animal production

Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia Glucose abnormalities, etiology, diagnosis, treatment


I saw with my eyes

IL-12p40-independent induction of protective immunity upon multiple Plasmodium berghei irradiated sporozoite immunizations

Ibotenic acid lesions of the parabrachial nucleus and conditioned taste aversion: further evidence for an associative deficit in rats

Identification and Molecular Cloning of Putative Odorant-Binding Proteins and Chemosensory Protein from the Bethylid Wasp, Scleroderma guani Xiao et Wu

Identification by N-banding of isochromosomes for the long arm of chromosome 5B in Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring

Identification of a modified nucleoside located in the first position of the anticodon of Torulopsis utilis tRNA(Pro) as 5-carbamoylmethyluridine

Identification of enterobacteriaceae in foods with the AutoMicrobic System

Identification of phytopathogenic bacteria in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) seed lots

Identification of the seed protein markers of the cotton species Gossypium hirsutum L. and Gossypium harbadense L., and study of the relationship of their inheritance with some characters

Identifying relative importance of quality attributes of dining service for older adults using conjoint analysis

Il Sangiovese

Illustrated phytotherapy

Immigrant phytophagous insects on woody plants in the United States and Canada

Immune-mediated equine skin diseases

Immunochemical analysid of water-soluble antigens of chick retina in the course of embryogenesis

Immunogenetic problems in relation to the breeding of resistant varieties of agricultural plants

Immunological comparison of individual ribosomal proteins in six species of the genus Podospora

Immunoreactivity of swine vaccinated against pseudorabies, salmonellosis and pasteurellosis

Impact of cellular lifespan on the T cell receptor repertoire

Impact of mechanization on farm employment in the Punjab

Impact of ultraviolet radiation on parasitic arthropods. 1. In vitro and in vivo studies into effects of UV radiation on developmental stages of Haematopinus suis

Impaired peripheral endothelial function in severe idiopathic pulmonary hypertension correlates with the pulmonary vascular response to inhaled iloprost

Implementing continous meal service

Import prohibition for Danish potatoes goes on

Importance of hive insulation for wintering development and honey yield in Norway

Importance of the production of maize and results of the contests in 1970

Imported meat and livestock

Improved enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to reveal Mycoplasma agassizii exposure: a valuable tool in the management of environmentally sensitive tortoise populations

Improved tolerance of maize plants to salt stress by arbuscular mycorrihiza is related to higher accumulation of soluble sugars in roots

Improvement of farm machinery e

Improvement of soil fertility, a common task of crop and animal production

Improvement of the technology of tree replacement in fruit orchards

Improving firefighter safety in the wildland-urban intermix

Improving the amino-acid content

Improving utilization in construction and end use

In memoriam Harry Kronberger

In memory of Evgenii Sergeevich Smirnov (1898-1977) Entomologists

In search of the perfect blueberry variety

In vitro action of fungicides on the germination and microflora of wheat seeds

In vitro differentiation of plantlets from tissue cultures of Albizzia lebbeck L. Micropropagation

In vitro pollen grain germination and starch content in species with different reproductive cycle. I. Lycopersicum peruvianum Mill

In vitro transcription of pe38

In-crop application effect of nitrogen fertilizer on grain protein concentration of spring wheat in the Canadian Prairies

Inappropriate growth hormone response to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in diabetes mellitus

Incidence of antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli in calves, swine, dogs and cats

Incitement to do-it-yourself. Open space planning for the Jahnplatz students hall of residence, Osnabruck German Federal Republic

Incorporation of (3H)leucine into an actin like protein in response to 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol in chick intestinal brush borders

Increase of cold resistance of concrete made from local cement

Increased influenza vaccination of healthcare workers at a pediatric cancer hospital: Results of a comprehensive influenza vaccination campaign

Increasing fleece productivity in Guissar sheep

Increasing the effectiveness of using turnover funds

Increment functions based on data from mixed stands

Indexes of nutritive values in the evaluation of human nutrition

Indiana custom rates for power-operated farm machines - 1980


Indole-3-pyruvic acid as an intermediate in the conversion of tryptophan to indole-3-acetic acid. II. Distribution of tryptophan transaminase activity in plants

Induced segregation in interspecific hybrids of Aspergillus nidulans and Aspergillus rugulosus obtained by protoplast fusion

Induction of conversions on the level of two binding genes intervening in the synthesis of anthocyanins in Petunia hybrida Hort

Induction of resistance against the leaffminer, Liriomyza trifolii, by jasmonic acid in sweet pepper

Industrial manufacture of Swiss cheese: Maturation of the milk and draining of the curds and cheese

Industry and rurbanization: sociological aspects

Infection of New- and Old-world Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) by the intracellular parasite Wolbachia: implications for host mitochondrial DNA evolution

Infectious epididymitis of sheep due to Brucella ovis the first reported outbreak in Uruguay

Inflammation of mammary glands of the dairy cow due to yeast infection

Influence of Intervention on Beverage Choices: Trends in the Dietary Intervention Study in Children (DISC)

Influence of age or circadian time on bcl-2 and bax mRNA expression in the rat hippocampus after corticosterone exposure

Influence of breastfeeding in the accumulation of polybromodiphenyl ethers during the first years of child growth

Influence of constant temperatures on the development and reproduction of Acyrthosiphon kondoi (Homoptera:Aphididae)

Influence of different contents of calcium, phosphorus and manganese in the feed ration on the shell quality of chicken eggs

Influence of enzyme-substrate ration upon the peptic invitro digestion of proteins

Influence of form of nitrogen fer

Influence of herbicides sulphur interaction on the formationof plant constituents in paddy (Oryza sativa L.)

Influence of irrigation with waste water from starch manufacture on the soil

Influence of mechanical treatment of milk on quantities of -FFA and free fat in the milk, as well as on the separability of the milk

Influence of nitrogen form and concentration on the nitrate reductase activity of winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L cv Igri)

Influence of phosphorus on growth and nitrogen content of four legumes inoculated with Rhizobium

Influence of proteinaceous preparations on quality of meat products

Influence of sex on birth weights of Polled Tabapua and Polled Nellore calf breeds

Influence of some maize cultivars

Influence of technological processes on residual amounts of pesticides in meat products

Influence of the external climate on the growing conditions in greenhouses

Influence of the temperature at the root level on the growth and development of the apple tree

Influence of various mineral fertilizer formulations applied during 62 years on soil microflora

Influences of hysteresis and temperature on moisture sorption isotherms

Information concerning the European Economic Community sugar regulations

Information systems in disease control programs

Ingestion and growth in Sericostoma personatum (Trichoptera) in relation to the nitrogen content of ingested leaves

Inheritance of grain hardness in soft wheat with intraspecific hybridization

Inheritance of the stem height i

Inhibition of an iron-responsive element/iron regulatory protein-1 complex by ATP binding and hydrolysis

Inhibition of oxidized flavor development in milk by immobilized trypsin

Inhibitory adrenergic control of heart rate of perch (Perca fluviatilis) in vitro

Initial stage of the leukotic process in cattle

Inner ear hair cells produced in vitro by a mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition

Inoculum a substitute for nitrogen fertilizer

Insect answer; the garden symphylid

Insect pest control in Western Samoa with special reference to present status of biological and integrated control measures


Insecticides with good prospects for controlling beet aphids

Insemination with one- and two-day old bull semen

Installation and operation of a continuous culture of Photobacterium phosphoreum and optimizing the culture conditions

