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Life, Earth & Health Sciences Research: Chapter 18697

Life, Earth & Health Sciences Research: Chapter 18697

Chapter 18697 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Depositional history of the Apollo 16 deep drill core

Depositional history of the Apollo 17 deep drill core based on particle track record

Depositional history of the Athabasca oil sands, surface mineable region

Depositional history of the Bitter Springs Playa paleontologic site, Tiefort Basin, Fort Irwin National Training Center, California

Depositional history of the Black Mountain Conglomerate, Mohave County, Arizona; sedimentary response to Miocene extension in the central Basin and Range Province

Depositional history of the Cambrian Flathead Sandstone, Park County, Wyoming

Depositional history of the Cambrian Karsha and Kurgiakh formations, Zanskar region, Indian Himalayas

Depositional history of the Castner Marble, Franklin Mountains, TX

Depositional history of the Celebes Sea from ODP Sites 767 and 770

Depositional history of the Chickamauga Limestone (Middle Ordovician) in Jefferson County, Alabama

Depositional history of the Cretaceous Cliff House Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Depositional history of the Cretaceous series in the U.S. Atlantic Coastal Plain; stratigraphy, paleoenvironments, and tectonic controls of sedimentation

Depositional history of the Dakota Sandstone, San Juan Basin area, New Mexico

Depositional history of the Devonian Cedar Valley Formation, east-central Iowa

Depositional history of the Devonian succession in the Rocky Mountains southwest of the Peace River Arch

Depositional history of the E2.0 reservoir in the Kolo Creek Field, Niger Delta

Depositional history of the Eocene Chumstick Formation; implications of tectonic partitioning for the history of the Leavenworth and Entiat-Eagle Creek fault systems, Washington

Depositional history of the Eocene Chumstick Formation; implications of tectonic partitioning for the history of the Leavenworth and Entiat-Eagle Creek fault systems, Washington; discussion and reply

Depositional history of the Ferron Formation, central Utah

Depositional history of the Fullerton Fm. (Pleistocene) of southeastern Nebraska

Depositional history of the Galveston Bay complex

Depositional history of the Graneros Shale (Cenomanian), Rock Canyon Anticline

Depositional history of the Greenhorn Cyclothem at Black Mesa, northeastern Arizona

Depositional history of the Greenhorn Formation (Upper Cretaceous), northwestern Black Hills

Depositional history of the Guadalupian Grayburg Formation, Last Chance Canyon vicinity, Southeast New Mexico

Depositional history of the Helgoland mud area, German Bight, North Sea

Depositional history of the Jurassic System and hydrocarbon accumulations in the Wapella-Moosomin area, southeastern Saskatchewan

Depositional history of the Kargil molasse basin, India

Depositional history of the Lagniappe Delta, northern Gulf of Mexico

Depositional history of the Lamotte Sandstone of southeastern Missouri

Depositional history of the Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician continental margin; Ottawa-St. Lawrence Lowlands

Depositional history of the Little Piute Mtns. basin, southeastern California; implications for Miocene tectonic development of the western headwall of the Whipple detachment terrane

Depositional history of the Lower Ordovician Beekmantown Group, St. Lawrence Lowland, Quebec and Ontario; sea-level, tectonics, and Sauk/ Tippecanoe boundary

Depositional history of the Lower Permian sediments in north-central Texas

Depositional history of the Lower Triassic Dinwoody Formation in the Wind River Basin area, Wyoming

Depositional history of the Maastrichtian Lewis Shale in south central Wyoming; deltaic and interdeltaic, marginal marine through deep-water marine, environments

Depositional history of the Main Tuff Interval of the Wittenoom Formation, late Archean-early Proterozoic Hamersley Group, Western Australia

Depositional history of the Marble Falls Formation of the Llano region, central Texas

Depositional history of the Mid-Cretaceous Dakota Formation and early foreland basin evolution, So. Utah

Depositional history of the Middle Cambrian Kunzum La Formation, Indian Himalayas

Depositional history of the Moenkopi Formation in light of its magnetostratigraphy

Depositional history of the Muddy sandstone, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Depositional history of the Nanushuk Group and related strata

Depositional history of the Newfoundland Basin east of the Grand Banks

Depositional history of the North Taymyr ice-marginal zone, Siberia; a landsystem approach

Depositional history of the Paleocene-Eocene Colton Formation, north-central Utah

Depositional history of the Palo Pinto Limestone (Pennsylvanian), North-central Texas

Depositional history of the Pennsylvanian Breathitt Formation, eastern Kentucky

Depositional history of the Pennsylvanian System in the Illinois Basin; a summary of work by Dr. Harold R. Wanless and associates

Depositional history of the Permian continental sequence in the Val Trompia-Passo Croce Domini area (Breccian Alps, Italy)

Depositional history of the Plio-Pleistocene? Seroe Domi Formation, Curacao and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Depositional history of the Pliocene-Pleistocene Adriatic foredeep (central Italy) from surface and subsurface data

Depositional history of the Precambrian(?)-Cambrian Campito Formation, western Nevada and eastern California

Depositional history of the Ranger Limestone (Pennsylvanian), north-central Texas

Depositional history of the Recent Baram Delta

Depositional history of the Smackover Formation in South-west Alabama

Depositional history of the Smackover Formation, Appleton Field, Escambia County, Alabama

Depositional history of the Smackover-Buckner transition, eastern Mississippi interior salt basin

Depositional history of the Solling Formation (Buntsandstein, Lower Triassic) in southern Lower Saxony, northern Hesse and northwestern Thuringia

Depositional history of the South Atlantic Ocean during the last 125 million years

Depositional history of the St. Joe and Boone formations in northern Arkansas

Depositional history of the Sulu Sea from ODP Sites 768, 769 and 771

Depositional history of the Sunniland Limestone (Lower Cretaceous) Raccoon Point Field, Collier County, Florida

Depositional history of the Taconic continental rise compared with equivalent sequences along the Northern Appalachians

Depositional history of the Tannehill Sandstone; explorationist's overview

Depositional history of the Thebes Formation, Red Sea coast, Egypt; evidence for the tectonic evolution of an Eocene carbonate platform-slope

Depositional history of the Tongue River Member of the Fort Union Formation (Paleocene) in northeastern Wyoming

Depositional history of the Triassic Santa Rosa Sandstone, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Depositional history of the Viking Formation, Suffield area, Alberta, Canada

Depositional history of the Vinini Formation; results from the type area, Roberts Mountain, Nevada

Depositional history of the Waccamaw River in southeastern North Carolina from Old Dock to the Carolina state line

Depositional history of the White Rim Sandstone, Wayne and Garfield counties, Utah

Depositional history of the basal Barakar beds; a study from Ramgarh Coalfield, Hazaribagh District, Bihar

Depositional history of the coal bearing upper Jurassic-lower Cretaceous Kootenay Formation, southern Rocky Mountains, Canada

Depositional history of the early Eocene Shumaysi Formation, Saudi Arabia

Depositional history of the fluvial Lower Carboniferous Sortebakker Formation, Wandel Sea Basin, eastern North Greenland

Depositional history of the late Pleistocene limestones of the Kenya coast

Depositional history of the lower Colorado River

Depositional history of the lower Permian Council Grove B-zone oolite shoal, Ochiltree County, Texas

Depositional history of the middle Proterozoic Castner Marble and basal Mundy Breccia, Franklin Mountains, West Texas

Depositional history of the northern two-thirds of the Bowser Basin and its implications for Jurassic western North American tectonics

Depositional history of the oil shales and associated coals of the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia

Depositional history of the oolite of the Miami Limestone Formation

Depositional history of the ore minerals

Depositional history of the post-glacial transgression on the outer continental shelf of the Gulf of Lions (western Mediterranean)

Depositional history of the red beds and saline residues of the Texas Permian

Depositional history of the reservoir sandstones, Akpor and Apara oilfields, eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

Depositional history of the southeastern outcrop belt of the Chuckanut Formation; implications for the Darrington-Devil's Mountain and Straight Creek fault zones, Washington (U.S.A.)

Depositional history of the southern Taroom Trough, Queensland

Depositional history of the upper Cambrian pterocephaliid biomere from west-central Utah

Depositional history of the upper Dresbachian-lower Franconian (upper Cambrian) pterocephaliid biomere from West central Utah

Depositional history of the upper portion of the Glenburn Zone, Glenburn Field, North Dakota

Depositional history of the uppermost Sanpoil Volcanics and Klondike Mountain Formation in the Republic Basin

Depositional history of the western Colombian Basin, Caribbean Sea, revealed by seismic stratigraphy

Depositional history of three Connecticut coves on eastern Long Island Sound

Depositional history of three Pleistocene bluffs in northeastern Florida

Depositional history of two small lakes located down-valley from Georgia's Little Grand Canyon, Lumpkin, Ga

Depositional history of upper Paleozoic carbonate succession in northwestern British Columbia

Depositional history of uranium ores; isotopic constraints

Depositional history provides clues

Depositional history, dolomitization and reservoir facies development, Red River C zone, Sheridan County, Montana

Depositional history, nannofossil biostratigraphy, and correlation of Argo abyssal plain sites 765 and 261

Depositional history, potential of Permian Tannehill sandstone, King, Knox counties, Tex

Depositional influences in sandstone diagenesis of the Lower Cretaceous Hosston Formation, Marion and Walthall counties, Mississippi

Depositional interaction of siliciclastics and marginal marine evaporites

Depositional interpretation and hydrogeologic impacts of the deposits within the buried Troy bedrock valley aquifer system, De Kalb County, Illinois

Depositional interpretation of Eocene plant fossil assemblages

Depositional interpretation of Miocene sediments in depressions in the northern Keilberg line

Depositional interpretation of limestone insoluble residues from modern and ancient carbonate rocks, Caribbean and Southern United States

Depositional investigation and analysis of porosity development in a northwestern Oklahoma Cherokee sandstone, using petrographic image analysis

Depositional landforming processes at the snouts of five surging glaciers in Vestspitsbergen

Depositional landforms and environmental change in the headward vicinity of Dias Beach, Cape Point

Depositional landforms on Mars

Depositional lithofacies, cycle stacking patterns, and reservoir heterogeneity of Grayburg and Queen reservoirs, Means Field, Andrews County, Texas

