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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 21241

Chapter 21241 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Key to the orders and suborders of mites.

Key to the orders of South African insects.

Key to the parasites of vertebrates in the Black and Azov Seas. Parasitic invertebrates of fish, fish-eating birds and marine mammals.

Key to the pelagic eggs of central eastern Atlantic fishes

Key to the polychaete annelids from the North Sea and Baltic approaches

Key to the presently known families and genera of Neotropical freshnater sponges

Key to the shallow water Mysidacea of the Texas coast with notes on their ecology

Key to the sharks and rays of the world

Key to the skulls of North Dakota mammals

Key to the snakes and lizards of China

Key to the species of Carabidae of Mt. Jinyun (Coleoptera)

Key to the species of Goniinae from Sichuan Province and Chongqing City (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Key to the species of Tabanus from China (Diptera: Tabanidae)

Key to the species of Tachininae (Diptera: Tachinidae) from Sichuan Province and Chongqing City

Key to the species of the Synura Ehr. genus (Chrysophyta)

Key to the species of whiteflies from Egypt (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Key to the spider families of China

Key to the synanthropic flies in Primorye territory

Key to the type-species of some Pyraustinae (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Key to the ultimate instar larvae of the Venezuelan odonate families

Key to the water bugs families (Ins., Heteroptera Aquatica) of the fauna from Romania

Key to the winter crane flies of North America (Diptera: Trichoceridae)

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240032

Key virulence attributes affected by the disruption of the Burkholderia thailandensis twin-arginine-translocase (TAT) system

Key wetlands for the conservation of little egrets breeding in the Camargue

Key word Index to Volume 71, 2007

Key words analysis of entomological literature in China from 1990 to 2000

Key words of conservation and environmental discourse

Key words to the fauna and flora of the British Isles and north-western Europe

Key works for the identification of Sri Lanka's vertebrate animals

Key-factor analyses of two Finnish hole-nesting passerines: comparisons between species and regions

Keyhole limpet haemocyanin (KLH): purification of intact KLH1 through selective dissociation of KLH2

Keyhole limpet haemocyanin: negative staining in the presence of trehalose

Keyhole limpet hemocyanin induces the activation and maturation of human dendritic cells through the involvement of mannose receptor

Keyhole limpet hemocyanin: on the structure of a widely used immunological tool

Keyhole limpet oligosaccharyl sulfatase

Keyhole limpets.

Keynote address. Marketing zoos beyond 2000

Keynote address. The importance of accurate ages in fisheries sciences

Keynote address: Can al amyloidosis be cured?

Keynote address: Revaluing the orbital prefrontal cortex

Keynote address: a review of the ecology of hoki, Macruronus novaezelandiae (Hector), larvae in New Zealand waters

Keynote address: key trends affecting irrigated agriculture and policy options

Keynote address: macro and micro in molecular evolution

Keynote address: minimum legal sizes and their use in management of Australian fisheries

Keynote address: population limitation in raptors

Keynote address: population modelling in New Zealand's quota management system

Keynote address: population structure and recruitment variability in north Atlantic fish species

Keynote papers from CRYOBIOMOL 2003

Keynote papers from EAFP 8th International Conference, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, September 1997

Keypeck conditioning with reinforcements in two different locations in thrush, tit and sparrow species

Keys for identification of species of subfamily Lygaeinae (Lygaeidae, Heteroptera) in Egypt

Keys for regeneration

Keys for the identification of Polish insects.

Keys for the identification of beetles associated with stored products. 1. - Introduction and key to families

Keys for the identification of land snails in the British Isles

Keys for the identification of the social wasps of Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Keys in biological systematics: theory and practice.

Keys of the Japanese fishes fully illustrated in colors

Keys to Naticidae

Keys to Neotropical species of Calymmaderus Solier and species of Calytheca White, with taxonomic notes (Coleoptera: Anobiidae)

Keys to Vertebrates of Poland. Mammals

Keys to a successful project: associated data and planning

Keys to adult ticks of Haemaphysalis Koch, 1844, in Thailand with notes on changes in taxonomy (Acari: Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods. Amendment Bulletin No. 4

Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods. Amendment bulletin No. 2

Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods. Amendment bulletin No. 3

Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods. Amendment bulletin no. 1

Keys to aid in the identification of marine harpacticoid copepods. Amendment bulletin no. 5

Keys to aquatic and semiaquatic bugs (Heteroptera) of the Mongolian People's Republic

Keys to distinguish Platycheirus angustipes, P. europaeus, P. occultus and P. ramsarensis (Dipt., Syrphidae) from other clypeatus group species known in Europe

Keys to families of Lepidoptera

Keys to genera & species for students and research workers

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240101

Keys to genera of the superfamilies Rhabditoidea, Dioctophymatoidea, Trichinelloidea and Muspiceoidea

Keys to genera of the superfamily Megastrongyloidea

Keys to genera of the superfamily Trichostrongyloidea

Keys to genus-group taxa of the extant Enicocephalomorpha of the world, their list, and taxonomic changes (Heteroptera)

Keys to higher taxa

Keys to identify the vectors of the main zoonoses from Sergipe I. Diptera FT CHAVES PARA IDENTIFICACAO DE VETORES DAS PRINCIPAIS ZOONOSES DE SERGIPE. I. DIPTERA

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240108

Keys to larval nematodes of the suborder Spirurata Railliet, 1914 (Nematoda, Spirurata) - parasites of land molluscs.

Keys to males and pupae of the Palaearctic (excl. Japan) Paratanytarsus Thienemann & Bause, 1913, n. comb., with descriptions of three new species (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Keys to partial mammals: a method for identifying prey items from snakes

Keys to patient selection providing early success with the male advance sling in management of post-prostatectomy incontinence

Keys to some mass groups of saprophages. Key to diplopods (Diplopoda).

Keys to some mass groups of saprophages. Key to earthworms (Lumbricidae).

Keys to species of Rodentia and Insectivora of Fujian

Keys to species of some genera in subfamily Sterrhinae (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) from European parts of Russia

Keys to species of the genus Chaenogobius Gill and two related monotypic genera Rhodoniichthys Takagi and Paleatogobius Takagi (Gobiidae)

Keys to tabanid genera and species.

