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Biology, Geography & Health Sciences Research: Section 26

Section 26 provides bibliographic information on scholarly research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Metabolic effects of bretylium and phentolamine in euthyroid and thyrotoxic rats

Metabolic studies of the rat exposed to gamma irradiation

Metabolism of N, N-dimethyltryptamine-N-oxide by monoamine oxidase

Metabolism of hydrogen peroxide in univoltine and polyvoltine strains of silkworm Bombyx mori

Metabolism of sulfinpyrazone in man

Metal-induced reactive oxygen species production in chlamydomonas reinhardtii chlorophyceae1

Methemoglobinemia induced by X-irradiation

Method of aggregate analysis of the soil Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 53478

Methodisches zur Mikrobestimmung des Reststickstoffes und des Harn-stoffes im Blut

Methods for the evaluation of human fibrinolysis

Methods of investigations of vascular plants in lakes

Methyl green III Reaction with desoxyribonucleic acid, stoichiometry and behavior of the reaction product

Micro angiopathy experimentally induced by bilateral adrenalectomy abstract anti histamines adreno cortical hormones rat

Microbes influence the fractionation of arsenic in paddy soils with different fertilization regimes

Microbiological determination of folic acid in simple Pharmaceuticals by the cup method

Microclimate temperature and its adaptive significance in six geographic races of Peromyscus

Micromethod for estimation of serum adenosine deaminase

Microscopic structure of the kidney tubule of the Rana esculenta

Midway, a new red stele resistant strawberry variety

Milieu simple permettant de reconnaitre les trois types de Corynebacterium diphteriae

Mineral metabolism and the liver

Miocene Mollusca of northern Colombia

Mitigating the destructive aspects of drug-induced constipation on the vascular system

Mitotic segregation induced in Aspergillus nidulans Proceedings of the Vth Scientific Meeting of the Italian Genetic Association and the vmth Annual Meeting of the Biometric Society, Italian Region, Naples, 22-24 October, 1959

Mode of action of ammonia on Sclerotium rolfsli

Modelling of rutting of two flexible pavements with the shakedown theory and the finite element method

Modes of formation of phosphate compounds and their turnover in Chlorella cells during the process of life cycle as studied by the technique of synchronous culture

Modification of the fibrin agar plate for measurements of the components of the fibrinolytic system the measurement of plasminogen on type i fibrin agar plates human

Modifications of the vagal effect on the heart and the cardiac metabolism by reaerpine in vitro

Molasses as an energy supplement for zebu steers grazing nitrogen fertilized and unfertilized colonial guinea grass m pasture

Molecular machinery of signal transduction and cell cycle regulation in Plasmodium

Molt of capon feathering with prolactin

Monogenoidea skrzeli ryb Wisly

Morbidity of stomach cancer in the German Democratic Republic

Morphogenesis of the down feather in the presence of pyrimidines, a riboside, and related compounds

Morphological and cultural studies of the genus Fusiformis

Morphological changes in the thyroid gland following radiolodine administration A review

Morphological studies on nodule bacteria cultures

Morphology and physiology of moss variation on a genetic basis II

Morphology of the reproductive organs of Leucinodes orbonalis Guen I The female organs

Mosaics of drosophila melanogaster induced by ethyl methanesulfonate mutagen abstract chromosome aberrations

Motivation and visual factors Individual studies of college students

Movement of cattle egrets

Mucosal resistance and corticosteroids

Multiple effects of recurrent pseudopregnancy

Multiplication and cytopathogenic effect of foot-and-mouth disease virus in monolayer cultures of call kidney epithelium

Muscle function at reversible equilibrium states of calcium binding

Mutanda ichthyologica Barbus para -doxus Poll

Myasthenia-like syndrome and thymus gland proliferation in experiments

Myelin formation in vitro endogeneous influences on cultures of new born mouse cerebellum

Myocardium-lesion of dystrophia musculorum progressive erb

N- -tetracycline, a new carboxamido derivative of tetracycline

Nacobbus dorsalis, nov gen nov spec producing galls on the roots of alfileria, Erodium cicutarium LHer

National conference on space craft sterilization technology pasadena california usa november 16 18 1965

Natural history of pulmonary hypertension in children with ventricular septal defects assessed by serial right heart catheterization

Naturally occurring parasitic lesions in baboons

Nature of the reactions of monocalcium phosphate monohydrate in soils IV Repeated reactions with metastable triple-point solution

Need research on control of crop damage by birds

Neo natal meningo encephalitis caused by listeria monocytogenes

Neopl chromaffinoma of the organ of zuckerkandl human hypertension

Neopl tricho epithelioma human

Nephrotoxic nephritis with antibody fragments

Nesting of Bonapartes gull in central Alberta

Neue Spinnenarten aus der Bukowina

Neuro fibromatosis and pheo chromo cytoma

Neurologic development of the infant

Neuroprotective role of erythropoietin by antiapoptosis in the retina

Nevrites au cours de la mesaortite syphilitique

New Indian Curculion-idae

New York Academy of Science 7th International Transplantation Conference, New York, 14-16 February, 1966

New and uncommon Wisconsin mosses

New chrysomelid beetles from India With a note on the scales of Coleoptera

New data on the correlation of the Lower Oligocene of South and Central America with that of Southern Mexico

New electrophoretic and histochemical research in relation to the blocking activity of heparin on spleno-medullary inhibition

New gastro-duodenal tube

New interpretations of Ignotornis, the first-reported Mesozoic avian footprints implications for the paleoecology and behavior of an enigmatic Cretaceous bird

New methods and results of growth measurement in Douglas fir

New or critical Euphorbiaceae from eastern Asia

New photometric methods of agrochemlcal analysis

New remains of Trilophodont-Tetrabelodont mastodons

New species of Crimean fungi of the genus Pyrenophora

New species of the Ethiopion Brachycerus and a new genus in the subfamily Brachycerinae

New theory of interference in clotting mechanism by abnormal plasma proteins

Newer experimental studies on the problem of injury from lack of vitamins; also a contribution on the action of beer and beer extracts

Nine new American Asteraceae

Nitrogen fertilization in relation to the palatabilitv and nutritive value of orchardgrass

No evidence for sperm priming responses under varying sperm competition risk or intensity in guppies

Nomo-gram for the tetrachoric correlation coefficient

Non-specific factors in resistance II Ability to withstand shock

Nonspecific protective effect of small lead shields against irradiation death in the rat

Normal sources of pathological behavior Animal experimentation shows that certain combinations of adaptive responses can result in nonadaptive behavior

Nota preliminare sul rilevamento nel 1 quadrante del foglio Larino

Note on Paracan-thurus Bleeker

Note on some supposed Senonian fossils from Sao Nicolau Island

Note on the occurrence of peroxidase in the crystalline style of the mollusc, Martesia striata Linn

Note sur les Oligochetes des grottes de Sante-Reine pres de Toul

Notes of the fauna of stinging mosquitoes in Szczecin

Notes on Crustacea Brachyura collected by Professor Teiso Esakis Microriesia expeditions 1937-1938 together with a check list of Micro-nesian Brachyura

Notes on Neotropical Mutillidae IV Synonymy and distribution of Hoplocrates, with descriptions of new forms

Notes on a few Amphorophora of Utah

Notes on ectoparasites from Venezuela

Notes on new zealand prosobranchs with descriptions of new species and subspecies 7 new species 2 new subspecies

Notes on some elaterid beetles from the ryukyu islands part 2 coleoptera

Notes on the Harpy eagle in British Guiana

Notes on the bionomics of some Ontario cercoplds

Notes on the essential oils of Eucalyptus grown in Angola

Notes on the hosts, habits, and distribution of Oregon Acmaeodera

Notes on the pathology of carcinoma of the large intestine

Notes on the west African lizard Mabuya perrotetii

Noteson Malvaceae II

Nouvelles modifications apportees a la methode de preparation du vaccin antipestique formole

Nuclear and interphase chromosome volumes of 4 triticum m species and of 8 species from related genera

Nucleic acid phosphate synthesis in root and shoot of bean seedlings

Nueva subespecie de Cerion de la costa de Matanzas

Nutrient content of pasture grass on the marsh at intensive farming

Nutrition requirements of piglets abstract

Nutritional status of selected population groups in Oregon I Food habits of native born and reared school children in two regions

O druzich rodu Timarcha skupiny T Tenebricosa F -De specibus generis Timarcha Latr sectionis T Tenebricosa F Col, Phytoph, Chrysomelidae

Obituary, Jose Verocay

Observation on an Isospora from a child

Observations nouvelles sur lextremite Sud du synclinal de Thones

Observations on Mansons tapeworm Diphyllobothrium Rudolphi, 1819 in the Philippines