Depositional lithofacies, cycle stacking patterns, and reservoir heterogeneity of Permian (Guadalupian) Grayburg reservoirs, Means Field, Andrews County, Texas

Depositional magnetization of Carboniferous limestones from the Craven Basin of northern England

Depositional mechanics and sequences of base surges, Songaksan tuff ring, Cheju Island, Korea

Depositional mechanics of channelized sand matrix debris flows, Upper Triassic/ Lower Jurassic Passaic Formation, Newark Basin, Ladentown-Suffern area, New York

Depositional mechanics of impact-produced debris in the Archean Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa

Depositional mechanics of the 1902 pyroclastic nuee-ardente deposits of Mt. Pelee, Martinique

Depositional mechanics of thick-bedded sandstones at the base of a submarine slope, Tourelle Formation (Lower Ordovician), Quebec, Canada

Depositional mechanics of turbulent nuees ardentes (surges) from their grain sizes

Depositional mechanism of mudclast conglomerate; An example of the Triassic-Jurassic in the Caples Terrane, New Zealand

Depositional mechanism of the Fukang Sandstone, Lichi Melange, eastern Taiwan

Depositional mechanism of the Palaeogene sediments at Disang-Barail transition, N-W of Kohima, Nagaland, India

Depositional mechanisms active during the late Quaternary at the Paraiba do Sul River mouth area, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Depositional mechanisms and architecture of a pre-early Cambrian mixed sand-mud deepwater ramp (Apiuna Unit, south Brazil)

Depositional mechanisms and environments in the lower Palaeozoic clastic sediments of Southeast Ireland

Depositional mechanisms and facies models of intertonguing aeolian environment and fluvial milieu in the middle Buntsandstein of the Mid-European Triassic Basin with comparative evaluation of other formations

Depositional mechanisms and organic matter in Mowry Shale (Cretaceous), Wyoming

Depositional mechanisms and provenance of the Silurian Elder Sandstone of the Roberts Mountains Allochthon, northcentral Nevada

Depositional mechanisms as revealed from grain-size measures of the palaeoproterozoic Kolhan siliciclastics, Keonjhar District, Orissa, India

Depositional mechanisms controlling formation of coarse fluvial conglomerates in the Lower Triassic continental red beds of middle Europe with comparative evaluation of other formations

Depositional mechanisms from the size analysis of clastic sediments

Depositional mechanisms of deep-sea coarse clastic sediments, Cap Enrage Formation, Quebec

Depositional mechanisms of glaciolacustrine and glaciomarine rhythmites in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario

Depositional mechanisms of storm sedimentation in the Triassic Duerrenstein Formation, Dolomites, Italy

Depositional microfacies and burial diagenesis in the Upper Jurassic, Cotton Valley (Haynesville) Limestone, Teague Townsite Field, Texas

Depositional microfacies and burial diagenesis of Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley Limestone, Teague Townsite Field, central Texas

Depositional microfacies of the Toutai Field, northern Songliao Basin, northern China

Depositional microfacies, rhythms, cycles and sequence stratigraphy of Qixia Formation in Zhejiang, South China

Depositional microtextures of Colombia Basin deep water sands

Depositional mineralizing environment of a certain uranium deposit in Hunan

Depositional mode of the Obanazawa pumice

Depositional model and exploration potential in the St. Louis carbonates beneath the Hugoton Field of Kansas

Depositional model and facies characteristics of Upper Cretaceous carbonate apron sediments in Akdere Basin, eastern Taurus, Gurun-SW Sivas, Turkey

Depositional model and facies distribution in the Caliza de Montana, Carboniferous Astur-Leonese Basin, Spain

Depositional model and parasequence correlation in the Mississippian Bangor Limestone of northcentral Tennessee

Depositional model and reservoir architecture of Tertiary deep water sedimentation, Krishna-Godavari offshore basin, India

Depositional model and seismic expression of turbidites in Campos Basin, offshore Brazil

Depositional model and stratigraphy for the Quaternary geology of the Bahama Islands

Depositional model and tectonic evolution of Gondwana basins

Depositional model and tectonic evolution of Tertiary transform-extensional basins in Northeast China; case study on Yitong and Damintun grabens

Depositional model for Eocene and Oligocene sandstones in the Grays Harbor Basin, Washington State

Depositional model for Minagish Formation, Kuwait; an integrated approach

Depositional model for Tertiary sedimentary rocks near Salmon, Idaho

Depositional model for Upper Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian coal-bearing rocks of southwestern Virginia

Depositional model for Upper Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian rocks of southwestern Virginia

Depositional model for a muddy shelf-sand complex and their relationship to reservoir development; Mancos B interval of Late Cretaceous Mancos Shale, Northwest Colorado and Northeast Utah

Depositional model for bedded sodium carbonate deposits

Depositional model for calcilutites of the Scaglia Rossa, central Apennines, Italy

Depositional model for calcilutites; Scaglia Rossa limestones, Umbro-Marchean Apennines

Depositional model for cold-climate tundra rivers

Depositional model for deepwater Miocene reservoirs in the Jubilee and Spiderman gas fields, eastern Gulf of Mexico

Depositional model for desert creek channels; Lake Eyre region, Central Australia

Depositional model for facies of Waynesburg Coal, West Virginia

Depositional model for freshwater limestones of upper Allegheny Group (Pennsylvanian System) of western Pennsylvania

Depositional model for hydrocarbon exploration in Mississippian rocks of the Southern Appalachians

Depositional model for lignite deposits in Cauvery sedimentary basin, Tamil Nadu

Depositional model for lignite occurrence in the Wilcox Group of south central Mississippi

Depositional model for lignite occurrence in the Wilcox Group of south-central Mississippi

Depositional model for lignite occurrence in the Wilcox Group of southeastern Mississippi

Depositional model for manganese oxide and carbonate formations of the Precambrian Sausar Group, India

Depositional model for shallow-marine manganese deposits around black shale basins

Depositional model for shelf to slope transition, Upper Pennsylanian Wyandotte Limestone, eastern Kansas

Depositional model for shoreline sandstone bodies in Whitsett Foramtion in South Texas

Depositional model for sodium carbonate deposits in the Green River Formation

Depositional model for submarine fan deposits of Vedder Sandstone, eastern San Joaquin Basin

Depositional model for submarine fans

Depositional model for the Early Cretaceous Paddy Member of the Peace River Formation, northwestern Alberta

Depositional model for the Middle Devonian Mohantango Formation of south-central Pennsylvania

Depositional model for the Miers Bluff Formation, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Depositional model for the Mississippian - Pennsylvanian boundary in northeastern Kentucky

Depositional model for the Oligocene deltaic succession of El Furrial Field, northern Monagas, Venezuela

Depositional model for the Oligocene sandstone in the southwest Taiwan

Depositional model for the Potter Sand Member of the Reef Ridge Formation, Midway Sunset Field, Kern County, California

Depositional model for the San Andreas Formation, Roberts Unit, Wasson Field, Yoakum County, Texas

Depositional model for the San Andres Formation, Roberts Unit, Wasson Field, Yoakum County, Texas

Depositional model for the early Eocene D Sands reservoir of Maui Field, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Depositional model for the fluvial Upper Devonian Kanayut Conglomerate, Brooks Range, Alaska

Depositional model for the sandstone of the Eze-Aku Formation

Depositional model for transgressive marine organic-rich rocks formed in platformal settings; middle Callovian and lower Toarcian examples from onshore England

Depositional model for transgressive shelf deposits offshore of the Mississippi River delta plain

Depositional model for understanding geometry of Cretaceous coals; major coal seams, Rock Springs Formation, Green River basin, Wyoming

Depositional model for valley fills on a passive continental margin

Depositional model of Camorim Field

Depositional model of Early Cretaceous coral-algal-rudist reefs, Arizona

Depositional model of Miocene carbonate reservoirs in the F6 Field, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

Depositional model of Oligocene/ Eomiocene turbidite reservoirs in the Albacora Field, Campos Basin, Brazil

Depositional model of a Cenomanian-Turonian extensional basin (Sopeira Basin, NE Spain); interplay between tectonics, eustasy and biological productivity

Depositional model of a Miocene barred wave- and storm-dominated shoreface and shelf, southeastern Malay Basin, offshore West Malaysia

Depositional model of a macrotidal estuary and floodplain, South Alligator River, northern Australia

Depositional model of evaporites and carbonates of the Lower Cambrian Chandler Formation

Depositional model of granular phosphorite from the San Juan Member, upper Oligocene, of the El Cien Formation in Baja California Sur and paleogeographic conclusions

Depositional model of large scale gravity sliding of sediments

Depositional model of meandering stream sequence, upper portion of Pennsylvanian Raccoon Mountain Formation exposed in Hugden Branch, Raccoon Mountain, Marion County, Tennessee

Depositional model of mesotidal back-barrier environment

Depositional model of the Carboniferous Douro Basin at the Sete Casais region; northwestern sector of the Carboniferous Durico-Beirao Trough

Depositional model of the Jauf Formation in the north of Ghawar area; a pertinent tool to gain information on the controls affecting distribution and quality of the Jauf Reservoir

Depositional model of the L-III horizon in a sector of Bombay High South Field and its bearing on the reservoir characteristics

Depositional model of the Mississippian Midale Beds, Steelman Field, southeastern Saskatchewan

Depositional model of the Plio-Pleistocene Dochu Formation along the Median Tectonic Line in northeastern Shikoku, Southwest Japan

Depositional model of the Volgian-Barremian oil-bearing sequence of the Yarsomov Megadepression

Depositional model of the central part of the Carpathian foredeep basin, S Poland; results of integrated bio- and seismostratigraphic study

Depositional model of the late Precambrian Ashe Formation along the Fries Fault, southwestern Virginia Blue Ridge

Depositional model of travertine formations of the Banyoles Depression, Girona

Depositional model of upper Miocene shelf margin deposits in eastern South Marsh Island and western Eugene Island areas, offshore Louisiana

Depositional model vis-a-vis composition and hydrocarbon potentiality of some Indian Lower Gondwana coals

Depositional model, heterogeneous characteristics and waterflood performance of sandstone reservoirs in a lake basin; case study of oilfields, eastern China

Depositional model; upper Cretaceous Gallup beach shoreline, Ship Rock area, northwestern New Mexico