Instrucoes tecnicas da Embrapa Semi-Arido

Insulin receptors and obesity

Integrated control of Boophilus microplus ticks in Cuba based on vaccination with the anti-tick vaccine Gavac

Integrated pest management strategies for gold courses

Integrating sustainability into agroforestry projects

Intensification is the way to obtain high, stable yields

Intensive animal production and animal welfare: the present and the future Policy, poultry meat, eggs, meat, United Kingdom

Inter-district variations, changes and trends in agricultural efficiency in Madhya Pradesh, 1955--56

Interaction of FGF-2 with IGF-1 and BDNF in stimulating Akt, ERK, and neuronal survival in hippocampal cultures

Interaction of selenium with mercury, cadmium, and other tox ic metals

Interactions between the crab spider Misumena vatia (Clerck) (Araneae) and its ichneumonid egg predator Trychosis cyperia Townes (Hymenoptera)

Interbreed differences of hens b

Interesting prospects for strawberries

Interim report of the National Commission on Agriculture on house--sites for landless agricultural laborers

Internal correlations of the development of integration in agriculture and in food industry

International Water Supply Association

International food consumption patterns

International technology transfer

Interpretation of total and differential leukocyte counts

Interrelationships among synergism, potentiation, enhancement and expanded perceived intensity vs concentration Flavor concepts

Interstate differences in state and local revenues

Intestinal parasitic helminths and protozoa of dogs in Belgium. The particular case of Eucoccidia

Intracellular protein profiles as additional criteria for the selection of pure starter strains

Intraspecific dimorphism of Cruc

Introducing new screens: Why are we all doing different things?

Introduction of projects of work performance in melioration construction

Introduction to plant pathology

Introductory remarks for the panel discussion: registration and use of pesticides

Inventory of fruit trees

Investigation and management of necrotising orchitis associated with a scrotal haematoma in a Texel ram

Investigation of geofiltration in aeration zone rocks and their significance in assessing potential pollution of shallow groundwater

Investigation of the chromatographic behaviour of some selenium species - Comparison with their octanol-water partitioning

Investigation of water regime of desert plants of Central Asia and Southern Kazakhstan

Investigations as to the permeability of undulated plastic drain pipes

Investigations of a genetically determined physiological characteristic of two strains of cultivated mushrooms for its suitability as a basis for early selection following cross-breeding

Investigations on Brucella-L-forms. II. Serological properties of Brucella-L-forms

Investigations on root system development of 4 apricot rootstocks

Investigations on the growth, development and control of the fungus Alternaria vitis Cav., the cause of alternariosis in grapevines Romania.1

Investigations on the suitability of the complement fixation test the indirect fluorescent antibody test and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of the Babesia caballi-infection of horses

Invitation to an incline

Iodine, several veterinary applications

Ipomoea batatas: the sweetpotato revisited

Iron fortification in developing countries

Irrigated cultivated pastures for sheep in the southern Ukraine

Irrigation farming

Irrigation regime of Sudangrass

Is HACCP enough for ensuring food safety?

Is it possible to collect reliable data involving the dietary fiber intake of a particular category of Dutch adults?

Is the electric autovehicle interesting for forest transports?

Is your herd ready for new cows

Isolated diaphragmatic tremor - Is there a spectrum in respiratory myoclonus?

Isolation and characterization of an acetylester-hydrolase from Aspergillus niger

Isolation and cultivation of the original swine pox virus in pig testis cell culture

Isolation and pathogenicity of the ratoon stunting disease bacterium

Isolation of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidone-(4) from pronase lysate of ox brain as a hypotensive principle

Isolation of a reovirus-like agent from broiler chicks with diarrhea and stunting

Isolation of ipolamiide from Stachytarpheta indica

Isolation of thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi from stored grounduts in Nigeria and determination of their lipolytic activity

Isoproturon persistence in field soil and its impact on microbial population under North-Western Himalayan conditions

Issues in African rehabilitation

Its your money

JBC centennial - 1905-2005 - 100 years of biochemistry and molecular biology

Japanese agriculture and agricultural theory

Jews Ear (Auricularia auricula-judae) found in Ven

Joint action of ultrasonics and antiseptics on the inhibition of the alcoholic fermentation

Journal of chemical information and modeling

Judgement of the danger of erosion through the evaluation regional conditions

Juvenile blue crab abundances in natural and man-made tidal channels in mangrove habitat, Tampa Bay, Florida (USA)

Kale for beef production Cattle, diets

Karyologic study of some species of Lotus

Kazimierz Lapczynski (March 16, 1823 December 14, 1892) on the eighty fifth anniversary of his death

Keipert syndrome (Nasodigitoacoustic syndrome) is X-linked and maps to Xq22.2-Xq28

Ketchup for a Small Boy: The Marketing Marvel

Khimieiia v sel* section *skom khozeiiaaeistve; al* section *bomvystavka

Kinetic and morphological analysis of the preferential adhesion of chick embryo neuronal cells to astroglial cells in culture

Kinetics of cytochrome c oxidase from yeast membrane facilitated electrostatic binding of cytochrome c showing a specific interaction with cytochrome c oxidase and inhibition by ATP

Kit is essential for PMA-inflammation-induced mast-cell accumulation in the skin

Know your soybean insects

Kompost Fibel feur Gartenfreunde

Ksenieiia ERmolaevna Bakhtadze (1899-1978)

Larsenic en 2006: actualisation des sources dintoxication

LH , FSH and progesterone concentrations in peripheral plasma of the female roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) during the rutting season

La fonction administrative et la fonction commerciale dans les entreprises agricoles

La uva

Labor productivity at forest enterprises

Laboratory diagnosis of avian influenza

Laboratory quality considerations for veterinary practitioners

Lack of advertising and transportation prevents the knowledge of a beautiful forest

Lactose in bakery products--an update


Land consolidation and farm planning in the Central Province

Land reclamation policy in agriculture under conditions of limited economic possibilities of the state

Land use classification in Bavaria from aerial photographs and ERTS 1 imagery

Landfall of a glacier

Landscape plant materials for Georgia

Laparoscopic treatment of hydatid cyst of the liver in children. A report on 34 cases

Large-scale fuel ethanol from lignocellulose. Potenial, economics, and research priorities

Larvicidal effects of a flabelliferin saponin from palmyrah flour on dengue mosquito Aedes sp

Late flushing and wood density in an adult population of Picea abies Karst

Lathrobium testaceum Kraatz and its distribution in upland Graz (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

Laws about farming lands

Le pulverisateur

Lead-contaminated imported tamarind candy and childrens blood lead levels

Leaf disc metod for rearing California red scale, Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) (Homoptera: Diaspididae)

Leaf-scald disease in Q93 at Bundaberg

Lease and transfer of certain tobacco acreage allotments

Lee Bonar (1891-1977)

Legionnaires disease II

Leishmania major cutaneous leishmaniasis in HIV-positive patients does not spread to extralesional sites

Lepidoptera hematophages that attack man

Les feuillus

Lesser known honey plants from the family Compositae

Lets rethink the problem

Leukoencephalomalacia in two Quarter horses

Lewis Clarks field guide to wild flowers of field and slope in the Pacific Northwest

Lichen substances. VII. Identification of orsellinate derivatives from Lobaria linita

Life forms of springtails (Collembola)

Life-history and habitat features influence the within-river genetic structure of Atlantic salmon

Light effect on the absorption and migration of potassium and calcium in Lycopersicum racemigerum (Lange)

Light-induced oxidation of a chloroplast B-type cytochrome at 189 degrees C

Lilium bulb production and cult

Limited independent growth of a vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus in vitro Glomus caledonius