Keys to the Japanese and foreign crustaceans

Keys to the Palaearctic flies of the family Lauxaniidae (Diptera)

Keys to the Seychelles fauna 1. Holothyrid giant mites

Keys to the Seychelles fauna: 3. Myriapods

Keys to the Seychelles fauna: 4. Ants

Keys to the Seychelles fauna: 5. Chrysomelid leaf beetles

Keys to the adult female mosquitoes (Culicidae) of Greece

Keys to the adults, male hypopygia, fourth instar larvae and pupae of the British mosquitos (Culicidae), with notes on their ecology and medical importance

Keys to the animals of the Latvian SSR. Key to the suborder of water fleas (Cladocera) of the Latvian SSR.

Keys to the aquatic Gastropoda known from Kentucky

Keys to the bats of Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico based on gross external characters

Keys to the birds of Hungary.

Keys to the cockroaches of central Panama. Part 1. Flying species

Keys to the cockroaches of central Panama. Part 2: flightless species

Keys to the darkling beetles of Mongolia

Keys to the determination of helminths in domestic and wild pigs.

Keys to the families and genera of Psocoptera (Arthropoda: Insecta)

Keys to the freshwater macroinvertebrates of Massachusetts

Keys to the freshwater macroinvertebrates of Massachusetts. No. 3: Crustacea Malacostraca (crayfish, isopods, amphipods)

Keys to the freshwater macroinvertebrates of Massachusetts. No. 4: benthic colonial phyla (colonial hydrozoans, moss animals)

Keys to the gamasid mites (Acari, Parasitiformes, Mesostigmata, Macronyssoidea et Laelaptoidea) parasitizing bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) from Russia and adjacent countries

Keys to the genera of Cubomedusae and Scyphomedusae (Cnidaria)

Keys to the genera of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) of Taiwan

Keys to the genera of social wasps of South-east Asia (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Keys to the genus Cricotopus adapted from 'Revision der Gattung Cricotopus van der Wulp und ihrer Verwandten (Diptera, Chironomidae) by M. Hirvenoja

Keys to the hairs of the families Soricidae, Vespertilionidae, and Muridae within Tennessee

Keys to the identification of animals of the Latvian SSR. Leeches (Hirudinea).

Keys to the identification of basic orchard pests.

Keys to the identification of harmful and useful insects and mites of fruit and berry plantations in the USSR.

Keys to the identification of horseflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) of the USSR.

Keys to the identification of insects of the Soviet Far East. Vol 2: Homoptera and Heteroptera.

Keys to the identification of pests and useful insects and Acari of the sugar beet in the USSR.

Keys to the identification of the darkling beetles of Turkmenistan.

Keys to the identification of the genera and subgenera of adult Dytiscidae (sensu lato) of the world. (Coleoptera Dytiscidae)

Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Hymenoptera.

Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Volume 3. Hymenoptera. Part 6. Symphyta

Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Volume 4 Lepidoptera part 1

Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Volume 4: Lepidoptera. Part 2

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240174

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240175

Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Volume IV. Part VI: Megaloptera, Raphidioptera, Neuroptera, Mecoptera and Trichoptera

Keys to the known amphibians and reptiles of the Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Keys to the planthoppers or Fulgoroidea, of Illinois (Homoptera)

Keys to the south Indian species of tibiaroliate assassin bugs (Heteroptera: Reduviidae)

Keys to the species of Vietnamese snakes - Part 1

Keys to the species of Vietnamese snakes - Part 2

Keys to the species of subfamily Geocorinae (Lygaeidae, Heteroptera) in Egypt

Keys to the species of the section Trifinae (Noctuidae - Lepidoptera) in Egypt

Keys to the tribes and Indian species of Dikraneurini of subfamily Typhlocybinae (Homoptera, Cicadellidae)

Keys to the vertebrates of Texas

Keys to the world genera of the Eriophyoidea (Acari: Prostigmata)

Keys to understanding the bushmasters (genus Lachesis Daudin, 1803)

Keystone effects of the endangered Stephens' kangaroo rat (Dipodomys stephensi)

Keystone predators in the central Pacific

Keystone species

Keystone species

Keystroke dynamics and timing: Accuracy, precision and difference between hands in pianist's performance

Keyword Index to Volume 177, September-December 2007

Keywords and concepts in evolutionary developmental biology

Keywords and concepts in structuralist and functionalist biology

Kfar Qasem-cross-Samaria raptor migration survey, autumn 1985

Khal'tsidy-semeedy Palearktiki.

Khamchzhinskaya biota neogena Korei: (voprosy stratigrafii, ekologii, klimata).

Khana Solomonovna Rozman (1922-1992).

Khao Noi Chuchi lowland forest conservation project

Khao Nor Chuchi lowland forest project. Project closing statement: an overview of recent conservation efforts at Khao Nor Chuchi, southern Thailand

Khao Sam Roi Yot - one of the world's most threatened parks

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park threatened with extinction

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Khao Yai, Santa Rosa and other stories on tropical butterflies, moths and their conservation

Khapra beetle

Khapra beetle - a quarantine pest

Khapra beetle infestations reported

Khapra beetle returns

Khar, Baluchistan, Pakistan

Khashm El-Raqaba: A new locality yielding middle Eocene whales and sea cows from Wadi Tarfa in the eastern desert of Egypt

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240224

Khawia barbi sp. n. (Cestoda: Caryophyllidae) from the common freshwater fish, Barbus luteus from River Tigris, Mosul, Iraq

Khayyamia (nom. nov.). A replacement name for Dinaria Popov, 1951 (Orthoptera) from Iran

Kheper festivus (Harold): un complexe d'especes

Kheper, a novel ZFH/EF1 family member, regulates the development of the neuroectoderm of zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Khichan - the demoiselle crane village

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240234

Khimicheskie signaly v biologii ryb.

Khios - the island of defunct birds

Khishchnye kleshchi v zakrytom grunte.

Khishchnye klopy i ikh rol v sokhranenii urozhaya khlopchatnika.

Khmeleva Nina Nikolaevna (1932-2000)

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240240

Khor Kalba

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240242

Khu he chim cua Vuon quoc gia Lo Go - Xa Mat, tinh Tay Ninh

Ki-67 and PCNA expression in prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Ki-67 expression as a prognostic factor for sporadic desmoid tumor

Ki-67 predicts outcome in advanced-stage mantle cell lymphoma patients treated with anti-CD20 immunochemotherapy: results from randomized trials of the European MCL Network and the German Low Grade lymphoma Study Group

Ki-67 protein expression in smokeless tobacco (Maras powder)-induced oral mucosal lesions

Ki67 (MIB1) in differential diagnosis between naevi and melanomas

Ki67 and cyclin A as prognostic factors in early breast cancer. What

Ki67 and cyclin A as prognostic factors in early breast cancer. What are the optimal cut-off values?