Depositional modeling and petrographic studies of one of the fields in Khuzestan region, Iran

Depositional modeling of Carboniferous rocks applied to coal exploration, northern Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee

Depositional modeling of the Carboniferous strata in the Moesian Platform

Depositional modeling of the Lake Valley shelf, Early Mississippian, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

Depositional modeling of the upper Mannville (Lower Cretaceous), east-central Alberta; implications for the recognition of brackish water deposits

Depositional modelling of UK North Sea Alba Field reservoir

Depositional modelling of a deltaic system using ichnofabric analysis; Middle Jurassic Plover Formation, Sunrise-Troubadour gas-condensate fields, Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea

Depositional modelling of marine placer occurrences, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Depositional modelling of the Coos Bay coal field; a quantitative approach

Depositional models and reconstruction of ice-sheet dynamics in marginal zones

Depositional models and reef-building organisms, Upper Jurassic reefs of the Smackover Formation

Depositional models and resource potential of Pennsylvanian System, Palo Duro Basin, Panhandle Texas

Depositional models and sequence stratigraphy of non-tropical carbonates; the Miocene of the Agua Amarga Basin (SE Spain)

Depositional models and trend-surface analysis of Cincinnatian (upper Ordovician) limestones, Hamilton County, Ohio

Depositional models applied to coal exploration and development

Depositional models for Cambro-Ordovician resedimented conglomerates in Gaspe, Quebec

Depositional models for Tertiary-Quaternary terrace deposits of the Southeast Prentiss Quadrangle, Macon County, North Carolina

Depositional models for active rifts; tectonic, climatic and autocyclic controls on sediment supply

Depositional models for barite and zinc

Depositional models for braided alluvium

Depositional models for carbonate rocks

Depositional models for coal exploration in the Bowser Basin

Depositional models for conglomerates of the Bushnell Rock Member, Lookingglass Formation, southwestern Oregon

Depositional models for fine-grained sediment in western Hellenic Trench, eastern Mediterranean

Depositional models for fluvial sediments in an intra-arc basin: an example from the upper Cenozoic Tokai Group in Japan

Depositional models for glaciogenic sediments of the Gowganda Formation

Depositional models for intraslope basins; variability and controls

Depositional models for manganese oxide and carbonate deposits of the Precambrian Sausar Group, India

Depositional models for moraine formation in East Antarctic coastal oases

Depositional models for ponded and healed-slope accommodation on above-grade slopes; implications for reservoir characterization

Depositional models for the Carboniferous flysch of the eastern Rheinisches Schiefergebrige

Depositional models for the Doig Formation of northeastern British Columbia

Depositional models for the Duperow and Birdbear formations; implications for correlation and exploration

Depositional models for the glaciomarine sequences of Andean late Paleozoic basins of Argentina

Depositional models for the glaciomarine sequences of Andean upper Paleozoic basins of Argentina

Depositional models for the sediment-hosted Cu-Zn-Pb deposits of northern Australia

Depositional models for the upper and lower Freeport coal seams in central western Pennsylvania

Depositional models for tufa development in Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, Utah

Depositional models for two Tertiary coal-bearing sequences in the Powder River basin, Wyoming, USA

Depositional models from modern submarine fans and ancient turbidites; interpretation differences or different animals

Depositional models in coal exploration and mine planning

Depositional models in coal exploration and mine planning in Appalachian region

Depositional models of Lower and Middle Triassic evaporites in the upper Yangtze area, China

Depositional models of Tertiary rift basins, eastern China and their application in oil and gas prediction

Depositional models of Tertiary rift basins, eastern China, and their application to petroleum prediction

Depositional models of an Upper Triassic braided delta in the Muri Depression of the southern Qilian Basin, Qinghai, China

Depositional models of barrier island shorelines

Depositional models of braided rivers

Depositional models of carbonate reservoirs

Depositional models of sandstones

Depositional models of the Lower Cretaceous Quintuco-Loma Montosa Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Depositional models of the shallow marine carbonates in the geochemical cycle

Depositional models of the silico-clastic layers accumulated at the Siluro-Devonian boundary in the eastern Saharan basins (Algeria)

Depositional models on the continental platform of Rio Grande do Sul, Uruguay and Buenos Aires; introduction to pre-Holocene deltas on the continental shelf of the Rio de la Plata

Depositional models, intrabasin tectonics, and sea level changes in petroleum exploration

Depositional modes and sedimentary structures from the Stephens Formation, upper Maitai Group, Nelson

Depositional origin and facies variability of a Middle Triassic barrier island complex, Peejay Field, northeastern British Columbia

Depositional origin of laminated layers in Fair Oaks Dunes of northwest Indiana

Depositional packages and scales of avulsion in a thick alluvial basin fill, Hanna Basin, central Wyoming

Depositional packages of Sichuan continental basin and exploratory prospect

Depositional packages of the uppermost Honaker Dolomite and lower Nolichucky Formation (Middle Cambrian, Conasauga Group); evolving carbonate sedimentation in a platformal to deep water setting

Depositional palaeoenvironments of the late Pliocene/ early Pleistocene, Rooibokkraal Formation in the area northwest of Thabazimbi

Depositional paleoecology of Miocene ostracodes in the Monterey Formation, Laguna Hills, Southern California, U.S.A

Depositional paleoecology of Oligo-Miocene ostracodes in the Lower Rincon Formation of southern California

Depositional paleoenvironment associated with the Girvanella sp.-bearing carbonate levels in the Cambrian of Sonora, Mexico

Depositional paleoenvironments and paleogeography of the Mississippian Lodgepole and Monroe Canyon formations (and equivalents), southeastern Idaho

Depositional paleoenvironments and stratigraphy of late Pleistocene deposits at Rancho Las Animas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Depositional paleogeography of terrigenous Devonian deposits of Tatar

Depositional parameters of the Berne Conglomerate and the geologic significance of factor analysis

Depositional pattern and reservoir heterogeneity of Tipan Sand-2, Lakwa Field; India

Depositional pattern in upland surfaces of central Gangetic Plain near Lucknow

Depositional pattern of Tatipaka-Pasarlapudi sands

Depositional pattern of coastal sand bars and the formation of iron sand deposit in the Cilacap area as interpreted from aerial photographs

Depositional pattern of sand ridges in tide-dominated shallow water environments; Yellow Sea coast and South Sea of Korea

Depositional pattern of the Galesburg Shale (Missourian; Midcontinent)

Depositional pattern, origin, and reservoir characteristics of middle Miocene shallow-marine sandstones, offshore South Texas

Depositional patterns (Pliocene and Quaternary) in mobile Mediterranean settings

Depositional patterns across syndepositional normal faults, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Depositional patterns and channelized sedimentation in active eastern Pacific trenches

Depositional patterns and depositional environment of Cretaceous black clays in the western North Atlantic

Depositional patterns and diagenetic history of Trenton-Black River formations in Michigan Basin

Depositional patterns and diagenetic sequences in Cretaceous Cogollo Group, Maracaibo Platform, Venezuela

Depositional patterns and late Quaternary evolution of two Mediterranean submarine fans; a comparison

Depositional patterns and oil field trends in the lower Mesozoic of the northern Williston Basin, Canada

Depositional patterns and sea-level fluctuations during the past 5,000 years on the Georgia coast, U.S.A

Depositional patterns and sequence stratigraphy of the Miocene Temblor Formation, San Joaquin Basin, California

Depositional patterns and shelf-margin styles of a lowstand slope fan systems tract, offshore Louisiana

Depositional patterns and structural styles; Hackberry salt dome, Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Depositional patterns and tectonic setting of early Tertiary basins in the NE margin of Tibetan Plateau

Depositional patterns and their tectonic controls in the Devonian and lower Carboniferous of the south of Ireland

Depositional patterns and their tectonic controls within the Plio-Quaternary carbonate sands and muds of onshore and offshore SE Sicily (Italy)

Depositional patterns and unconformities, Upper Cretaceous, eastern Powder River basin, Wyoming

Depositional patterns at Drift 7, Antarctic Peninsula; along-slope versus down-slope sediment transport as indicators for oceanic currents and climatic conditions

Depositional patterns at mouths of the Martian outflow channels (Dao, Harmahkis, Maja, and Ares Valles, Mars)

Depositional patterns examined through 3.5- and 12-kilohertz records from fjords, passages, straits, and inner shelf west of the Antarctic Peninsula

Depositional patterns following the 1870s avulsion of the Saskatchewan River (Cumberland Marshes, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Depositional patterns in Point Lookout Sandstone, Northwest San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Depositional patterns in limestones of the Kota Formation (Upper Gondwana), Andhra Pradesh, India

Depositional patterns in middle Permian strata of central western United States

Depositional patterns in the Lower Gondwana basins of eastern central India

Depositional patterns in the late Holocene Po Delta system

Depositional patterns observed at Drift 7, Antarctic Peninsula

Depositional patterns of Alaskan and Icelandic coastal sandurs compared with some Death Valley alluvial fans

Depositional patterns of Pennsylvanian sediments in Sullivan County, west-central Indiana, U.S.A

Depositional patterns of Upper Pennsylvanian calclithites and associated facies; Hueco Mountains, West Texas

Depositional patterns of a Silurian shelf sand in Central Appalachians

Depositional patterns of a Silurian shelf sand in the central Appalachians

Depositional patterns of coarse-grained point bars along the Upper Congaree River, South Carolina

Depositional patterns of hemipelagic Holocene sediments in borderland basins on an active margin

Depositional patterns of kerogen, Atlantic margin, North America

Depositional patterns of modern Orinoco/ Amazon muds on the northern Venezuelan shelf

Depositional patterns of sand ridges in tide-dominated shallow water environments; Yellow Sea coast and South Sea of Korea

Depositional patterns of the Hawthorn Group in Florida

Depositional patterns of the Mississippi Fan surface; evidence from GLORIA II and high-resolution seismic profiles

Depositional patterns of the Morrow series (lower Pennsylvanian) in northeastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas

Depositional patterns of the upper Devonian Waterways Formation, Swan Hills area, Alberta

Depositional phases and their application in the development of Zone I, Laojunmiao oil field

Depositional phases in late Pleistocene cyclic sedimentation, Texas coastal plain and shelf, with some Eocene analogs

