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Life, Earth & Health Sciences Research: Section 28

Section 28 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Multi variate classification of day care patients personality as a dimensional continuum

Multiple gene loci for a single species of glycine transfer rna

Multiple valve replacement

Muscle glycogen synthetase in patients with diabetes mellitus basal values effect of glycogen depletion by exercise and effect of treatment

Mutagenic effect of gamma rays and chemical compounds on cotton and its modification by high and low temperatures

Mutations associated with nalidixic acid resistance and their relationship to antibiotic resistance mutations affecting fidelity of translation in escherichia coli strain kl 98

Mycological reports from new guinea and the solomon islands part 9 fungal flora of the alpine region of mt wilhelm island

Myelography with metrizamide meglumine iothalamate and meglumine iocarmate an experimental investigation in cats

Myo cardial necrosis complicating direct myo cardial re vascularization

Myotatic reflexogenic systems in the larynx

N terminal amino acid analysis of viral proteins

Nasal muco ciliary function in man in a controlled climate

Natural crossing between apis mellifera adansonii and apis mellifera ligustica

Natural wood consumption rates and survival of a dry wood and a subterranean termite at constant temperatures

Nature of the polarographic waves of proteins

Negative feedback control of pancreatic secretion by trypsin and chymotrypsin in the rat

Neo natal hepatitis type b a 3 year follow up

Neopl primary liver carcinoma in brisbane australia human

Nerve growth factor determination by a sensitive radio immunologic assay in mouse serum and tissues

Neural and hormonal determinants of gastric antral motility

Neuro endocrine investigation of the follicular phase either spontaneous or following estrogen administration

Neuro physiological and behavioral aspects of psychotropic drugs

Neurochemical correlates of behavior

Neuronal and glial enzyme studies in cell culture

Neutron activation analysis as a diagnostic tool for detecting lung disease initiated by hard metal dust

New approach to the interpretation of the vibratory spectra of the microbial cell

New compounds addition products of hetero cyclic chalcones

New description of hemioniscus balani epicarid isopod during the male cryptoniscid stage

New forms of winter rye

New local anesthetics

New observations in the metabolism of morphine the formation of codeine from morphine in man

New reactions of long chain unsaturated acids especially those containing an oxygenated function

New species of chloropidae diptera of the palearctic fauna

New tabulata from the paleozoic transcaucasia

Newly acquired knowledge on the behavior of secretory relays of corticotropin releasing factor acth and acth cortisol in normal subjects and in certain endocrinopathies

Nitrates in the upper santa ana river basin in relation to ground water pollution

Nitrogen fixing bacteria of paddy m fields in the south of the ukrainian ssr

Nmr spectroscopy of heparin

Nomenclatural notes on some members of parmelia section melanoparmelia

Nondisjunction induced in vitro by radiation

Nonlocal memories in physics and biology

Nonspecific receptors of macrophages

Normal and abnormal fibrinolysis

North american blasto mycosis presenting as an acute panniculitis and arthritis

Note on tabanus comastes from washington territory usa diptera tabanidae

Notes on antarctic bryophytes part 2 records of racomitria from the antarctic botanical zone

Notes on paleontology stratigraphic micro paleontology of the eocene in the northern corbiere range in the department of aude france

Notes on the courtship and mating of dasymutilla hymenoptera mutillidae in california usa

Notes on the snail kite in surinam

Nuclear and microsomal enz nadase of rat liver

Nucleic acid and poly amine synthesis in the rat during short term protein deficiency responsiveness of the liver to partial hepatectomy

Nucleotide composition of the rna from rd 114 virions

Nut sedge control in turf

Nutrition survey needs and planning

Nutritive flow through aortic coronary artery by pass grafts in the early post operative period

Objective registration of the eye accommodation by scanning slit images reflected from the eye retina

Observations of a laboratory colony of the mosquito aedes dorsalis

Observations on cuban subterranean aquatic fauna

Observations on some aspects of the biology of squilla mantis

Observations on the ecology and biology of the cape fruit bat rousettus aegyptiacus leachi in the eastern transvaal south africa

Observations on the morphology and life cycle of hymenolepis hopkinsi cestoda cyclophyllidea a parasite of black ducks anas rubripes

Observations on the use of dehydrated forage in dairy operations results of a study made in the action zone of 3 dehydration cooperatives

Occipital spikes and their relation to visual evoked responses in epilepsy with particular reference to photo sensitive epilepsy