Ki67 expression in thyroid carcinomas with lung metastasis: Compared with clinicopathological parameters and follow-up.

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240254

Kiangs (Equus kiang) at the Riga Zoological Garden

Kibale Forest Game Corridor: man or wildlife?

Kibblesworth - 21 years of a common bird census

Kibris evcil koyunlarinda (Ovis ammon) yasayan ophryoscolecid (Entodiniomorphida) iskembe siliyati, Ophryoscolex purkynjei Stein, 1858 (sensu Gocmen, 1999)

Kibris evcil koyunlarinda yasayan ophryoscolecid (Entodiniomorphida) iskembe siliyat cinsi, Epidinium Crawley, 1923

Kid mortality in Malabari goats in sub-temperate region of Tamil Nadu

Kid-mediated chromosome compaction ensures proper nuclear envelope formation

Kidins220: A novel neuronal protein that is up-regulated during neuroblastoma differentiation

Kidnapping and female competition among captive bonnet macaques

Kidnapping in birds.

Kidney abnormalities in low density lipoprotein receptor associated protein knockout mice

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240270

Kidney and branches of renal artery of Rhinopithecus roxellanae

Kidney and circadian blood pressure rhythm

Kidney and excretion of Indoplanorbis exustus (Planorbidae: Basometophora)

Kidney and liver disturbances in the course of babesiosis in dogs

Kidney and marrow fats as indices of fat reserves of Japanese serow

Kidney cancer and competing causes of mortality: An age-based population study

Kidney cancer and the risk for chronic kidney disease: Matched-paired comparison with living donors

Kidney cancer: Not a single disease

Kidney cell associated carcinoma associated with protein. Isolation, cloning and immunogeneity testing

Kidney damage after renal ablation is worsened in eNOS(-/-)mice and improved by combined adminstration of of L-arginine and antioxidants

Kidney damage and gout in large number in a mulard duck flock infected by H5N1 subtype avian influenza virus FT Tomegesen elofordulo vesekarosodas es koszveny H5N1 altipusu madarinfluen virussal fertozodott mulardkacsa-allomanyban

Kidney disease in RA patients: prevalence and implication on RA-related drugs management: the MATRIX study

Kidney disease in a tortoise

Kidney disease in cardiology

Kidney disease in diabetology: lessons from 2007

Kidney disease in the common iguana

Kidney disease of salmon

Kidney diseases beyond nephrology: intensive care

Kidney dysfunction and fatal cardiovascular disease - an association independent of atherosclerotic events: Results from the Health, Aging,

Kidney dysfunction and fatal cardiovascular disease - an association independent of atherosclerotic events: Results from the Health, Aging, and Body Composition (Health ABC) study

Kidney enhancement following percurtaneous coronary intervention predicts contrast-induced nephropathy

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240298

Kidney function

Kidney function after solitary pancreas transplantation

Kidney function and post-renal modification of urine in desert quail

Kidney function and thickness of carotid intima-media complex in patients with treated arterial hypertension

Kidney function as a predictor of loss of lean mass in older adults: Health, aging and body composition study

Kidney function is related to cerebral small vessel disease

Kidney graft function after pancreas transplantation

Kidney growth in the rook and daw nestlings while the postnatal period

Kidney histopathology of Prochilodus lineatus exposed to aluminum

Kidney imperfectness due to natural infection with Remicola ardeolae in an Egyptian wild bird

Kidney in hypertension - Guyton redux

Kidney injuries in professional American football

Kidney injury molecule 1 (Kim1) is a novel ciliary molecule and interactor of polycystin 2

Kidney injury molecule-1 expression in transplant biopsies is a sensitive measure of cell injury

Kidney injury molecule-1 is an early biomarker of cadmium nephrotoxicity

Kidney kinase network regulates renal ion cotransport

Kidney mass and kidney fat index in the European hare inhabiting northwestern Patagonia

Kidney morphology in marine mammals.

Kidney of Baird's beaked whale, Berardius bairdii Stejneger

Kidney of the red batfish Halieutaea stellata as aglomerular type

Kidney outcome in the context of combined liver-kidney transplantation

Kidney preparations for chromosomal analyses of Ictaluridae

Kidney renin-angiotenisn system and 11 beta-hydroxysteriod dehydrogenase type 2 gene expression in offspring from chronically hypertensive mothers at 5 weeks of age in rabbits

Kidney role in ionic regulation in young blue-back salmon Oncorhynchus nerka (Walbaum) from Lake Dalnee related to smoltification process.

Kidney size and asymmetry in geese of the genus Anser

Kidney structure and its role in osmoregulation in desert birds

Kidney structure in two species of arid zone rodent: Lakeland Downs short-tailed mouse, Leggadina lakedownensis, and the house mouse, Mus domesticus

Kidney structure, as a function of conserving water, of three species of red-backed vole (Clethrionomys) in Hokkaido

Kidney transplant from donors after unexpected cardiac death (DCD)

Kidney transplant prolongs survival in patients with end stage kidney disease after heart transplantation

Kidney transplantation and enzyme alpha-galactosidase a therapy in patient with Fabry disease: A case report

Kidney transplantation from non-heart-beating donors

Kidney transplantation in children and adolescents

Kidney transplantation in elderly people: The influence of recipient comorbidity and living kidney donors

Kidney transplantation in the elderly - the Norwegian experience

Kidney transplantation: Mechanisms of rejection and acceptance

Kidney vasculitis connected to cryoglobulinemia IIA and hepatitis B FT Vascularite renale dans le cadre d'une cryoglobulinemie mixte associee au virus de l'hepatite B

Kidney volume associations with subclinical renal and cardiovascular disease: The diabetes heart study

Kidney weight and kidney fat index in the European hare during the breeding season in relation with the reproductive status of the animals

Kidney weight dynamics of Laxmann's shrew in north-east Siberia.