Observations on carbohydrate and fat metabolism in different age and racial groups

Observations on incubated normal bloods

Observations on senile elastosis

Observations on the appearance and distribution of the sulfhydryl groups in the proteins of the nerve cells of the 4th ventricle of the brain of sheep

Observations on the coprophilic habits of a ciliate Balantiophorous minutus Schewiakoff

Observations on the fauna of Pulau Tioman and Pulau Tulai 11 Notes on the endoparasites

Observations on the keeping properties of adrenaline-procain -solutions and tablets

Observations on the occurrence of the wheat gallfly in Belgium

Observations on the separation and measurement of inorganic iodine in rat thyroid glands

Observations on tissue glycolysis

Obstacles involved in the development of applicators for concentrates

Occupational leukoderma from rubber dust and debris

Occurrence of Trichostrongylus colubriformis in the guinea pig

Occurrence of poisoning by pesticides

Ochyroceratidae de lAngola

Oestrus cycle in rats and endocrine factors

Olfactory perception thresholds for citral utilizing a new type olfactorium

On Ectocarpus fasciculatus growing on the finspines of fishes

On a cerambycid and a syrphid from Brazil

On a new species of Birkenia from the Downtonian formation of Ledbury Herefordshire

On amylase in pyloric coeca of Sariola quinqueradiatas

On cocoa d viscosity and its contribution to its industrial processing

On functional changes in the imago of Eurygaster integriceps Put

On mineral nutrition of larch and spruce in pure and mixed stands

On reduction division in the pollen-mother-cells of Cyanotis cristata

On some essences of aromatic plants from Sicily

On sulphanilamide agranulocytosis

On the absence of contant correlation between heat-resistance of cells and the melting point of their lipids

On the anatomy of the brain in Choeropsis liberiensis Morton

On the behaviour of barnacles II The influence of habitat and tide-level on cirral activity

On the calcium metabolism of students at their exercise and ordinary condition L

On the coleoptera fauna of the amazon soils

On the cytology and synthetic capacities of natural and artificially produced bacteroids of Rhizobium leguminosarum

On the differentiation of anthrax bacilli from Bacillus cereus

On the effect of Suavitil on the higher mental functions of normal subjects

On the eriophyids of Hungary IV The description of new species

On the fleas of hedgehog

On the genetics of the human allotypes, Gm and Inv

On the history of development of field biocenoses Symposium of the International Union for Vegetation Information on biosociology, 1960, Stolzenau/Weser, West Ger

On the influence of fusaric acid on the gas metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hans

On the isolation of serologically active proteins from the tubercle bacillus

On the measurement of drop size and liquid water content in fogs and clouds Massachusetts Inst Technol and Woods Hole Oceanogr

On the mechanism of un-repressed galactosidase synthesis controlled by a transducing phage

On the morphology of the virus of contagious peri-pneumonia of cattle

On the non-identity of adenine and vitamin B4

On the occurrence of young Chromis chromis on the Sesimbra Coast

On the periodicity of motivation

On the possible nature of the bonds between apocarboxylases of the alcoholic yeasts and carboxylases

On the problem of sensory innervation of the esophagus

On the question of the dependence magnitude of the oxygen usage of Mytilus edulis L

On the relationship between contraction of indirectly-stimulated frogs muscles and the inhibitory effect of their saline medium

On the role played by the fungoid bodies of the supraesophageal ganglion in conditioned reflexes of the honeybee

On the source of the ultraviolet irradiation used in the Institute of Experimental Medicine

On the structure of the glands of the respiratory region of the nasal mucous membrane at different ages

On the tentative role of infectious viruses in tumour etiology

On the use of Cresson as a generic name

On thermo-genesis and its modifications under the pharmaco-dynamic action of phloridzin

Oncogenicity of simian virus and its inactivation with beta-propiolactone

Onychomycosis caused by species of three separate genera Report of a case with a study of a species of Hyalopus

Opilionids of the subfamily Eupnoi from Bulgaria; revision of the European genera and subfamilies Oligolophinae and Phalanglinae

Optimal rising luminosity as a factor of conditioning of the environment

Oral penicillin a comparison of various modes of administration

Organ transplant especially of the heart

Organization of occupational health services for personnel exposed to toxic pesticides

Origin and evolution of the Madagascar faun

Origins of angiospermous plants

Os-servazioni isto-patogenetiche nel morbo di Reckling-hausen

Ostasiatische Diplopoden aus HShlen

Otoliths of fishes from the Lower Tertiary formations of southern England III Percomorphi, Scleroparei

Outline of a mathematical theory of the removal of malarial parasites from the blood stream

Overgrowth of the barchan sands around wells in the Badkhyz under natural conditions and with seeding

Oxidation of acetic acid in animal tissue

Oxidative phosphorylation and respiratory control in digitonin fragments of beef heart mitochondria

Oxygen deficiency and its pathogenesis in barbiturate poisoning

Ozone for controlling mold on cheddar cheese

PTH7-84 inhibits PTH1-34-induced 1,25OH2D3 production in murine renal tubules

Palaeozoologie, Invertebrata Die cryptostomen Bryozoen des deutschen Perms

Palynological investigations in Makhtest Qatan 2 borings in the Negev, Israel

Pantothenic acid depletion of rats and Trypanosoma lewisi infection

Papilio pausanias

Parallelisms between ecology and taxonomy

Parasitic copepods from Madagascar fishes

Paratyphoid B infection The ineffectiveness of sulphaguanidine

Part 2 physical examination of the human saliva

Participation in usa antarctic research program expeditions zoo geography new zealand

Passage of substances into the blood and lymphatic vessels of the liver

Paternity assessment application on estimation of breeding value in body-weight at first egg trait of egg-laying duck Anas platyrhynchos

Pathogenesis of rat chloro-leukaemia; I Transfer to young adult rats by intravenous injection of leukaemic cell suspensions II Establishment of a leukaemic ascites tumor in young adult animals

Pathologic changes of the heart in free-ranging howler-monkeys

Pathological-anatomical notes on certain relationships between mucosa and the musculature of the fundus of the uterus

Pathways in the development of liver macrophages Alternative precursors contained in populations of lymphocytes and bone-marrow cells

Patterns of thalamic transmission during the deepest stage of natural sleep in the cat

Peculiar brooding behaviour

Pelvic angiography in the management of abdominal pregnancy

Penicillin levels in spinal fluid after intramuscular injection of procaine penicillin

Peptide Binding to HLA Class I Molecules Homogenous, High-Throughput Screening, and Affinity Assays

Percutaneous absorption of progesterone in aqueous solutions of association colloids

Perfusion of isolated dog skin

Periodicity of height growth in white spruce reproduction

Permanent acetic smears

Peroxidase and catalase in saliva

Personal health Bringing good hygiene home

Pests and diseases of fruit crops

Phagocytic function of the avian synovial membrane A light and electron microscopic study

Pharmacologic action of chlordane

Pharmacological properties of disubstituted phenothiazines

Pharmacology of cobalt nitrosopenta cyano ferrate iii cardio vasc rat

Pheasants on Biryuchiy Island

Phenotypic variation within a fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum L germplasm collection I Description of the collection

Phonocardiographic diagnosis of regurgitant murmurs by means of pharmacologic agents

Phospholipase C from Bacillus cereus A zinc-requiring metalloenzyme

Phosphorylase activity and protein-bound norepinephrine in the rabbit heart

Photocolorimetric determination of vitamin B1

Photoperiodic control of estrus in the basenji

Photosynthetic phosphorylation in the chloroplasts of normal and chlorotic plants pea d chlorophyll carotenoids pigments

Physical Activity and Socioeconomic Status Explain Rural-Urban Differences in Obesity a Cross-Sectional Study in Benin West Africa

Physical properties and chemical composition of yellow rice grains

Physicochemical studies of acetylcarboxypeptidases I pH Dependence of structural integrity

Physiological alterations in the central nervous system of the frog by the toxins of Clostridia

Physiological effects of an 18-hour flight in F-4C aircraft

Physiological significance of the cytological structure of the hypophysis of the adrenalectomized rat and the rat treated with desoxycorticosterone acetate

Physiology of Fusarium wilt of linseed II

Phyto sociology and wool production pastures and production of meat and wool in the valle de los pedroches spain part 3

Phytosociological study of the mountain mass of Sainte-Baume and Provence

Pike-perch in Lake Constance

Pitahaya Marismena Le-maireocereus standleyi

Placental weight loss in late pregnancy

Plant behavioural ecology dynamic plasticity in secondary metabolites

Plant phospholipase D II Inhibition of succinic oxidase by cottonseed phospholipase