Occurrence of 5 hydroxy tryptamine like fluorescence in the blood clot of tail fin of goldfish

Occurrence of microorganisms capable of decomposing organic phosphorus compounds in 2 types of bottom sediments of the eutrophic lake jeziorak

Ocobotrine and 14 epi sinomenine new trans morphinan alkaloids of ocotea brachybotra

Odor mediated double alternation responding a multiple baseline reversal demonstration

Oligo zoo spermia

On a plasma albumin fraction with renin releasing activity

On effecting the fibrinolytic activity of pig skin by a 10 percent tween 80 solution

On new single operation magnetic methods for separation of comminuted solid waste components

On some marine isopoda from australia part 3 gnathiidae dyarachnidae munnopsidae and arcturidae supplement

On the apparent movements of cossypha natalensis

On the characterization of a natriuretic hormone

On the determination of the distribution functions of the lipo proteins in human sera

On the effect of light on the conversion of flavonols and iso flavones in cicer arietinum d

On the food of the lesser spotted eagle aquila pomarina in eastern slovakia under atypic climatic conditions

On the importance of leucine amino peptidase in the post operative period

On the locus of the speed accuracy tradeoff

On the method of venography with a new contrast medium

On the nutrition breeding and behavior of serinus leucopygius in cage and volery

On the pathology of the rna synthesis of the carbon tetra chloride damaged liver in the auto radiogram

On the problem of differentiation in hemopoiesis

On the relationship between axon terminals and processes of ependymal cells in the median eminence of the lovebird uroloncha domestica

On the size of the protein subunits in potato virus y

On the synthetic activities in the epi blastic apical ridge of the anterior membrane rudiment in turtle embryos testudo graeca and emys orbicularis histologic and auto radiographic study

On the utilization of phosphorus and nitrogen by planktonic photosynthesis in 2 reservoirs

Onset of maximum activation in heart muscle species differences and dependence on calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum

Open angle glaucoma in pigment dispersion and in senile exudation of anterior uvea

Ophthalmo dynamography and carotid occlusion

Optical properties of poly nucleotides denatured by organic solvents abstract

Opto kinetic nystagmus eye movements and hypnotically induced hallucinations

Orangutan rescue work in north sumatra

Organic fillings on human teeth

Organo chlorinated pesticides in the adipose tissue of humans in france

Origin and transformation of tri glyceride palmitic acid in the brown adipose tissue of the rat adapted to cold effect of a hyper lipidic diet

Ornithological observations on the lagoons of the dobrogea romania in autumn and winter of 1969 1970 and 1971

Osmotic control of prolactin release and the effect of the hormone on renal excretion of water in man

Osteometric restudy of sarasins wedda collection of the museum of natural history in basel switzerland

Out patient prophylactic treatment of industrial workers suffering from hypertensive disease

Over activity in childhood

Oxalate nephrosis and crystalline myo carditis case report with post mortem and crystallographic studies

Oxidative phosphorylation in rabbit skeletal muscles after administration of di nitro phenol

Oxygen enhancement ratio and relative biological efficiency for 10 mev electrons and the 2 component theory of radiation action

Oz markers their occurrence in subtypes of human lambda immuno globulin chains

Paint pigments an overlooked group of stable technological tracers

Palpebral dacryo adenectomy

Pancreatitis presenting as a colonic fistula

Paracrystalline and amorphous patterns in mitochondria of astrocytes

Parapatry sympatry or allopatry

Parathyphoid b epidemic caused by drinking water

Paroxysmal discharges triggered by hearing spoken language

Parthenogenesis in bifiditermes beesoni

Partial purification of a carbon mon oxide binding hemo protein reconstitutively active in fatty acid omega hydroxylation from porcine kidney cortex microsomes

Participation of the basolateral part of the amygdala in conditioned activity

Passive immuno therapy in hepatitis b surface antigen fulminant hepatitis

Patho physiological data obtained with a radio immunoassay for human parathyroid hormone

Pathogenesis of liver necrosis produced by amanitine albumin conjugates

Pathogens of glossina tsetse flies

Pathology of coronary arteries

Pattern of admissions to a medical ward

Patterns of osmo regulation in fresh water fishes at temperatures near freezing

Peculiarities of the binding of gramicidin s to cells of the producer

Penaeid shrimp catch and heat summation an apparent relationship

Pentoses and pentitols as carbon and energy sources for candida pulcherrima

Per cutaneous trans hepatic cholangiography with selective catheterization of the common bile duct

