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Cryo hemorrhoidectomy

, : Cryo hemorrhoidectomy.

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Other Research

Effect of nicotinic acid on human cholesterol biosynthesis

Cerebrospinal fluid leak treated by aspiration and epidural blood patch under computed tomography guidance: Background and Objectives: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage secondary to surgery of the spine is usually treated by drainage of CSF through a subarachnoid catheter or surgical repair of the dural tear. We present 2 cases in which the pseudomening...

Analysis of lipids extracted from salmon Salmo salar heads by commercial proteolytic enzymes: Fresh salmon heads were submitted to controlled proteolysis using food-grade commercial enzymes (Alcalase((R)), Neutrase((R)) and Protamex (TM)). The release of oil under mild conditions (60 degrees, 2 h) compared favourably with organic solvent...

Nonregular regression

Effect of sperm concentration on characteristics of frozen-thawed semen in donkeys: In this study, the effect of donkey sperm concentration in the straw during cryopreservation on the quality of thawed semen was evaluated. Samples from seven adult Martina Franca jackasses were collected three times using a Missouri artificial vag...

An evaluation of automated homology modelling methods at low target-template sequence similarity: Motivation: There are two main areas of difficulty in homology modelling that are particularly important when sequence identity between target and template falls below 50%: sequence alignment and loop building. These problems become magnified wit...

Isolation of lightning-competent soil bacteria: Artificial transformation is typically performed in the laboratory by using either a chemical (CaCl2) or an electrical (electroporation) method. However, laboratory-scale lightning has been shown recently to electrotransform Escherichia coli strai...

Kilka spostrzezen geologicznych z okolic Seletyna (Bukowina); quelques observations sur la geologie des environs de Seletyn (Bukovine): Stratigraphy and tectonics of the Tertiary in the Seletyn area, Bucovina region, Rumania.

The case for ingredient disclosure

Immunological changes in sheep infected with Dictyocaulus: Both general and specific immunological processes accompany oral and/or cutaneous Dictyocaulus infection of lambs. Immunocytes such as blasts, plasmoblasts and plasmocytes in the mesenteric lymph nodes of the pancreas appeared 20 days after oral i...

Primary testicular disease presenting as azoospermia or oligozoospermia in an infertility clinic: A group of 173 patients who made up 23% of a population of patients attending a male infertility clinic with primary testicular disease were examined; 63 patients (36%) were azoospermic and 110 (64%) were oligozoospermic. Their aetiology and clini...

Radio immunoassays for thyroid hormones

The efficacy and safety of different low molecular weight heparins in the treatment of patients with acute venous thromboembolism An updated meta-analysis

Imidazo 1 2 m piperazines as mechanistic inhibitors of serine proteinases: The synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]piperzines bearing a trifluoromethyl substituent, potential inhibitors of serine proteinases, is illustrated.

A review of some factors affecting feedlot performance of cattle: Consideration of the effects of breed, age and sex is included.