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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 19060

Chapter 19060 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Geomagnetic secular variations in Greece through the last 6000 years obtained from lake sediment studies

Geomagnetic secular variations of high-latitude glaciomarine sediments; data from the Kola Peninsula, northwestern Russia

Geomagnetic secular variations over the last 6500 years as recorded by sediments from the lakes of South Argentina

Geomagnetic secular variations recorded in sediment cores from False Bay near Cape Town

Geomagnetic services; real-time alerts, data, and disturbance predictions

Geomagnetic signature of geological structures beneath the Deccan Traps

Geomagnetic signature of the 1999 August 11 total eclipse

Geomagnetic signature of the Bleka gold mineralization in Telemark, Norway

Geomagnetic sounding near the northern termination of the Appalachian System

Geomagnetic sounding of an ancient plate margin in the Canadian Appalachians

Geomagnetic sounding of an ancient plate margin in the Canadian Appalachians

Geomagnetic sounding of conductivity anomalies in the lower crust and uppermost mantle

Geomagnetic sounding of eastern North America and the White Mountain heat flow anomaly

Geomagnetic sounding with S (sub q) and geothermics in the East Carpathians

Geomagnetic soundings in the northern Pyrenees; an explanation of the anomalous magnetic field by the local geology

Geomagnetic soundings; present status and future prospects

Geomagnetic spectrum of internal origin and lower mantle conductivity

Geomagnetic spherical harmonic analyses; 1, Techniques

Geomagnetic spherical harmonic analyses; I, Techniques

Geomagnetic stage transitional from the Matuyama to Brunhes epoches

Geomagnetic standard of the USSR

Geomagnetic storm families from 1957 to 1964 - (pt.) 3, relationship between geomagnetic activity and various manifestations of solar activity

Geomagnetic storm families in 1957-64 - (pt.) 1, two velocity regimes of solar corpuscular streams in different years of the solar cycle

Geomagnetic storm of April 1-2, 1964, at the surface of the earth and in the tail of the magnetosphere; instability of the neutral sheet

Geomagnetic storm particles in the high-latitude magnetotail

Geomagnetic structure in the Sakura-jima area, South Kyushu

Geomagnetic structures of the submarine caldera located between Hachijojima Island and Aogashima Island, northern part of the Izu-Ogasawara Arc

Geomagnetic studies

Geomagnetic studies at Surtsey and temperature measurements

Geomagnetic studies in the Urals

Geomagnetic studies of Rheingraben crust and upper mantle electrical conductivity

Geomagnetic studies of gabbros of Ajil-Wakaf Tapai, Terengganu

Geomagnetic studies of quiet-time field changes

Geomagnetic studies of the Arabian-Indian Ridge

Geomagnetic studies of the Doldrums fracture zone

Geomagnetic study and its geological significance; north Abu Simble Town, Western Desert, Egypt

Geomagnetic study methods in volcanically and seismically active regions

Geomagnetic study of Atlantis faults and features of thermal fields of this region

Geomagnetic study of Cape Basin, South Atlantic

Geomagnetic study of seamounts

Geomagnetic study of seamounts

Geomagnetic study of the Aper Seamount

Geomagnetic study of the Changhua Plain, Taiwan

Geomagnetic study of the Ivrea Zone

Geomagnetic study of the eastern part of the Pyrenees

Geomagnetic study of the ultramafics and associated rocks of the Sangilen Precambrian Massif--Geomagnitnoye izucheniye giperbazitov i assotsiiruyushchikh s nimi porod Sangilenskogo dokembriyskogo massiva

Geomagnetic study of three submarine mountains of the Balearic Sea

Geomagnetic study of transform faults

Geomagnetic study of transform faults

Geomagnetic study on seamounts Daiiti-kasima and Katori with special reference to a subduction process of Daiiti-kasima

Geomagnetic superchrons and paleointensities; implications to core processes

Geomagnetic survey

Geomagnetic survey

Geomagnetic survey

Geomagnetic survey and earthquake prediction study in China

Geomagnetic survey and geomagnetic model research in China

Geomagnetic survey and the investigation of fumaroles at Volcano Esan, Oshima Province

Geomagnetic survey and the magnetic anomaly distribution in japan

Geomagnetic survey and two-dimensional analysis for magnetic structure in Suruga Bay

Geomagnetic survey around Izu-Ogasawara Trench and Ogasawara Plateau (KH 87-3 and KT 86-9)

Geomagnetic survey around Nishinoshima Volcano, Ogasawara Island, Japan

Geomagnetic survey east of the Zhoushan Islands in the East China Sea

Geomagnetic survey in Hungary

Geomagnetic survey in the White Sea

Geomagnetic survey in the eastern part of Hokkaido, NE Japan; 2, Supplemental data report

Geomagnetic survey in the eastern part of Hokkaido, NE Japan; a data report

Geomagnetic survey of Italy, repeat station network and magnetic maps; a short report

Geomagnetic survey of Rolette and Towner counties, North Dakota

Geomagnetic survey of a portion of southeastern New York

Geomagnetic survey of the East Mariana Basin

Geomagnetic survey of the Vico and Sabazio volcanic structures

Geomagnetic survey of the Yap Arc-Trench

Geomagnetic survey of the cruise GDP-24

Geomagnetic survey of the volcanic areas of Guatemala

Geomagnetic survey with the triaxial fluxgate magnetometer

Geomagnetic surveying

Geomagnetic surveys for siting a magnetic observatory in western Sicily

Geomagnetic surveys in Hungary and geological exploration

Geomagnetic surveys on caldera regions

Geomagnetic temporal change, 1903-1982; a spline representation

Geomagnetic temporal change; 1903-1982, a spline representation

Geomagnetic three components measurement with Overhauser magnetometer

Geomagnetic tides and related phenomena

Geomagnetic time scale; detection and dating of Epoch 5, Epoch 6, and Anomaly 5 in Iceland

Geomagnetic total force anomalies associated with active faults; observation of the geomagnetic total force around the Atotsugawa and Atera faults

Geomagnetic total force measurements

Geomagnetic total intensity anomaly distribution in and around Sagami-Nada

Geomagnetic total intensity measurement by proton magnetometer

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of Izu Peninsula (April 1987 - March 1988)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of Izu Peninsula (January, 1984-October, 1985)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of Izu Peninsula (November 1985-April 1987)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of Izu Peninsula (November, 1981-March, 1983)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of Izu Peninsula (November, 1990-October, 1992)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of Izu Peninsula; January 1983-April 1984

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula (April 1988-October 1989)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula (May, 1998-April, 2000)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula (November 1993-October 1994)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula (November, 1995-October, 1996)

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula, November, 1992-October, 1993

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula; January, 1996-April, 2001

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula; November 1995-October 1996

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula; November, 1989-October, 1990

Geomagnetic total intensity observations in the eastern part of the Izu Peninsula; November, 1994-October, 1995

Geomagnetic total-intensity anomaly distribution around Japan

Geomagnetic transfer functions across tectonic lines in central Japan

Geomagnetic transfer functions at Lunping before and after the 1999 Chichi earthquake (Mw=7.7)

Geomagnetic transfer functions in Japan obtained by first order geomagnetic survey

Geomagnetic variation and heat discharge at Aso Volcano

Geomagnetic variation anomalies and deflection of telluric currents

Geomagnetic variation anomalies in north-western Italy

Geomagnetic variation anomalies in northern England; processing and presentation of data from a non-simultaneous array

Geomagnetic variation anomalies in peninsular India

Geomagnetic variation anomalies in the West-Pacific Transition Zone (WPTZ)

Geomagnetic variation anomalies on the central Snake River plain

Geomagnetic variation anomaly and deep electric conductivity structure in the area around Tangshan

Geomagnetic variation anomaly in the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture, Northern Honshu of Japan

Geomagnetic variation anomaly on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Geomagnetic variation associated with the Niigata earthquake, June 16, 1964

Geomagnetic variation during the late Pleistocene period and changes in the radiocarbon time scale

Geomagnetic variation from (super 14) C-dated Hawaiian lavas; anomalously low SV or just an incomplete sample?

