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Insect findings of recent years which are or may become of interest to nursery inspectors and plant quarantine officers

Insect findings of recent years which are or may become of interest to nursery inspectors and plant quarantine officers

, : Insect findings of recent years which are or may become of interest to nursery inspectors and plant quarantine officers. Jour Econ Ent: 559-566

Brief summaries of records of occurrence and damage, chiefly in U. S. A.: Tholeria re-versalis, Gnorimoschema lycopersicella, Chrysoclista lin-neella, Epinotia subviridis, Eucosma gloriola, Tortrix ivana, Cacoecia conflictana, Platynota stultana, Batodes angustiorana, Ablabia longana, Coleophora salmani, Nep-ticula sericopeza, Heteroderes laurentii, Chrysobothris jragariae, Crypticus obsoletus, Ptinus tectus, Bruchus brachialis, Brachyrhinus cribricollis, B. ligustici, Sitona cylindricollis, Listroderes obliquus, Trichalophus didy-mus, Anacentrinus subnudus, Pseudocneorrhinus setosus, Tychius picirostris, Ceutorhynchus tau, Cryptococcus fagi, Aleurodicus cardini, Phenacoccus gossypii, Tibicen davisi, Cyrtopeltis geniculata, Pangaeus uhleri, Dasy-neura mali, D. pyri, Diprion polytomum, Susana cupressi, Taeniothrips atratus montanus, T. gladioli, Bregmato-thrips iridis, Daihinia brevipes, Eriophyes avellanae.

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