Lineage-specific clonality analysis of chronic myeloproliferative disorders and myelodysplastic syndrome by human androgen receptor assay

Linking the global positioning system (GPS) to a personal digital assistant (PDA) to support tuberculosis control in South Africa: a pilot study

Lipid oxidation induced by oxymyoglobin and metmyoglobin with involvement of H2O2 and superoxide anion

Lipoproteins and atherogenesis: current concepts

Liquid supplements for cattle

Liste mondiale des paeriodiques spaecialisaes dans les sciences sociales

Little chef

Livestock and poultry and vitamins

Livestock resources of Pakistan

Loading ramps and ground handling systems for swine

Local programs and activities to help farm people adjust

Localization of polysaccharides in wood cell walls

Locomotor plasticity and reflex modulation of the locust central nervous flight command

Long distance migration of smal

Long-term application of fertili

Long-term response of live oak thickets to prescribed burning

Look into the world of shrubs

Loss and spontaneous recovery of forelimb evoked potentials in both the adult rat cuneate nucleus and somatosensory cortex following contusive cervical spinal cord injury

Louisiana rural land values and tenure arrangements, 1998

Low priced food policy works in South Africa

Low-temperature germination of birds-nest muskmelons Cucumis melo

Lumber drying comparisons relating to kiln design and benefits of fan configurations and heat recovery systems

Luxatio patellae mediale in the cow. II

Lysine reactivity and starch gelatinization in extruded and pelleted canine diets

MOZ and MORF, two large MYSTic HATs in normal and cancer stem cells

Machinery maintenance

Macromolecular structural features of fruit pectins and their relations to gel strength

Magnesium in new compounds

Main dish delights

Maintaining food quality in storage

Maize drying in Somalia

Major evolutionary events and the geological record of plants; symposium presented at XI International Botanical Congress, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., september 1969

Make use of quality seed for pasture sowing

Making progress in water reduction

Malaya revisited. XX. Paphiopedilum linii Schoser refound on long-weathered sandstone plateaus of West Kalimantan Orchids

Malignant melanoma of the bulbar conjunctiva in a dog

Mammary Gland Expression of Antibacterial Peptide Genes to Inhibit Bacterial Pathogens Causing Mastitis

Management and health of the forest

Management of aphid populations in cotton through conservation: delaying insecticide spraying has its benefits

Management of nonobstructive idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease

Management of wood ducks on private lands and waters

Managing agricultural nitrate contamination of ground water in Rockingham County, Virginia

Managing nonpoint fecal coliform sources to tidal inlets

Managing your familys dairy goats

Manifestation of starvation on the integument and blood of the queen of the termite Odontotermes obesus

Manual for recognizing Lepidoptera

Manufacture of dry process hard

Map of the potential vegetation of the Sierra de Cazorla (Andalusia, Spain)

Marble spleen disease of pheasants. III. Control of the disease in infected farm using the controlled infection Adenovirus infection, Italy.1

Marine geology and oceanography of the Pacific manganese nodule province

Market growth

Marketing and consumption of vegetables and fruits abroad

Marketing of fish products with special reference to the Milan establishment

Markets, discrimination, and the economic contribution of women in China: historical evidence

Mass flow meters and the citrus industry

Master farmer

Material incentive and responsibility in the accomplishment of the fodder plan

Maternal inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in sexual crosses of Phythium sylvaticum

Mathematical models in ecology

Matucana ritteri Buining

May lilys multiplication: Morpho-ecological and molecular analyses in a patch of Maianthemum bifolium (Convallariaceae)

Means of improving and putting i

Measurement of genetic diversity of virulence in populations of phytopathogenic fungi

Measurement, metrication and forestry practice

Measuring and benchmarking customer satisfaction: Implications for organizational and stakeholder accountability

Measuring the performers, bulls versus steers

Meat production in South America

Mechanical equipment for the ornamental garden

Mechanical, electrical and anesthetic stunning methods for livestock

Mechanism of naphthaleneacetic acid conjugation: no effext of ethylene

Mechanisms of growth arrest by zinc ribbon domain-containing 1 in gastric cancer cells

Mechanization of almond harvesting

Mechanization on pig farms

Media for growing vegetable transplants

Medicinal herbs and plants of Catalonia

Meeting for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Polish Society of Soil Science (1937-1977)

Meiotic disjunction, sex-determination and embryonic lethali ty in an X-linked simple translocation of the onion fly, Hylemya antiqua (Meigen)

Meloidogyne stylet secreations

Membranes of oat cells: the inverse relation between voltage and resistance is not due to H hydrogen ion pumps Avena sativa

Menu planning in 12 easy steps

Mersey--a new wheat variety for the North West Coast

Metabolic control and autogenous regulation of nit-3, the nitrate reductase structural gene of Neurospora crassa

Metabolism and mineral nutrition of field crops

Metabolism of inositol phosphates. II. Biosynthesis of inositol polyphosphates in germinating seeds of Phaseolus aureus

Metabotropic Ca2+ channel-induced calcium release in vascular smooth muscle

Meteorological analysis of drou

Method for determination and productivity of sclerothionine in Sclerotinia fungi

Method of determining the national economic effect of increasing the quality of inorganic fertilizers

Methodical aspects for long term forecasting in water supply

Methods and computer program documentation for determining anisotropic transmissivity tensor components of two-dimensional ground-water flow

Methods for measuring the acute toxicity of effluents and receiving waters to freshwater and marine organisms

Methods of combatting porcine brucelosis in Hungary

Methods of infection with Aspergillus fumagatus in cases of abortion in cows and pathogenicity of the causal organism

Methods of the field and laboratory analysis of soil physical properties

Methylthiouracil, an identified chemical residue in cattle: its implications in human and animal health

Mexicoa ghiesbreghtiana (Rich. and Gal.) Garay

Micro-organisms which deteriorate stored cereals and grains

Microbial degradation of pesticides

Microbial transformation of phenazines by Aspergillus sclerotiorum

Microbiological processes in peat bog soils under perennial grasses

Microchip-based capillary electrophoresis for determination of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes

Microfauna and biochemical properties of soil inside and outside of nest of European shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis, L.) in the Island Cies, Spain

Micromorphological studies on the blood vessels passing in t he broad ligament of the buffalo (Bos

Micropropagation of cineraria (Senecio X hybridus Hyl.)

Microspray irrigation and its uses

Middle East grain imports likely to increase in 1973-74

Migration patterns of barramundi, Lates calcarifer (Bloch), in Papua New Guinea Perch, oviposition

Milk and swine producers leisure time in 1977

Milk production increased by computer

Milking parlor studies where used in conjunction with the loose housing system

Mineral bioavailability in neonatal miniature piglets assessed from body and bone composition

Mineral oil extraction of light filth from rubbed sage: collaborative study

Mineralogy, concepts, descriptions, determinations

Minimum inhibitory concentrations of several antibiotics to Staphylococcus aureus-strains isolated from cases of bovine mastitis

Minor element recommendations for Utah crops

Miscellaneous publication

Mite control with overtree sprinklers

Mitogenic properties of structurally related Lathyrus lectins

Mixture designs applied to food formulation

Mode of entry by Pythium perniciosum into strawberry roots

Modeling Foraging Habitat of California Spotted Owls

Modeling soil frost depth on rangeland

Modelling of simple and complex calcium oscillations from single-cell responses to intercellular signalling

Modern Scandinavian wood handling systems

Modern method of wheat cleaning

Modern trends in the development of construction of plant breeding sowing machines