Geomagnetic variation observed at Aso Volcano during the past ten years (1991-2000)

Geomagnetic variation recorded at the Nishi-Amo Station during the period from June 1985 to May 1986

Geomagnetic variation sounding of the asthenosphere beneath the Juan de Fuca Ridge

Geomagnetic variation studies

Geomagnetic variation studies in the Southern Appalachians; preliminary results

Geomagnetic variation studies on the eastern United States

Geomagnetic variation studies over Banks Island and the continental margin of the Arctic Ocean

Geomagnetic variation studies over Banks and Victoria islands, N.W.T., Canada

Geomagnetic variation study in Hidalgo and Grant counties, southwestern New Mexico, USA

Geomagnetic variations

Geomagnetic variations across the southern Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia

Geomagnetic variations and climatic fluctuations during the last 4000 years

Geomagnetic variations and electrical conductivity structure in south-western Australia

Geomagnetic variations and electrical conductivity structure under Atlantic Canada

Geomagnetic variations and magnetic soundings

Geomagnetic variations and seismic absorption in Scotland

Geomagnetic variations and the electrical conductivity of the upper mantle

Geomagnetic variations and their possible effects on system Earth

Geomagnetic variations as a means for predicting earthquakes

Geomagnetic variations associated with formation of the 891 vent in Aso Crater

Geomagnetic variations associated with the 1989 eruptions of Aso

Geomagnetic variations at Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico

Geomagnetic variations behavior in the Carpathian region

Geomagnetic variations for the interval 7000; 25,000 yr B. P. as recorded in a core of sediment from Station 1474 of the Black Sea cruise of Atlantis II

Geomagnetic variations from 13 to 2 Ka; archaeomagnetic study of the Kazachka Monument

Geomagnetic variations in Eastern Europe during the last 7500 years

Geomagnetic variations in archaeomagnetic data

Geomagnetic variations in south-western Nigeria; preliminary results

Geomagnetic variations in the British Isles and their relation to electrical currents in the ocean and shallow seas

Geomagnetic variations in the equatorial zone

Geomagnetic variations observed after the 1986 eruption of Izu-Oshima Volcano

Geomagnetic variations recorded at the Hohryu Station, February-April, 1987

Geomagnetic variations recorded in older (> or = 23 000 B.P.) and younger Yoldia Clay ( approximately 14 000 B.P.) at Norre Lyngby, Denmark

Geomagnetic variations results across western Washington and British Columbia

Geomagnetic variations with periods from 13 to 30 years

Geomagnetic variations with periods from 5 to 30 years at Hong Kong

Geomagnetic variations, high frequency and aeromagnetic effects; introduction

Geomagnetic westward drift and core-mantle coupling

Geomagnetic westward drift using the correlation coefficient

Geomagnetic workshop

Geomagnetic workshop, Canberra

Geomagnetic, auroral, ionospheric, and cosmic ray perturbations; interdependence and relations with solar activity; 5, Physical state of interplanetary space

Geomagnetic, geocentric, and geodetic coordinate transformations

Geomagnetic-assisted stratigraphy and sea surface temperature changes in Core MD94-103 (southern Indian Ocean); possible implications for north-south climatic relationships around H4

Geomagnetic-field data from the Vesuvius observatory

Geomagnetic-field variations recorded within drill pipe at Site 865; implications for paleomagnetic studies

Geomagnetic-heliomagnetic modulation of atmospheric radiocarbon production

Geomagnetical anomalies in the Pacific

Geomagnetical survey in Antarctica; an established component of scientific research of the Adolf-Schmidt-Observatory at Niemegk

Geomagnetically Trapped Alpha Particles; 1, Off-Equator Particles in the Outer Zone

Geomagnetically Trapped Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Nuclei

Geomagnetically induced currents in the Finnish 400 kV power transmission system

Geomagnetically induced currents in the Western Pacific region during February 8-9, 1992 magnetic storm

Geomagnetically trapped alpha particles

Geomagnetics R&D; the future of geomagnetics research and development in the military and civilian sectors; impact of new technologies

Geomagnetics and scientific institutions in 19th century America

Geomagnetics of North Carolina Plain

Geomagnetics of Savannah Valley

Geomagnetics of the edge of the Strait of Gibraltar

Geomagnetisches Strukturbild des Rodderberg-Vulkans suedlich Bonn










Geomagnetism and aeronomy

Geomagnetism and aeronomy; Italian research activity (1991-1994) report to IAGA

Geomagnetism and age study of Tyrrhenian seamounts

Geomagnetism and climate

Geomagnetism and climate

Geomagnetism and earthquake prediction

Geomagnetism and geodynamics; Mesozoic catastrophe during evolution of the Earth

Geomagnetism and geoelectricity

Geomagnetism and geoelectricity

Geomagnetism and gravity of the Arctic Basin

Geomagnetism and gravity of the Arctic Basin, 1963

Geomagnetism and navigation on the South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse II

Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism

Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism

Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism in Mexico

Geomagnetism and paleomagnetism, 1979-1983

Geomagnetism and polar motion

Geomagnetism and the D layer

Geomagnetism and the Earth's core

Geomagnetism and the Earth's rotation

Geomagnetism and the Earth's rotation

Geomagnetism and the formation of the Pyrenees

Geomagnetism and volcanology

Geomagnetism in Marine Geology

Geomagnetism in Marine Geology

Geomagnetism in Marine Geology; Elsevier Oceanography Series, 6

Geomagnetism in nineteenth-century Italy

Geomagnetism in the Pacific

Geomagnetism of Earth's core

Geomagnetism of baked clays and Recent sediments; book review

Geomagnetism of the Bouvet triple junction

Geomagnetism of the external flysch Czechoslovakian Carpathians and the possible causes of anomalous geophysical manifestations

Geomagnetism program at Byrd, South Pole, and Plateau stations

Geomagnetism research within BGS

Geomagnetism superswells vulcanism and geodynamics and their pace during the last approximately 250. Ma

Geomagnetism vs climate relation clarified from the Lake Biwa and Pacific sediments

Geomagnetism, 1838-1974

Geomagnetism, Earth rotation and the electrical conductivity of the lower mantle

Geomagnetism, Vol. II (Chapters 1-3); book review

Geomagnetism, paleomagnetism, and the deep Earth's interior

Geomagnetism, seismology and the Earth's deep interior

Geomagnetism, the electrical conductivity of the D, and tangentially geostrophic, pseudo-steady surficial core motions

Geomagnetism, theories before 1800

Geomagnetism, theories between 1800 and 1900

Geomagnetism, theories since 1900

Geomagnetism, volcanoes, global climate change, and predictability; a progress report

Geomagnetism; a slow-moving field

Geomagnetism; a swiftly changing field

Geomagnetism; about turn for reversals

Geomagnetism; book review

Geomagnetism; influence of the inner core

Geomagnetism; past, present, and future

Geomagnetism; principle of least astonishment

Geomagnetism; reversal ideas up-ended

Geomagnetism; reversals of opinion

Geomagnetism; still poles apart on reversals?