Planting and seeding of loblolly pine on steep spoil banks

Plasma cells in neopl myelomatosis human inst electron micrograph

Plasma vitamin C levels in a group of children before and after dietetic adjustment

Platelet osmotic resistance test using the electron microscope

Plum pockets or bladder produced by T pruni

Poinsettias from cuttings to maturity

Polarographic oxygen electrode

Pollen from deeply buried coal measures at Taranaki, New Zealand 2

Poly- -hyroxybutyrate metabolism in washed suspensions of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus megaterium

Polymerization of actin free from nucleotides and divalent cations

Polyporus caesius and Ditiola radicata as timber fungi

Population depletion in brook, brown, and rainbow trout stocked in the Black-ledge River, Connecticut, in 1942

Porphyria cutanea tarda and griseofulvin therapy

Possibilities in frozen concentrated milk

Possible involvement of NO in the stimulating effect of pifithrins on survival of hemopoietic clonogenic cells

Post-Pavlovian research

Postirradiation changes in the levels of organic phosphorus in the blood of patients with leukemia

Potassium and sodium content in the plasma and erythrocytes of the blood and in the daily urine of children having pneumonia

Potency and persistence of effect of several digitalis preparations in pigeons

Potentiation of tyramine responses by nor-sympathomimetic amines in the reserpine-pretreated cat

Practical hints in the laboratory Studies of Protozoa and earthworm

Pre-harvest sprays

Precursors of metabolic CO2 produced by the brain of the anaesthetized, intact dog The effect of electrical stimulation

Preface du J VERNE Losteosynthese au point de vue biologique Influence de la nature du metal

Preliminary comparisons on the facility of photo-oxidation as affected by photoperiodic induction

Preliminary note on the classification and enological study of yeasts in Jerez wine

Preliminary report of an informal cooperative study of rest in the Latham raspberry

Preliminary studies in the electron microscope of some plant virus inclusion bodies

Prelymphoid leukemia phase of Rauscher virus infection

Preparation and properties of corn cob holocellulose

Preparation of cytomegalovirus immune serum in rabbits with alkaline-extracted virus

Preparation, characterization and immunogenicity of a soluble protective antigen from Shigella types

Presence of culicoides anophelis diptera ceratopogonidae in cambodia

Present status of anticoagulant therapy

Preservation of mosquito pupae by the freeze-drying technique

Presynaptic inhibitory action on group Ib muscle afferent volleys

Prevention of excess hemolysis during cardiopulmonary bypass by the use of mannitol

Primary adrenal tumours of domestic animals

Primary multiple carcinoma

Primo reperto in Italia del Fusarium moniliforme Sheld parassita del riso Nota preliminare

Prispevek k otazce ovlivneni nespecifickych reakci typu vseobecneho adaptacnfho syndromu u choroby ze zarenf umelou hibernaci A contribution to the problem of influencing by artificial hibernation non-specific reactions of the type of general adaptation syndrome with irradiation disease?

Problem solving set in different age groups

Problems in viral-tumor therapy In Symposia tumor viruses

Problems of regional pathology at an extra-mural scientific session of the Institute of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health of the R

Procedures for investigation of bile secretion in rats with retention of hepato-intestinal bile components

Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress of Nutrition, Edinburgh, 9th - 15th August 1963

Processes of ammonia fixation nitrification and nitrogen fixation in the dubosarrsk reservoir ussr in the area of organic contamination

Production of a collateral circulation to the heart

Production of hyper-calciuria by phosphorus deprivation on a low calcium intake A new clinical test for hyperparathyroidism

Production of vitamin B2 by Mycobacterium smegmatis

Profile distribution of nonexchangeable magnesium in the less than 1 micron clay in 7 loess derived soils

Progress and development in biological education Some sources of living organisms and culture methods for use in school biology

Progress report on studies of SF-89 slowing factor that reduces the mobility of red blood cells

Proline imidazolidinones and enamines in Hajos-Wiechert and Wieland-Miescher ketone synthesis

Prontuario de parasitologia agri-cola animal y vegetal

Properties of a c type cytochrome formed anaerobically in Escherichia coli and related bacteria

Properties of two -galactosidases of Neurospora crassa

Propping apple trees

Protection against bacterial endotoxins by penicillin and its impurities

Protective effect of cysteamine at fractionated irradiation I Lethality up to 30 days after last irradiation

Protein fortification of corn distillers dried solubles and dark dried grains

Protein unfolding is an essential requirement for transport across the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of Plasmodium falciparum

Proteomic Analysis of Human Parotid Gland Exosomes by Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology MudPIT

Provision of reducing power for glutamate synthesis

Pseudomembranous enterocolitls A clinicopathologic study

Psychiatric outpatient clinic An analysis of a population sample

Psychological examinations of children after measles encephalitis

Psychotropic drugs and experimental psychiatry

Puerperal mental disorders in manic -depressive females

Pulmonary function in the newborn infant V Trapped gas in the normal infants lung

Pulse curve in sportsmen and the influence of physical exercise upon it

Purification and properties of a component of the pituitary gland which produces lipemia in the rabbit

Purification of encephalomyocarditis virus

Purpura hemorragica post-amigdalite aguda

Pyrimidine hydrates and dimers in uv mutagen irradiated tobacco mosaic virus rna

Qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of the allergic basis of bronchial asthma Determination of the histamino-pexic power of human serum as a laboratory test

Quantitation of erythropoiesis

Quantitative changes in chlorophyll in the leaves of corn sprouts in various temperatures for the root zone region

Quantitative distribution of bone marrow in adult dogs

Quantitative measurements of relative accommodation and relative convergence

Quantitative studies on selenite metabolism in Escherichia coli

Queensland rainforest trees

Quick aging of hams

Rabbit allotypic markers as a model for molecular immunology

Radiation chemistry of nucleic acids and their derivatives I Some pyrimidines, dihydropyrimidines and hydrated pyrimidines

Radiation-genetic evidence that only one of the two DNA strands injected by phage T4 transmits the genetic information to the progeny

Radioactive isotopes in the study of intracranial tumors A preliminary report of methods and results

Radioiodine and histopathological effects

Radioprotective effect of topically applied dimethyl sulfoxide on mice

Ramie the Chinese silk plant

Rapid detection of typhoid carriers by means of fluorescent antibody techniques

Rapid temperature adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster pupae

Rat-liver lysosomal a-glucosidase A membrane enzyme

Rational pacemaker-treatment A technical problem

Reaction dalarme produite par laction des rayons X sur labdomen chez le rat

Reaction products of applied phosphate in limed soils

Reactivation of DFP-inactivated acetylcholinesterase by monoisonitrosoacetone and diacetylmonoxime in vivo

Rearing pieris rapae crucivora lepidoptera pieridae on artificial diets cabbage white butterfly

Recent advances in treatment Medicine

Recent investigations executed by the Laboratory of atmospheric physics at the University of Paris with the use of rockets

Recent techniques for staining protozoans in tissues

Recherches sur ladaptation et le comportement des Pagures

Reciprocal augmentation of generalization and anxiety

Reconstitution of nucleic acids in isolated cell nuclei after treatment with desoxyribonuclease

Records of the larvae of Epiophlebia laidlawi Tillyard from the Darjeeling area

Rectification de nomenclature

Red skeletal muscle fibers Relative independence of neural control

Reduction and interpretation of ionospheric sounding ionograms from extremely low satellite orbits

Reevaluatlon of assays used to show RNA induction of glucose-6-phosphatase in ascites cells

Reforestation in Argentina

Regeneration of oak by sowing or planting?