Modification of groundwood pulp through chemical treatment of the coarse fibre fraction. i. effect on the sheet structure

Modified and controlled atmospheres

Modulation of reproductive output in Drosophila by spectral properties of ambient light

Molasses: sprayfeeding improves palatabiltiy of roughage

Molecular aspects of differentiation

Molecular cloning and characterization of the yew gene encoding squalene synthase from Taxus cuspidata

Molecular genetics and epigenetics in the morphogenesis mechanisms

Molecular recognition

Molybdenum, its use and its effectiveness in the conditions of the Latvian SSR

Monitoring equine anesthesia

Mono- and sesquiterpenoids of Conocephalum supradecompositum

Monopteryx angustifolia and Erisma japura


More hypotheses on the general biological importance of plant galls

Mormon butterfly --its status in Bombay

Morphologic and functional changes of sow ovule before insemination

Morphological and ultrastructural characterization of mammalian spermatozoa processed for flow cytometric DNA analyses

Morphological structure of soils of pine biogenocenosis Pinus.1

Morphology and function of the venom apparatus of insects--bees, wasps, ants, and caterpillars

Morphology of the sternal glands of Polistes fuscatus and Polistes canadensis (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Mortality studies in Rhode Island Reds. II

Most important grass variety in forage-cultivation: Welsches Weidelgras

Moulting hormones of insects and crustaceans: the synthesis of 22-deoxycrustecdysone

Movement of tobacco mosaic virus in host-parasite systems involving Egyptian broomrape (Orobanche aegyptiaca)

Mucuna pruriens: in vitro production of L-DOPA

Multicommunity collaboration

Multiple correlation analysis

Multiple use and the U. S. Forest Service, 1910 to 1950

Multivariate analysis of the vegetation in a two-desert interface

Muscle:bone ratios in beef rib sections

Mutagenesis of amino acids at two ringspot nepovirus cleavage sites: effect on proteolytic processing in cis and in trans by the 3C-like protease

Mutation in the A block of the yeast tRNA3Leu gene that allows transcription but abolishes splicing and 5-end maturation

My experiences with module averaging strength measurements

Mycoparasitism within the Zygomycetes

Mycotoxin management in peanut by prevention of contamination and monitoring

Myrothecium leaf spot disease of cotton in Haryana. viability of the fungus and role of seeds in disease development

N. V. Androsov and his botanical activity in Turkmenistan: on centenial of his birthday

NIRS studies on the assaying of feed value relevant quality parameters of silage maize varieties in an instrumnet network

Naevus compose

Narrow trees

National Plant Materials Program

National forest recreation in Utah

National water policy in the wake of United States v. New Mexico

Natural and chernobyl-caused radionuclides in certain water plants and terrestrial plants in Styria and Carinthia

Natural growth of Fagus sylvatica L. on the north eastern boundary of its area

Natural regeneration in the southern Appalachians

Naturalised white clover on the North Coast

Nature of products formed in the vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of synthetic peptides

Near possibility of reducing cereal grains in poultry diets--a review

Necropsy of the dog

Needy put macaroni on trial

Nematodes as vectors of grapevine virus diseases and pertinent control methods

Neoplastic diseases

Nested PCR assay for detection of bovine coronavirus S1 gene

Neural inhibition of corpus allatum activity during metamorphos of Periplaneta americana: a reassessment

Neuronal growth factors

Neutralizing antibodies of colostral origin in the calf of a mother vaccinated against FMD

New Geisenheim Vitis amurensis crossings, Siberian wild vines for cold hardiness

New South Carolina records

New agricultural equipment from the International Rice Research Institute

New animal bone discoveries from Magula Pevkakia in Thessalia

New borders for workers of the rural area in Odessa Region

New conceptual developments and measurements for modeling the U.S. agricultural sector

New data on the problem of descending and ascending translocation of photosynthesis products of grapes

New disease resistant cantaloupe developed

New filter media in the sugar industry

New genera and species of terrestrial Isopoda (Trichoniscidae) from caves of the Georgian SSR

New ideas for sheep raising

New lettering method for describing the differences between means in statistical analysis

New method of straw utilization as fodder

New observations on the pear scab Venturia pirina Ad

New phenomenon of the Manchurian villages

New protected landscape area at Krivoklatsko

New regulation on property loans of agricultural credit

New soybean varieties, Suweon

New species of Oedocephalum and Papulaspora from Japanese soils

New species of the genus Bothriothorax (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) from Finland

New synthetic methodology and biologically active substances

New technology for papermaking: biopulping economics

New uses in the 1995 farm bill renegotiating agricultures contract with America

Newborn morphological anomalies in calves from the Berne region

Nicaragua. I. National report

Nine help themselves

Nitrate repression of averufin and aflatoxin biosynthesis Aspergillus parasiticus

Nitrogen and energy balance in growing cattle. 3. Liveweight gain and efficiency of food utilization of young calves given rations of similar nitrogen but different energy levels

Nitrogen fertilization of barley, oats, and spring wheat at Crookston, Lamberton, Morris, and Waseca

Nitrogen loss to tile lines as affected by tillage, Waseca, 1985

Nitrogen uptake and growth of Pinus greggii Engelm. six years after chemical root pruning

No effect of ploidy level in plant response to competition in a common garden experiment

Nodular dermatofibrosis and renal cystadenomas in a golden retriever

Nomenclature of the genus Everniastrum Hale (Lichenes:Parmeliaceae)

Non-equilibration in island theory of Krakatau

Nonaqueous bleaching of cellulose by perchloroethylene-hydrogen peroxide-water

Nonneurogenic urinary incontinence

Norfolk ducks

North American species of Calosota curtis (Hymenoptera: Eupelmidae)

Northern Plains Area 2003 research highlights

Notch responds differently to delta and wingless in cultured Drosophila cells

Note on the biology of Phlyct

Notes and descriptions on the family of Papilionidae in Mexico

Notes on Hymenoptera Tenthredoides

Notes on conidial fungi. XV. Monodictys bicolorata sp. nov

Notes on some leaf-spot diseases of broadleaved trees. VI. Large leaf-spot of birches

Notes on the ethology of Bohartia martini Adisiomarto and Wood (Diptera: Asilidae) in Wyoming, USA

Notes on the source of Japanese

Notulae et Novitates Muluenses. 2. Flora, new taxa, Borneo

Novel synthesis of the sex pheromone of the douglas-fir tussock moth (Orgyia pseudotsugata) and solenopsin A, a constituent of fire ant venom

Nuclear envelope isolation in peas

Nucleolus DNA synthesis in Vicia faba root-tip meristems

Number of meanings and concreteness: Consequences of ambiguity within and across languages

Nursery industry perceptions of knowledge needs for beginning managers

Nutrient cycling in a Eucalyptus obliqua (LHerit.) Forest. IV. Nutrient uptake and nutrient return

Nutrient uptake and cycling in forest ecosystems

Nutrition and immunology: from the clinical to cellular biology and back again

Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby

Nutrition of the newborn

Nutritional aspects of the orphanage children in Hokkaido in 1970

Nutritional manipulation of the fatty acid composition of sheep meat: a review

Nutritional thymic hypoplasia in fattening calves

Nutritive value of proteins pre

OA-312 and OA-304, two new Pima varieties

Obesity as a predictor of coronary heart disease

Objective assessment of apple maturity based on starch location

Observation on the penetration of beet nematode larvae in the roots of young sugarbeet plants and its influence on the crop