Geomagnetism; superplumes and superchrons

Geomagnetism; the next millenium

Geomagnetism; volume I; book review

Geomanagement in the public service; location determination

Geomanagement in view of Geotechnica '95

Geomap-Venezuela; system for obtaining and processing data for geologic mapping

Geomapping in Ukraine; state of the art, achievements and prospects


Geomathematic and cartographic treatment of geochemical prospection data of the Moura-Ficalho area

Geomathematic evaluation of mineralization veins

Geomathematic evidence for the differentiation nature of the Baima and Hongge layered intrusive bodies in Panxi area, Sichuan Province

Geomathematic techniques for the separation of different series of igneous rocks based on major elements

Geomathematical Prediction of Sulphur in Coal, New Lingan Mine Area, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia

Geomathematical analysis of the middle Eocene Darvasto Formation at the Csabpuszta-I/ 2 bauxite prospect

Geomathematical analysis of upper Precambrian at Luonan, Shaanxi province

Geomathematical and petrophysical studies in sedimentology; an international symposium; book review

Geomathematical assessment of regional landslide hazard

Geomathematical common method Fortran IV program and application examples

Geomathematical identification of chromite types based on major oxide chemistry

Geomathematical investigation of fault populations at selected locations

Geomathematical methods for design and optimization of ground water monitoring networks

Geomathematical methods for estimation and prediction of petroleum resources; a case study

Geomathematical methods for use in prospecting

Geomathematical model of copper in La Arena

Geomathematical modeling of lateral filtration in young sedimentary basins

Geomathematical modelling and its implications on manganese ore distributions in Siljora area, Orissa, India

Geomathematical modelling of a turbidite reservoir in S.E. Hungary

Geomathematical models for the evaluation of hazards due to slope instability

Geomathematical models of ore deposits for exploitation purposes

Geomathematical optimization of Landsat-TM satellite data for geological mapping in an island arc/ ophiolite environment of the Red Sea Hills, Sudan

Geomathematical prediction of sulphur in coal, New Lingan Mine area, Sydney Coalfield

Geomathematical relations between permeability and features of river cyclothems

Geomathematical study of structural patterns in a Pb-Zn mining district

Geomathematical study of the carbonate rocks of Segovia

Geomathematical study on lithological setting of mineral deposits in SW Finland

Geomathematical treatment of geophysical and hydrogeologic data of the lower Capivari River basin, Sao Paulo


Geomathematics of constructing a geological time scale

Geomathematics, Mathematical Background and Geo-Science Applications

Geomathematics; past, present, and prospects; book review

Geomathica (geoinformatics); a new discipline?

Geomatic approach to simulate water erosion and sediment transport in small scale watersheds

Geomatic characterization of drainage basins; application to the problem of river eutrophication

Geomatics in Russian Arctic coastal dynamics investigations

Geomatics in hydrogeology

Geomatics; cartography of the future; international norms for supporting global digital cartography

Geomatics; caterpillar or Imago? A question of definition

Geomatter II; a progress report

Geomechanic and thermodynamic conditions of hydrofracturing of hot rock massifs at great depth

Geomechanic characterization and parametric analysis of the San Martino Landslide, Lugo

Geomechanic classification for assessing rock mass in Japan

Geomechanical analysis and evaluation of slopes in the upper course of the Pas River, Cantabria

Geomechanical analysis and hydrocarbon accumulation of the Karamay overthrust belt

Geomechanical analysis in mine design; an integrated approach using microseismicity, numerical modelling and structural

Geomechanical analysis of clay in Saint Petersburg as fractured block

Geomechanical analysis of small earthquakes at the Eleveld gas reservoir

Geomechanical analysis of tectonic deformation of massifs at the Sokolov underground mine

Geomechanical analysis of the internal structures of the Cheops Pyramid in the vicinity of the King's Chamber

Geomechanical analysis of the stability of slopes in the Beas Reservoir area, H.P

Geomechanical analysis of unbound pavements based on shakedown theory

Geomechanical analysis of underground excavation stability for the Pietra del Cardoso stone quarries

Geomechanical analysis with rigorous error estimates for a double porosity reservoir model

Geomechanical and ecological aspects of underground structural design

Geomechanical and geochemical changes during early stages of weathering of Karamu Basalt, New Zealand

Geomechanical and geophysical measurements in an underground marble quarry

Geomechanical and geophysical methods for determining geomagnetic parameters in rocks

Geomechanical and geophysical monitoring as basis for creating the physical model

Geomechanical and mathematical analysis of karst-fissure media in karst research

Geomechanical and mineralogic characteristics of the Pliocene clay terrains in the Apennines in Marches

Geomechanical and petrographical properties of the Frusca Gora Mountains latites; Serbia

Geomechanical and petrophysical properties of fracture systems in Permocarboniferous red-beds

Geomechanical application of complex management of the underground structure of Moscow urban environment

Geomechanical applications for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Project

Geomechanical applications of fully coupled, transient thermoelasticity

Geomechanical appraisal of seismogenic faults in Northeast Taiwan

Geomechanical approach to oil and gas production; main problems, first results

Geomechanical aspects of CO (sub 2) sequestration in a deep saline reservoir in the Ohio River valley region

Geomechanical aspects of brine exploitation from mineral salt deposits

Geomechanical aspects of control over the geological medium in mineral resources mining and underground construction

Geomechanical aspects of deep well drilling

Geomechanical aspects of gas outbursts in Louisiana salt mines

Geomechanical aspects of liquid-induced seismicity

Geomechanical aspects of mine planning

Geomechanical aspects of preponderance of hydrologic danger in mine exploitation

Geomechanical aspects of preservation of geological medium during mineral resources mining and underground construction

Geomechanical aspects of radioactive waste disposal in deep formations of hard crystalline rocks

Geomechanical aspects of shaft construction in tectonically stressed rock masses

Geomechanical aspects of subsidence in eastern Maine

Geomechanical aspects of swelling clay at Purwodadi region in central Java, Indonesia

Geomechanical aspects of the 1999 Golcuk earthquake

Geomechanical aspects of the design of support pillars

Geomechanical bases of system parameters of thick sloped seam exploitation during hydraulic stage mining

Geomechanical basis for rock mass model analysis of pillar conditional limit

Geomechanical basis for the evaluation of rock loads on the proposed tunnel and power house cavity at the Uri Hydel Project, Kashmir Himalayas, India

Geomechanical basis of mine and borehole stability in viscoplastic massifs

Geomechanical basis of mine rehabilitation; Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company

Section 20, Chapter 19060, Accession 019059392

Geomechanical behavior of a heated 3m block of fractured tuff

Geomechanical behavior of cement anchors injected in rocks

Geomechanical behavior of rock masses at great depth; case studies

Geomechanical behaviour of interbedded rock mass of Kenny Hill Formation, Selangor, Malaysia

Geomechanical behaviour of laminated, weak coal mine roof strata and the implications for a ground reinforcement strategy

Geomechanical characterisation of cataclastic rocks; experience from the Cleuson-Dixence Project

Section 20, Chapter 19060, Accession 019059399

Geomechanical characterisation of rock masses; a statistical approach

Geomechanical characteristics and problems of instability of the coastal cliffs of Porto Miggiano, Apulia

Geomechanical characteristics of a granite body at a dam site

Geomechanical characteristics of a pulverised infilling material of a shear zone

Geomechanical characteristics of barrier materials in a natural analogue of a waste repository in central Italy

Geomechanical characterization methods for potential radioactive waste storage sites

Geomechanical characterization of Neves-Corvo rock mass

Geomechanical characterization of a tectonized shaley complex in the hilly area around Florence

Geomechanical characterization of banded iron formation from open pit mines in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Geomechanical characterization of coarse granular soils

Geomechanical characterization of flyschoid rock massifs of Astigarraga region, Guipuzcoa