Kidney, femur and mandible marrow fat as indicators of deer condition

Kidney-heart connection: One kidney nelphrectomy results in cardiac fibrosis and differential ventricular gene profiles in the absence of heart failure

Kidney-specific enhancement of ANG II stimulates endogenous intrarenal angiotensinogen in gene-targeted mice

Kidney-specific inactivation of the Pkd1 gene induces rapid cyst formation in developing kidneys and a slow onset of disease in adult mice

Kidney-spot ladybirds in Lancashire and adjoining counties 1991-1992

Kidney-targeted Birt-Hogg-Dube gene inactivation in a mouse model: Erk1/2 and Akt-mTOR activation, cell hyperproliferation, and polycystic kidneys

Kidney/ureter/bladder (KUB) laped (R) ureteroscopy training model

Kidneys in the ion regulation in fishes of Lake Balkhash brackish waters

Kidneys, extrarenal salt excretion, and urine


KidsCancerKinome; Looking for new targets in paediatric cancers

Kidson Island: a breeding site for Antarctic fulmars

Kidus - a hybrid of the sable and the pine marten

Kiebitz (Vanellus vanellus) brutet im Stadtgebiet von Frankfurt am Main

Kiebitz (Vanellus vanellus). Der Vogel des Jahres 1996 braucht unsere Hilfe!

Kiebitz - Vogel des Jahres 1996

Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus attackiert Fasanenhahn Phasianus colchicus

Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus brutet in 2 jahriger Fichtenkultur

Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus rettete seine Eier

Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus und Stieglitz (Carduelis carduelis) als Beute des Turmfalken (Falco tinnunculus)

Kiebitz bebrutet Lehmklumpen

Kiebitz gegen Turmfalke

Kiebitz und Brachvogel im Nuoler Ried

Kiebitzbrutplaetze in Mitteleuropa: Entscheidungen in schwieriger Situation

Kiebitze (Vanellus vanellus) balzen wahrend des Heimzuges

Kiebitze (Vanellus vanellus) kopulieren wahrend der Brutablosung

Kiebitze - Erfolgsmodelle der Vogelevolution

Kiebtize (Vanellus vanellus) sucht Nahrung in dichter Heckenpflanzung

Kiefenfuss, Triops cancriformis und Rotbauchunke Bombina bombina als Neubuerger am Stausee Wechmar im Landkreis Gotha, Thueringen (Crustacea, Notostraca et Amphibia)

Kiefer und Radula in der Gattung Phyllocaulis Colosi. (Pulmonata: Soleolifera: Veronicellidae)

Kiefernkreuzschnabel Loxia pytyopsittacus im Harz

Kiefernpollen als Naehrstoffquelle fuer Plankter in einem extrem sauren Tagebaurestsee

Kieferreste eines grossen Strahlenflossers (Osteichthyes; Actinopterygii) aus der ostalpinen Obertrias der Berguner Stocke (Kanton Graubunden, Schweiz) und Diskussion der Validitat von ?Birgeria costata (Munster 1839)

Kieferwespen: uber neue und alte Taxa der Alysiini und Dacnusini (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae)

Kiefferulus inciderus sp. nov. from West Bengal, India (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Kiegeszites, revizio, valamint uj fajok Jaszbereny es kornyeke nagylepkeinek ismeretehez (Macrolepidoptera)

Kiegeszito adatok a Vertes molylepke-faunajanak ismeretehez (Lepidoptera)

Kielland's butterflies of Tanzania. Supplement

Kiellos - und doch ein Pleuroceras?

Kiemen und Hamolymphkreislauf von Phyllidia pulitzeri (Gastropoda, Opisthobranchia, Doridacea)

Kiemenerkrankungen und Ernahrung bei Karpfen


Kiemenfusse (Branchinecta orientalis) als Limikolennahrung im Seewinkel

Kiemenkrebse beim Diskus

Kierunki ewolucyjne w rozwoju koralowcow szesciopromiennych (Koralowce, Parzydelkowce)

Kiesbanke und ihre Spinnen- und Laufkaferfauna (Araneae, Carabidae) an Mittelgebirgsbachen Nordhessens

Kieselalgen in der Falle

Kieselalgen: Nahrung und Gehausebaumaterial fur Zooplankton im Ammersee

Kieselige Mikrofossilien aus dem Unter-Oligozan von Sieblos/Rhon

Kieselige Sedimentgesteine des Unter-Karbons im Rhenoherzynikum - eine Bestandsaufnahme

Kieselige Thekamoben aus der miozanen Kieselgur von Beuern/Vogelsberg im Vergleich mit rezentem Material von Borneo (Malaysia)

Kieseliges und kalkiges Phytoplankton aus dem Neogen von NW- und W-Kreta/Griechenland

Kieselschwamm-Nadeln aus dem Mitteleozan des Eckfelder Maares, Eifel (Porifera: Demospongiae: Spongillidae)

Kieselschwamme (Hexactinellida und 'Lithistida') aus den Cipit-Kalken der Cassianer Schichten (Karm, Sudtirol)

Kieselschwamme aus dem Parkinsonien-Oolith von Sengenthal b. Neumarkt/Opf. (Frankische Alb)

Kieselschwamme aus dem unterjurassichen Misonekalk der Trento-Plattform (Sudalpen): Taxonomie und phylogenetische Relevanz

Kiesgrube und Feuerwache - Bemerkungen zum Bauen fur Zootiere im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Kiesgruben als Lebensraum

Kiesgruben als Lebensraum: Vogelschutzgebiet Garstadt, Landkreis Schweinfurt

Kiesgruben als schutzenswerte Lebensraume seltener Pflanzen und Tiere

Kif3a constrains beta-catenin-dependent Wnt signalling through dual ciliary and non-ciliary mechanisms

Kiheisterones, new cytotoxic steroids from a Maui sponge

Kiilide elupaigaeelistusest eestis

Kiire metskurvits

Kiitajien ja kehraajien suomenkielinen nimisto uudistuu

Kiivitaja pesitsusaegsest arvukusest Saue seirealal aastatel 1963-2001

Kijk eens naar hommels!