Observations on Orinocarabus latreillanus

Observations on procedures for thawing and spit-roasting frozen dressed chickens, and post-cooking care and storage: with particular reference to food-poisoning bacteria

Observations on the dynamics of the abundance of the sundew, Drosera rotundifolia, in the Bialowieza National Park

Observations on the performance of polishing lagoons at a large regional works


Occupational stability of farm personnel

Occurrence of 3,4 benzopyrone in dried grain

Occurrence of aflatoxins in cereals and cereal products

Occurrence of neutralizing antibodies to the transmissible gastroenteritis virus of swine in Sudbaden

Occurrence, bliology and harmfulness of Galerucella lineola (E) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) - Part 1. Last years (parent) beetles

Odor abatement at Union Camps terpene

Offer versus serve

Oil cake meal in animal feeding comparative utilization of the following oil cake meals, toasted, fermented soybean and peanut for the fattening of young bulls

Ol-glucosidase inhibition in obesity

Oligonychus yothersi (McGregor), a potential tea pest

On Matthioloa and Vincetoxicum f

On applying potassium fertilizers to cotton in the Mil-Karabakh Steppes

On drying seeds of legumes and oil crops

On keeping quality of 2-furaldehyde compounds with diatomic phenols

On procedures for obtaining, purification and identification of B1 aflatoxin

On some problems of starting and nutrition of lucerne covers without irrigation

On the activity of proteolytic enzymes in Euglena gracilis

On the branching process of psilotum and Selaginella with remarks on the concept of dichotomy

On the crystallization of water in margarines

On the ecology and evolution of fungal senescence

On the exclusion of Glyceria foucaudi Coste from the Piedmont flora

On the growth of hiba natural s

On the introduction of representatives of the genus Bupleurum L

On the migration of isolated eddies with application to Gulf Stream rings

On the occurrence of flavonoids in the acrocarpous mosses. II. luteolin from the sporophyte of Ceratodon purpureus (L.) Brid

On the possibility of synthesis of alcohol and lactate dehydrogenases under conditions of oxygen deficiency

On the production of cattle feed in Indonesia and its potentials for export; proceedings of a workshop

On the role in stridulation of plurisegmental interneurons of the acridid grasshopper Omocestus viridulus L. II. Anatomy and physiology of ascending and T-shaped interneurons

On the structure and productivit

On the trend in swine breeding

On toxins and aggressins Plant pathology, compounds produced by microorganisms that are harmful to plants, definition and terminology

Once atrial fibrillation, always oral anticoagulation?

One way or conventional plowing? Advantages and disadvantages.1

Ontogenesis of the stem eelworm Ditylenchus dipsaci (Tylenchida, Anguinidae)

Open resection for subvalvular aortic stenosis in dogs.

Operational characteristics of polypropylene yarns containing mixtures of domestic nontoxic stabilizers

Opportunistic fungal infections

Optical sorting systems used for snack food quality control

Optimal use of the Swine Fattening Testing Stations in -Lower Saxony

Optimization of production structure of a hop-growing farm

Optimizing the process of esterification of acetic acid with butanol

Optional dairy foods emphasis. Foods 4. Foods roundup

Orchard alley cropping in the subhumid tropics

Ordenacion del territorio y medio marino

Organic certification

Organic substance in mountainous Chernozems of the Northern Tien Shan

Organization and technical assistance in two bean producing Departments of El Salvador

Organization of scanner data for more effective usage in managerial decision-making

Organizatsiia zdravookhraneniia


Origin and germination of the chlamydospores of Botrytis cinerea Pers

Ornamental herbs

Oscillatory rheometry: the necessity for sample temperature correction

Osteopontin stimulates melanoma growth and lung metastasis through NIK/MEKK1-dependent MMP-9 activation pathways

Our country state farms

Our way down East

Outer space indication of the dynamics and results of forest fires

Outlook of the Indonesian palm oil production and export in 1975-1980

Overall exploitation of natural resources

Oversight hearing on national health care reform


Oxalate toxicity in a scaly-tailed possum, a patagonian cavy and a swamp wallaby Oxalidaceae and Chenopodiaceae, Australia

Oxidative stability of sunflower and olive oils: comparison between a modified active oxygen method and long term storage

Oxygen-alkali semichemical pulping of wood chips

PAH transport in rock crab urinary bladder. II. Luminal and serosal steps

PPAR dual agonists: Are they opening Pandoras box?

Packaging industries and the food-additives amendment--a reprise

Pakistan journal of zoology

Palm oil quality related to p

Pancreatic D cells in very young chick enbryos

Paper mill sludge: feedstock for tomorrow

Paragonial proteins of Drosophila melanogaster adult male: in vitro biosynthesis

Parasite accessory cell interactions in murine leishmaniasis. I. Evasion and stimulus-dependent suppression of the macrophage interleukin 1 responseby Leishmania donovani

Parasitisation of stalk borer (Chilo auricilius Ddgn) by Sturmiopsis inferens towns in Karnal

Parental effects on childrens neurobehavioral function

Part-Time Employment by Secondary Agricultural Education Teachers

Partial purification of a nucleoside triphosphatase from the inner membrane of the chloroplast envelope of pea

Particle properties of blackcurrant reversion associated virus--a new mite-transmitted nepovirus

Pasmo of flax Septoria linicola, USSR.1

Pasture calendars for the north central United States

Patenting life

Pathogenic races of potato wart and their virulence

Pathological penis prolapse in the bull

Pathotypes of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae in Asia China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, rice bacterial blight pathogen

Patterns and processes of vertebrate evolution

Patupilone. Antimitotic drug, microtubule-stabilizing agent, oncolytic

Peach production east of the Rocky Mountains

Pears on ice is a good combination

Pectic enzyme activity from Phytophthora infestans

Peculiarities of metabolism in the leaves of apple spurs as affected by the forming fruit

Pediatric nonaccidental trauma thoracolumbar fracture-dislocation - Posterior spinal fusion with pedicle screw fixation in an 8-month-old boy

Pelvic measurements affect calving ease

Pennsylvania timber industries--a periodic assessment of timber output

Peptide YY, cholecystokinin, insulin and ghrelin response to meal did not change, but mean serum levels of insulin is reduced in children with Prader-Willi syndrome

Percolation tests according to leaflet 37--first findings

Performance and energy metabolism of steers fed a concentrate or roughage diet in coventional, semi-enclosed slatted and enclosed slatted floor feedlots in summer

Performance of ammoniacal copper arsenate treated Douglas-fir poles

Performance of mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) in rice based cropping system in central Thailand

Performance of winter barley with regard to double row varieties

Period shortening and phase shifting effects of ethanol on the Gonyaulax glow rhythm

Permaculture systems pamphlet

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) in skin health, repair and disease

Persistent genetic signatures of colonization in Brachionus manjavacas rotifers in the Iberian Peninsula

Perspectives in human malnutrition

Pest control for everyone

Pesticide development in Japan as affected by ecological considerations

Pesticide use in Illinois crop production

Pests and disease of the oil and coconut palm: Limacodidae of the genus Sibine

Petroleum distillates and turpentine

Pharmaceutical industry in veterinary service during 1971-1972

Pharmacological properties of dibenzoa,c cyclooctene derivatives isolated from Fructus schizandrae chinensis. III. Inhibitory effects on carbon tetrachloride-induced lipid peroxidation, metabolism and covalent binding of carbon tetrachloride to lipids

Phenol bonding by homogenates of

Phenology of some Danish beech wood spiders

Phenylalanine is the predominant antisickling agent in Cajanus cajan seed extract