Perforation of the glomerular basement membrane

Perhexiline maleate a new anti anginal drug

Periodic loss of reactivity with cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes by a mouse tumor

Peripheral poly neuropathy among patients with burns

Permeability of the blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier to plasma proteins during fetal and peri natal life

Persistence of palatability induced poly dipsia

Personality studies in patients with pain secondary to organic disease

Petrography and structural history of the caledonian rocks north of haukelisaeter hardangervidda norway

Phagocytosis of blood cells by splenic macrophages in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Pharmaco kinetics of nalidixic acid and oxolinic acid in healthy women

Pharmacological approach to schizophrenia

Pharmacological studies with some new anti dopaminergic orthopramides

Phase succession in the ontogenetic development of the conducting system of thuja orientalis g

Phenomenon of papillae loss on the volar surface of fingers in psoriasis

Philippine corn m downy mildew

Phosphatidyl glycerol in rat lung part 1 identification as a metabolically active phospho lipid in isolated perfused rat lung

Phospho tungstic acid as a specific electron stain for complex carbohydrates

Phosphorylation of ribosomes stimulation of initiation of in vitro protein synthesis

Photo oxidation of quinine by isolated spinach d chloroplasts

Photochemical reactivity of 2 4 di methyl 1 2 4 triazine 3 52h dione 1 3 di methyl 6 aza uracil

Photosynthesis assimilation numbers and photosynthate translocation in wheats of different stalk length

Phylogeny in the rosaceae evidence from anatomy and chromosome numbers

Physical limnology chemistry and plant productivity of a taiga lake

Physicochemical properties of a mycovirus isolated from penicillium brevicompactum

Physiological and biochemical aspects of cadmium in soybean the effects of induced cadmium toxicity on the uptake and translocation of zinc iron magnesium calcium and potassium

Physiological effects of chlorinated hydro carbons on avian species

Physiological studies on some isolates of pyricularia oryzae and helminthosporium oryzae

Phyto hem agglutinin induced human suppressor cells

Phytophthora cactorum crown rot of toyon

Pigments of the actinomyces rubro cyaneus group of actinomycetes

Pitfalls in the technique and interpretation of regional venous sampling for localizing pheo chromo cytoma

Placental insufficiency and the small for dates baby

Plant community age as an index of sensitivity to environmental damage

Plantlet formation from lycopersicon esculentum leaf callus

Plasma cholin esterase activity in new borns and infants

Plasma insulin assay using phadebas insulin test

Plasma protein requirements for human platelet aggregation

Plasmodium and hepatocystis

Platelet fc receptor as a mechanism for antigen antibody complex induced platelet injury

Pleomorphic adeno carcinoma of the pancreas

Pneumococcal bacteremia serotype distribution and its implication for an australian vaccination program

Polarographic study of the mobilization of ferritin iron

Pollution of a marina area by water craft use

Poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in the environment isolation and characterization by chromatography visible uv and mass spectrometry

Poly ploidization of cereal species by lindane containing seed dressing agents

Polymeric salicylate derivatives

Ponderosa pine g planting techniques survival and height growth in the idaho batholith

Population growth and honey yield studies of package bee colonies in manitoba canada part 2 colonies initiated with 4 package sizes on 1 date

Porta caval anastomosis and diabetes

Possibilities and results of multiplying wild bees for lucerne pollination in hungary

Possible anti cancer agents part 1 synthesis of some substituted amides from p fluoro aniline and 2 amino pyridine

Possible phantom hybrids in eucalyptus

Post embryonic development of the male reproductive system in frankliniella fusca thripidae and haplothrips verbasci phlaeothripidae thysanoptera

Post natal development of axo somatic synapses on rubro spinal cells in the rat

Post pollination phenomena in orchid flowers part 5 participation by the rostellum and gynostemium tip

Postsynaptic effects of a multi action giant inter neuron on identified snail neurons

Potato starch factory waste effluents part 3 recovery of organic acids and phosphate

Potentiation by clomiphen of the testicular response to human chorionic gonadotropin

Practical considerations in the diagnosis of myxovirus infections

Pre junctional super sensitivity in the rat portal vein as related to its pattern of innervation

Pre operative therapy for unresectable malignant tumors in children

Precocious type of osteo dysplasia a new autosomal recessive form

Prediction of microbial characters by a computerized learning machine part 1 principle and programming

