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Larva of Pseudocollix kawamurai Inoue Geometridae, Larentiinae feeding on Maesa japonica Myrsinaceae

, : Larva of Pseudocollix kawamurai Inoue Geometridae, Larentiinae feeding on Maesa japonica Myrsinaceae. Japan Heterocerists' Journal25: 213

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Other Research

Procta associada a Vriesea sp. (Bromeliales, Bromeliaceae), II: cinco novos taxa de amebas testaceas (Protoctista: Rhizopoda, Testacealobosea)

Ca-induced K+-outward current in Paramecium tetraurelia

The regional ecology of alternative states and thresholds strategies for ecological site descriptions

A case of enormous retroperitoneal liposarcoma: [Chin. summ.] [long dash]A case of enormous retroperitoneal liposarcoma was thought inoperable before operation, biopsy only was done in the first time of operation. However, biopsy revealed Liposarcoma and second time exploration was carried out...

Grazing cattle preference of alfalfa as influenced by slender wheatgrass: In Saskatchewan, Altai wild ryegrass (Elymus angustus) and Russian wild ryegrass (E. junceus) were seeded in a sandy soil in alternate rows with lucerne, a lucerne-slender wheatgrass (Agropyron trachcaulum) mixture, and with A. trachycaulum seeded...

The plasma proteins in disseminated lupus erythematosus: Hyperglobulinemia of unknown cause is a constant characteristic of disseminated lupus erythematosus. Electrophoretic analysis shows that this increase in globulin is chiefly in the gamma fraction. This fraction or some component of it reacts with...

Report. Ornithological Section

Oral lesions accompanying pachyonychia congenita: This unusual congenital and sometimes familial anomaly is characterized by dystrophic changes of the finger nails, hyperkeratotic changes in the skin, hyperhidrosis, etc. Oral lesions as seen in a 17-year-old female are described. They take the fo...

Incidence of tonsillectomy in Denmark, 1980 to 2001: Background: Tonsillectomy is one of the most frequent operations performed on children and young adults, but little is known regarding its distribution by age, sex, and calendar period.Methods: We designed a population-based cohort study including...

Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Sediment Habitat of Ranunculus spp. in Lowland Chalk Streams - Implications for Ecological Status: Ranunculus spp. are the dominant plants of lowland chalk stream habitats in England. The spatial variability of sediment characteristics (silt-clay, organic matter, total phosphorus and total nitrogen content) within stands of Ranunculus spp. was...

Retrovirus vector production and transduction Modulation by the cell cycle: In this study, the cell cycle modulation of retrovirus vector production and transduction was analysed. Retrovirus vector expression was found to be similar in all phases of the cell cycle and, in contrast to some other virus promoters shown previ...

23rd National Cancer Congress of the German Cancer Society (Berlin, Germany; June 8-12, 1998): This meeting contains abstracts of 746 papers and posters, written in English, covering cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, immunology, and genetics in humans.

Molluscs from the North Donets river as intermediate hosts of trematodes.: Vergun examined many molluscs from the northern Donets river for trematode larvae. He found metacercariae of Echmoparyphium petrovi in Vivi-parus viviparas, Sphaerium solidum and S. rivicola, of Hypoderaeum conoideum in S. rivicola, Planorbis plan...

A new species of the genus Assiringia Stal Homoptera Cicadellidae Hylicinae from Tibet, China: The genus Assiringia Distant is reported for the first time with a new species Assiringia tibeta from Tibet, China in the present paper.

Sward structure under different grazing system: Sward structure under continuous (CG) and rotational (RG) grazing systems was studied at a site (420 m altitude) in the Jizerske hory mountains, Czech Republic. The proportions of grasses and number of grass tillers were similar in both treatments...