Phomenoic acid and phomenolactone, antifungal substances from Phoma lingam (Tode) Desm.: kinetics of their biosynthesis, with an optimization of the isolation procedures

Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from the Crassulacean plant Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi Hamet et Perrier. purification, molecular and kinetic properties

Phosphorus fertilizer in carnations (Dannthus caryophyllus L. Scania Red). II. Influence on color

Photo and thermo regulation of growth and flowering in Dicentra spectabilis (L) Lem

Photodynamic therapy: basic principles and potential uses for the veterinary ophthalmologist

Photoperiodic reaction of the predatory bug Perillus and its variation

Photosynthesis and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Photosynthetic light curves for different organization of photosynthetic units

Phyllosphere study of wheat varieties grown in Uttar Pradesh

Physalolactone: a new withanolide from Physalis peruviana

Physical distribution and temporal persistence of injected permanganate within saturated soils

Physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties of some salt affected soils of Rajasthan,India

Physicochemical studies on Uburu salt lake Ebonyi State-Nigeria

Physiological and ethological indices in a colony of Polistes gallicus L

Physiological evaluation of the severity of pancreatic exocrine dysfunction during endoscopy

Physiological studies on potato. II. Interaction between seed size and spacing on the growth and yield of potato

Physiology of the potato

Phytochrome in seeds of Amaranthus caudatus

Phytophthora cinnamomi in Hawaiian forest soils: Seasonal variations in population levels

Phytosociology of the woody vegetation of a cerrado area in the municipality of Corumbatal (State of Sao Paulo)

Pictorial gardening

Pigmentation and antibacterial activity of fast neutron and X ray induced strains of Monascus purpureus Went

Pine reforestation is everyones business

Pipe scouring: a new method for scouring greasy wool

Placement of shelterbelts

Planned basis for the management of a district agroindustrial association

Planning for disaster

Planning to prosper: recalling lessons learned from livestock slaughter and meat packing co-ops

Plant biotechnology: evolution and implications

Plant diseases, diverse methods of control, prevention and cure

Plant health law

Plant patents

Plant protection on 1976 commercial vegetable cultures

Plant stock for breeding buckwheat for frost resistance in different phases of development of the plants

Plantation and agri-horticultural resources of Kerala

Planting stock for breeding early varieties of biennial cabbage species

Plants of the Kimberley region of Western Australia

Plasma membrane H+-ATPase and environmental stress

Plastic sealing of tobacco-storage warehouses

Plecoptera Slovene stonefly fauna, Yugoslavia

Plumbs veterinary drug handbook


Poisonous weeds

Policy directions regulating biotech: an industrial viewpoint.

Pollen Tube Tip Growth Depends on Plasma Membrane Polarization Mediated by Tobacco PLC3 Activity and Endocytic Membrane Recycling

Pollen production and dispersal as affected by seasonal temperature and rainfall patterns

Pollinators as vectors of biocontrol agents - the B52 story

Polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis of reduced and alkylated soybean trypsin inhibitors

Polygenic analysis of larval locomotor activity in Drosophila melanogaster

Polymorphism of inhibin beta A gene and its relationship with litter size in sheep

Polypores from Bonin Is. (Japan). II. Two new species of Phellinus (Hymenochaetaceae, Basidiomycotina)

Ponderosa pine lumber recovery young growth in northern California

Population change of Coccinella septempunctata during the year

Population genetic structure of Nantucket pine tip moth Rhyacionia frustrana

Population-based survey of travel patterns among Canadians visiting hepatitis A-endemic countries

Porosity of swollen solvent-exchanged cellulose and its collapse during final liquid removal

Positioning walk-through milking stalls in large dairy barns

Possibilities for soybeans

Possibilities of intensification of production on fish pond farms

Possibilities of utilizing equipment and machinery in agricultural experimentation

Possible changes in fat consumption in the future

Possible ways of improving the efficiency of broiler production

Post-natal growth of the digestive apparatus in chicken hybrids of different type

Postharvest fungal decay control chemicals: Treatments and residues in citrus fruits

Postwar agricultural prospects

Potato and weed response to postemergence-applied halosulfuron, pimsulfuron, and EPTC

Potato storage

Potential consequences of excess protein consumption

Potential new crop: kenaf, commercial fiber and pulp source, January 1979-December 1989

Potentially mineralizable nitrogen in soil: the simple exponential model does not apply for the first 12 weeks of incubation

Poultry equipment

Poultrys complete package

Power spectra of currents off Bombay

Practical electrical wiring, residential, farm, and industrial

Practical problems in soil mechanics

Practicum on agrochemistry

Pre-emergent weed control in corn

Precision evaluation of rice regional trials in Jiangsu province

Predatory birds, pesticides and pollution

Predicting the abundance of white shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus) from environmental parameters and previous life stages

Prediction of the phytoplankton development in designed reservoirs by combining a growth-kinetic model and the analogy to existing reservoirs

Preferential distribution of NK cells into uteri of C57BI/6J mice after adoptive transfer of lymphocytes

Preliminary assessment of oil contamination levels in soils contaminated with oil lakes in the greater burgan oil fields, Kuwait

Preliminary investigation of the life history of Filaroideshirthi Georgi and Anderson, 1975

Preliminary report of study of wool substitute fabrics

Preliminary studies on an atypical strain of bovine Theiler ia isolated in Kenya

Preliminary test in applying NPK to the common kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for some soils of Goias State, Brazil

Preparation and control of homeopathic drugs

Preparation of dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV for polypeptide sequencing

Preparation, measurement and possible use of human antitoxin against Clostridium botulinum A, B and E toxins

Prerequisites for effective operation of carrot harvesting combines

Presence of guanine nucleotide-binding proteins in a plant hypocotyl microsomal fraction

Present problems of forest resources preservation in Romania

Present state of things in animal physiology and reproduction

Preservation of dormancy in freshly harvested wheat grain Cultivars, germination, varieties

Preserving the high peak

Pretreatment of wood by irradiation on order to enhance efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis of its polysaccharides

Prevalence of parasitic helminths of Gallus gallus domesticus L. , in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Prevention and treatment of foot and ankle injuries in figure skaters

Prevention plan

Price programs of the United States Department of Agriculture, 1949

Primary and secondary toxicity of warfarin, sodium monofluoroacetate, and methyl parathion in mink

Primary structure of subunit B of the 11S globulin of cotton seeds of variety 108-F. III. Peptides from tryptic hydrolysis at arginine residues

Principal problems of wood protection in Czechoslovakia

Principles of empiric stimulation of spartial distribution of Picea schrenkiana in the forests of Tyan-Shan mountains

Principles, methods and applications of the convective drying of foodstuffs

Privatized composting in a farm setting

Problem of analytic determination of phenols in wastewater with contents of tannins

Problems and application of lichenometry ot geomorphic studies, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Problems identification of water function zoning and harmonious countermeasures

Problems of Cretaceous-Palaeogene palaeophytogeographical regions based on pakynological resuslts. iI

Problems of field distribution of blends and how they are solved

Problems of optimization of the irrigation parameters in a water economy system

Problems of the control of Metatetranychus ulmi Koch in the Nyirseg area

Problems related to tobacco varieties

Procedure of restoring paleoclimatic conditions of the basis of palynological data

Proceedings of National Symposia on indirect effects of radiation in relation to food preservation and protein metabolism in ruminants

Proceedings of the 6th International Ginseng Symposium

Proceedings of the National Advisory Board, Bureau of Land Management, Cheyenne, Wyoming, May 24-27, 1976