Kijk op mariene organismen in onze kustwateren

Kikamba game names

Kikuchi disease in Korean children: Clinical features and disease courses

Kikuchi's disease: You broke my heart

Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease manifesting as recurrent thrombocytopenia and Mobitz type II atrioventricular block in a 7-year-old girl: a case report and analysis of 138 Chinese childhood Kikuchi-Fujimoto cases with 10 years of follow-up in 97 patients

Kikuchi-Fujimoto's disease: report of 5 cases and literature review

Kikuchi-Fujimoto's disease: report of 5 cases and literature review FT Kikuchi-Fujimoto's disease: report of 5 cases and literature review

Kikutaro Baba (1905-2001)


Kilcolman Wildfowl Refuge

Kilcolman: September 1969-1989

Kilianites gen. nov., Himalayitidae (Ammonitina) nouveau du Berriasien de la region de Cabra (province de Cordoba, SE Espagne): descendance de Protacanthodiscus

Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro: animals in a landscape

Kilitbahir sondaj orneklerinin (Eceabat / Canakkale) Ostrakod faunasi ve biyoprovensi


Kilka rzadszych gatunkow chrzaszczy (Coleoptera) z Sudetow Zachodnich

Kilka spostrzezen na temat masowego pojawu przylepka wielozerka (Boarmia bistorata Goeze) w drzewostanach sosnowych Nadlesnictwa Swierczyna

Kilka uwag o faunie Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata) Gorczanskiego Parku Narodowego na tle innych regionow geograficznych Polski

Kilka uwag o rownoczesnym wnioskowaniu statystycznym

Kill and cure: the promising future for venom research

Kill of benthic organisms as a response to an anoxic state in the northern Adriatic (a critical review)

Kill or be killed!

Kill or cure?


Killdeer Mountains thunder

Killdeer at Aveton Gifford - short report

Killdeer at Beddington Sewage Farm, new to the London area

Killdeer at Chew Valley Lake

Killdeer at Hillwell/Brake, the first for Shetland

Killdeer breeding densities

Killdeer hatches in a snowy plover nest

Killdeer incubates common snipe egg

Killdeer nest on gravel roofs of office buildings in Canton, Massachusetts

Killdeer nests on rooftop

Killdeer or killdeer plover. Charadrius vociferus

Killdeer with young in Charleston, S.C

Killdeer's dilemma

Killdeer: Charadrius vociferus

Killdeers feeding on frogs

Killdeers in Britain and Ireland

Killed but metabolically active (KBMA) Leishmania - A novel protozoan vaccine technology for visceral Leishmaniasis that is enhanced by toll-like receptor activation

Killer Instincts

Killer activity observed in dictyostelid slime molds

Killer artificial antigen-presenting cells: a novel strategy to delete specific T cells

Killer bees.

Killer bees: O death, where is thy sting?

Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor gene's repertoire in rheumatoid arthritis

Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genotypes in Japanese patients with type 1 diabetes

Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors on NK cells: the how, where

Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors on NK cells: the how, where and why

Killer cone

Killer crabs

Killer crows stalk the Seychelles

Killer deer

Killer dendritic cells and their potential role in immunotherapy

Killer dendritic cells: mechanisms of action and therapeutic implications for cancer

Killer fish farms

Killer immunoglobulin receptor (KIR) negative NK cells exhibit potent alloreactivity against primary leukemia targets when interrupting MHC class I interactions through NKG2A blockade

Killer immunoglobulin receptor gene and allele frequencies in Caucasoid, Oriental and Black populations from different continents

Killer immunoglobulin receptors confers susceptibility to autoimmune diabetes in Asian-Indian patients

Killer immunoglobulin-like receptor and NOD2/CARD15 polymorphisms independently influence survival after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplanation.

Killer particles in the macronucleus of Paramecium caudatum

Killer rains. Long range transport of airborne pollutants - acid rain

Killer ravens are a farmer's nightmare

Killer whale

Killer whale (Orcinus orca) dialects as an indicator of stocks in British Columbia

Killer whale (Orcinus orca) predation on dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Killer whale (Orcinus orca). Dialects as an indicator of stocks in British Columbia

Killer whale Orcinus orca (L.)

Killer whale Orcinus orca (L.)

Killer whale Orcinus orca (L.)

Killer whale Orcinus orca (Linnaeus, 1758)

Killer whale attack!

Killer whale birth at Sea World

Killer whale call characteristics: implications for cooperative foraging strategies

Killer whale census off Iceland during October 1982

Killer whale communication: overcoming the 'language' barrier

Killer whale predation on bluefin tuna: exploring the hypothesis of

Killer whale predation on bluefin tuna: exploring the hypothesis of the endurance-exhaustion technique

Killer whale shares food with gulls at the Vancouver Public Aquarium

Killer whale social group dynamics

Killer whale territory

Killer whale, Orcinus orca (Linnaeus) and false killer whale, Pseudorca crassidens Owen, in the Italian seas

Killer whale, Orcinus orca, in the Mediterranean Sea

Killer whales

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) at Marion Island, Southern Ocean

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) from the Bay of Fundy to the equator, including the Gulf of Mexico

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in British and Irish waters

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Faroese waters

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Shetland waters

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, and Shelikof Strait; a review of available information

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in waters off Newfoundland and Labrador, 1978-1986

Killer whales Orcinus orca in northern Norway

Killer whales and pilot whales near trawlers east of Shetland

Killer whales and predation on Steller sea lions

Killer whales attacking schooling fish: Why force herring from deep water to the surface?

Killer whales in Alaska documented in the Platforms of Opportunity Program

Killer whales in Greater Puget Sound

Killer whales in Greater Puget Sound

Killer whales in Norway

Killer whales in Norwegian coastal waters

Killer whales in the North Sea

Killer whales observed bowriding

Killer whales observed in the eastern North Sea

Killer whales, Orcinus orca, inhabiting inshore waters of the Chukotka coast

Killer whales, whalewatching and management: a status report

Killer whales: the natural history and genealogy of Orcinus orca in British Columbia and Washington State

Killerelefanten. Wie reagieren wir nach Unfallen?