Pregnancy and birth after pneumonectomy or lobectomy

Preliminary experience with the assay of pro insulin

Preliminary report of histological studies on the gray mullet gonad related to hormone treatment

Preliminary studies on the interaction of pratylenchus brachyurus and pythium graminicola in sugarcane m

Preparation and isolation of a taste bud derived fraction from bovine circumvallate papillae

Preparation of dna by filtration through a gel of agarose rat liver calf thymus

Preparations for the treatment of hypo ferric anemia

Presence of mono amines in the corpora cardiaca of locusta migratoria

Present therapy of pollinosis

Pressure relaxation of the equilibrium of the reaction catalyzed by pig heart lactate dehydrogenase a test of the kinetic mechanism

Prevention by 2 anti cholinergic drugs of indomethacin induced gastric mucosal ulceration in rats

Prevention of the inhibitory effect of aspirin on platelet aggregation

Primary closure of common bile duct after exploration with a choledoscope

Primary prevention of athero sclerotic vascular disease with ethylnandrol results of 5 year observation

Primate predation and bio energetics

Priorities in the investigation of human health hazards in the plastics and synthetic rubber industries

Problems and perspectives in microbial ecology

Problems of beekeepers in the philippines

Problems of the primary domestication of the house cat felis silvestris familiaris

Proceedings of a conference on concepts of pest management raleigh north carolina usa march 25 27 1970

Proceedings of the 11th colloquium of the international potash institute on fertilizer use and protein production ronne bornholm denmark 1975

Proceedings of the 3rd conference of the association for advancement of behavior therapy

Proceedings of the arrhythmias symposium held at virginia beach virginia usa june 8 10 1972

Proceedings of the physiological society cambridge england september 20 21 1968 symposium

Processing demands of sequential information

Production of afla toxin b 1 in vitro as a function of culture conditions

Production of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and lympho toxin by leukocytes from normal and wiskott aldrich syndrome patients

Productivity of biotic communities in the yurappu river

Prognosis and course of bells palsy part 1 clinical study

Progress and analytic goals in clinical chemistry

Progressive cerebellar ataxia associated with hand schueller christian disease

Prolapse of the fallopian tube following abdominal hysterectomy

Prolonged intra vascular survival of sickle cells containing fetal hemo globin

Properdin and an unknown serum factor essential constituents of the anaphyla toxin forming system on zymosan

Properties of escherichia coli o 114 associated with a hospital outbreak

Properties of the f prime factors formed in crosses between escherichia coli hfr donor cells and recombination defective recipients

Proportional absorption a method for determination of the relative specificity of anti sera prepared against cells

Prospects for the development of the method of artificial circulation of the blood

Prostaglandins and membranes

Protection by cata toxic steroids against chronic digitoxin and indomethacin intoxication

Protein a production in different strains of staphylococcus aureus under varied growth conditions

Protein fractions of the blood serum of patients having tuberculosis of the urinary system

Protein synthesis and breakdown and amino acid catabolism in protein calorie mal nutrition

Proteins of the rna phages

Proton spin lattice relaxation time and concentration of the para magnetic centers in biological tissues

Pseudocoarctation of the aorta clinical roentgenological observation

Psoriasis arthropathica methotrexate therapy

Psycho pharmacology in geriatrics

Psychologic and social precursors of coronary disease part 2

Pteridine biosynthesis in comamonas characteristics of the 1st enzyme

Pulmonary carcinoma diagnosed at an anti tuberculous dispensary over a 20 year period

Pulmonary hypertension in the wilson mikity syndrome

Pulsatile flow and viability of isolated perfused kidneys

Purification and characterization of dna polymerase beta ec 2777 fore brain cortical neurons

Purification and properties of d plus malic enzyme

Purification crystallization and partial characterization of the anti tumor and insecticidal protein subunit from the delta endo toxin of bacillus thuringiensis var thuringiensis

Purification of pea dwarfism mosaic virus

Purpura factitia an analysis of criteria for its differentiation from auto erythrocyte sensitization purpura

Pyrimidine metabolism in seeds and seedlings of jack pine pinus banksiana

Qualitative behavior of stochastic epidemics

Quantifying the peck impulse as a behavior parameter

Quantitative and age related spectra of some ceno populations of potentilla erecta