Proceedings of the the Seminar on Tissue Culture of Forest Species, Kuala Lumpur, 15-18 June 1987

Proceedings--Northern Region Biodiversity Workshop, Missoula, MT, September 11-13, 1990

Processing and nutritional value of blood meals

Procollagen assembly and secretion in embryonic chick bone

Producing the highest yield from each hectare of soil

Production and investigation of attenuated A22 strains of the foot-and-mouth disease in relation to their immunogenicity

Production cost

Production of a female sex pheromone in Stenoma decora Zeller (Lepidoptera:Stenomidae) and its attractiveness to the males

Production of d-arabitol by a newly isolated Zygosaccharomyces rouxii

Production of identical twin calves from transfer of embryo halves

Production of protein and amino acid mutants in maize

Production of vitamin D3 in sheep in response to artificial ultraviolet light exposure

Production, maturity, and wine composition of winegrape varieties in western Oregon

Productivity growth and the returns from public investment in R&D in Australian broadacre agriculture

Productivity of the TX 1600 tree extractor in southern pine plantations

Professional qualifications of the people working in agriculture in the years 1976-1990

Profiling excretory

Progeny in a seed plantation by clones

Program for a practical course for agricultural tractor operators

Progress and commitment

Progress in the procedure of evaluation of studs Race horse breeding.1

Progressive diabetic nephropathy in the Ren-2 rat

Projected costs and returns: cotton, soybeans corn, milo & wheat--Red River & Central Areas Louisiana, 1988

Promenade sur les riviaeres navigables et flottables

Promotion of fishery resources in Sultanate of Oman

Propagation of Orchidaceae by means of a meristemic culture

Properties and biosynthesis of cell wall-bound acid phosphatase in Aspergllus niger

Properties of peanut protein film: sorption isotherm and plasticizer effect

Prophylaxis and treatment of alimentary osteodystrophy in cows

Proposal of trinomial diagnostics of waterlogging for drainage

Proposed new obligational authority for various agencies and the District of Columbia

Prospects for a sustainable agriculture in the northeasts rural

Prospects of growing Hippophae rhamnoides in the Sheki Zakataly zone

Prosthesis for partially amputated foreleg in a horse

Protecting our water resources, the Federal water pollution control program

Protection of forests from fire

Protective clothing research: a systematic holistic approach

Protein and polar lipid constituents of the plastid envelope membranes

Protein isolates from Chlorella algae, Torula yeasts, and hydrocarbon-assimilating microorganisms

Protein status of sheep and levels of blood acetate and glucose

Proteins from hydrocarbons

Prothrombinemia and the pathogenesis of swine fever

Proventricular hyperplasia (malabsorption syndrome) in broiler chickens

Pruning and trellising American grapes

Pseudomonas cerasi Griffin--a bl

Psychosocial outcomes for preschool children and families after surgery for complex congenital heart disease

Public health aspects in relation to beef production


Pulmonary edema

Pumping power requirements and role of viscosity during agitation of concentrated orange juice

Purification and characterization of a beta-glucosidase from Trichoderma reesei

Purification and preliminary characterization of an aggregation sensitive chemoattractant of Dictyostelium minutum

Purification and some properties of nitrite reductase from Cucurbita pepo

Purification of virus specific RNA from chicken cells infected with avian sarcoma virus: identification of genome length and subgenome length viral RNAs

Putting down and developing wells for irrigation

Pyrolysis gas chromatography of lignin

Qualidade das silagens de tres hibridos de sorgo ensilados em cinco diferentes estadios de maturacao

Quality and reliability in analytical chemistry

Quality control. 2

Quality of forest roads and the consumption of fuel

Quality of weld deposit at impulse and non-impulse welding-on by a synergic welding generator

Quantification of the effects of over 35 years of intensive cultivation on four soils Tillage effects

Quantitative and qualitative changes in proteins during morphogenesis of the basidiocarp of Volvariella volvacea

Quantitative diatom analysis as an archaeological aid

Quantitative structure-activity relationships among selected pyrimidinones and Hill reaction inhibition

Quarterly economic review of the Arabian Peninsula

Questioning the necessity for reconsidering the current bovine blood tests

Quinine loading dose in cerebral malaria Plasmodium falciparum

RNA chaperone activity of L1 ribosomal proteins: phylogenetic conservation and splicing inhibition

Rabbits may still be the coming thing

Radiata pine silviculture in New Zealand: its evolution and future prospects

Radio tracking and animal populations

Radioimmunoassays for the determination of the peptidealkaloids ergotamine and ergocristine in Claviceps purpurea

Raeva vinnaa

Raising apple and pear trees on clone stocks in Kazakhstan

Ralstonia pickettii in environmental biotechnology: potential and applications

Range nutrition in relation to management

Rapid Molecular Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Rapid evolution, genetic variations, and functional association of the human spermatogenesis-related gene NYD-SP12

Rapid synthesis of double-stranded cucumber mosaic virus-associated RNA 5: mechanism controlling viral pathogenesis?

Raspberries for the home garden

Rates of nuclear DNA evolution in pheasant-like birds: evidence from restriction maps

Rationalising mixed cropping under indigenous conditions: the example of northern Nigeria

Rayon glossary

Reaction of Phaseolus an Macroptilium species to a strain of cucumber mosaic virus

Reactions of 52 families of Populus deltoides Bartr. to early low temperatures

Reaerosolization of Fluidized Spores in Ventilation Systems

Rearing calves with flakes?

Reassessment of mercury in surface water in the Adirondack region, New York

Recent advances in surgical control and management of neoplasia

Recent developments in rabbit nutrition

Recent models of gene action and quantitative genetics

Recent trends in European Community and West German starch industries

Reciprocal transport between ramets increases growth of Fragaria chiloensis when light and nitrogen occur in separate patches but only if patches are rich

Recognizing child abuse and neglect

Recommendations for the formation of an International Emergency Food Council

Reconsolidation of discocactus Pfeiff

Record of selection of higher grape varieties in Croatia

Recovery of arsenic by dry ashing from animal tissue fortified with organoarsenicals or arsenic trioxide

Recruitment and training of minority students through the grambling cooperative wildlife project

Red Bluff camp & picnic ground

Redescription and re-evaluation of Chrysobothris leonhardi Obenberger, 1916 (Coleoptera Buprestidae)

Reduced adiposity in ob/ob mice following total body irradiation and bone marrow transplantation

Reducing polarity through effective communication: an endangered species example

Reduction of mortality and extension of planting season of pine seedlings by spot-watering and mulching

Reference lists

Reflective mulch (Extenday) in fruit orchards- preliminary results

Regeneration additional fertilization of wheat in relation to the content of nitrate nitrogen in soil

Regional activities and drying problems in California

Regional peculiarities in the implementation of the agrarian revolution in Algeria

Registered nurses responses to reporting abuse: a survey of home health and community health nurses in Alabama

Registration of RRL (H)84, an aroma-type hop genotype

Regularities governing the changes of water-stable structure of soils in various vertical zones of the Azerbaidzhan S-SR

Regulation of adipose tissue development in the fetus: the fetal pig model

Regulation of insulin gene transcription by nutrients

Regulation of the (Ca2+) calcium ion-ATPase in erythrocyte membrane by dietary lipids

Regulatory and land use aspects of sand and gravel mining as they affect reclamation for wildlife habitat and open space: a national perspective United States

Rejection of the names Magnolia heptapeta and M. quinquepeta (Magnoliaceae)

Relation between the percentage of mineral elements of sandy soil horizons in Landes of Gascogne and the growth of Pin us pinaster Sol, significance of magnesium

