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Insect findings of recent years which are or may become of interest to nursery inspectors and plant quarantine officers

, : Insect findings of recent years which are or may become of interest to nursery inspectors and plant quarantine officers. Jour Econ Ent: 559-566

Brief summaries of records of occurrence and damage, chiefly in U. S. A.: Tholeria re-versalis, Gnorimoschema lycopersicella, Chrysoclista lin-neella, Epinotia subviridis, Eucosma gloriola, Tortrix ivana, Cacoecia conflictana, Platynota stultana, Batodes angustiorana, Ablabia longana, Coleophora salmani, Nep-ticula sericopeza, Heteroderes laurentii, Chrysobothris jragariae, Crypticus obsoletus, Ptinus tectus, Bruchus brachialis, Brachyrhinus cribricollis, B. ligustici, Sitona cylindricollis, Listroderes obliquus, Trichalophus didy-mus, Anacentrinus subnudus, Pseudocneorrhinus setosus, Tychius picirostris, Ceutorhynchus tau, Cryptococcus fagi, Aleurodicus cardini, Phenacoccus gossypii, Tibicen davisi, Cyrtopeltis geniculata, Pangaeus uhleri, Dasy-neura mali, D. pyri, Diprion polytomum, Susana cupressi, Taeniothrips atratus montanus, T. gladioli, Bregmato-thrips iridis, Daihinia brevipes, Eriophyes avellanae.

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