Regional seas integrative studies, as a basis for an ecosystem-based approach to management The case of the Bay of Biscay

Regulation of Narcissus bulb pests in California

Regulation of the synthesis of oxidative enzymes in Staphylococcus aureus by the end products of glycolysis

Relation Between Leptin And Estradiol Levels In Egyptian Lactating Arab Mares during Foaling Heat

Relation between the liver-glycogen and the excretion of residual nitrogen in the bile

Relation of infection to population structure in drosophila melanogaster

Relation of the size of halves of the Arbacia punctulata egg to centrifugal force

Relationship between adrenal cortex and blood-forming tissues

Relationship between red light mediated glyceral-dehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase formation and light dependent development of photosynthesis

Relationship of components of papilloma virus to papilloma and carcinoma cells In Basic mechanisms in animal virus biology

Relationships between arteriosclerosis and carcinoma

Relative effectiveness of anti arrhythmic drugs in treatment of digitalis induced ventricular tachy cardia

Relaxin as a Protective Substance in the Preserving Solution for Liver Transplantation Spectrophotometric in Vivo Imaging of Local Oxygen Supply in an Isolated Perfused Rat Liver Model

Remark about tryptophan oxygenase

Remarks on the study by Dr H Franz, entitled Data on the quaternary stratification and to the genesis of salt affected soils in Horobagy and in its surroundings

Removal of nuclear bomb debris, strontium 90-yttrinm 90, and cesium 137-barium 137 from water with corps of engineers mobile water-treated equipment

Renal excretion of radioiodide in the dog

Renal transplants in the rat

Repeated spontaneous abortions study of the karyotype and dermatoglyphs of the parents

Report of a spontaneous myxofibrosarcoma of the hamster cheek pouch

Report of two cases of ectopic thyroids

Report on the agricultural experiment stations, 1941

Repression of Staphylococcus aureus in associative culture

Reproductive performance of Nesolynx thymus Hymenoptera Eulophidae, in relation to age of Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae

Research institute london ontario

Research on the behavior of oxalic acid during chronic liver diseases

Research the stepchild of medicine

Researchesregarding cytochrome III Cytochrome b from beef heart

Resistance of Italian anophelines to DDT

Resistance to starvation of the newly hatched silkworm, B mori II Internal factors

Respiration of rat tissue slices in oxygen neon and oxygen helium environments abstract kidney brain

Respiratory modification of the cardiac output

Response of hornworm moths to narrow band irradiation

Response to different degrees of novelty The incidence of various activities

Resting potential of isolated beef cornea

Results obtained in the perfection of the lippizan horse of our country romania

Results of inst duhamels operation for hirschsprungs disease abstract human bladder disturbance

Results of the Nubian Zoological Expedition 1962 X Coleoptera-Tenebrionidae

Resurgence of venereal disease A report by the Committee on Public Health of the New York Academy of Medicine

Retinal burn problem

Reversal of chlorination inhibitors in Streptomyces aureofaciens

Review of Coleoptera occurring in Holland and adjacent region

Revision de la famille des Phylliroidae Bergh

Revision of the genus Batriasymmodes

Rheological characterization of the nucleus pulposus and dense collagen scaffolds intended for functional replacement

Rhododendron species

Ribose nucleic acid in the Drosophila egg

Right ventricle stenosis following a mitral lesion

Roanoke bass, Ambloplites cavifrons Cope

Roentgenological diagnosis of metastases in the lymph ducts in malignant tumors of the female sex organs

Role of case finding in syphilis control today

Role of mast cells in the anaphylactoid reaction provoked by dextran

Role of the adrenals in the secretory function of the stomach in puppies

Role of vitamin K and other quinones in photosynthesis

Rootstocks commonly used in grafting fruit trees

Routine titrations of Lansing virus and antibody in mice Comparison of methods of estimating endpoints

Rupture of the stomach after nasotracheal intubation A case report and literature review

SOCS36E specifically interferes with Sevenless signaling during Drosophila eye development

Saliuresis with hypertension treatment

Salt balances of soils in the region between the danube and the tisza hungary ii salt balances under irrigated conditions

Sanitary engineering research at georgia tech

Saturated and unsaturated fats Effects on cholesterolemia and atherogenesis in chicks on high-cholesterol diets

Scheme for the microchemical separation of some toxicologically important alkaloids

Science education and the Ohio Academy of Science An historical review

Sclerocarya caffra, Sond

Screening tests for the detection of penicillin hyper-sensitivity

Seasonal and supraseasonal variation in the laboratory rat as observed through the reproductive complex on one of its parasites

Seasonal occurrence of barnyardgrass in potato fields in Massachusetts

Sechste auflage neu ber-beitet von Rolf Ortmann

Secretion of enzymes and other macro molecules dog rat guinea pig rev

Seed corn in the southern Transural

Segmental measurements in a series of human fetuses

Selection of areas for the construction of ponds

Selective inhibition of aspartate transaminase by analogues of glutamic acid

Self-fertility in red clover in Minnesota

Seniority and criterion measures of job proficiency

Sensitivity to streptomycin of bacteria cultivated in the presence of streptomycin

Separation and properties of 50S ribosomes from Streptococcus pyogenes

Separation of the intermedin from the corticotropic activity of thepituitary

Sergentella spiroides and helicosporidian conidia in blood smears

Serologic survey for syphilis in migratory labor camps of upstate New York

Serological studies on cattle erythrocytes submitted to proteolytic fermentation

Serum Ca and organ calcification from the action of irradiated ergosterol

Serum free thyroxine and thyroxine-binding protein studies in patients with supraventricular tachycardias

Serum protein electrophoresis of African students residing in France

Seven new American Tingitidae

Sex chromatin and chromosome analysis in the diagnosis of sex abnormalities

Sex-linked lethal factors in human inheritance

Shape of the stomach of teleosts in relation to their food

Shoot apex of Rauwolfia

Shrinkage of ice cream as affected by the state of milk proteins

Significance and application of babesial and plasmodial ecto antigens to comparative medicine

Significance of rH value in germination of pollen

Silene armeria d a test plant for carnation d etched ring virus

Similarity of the kinetics of invertase action in vivo and in vitro II

Simplified methods of calculating dairy rations

Simultaneous observations of changes in metabolic and circulatory parameters during hypothermia

Siphodera ghanensis new species cryptogonimidae a digenetic trematode from an estuarine fish from ghana chrysichthys nigrodigitatus host

Sixth annual report, 1962

Skin conductance trends during learning by bright normal, and retarded children

Sleep disturbances In Current Pediatric Therapy 1966-1967

Smaller foraminifers from type sections of the Bolorian stage, the Lower Permian of Darvaz

Sobre a identidade de Fannia erythropsis e Fannia armata nec Meigen

Social welfare as a variable in population dynamics

Sodium transport by red blood cells in uremia human

Soil fertility and nutrient storage in different soil Vegetation systems in a tropical rain-forest environment

Soil survey of Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Soil-peels and a method for estimating biopore size distribution in soils

Solubility of monoglycerides in oil and its relation to the production of global edible spread

Somatotopic distribution of evoked potentials in the paramedian lobe of the cerebellum

Some Valentian corals from Shropshire and Montgomeryshire, with a note on a new stromatoporoid

Some aspects of chemo reception in human nutrition blood saliva obesity

Some aspects of the dynamics of oxidation-reduction of etiocholanolone-3-3H,4-14C in man

Some behavior patterns of wild ungulates and birds of Askaniya-Nova Complex forms of behavior

Some changes in the endothelium under conditions of thrombose organization

Some clinical entities associated with sporadic infection with adeno-viruses in adults

Some criteria of the functional state of the adrenal cortex in children with anemia

Some data on the reaction of the Atlantic-Scandinavian herring to artificial light

Some effects of actlnomycln D on iodine metabolism in the rat thyrold

Some effects of ribonuclease on ascites tumor cells

Some experimental data on the use of extracorporeal circulation in neurosurgery Current problems of neurosurgery

Some factors influencing the growing and exploitation of trees for saw log production

Some functional characteristics of acinar cells and cells of the parotid gland ducts under conditions of prolonged stimulation

Some immunological aspects of homo-and heterotransplantation in man and other primates

Some lakes of the Aneboda region, Sweden

Some more fossilwoods of Glutoxylon from south-east Asia

Some new hosts to Leptosphaerulina McAlp from India

Some notes on marlin and mackerel from the waters of Uoturijima in October

Some observations on atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer

Some observations on the ecology, under natural and laboratory conditions, of Phlebotomus longipalpis Lutz and Neiva, 1912 Vector of kala-azar in the neotropical region

Some observations on the ultraviolet-absorption spectra of A-and B-lactoglobulin

Some pharmacological actions of N - -3,4,5-trimethoxybenzamide

Some possibilities of standardization of examination and assessment of verbal and motor reactions for routine-laboratory use

Some problems of the Coelacanth restated

Some protein changes in stored frozen poultry

Some regular distribution patterns of the vegetation in the western part of the Central Kazakhstan undulating plain

Some results of and prospects for the development of photophysiology in plants

Some specific histochemical features and ultrastructure of induced brain tumors in rats

Some ticks from Angola

Sophora tetraptera

Sources, transmission, symptomatology, and distribution of wheat streak mosaic virus in Texas

Space science

Spawning in the sheat-fish

Species differences in taste preferences

Specific antigen of rat sarcoma M-1

Specific pathological and anatomical features of congenital and acquired forms of chronic hemolytic anemia