Geomechanical characterization of fractured rock massifs

Geomechanical characterization of granites in La Plata Highway; Bejar Port-Aldeanueva del Camino stretch, Caceres

Geomechanical characterization of the access ramp in the Susana Mine, Carolina de Michilla, Antofagasta, northern Chile

Geomechanical characterization of the clay at MOL (Belgium); application to the sizing of deep underground workings

Geomechanical characterization of the rhyolite rock mass, Genting Sempah, Selangor-Pahang; some preliminary results

Geomechanical classification

Geomechanical classification and analysis of slope stability in the Coris rock massif, Cartago, Costa Rica

Geomechanical classification and application of GIS-based techniques in order to assess the stability of rock walls

Geomechanical classification and evaluation of crustal stability for planning and site selection

Geomechanical classification and slope stability analysis of the Coris rocky massif, Cartago, Costa Rica

Geomechanical classification and slope stability evaluation

Geomechanical classification of the rock mass at Segunda Angostura Dam, Limay River, Argentine Republic

Geomechanical classification; analysis, description and application of geomechanical classifications in subterranean excavations

Geomechanical classifications applied to the study of underground excavations using surface data

Geomechanical conditions for mining at the Abakanskoye Mine

Geomechanical conditions in the region of the Lotschberg Tunnel and their effect on the excavation design

Geomechanical conditions of mining flexure zones at the Dzhezkazgan Mine

Geomechanical conditions of pillars during the mining of converged layers

Geomechanical consequences of gas buildup in waste storage sites

Geomechanical considerations in the treatment of the river channel fault at Navagam Dam site 3, on Narmada River, Gujarat

Geomechanical control of mining in high-stressed rock mass

Geomechanical criteria for the formation of disjunctives

Geomechanical criteria of prediction and technology of prevention of rock bursts during excavation in tectonically stressed rocks

Geomechanical data bank for design purposes of coal mining process

Geomechanical effects of denudation processes

Geomechanical estimation of the jointing intensity of rock masses

Geomechanical evaluation and analysis of research shafts and galleries in MIU Project, Japan

Geomechanical evaluation and description of various types of slope movement and resulting slope deformations

Geomechanical evaluation of a coal mine arched entry

Geomechanical evaluation of crustal stability

Geomechanical evaluation of escarpments subjected to mining induced subsidence

Geomechanical evaluation of mine workings stability in extreme geological conditions; Polish experience

Geomechanical evaluation of rockmass in dearation tunnel (on the left bank), at Tehri Dam site, Tehri Garhwal District, Uttar Pradesh

Geomechanical evaluation of the mesotectonic features of the Koteshwar Dam site, U. P. and their applications to the calculation of mountain pressures

Geomechanical evaluation system for mining purposes

Geomechanical evaluations of Karaj tuffs for rock tunneling in Tehran-Shomal Freeway, Iran

Geomechanical experiences during the construction and operation of a pumped storage power station with a lined lower in Bunter

Geomechanical experiences in the seismic region of Corinth, Greece

Geomechanical factors affecting geological storage of CO (sub 2) in depleted oil and gas reservoirs

Geomechanical features of mine rockburst-prone deposits of Altai-Sayan fold region

Geomechanical indices of alteration in the quantification of the weathering of rocks

Geomechanical instability and conservation problems in the rupestrial church of SS. Salvatore in Vallerano (central Italy)

Geomechanical instrumentation applications at the Canadian Underground Research Laboratory

Geomechanical instrumentation in Mexico tunnels

Geomechanical interaction in a nuclear waste disposal vault

Geomechanical interpretation of the instability of the excavation front in tunnels constructed in low-quality terrains

Geomechanical investigation and key block analyses of Stone Mountain, Georgia

Geomechanical investigation of the southeastern margin of the Bakony Mountains and the age of the Liter fault line

Geomechanical investigations and analyses of the large rock sculptures at Mount Rushmore and Stone Mountain

Geomechanical investigations for the design of cemented fill

Geomechanical investigations for the development of the Campiano Mine

Geomechanical investigations in the Silius Mine

Geomechanical investigations into the stability of steeply inclined working places in a slate deposit

Geomechanical investigations of the tunnel sites in the rocks of the Island of Montreal

Geomechanical investigations of tunnels in rocks on Montreal Island

Geomechanical investigations of under active storage of wastes at the University of Miskolc

Geomechanical mine design approach at Noranda Minerals Inc

Geomechanical mining support at the Muruntau Mine

Geomechanical model and slope stabilization alternatives for the Curral Hill rock masses; Ouro Preto, Brazil

Geomechanical model based on magnetic properties of intersecting diabase dykes

Geomechanical model describing subsidence induced by salt-solution mining in the Detroit area

Geomechanical model for fault sealing in sandstone reservoirs

Geomechanical model for multiply-oriented conjugate deformation bands

Geomechanical model for the post-Variscan evolution of the Permocarboniferous-Mesozoic basins in Northeast Germany

Geomechanical model of an alpine valley

Geomechanical model of seismofocal zones of active continental margins

Geomechanical model of the seismogenic blocks tectonic movements in subduction zones considering strong thrust-type and displacement-type earthquakes

Geomechanical model simulation for varied rock formations of Kadana Dam foundation, Gujarat, India

Geomechanical model stimulation for the varied rock formations of the Kadana Dam foundation, Gujarat, India

Geomechanical model tests concerning the gliding apart of hard rock on soft ground

Geomechanical modeling of a pore collapsing carbonate; compaction and subsidence of a field in Oman

Geomechanical modeling of an active continental margin; model of a deep fault

Geomechanical modeling of complex reservoirs; recent lessons and current state of the art

Geomechanical modelling for optimisation of slope design parameters in opencast mines in Jharia coalfield, India

Geomechanical modelling of complex rock failure mechanisms

Geomechanical modelling of joints in rock foundations of structures

Geomechanical modelling of origin of present crust structure

Geomechanical modelling of scenarios for different geological settings with the finite element structural mechanics package DIANA

Geomechanical modelling of the stress regime variations in basin

Geomechanical models and ionospheric variations related to strongest earthquakes and weak influence of atmospheric pressure gradients

Geomechanical models as a basis for the composite historical-genetic interpretation of geophysical data

Geomechanical models for dam foundations

Geomechanical models of impact cratering; Puchezh-Katunki Structure

Geomechanical models of impact cratering; Puchezh-Katunki structure

Geomechanical models of tunnels

Geomechanical monitoring and analysis at the Artemission Tunnel

Geomechanical monitoring at drilling and tunneling as a component of geophysical logging for investigation of the rock massif

Geomechanical monitoring of a rock mass in areas of geologic failures

Geomechanical monitoring of engineering construction

Geomechanical numerical simulations of complex geologic structures

Geomechanical parameters of Sao Paulo City saprolitic soils

Geomechanical parameters of repairs of mine shafts

Geomechanical parameters of supports providing the effective utilization of rock mechanical properties in order to increase safety of underground mining

Geomechanical phenomena associated with underground mining

Geomechanical principles of secondary utilization of preparatory underground works

Geomechanical problems of control of stability in mining cavities

Geomechanical problems of tunnel construction close to the surface in loose rock

Geomechanical processes at an open secondary mine of gently sloping ore bodies

Geomechanical processes at closed mines in Donbass coalfield and their potential effects at surface

Geomechanical processes in the Earth's crust; theoretical studies, experimental results and application

Geomechanical processes in the development of Orlovskoye Mine

Geomechanical properties and deformation structures of Permocarboniferous redbeds in the basins adjacent to the Elbe-Line, North-East Germany

Geomechanical properties and permeability of coals from the Foothills and Mountain regions of Western Canada