Killers at large

Killers of the wild. The technology of predation in the plant and animal world

Killi-Data 1996. Liste actualisee des noms taxonomiques, des localites de peche et des references bibliographiques des poissons cyprinodontes ovipares (Atherinomorpha, Pisces)

Killi-data 2000: updated checklist of taxonomic names, collecting localities and bibliographic references of oviparous cyprinodont fishes (Atherinomorpha, Pisces)


Killie Koleemn just between us killie nuts

Killie Kolumn. Epiplatys part 1

Killie Kolumn. Fundulus chrysotus

Killie kolumn

Killie kolumn

Killie kolumn - Epiplatys part 2

Killie kolumn - Leucaria goodei

Killie kolumn - a big Epiplatys

Killie kolumn - an Epiplatys for new killie keepers

Killie kolumn - another killie gem

Killie kolumn - just between us killie nuts

Killie kolumn just between us killie nuts

Killie kolumn just between us killie nuts

Killie kolumn just between us killie nuts. A short course in killie systematics

Killie kolumn. A unique killie Rivulus marmoratus

Killie kolumn. Construct your own spawning mops

Killie kolumn. Feeding killie fry

Killie kolumn. Harvesting killie eggs

Killie kolumn. Killies by mail

Killie kolumn. On the subject of disease

Killie kolumn. The real one - Epiplatys dageti

Killifisch Aphyosemion gabunense boehmi

Killifisch Aphyosemion gulare-fallax

Killifisch aus Kamerun: Aphyosemion amieti (Radda, 1976)

Killifisch aus Somalia - Nothobranchius patrizii (Vinciguerra, 1927)

Killifisch-Portrat Rivulus chucunaque Breeder, 1925

Killifischbiotope in Nordost-Zaire


Killifische aus dem Flusssystem des Rio Paraguay. 1. Pterolebias phasianus

Killifische aus dem Flusssystem des Rio Paraguay. 2. Pterolebias longipinnis

Killifische der Untergattung Paraphyosemion

Killifische im harten Wasser

Killifische pflegen ist keine Hexerei! Ich empfehle Aphyosemion scheeli

Killifische zum Geniessen. Aphyosemion amoenum

Killifische. Kleinode im Susswasser-Aquarium

Killifische. Prachtkarpflinge der Gattung Nothobranchius

Killifische: Eierlegende Zahnkarpfen: Anschaffung, Pflege, Futterung, Krankheiten, Verhalten

Killifischgattung Trigonectes revidiert

Killifischportrat Rivulus tenuis (Meek, 1904)

Killifischstudien in Liberia. Biotope und Fische Ost-Liberias

Killifischstudien in Liberia. Biotope und Fische Zentral-Liberias

Killifischstudien in Liberia. Biotope und Fische in West-Liberia

Killifischstudien in Panama

Killifish classification

Killifish eggs - masters of survival

Killifish from Cameroon. Aphyosemion amieti Radda 1976

Killifish from Saudi Arabia.

Killifish from Tanzania. Nothobranchius taeniopygus.

Killifish from Uruguay. Cynolebias adloffi Ahl, 1922

Killifish of the subgenus Diapteron (1).

Killifish of the subgenus Paraphyosemion.

Killifish, why not?

Killifish. natures living gems

Killifish: aquaria's best-kept secret. Part 2. Peat-spawners

Killifish: aquaria's best-kept secret. Part one. Top spawners for beginners

Killifishes around the world

Killifishes of Nantucket

Killifishes of the Andes: the genus Orestias

Killifishes of the Indian Ocean perimeter

Killifishes of the world: Old World killis 1, Aphyosemion, lampreys, ricefishes

Killifishes. Aphyosemion filamentosum, a pseudo egg-burier

Killifishes: the big easy

Killing activity of co-cultured cytokine-induced killer cells and dendritic cells against multi-drug resistant tumor cells line

Killing effect of IL-12-activated A-NK cells on human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG-2 cells in vitro

Killing fields. Fageljakten i Sydeuropa okar

Killing methods

Killing nestlings stonechats by the common cuckoo

Killing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Streptococcus agalactiae (group B streptococcus), Haemophilus ducreyi, and vaginal Lactobacillus by 3-O-octyl-sn-glycerol

Killing of black and white rhinoceroses by African elephants in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, South Africa

Killing of hanuman langur (Semnopithecus entellus) in road accidents in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India

Killing of the goshawk Accipoiter gentilis by hooded crows Corvus cornix

Killing of the yellow monitor, Varanus flavescens (Gray 1827) (Squamata: Sauria) in some villages of Birbhum district, West Bengal, India

Killing single cells

Killing the Kereru

Killing the Mekong: China's fluvicidal hydropower-cum-navigation development scheme

Killing times of minke whales in the Norwegian coastal whaling in 1981 and 1982 seasons

Killing with care - can pesticides be environmentally friendly?

Killingholme Wader Pits

Killingholme pits

Killingholme wader pits

Kills all known germs

Kills yoresi Eosen istifinin biyostratigrafisi ve planktonik foraminifer sistematigi

Kilogram-scale synthesis of a second-generation dendrimer based on 1,3,5-triazine using green and industrially compatible methods with a single chromatographic step

Kilovoltage image guided radiotherapy in pediatric tumors

Kilverstone - requiem for a zoo

Kilverstone Wildlife Park (24.10.86 - 28.2.87)

Kilverstone, a specialist zoo/wildlife park for Latin American animals in the Norfolk countryside

Kimalaste arvukus kultuur - ja looduslikel rohumaadel: okoloogiliste ja tavatootmisega talude vordlus

Kimalaste selektiivne oite valik: kas lutserni oite varvimorfide kulastamine soltub nende nektari sisaldusest?

Kimbasines A and B, novel hexacyclic norsesterpene alkaloids from the sponge Igernella notabilis

Kimbe Harbour dredgings


Kimberley Diary. Part 2

Kimberley Diary. Part 3

Kimberley bird list

Kimberley diary. Final part

Kimberley diary. Part 1

Kimberley rainforest communities: patterns of species composition and Holocene biogeography

Kimberley rainforest communities: reserve recommendations and management considerations

Kimberley snail hunt round 5

Kimberley snail hunt, again!

Kimberley spiders: rainforest strongholds

Kimberlite ascent and eruption

Kimberlite ascent and eruption - Reply

Kimberly A. Sullivan

Kimil (Aelia rostrata Boh. (Het.: Pentatomidae))'in bazi arpa ve bugday cesitlerindeki ureme gucu uzerinde arastirmalar

Kimmerian ostracods and the Ponto-Caspian bioprovince. A critical view

Kimmeridge Clay Ostracoda of the North Wootton Borehole, Norfolk, England

Kimmeridge ammonites and new data on stratigraphy of the north part of the USSR

Kimmeridge underwater nature trail. Setting up and monitoring

Kimmeridgian ammonites of Stara Planina (Carpatho-Balkanides, eastern Serbia)

Kimmeridgian and Lower Tithonian sequences from east and south Carpathians - Romania

Kimmeridgian and Volgian strata of northern USSR.