Depositional phases of Rosetta and Damietta promontories on the Nile delta coast

Depositional phases of eolation under the stimulus of aridity

Depositional placer accumulations in coarse-grained alluvial braided river systems

Depositional process and alluvial fan-drainage basin morphometric relationships near Banff, Alberta, Canada

Depositional process of hemipelagic sediments in the western equatorial Atlantic as inferred from sediments of the Ceara Rise

Depositional process of the Ashigara Group; study of the Neogene-Quaternary system in the Ashigara District;(3)

Depositional process of the Holocene Nobi Plain, Central Japan, reconstructed from drilling core analysis

Depositional process of the Pliocene Anno Formation, the uppermost part of the Awa Group, Boso Peninsula, central Japan; a case study on a turbidite depositional system of a forearc-basin filling

Depositional processes along a very low-gradient, suspended-load stream; the Barwon River, New South Wales

Depositional processes and basin analysis of Messinian evaporites in Cyprus

Depositional processes and characteristics of 21 depositional processes/ medium associations with examples from the Tertiary of the Santa Monica Mountains

Depositional processes and characteristics of siltstones, mudstones and shales

Depositional processes and depositional environments of Mississippian diamictites in western Maryland

Depositional processes and distribution of heavy metals in Alpine lakes

Depositional processes and environments in continental borderland basins; a Miocene example from California

Depositional processes and environments inferred from glacial rocks; interpretive ambiguity, observational inadequacy, inappropriate models and strategies for future research

Depositional processes and environments within the Revett Formation, Precambrian Belt Basin, northwestern Montana and northern Idaho

Depositional processes and facies distribution in a marginal sea adjacent to continental icecaps; the Labrador Sea as a model basin

Depositional processes and facies distribution in the Roberts Bank Channel/ Fan system, Fraser River delta

Depositional processes and facies interpretation of a part of the Emine Basin, eastern Balkanides

Depositional processes and facies of Trail Fan sandflat; Death Valley, California

Depositional processes and facies of the Early Mississippian Joana Limestone; an example of encrinite formation within a foreland basin setting, Western United States

Depositional processes and fluid mechanics of Upper Jurassic conglomerate accumulations, British North Sea

Depositional processes and geological significance of biogenic magnetite and Fe-sulfide from iron bacteria at Anthony's Nose, Westchester County, New York

Depositional processes and hydrocarbon prospects of Paleogene sands in Bombay offshore basin, India

Depositional processes and landform development at the margins of dry-based alpine glaciers in the Dry Valleys

Depositional processes and particle characteristics on fans in the Southern Alps, New Zealand

Depositional processes and predictive modelling of deep water turbidite sands of the Britannia Formation, Britannia Field, U.K. North Sea

Depositional processes and recent growth patterns of the Mississippi Fan, eastern Gulf of Mexico

Depositional processes and reservoir continuity within coarse grained basinal lowstand deposits of the middle Brookian sequence; an outcrop study

Depositional processes and sediment supply in resistant-boundary channels; examples from two case studies

Depositional processes and stratigraphy of alluvial deposits in the Jurassic Portland Formation, Connecticut

Depositional processes and stratigraphy of fluvially dominated lacustrine deltas; Mississippi delta plain

Depositional processes and syndepositional structures of the sedimentary formations of the Pannonian Depression

Depositional processes and textural sorting of ice marginal glaciolacustrine and glaciomarine deltas

Depositional processes and the Navajo sandstone

Depositional processes and the determination of Recent sedimentation rates in Lake Michigan

Depositional processes at McBride Inlet and Riggs Glacier

Depositional processes in Beaverhead Formation, southwestern Montana, northeastern Idaho, and their tectonic significance

Depositional processes in Louisiana coastal marshes

Depositional processes in Pliocene alluvial fans, Lietor, Prebetic Ranges, SE Spain

Depositional processes in Salina Salt of Michigan, Ohio, and New York

Depositional processes in Salina salt of Michigan and New York

Depositional processes in Salina salt of Michigan, Ohio, and New York

Depositional processes in Zechstein slope carbonates

Depositional processes in active caves of the Sureanu Mountains (the Southern Carpathians, Romania)

Depositional processes in an ancient pelagic environment; the Lower Cretaceous Maiolica of the Southern Alps

Depositional processes in an equilibrated pocket bay along the west coast of South Africa

Depositional processes in deep-water channels; high-density turbidity currents versus sandy debris flows, Sandino Basin, Central America

Depositional processes in deltaic environment

Depositional processes in large-scale debris-flow experiments

Depositional processes in latest Pleistocene and Holocene ephemeral streams of the Main Ethiopian Rift (Ethiopia)

Depositional processes in outer-shelf sediments of the Lower Cambrian Harpers Formation of the Chilhowee Group, south-central Pennsylvania

Depositional processes in salinity-stratified intraslope basins; the Pledger Deep Basin, Brazoria County, Texas

Depositional processes in submarine canyon and fan channels; some striking similarities to fluvial and delta plain environments

Depositional processes in the Huanghe Delta since the late Pliocene

Depositional processes in the landward part of an Eocene tidal lagoon, northern San Diego County

Depositional processes in the terminus of the Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

Depositional processes near the shoreface-connected ridges along the central Dutch coast; combined flow deposits in a modern inner-shelf environment

Depositional processes of Pleistocene lowland end moraines, and their possible relation to climatic conditions

Depositional processes of a meandering channel on Mississippi Fan

Depositional processes of black shales in deep water

Depositional processes of debris flow at Kamikamihori Fan, northern Japan Alps

Depositional processes of diatomaceous sediments in King George Basin, Bransfield Strait, Antarctica; sedimentary record of small-scale climate change

Depositional processes of glacial-lake outburst flows into glacial Lake Souris, North Dakota

Depositional processes of late Quaternary sediments in the Yellow Sea; a review

Depositional processes of primary to reworked volcaniclastics on an alluvial plain; an example from the lower Pliocene Ohta tephra bed of the Tokai Group, central Japan

Depositional processes of source rocks in deep offshore settings; Quaternary analogs

Depositional processes of submarine debris flows in the Miocene fan deltas, Pohang Basin, SE Korea with special reference to flow transformation

Depositional processes of the Casper Sandstone of the southernmost Laramie Basin as indicated by settling velocities of light and heavy minerals

Depositional processes of the K/ T boundary impact deposit in Beloc, Haiti

Depositional processes of the Liassic Minette ironstones (Luxembourg, France) in comparison to other Phanerozoic oolitic iron formations

Depositional processes of the Miocene Tokiguchi porcelain clay formation and hydraulic behavior of plant macrofossils in the formation; an example from Ohbora, Tajimi, central Japan

Depositional processes of the Songaksan tuff ring, Cheju Island (Korea)

Depositional processes of the Suwolbong tuff ring, Cheju Island (Korea)

Depositional processes of the Terravecchia deposits (Miocene) near Scillato (Sicily)

Depositional processes of the debris-flow and hyperconcentrated flow deposits, the Ebisutoge-Fukuda tephra (Karegawa volcanic ash) in the Tokai Group, Plio-Pleistocene boundary, central Japan

Depositional processes of the gravelly debris flow deposits, South Dolomite alluvial fan, Owens Valley, California

Depositional processes of travertine developed at Shionoha Hot Spring, Nara Prefecture, Japan

Depositional processes of travertine developed at Shionoha hot spring, Nara Prefecture, Japan; discussion and reply

Depositional processes of trough-fill turbidites of the upper Miocene to Pliocene Tamugigawa Formation, northern Fossa Magna, central Japan

Depositional processes of uniform mud deposits (unifites), Hedberg Basin, northwest Gulf of Mexico; new perspectives

Depositional processes on a submarine fan complex, Carboniferous Jackfork Formation, eastern Arkansas

Depositional processes on an ancient and modern muddy shelf, Northern California

Depositional processes on the lunar surface

Depositional processes revealed by GLORIA sidescan sonar images on the Mississippi Fan

Depositional processes under changing climate; upper Subatlantic granulometric records from the Skagerrak (NE-North Sea)

Depositional processes, a key towards understanding depositional environments in siliciclastic setting

Depositional processes, diagenesis and reservoir heterogeneities in the Permian fluvial sandstones, North China

Depositional processes, sedimentary structures, and predicted vertical sequences in barred nearshore systems, southern Oregon coast

Depositional processes, triggering mechanisms and sediment composition of carbonate gravity flow deposits; examples from the Late Cretaceous of the south-central Pyrenees, Spain

Depositional processes; their influence on the mineralogy of the Hatteras abyssal plain sediments

Depositional processs along an ancient talus-dominated carbonate foreslope; Latemar buildup (Middle Triassic) the Dolomites, northern Italy

Depositional properties of Cingoz Formation; Miocene, northeastern Adana

Depositional provinces in Nevada during the Famennian

Depositional provinces of Paleozoic and uppermost Precambrian rocks in Great Basin, Western United States

Depositional provinces on the continental margin, Gulf of the Farallones as revealed by sonograph mosaics

Depositional ramps of the Ata pyroclastic flow deposit in southwestern Japan

Depositional ramps; asymmetrical distribution structure in the Ata pyroclastic flow deposit, Japan

Depositional rate of laminated soilstone crusts, Florida Keys

Depositional rate of the cap carbonates in Namibia estimated with periodicity analysis of rhythmites

Depositional rates of atmospheric dust in a semi-arid area of the western Mediterranean region

Depositional realm and deformation of Cretaceous rocks, East End, Saint Croix

Depositional reconstruction and dating of Bering Sinkhole; a stratified vertical shaft cemetery in Central Texas

Depositional record of a glacial-lake outburst; glacial Lake Souris, North Dakota

Depositional record of a major tectonic transition in Northern Alaska; Middle Devonian to Mississippian rift-basin margin deposits, upper Kongakut River region, eastern Brooks Range, Alaska

Depositional record of an avulsive fluvial system controlled by peat compaction (Neogene, Most Basin, Czech Republic)

Depositional record of tidal-flat sedimentation in the Permian coal measures of central India; Barakar Formation, Mohpani Coalfield, Satpura Gondwana Basin

Depositional regime of the katabatic slope from Mizuho Plateau to the coast, East Antarctica

Depositional regimes and areal continuity of sedimentation in a montane lake basin, British Columbia, Canada

Depositional regimes and reservoir characteristics of the Red Tank-East Livingston Ridge Delaware Field, Lea County, New Mexico

