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Cantharides blisters in children with rheumatic fever

, : Cantharides blisters in children with rheumatic fever. Clin Sci : 367-373

The blister size is reduced in acute rheumatic fever, possibly because of increased diffusion of fluid from the blister. ACTH treatment reduces blister size further, but the suggested mechanism for this is a decrease in capillary perme-ability.

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Other Research

Basalt cave at Panmure, western Victoria: The flat floor and arching roof of a cave in basalt near Panmure, western Victoria, suggest that the cave was formed by drainage of liquid lava from the surroundingsolidified basalt.

Experience with use of hydrojet technique to stabilize soils

The picea larix problem: The woods of Larix [L. decidua, L. .times. eurolepis, L. gmelinii, L. laricina, L. leptolepis, L. leptolepis .times. gmelinii, L. occidentalis and L. sibirica] and Picea [P. abies, P. englemannii, P. glauca, P. glauca var. albertiana, P. hurstii,...

Thunder Bay Field Naturalists 40th Annual Christmas Bird Census

Response of gugo to different potting media

PH dependence of antibody Hapten association: Monoclonal antibody NC6.8 is specific for the superpotent sweetener, N-(p-cyanophenyl)-N'-(diphenylmethyl)-guanidiniumacetic acid. The three-dimensional structure of the complex shows the close proximity of complementary charged residues on the an...

Stable omega conopetide formulations

Analysis of gene amplification in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas: The presence of gene amplification was determined in 55 fresh head-and-neck SCC specimens using a battery of 9 different probes. Amplification of at least one gene was found in 12 samples (18%), of which 7 were amplified at multiple loci (58%). We...

Inhibitory activity of some hydrazine derivatives on rat liver catalase: The action exerted by different monoamine oxidase inhibitors on the liver catalase of Wistar rats was studied in vivo and in vitro by means of a modified titrimetrlc method. A statistically significant depression of liver catalase activity was obs...

Release of atrial natriuretic factor anf induced by acute airway obstruction

Diabetic retinopathy with repeated amaurosis fugax caused by orthostatic hypotension: PURPOSE: To evaluate the blood flow velocity in the ophthalmic artery using color Doppler imaging in two patients who had diabetic retinopathy with amaurosis fugax caused by orthostatic hypotension. DESIGN: Interventional case reports. METHODS: A...

Tertiary Mollusca from Hikoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, with remarks on the geological age of the Ashiya fauna.

Hypospadias in the dog: a clinical case: A 1-year-old intact male West Highland White Terrier was presented for abnormal miction. A clinical diagnosis of perineal type of hypospodias was established. Establishment of the diagnosis and the surgical management are discussed.

Frost resistance in spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.). V. Influence of photoperiod and temperature on the membrane lipids of the needles

Der rheumatologische Patient auf der Intensivstation: Patienten mit rheumatischer Systemerkrankung haben auf der Intensivstation trotz ihres allgemein j ngeren Altersdurchschnitts ein h heres Mortalit tsrisiko. Die Diagnose der Grunderkrankung, die Unterscheidung zwischen akutem Schub und infekti ser...