Quantitative description of form discrimination of the honey bee

Quantitative evaluation of a screening program

Quantitative morphological changes in some spinal cord segments during post natal development a study in the cat part 2 post natal changes of neuron volume and nuclear volume in lamina ix of 7th cervical cord segment and 7th lumbar cord segment

Quantitative study on dendrites and dendritic spines in alzheimers disease and senile dementia

Quinazolines and 1 4 benzodiazepines part 67 5 ferrocenyl 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 ones

Radial immuno diffusion biological and methodical error of serum protein determinations

Radiation induced pneumonitis and fibrosis of the lung parenchyma after radiation of bronchial carcinomas examinations about frequence and onset of these diseases a comparison of different doses rhythm of fractionation and size of radiated lung voluma

Radio carbon dates of holocene emergence and submergence in the tambelan and bunguran islands sunda shelf indonesia

Radio immunoassay of plasma estriol

Radio isotopic study of arterio venous anomalies

Radio therapeutic advances in the treatment of neoplastic disease

Radiographic and radio isotopic methods of evaluation of the kidneys and urinary tract

Radiology in retrospect

Range extension of centropristis striata melana new record

Rapid endoscopic control of bleeding gastric erosions by laser radiation

Rapid sensitive gas liquid chromatographic screening procedure for cocaine

Rat liver mitochondrial dna unexpected sedimentation behavior and evidence for a molecular heterogeneity

Ratio of genotypic and paratypic factors in the determination of certain characteristics of human motor memory and higher nervous activity a study of twins

Re distribution of radio colloid uptake after focal hepatic radiation

Reaction of chital axis axis to jungle cat felis chaus

Reactions induced on tree indicators by viral disease agents and by mycoplasmas of pomaceae and correlations between some of these agents

Reactivity of mice hyper sensitized with di nitro phenol to growth of syngeneic tumors

Rebound hyperplasia of regenerating liver after cessation of azathioprine

Recent developments social

Recent trends in the epizootiology of minchinia nelsoni in delaware bay

Recognition of foreignness the theory of the perfect set

Reconstruction of the soft palate following neopl cancer surgery case report

Recovery of dengue 4 viruses from mosquito vectors and patients during an epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever

Recurrent groups of phyto plankton species in the offshore cyclonic gyre of the tropical atlantic

Red light effect on carbon 14 aspartic acid incorporation in the soluble fraction of zea mays

Reduction in the use of draft animals and breeding of horses and the mechanization of agriculture part 6 contribution to the study of the horse meat market part 1 the consumption in france

Reef levels of the neogene of purchena spain southeastern betic andalusian mountain range

Reflux and pyelo nephritis in 35 adults

Region specific recombination in the an 1 bz 2 interval in maize m

Regional pulmonary function in man the clinical application of the respiratory change in regional lung density

Regulation of a primary anti hapten response by distinct thymus derived cell classes helper and amplifier cells

Regulation of fetal liver erythropoiesis

Regulation of nicotine biosynthesis by auxins in tobacco d callus tissues

Regulation of the estrogen receptors in mammary tumors the effect of prolactin in vivo

Rehabilitation aspects of the clinical structure of hospitalization of schizophrenia patients

Relation between electrical stimulation of the taste sense and brain wave

Relation of gravidity and age to prognosis and clinical stage in uterine cervix cancer

Relationship between acute and chronic exposures in mutagenicity studies in mice

Relationship between intra cellular di hydro folate reductase and tightly bound intra cellular methotrexate in human neoplastic cells

Relationship between the changes in the concentration of endoxan and the activity of kinin forming enzymes within the guerin tumor in rat

Relationship of energy to milk production of cows in louisiana

Relationship of yeast type fermentative or oxidative to the biological activity of aminopterin

Relationships of extraversion introversion to verbal operant conditioning for aware and unaware subjects

Relative predictability of occupational groups and performance criteria in an extreme environment

Release of glutamate from the retina during glutaraldehyde fixation

Remains of lepidosiren paradoxa osteichthyes dipnoi of the formation lumbrera eogene eocene of jujuy stratigraphic paleo ecologic and paleo zoo geographic considerations

Removal of certain enteric viruses and bacteria from sewage in a circulation oxidizing channel

Renal control of sodium homeostasis in infancy

Renal kallikrein its localization and possible role in renal function

Renal vein renin and saralasin testing in reno vascular hypertension

Repair of late vein graft occlusions

Replicate culture methods

Report of the perceptual alternatives laboratory for the period july 1 1971 june 30 1972