Depositional regimes during emplacement of the Exmore Breccia (Chesapeake Bay impact crater); clues from downhole geophysical logs

Depositional regimes in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea; the last two glacial to interglacial transitions

Depositional relations of Cretaceous and lower Tertiary rocks, northeastern Alaska

Depositional relations of Umpqua and Tyee formations (Eocene), southwestern Oregon

Depositional relations of the Umpqua and Tyee formations (Eocene) of southwestern Oregon

Depositional remanent magnetization in ancient specularite-bearing red beds

Depositional remanent magnetization; toward an improved theoretical and experimental foundation

Depositional remnants; Part 1, Common components of the stratigraphic record with important implications for hydrocarbon exploration and production

Depositional remnants; Part 2, Examples from the Western Interior Cretaceous basin of North America

Depositional remnants; products of the interplay between synsedimentary tectonics and changes in relative sea level

Depositional responding to tectonic evolution of East China Sea shelf basin

Depositional response of Ordovician foreland basin turbidites to bathymetry in the frontal thrust of the Taconic thrust wedge

Depositional response of Pigeon Creek Formation, Utah, to initial fold-thrust belt deformation in a differentially subsiding foreland basin

Depositional response of a headwater stream to channelization, east central Illinois, USA

Depositional response to Pliocene-Pleistocene foreland partitioning in Northwest Pakistan

Depositional response to Quaternary fourth-order sea-level fluctuations on the Latium margin (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

Depositional response to dynamic slope topography, eastern Gulf of Mexico, USA

Depositional response to foreland deformation in the Carboniferous of eastern Kentucky

Depositional response to foreland development; Chaco Basin, southern Bolivia

Depositional response to late Quaternary climatic change; the Lower Colorado River, Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas

Depositional response to seagrass mortality along a low-energy, barrier-island coast; west-central Florida

Depositional response to structurally-generated topography in deep water thrust belts; comparison of the Gres d'Annot Basin (southeast France) with modern deepwater fold and thrust belts

Depositional response to thrusting and lithospheric flexure in the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain basins

Depositional rhythm and its dynamics

Depositional rhythmicity and correlation of Paleogene sediments in the lower Kamchiy Depression in relation to its oil and gas content

Depositional rhythmicity in the Monterey Formation; the nature and timing of cyclic patterns

Depositional rhythms in deep-sea basin-plain turbidites (Upper Cretaceous San Remo Flysch, Western Alps)

Depositional ridges in the North Atlantic

Depositional role of Black Sea mussels (inferred from experimental and field observations)

Depositional scheme of Neogene bedded siliceous rocks in an active upwelling area; on the Wakkanai Formation, northern Hokkaido, Japan

Depositional sediment on intertidal marshes near Terrebonne Bay and Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana

Depositional sedimentary controls on sepiolite occurrence in Paracuellos de Jarama, Madrid Basin

Depositional sedimentary environment of the Pakhal of the Albaka Belt, Godavari Valley, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

Depositional sedimentary environments, with reference to terrigenous clastics

Depositional sedimentary environments, with reference to terrigenous clastics; book review

Depositional sedimentary environments; book review

Depositional sequence analysis and the characteristics of some confined clastic aquifers, Upper Cretaceous, Alabama

Depositional sequence analysis applied to late Proterozoic Wilpena Group, Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia

Depositional sequence analysis of the medial Silurian (late Llandoverian to Wenlockian) series of the Northern Appalachian foreland basin

Depositional sequence architecture and seismic facies heterogeneity in late Miocene deltaic and incised valley fill sands, offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

Depositional sequence at Little Salt Spring (8So18); paleoenvironmental implications for the Pleistocene Holocene boundary in peninsular Florida

Depositional sequence cycles, transgressive-regressive facies cycles and extensional tectonics in the Western Europe Liassic

Depositional sequence cycles, transgressive-regressive facies cycles, and extensional tectonics; example from the southern subalpine Jurassic basin, France

Depositional sequence evolution as a result of tectonism, basin subsidence, and sea level change, Turonian to Santonian, west-central Utah

Depositional sequence in subarctic sandy beach face, central Labrador

Depositional sequence inferred from radar stratigraphy, Stockton bar and spit complex, Lake Bonneville

Depositional sequence mapping as a technique to establish tectonic and stratigraphic framework and evaluate hydrocarbon potential on a passive continental margin

Depositional sequence mapping as a technique to outline tectonics and hydrocarbon potential of continental margins; the limitations of seismic stratigraphy in the geological basin analysis

Depositional sequence mapping to illustrate the evolution of a passive continental margin

Depositional sequence model for the post-Barrow Group Neocomian succession, Barrow and Exmouth sub-basins, Western Australia

Depositional sequence model of the backarc basins in the Northwest Pacific Rim, Japan

Depositional sequence modeling of late Quaternery geologic history, west-central Maine coast

Depositional sequence of argillite, diamictite, hyaloclastite, and lava flows within the Franciscan Complex, Northern California

Depositional sequence of storm environment siliceous rock in Wumishan Formation, West Mountain, Beijing

Depositional sequence of the Withnell Formation, Dampier Sub-basin

Depositional sequence of the early and middle Miocene Temblor and Big Blue formations near Coalinga, California

Depositional sequence of the late Pleistocene strata in northern West Hengchun Hill, southern Taiwan

Depositional sequence response to foreland deformation in the Upper Cretaceous of the southern Pyrenees, Spain

Depositional sequence stratigraphy and architecture of the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone; implications for coal and coalbed methane resources; a field excursion

Depositional sequence stratigraphy and play fairway analysis in the Paleogene of the North Sea

Depositional sequence stratigraphy and shelf sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine-Eagle Ford groups, East Texas

Depositional sequence stratigraphy of middle Miocene Olcese Sand, SE San Joaquin Valley, CA

Depositional sequence trends resulting from differential loading on Pennsylvanian salt in the Paradox Basin, U.S.A

Depositional sequence, biostratigraphy and isotopic age of the Miocene Baixo Tejo Basin, Lisbon, Setubal Peninsula, Portugal

Depositional sequences (cycles) in Fredericksburg rocks (middle Albian, Cretaceous) of north-central Texas

Depositional sequences and ammonite biochronozones within the Toarcian-Oxfordian interval from the north-south axis (central Tunisia)

Depositional sequences and associated petroleum systems of the Canning Basin, WA

Depositional sequences and associated sedimentary diagenetic facies; an ongoing investigation of salt-bearing core, Swisher County, Texas

Depositional sequences and biostratigraphy; the role of sequence architecture in the timing of first and last appearances

Depositional sequences and block boundaries in the Late Cretaceous and early Paleocene of the sub-Pyrenean foreland basin, Petites Pyrenees-domes annexes, France

Depositional sequences and characteristics of Ordovician Red River reservoirs, Pennel Field, Williston Basin, Montana

Depositional sequences and correlation of middle(?) to late Miocene carbonate complexes, Las Negras and Nijar areas, south-eastern Spain; discussion and reply

Depositional sequences and correlation of middle(?) to late Miocene carbonate complexes, Las Negras and Nijar areas, southeastern Spain

Depositional sequences and correlations within the Fort Union Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota and Montana

Depositional sequences and facies associations of a Middle Cambrian marine sedimentary phosphorite deposit, Duchess District, western Queensland

Depositional sequences and facies in the Torok Formation, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska (NPRA)

Depositional sequences and fluvial architecture in the Cameros extensional basin, north-central Spain, Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous

Depositional sequences and hydrocarbon exploration in Wilcox Group, South Texas

Depositional sequences and incised valley in the Naxing Formation of the Early Carboniferous in Yalai, Nyalam, South Xizang

Depositional sequences and minerals of Shashanzi Dolostone in Taihang Mountains

Depositional sequences and palaeogeography of the Adriatic carbonate platform

Depositional sequences and paleoenvironmental evolution of the Tubarao Supergroup (Lower Permian of the Parana Basin) in the Butia-Mariana Pimentel counties (southernmost Brazil)

Depositional sequences and paleoenvironments of post-Warsaw Mississippian strata, Southeast & south-central Iowa

Depositional sequences and porosity in the Salem Limestone (Mississippian), Colborn Field, southeastern Illinois

Depositional sequences and relative sea level changes in the Callovian and lower Oxfordian of the northwestern German Jurassic basin

Depositional sequences and sand distribution in a deltaic complex; a sedimentological investigation of the post-glacial Rhone delta complex

Depositional sequences and sand distribution in the postglacial Rhone delta complex

Depositional sequences and sandstone composition in the Tertiary Liguria-Piemonte Basin; preliminary results

Depositional sequences and sedimentary-tectonic implications of the limestone-rich interval of the LaHood Formation (Precambrian Y), southwestern Montana

Depositional sequences and sequence boundaries from Miocene syn-rift carbonate platforms

Depositional sequences and storm deposition on low-energy coast of China

Depositional sequences and stratigraphic gaps on submerged United States Atlantic margin

Depositional sequences and stratigraphic revision of the Lake Valley Shelf, Early Mississippian, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

Depositional sequences and tectonic cyclicity in the Eocene of Jaca Basin (Spain)

Depositional sequences and tectonic events during the Bartonian-Priabonian of the Jaca Basin, Spain

Depositional sequences and tectonic phases in the Eocene of the Jaca Basin

Depositional sequences and tectono-eustacy at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary of the southern Tethysian margin in the Atlas of Marrakech and the Ouarzazate Basin, Morocco

Depositional sequences and tectonostratigraphic packages in active margin basins

Depositional sequences and the interpretation of biological data in stratigraphy

Depositional sequences and the reaction of foraminiferal faunas and calcareous nannoplankton in Late Cretaceous hemipelagic sediments of NW-Europe and northern Spain

Depositional sequences and the stratigraphic distribution of fossils; isolating the effects of condensation

Depositional sequences and thrust propagation in the Upper Cretaceous to lower Eocene strata of the inner foreland basin of the south-central Pyrenees, Spain

Depositional sequences around J/ K boundary in the Qomolongma area, South Tibet

Depositional sequences associated with equilibrium coastlines in the Neogene of southwestern Nicaragua

Depositional sequences at the Urgonian platform/ basin transition (Barremian-Albian interval) in the western Pre-Balkan, northwestern Bulgaria