Relations between homocysteine, folate and vitamin B12 in vascular dementia and in Alzheimer disease

Relationship between characteristics of rumen fluid and condition of rumen papillae

Relationship between physiological parameters and level of physical performance in pre-adolescent school girls

Relationship between trachaeary element differentiation and DNA synthesis in single cells isolated from the mesophyll of Zinnia elegans. Analysis by inhibitors of DNA synthesis

Relationship of the cGMP-binding activity to the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase in Dictyostelium discoideum

Relationships between rates of nematicide and leaf nutrition of two soybean cultivars in nematode infested soil

Relative effectiveness of acid lead arsenate and other materials as stomach poisons for the larvae of the Japanese beetle

Relaxation dynamics of piroxicam structures within human serum albumin protein

Reliability of spot test kits for detecting lead in household dust

Remarks on threatening of forest stands and afforestations by noxious insects in the Upper Silesian industrial region during years of 1976-1980 Poland.1

Remote sensing of changes in morphology and physiology of trees under stress

Removal of the parotid and mandibular salivary glands from a pony mare

Renewal of the Italian horse rearing industry

Repairing facial wounds in horses

Replenishment of ground water supplies by artificial means

Report of Joint Committee on the economic report

Report of the Cottonseed Treatment Committee for 1985

Report of the first 4-H Laboratory in Citizenship Education

Report on antifungal activity of some cyanates, thiocyanates and organomercury thiocyanates

Report on the activities of the Institute of Dendrology and the Kornik Arboretum for the year 1972

Report to the Senate on two watershed proposals

Reproduction des bovins, staerilitae, amaelioration insaemination artificielle

Reproductive biotechnology of farm animals

Reproductive surgery in reptiles

Requisites and methodologies in digital terrain models production

Research at the Waiboer Farm during the summer of 1979

Research institutes for agricultural machinery in the German Federal Republic

Research on a no-till, tropical legume-ley farming strategy

Research on small fruit production as substitute crops for opium poppy, October 1979-September 1984

Research on the preservation of green forages by ensiling. I. Effects of some chemical and biological additives on pasture-grass and alfalfa silages

Research resources for micropolitan development

Researches on xanthone and other constituents of Gentiana and Swertia: the presence of a new triterpene in Gentiana verna L

Residential outdoor education in Nebraska schools

Residues of DDT and its metabolities in tissues of Clupeiformes of the Adriatic Sea

Resistance of Haemonchus contortus to rafoxanide in sheep Anthelmintic.1

Resistance of the virus in animal products

Resistence to broomrape (Orobanche crenata Forsk.) in common wetch (Vicia sativa L.)

Resource requirements, investments, costs, and expected returns from hog production systems in Illinois, 1965

Respiratory diseases in cattle--disease incidence and epidemiology--the situation in Germany

Response of Pensacola bahiagrass to irrigation and time of N fertilization

Response of gram to irrigation and fertilization

Response of soil CO2 and O2 concentrations to forest soil compaction at the Long-term soil productivity sites in central British Columbia

Response surfaces for controlled atmosphere and temperature by insect species: implications for disinfestation of fresh produce for export

Responses of hybrid poplar clones and red maple seedlings to ambient O subscript 3 under differing light within a mixed hardwood forest

Restituation gametes in sugar beet primary trisomics

Restriction of template capacity of rat liver chromatin by a non-histone peptide from calf thymus

Results from the analysis of various hydraulic automatic control devices for constant discharge flow in open irrigation canals

Results of an experimental fertilization test with Red Top tomatoes

Results of field trials in the United Kingdom using bentazon (BAS 351H) for weed control in peas

Results of reciprocal crossing o

Results of testing an ultralow volume sprayer OM-320 in fruit orchards

Results of the sixteenth international early maturing winter X spring wheat screening nursery (1992-1993)

Retail beef price specials

Retinoic acid receptor beta silences human papillomavirus-18 oncogene expression by induction of de Novo methylation and heterochromatinization of the viral control region

Reuse value of cleaning fluids in milking centers with varied wash water conditions

Review Iraqi agriculture

Review of plant species cited in the Bible

Review of the world commodity situation

Revision of Rhodobaenus. 2. Species in North America (Canada to Panama) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Rhynchophorinae)

Revision of the infectious disease regulations

Rhacopteris and Botrychiopsis in Eogondwana of Monte Mor, Itarare subgroup, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Rhizoeconomics: The roots of shoot growth limitations

Rhythms in agriculture

Rice disease control studies, 1993

Rice, its technological value

Rinderpest diagnosis by intradermal injection of antigen

Risk assessment and risk management: key factors in food safety decision making

Rites of spring (and Summer)

Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical cystoprostatectomy: Operative and pathological outcomes

Role and significance of prognoses and monitoring in crop protection

Role of bacteria in bioaccumulation of mercury in the oyster Crassostrea virginica

Role of fertilizers and organic manures in Thanjavur wilt of coconut

Role of methylation in the induced and spontaneous expression of the avian endogenous virus ev-1: DNA structure and gene products

Role of retone bodies in energy processes and lipids synthesis in piglet tissues in the neonatal period

Role of the physical geographical factors in land use on and around Mount Tokaj

Rolls from wood and plastics

Root length of plants on Los Alamos National Laboratory lands

Rooting substances for ornamental plants

Rostliny v geologickem vyzkumu

Routes to self-sufficiency: teenage mothers and employment

Ruhemanns purple from ninhydrin, ascorbate, and nitrite

Runoff model based on Larrieus generalized unit hydrograph theory and two-phase infiltration theory Watershed stimulation model

Rural development and labor adjustment in the Mississipipi Delta and Ozarks of Arkansas

Rural housing

Rural society and participatory development

Rust-no-more beans: new varieties fend off all 55 known rust-causing fungi

SCMD: Saccharomyces cerevisiae morphological database

SUFU 2006 introduction

Safeguarding the integrity of food shipments

Sage grouse versus sagebrush control in Idaho

Salinity in the South Creek Catchment

Salmonellosis of calves Salmonella spp., Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.1

Salzforst. How should the forest be managed with regard to wood production, game preservation and recreational demands?

Sampling--an important supposition of analytical evaluation of hops and hop products

Sanitary-veterinary requirements related to food

Sardinia and the agrarian question

Save the succulents! a practical step to aid conservation

Scabies (Psoroptic ovis) in Nelson desert bighorn of northwestern Arizona

Scanning electron microscopy of erythrocytes recovered from the gut of stable flies after feeding on bovine blood

Schistosome dystrophin and dystrobrevin proteins contain large insertions

Science and improving our environment

Scientific and technical policy and innovation activity in Ulyanovskaya Oblast

Scientific research work as a factor in the development of tobacco production in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scope and importance of dairy science graduates for dairy plants and responsibilities of management for their effective utilization

Screening for indoor air quality of air-conditioned offices

Screwworm flies for sterle-male relase: laboratory tests of the quality of candidate strains

Search of new alkaloid plants

Seasonal changes in behavioral patterns of the ant, Formica polyctena, in an artificial nest with temperature gradient

Seasonal dynamics of organic matter in Chernozems

Seasonal prevalence of soybean

Seasonal variations in the heat energy budget of the Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Second largest world filbert harvest

Secretion of hypo-osmotic fluid by the lower malpighian tubules of Rhodnius prolixus

Sediment trap efficiency of small reservoirs

Seed discovery of pioneer species in the Guyana primary forest soil

Seed predation and patterns of fruit production in Asclepias syriaca L

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