Report to the superintendent of development of amazonia on basic studies in forest engineering studies in amazonia

Reproduction of the double muscle female of the asturienne breed

Requirement of messenger rna synthesis for the 1st division in heat synchronized tetrahymena

Research on paraspecific immunity to yersins bacillus in salmonella inoculated mice

Reserpine inhibition of hypertonic saline induced changes in the hypothalamic neuro secretory system of the spotted owlet athene brama

Resistance of common wheats to attack by the rice weevil

Resisto typing of shigella sonnei

Respiratory activity of guinea pig brain nuclei

Respiratory responses to artificial arterial carbon di oxide oscillations in cats

Response of familial hyper lipo proteinemia to various drugs singly and in combination

Response of spermatogonial stem cells in the mouse to irradiation with 10 mev fast neutrons

Responses of a grassland arthropod community to simulated radioactive fallout

Responsiveness of glutamine metabolizing enzymes in morris hepatomas to metabolic modulations

Results and prognosis of operation of meningiomas

Results of experimental morphological studies of the function of the subcommissural organ

Results of the archbold expeditions part 96 relationships and distribution of genyophryne thomsoni a microhylid frog of new guinea

Retardation of leaf senescence by ascorbic acid

Retinal projections in syrian hamsters normal topography and alterations after partial tectum lesions at birth

Revealing cercaria of the family schistosomatidae in the kiev water reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Reversible cortico spinal abnormality in the alcoholic

Review of the findings and implications of this symposium

Revision of the subfamily brevipalpinae trombidiformes tenuipalpidae

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rhythmical cerebellar responses to labyrinthine stimulation

Rickettsia mooseri in the body louse

Risk factors in patients with angiographically detectable coronary sclerosis comparison of a preliminary random sampling in heidelberg with the results of a study in duesseldorf

Rna synthesis and chromatin structure in mammalian cells in situ detection of template changes in living and formalin fixed l cell nuclei

Roentgen interpretation of post operative changes clinical and hemodynamic in pure mitral stenosis

Role of alimentary factors in immuno pathology

Role of conifer g litter in ecology of fusarium stimulation of germination in soil

Role of histaminase di amine oxidase in disappearance of plasma histamine in anaphylaxis and after histamine injection

Role of neuro surgery in the management of patients with carcinoma of the breast

Role of sodium in determining alternate pathways of aerobic citrate catabolism in aerobacter aerogenes enz alpha keto glutarate dehydrogenase enz citritase enz oxalacetate decarboxylase

Role of the pentose shunt in urinary acidification

Root and stalk rot of maize part 4 the effect of fertilizers on root and stalk rot

Roughage substitutes in high concentrate diets for cattle

Runners knee

Safety evaluation of penfluridol

Salmonellae recorded in bacteriological meat inspection between 1961 and 1970

Sanitary helminthological examination of the composition of refuse

Saturation of dark repair synthesis abstract bacteria dna uv irradiation

Scanning electron microscopic study of the complement receptor site on human di ploid fibroblasts

Scanning multiple slit assembly a practical and efficient device to reduce scatter

Schwanns way cells and crystals

Sclerotinia borealis sporulation spore germination and pathogenesis

Screening the preschool and school child the leduc strathcona health unit program

Seasonal buoyancy changes in atlantic salmon salmo salar parr and smolt

Seasonal gonadal changes of adult oviparous oysters in tomales bay california

Seasonal variations of plant and stand dehydration in contrasting forest habitats colorado front range 1970

Secretion of catecholamine within the adrenal medulla

Sedimentology of mississippian basin facies carbonates new mexico and west texas the rancheria formation

Segregation and assortment of constitutive hetero chromatin band variants of chromosome 1 9 16

Selection of annual plants for early ripening and productivity by indirect indicator characteristics

Selective cooperation of thymus derived helper cells with bone marrow derived cells of the same idiotype

Selective peptic cleavages of peptide bond 116 117 between the variable half and constant half domains of human kappa chain

Self assembly of the proto cell from a self ordered polymer

Semi synthetic penicillins and cephalosporins incorporating a hydrazino group

Sensitivity of guinea pig aorta to norepinephrine phenylephrine methoxamine and potassium effect of reserpine 6 hydroxy dopamine and cocaine

Sensory and objective measurements of peach firmness

Separation of a lymphocyte population from mammary tumor virus negative mice which responds to mammary tumor virus associated antigen