Depositional sequences dated by planktonic Foraminifera below and above the Cretaceous-Paleocene boundary at Caravaca, Sub-Betic Zone, Spain

Depositional sequences from high-concentration turbidity currents, Cretaceous Uhangri Formation (SW Korea)

Depositional sequences in Holocene-Pleistocene sediments from bivracores on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Depositional sequences in Lower Cretaceous rocks, Atigun Syncline and Slope Mountain areas, Alaskan North Slope

Depositional sequences in Pensacola Clay of Southwest Alabama

Depositional sequences in Pensacola Clay of Southwest Alabama and their significance in petroleum exploration

Depositional sequences in an episutural basin in the zone between the Alps and the Northern Apennines

Depositional sequences in ancient shelf sediments; some contrasts in style

Depositional sequences in clastic continental slope deposits, Gulf of Mexico

Depositional sequences in deep-shelf environments formed through carbonate-mud import from the shallow platform (late Oxfordian, German Swabian Alb and eastern Swiss Jura)

Depositional sequences in deep-shelf environments; a response to sea-level changes and shallow-platform carbonate productivity (Oxfordian, Germany and Spain)

Depositional sequences in foreland basins and on passive margins; Gulf Basin versus Cretaceous Western Interior

Depositional sequences in glaciolacustrine deltas

Depositional sequences in shallow carbonate-dominated sedimentary systems; concepts for a high-resolution analysis

Depositional sequences in the Castellon area, offshore Northeast Spain

Depositional sequences in the Cretaceous post-rift sediments on the New Jersey Atlantic margin

Depositional sequences in the Cretaceous terrigenous facies of the upper Tagus region; Guadalajara and Cuenca provinces

Depositional sequences in the Leonardian portion of the Transpecos supercycle, Glass Mountains, West Texas

Depositional sequences in the Ordovician of Baltoscandia

Depositional sequences in the Pensacola Clay of Southwest Alabama and their significance in petroleum exploration

Depositional sequences in the Tabernas Basin, Betic Cordilleras, Almeria, southeastern Spain

Depositional sequences in the Triassic series of the Paris Basin; geodynamic implications

Depositional sequences in the convergent plate margin setting of the southern Central American island arc

Depositional sequences in turbidite successions of the lower Kazusa Group, the Plio-Pleistocene forearc basin fill in the Boso Peninsula, Japan

Depositional sequences of carbonate ramp of Maastrichtian-Paleogene Atlantic Gulf (Atlas of Marrakech, Morocco)

Depositional sequences of lacustrine and marine deltas; a comparative study of typical examples of recent deltas

Depositional sequences of the Al Khlata Formation, subsurface interior Oman

Depositional sequences of the Duwi, Sibaiya and Phosphate formations, Egypt; phosphogenesis and glauconitization in a Late Cretaceous epeiric sea

Depositional sequences of the Gharif and Khuff Formations, subsurface interior Oman

Depositional sequences of the Malargue Group and the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, southern Mendoza Province, Argentina

Depositional sequences of the Malarguee Group (Upper Cretaceous-lower Tertiary), Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Depositional sequences of the Pensacola Clay (Miocene) in southwestern Alabama

Depositional sequences of the rift phase of the Proterozoic Espinhaco Supergroup, in the area between Diamantina and Gouveia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Depositional sequences of upper continental rise seaward of Baltimore Canyon trough

Depositional sequences within a transgressive reservoir sandstone unit; the Middle Jurassic Tarbert Formation, Hild area, northern North Sea

Depositional sequences within the Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), Williston Basin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana

Depositional sequences, cycles, and foreland basin dynamics in the late Middle Devonian (Givetian) of the Genesee Valley and western Finger Lakes region

Depositional sequences, facies and evolution of the Upper Devonian Swan Hills Reef Buildup, central Alberta, Canada

Depositional sequences, high-frequency sea level fluctuations and active tectonics in the Middle to Late Ordovician Appalachian foreland basin, Kentucky and Virginia

Depositional sequences, sedimentary anatomy and relative sea level changes; the Aptian of South Iberic and Prebetic regions (S.E. Spain)

Depositional sequences; correlation between intracontinental and marginal basins of northeastern Brazil since Late Cretaceous

Depositional sequences; impractical lithostratigraphic units

Depositional series of Zlocieniec glacial lake in Drawskie Lakeland as factor of sedimentary environment condition changes; Zlocieniec I Site

Depositional setting

Depositional setting and Quaternary stratigraphy of the Sheepscot Estuary, Maine; a preliminary report

Depositional setting and carbonate buildup succession in Jefferson Formation (Devonian), central Idaho; a harbinger of Antler uplift?

Depositional setting and characterization of deep-basin Oak Hill lignite deposit (middle Paleocene) of Southwest Alabama

Depositional setting and coal petrology of Tulameen Coalfield, South-central British Columbia

Depositional setting and cyclic development of the lower part of the Witteberg Group (Mid-to Upper Devonian), Cape Supergroup, Western Cape, South Africa

Depositional setting and deformation of massive sulfide deposits, iron-formation, and associated alteration in the Manitouwadge greenstone belt, Superior Province, Ontario

Depositional setting and diagenetic evolution of some Tertiary unconventional reservoir rocks, Uinta Basin, Utah

Depositional setting and eustatic control of Ordovician oolitic ironstones, Morocco

Depositional setting and fauna of Middle Ordovician rocks of the Telsitna Formation, northern Kuskokwim Mountains, Alaska

Depositional setting and fauna of the Omomys Quarry; a possible owl site in the Bridger Formation (middle Eocene) of southwestern Wyoming

Depositional setting and geometric characteristics of the Shannon Sandstone Member of Gammon Shale; a continental shelf sand ridges field

Depositional setting and groundwater quality in coal-bearing sediments and spoils in western North Dakota

Depositional setting and high-frequency sequence stratigraphy of the middle-upper Pleistocene to Holocene deposits of the Roman Basin

Depositional setting and history of an Eocene lacustrine deposit, Brewster County, West Texas

Depositional setting and history of the Middle Ordovician of the Alabama Appalachians

Depositional setting and history of the Tar Springs Sandstone (Upper Mississippian), southern Illinois

Depositional setting and hydrocarbon source potential of the Miocene Gulf of Suez syn-rift evaporites

Depositional setting and implications of Paleoproterozoic glaciomarine sedimentation in the Hamersley Province, Western Australia

Depositional setting and origin of berthierine oolitic ironstones in the lower Miocene Terengganu Shale, Tenggol Arch, offshore peninsular Malaysia

Depositional setting and paleobotany of Permian and Triassic permineralized peat from the central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Depositional setting and paleoecological significance of a new sauropod bonebed in the Javelina Formation (Cretaceous) of Big Bend National Park, Texas

Depositional setting and paleogeographic implications of Earth's oldest supracrustal rocks, the >3.7Ga Isua greenstone belt, West Greenland

Depositional setting and porosity evolution of the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Formation, South central Texas

Depositional setting and porosity evolution of the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Formation, South-central Texas

Depositional setting and production characteristics of low permeability sandstones, Upper Cretaceous Olmos Formation, South Texas

Depositional setting and provenance of upper Neocomian Kemik Sandstone, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) northeastern Alaska

Depositional setting and regional characteristics

Depositional setting and regional geology of North Rankin 'A' foundation sediments

Depositional setting and regional relationships of basinal assemblages; Pershing Ridge Group and Fencemaker Canyon Sequence in northwestern Nevada: Alternative interpretation

Depositional setting and regional relationships of basinal assemblages; Pershing Ridge Group and Fencemaker Canyon Sequence in northwestern Nevada: Reply

Depositional setting and regional relationships of basinal assemblages; Pershing Ridge Group and Fencemaker Canyon Sequence in northwestern Nevada; with Suppl. Data 90-03

Depositional setting and reservoir characteristics of lower Queen (Permian, Guadalupian) sandstones, Keystone (Colby) Field, Winkler County, Texas

Depositional setting and reservoir geology of Kuparuk River oil field, North Slope, Alaska

Depositional setting and reservoir quality of the Frome Clay Limestone reservoir (Middle Jurassic), Witch Farm Field, southern England

Depositional setting and sandstone diagenesis of the Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian) Hepler Formation, Cherokee shelf of the Midcontinent

Depositional setting and sequence stratigraphic implications of the upper Sinemurian (Lower Jurassic) sandstone interval, north Celtic Sea/ St. George's Channel basins, offshore Ireland

Depositional setting and stratigraphic relations of the Hamilton Lagerstatte (Upper Pennsylvanian), southeastern Kansas

Depositional setting and taphonomic processes, Catheys Formation (Middle Ordovician), Nashville, Tennessee

Depositional setting and taphonomy of fish-part conglomerates, Triassic Lockatong Formation, Collegeville, PA

Depositional setting and taphonomy of phytosaur-bearing beds, Triassic Lockatong Formation near Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Depositional setting and tectonic history of the Byrd Group, central Transantarctic Mountains

Depositional setting and thin-section petrology of Misener Formation (Devonian) in Northeast Nash and nearby fields, north-central Oklahoma

Depositional setting for lowstand carbonates in BC (Canyon) Field, Howard County, Texas

Depositional setting for nickel mineralization in the Jurassic Boyer Ranch Formation and Humboldt igneous complex, Bolivia area, northern Stillwater Range, Nevada

Depositional setting of Lemoyne Quarry (Ash Hollow Formation, late Miocene), Keith County, Nebraska

Depositional setting of Lower Pennsylvanian sandstones, northern Cumberland Plateau

Depositional setting of Middle to Upper Cretaceous sediments in the Northern Calcareous Alps from palynological evidence

Depositional setting of Mississippian strata in southeastern Saskatchewan; a conceptual model for hydrocarbon accumulations

Depositional setting of Ordovician and Cambrian rocks in central Appalachian Basin along a section from Morrow County, Ohio, to Calhoun County, West Virginia

Depositional setting of Paleocene coals and conglomerates in the southwestern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, and implications for timing of Washakie Range uplift

Depositional setting of Permian and Upper Carboniferous strata of the Thornhill Basin, Dumfriesshire

Depositional setting of Upper Cretaceous-lower Tertiary Currant Creek Formation, north-central Utah

Depositional setting of a Miocene mammal assemblage, Sioux County, Nebraska (U.S.A.)