Kimmeridgian lamellibranchs from the Belaya River Valley (northern Caucasus)

Kimmeridgian ostracodes from the Haluza Formation in Israel

Kimmeridgian strata of Dneprov-Donets Hollow and north western outskirts of Donbass and Foraminifera fauna.

Kimmeridgian/Tithonian eustacy and its imprints in carbonate rocks from the Dinaric and the Jura carbonate platforms

Kimmeridgien Superieur et Portlandien du Languedoc

Kimminsia rava (Withycombe 1923) nueva para la fauna Espanola. (Insecta, Planipennia, Hemerobiidae)

Kimosina empirica, Leptocera cryptochaeta, Spelobia clunipes, S. nana, S. talparum, S. palmata and Telomerina flavipes (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae) flies new to Ireland

Kimura-Kenkado's Collection of fantastic stones and shells (late 18th century)

Kimyasal mucadele uygulanmis Dociostaurus maroccanus epidemik populasyonundan alinan orneklerde antioksidan enzim aktiviteleri

Kin Selection and the Evolutionary Theory of Aging

Kin and individual recognition. Odor signals, social experience, and mechanisms of recognition

Kin association, spacing, and composition of a post-breeding roost of purple martins

Kin biased social behavior in wild white-faced capuchin monkeys, Cebus capucinus.

Kin cannibalism in the purple gallinule

Kin discrimination and division of labour among matrilines in the polygynous carpenter ant, Camponotus planatus

Kin discrimination and reproductive behavior in muroid rodents

Kin discrimination in salmonids

Kin discrimination of brood and young workers in two races of African honeybees

Kin discrimination of male house mice

Kin identification, matriarchies, and the evolution of sociality in ground-dwelling sciurids

Kin interactions and population growth

Kin preference behavior in Bufo boreas tadpoles

Kin preference in infant Macaca nemestrina

Kin preference in marmosets and tamarins: Saguinus oedipus and Callithrix jacchus (Callithricidae, Primates)

Kin preference in the behaviour of young baboons

Kin preferences in Primates (Macaca nemestrina): relatedness or familiarity?

Kin recognition

Kin recognition and cannibalistic behaviours by adult male fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)

Kin recognition and nepotism in Apis mellifera

Kin recognition and schooling in the American toad (Bufo americanus)

Kin recognition as a functional concept

Kin recognition by phenotype matching in female Belding's ground squirrel

Kin recognition cues of vertebrates

Kin recognition cues: their complexity and classification. (Basis of round table discussion)

Kin recognition in amphibians

Kin recognition in an annual plant

Kin recognition in animals

Kin recognition in birds

Kin recognition in fish mediated by chemical cues

Kin recognition in non-human Primates

Kin recognition in production and exchange of the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) queen

Kin recognition in social bee

Kin recognition in social wasps

Kin recognition in tadpoles

Kin recognition in vertebrates (excluding Primates): empirical evidence

Kin recognition in vertebrates (excluding Primates): mechanisms, functions, and future research

Kin recognition in vertebrates: introductory comments

Kin recognition in water voles

Kin recognition of stingless bee, Melipona fasciata

Kin recognition versus familiarity in a solitary mustelid, the European polecat Mustela putorius FT Reconnaissance de la parentele en fonction de la familiarite chez on mustelide solitaire, le putois europeen Mustela putorius

Kin recognition, polygamy and the sex ratio

Kin recognition: an introductory synopsis

Kin recognition: function and mechanism in avian societies

Kin recognition: functions & mechanisms a review

Kin recognition: issues and evidence

Kin recognition: problems, prospects, and the evolution of discrimination systems

Kin selection and frequency dependence: a game theoretic approach

Kin selection and gorilla reproduction

Kin selection and helpers at the nest: effects of paternity and biparental care

Kin selection and its mechanisms

Kin selection and satellite nests in Polistes exclamans

Kin selection and social insects. Social insects provide the most surprising predictions and satisfying tests of kin selection

Kin selection and the population biology of the social paper wasp, Polistes exclamans

Kin selection in complex groups: mating structure, migration structure, and the evolution of social behaviors

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240797

Kin selection in finite sibships

Kin selection in primate groups

Kin-recognition in social insects

Kin-selection and individual selection in babblers

KinA mRNA is missing a stop codon in the undomesticated Bacillus subtilis strain ATCC 6051

KinGUI: a new software tool for evaluations according to FOCUS Degradation Kinetics

Kinabalu Park: past, present and future

Kinabalu Park: research and conservation

Kinabalu: summit of Borneo. A revised and expanded edition

Kinabalua, a new genus of chrysomelid beetle from Sabah, Malaysia (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)

Kinal and Kinon, habitat and coenosis of the surface drift as seen in Amazonian running waters

Kinase activation and transformation by NUP214-AB1 is dependent on the context of the nuclear pore

Kinase packing defects as drug targets

Kinase suppressor of RAS modulates multiple mast cell functions

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240823

Kinase suppressor of Ras inactivation for therapy of Ras mediated tumorigenesis

Kinase suppressor of Ras plays a critical role in modulating inflammatory mast cell functions

Kinase supressor of Ras-1 in neuronal survival signaling by extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2

Kinase-dependent adhesion to fibronectin: Regulation by calreticulin

Kinase-likeness and kinase-privileged fragments: Toward virtual polypharmacology

Kinases in pathogenesis of Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis

Kinases meet at TSC

Kinchega National Park

Kind of the teat cup liners and somatic cell count in milk

Kinder - und Geschwistermord

Kinder der Nacht: Die Welse

Kinderraub bei Apistogramma borellii

Kindersegen bei den Vogelspinnen

Kindla. Nature conservation in forest landscapes.

