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Larva of Pseudocollix kawamurai (Inoue) (Geometridae, Larentiinae) feeding on Maesa japonica (Myrsinaceae)

, : Larva of Pseudocollix kawamurai (Inoue) (Geometridae, Larentiinae) feeding on Maesa japonica (Myrsinaceae). Japan Heterocerists' Journal25: 213

Accession: 021260345

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Other references

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Kariuki, T. M.; Farah, I. O., 2005: The baboon model of schistosomiasis has been used extensively to study parasite biology, immune responses and pathological manifestations after natural and experimental infections. The body of knowledge accumulated so far has placed this animal model at the pinnacle in the continuing search for new interventions and might hold the key to the dev...

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Kattermann, G., 1938: Speltoids with strong nodal hairiness derived from wheat-rye hybridization were back-crossed with rye and with wheat. The F1 of the cross with rye had 2n = 28 chromosomes, of which one bivalent was recognized as that bearing the factor for hairiness by the presence of a conspicuous constriction, in which it resembled a bivalent peculiar to its r...