Depositional setting of an Oligocene conglomerate in White River Formation, central Wyoming

Depositional setting of coal deposits in the Whitehorse Trough, Yukon Territory, Canada

Depositional setting of coal in the Early Permian, Santa Catarina coal district, Parana Basin, Brazil

Depositional setting of coal in the Figueira-Sapopema area, Parana Basin, Brazil

Depositional setting of coals in Upper Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone Member, central Utah

Depositional setting of dasycladalean Anthracoporella mounds in the lower Pseudoschwagerina Limestone (Latest Carboniferous, Carnic Alps, Austria)

Depositional setting of early Proterozoic manganese deposits of the Transvaal Supergroup, Griqualand West, South Africa

Depositional setting of eastern Southland lignite deposits, New Zealand

Depositional setting of exhalative bedded barite and associated submarine fan deposits of the Roberts Mountains Allochthon, north-central Nevada

Depositional setting of gypsum deposits, southwestern Ontario, Canada

Depositional setting of gypsum deposits, southwestern Ontario; the Domtar Mine

Depositional setting of late Archaean greenstones and metasediments in the Harris greenstone domain, central Gawler Craton, South Australia

Depositional setting of late Leonardian-Wordian (Permian) rocks, southern margin, Permian Basin; basin or lagoon?

Depositional setting of lowstand carbonates in the Midland Basin; BC (Canyon) Field, W. Texas

Depositional setting of lungfish burrows in the Dockum Group, Scurry County, Texas

Depositional setting of middle dolomite unit in Metaline Formation, Metaline District, Washington

Depositional setting of silver-rich quartz-sulphate-carbonate deposits of the upper Kitsault River area, Northwest British Columbia

Depositional setting of the (Permian) Mackellar Formation, Beardmore Glacier area

Depositional setting of the Arcola Limestone Member (Campanian) of the Mooreville Chalk, eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Depositional setting of the Arcola Limestone Member (Campanian) of the Mooreville Chalk, eastern Gulf Coastal Plain; assessment of the pelagic and benthonic depositional models

Depositional setting of the Berea Sandstone (Lower Mississippian) in the central Appalachian Basin

Depositional setting of the Cambridge Limestone (Conemaugh Group); an Upper Pennsylvanian marine transgression in the Appalachian Basin

Depositional setting of the Devonian/ Carboniferous biohermal Bol'shaya Nadota carbonate complex, subpolar Urals

Depositional setting of the Early Permian Skinner Ranch Formation, southwest margin, Glass Mountains, Brewster County, Texas

Depositional setting of the Fossil Hill Member, an organic-rich unit of Middle Triassic age, in the Western U.S

Depositional setting of the Kolhan Group; its implications for the development of a Meso to Neoproterozoic deep-water basin on the South Indian Craton

Depositional setting of the Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) in the Palo Duro Basin of the Texas Panhandle

Depositional setting of the Lower Old Red Sandstone at Pantymaes Quarry, central South Wales, new perspectives on the significance and occurrence of Senni Beds facies

Depositional setting of the Lower and Middle Cambrian in the Pensacola Mountains

Depositional setting of the Maastrichtian Cuesta Creek Member, Tent Island Formation, northern Yukon

Depositional setting of the Meguma Group, Nova Scotia

Depositional setting of the Mississippian Hartselle Sandstone and lower Bangor Limestone in Northwest Alabama

Depositional setting of the Paleogene Yager Formation, northern Coast Ranges of California

Depositional setting of the Pass Lake and Rossport Formations (Sibley Group) inferred from a combined sedimentologic/ geochemical approach

Depositional setting of the Roberts Mountains Formation (Silurian) in the southern Great Basin

Depositional setting of the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation, Southwest Colorado

Depositional setting of the San Miguel lignite mine, Jackson Group (Eocene), South Texas

Depositional setting of the Silurian(?)-Lower Devonian Lay Dam Formation, southernmost Appalachians

Depositional setting of the Taylor Group, Knobhead area, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Depositional setting of the Triassic Dockum Group, Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico

Depositional setting of the Upper Jurassic Hith Anhydrite of the Arabian Gulf; an analog to Holocene evaporites of the United Arab Emirates and Lake MacLeod of Western Australia

Depositional setting of the Upper Mississippian to Lower Pennsylvanian Newark Valley Sequence, Diamond Range, Nevada

Depositional setting of the Wasia Group (Middle Cretaceous) with emphasis on the facies distribution and hydrocarbon occurrence in the Mishrif Formation (Cenomanian) in the United Arab Emirates

Depositional setting of the diamictite facies of the Lay Dam Formation, Talladega slate belt, Chilton County, Alabama

Depositional setting of the fragmental layer in the Cap Rock Member, Ash Hollow Formation, Ogallala Group

Depositional setting of the lower productive beds in the southeastern Shirvan region

Depositional setting of the seafloor and near-surface interval on the continental slope off the Nile Delta, deepwater Egypt

Depositional setting of the type Ione Formation (Eocene), Sierra Nevada foothills, California

Depositional setting, correlation, and age of Carboniferous rocks in the western Brooks Range, Alaska

Depositional setting, determined by organic petrography, of the middle Eocene Hat Creek No. 2 coal deposit, British Columbia, Canada

Depositional setting, lithologic character, and origin of chert in the Boone Formation (Lower Mississippian), northern Arkansas

Depositional setting, sequence stratigraphy, diagenesis, and reservoir potential of a mixed-lithology, upwelling deposit; Upper Triassic Shublik Formation, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Depositional settings and age of Carboniferous rocks in the western Brooks Range, Alaska

Depositional settings and mineralization sequences, Clinton sedimentary ironstones, central Pennsylvania, USA

Depositional settings and reservoir characteristics of the Plio-Pleistocene Tulare Formation, South Belridge Field, San Joaquin Valley, California

Depositional settings of Early Carboniferous siliciclastic-carbonate succession (Syringothyris Limestone) of Kashmir Himalaya

Depositional settings of paleovertisols in three formations, Appalachian Paleozoic succession, Pennsylvania

Depositional settings of subsurface Bonneterre Formation of south central Missouri

Depositional settings of the Chalk Hills and Glenns Ferry formations west of Bruneau, Idaho

Depositional settings of the Cretaceous Jinju Formation, Korea using PLAYMAKER, a knowledge-based expert system

Depositional shingles; an end to the sheet sandstone paradigm?

Depositional significance of basal sandstone-mudstone interval, Pictured Cliffs Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Depositional significance of faunal and diagenetic trends in Pennsylvanian cyclothems, north-central Texas

Depositional significance of flooding to deltaic evolution, Brazos Delta, Texas

Depositional significance of internal structures in turbidites of the Parsoi Formation, south of Obra, Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh

Depositional significance of lacustrine black shales; falsifying a paradigm

Depositional similarities in selected Late Devonian Kellwasser horizons; Germany, Morocco, and Eastern United States

Depositional stacking of the central-Carpathian Paleogene basin; sequences and cycles

Depositional stratigraphic traps in nearshore terrigenous sediments; contrasting patterns on transgressive and prograding coasts

Depositional stratigraphy and petrography of silica and/ or barite levels in the Middle Triassic Brianconnais Zone and Pre-Piemonte Liguria

Depositional stratigraphy, site context and prehistoric cultural overview

Depositional structure of the Giant Foresets Formation, North Taranaki Graben

Depositional structure system in petroliferous basin

Depositional structures and fabrics in the upper Miocene (Messinian) evaporites of San Miguel de Salinas, SE Spain

Depositional structures and processes in the mouths of small coastal streams, southwestern Oregon

Depositional structures and processes in the non-barred high-energy nearshore

Depositional structures and processes in the nonbarred high-energy nearshore

Depositional structures from Jurassic boulder beds, east Sutherland

Depositional structures in the Archaean Gindalbie Formation at Kanowna, Western Australia

Depositional structures in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Depositional studies of the early Palaeocene Jim Bridger coal deposit and its application to surface mine problems

Depositional study of the Lower Keutapang Sandstone in the Aru Area, North Sumatra

Depositional style and subsidence history of the Turpan Basin (NW China)

Depositional style and tectonic implications of the Mogollon Rim formation (Eocene), east-central Arizona

Depositional style in a Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous molasse sequence; the Tantallus Formation, Yukon Territory, Canada

Depositional style in a proximal braided fluvial sequence, Pleistocene, southern Ontario

Depositional style of the Yowlumne sands, Yowlumne oil field, southern San Joaquin Basin, California

Depositional styles and structural controls of the Tertiary section in the Magdalena Valley, central Colombia

Depositional styles from Miocene to Pleistocene in the north-central Gulf of Mexico; a history of reconstruction

Depositional styles in a low accommodation foreland basin setting; an example from the Basal Quartz (Lower Cretaceous), southern Alberta

Depositional styles in ephemeral and flash flood streams with examples from the ephemeral River Gash (Sudan)--Depot des fleuves ephemeres; exemple du Gash, Soudan

Depositional styles in the Queen and Seven Rivers formations; Yates Field, Pecos County, Texas

Depositional styles of lakes near Estes Park, Colorado; a study of contrasts

Depositional subenvironments in an arid closed basin; the Wilkins Peak Member of the Green River Formation (Eocene), Wyoming, USA

Depositional subenvironments of the Da Qaidam and Xiao Qaidam salt lake basins, Qinghai

Depositional subenvironments within a fluvial sheet sandstone as determined by alluvial architecture analysis

Depositional supersequences among Cenozoic strata of U.S. Atlantic continental margin

Depositional surface of the Tiber submarine delta; sediment zoning and associated processes

Depositional surfaces in the Eagle Sandstone at Billings, Montana

Depositional surfaces in the upper Mangawhara catchment and adjacent areas, South Auckland, New Zealand

Depositional switching; cave infilling in arid America before and after the 9th millennium B.C

Depositional system and flow-units-based Earth modeling of deepwater turbidite prospects

Depositional system and reservoir potential of the Middle Cretaceous Wasia Formation in central-eastern Arabia

Depositional system and response to sea level oscillation of the Senonian rudist-bearing carbonate shelves

Depositional system and response to sea level oscillations of the Senonian rudist-bearing carbonate shelves; examples from central Mediterranean areas

Depositional system and sequence stratigraphy of the upper Pleistocene paleo-Tokyo Bay deposits