Geomechanical properties of New Zealand soft sedimentary rocks

Geomechanical properties of deep sea sediments in the North Atlantic Ocean in connection with the storage of nuclear waste

Geomechanical properties of formations in the neighborhoods of San Diego, Poblada, Buenos Aires and Los Caunces of Medellin

Geomechanical properties of glacial boulder clay in Poland

Geomechanical properties of micaceous schists of the Kamienieckie Range from the Krobica area

Geomechanical properties of rock mass of Xingo Dam, Brazil

Geomechanical properties of rocks from the rockburst hazard viewpoint

Geomechanical properties of sandy soil near Scanzano Jonico (Basilicata, Italy)

Section 20, Chapter 19060, Accession 019059535

Geomechanical properties of the foundation rocks at Sardar Sarovar (Narmada) and Karjan dams, Gujarat

Geomechanical properties of the ophiolites (Cankiri/ Turkey) and alteration degree of diabase

Geomechanical properties related to top seal leakage in the Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia

Geomechanical provision of adaptive mining technology

Geomechanical provisions of mining operations under critical mining and geological conditions

Geomechanical review of the rock masses for the behavior of mine structures in the Ostrava-Karvina region

Geomechanical rock characterization in underground mines of eastern Cuba

Geomechanical simulation of rockmass deformation and failure on a high dip slope

Geomechanical stability and integrity of waste disposal mines in salt structures

Geomechanical state of rock massif at risk for shock from application of seismoacoustic method

Geomechanical studies for a Himalayan tunnel in jointed dolomites

Geomechanical studies for consolidation of large mining spaces in salts

Geomechanical studies for hydroelectric projects

Geomechanical studies in a real schematic model

Geomechanical studies of salt at elevated temperatures

Geomechanical studies of the Caraguatatuba pumped storage caverns

Geomechanical studies on a model for dam foundations

Geomechanical study for the exploitation of an underground marble quarry

Geomechanical study of Havarbar oil shale mine for slope stability modelling

Geomechanical study of deep active faults in continent-ocean transition zones

Geomechanical study of rock massifs for a variant of the Miranda de Ebro Railway, Burgos

Geomechanical study of the Sappada area, Belluno; stability analysis of the slopes flanking the Lech River and analysis of rockfalls from the northern slopes of Monte Siera

Geomechanical study of the extensive landslide at Buse; Trentino

Geomechanical study of two landslides in rocks of the Sarca di Nambrone River basin; Trentino

Geomechanical substantiation of extraction of undermined ore deposit

Geomechanical substantiation of mining sequence of deposits inclined to rock burst hazards

Geomechanical substantiation of parameters of chamber mining system in light of roof caving

Geomechanical substantiation of the parameters of complete extraction of potash deposits from pillars using a type of auger drilling extractive technology

Geomechanical support of reliability of mine operation when developing ore deposits

Geomechanical zoning of a granitic rock mass, Sardinia, Italy

Geomechanical, microstructural, and petrophysical evolution in experimentally reactivated cataclasites: applications to fault seal prediction; discussion

Geomechanical, microstructural, and petrophysical evolution in experimentally reactivated cataclasites; applications to fault seal prediction

Geomechanical, microstructural, and petrophysical evolution in experimentally reactivated cataclasites; applications to fault seal prediction; reply




Geomechanics - its role in converting to underground mining

Geomechanics activities conducted at Sandia National Laboratories in support of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Geomechanics analyses of the crestal region of an Omani gas field

Geomechanics and construction geotechnology in Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute

Geomechanics and hydrogeology of granitoid rock masses, Serre Massif, Calabria

Geomechanics and site investigation for underground engineering works in Japan

Geomechanics and site investigation for underground works in Japan

Geomechanics and stress regimes in the Norwegian North Sea

Geomechanics and surveying to ensure safe and efficient mining of coal deposits in USSR

Geomechanics and technology interacting in the definition of production costs in underground quarrying projects

Geomechanics and tectonic system

Geomechanics and the effectiveness of wellbore completion methods of coalbed natural gas (CBNG) wells in the Powder River Basin; implications for water and gas production

Geomechanics and tunnelling machines

Geomechanics approach to management of naturally fractured reservoirs

Geomechanics approach to reservoir management

Geomechanics as a separate science (with english and french abs.)

Geomechanics at El Teniente Mine

Geomechanics at Penn State

Geomechanics characterization of a proposal nuclear waste repository in basalt

Geomechanics classification of jointed rock masses; mining applications

Geomechanics classification of rock masses and its application in tunneling

Geomechanics considerations in optimising the use of mine fill; Part A, A rational approach to the design of fill

Geomechanics considerations in optimising the use of mine fill; Part B, The investigation of the response of fill as a structural component

Geomechanics design guidelines for highwall mining under Australian conditions

Geomechanics developments in mining coal under strong roof and weak floor conditions

Geomechanics evaluation of a longwall face

Geomechanics experiments during excavation of the URL shaft

Geomechanics in El Teniente Mine

Geomechanics in analysis and design of shallow underground structures (characteristics and problems)

Geomechanics in designing rock excavations

Geomechanics in the laboratory

Geomechanics investigation at the proposed Raupunga Damsite, Mohaka River, New Zealand

Geomechanics investigations in a multiple room and pillar mine

Geomechanics investigations in a multiple room and pillar mine

Geomechanics methods employed to evaluate near-surface crown pillar stability at the old Moneta Mine, Timmins, Ontario

Geomechanics monitoring of cyclic steam stimulation operations in the Clearwater Formation

Geomechanics of New Zealand mountain-building

Geomechanics of Panasqueira Mine

Geomechanics of large stone structures; a case history from the Washington National Cathedral

Geomechanics of reservoir induced seismicity

Geomechanics of the Carr Fork Mine test stope

Geomechanics of the Climax Mine-By, Nevada Test Site

Geomechanics of the Earth's crust of the Transcarpathians and mechanisms of local earthquakes according to macroseismic data

Geomechanics of the South Furious Field; an integrated approach towards solving complex structural geological problems, including analogue and finite-element modelling

Geomechanics of the anticipated foundation conditions of North Koel (Kutku) Dam site, Palamau District, Bihar

Geomechanics of underground coal mining under very weak overburden rocks at Huntly East Mine, New Zealand

Geomechanics research applied to open strip coal mining in Australia

Geomechanics research; basis for the mining procedures in the potassium salt seam Thueringen

Geomechanics risk model for multiple failures along rock discontinuities

Geomechanics theory and practice in petroleum prospecting in China

Geomechanics; a tool for increasing hydrocarbon production

Geomechanics; an art to a science?