Specificity of the trihy-droxyindole method for determining catechol amines

Spectrophotometric studies of Oxyhemoglobin

Spermatophores of the snail Neritina reclivata

Spinal osteochondrosis in a dog

Splinter hemorrhages Their clinical significance

Spontaneous leukemia at high altitude in C58 mice

Spores of microorganisms IX Gradual development of the resistant structure of bacterial endospores

Spring and summer flowering bulbs and corms

Stability of dimeric interface in banana lectin Insight from molecular dynamics simulations

Stain solubilities

Standardized methods for the determination of uric acid in unlaked blood and in urine

Starling and the concept of heart failure

Statistical analysis of renal clearance by the dog

Statistics of variation in origin and position of the subclavian artery

Stem pitting of peach d in south carolina usa cause unknown

Sterilities encountered in the breeding of peonies

Steroid-induced increase in survival of tumor-bearing rats

Stimulation by citric acid of germination of eastern red cedar

Stimulatory and suppressive signal transduction regulates vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor-1 VPAC-1 in primary mouse CD4 T cells

Storage and nitrogen effects on radiation damage in einkorn wheat m seeds with different water content

Stratification during the winter of 1955/ 56 in twelve fish ponds in Waldviertel, Austria

Streptococcic bacteriophage A review

Strip sowings of corn and its cultivation in a single fallow-arable field

Structural changes in the adrenal cortex in cases of hypophyseal adenomata

Structure and base sequence in the cohesive ends of bacterio phage lambda dna escherichia coli enz dna polymerase

Structure of a naturally occurring antagonist of dihydrostreptomycin

Structure of the pear d leaf cuticle with special reference to cuticular penetration pyrus communis d

Studien iiber die Em-bryologie der Familien Celastraceae, Oleaceae und Apocynaceae

Studies directed toward a new synthesis of lysergic acid

Studies in blood preservation Some effects of carbon dioxide

Studies in glycosuria and diabetes in non-white populations of the Transvaal I Africans

Studies in personality A Hypnotizability as a personality trait and its typological relations

Studies in the Monolithic lysimeters on water movement in the soil

Studies in the genus Fucus L II Distribution and ecology of forms of Fucus distichus L emend Powell in Britain and Ireland

Studies in the virus disease of potatoes in India III Occurrence of Solanum Virus 3 Murphy and MKay

Studies of a purine- or histidine- requiring mutant of Escherichia coli

Studies of cyprinodont fishes XIX Xiphophorus pygmaeus, new species from Mexico

Studies of lateral reflections in the echo-encephalogram

Studies of regularities of degradation of spores of B aerothermophilus under heating and choice of indices, which characterize its thermostability

Studies of the characteristics of gastric secretory function in patients with chronic gastritis

Studies of the lipids of Proteus P 18 stable L forms Identification of fatty acids of the acetone soluble fraction 22nd Annual meeting of the Swiss Microbiological Society, Basel, 1963

Studies of the trunk form, bark, and timber-grade yield of fir trees

Studies on Beauveria tenella III Analysis of storage fat

Studies on Linden 3

Studies on Veratrum alkaloids III Qualitative and quantitative differences in the action of cevine and veratridine

Studies on adrenalin and noradrenalin excretion in urine in psychoses and their treatments

Studies on antiprotozoans Synthesis and biological activity of some styrylimidazole derivatives

Studies on blossom biology of guava

Studies on chemical radioprotectors and radiosensitizers IV Comparative study of the lethality in two strains of totally irradiated mice

Studies on cyto-taxonomy and reproduction in the enchytraeidae

Studies on endothelial reactions X On the origin of the pulmonary dust cell

Studies on fish parasites of Lake Erie I New trematodes

Studies on halotolerant and halophilic bacteria I Isolation and salt response

Studies on imported malaria 8 Infectivity to Anopheles quadrimaculatus of asymptomatic Plasmodium vivax parasitemia

Studies on lactose fermenting bacteria I The correlation of methyl red and Voges-Proskauer reactions with sanitary survey of well waters

Studies on metabolism of carbon-14-labeled galactose in a galactosemic individual

Studies on nonprecipitating insulin antibody radio immunoassay of insulin binding capacity and its relationship to insulin neutralizing activity and ability to evoke cutaneous anaphylactic reaction

Studies on phage typing of__ Micrococcus pyogenes Action of the latent phages of the propagating strains

Studies on primary phloem i phloem of cuscuta reflexa d sucrose starch

Studies on restoration and substitution of nucleus in Aegilotricum V Critical evidence for uneffectiveness of alloplasm on hybridization

Studies on soluble ribonucleic acid The action of snake venom phosphodiesterase on soluble ribonucleic acid in yeast

Studies on sympathomimetic amines; II The biotrans-formation and physiological disposition of d-amphetamine, d-p-hydroxyamphetamine and d-methamphetamine

Studies on the aberration of the function, with special reference to that of the thyroid gland caused by repeated injection of hypertonic NaCl soln

Studies on the amounts of the anchovy consumed by mackerel

Studies on the bacteriophages of L-glutamic acid-producing bacteria, Brevibacterium species I Lyis in L-glutamic acid fermentation and confirmation of bacteriophages

Studies on the biosynthesis of viral DNA

Studies on the chemical nature of the substance inducing transformation of pneumococcal types III An improved method for the isolation of the transforming substance and its application to Pneumococcus Types II, III and VI

Studies on the contamination and the variation of crop plants caused by radioactivity leaf pigment variants found in gamma irradiated rice m and barley m progenies chlorophyll mutants

Studies on the development mechanism of mutated cells induced in irradiated rice seeds

Studies on the effect of decompression on certain insects, with special reference to Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say and Aedes sollicitans Walker

Studies on the enzymatic properties of influenza B virus and RDE on the hemagglutinin inhibitor of human meconium

Studies on the fish of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans

Studies on the glycerylphosphorylcholine diesterase activity of the female genital tract in the ewe, cow, sow and rat

Studies on the imaginal bud of the uncus, claspers and penis in the outer genitalia of the male moth, the domestic silkworm

Studies on the interaction of mutations affecting the chaetae of Drosophila melanogaster I The interaction of hairy, polychaetoid, and Hairy wing

Studies on the lymphocyte response to inflammation

Studies on the mechanism of stimulation of ACTH secretion with the aid of morphine as a blocking agent

Studies on the methods of preparation of Ghee V Modifications of the indigenous process

Studies on the neuro muscular effects of beta di ethylaminoethyldiphenylpropyl acetate hydro chloride relaxant skf 525 a relaxant cat rat dog

Studies on the pH and Eh of normal and influenza-infected eggs

Studies on the physiology of a laver, Porphyra tenera Kjellm III Chemical factors influencing upon photosynthesis

Studies on the proliferation of copper pheasant phasianus soemmerringii scintillans results by artificial insemination

Studies on the relation of fat metabolism to nutrition of the skin

Studies on the salt-resistance of cultivated plants 2 Classification of cultivated plants by the salt-resistance in reclaimed tidal land and ecological relation between cultivated plants and weeds

Studies on the sterilization of cultivated soils Annual convention of the German Society for Biophysics on convention of the German Society for Biophysics on biophysical problems of the effect of irradiation, 23-24 April, 1965, Homburg/Saar, West Ger

Studies on the thymus of germfree rats

Studies on the vagal innervation of the coronaries

Studies on trachoma IV Presence of local antibodies against the psittacosis group in the course of the development of trachoma

Studies on vitamin B6 Nutrition chemistry of pyridoxine phosphates

Studies with mustards IV Effects of nitrogen mustard treatment of deoxyribonuclease and deoxyribonucleic acid upon the enzymic degradation of deoxyribonucleic acid

Study of a trypanosome of the potto

Study of fluorescent emission from the cat cerebral cortex

Study of properties of lipids of peas infected with fungus

Study of the biology of the lobster in Ceara Data from 1964

Study of the hemagglutinating ability and inhibitor-sensitivity of tick-borne encephalitis strains isolated in the Khabarovsk krai Abstract only

Study of the residence time of the poliomyelitis virus in the lymphoid organs and its effect on the synthesis of specific antibodies

Study on dysentery vaccine I On the Shiga bacillus formalin alum vaccine

Study on the persistence Tin man of measles antibodies

Subacute bacterial endocarditis treated with penicillin

Submarine observations from the bathystat Sever-1 Development of undersea research

Substrate specificity of amine oxidases

Succinic Thiokinase V Preparation of labeled substrates, their bindings to the enzyme, and isotope exchange studies

Sugar metabolism Lactose, galactose, and xylose

Sulfadimethoxine in the treatment of surgical infections A preliminary report

Sulfur mustard-inactivated influenza virus as interfering agent

Summary of the general discussion of the symposium

Superparasitism in Trichogramma evanescens minutum Riley , an egg parasiti-of sugarcane and maize borers in India I Effect of superparasitism