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240843

Kindliche Blasenentwicklung

Kindlin-1 regulates proliferation, polarity and motility of epidermal keratinocytes through EGF- and integrin-mediated signaling pathways

Kindlin-2 is an essential component of intercalated discs and is required for vertebrate cardiac structure and function

Kindlin-3 is essential for integrin activation and platelet aggregation

Kindling and sensitization as models for affective episode recurrence, cyclicity, and tolerance phenomena

Kinds and abundance of fish larvae in the Caribbean Sea

Kinds and abundance of fish larvae in the Caribbean Sea and adjacent areas

Kinds and abundance of zooplankton collected by the USCG icebreaker Glacier in the eastern Chukchi Sea, September-October 1970

Kinds and distribution of fish eggs and larvae off northwest Africa in April/May 1973

Kinds and effectiveness of artificial nests

Kinds of canine vermiform mites and observation of an unconfirmated species

Kinds of sharks

Kinds of whales

Kinds, abundance and distribution of the oceanic squids in the Sea of Japan

Kinects of Campylobacter fetus subsp venerealis adherence to and expression of chemokines by infected HeLa cells

Kinematic analysis of Operant bipedal rat measured in X-ray cineradiography

Kinematic analysis of adjacent segment degeneration in the cervical spine using dynamic MRI

Kinematic analysis of kneeling in cruciate-retaining and posterior-stabilized total knee arthroplasties

Kinematic analysis of temperature effects on root growth in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kinematic analysis of the defence response in crayfish

Kinematic analysis of the relationship between the grade of disc degeneration and motion unit of the cervical spine

Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of rising from a chair during a Sit-to-Walk task in elderly subjects: Role of strength

Kinematic and functional analysis of feeding behaviour in Lacerta viridis (Reptilia: Lacertidae)

Kinematic changes during a 100-m front crawl: Effects of a performance level and gender (vol 39, pg 1784, 2007)

Kinematic evaluation of gestural and repetitive single joint movements of the arm after posteroventral pallidotomy, subthalamotomy or both procedures combined in two Parkinson's disease patients: two case studies

Kinematic measures and stroke rate variability in elite female 200-m swimmers in the four swimming techniques: Athens 2004 Olympic semi-finalists and French National 2004 Championship semi-finalists

Kinematic model of a stick insect as an example of a six-legged walking system

Kinematic model of active swimming in dolphin and systemic and functional principles of the organization its locomotor skeleton-muscular structures

Kinematic parameters of bending oscillations in Tursiops truncatus body during active rectilinear swimming

Kinematic peculiarities of some Alcidae birds flight in connection with their ecomorphology

Kinematic structure of the crayfish claw aimed movements

Kinematics and aerodynamics of the greater horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, in horizontal flight at various speeds

Kinematics and hydrodynamical resistance of Calanus helgolandicus (Claus) thoracic limbs

Kinematics and muscle patterns during level turns in pigeons

Kinematics and neural control of gonopodial thrusts in Gambusia affinis affinis (Baird and Girard, 1853)

Kinematics estimation of straddled movements on high bar from a limited number of skin markers using a chain model

Kinematics of a rectangular drum hay rake

Kinematics of ankle taping after a training session

Kinematics of backward movement in Lethrus apterus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Kinematics of feeding in two marine turtles (Chelonia mydas and Dermochelys coriacea)

Kinematics of insect wing movement in straightforward flight (a comparative study)

Kinematics of prey capture in iguanid lizards: comparison between Anolis equestris (Anolinae) and Oplurus cuvieri (Oplurinae)

Kinematics of prey capture in the chameleon

Kinematics of swimming of penguins at the Detroit Zoo

Kinematics of the os centrale in Pongo pygmaeus: implications for the knuckle-walking bominin ancestor hypothesis.

Kinematics of the trapezium-1st metacarpal joint in extant anthropoids and Miocene hominoids

Kinematics of ventilation in the little skate, Leucoraja erinacea, as indicated by sonomicrometry

Kinematik und Aerodynamik des Heuschreckenflugs

Kinematik und Energetik des Ruttelfluges mittelgrosser Vogel

Kinesin 1-dependent cortical exclusion restricts pole plasm to the oocyte posterior

Kinesin and dynein-dynactin at intersecting microtubules: Motor density affects dynein function

Kinesin motors expressed in myelinating oligodendrocytes (OLs)

Kinesin proteins: a phylum of motors for microtubule-based motility

Kinesin steps do not alternate in size

Kinesin-2 controls development and patterning of the vertebrate skeleton by Hedgehog- and Gli3-dependent mechanisms

Kinesin-based microtubule motility is selectively disrupted by aromatic neurotoxin 1,2-diacetylbenzene

Kinesin-based organelle transport

Kinesin-like microtubule motors in early development

Kinesin-related proteins containing armadillo repeats, antlers1 and antler2, and a NIMA-related kinase, AtNek6, regulate the epidermal cell morphogenesis in Arabidopsis.

Kinesin: its properties and possible functions

Kinesiologic and postural alterations in a group of patients with systemic sclerosis

Kinesiological aspects of bipedal walking in gibbons

Kinesiological aspects of brachiation in lar gibbons

Kinesiological characteristics of primate walking: its significance in human walking

Kinesiological characteristics of vertical climbing in Ateles geoffroyi and Macaca fuscata

Kinesiologische Untersuchungen zur Brachiation bei Weisshandgibbons (Hylobates lar)

Kinesthetic illusory feeling induced by a finger movement movie effects on corticomotor excitability

Kinesthetic working memory and action control within the dorsal stream

Kinesthetic-visual matching, imitation, and self-recognition

Kinetic Folding of Haloferax volcanii and Escherichia coli Dihydrofolate Reductases: Haloadaptation by Unfolded State Destabilization at High Ionic Strength

Kinetic Mechanism and Inhibitor Characterization for c-jun-N-Terminal Kinase 3a1

Kinetic analyses of mutagenic hyperthermostable glycogen phosphorylase from Aquifex aeolicus on a 27 MHz quartz-crystal microbalance

Kinetic analyses of peptidylglycine -amidating monooxygenase from pancreatic islets

Kinetic analysis for hydrolysis of malathion by carboxylesterase in wheat kernels

Section 22, Chapter 21241, Accession 021240986

Kinetic analysis of G Protein Coupled Receptor signaling using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in living cells

Kinetic analysis of RNA synthesis and processing in sea urchin embryos

Kinetic analysis of a complete poxvirus transcriptome reveals an immediate-early class of genes

Kinetic analysis of butyrate transport in human colon adenocarcinoma cells reveals two different carrier-mediated mechanisms

Kinetic analysis of butyrylcholinesterase-catalyzed hydrolysis of acetanilides

Kinetic analysis of cAMP-activated Na+ current in the molluscan neuron: a diffusion-reaction model

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