Geomechanics; its impact on the life cycle of the reservoir

Geomechanische Untersuchungen an einer Hangrutschung in Basaltverwitterungslehm des vorderen Vogelsberges

Geomechanism of the foundation conditions of Tenughat Dam spillway site, Hazaribagh District, Bihar

Geomechemical publications significant for coal miners for the period 1968-1969

Geomechemical publications significant to coal miners for the period 1968-69

Geomedical investigations in Norway

Geomedical research at NGU

Geomedical studies of fluorosis endemicity in Kanhar Sub-basin, Chopan Block, Sonbhadra District and Kanja-Barora area of Jhansi District, U. P

Geomedicine in Kenya

Geomedicine in Norway

Geomedicine in Scandinavia

Geomembrane improvements

Geomembrane interface friction

Geomembrane strain observed in large-scale testing of protection layers

Geomembrane uses in the mining industry

Geomembrane/ soil interface strength relationships for heap leach facility design

Geomembrane/ synthesized leachate compatibility testing

Geomembranes and surface impoundments; design and construction aspects

Geomembranes for municipal solid waste landfills

Geomembranes in solid waste disposal

Geomembranes with incorporated optical fiber sensors for geotechnical and environmental applications

Geometallurgical studies for the Mineracao Rio do Norte bauxites, Plateau Saraca III, Brazil

Geometallurgy for the geologist; integrating geology, mineral processing, and extractive metallurgy

Geometers without borders; taking stock

Geometric Interpretation of the Ratio of Overall Diameter to Rim Crest Diameter for Lunar and Terrestrial Craters

Geometric Similitude of Lunar and Terrestrial Craters

Geometric accuracy assessment of Quickbird basic imagery using different operational approaches

Geometric accuracy of Landsat-4 and Landsat-5 thematic mapper images

Geometric accuracy of a cartographic product at 1:50,000 scale updated by digital HRV-SPOT images at level 1B

Geometric adjustment in aiding simultaneous laser and photographic observations; results on the European Geodetic System

Geometric adjustment of pool shape to changes in slope and discharge; a flume experiment

Geometric adjustment of pools to changes in slope and discharge; a flume experiment

Geometric analyses of alternative models of faulting at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Geometric analyses of rotational faults

Section 20, Chapter 19060, Accession 019059667

Geometric analysis and scaling relations of deformation bands in porous sandstone

Geometric analysis and significance of mesoscopic shear zones in the Precambrian gneisses around the Kolar schist belt, South India

Geometric analysis and tectonosedimentary model of the northern Bolivian Altiplano

Geometric analysis and timing of structures on mafic-ultramafic bodies and high grade metamorphic rocks in the Sierras Grandes of San Luis Province, Argentina

Geometric analysis of biconvex brachiopod shell morphology; ordinal distributions and stability strategies

Geometric analysis of cylindrical and conical structures in metamorphic rocks

Geometric analysis of displacement transfer between thrust faults using fault-bend and fault-propagation fold models

Geometric analysis of earthquake distribution in the Sierras de Cordoba and San Luis, Argentina

Geometric analysis of faulted rollovers; contrasting styles of extensional growth folding in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Trinidad

Geometric analysis of fold development in overthrust terranes

Geometric analysis of fold layers; a new contribution

Geometric analysis of fold propagation in a naturally stratified medium of layers with strongly contrasting competence during simple shear

Geometric analysis of folded structures with the aid of a stereogram

Geometric analysis of folds in central Idaho and SW Montana

Geometric analysis of geodetic data for investigation of 3D landslide deformations

Geometric analysis of geological separation for slope stability investigations

Geometric analysis of geological separations for slope stability investigations

Geometric analysis of hidden layering in granitic massifs

Geometric analysis of hybrid fault-propagation/ detachment folds

Geometric analysis of multiple drape folds along the Northwest Big Horn Mountains front, Wyoming

Geometric analysis of pebble shape fabrics in central western parts of the Birch-Uchi greenstone belt, Red Lake region, NW Ontario; new results

Geometric analysis of porphyroclast fabrics in a mylonite zone

Geometric analysis of protected zones; simulation and application to natural examples

Geometric analysis of rotational tensor in large structural deformation

Geometric analysis of seismic fault evidence

Geometric analysis of shell coiling; coiling in ammonoids

Geometric analysis of shell coiling; general problems

Geometric analysis of steep-dipping dislocations within the granitoid core in the Polish part of the Tatra Mts

Geometric analysis of strike-slip duplexes along Karak Fault, North-west Himalayas, Pakistan

Geometric analysis of structures in sedimentary terrane and its control on petroleum potential of Sichuan Province

Geometric analysis of the Perdido fold belt, northwestern Gulf of Mexico

Geometric analysis of the folds of Phase I, in the Ordovician of the Pardailhan strata, Montagne, Noire

Geometric analysis of the trace fossil Sinusichnus sinuosus; ethologic and ontogenic implications

Geometric analysis of tubular folds in the northern Dome Rock Mountains, AZ

Geometric and chronologic evolution of the Verde and Payson basins of central Arizona and possible relationships to detachment faulting

Geometric and cinematic characterization of Carita Fault, Tucano Basin, Brazil

Geometric and dynamic analysis of some faults in the Western Coalfield of New South Wales

Geometric and dynamic correlations between lateral deposits (glacis, glacis-cones, cones) and longitudinal deposits (alluvial terraces) in the Plio-Pleistocene of the High Atlas, Marrakech, Morocco; a new model

Geometric and dynamic parameters of earthquakes foci in the Vrancea region

Geometric and dynamic properties of landslides in scaly clays in northern Italy

Geometric and energetic characteristics of individual and aggregate minerals; stereologic basis

Geometric and experimental models of extensional fault-bend folds

Geometric and experimental models of extensional fault-bend folds

Geometric and experimental study of a piggyback basin; example of the Alto Beni Synclinorium, Central Andes

Geometric and facies contrasts between fluvio-deltaic and storm-wave driven clinoforms in the Eocene Central Basin, Spitsbergen

Geometric and fractal characteristics of veins in San Joaquin, Queretaro, Mexico

Geometric and frequency foci for studies of anisotropic materials

Geometric and genetic relationships between cathodoluminescence microstructural markers in quartz and fluid inclusion trails; application to the reconstruction of Au-ore fluid migration

Geometric and genetic relationships between fractures, normal faults, and a doubly plunging anticline; Teapot Dome, Wyoming

Geometric and geographic correction for remote sensing data

Geometric and geostatistical modelling of the Morro do Ouro gold deposit, Paracatu (MG), Brazil

Geometric and kinematic analyses of pull-apart basins produced by an echelon strike-slip of Gafsa fault systems (southern Tunisia)

Geometric and kinematic analyses of the central sector of the Narni-Amelia mountain belt, southwestern Umbria

Geometric and kinematic analysis of a transpression terrane boundary; Minas fault system, Nova Scotia, Canada

Geometric and kinematic analysis of folds in the upper Devonian Chemung Group, and relationships to processes forming major structures of the eastern Plateau Province

Geometric and kinematic characteristics of normal faults and dynamic processes of basins in an extension area in East China

Geometric and kinematic coherence and scale effects in normal fault systems

Geometric and kinematic coherence and scale effects in normal fault systems

Geometric and kinematic complexities in the Marche-Abbruzzi external zones (Central Apennines, Italy)

Geometric and kinematic development of border faults and accommodation zones, Kivu-Rusizi Rift, Africa

Geometric and kinematic evolution of a complete detachment fold in a natural cross-section

Geometric and kinematic evolution of asymmetric ductile shear zones in thrust sheets, southern Adelaide fold-thrust belt, South Australia

Geometric and kinematic evolution of basement-cored structures; intraplate orogenesis within the Yanshan Orogen, northern China

Geometric and kinematic evolution of the Bourne Gorges (northern Vercors); deformation of massive banks in a wrench-thrust fault zone

Geometric and kinematic evolution of the foreland thrust and fold belt in the Southern Urals

Geometric and kinematic features of the dike complex at Mt. Somma, Vesuvio (Italy)

Geometric and kinematic model of bed length balanced graben structures

Geometric and kinematic models for detachment folds with fixed and variable detachment depths

Geometric and kinematic relationships between high-temperature and low-temperature faulting in the Anaconda detachment zone, southwest Montana

Geometric and kinematic variations along the active Pernicana Fault; implication for the dynamics of Mount Etna NE flank (Italy)

Geometric and numerical model of progressive limb rotation in detachment folds

Geometric and optical characteristics of five microorganisms for rapid detection using image processing

Geometric and paleoecologic analysis of Silurian reefs near Celina, Ohio

Geometric and physical scaling of river dimensions of the Earth and Moon

Geometric and physical scaling of river dimensions on the earth and moon

Geometric and radiometric terrain correction of ERS SAR data for applications in hydrologic modelling

