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Hylesinus orni Fuchs Scolytidae not a synonym of H. varius Fabricius

, : Hylesinus orni Fuchs Scolytidae not a synonym of H. varius Fabricius. Coleopterist. April; 41: 19

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A surgeon's valedictory

Lunar sample 12013: Compilation of articles (cited in this Bibliography under the separate authors) on the unusual rock type returned by the Apollo 12 mission.

Excitation of motoneurons by gamma aminobutyric acid mediated primary afferent depolarization in the mouse spinal cord in vitro

Infection of White Carneaux pigeons (Columba livia) with Mycobacterium avium: Avian tuberculosis, caused by Mycobacterium avium, occurred in three of a colony of 65 White Carneaux pigeons. Clinical signs varied and included anorexia, lameness, torticollis, and the development of cutaneous nodules. Lesions consisted of casea...

The lethal dose of ultra-violet light for Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

Meat productivity and quality of young Aulie-Ata cattle

On the characteristics of the meta toxic action of present day organic pesticides on pests of agricultural plants

An evaluation of herbicides for apple orchards: Trials were carried out on 2 sites in apple orchards on loess and heavy soils to evaluate the effect of applying simazine at 1.5 kg. a.i./ha. (+ dalapon as required), dichlobenil (granular) at 6 and 10.5 kg./ha., Saminol 24 (simazine + aminotriazo...

Inhibition of HPV-16 E6/E7 immortalization of normal keratinocytes by hairpin ribozymes: HPV-16 E6 and E7 genes are required to efficiently immortalize a broad spectrum of cell types including cervical keratinocytes. Therefore, the E6/E7 genes can be considered relevant targets for anti-cancer therapy. We produced several engineered h...

Physiological controls on the production of cleistogamous and chasmogamous flowers in Lamium amplexicaule L

Self-regulated biological scrubber and/or gas stripper for the treatment of fluid streams

Current status of some heavy metals in intensively cultivated lands of Andalusian east coast: Intensively cultivated lands of the Andalusian east coast (South of Spain) were sampled in 3 areas, with 3 plots and a non-cultivated control plot per area, and at two depths, 0-25 cm and 25-50 cm. In each plot and depth, 3 samples were taken, mad...

Dacus dorsalis.: A new distribution map is provided for Dacus dorsal is Hendel [Diptera: Tephritidae] Oriental fruit fly Polyphagous, attacks most fleshy fruits and vegetables. Information is given on the geographical distribution in ASIA, Bangladesh, Burma, China...

Cremastogaster scutellaris (Oliv.) (Hym., Myrmicidae) nach Deutschland eingeschleppt: The ant Cremastogaster scutellaris (Olivier 1791) (Hym., Myrmicidae) normally lives in the Mediterranean area. In 1991 this species was brought to Northern Germany by German tourists who had had holiday in Southern Italy. A small colony of ants mo...

Description and biology of a new genus of flies related to anthoclusia and representing neurochaetidae new family diptera schizophora: The new family NEUROCHAETIDAE is established in the superfamily Asteioidea to include the genera Anthoclusia Hennig (Oligocene) and NEUROCHAETA (Recent), the latter here described as new. The following new species are described: N. prisca (Rhodesi...