Suppression by inst x irradiation of the phenomenon of syngenic preference presented by 2 isologous neopl sarcomas provoked by methyl cholanthrene carcino and di benz anthracene carcino mouse

Sur gongylidiellum kulczynskii de Lessert

Sur la localisation du pronephros des anoures

Sur le Solorina octospora Arnold

Sur les proprieties immunologiques des complexes glucido-lipidiques extraits des bacilles typhiques

Sur une petite collection de serpents du Tonkin Descriptions despeces nouvelles

Surgical aspects of the pulmonary arterial supply to the middle and lower lobes of the lungs

Survey of 200 hypertensive patients fifteen years after treatment

Survival of European corn borer larvae, Pyrausta nubilalis in artificial tunnels in stalks of field corn

Susceptibility of cell cultures from various mammalian tissues to the infection by Shigella

Sweat sodium content and flow rate in cystic fibrosis of the pancreas

Symmetric respect and memorate knowledge The structure and ecology of individualistic culture

Symposium on gastrointestinal motility, Leuven, Belg, April 22, 1966

Symptomatic patterns, biologic behavior, and prognosis in cancer of the lung Practical application of Boolean algebra and clinical taxonomy

Syneresis in ameboid movement Its localization by interference microscopy and its significance

Syntaxonomy of Southern Ural Forests as a basis for the system of their protection

Synthesis and reaction of nucleic acids during liver enlargement by means of chronic introduction of impurities

Synthesis of antigenic components in Pasteurella pestis under certain conditions of pH and temperature

Synthesis of poly-substituted tetrahydropyridines from Baylis-Hillman adducts modified with N-allylamino group via radical cyclization

Synthetic azulenes IV Investigations on the question of structure and activity

Systematic catalogue of fishes of the high Lerma River, Mexico, with description of a new species 76 References

Systemic aspects of brachiocephalic arter-itis of young women

Tabanidae diptera from turkey iii atylotus fulvus tabanus vappa haematopota pallens new records

Tape recorder for evaluation of coughs in children Evaluation of antitussive agents

Taxonomic notes VI The Leucobryaceae

Taxonomy of three species of Striga parasitic on sugarcane

Technique employing embryonated chicken eggs for the infection of argasid ticks with pathogenic microorganisms

Technological aspect of the utilization of soy proteins

Temperature control of physiological dwarfing in peach seedlings

Temporal dynamics of dissolved combined neutral sugars and the quality of dissolved organic matter in the Northwestern Sargasso Sea

Tenth year of the Grand Rapids-Muskegon study Effect of fluoridated public water supplies on dental caries prevalence

Terra rossa in Central Asia

Testicular tumors induced on the golden hamster by 20-methylcholanthrene, after hemicastration and experimental cryptorchidy Morphological study of the TTS sarcoma French, Engl, Ger and Russ summ

Tests of forage species for the dry southern regions

Tetrahydrocannabinol homologs and analogs with marihuana activity

Thaxter, a new downy mildew-resistant lima bean

The 5th symposium of the university of gunma on molecular basis of endocrinology section on biosynthesis and secretion of hormones maebashi japan august 18 19 1967

The Application of PCR and Reverse Line Blot Hybridization to Detect Arthropod-borne Hemopathogens of Dogs and Cats in Trinidad

The Brain as a Cultural Artefact

The Childrens Bureau Fifty years of public responsibility for action in behalf of children

The Development of Synovial Joints

The Faroe-Shetland-Norway project and its planning In Studies of multiple sclerosis

The Harveian oration on the birth of chemical biology

The Javan spp of Polypodium s 1

The MMPI performance of veterans with organic and psychiatric disabilities

The N-terminal amino acid residues of gelatin 2 Enzymic degradation

The Oxidation of glyceryl ethers A new enzyme system requiring a pteridine co-factor In 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

The Queensland lungfish

The Selfish Spike Local and Global Resets of Dendritic Excitability

The Templeton Crocker Expedition I Six new brachyuran crabs from the Gulf of California

The Western Australian species of Xvris

The absorption and reflection spectra of leaves, chloroplast suspensions, and chloroplast fragments as measured in an Ulbricht sphere

The accuracy of least squares solutions

The action of acetylcholine, eserine, atropine and adrenaline on the heart of a decapod crustacean E spinifrons

The action of dio 9 metab energy linked swelling of rat liver mitochondria bovine serum albumin

The action of nitrogen mustards on the glycolysis and hexokinase activity of rat reticulo-sarcoma ascites cells

The action of sympathomimetic amines on the sympathetic response in the perfused mesenteric artery preparation of the rat

The activation of slow-reacting substances in rat plasma and their separation with sephadex In Proceedings of the Physiological Society, London, England, March 1962

The acute vascular lesions during the experimental stimulation of the hypothalamic zone Problems of current neurology Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 73154

The advantage of fall applications of fertilizers to both peaches and apples

The aguacate as a source of oil

The aluminous paratyphoid vaccine of calves, and its immunizing peculiarities

The anaerobic glycolysis of the heart of the rat during postnatal growth and its significance for the activity of the heart

The anatomy of the eye and orbi Including the central connections, development, and comparative anatomy of the visual apparatus

The antagonistic properties of Penicillium fungi of various systematic groups Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 25855

The antidepressant properties of IN 1060 A preliminary report

The aortic origin of renal arteries in man and other mammals dog cat swine monkey cow sheep

The application of program controlled automatic digital computers for the solution of special chemotherapeutic problems

The arteries of the carpal bones

The association of mast cell density with myometrial invasion in endometrial carcinoma A preliminary report

The avoidance of bee poisoning

The balsam woolly aphid in Maine

The behavior in rats of neopl tumor sublines of low and high malignancy

The behavioral regulation of water-electrolyte balance

The biochemical basis of respiration of plants

The biological basis of the composition of the catch and methods of controlling the size of fish schools

The biology of Heterostylum robustum , a parasite of the alkali bee

The biosyntheses of toe emulsifiers of toe crab Cancer pagurus L

The birds of Nepal Part 12

The blood pattern in pre-symptomatic malignancy of the gastrointestinal tract

The botanical origins of South American snuffs

The broad spectrum and the macrolide antibiotics and the ciliary barrier

The campaign against diseases of food plants

The cardiovascular action of dimethyl-1, 4-naphthoquinone I Experimental part II Action mechanism

The cause of acute congestive lesions of the lung dog

The centrosome in the Hepaticae and the centrosome-blepharo-plast homology

The changes of carbonyl compounds in the heat-processing of meat 2 Turkey meat

The chemical composition of Caragana arborescens seeds

The chemistry of Azotobacter II Amino acid composition of Azotobacter agile in relation to culture age

The child under war conditions

The chromosomes of man

The clearance of radioactive colloidal gold I Normal values and pathological values

The clinical use of dried fibrinogen

The colloidal gold test in experimental poliomyelitis

The community mental health program and the longer-stay patient

The comparison study of compost and natural organic matter samples

The composition of the vertebral column of the anthropoids

The conditions in individual forest areas of valais forest area 1

The constitutions of the curcurbitacins

The control of Anopheles minimus mosquito larvae in the Philippines by stranding and flushing

The control of weeds in crops by chemical means in the far north Problems of the North

The correlation between the external inst phono cardiographic data and the hemodynamic revelations in pulmonary stenosis abstract human

The cranial nerves of Petromyzonidae

The culture of Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae III Test of the nutritive value of different substances

The cytological localization of human growth hormone with fluorescent antibody

The decarboxylation of some phenolic acids by the rat

The demonstration of leptospirae in the Syrian hamster

The descriptive approach to vegetation studies

The determination of arbutin in Uvae-ursi Folium

The determination of the K2O available to plants by Egners new K2O method

The development of a community mental health ideology scale

The development of predictive equations for the spruce budworm based on key-factor analysi

The development of the submandibular ganglion in a series of human fetuses

The diagnosis of tuberculosis in 10-12 days by guinea pig inoculation

The differential growth-response of embryonic chick limb-bone rudiments to triiodothyronine in vitro II Growth rate

The direct effect of oestradiol on the pars distalis

The dissociation of phenotypic and inheritable effects of euflavin in yeast

The distribution of auxins in bulbs of Lilium longiflorum

The distribution of radioactivity from uracil mustard-2-14C in the hepatic subcellular particulates and nucleic acids of the rat

The diurnal and day to day variations of fuel usage for residential and commercial space heating in st louis missouri usa sulfur di oxide emission