Depositional system and subtle reservoir in the central uplift belt of the Dongying Depression, Shandong, China

Depositional system approaching maturity at Portage Flats

Depositional system controlling steep and high-rising Mid-Carboniferous carbonate margins; an example from NW Spain

Depositional system evolution within Paleogene supply-dominated genetic stratigraphic sequences, Northwest Gulf of Mexico Basin

Depositional system interpretation of marine benthic communities in the Floyd Shale, upper Mississippian, northwest Georgia

Depositional system model for upper Keweenawan Oronto Group sediments, Northern Peninsula, Michigan

Depositional system of Baise Basin, Guangxi, and the accumulation of coal and oil

Depositional system of Tehran Quaternary formations

Depositional system of post-Paleozoic sediments of the Sao Francisco Basin, Bonfinopolis de Minas region, northwestern Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Depositional system of the Talang Akar Formation in the northern area of the Jatibarang Sub-basin, offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Depositional system of the Upper Jurassic Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation, Four Corners region, USA

Depositional systematics and exploitation of Morrow Valley-fill complexes in Cheyenne County, Colorado

Depositional systems analysis of the upper member of the Mesoproterozoic Dripping Spring Quartzite (Apache Group), central Arizona

Depositional systems and architecture of Oligo-Miocene turbidite successions in Cilento (Southern Apennines)

Depositional systems and coal cyclothems in the upper Malubog Formation (lower Miocene), Cebu, central Philippines

Depositional systems and coal in the Black Jack Formation, Gunnedah Basin, N.S.W

Depositional systems and cycles in the Eocene Yegua Formation, Texas Gulf Coastal Plain

Depositional systems and cyclic sequences of Pingyipu Formation, Longmenshan area, Sichuan

Depositional systems and cyclicity in the intracratonic Early Jurassic basin in Poland

Depositional systems and diagenesis of Travis Peak tight gas sandstone reservoirs, Sabine Uplift area, Texas

Depositional systems and diagenesis of slope and basin facies, Atoka Formation, Arkoma Basin

Depositional systems and dispersal patterns in uraniferous sandstones of the Colorado Plateau

Depositional systems and evolution of the faulted saline basin in Biyang Depression

Depositional systems and facies models for low energy clastic coastlines within low latitude, semi-enclosed seas

Depositional systems and facies within a sequence stratigraphical framework; the Belgian Basin during Ypresian times (lower Eocene, Southern Bight North Sea)

Depositional systems and fluvial architecture of the Narrabeen Group, Sydney Basin, Australia

Depositional systems and lignite prospecting models; Wilcox Group and Meridan Sandstone of northern Mississippi

Depositional systems and marine benthic communities in the Floyd Shale, upper Mississippian, Northwest Georgia

Depositional systems and oil and gas plays in the Olmos Formation, South Texas

Depositional systems and oil reservoirs in Spraberry Formation (Permian), Midland Basin, Texas

Depositional systems and oil/ gas distribution in the Liaohe Basin, northern China

Depositional systems and palaeogeographical evolution of Apostoli Basin, central-west Crete

Depositional systems and palaeogeography of the Lower Jurassic Fuxian Formation in Ordos Basin, China

Depositional systems and paleogeographic evolution of the late Paleozoic Taos Trough, northern New Mexico

Depositional systems and petroleum potential of Lower Permian strata, Palo Duro Basin, Texas

Depositional systems and petroleum potential, Mesaverde Formation, southeastern Wind River basin, Wyoming

Depositional systems and productive characteristics of major low-permeability gas sandstones in Texas

Depositional systems and reservoir quality of Clinton Sandstone, Guernsey County, Ohio

Depositional systems and sandstone diagenesis in the McAlester Formation (surface and subsurface) of east-central Oklahoma

Depositional systems and sedimentary facies of the Miocene-Pliocene Ridge Basin Group, Ridge Basin, Southern California

Depositional systems and seismic facies analysis of Cooper, Llano and Habanero Fields, Garden Banks, central Gulf of Mexico slope

Depositional systems and seismic stratigraphy of a Quaternary basin; North Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of a Middle to Late Ordovician back-arc basin in the southern margin of Ordos region

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of course-grained deltas in a shallow-marine, strike-slip setting; the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of the Cambro-Ordovician Mila Formation in the Alborz Mountains, northern Iran

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Warnbro Group, Vlaming Sub-Basin, Western Australia

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of the Oligocene Vicksburg Group of Louisiana

Depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of the Spiro Sandstone interval, Arkoma Basin of eastern Oklahoma

Depositional systems and stratigraphic relationships of Strawn Group (Pennsylvanian), Colorado River valley, central Texas

Depositional systems and stratigraphy of Paleozoic and lower Mesozoic rocks in outcrop, Tassili region, Southwest Algeria

Depositional systems and structural controls of Hackberry Sandstone reservoirs in Southeast Texas

Depositional systems and their bearing on the ore grade mineralisation in the Cretaceous Domiasiat uranium deposit, West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya

Depositional systems and their relation to gas accumulation in Sacramento Valley, California

Depositional systems and their relationship to gas accumulation in the Sacramento Valley, California

Depositional systems architecture of shallow marine sequences

Depositional systems associated with the 3.0 Ga. Finlayson and Lumby Lake greenstone belts, northwestern Ontario

Depositional systems at the continental margin; 3D seismic case study from offshore Northeast Java

Depositional systems control of reservoir distribution, geometry and heterogeneity, Albian Viking Formation, Alberta Basin

Depositional systems distribution and lignite exploration models for the Wilcox Group and Meridian Formation of Mississippi

Depositional systems distribution and sequence stratigraphy of the lower Oligocene Vicksburg Formation of the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain

Depositional systems evolution of the Atokan Spiro Sandstone, Arkoma Basin, of eastern Oklahoma

Depositional systems gold mineralizations of Tunui Group (early Proterozoic) upper Rio Negro River, Brazilian-Venezuelan-Colombian border

Depositional systems in Naknek Formation, Late Jurassic, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska

Depositional systems in Wilcox Group (Eocene) of Texas and their relation to occurrence of oil and gas

Depositional systems in Woodbine Formation (upper Cretaceous), northeast Texas

Depositional systems in a forearc basin; outcrop examples from the Upper Jurassic Naknek Fm of Southern Alaska

Depositional systems in the Canyon Group (Pennsylvanian) of north-central Texas

Depositional systems in the LaHood Formation, Belt Supergroup, Precambrian, southwestern Montana

Depositional systems in the Midway and Wilcox groups (Paleocene-lower Eocene) of north Mississippi

Depositional systems in the Nacatoch Formation (Upper Cretaceous), East Texas and southwestern Arkansas

Depositional systems in the Nacatoch Sand (Upper Cretaceous), East Texas Basin and Southwest Arkansas

Depositional systems in the Passa Dois Group

Depositional systems in the Putnam Formation, north-central Texas

Depositional systems in the Ravalli Group; a conceptual model and possible modern analogue

Depositional systems in the Rinconada Formation (Precambrian), Taos County, New Mexico

Depositional systems in the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) in southern Utah

Depositional systems in the Shikoku Basin and Daito ridge-and-basin province of the North Philippine Sea (Leg 58, DSDP)

Depositional systems in the Sparta Formation (Eocene) Gulf Coast basin of Texas

Depositional systems in the Wilcox Group (Eocene) of East-Central Texas and the occurrence of lignite

Depositional systems in the Wilcox Group of Texas and their relationship to occurrence of oil and gas

Depositional systems in the Woodbine Formation (upper Cretaceous), northeast Texas

Depositional systems in the Yegua Formation, Brazos County

Depositional systems in the lower Claiborne (Eocene) of central Mississippi

Depositional systems in the upper Claiborne and lower Jackson groups (Eocene) of Mississippi

Depositional systems of Cenozoic basins, southwestern Montana

Depositional systems of Clinton Sandstone and petroleum exploration, Guernsey County, Ohio

Depositional systems of Cycle VI M in Helang and Layang structures, offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia

Depositional systems of Fountain Formation and its basinal equivalents, northwestern Denver Basin, Colorado

Depositional systems of Lower Tuscaloosa Formation (Cretaceous), north-central Gulf Coast basin

Depositional systems of Pleistocene clastic sediments cropping out in the Ponte Galeria area, southwest of Rome

Depositional systems of a complex transform margin; Deep Ivorian Basin, blocks 104 and 105, Ivory Coast

Depositional systems of a tight gas-productive barrier-strandplain sequence; Corcoran and Cozzette sandstones, Northwest Colorado

Depositional systems of lower B sands in VLC1184 Well, VLC100/ 949, Block III, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela

Depositional systems of mainland coastal Ecuador; a regional overview for coastal-zone management

Depositional systems of members C-6-X and C-7-X, Misoa Formation, Suroeste Bachaquero Field, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Depositional systems of the Alabama, Mississippi, and western Florida coastal zone

Depositional systems of the Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil

Depositional systems of the Carrizo-upper Wilcox of Texas and their relation to the occurrence of oil and gas

Depositional systems of the Duba Basin during Cenozoic thrusting along the southern margin of the Lunpola Basin system, south-central Tibetan Plateau

Depositional systems of the Irati Formation in Sao Paulo State

Depositional systems of the Jurassic buried hills in eastern Hebei, China

Depositional systems of the Lower Cretaceous Paluxy Formation, East Texas Basin

Depositional systems of the Lower Devonian sandstone reservoirs of the western central Sahara (Algeria)

Depositional systems of the Narrabbeen Group

Depositional systems of the Piacabucu Formation, Sergipe Basin, Alagoas, Brazil

Depositional systems of the Pottsville Upper Cliff coals in a portion of the Plateau coal field, Alabama

Depositional systems of the Sells and Cecil sandstones, Atoka Formation (Pennsylvanian), eastern Crawford and western Franklin counties, Arkansas

Depositional systems of the Spiro Sandstone, Atoka Formation (Pennsylvanian) within the Arkoma Basin of Arkansas

Depositional systems of the Transylvania-Sud area, Transylvanian Basin, Romania

Depositional systems of the Upper Pennsylvanian of southern Ohio

Depositional systems of the continental margin of the eastern Gulf of Mexico west of penninsular Florida; a possible modern analog to some depositional models for the Permian Delaware Basin

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