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S-tine harrow Sampo S-300, equipped with levelling board, tractor mounted; year of manufacture 1973

, : S-tine harrow Sampo S-300, equipped with levelling board, tractor mounted; year of manufacture 1973. Vakola Koetusselostus: 1974, 867

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Other Research

Weed control in extensive willow (Salix viminalis L.) plantations in the Vistula River valley with the aid of atrazine and Gramoxone: Atrazine at 12.5, 25 and 37.5 kg [product?]/ha gave better weed control than Gramoxone (paraquat) at 6 litres/ha in willow plantations on medium and heavy warp soils. Even the lowest dose eliminated Solidago serotina and grasses. The proportion of...

Notes on the parasitic fungi of Illinois. IV: The fourth series of notes on parasitic fungi that have been recorded in Illinois includes, amongst others, the following new species which are of phytopathological interest. Stigmatophragmia sassafrasicola n. g., n. sp., Pseudodictya sassafrasico...

A bibliography of the literature on brucellosis covering 20 years: This review covers work on brucellosis published between 1928 and 1945 inclusive. Results are tabulated in detail.

A methodological note on the construction of prenatal growth standards

Chemical control trials on the northern pitch twig moth in Alberta

Effects of nitrogen sources on growth responses and mangnesium and manganese leaf concentrations of snap beans

Combined effects of temperature and salinity on the zoeal development of the crab Liocarcinus puber: Larval development of the crab Liocarcinus puber was studied from hatching to the megalopa stage under 12 different temperature and salinity combinations, 10 degree C, 25 degree C, and 20 degree C (T): 20, 25, 30, and 35 permill (S), with a view t...

An electrophysiological study of angiotensin II regulation of Na-HCO-3 cotransport and K conductance in renal proximal tubules: II. Effect of micromolar concentrations: In the first part of our study, we described the effect of picomolar concentrations of angiotensin II (AII) on cell membrane potential (V-b) and cell pH (pH-i) of isolated perfused rabbit renal proximal tubules. In the present publication we summa...

Transport of conservative solutes in simulated fracture networks; 2, Ensemble solute transport and the correspondence to operator-stable limit distributions

Studies of the potentialities of soybean production

Interaction between some saprophytic and entomopathogenic fungi: The studies on interactions between selected entomopathogenic fungi: Beauveria bassiana, Conidiobolus thromboides (= Entomophthora virulenta), Paecilomyces farinosus, Verticillium lecanii and four species of saprophytic fungi were carried out.

Technique for mounting microfrenate Lepidoptera

Effect of metoclopramide bethanechol and the cholecystokinin receptor antagonist l 364718 on gastric emptying in the rat: The prokinetic effects of metoclopramide, bethanechol and L-364,718 on a semisolid meal and solid pellet gastric emptying were evaluated and compared. Each compound increased the rate of meal emptying as measured 90 min post-dose. L-364,718, a non...

The veterinaryservice in the island of Texel: The municipal veterinary service in the island of Texel is responsible not only for meat and market inspection, but also for the supervision of milk hygiene, and the inspection of herds and of farm buildings. -C. A.

The pregnant woman in the work place potential embryopathic risks