The duration of the embryonic stages

The early embryonic development of Rhodnius prolixus

The ecology of the central Coastal Area of New South Wales II Plant succession on the Hawkesbury sandstone

The effect of 5-hydroxytryptamine on gastric motility in iproniazid pretreated rats

The effect of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi on Ehrlich mouse ascites carcinoma

The effect of a vitamin B complex deficiency on gastric emptying and small intestine motility

The effect of age on the concentration of chloride and water in chick tissues

The effect of animal venoms on the electrical activity of the neuromuscular apparatus

The effect of benactyzine on the electroencephalogram in man

The effect of castration and testosterone propionate on d-amino acid oxidase activity in the mouse

The effect of cholchicine and sodium cacody-late on the spindle of dividing vertebrate cells

The effect of cortisone and ACTH in leukemia

The effect of di butyryl 3 5 amp on the isolated heart

The effect of divided doses of 15 MeV electrons on the skin response of mice

The effect of estrogens upon the peripheral metabolism of thyroxine

The effect of finite input in reducing recombination frequency

The effect of glutathione on fever and glycolysis

The effect of higher O concentrations on fish and the utilization of O artificially introduced into water

The effect of inbreeding An account of the work of the Northern Breeding Sub-Committee under the National Poultry Institute Scheme of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

The effect of iodination on antibody activity

The effect of limb ischaemia on the magnesium content of plasma

The effect of metabolic inhibitors on the kinetin-induced changes in glycolic acid oxidase activity in barley leaves

The effect of nicotinic acid on spring wheat m

The effect of p-aminosalicylic acid on the secretory activity of the stomach in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

The effect of photoperiod on the growth and frost resistance of lemon

The effect of pressure on sweating

The effect of range-restricted electrons on intracellular yeast catalase

The effect of seed-rate on yield of cereals

The effect of some amino acids on the oxidation of linoleic acid and its methyl ester

The effect of streptomycin on autolysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The effect of temperature on the color change of Fundulus in response to black and to white backgrounds in fresh and in sea water

The effect of the extirpation of the stellate ganglia on the mechanical heart hypertrophy of albino rats

The effect of the weight of the seed on growth and flowering of Cyclamen persicum Mill

The effect of trypsin on localized inflammation in the liver

The effect of various mowing dates on the steppe vegetation of the Mykhailivska Tsilyna Reservation

The effect of x-rays on the gaseous metabolism of a clado-ceran

The effectiveness of the antibacterial treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis under dispensary conditions Problems of clinical medicine and occupational pathology

The effects of alpha methyl dopa metab reserpine metab guanethidine metab and iproniazid metab on minimum alveolar anesthetic requirement halothane cent depress cyclo propane cent depress rat

The effects of cortisone and adrenocorticotropic hormone on experimental inflammations in the human skin

The effects of glucose on the action of the rat diaphragm

The effects of local hormonal organ transplants and steroid hormone implants upon the thymus gland

The effects of protein conformation on hydrogen bonds between peptide groups

The effects of temperature and hardness of water upon the toxicity of zinc to the pond snail, Physa heterostropha

The effects of x-rays on anterior regeneration in Tubifex tubifex

The electrical charge of mammalian red blood cells

The electropathology of acute cor pulmonale

The encyrtid parasites of Pseudococcus Flavidus Kanda, with a list of the known species and their hosts of the genera Anagyrus, Leptoroastidea, and Achrysopophagus of the world

The enzymatic conversion of anthranilic acid to indole

The epidemiology of accidental poisoning in an urban population II Prevalence and distribution of poisoning

The essential periodicity of nervous functions Study of a form of the tonodynamic reflex

The etiology and frequency of lung cancer

The evolution of nutrition in Venezuela, 1940-1964

The excretion of the serotonin urinary metabolite and its relation with the administration of diverse therapeutic agents

The explanation of hybrid vigor

The factors influencing the regeneration of vegetation in the arid parts of Australia, with special reference to the pastoral industry

The fate of penicillin and penicillamine when incubated with contents of the proventriculus and duodenum of the chick

The feeding value of cereals

The finding of pneumocystis carinii in the pine vole pitymys subterraneus

The first cerebral angiographer

The flight signal of roes

The food and drug administration and adverse reactions to drugs present direction of program

The formation and function of time associations during early postnatal ontogenesis in puppies irradiated on the 20th day of embryogenesis

The formation of the second maturation spindle in the eggs of Limnaea, Limax and Agriolimax

The frequency of inter breeding between 2 sibling species of dacus diptera in wild populations dacus neohumeralis dacus tryoni

The functional balance between the diffuse thalamus and the Nucleus caudatus Activating and inhibitory influences at the cortical level

The future role of state mental institutions human

The generation of labile, protein -bound phosphate by phosphoproteln oxidation linked to the autoxi-dation of ferrous ion

The genital tract and the spermatic cord of periplaneta americana histochemical and ultrastructural study

The genus Lamproderma and its relationships I

The genus conepatus mammalia mustelidae variation within a population

The glioma and its differential diagnosis in enzyme-histochemistry

The great illusion controversy a glimpse

The growth of human fibroblasts in media containing various amounts of thyroxin

The hand of the ape-man Paranthropus robustus

The hemagglutinating activity of the variola virus

The hexoctahedron and growth

The histology of ex-perimental tuberculosis in different species A comparative study

The horizontal development of the cranium in relation to age and height Abstract

The hydrogen-ion concentration of secreting cells

The identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bovis

The immortal botanist

The importance of anaerobes in brain abscess

The importance of the detoxication processes in the mechanism of the selective toxicity of organophosphorus insecticides ,

The in vivo determination of the biological decay of thyroidal radioiodine

The incidence of human trypanosomiasis in Uruguay

The increased plasma volume in cardiac insufficiency Its correlation with right-sided failure

The infectivity of toxocara canis larvae in experimental animals

The influence of age, sex and genetic factors on the mechanical and physicochemical structural stability of collagen fibres in mice

The influence of certain kinds of food in animal experiments

The influence of different hormones on bone formation in rats

The influence of fruits, flavors, nuts and colors on the quality of ice creams

The influence of iodine on peritoneal implantation of tumors

The influence of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash on the secretion of nectar I and II

The influence of propiomazine on maternal analgesia, length of labor and infant condition

The influence of some soil and climatic factors on sapogenln yields of Dioscorea

The influence of the density of sowing on the relation of wheat and rye

The influence of thyroidectomy and thyroxine on brain maturation in two subspecies of Peromyscus maniculatus

The influenza virus receptor and blood group antigens of human erythrocyte stroma

The inhibition of lysozyme by acidic polymers from pathogenic bacteria

The innervation of the heart of Crustacea II Stomatopoda

The inter-relationship of yield and the various vegetative characters in Hevea brasiliensis

The internal secretion of the sex glands

The intracellular localization of fluorescent convul-sants

The ionic mechanism of postsynaptic inhibition

The isolation of a dermatan sulphate-protein complex from bovine heart valves

The juxtaglomerular cells and renin activity in different types of hypertension and edematous conditions Arterial hypertension

The laboratory diagnostics of leptospirosis

The late J A Kershaw

The leukocyte index of inflammation in the course of trichinellosis

The life of Anton Jansha

The lipolytic deterioration of butter by microorganisms

The location of Walther Schumanns Mexican collecting locality, Jaral

The lymphofollicular nodules in turkey tissues associated with Mycoplasms gallisepticum infection

The mammals of Angola, Africa

The massive therapy of vitamin C to facial pigmentation

The measurement of the diameter of erythrocytes IV The effect of anticoagulants and of variations in drying and fixing

The mechanism of change in the function of the thyroid gland under stress A review with 100 references

The mechanism of the action of acetylcholine on muscle tissue

The medical profession and population control

The metabolism of 3- -5-methoxyindole

The metabolism of mitochondrial proteins IIIThe dynamic state of rat liver mitochondria

The method of examining the metabolism of Salmonellas in synthetic media for diagnostic purposes

The microscopic anatomy of the heart veins

The mixed agglutination test in studies on human transplantation

The molecular weight distribution of blood substitute preparations from poly vinyl pyrrolidone

The morphology and taxonomy of Alternaria citri

The most important plant lice on potatoes

The musculature of the forearm and of the hand of Macaca mulatta

The natural history of atherosclerosis Comparison of the early aortic lesions in New Orleans, Guatemala, and Costa Rica

The nature of lignosulphonic acids fractionated by chemical and physical methods

The nature of viruses and the origin of life

The nesting of Renaulds ground cuckoo

The new road to civilization

The normal carbon monoxide content of the blood

The number of sites sensitive to 3- -1,1-dimethylureat 3- -1,1-dimethylurea and 2-chloro-4- -6-ethylamino-s-triazine in isolated chloroplasts

