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Chemical study of bark from Commiphora angolensis Engl

, : Chemical study of bark from Commiphora angolensis Engl. Bol Escola Farm Univ Coimbra Edicao Cient: 3-128

Two types of principles were identified: tannins and anthocyanin pigments. Condensed tannins were revealed by the usual color and precipitation reactions and by quantitative determination by the methods of Lowenthol-Procter and of Deijs. The results obtained for the powder of the bark were 32.76% and 33.28% and for the alcoholic extract, 75.25% and 76.36%. The anthocyanin pigments were detected by their color reactions and by their partition between solvents. Petunidin-3-rhamnoglucoside was identified in a fraction purified by chromatogra-phy in thick paper and by elution by hydrochloric methanol, using ascending paper chromatography with the following mixture of solvents: butanol-acetic acid-water; butanol-hydrochloric acid; 1% hydrochloric acid. The presence of this pigment was confirmed through the identifi-cation of its products of hydrolysis. The petunidin was identified by some characteristic reactions and by ascending chromatography with the following mixtures of solvents: butanol-acetic acid-water; acetic acid-hydrochloric acid-water; formic acid-hydrochloric acid-water. Rhamnose in a fraction purified by solution in pyridine, using ascending paper chromatography was also identified.

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