Geometric and sedimentologic aspects of Cabanas Beach

Geometric and sedimentologic characteristics of mid-Miocene lowstand reservoir sandstones, offshore Northwest Java, Indonesia

Geometric and seismic interpretation of the Perdido fold belt; northwestern deep-water Gulf of Mexico

Geometric and temporal evolution of an extensional detachment fault, Hohhot metamorphic core complex, Inner Mongolia, China

Geometric and textural characteristics of earthquake-induced disturbances in Quaternary glacio-lacustrine sediments (Trieves Claystone) in the Alps

Geometric and thermal evolution of Trapridge Glacier; study of a surge-type glacier in quiescence

Geometric and time relationships between thrusts in the crystalline Southern Appalachians

Geometric and time relationships of thrusts in the crystalline Southern Appalachians

Geometric aspect of some geochemical problems

Geometric aspects of a large extensional vein, Donalda Deposit, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Geometric aspects of synkinematic granite intrusion into a ductile shear zone; an example from the Yunmengshan core complex, northern China

Geometric aspects of the subduction of the Cocos Plate; implications for the orientation of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt

Geometric aspects of towed air-gun arrays

Geometric barrier of faults and rupturing process of earthquakes; example from Jianchuan-Eryuan extensional zone

Geometric calibration of the Mars Orbiter cameras and coalignment with the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter

Geometric calibration of the wide-angle Mars Orbiter Camera

Geometric changes during the development of an intracratonic Ordovician basin in southern Bolivia

Geometric changes of plate boundaries along part of the northern Dead Sea Transform; geochronologic and paleomagnetic evidence

Geometric characteristics and geological modelling of fractured Middle East reservoirs

Geometric characteristics of diffracted waves

Geometric characteristics of oil deposits rich in water

Geometric characteristics of the Gavarnie nappe, Pyrenees

Geometric characterization of acritarchs belonging to the genus Veryhachium

Geometric characterization of cavate dinoflagellate cysts of the genus Deflandrea

Geometric characterization of dinoflagellate cysts; an addendum

Geometric characterization of fracture networks in ornamental rock quarries; application to the improvement of exploitation

Geometric classification of rocks and mineral deposits, AGI Data Sheet 21

Geometric coefficient formula elaboration for resistivity determination in electric surveys

Geometric comparison of consequent drainage networks; northeast shore Hawaii and northern margin Alba Patera, Mars

Geometric conceptual models for fractured rock masses; implications for groundwater flow and rock deformation

Geometric concerns in slope stability analyses

Geometric configuration and paleogeographic significance of Devonian bryozoan mudmounds in a cratonic seaway

Geometric configuration efficiency investigation of GPS and GLONASS space segments

Geometric configuration of Ophiomorpha as paleoenvironmental indicators; an analysis using burrow orientations

Geometric considerations for low-cost digital photogrammetry

Geometric considerations for the remote monitoring of volcanoes; studies of lava domes using ATSR and the implications for MODIS

Geometric considerations of deformation above curved normal faults and salt evacuation surfaces

Geometric constraints derived from the law of conservation of volume and applied to evolutionary models for detachment folding

Geometric constraints in decollement zones

Geometric constraints of in situ synchrotron micro-XANES determinations of oxidation state

Geometric constraints on Cascadia subduction

Geometric constraints on composition of sediment derived from erosional landscapes

Geometric constraints on foreland uplifts

Geometric constraints on seismic inversion

Geometric constraints on the development of shear bands in rocks

Geometric continuity of mineralized formations

Geometric controls on the evolution of normal fault systems

Geometric correction for ERTS digital data

Geometric correction of flight-path curvature in SLAR imagery

Geometric corrections in attenuation measurements

Geometric corrections in magnetotectonics; filtering of apparent rotations due to folds

Geometric corrections of near infrared telescopic reflectance in light of a global cover over the Martian surface

Geometric criteria for deuteric mineralization in the Michigan copper deposits

Geometric criteria for geotextiles

Geometric crystallography terminology

Geometric decay of the headwaves excited by a point force in a fluid-filled borehole

Geometric decay of the headwaves excited by a point force in a fluid-filled borehole

Geometric definition of the Plio-Quaternary aquifers of the lower Guadalhorce Valley, Malaga

Geometric delineation of the Colombia Amazon basins

Geometric description and interpretation of seismic profiles in west-central Arizona

Geometric description of flanking structures

Section 20, Chapter 19060, Accession 019059826

Geometric design of underground openings for high horizontal stress fields

Geometric effect of the topographic relief in magnetometry by theoretical modelling

Geometric effects of global lateral heterogeneity on long period surface wave propagation

Geometric effects on flow across faulted sedimentary strata; implications for fault gouge

Geometric elements of fault structures in regions with or without induced earthquakes at Kladno coal district

Geometric evaluation of MSS images from ERTS-1

Geometric evidence for simultaneous, rather than sequential, movement on major thrusts; implications for duplex development

Geometric evidence for synchronous thrusting in the southern Alberta and Northwest Montana thrust belts

Geometric evolution of a ductile to brittle transition during crustal stretching in the Basin and Range Province

Geometric evolution of the Buckskin-Rawhide metamorphic core complex, SW USA

Geometric evolution of the Chelungpu Fault, Taiwan; the mechanics of shallow frontal ramps and fault imbrication

Geometric evolution of the Mariana Trench and associated back-arc-system

Geometric evolution of the northern Chelungpu Fault, Taiwan; effects of ramps and erosion on fault structure

Geometric explanation of the Kalman filter

Geometric factor and adaptive deconvolution of MWD-PWR tools

Geometric factors during interpretation of gamma-logs

Geometric factors for common electrode arrays used in resistivity logging of inclined drill holes

Geometric factors for probe permeameter measurements on heterogeneous rocks

Geometric factors for resistivity surveys

Geometric features of a fault zone related to the nucleation and termination of an earthquake rupture

Geometric fidelity with ground range SLAR?

Geometric field methods for measuring gas content in coal deposits

Geometric flow properties of the germanate analog of forsterite

Geometric formation mechanisms and conditions of rift zones

Geometric forward modeling of fault-related folding with growth

Geometric geodesy or physical geodesy

Geometric ground control of very high resolution imagery using HRSC intersection points and a non-rigorous camera model

Geometric growth; law of nature or law of man?

Geometric hierarchy of sandstone bodies in the Shannon Sandstone Member near the northern Black Hills, Montana and South Dakota

Geometric improvement of the SPOT satellite orbit using DORIS Doppler residual data

Geometric interpretation of regional strain analyses

Geometric least squares means ratios for the analysis of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro susceptibility to antimalarial drugs

Geometric leveling for the study of vertical movements of the ground

Geometric limits of Southern Appalachian accreted terranes

Geometric mean estimation from pooled samples

Geometric means as probable values for compiled data on geochemical reference samples

Geometric measurement analysis versus Fourier series analysis for shape characterization using the gastropod shell (Trivia) as an example

Geometric method for river banks applied to the estimation of maximum discharge in the upper Segura Plain

Geometric method for the localization of the region of an epicenter by the sequences of primary seismic waves; symmetry method

Geometric methods for describing the physical order of the Earth's surface

Geometric methods for studying underground waters, east slope of the northern Urals

Geometric model and kinematics of faults of Brazilian age of the Ribeira fold belt, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Geometric model for Neogene crustal rotations in southern California

Geometric model of a ravinement surface in the upper Pottsville Formation, northwestern Alabama

Geometric model of geodesy

Geometric modeling and quantification of transport using GOCAD; application to the Oklo natural fission reactors, Gabon