The objective assessment of desensitization

The occurrence of a Flavobacterium species in chilled water

The occurrence of phosphoglyceric acid in the bacterial, dissimilation of glucose

The olive oils of Puglia and their bacteric content

The organisms resistance against neopl cancer

The origin of pyruvic acid in muscle

The ovarian dosis Several instances of pregnancy after irradiation with x-rays

The oxygen-poor layer in the western North Atlantic

The parathyroid hormone and bone

The pathogenesis of corneal edema induced by Tween 80

The pathology of starvation in an armyworm, Persectania ewingii

The peptide subunit N - -L-lysyl-d-alanine in cell wall peptidoglycans of Staphylococcus aureus strain Copenhagen, Micrococcus roseus R 27, and Streptococcus pyogenes Group A, Type 14

The persistence of symptoms following cholocystectomy

The pharmacotherapeutic action of colloidal magnesium hydroxide in experimental hepatitis and nephritis of toxic origin

The photoreduction of pyridine nucleotides by illuminated chromatophores of Rhodospirillum rubrum in the presence of succinate

The physiological characteristics of the distribution of excitation in the musculature during conditioned reflex changes in the respiratory gas exchange

The physiolology of parasitic disease

The placebo in allergy

The polarographic estimation of steroid hormones 2 Polarography of related steroid hydrazones

The possibility of carcinogenic properties of additives in food products and principles involved in their determination

The potassium, calcium and cholin content of blood and changes after the extirpation of the thyroid gland in the dog

The prediction of response to pharmacotherapy among schizophrenici An historical perspective

The preparation of some 134-oxadiazol-2-ols and ox-adiazol-2-thiols active as tuberculostatics

The presence of webbing affects the oviposition rate of two-spotted spider mites, Tetranychus urticae Acari Tetranychidae

The pressor response to neostigmine after ganglionic blockage

The principles of organization of forest production

The problem of injured bacteria

The problem of the early diagnosis of lead poisoning Occupational diseases in the chemical industry

The processes involved in methylatlon in catechol amine metabolism

The production of phenylpyruvic acid by bacteria

The propagation of the Rous sarcoma No 1 in ducklings

The protein and protein-bound carbohydrates in four species of non-human primates sera

The pteriodophytes of South Dakota

The quality of cereals and their industrial uses

The question of localizing action currents in muscle by needle electrodes

The radiosensitive nature of homograft-rejecting and agglutinin-forming capacities of isolated spleen cells

The rate of spread of potato virus diseases in western Nebraska

The reaction of the muscle power with physical exertion at high altitudes

The recovery of responsiveness of the sensory synapses in the lateral geni-culate nucleus

The region which has no epiphytic orchids

The relation between quantal and graded responses to drugs

The relation of cultural practices to a marked outbreak of cork in McIntosh apples in northern New England

The relation of the absorption of phosphates by roots of corn to the water balance The water balance of plants as related to metabolism and productivity

The relationship between conductability of the nerves and the electric resistance of peripheral nerves in the normal state Variations corresponding to alterations of the colloidal structure of these nerves in parabiosis

The relationship between the serum magnesium concentration of grazing ewes and their dry matter intake and milk yield

The relationship of sodium intake to the hypertensive hyalinosis syndrome produced in the rat by parabiosis II Arthritis

The relative length of the regions of the spinal column in old world primates

The renal excretion of digitoxin in the acute and chronic cardiac patient

The residual effectivness of powdered insecticides in protecting stored corn and beans

The response of different strains of mice to administered testosterone and stilbestrol

The results of experiments carried out with green manure in maize at Cenad and Cimpia Turzii stations during 1956-1959

The rhythmic activity of the quahog Venus mercenaria and its modification by light

The role of acetylcholine in synaptic transmission A critical review

The role of conductivity and dielectric properties in electric field distribution in living tissues

The role of immunity in the pathogenesis of experimental nematogenous pyelonephritis

The role of parasitocoenosis in the patho-genesis of diphtheria

The role of surfactant in the pulmonary response to trauma human infants dog lung extracts surface tension hemorrhage neurogenic reflex

The role of the nervous system in the maintenance of the ribonucleic acid and desoxyribonucleic acid content of striated muscle tissue

The role played by the endocardiotoxic serum in the development of experimental endocarditis

The sanitation of isolated dwellings

The seasonal distribution of fishes in vermilion bay louisiana usa

The selection, modification, validation, and application of a differential staining technic for the enumeration of living and dead bacterial cells

The separation of phosphorylated compounds from pea and sugar-beet leaves on ion-exchange resin columns

The sexual behavior of American college women An empirical study and an historical survey

The significance of combined staining procedures after immuno-electrophoretic analysis of pathologic sera

The significance of the break-down of oak litter by Enoicyla pusilla Burnu

The site of acidification of the urine in the dogs kidney

The smuts of barley

The solution to the water supply problems in Czechoslovakia from the standpoint of Hygiene

The species of the genus Cercocebus, E Geoffroy

The speed of radioactive iodine absorption by the small intestine

The spruce sawfly and the European pine shoot moth

The states role in management of sea resources usa

The sternalis muscle in the anencephalous foetus

The stress tolerance test Preliminary experiments with a new projective technique utilizing both meaningful and meaningless stimuli

The structure of chloroplasts of citrus leaves II Lemon trees with mineral deficiencies

The structure of the pericapillary sheaths of the spleen

The study of the duration of postvaccinal immunity to Q fever

The sugar experiment station of Java

The surgical treatment of burns A clinical report of 789 cases

The syncytial knot a sign of active syncytial proliferation human inst phase contrast microscopy inst light microscopy

The synthesis of infective dna and its implications

The tannins in Geranium macrorrhizum L

The tectal commissure and interocular transfer of pattern discrimination in cichlid fish

The theory of emulsions and their technical treatment

The threshold reliability of recorded sustained vowels

The tolerance of seeds to DDT

The toxicity of selenium analogues of cystine and methionine

The transmission of nerve impulses at neuroeffec-tor junctions and peripheral synapses

The treatment of demodectic mange

The treatment of sympathetic pain by the local injection of hydro cortisone

The turnover of pyrimidine nucleotides in the encephalon of the rat

The ultrastructure of primitive gonocytes in the embryo of the viviparous lizard lacerta vivipara

The uptake of labeled glycine by normal and cancerous tissues in the rat

The use of Martin furnace phosphate slag in the Ukraine ;

The use of auxin to widen crotch angles in young apple trees

The use of discriminant functions in intra-specific classification of lucerne

The use of hydrolysine L-103 in patients with malignant tumours

The use of oxoid membrane filters in exfoliative cytology

The use of seed from different pickings of the cotton crop

The use of the membrane filter technique for testing water supplies in the field

The utilization and disposal of citrus processing wastes

The value in the prevention of stump complications of a modification of klinkenbergs method for bronchial stump closure part 1 experimental studies

The value of waterfowl refuges in Illinois

The vasculature of the developing and mature human adrenal gland

The vertebrate fauna and geologic age of Trinity River terraces in Henderson County

The vitamin Bg requirement of the rat as estimated with weight gain and general activity measurements

The weathering of olivine basalt in Hawaii and its pedogenic significance

The woodland types of southern Rhodesia

The zoology of the fleece of sheep

Theory for pitches 19, 15, and 11 plus a rumbling resulting from sin i9x + sin 15x

Therapeutic use of vitamin K II

Thermal paralysis and brain tissue metabolism

Thermostable inhibitors against foot-and-mouth disease virus in pig serum IV Relationship to antibody production after inoculation

Thinning of fruit-set of apples with plant hormones

Thoracopulmonary mycetoma due to Actinomyces bovis and Nocardia brasiliensis

Three new cave snails

Three-dimensional incomplete block designs for interaction models

Thrombosis of the sinus human

Thyroid function in rats exposed to simulated high altitude

Tiber das Wesen der Autolyse VII Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Organautolyse

Time course of fecal steroid-C-14 excretion in different species

Tipos y variedads de Cebado

Tissue reaction to forms of cholesterol

To what extent is Finland crossed by northern migrants?

Tomato breeding lines for release

Topographical distribution of spinothalamic fibers in the thalamus of the spider monkey

Total removal of bilateral acoustic nerve tumors and a cerebellopontine meningioma with preservation of bilateral facial nerves in a one-stage operation

Toxic effects of salt water and saline irrigation water of soil in Lebanon

Toxicity of kola peninsula soils for aerobic cellulose bacteria

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