Geometric modeling and teleseismic structure of subduction zones

Geometric modeling of branching patterns in the trace fossil Chondrites

Geometric modeling of dissolution kinetics; application to apatite

Geometric modeling of fold-thrust structures

Geometric modeling of fossil Porifera; volume reconstruction using the visualization toolkit

Geometric modeling of nested discordances at the front of a forming propagation fold

Geometric modeling of the upper Messinian incision in the Gard region, southeastern France

Geometric modelling and geostatistics

Geometric modelling of facies migration; development of depositional sequences and truncation surfaces

Geometric modelling of facies migration; theoretical development of facies successions and local unconformities

Geometric modelling of fracture systems; application to different geological targets

Geometric models of cratered volcanic edifices

Geometric models of faulting at Yucca Mountain

Geometric models of faulting at Yucca Mountain

Geometric models of folding at Loch Monar, Scotland, using computer simulation

Geometric models of listric normal faults and rollover folds

Geometric models of shear zone folds; relationships of limb thickness, interlimb angle and shear strain

Geometric models of simple and complex fault scarps

Geometric morphometric analysis and comparison of skull shape in fossorial rodents

Geometric morphometric analysis of shark teeth of the genus Rhizoprionodon modern tooth shape analysis and test of ancestral prediction methods by comparison to fossil shapes

Geometric morphometric shape quantification using elliptical Fourier analysis; an example from human frontal sinus shape and potential use in comparing palaeontological remains

Geometric morphometric, eigenshape and finite element analysis of cranial variation in tyrannosaurid dinosaurs

Geometric morphometrics and geological shape-classification systems

Geometric morphometrics in macroevolution; morphological diversity of the skull in modern avian forms in contrast to some theropod dinosaurs

Geometric morphometrics in paleoanthropology; mandibular shape variation, allometry, and the evolution of modern human skull morphology

Geometric morphometrics works on sauropods too! Cranial and vertebral landmark analyses of the Sauropodomorpha

Geometric morphometry; an example using Lophophyllidium prolifereum

Geometric optics of X rays

Geometric or dynamic restoration? Lessons from analogue models

Geometric parameters of the Parana and Amazonas basins; tectonic significance

Geometric pattern, rupture termination and fault segmentation of the Dixie Valley-Pleasant Valley active normal fault system, Nevada, U.S.A

Geometric patterns of active strike-slip faults and their significance as indicators for areas of energy release

Geometric patterns of active strike-slip faults and their significance as indicators for areas of energy release

Geometric patterns, Upper Cretaceous sandstones, Rocky Mountain region

Geometric plans of the earth, with special reference to the planetesimal hypothesis

Geometric principle and kinematics of theoretical and experimental modeling of non-coaxial deformations

Geometric principles in the separation of stages of deformation in multiply dislocated complexes

Geometric principles of plate tectonics

Geometric probability method in mineral exploration

Geometric processing of digital images of the planets

Geometric processing of digital images of the planets

Geometric properties of hypersurfaces (trend surfaces) in three-dimensional space

Geometric properties of mature drainage systems and their representation in an E (sub 4) phase space

Geometric properties of two phase flow in geothermal reservoirs

Geometric properties of two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media

Geometric quantification of dissolution-crystallization linked to brittle deformation

Geometric reasoning

Geometric reconstruction of Miocene submarine canyons in eastern Calabria (southern Italy)

Geometric reconstruction principles of the surface panorama of Venus using radar

Geometric refinement of the crystal structure of beta -Mg (sub 2) SiO (sub 4)

Geometric registration

Geometric regularities of rock mass internal structure deformation during drilling and blasting operation

Geometric relation of the structure of the sedimentary blanket with the subjacent basement from south of Tura range, Garo hills; a case of induced basement tectonics

Geometric relations of dip slip to a faulted ground surface; new nomograms for estimating components of fault displacement

Geometric relationship between the Scrip Nappe and metamorphic isograds in the northern Adams River area, Monashee Mountains, British Columbia

Geometric relationship of microfractures in brittle rock to rock structure and in situ rock stresses

Geometric relationships between salt dome uplift and withdrawal basin subsidence in cross section

Section 20, Chapter 19060, Accession 019059948

Geometric relative error in reserve estimation; case study of residual phosphate mineral of Antiapolis, Santa Catarina

Geometric representation of quinary rocks

Geometric rules of section balancing for salt structures

Geometric selection in mineral aggregates

Geometric selection in two-dimensional crystal aggregates

Geometric sense of direction analysis

Geometric signatures of intermediate-scale topography

Geometric signatures; experimental design, first results

Geometric significance of strike-slip duplexes along Karak fault zone, North-west Himalayas, Pakistan

Geometric similarity between thin-skin compression and extension

Geometric simulation and mapping of Holocene relative sea-level changes in northern Norway

Geometric softening in triaxial tests on granular material

Geometric solutions for disjunctive structures to study faults in order to ensure the exploitation of occurrences of mineral resources

Geometric solutions of disjunctive structures for exploration and development of disrupted portions of economic deposits

Geometric stability relationships for a spectrum of estuary inlets; a tool for modelling inlet evolutionary processes and stability

Geometric structural analysis at the type locality of the Pihou Formation, Ilan, Taiwan

Geometric structural analysis of part of the western Coast plutonic-metamorphic complex east of Wrangell

Geometric structure of cartographic spatial digital models and algorithms for construction

Geometric structure of the Wudang Mountain nappe; a scaly imbrication model

Geometric structures of step-pool bedforms in mountain streams

Geometric structures, Holocene slip rates and paleoearthquakes along the Xidatan-Dongdatan of Kusaihu-Maqu active fault in northern Qinghai-Xizang Plateau

Geometric surveying of landslide movements

Geometric test for Late Cretaceous-Paleogene intracontinental transform faulting in the Canadian Cordillera

Geometric theories of structural defects in solid bodies

Geometric three-dimensional modeling of the central portion of the Alegria iron deposit; Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Minas Gerais

Geometric trends in the evolution of a small log-spiral embayment on the Illinois shore of Lake Michigan

Geometric type of Rocky Mountain tectonics

Geometric variability within deep-water clastic sheet-systems; an example from the Annot Sandstone, SE France

Geometric, thermal and isostatic consequences of detachments in continental lithosphere extension and basin formation

Geometric, thermal and isostatic constraints on basin inversion

Geometric, thermal and isostatic constraints on basin inversion

Geometric, thermal and isostatic constraints on extensional basin formation and inversion

Geometric-modelling of the compressibility of grossular-hydrogrossular garnets

Geometrical DMO calibration and spatial dealiasing

Geometrical adjustments during rotation of a Jura fold limb

Geometrical analogies between small scale tectonic processes and plate tectonics

Geometrical analysis and deformational environment of minor asymmetrical folds, southern Quitman Mountains, western Trans-Pecos Texas

Geometrical analysis and seismic modelling of an outer foredeep margin in the lower Messinian Laga turbidite complex (Central Apennines, Abruzzo, Italy)

Geometrical analysis for coaxial and noncoaxial progressive deformation

Geometrical analysis of AMIE/ SMART-1 images and applications to photometric studies of the lunar surface

Geometrical analysis of boudins from the Precambrian terrain around Badnore, central Rajasthan and some genetic implications of their buckling by later strains

Geometrical analysis of conical folding

Geometrical analysis of cryolite and related mineral stabilities in the system Na (sub 2) O-Al (sub 2) O (sub 3) -SiO (sub 2) -F (sub 2) O (sub -1)

Geometrical analysis of folded surfaces using simple functions

Geometrical analysis of phase equilibria in ternary systems of six phases

Geometrical analysis of phase-relationships in metamorphism; construction of P-T-X (Fe-Mg) diagrams

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