Separation of soybean d iso flavones from their 5 hydroxy derivatives by thin layer chromatography

Sequence specific interaction of estradiol receptor with dna

Serial renal function scintigraphy in urological renal diagnosis

Serological diagnosis and differentiation of viruses from fruit wood considering bromegrass mosaic virus as a model

Serotonin mediated cardio vascular responses to electrical stimulation of the raphe nuclei in the rat

Serum ceruloplasmin in vitiligo

Serum glyco proteins in the liver diseases part 2 radio immunoassay of alpha 1 acid glyco protein

Serum lipo proteins and their implications in pathology

Serum tri iodo thyronine total thyroxine and thyroxine to tri iodo thyronine ratios in paired maternal cord sera and at 1 week and 1 month of age

Severe left main coronary stenosis risk of coronary arteriography

Sex differences in verbal and play fantasy

Sexual differentiation in eimeria tenella sporozoa coccidia

Sheep raising in mediterranean countries and developmental possibilities

Short term and long term effects of methylnitroso urea and ethyl nitroso urea on the developing nervous system of the rat part 1 long term effects the induction of multiple gliomas

Sialy transferase activity of hamster fibroblasts growth temperature dependent changes in enzyme membrane interactions

Significance of activity in selection of patients with nonalcoholic cirrhosis for prednisone treatment

Significance of normovolemic anemia in wound metabolism

Signs of developing leukemia in benzene blood dyscrasia

Simple artificial resin kidney

Simulation in water model of the effect of the relief on the diffusion of effluvium colorimetric and quantitative evaluation

Simultaneous measurements of filtration and absorption to estimate the flow of water through bivalve gills

Single unit recording in micro perfused cortex

Sites of organic acid production and absorption in the equine gastro intestinal tract

Sketch of the current knowledge of the flora of algeria and tunisia

Sleep and narcotic tolerance

Small angle roentgen diagram of air dry collagen fibers

Smut grass control with herbicides in turf grasses

Social reform and the comprehensive community mental health center the model cities experiment part 1

Sodium fluxes in hyper tonicity resistant cells cultured from rat kidney

Soil districts of the eastern novgorod region valdai hills

Soil survey of warren county ohio

Solubility in aqueous solutions of ethanol of the small molecular weight peptides of the serum very low density lipo proteins and high density lipo proteins relevance to the recovery problem during delipidation of serum lipo proteins

Solvent effects in the reaction of 2 3 6 tri o methyl d gluco pyranose and phenyl iso cyanate

Some additions to the preliminary list of birds of khao yai national park

Some aspects of oogenesis in the limpet acmea scuta

Some aspects of the structure of staphylococcal nuclease part 2 studies in solution

Some causes of the territorial differences of incidence of taeniarhynchus saginatus infection in east germany and in the area of karl marx stadt

Some climatological aspects of heat waves in the contiguous usa

Some data on olive midge clinodiplosis oleisuga diptera cecidomyidae in crete greece

Some effects of dietary sucrose

Some experiences in the estimation of parameters in nonlinear differential equations

Some general characteristics of impulse sequences in bio acoustical signals

Some information on the causative organism of melioidosis review of literature

Some morphological and anatomical features of root development in bahia grass paspalum notatum var saurae

Some nutritional implications of group feeding hill sheep

Some observations on the sexual behavior of platycypha caligata caligata zygoptera chlorocyphidae

Some physiological indicators of the azov pike perch lucioperca lucioperca from different habitats

Some problems on control of fertility

Some questions on etiology of anencephaly

Some rust fungi from ireland

Some timely problems of modern hormono therapy of breast cancer

Sound level meter and dosimeter response to unsteady levels

Soybean and red clover as hosts of soybean cyst nematode and clover cyst nematodes

Spawning development and temperature tolerance of the spangled perch madigania unicolor from inland waters in australia

Species differences in the pathway of conjugation of phenyl acetic acid

Specific changes in the mitochondrial structure in plant tissue cultures

Specific morpho functional features of the endothelium of lymphatic capillaries of rabbit small intestine

Specificity of factors required for peptide elongation in mammalian cells

Spectral properties of nonstationary electro encephalogram signals evaluated by means of kalman filtering application examples from a vigilance test

Speech audiometry via bone conduction

Spiders and harvestmen of a cheshire moss

Spirometry in tropical pulmonary eosinophilia

Spontaneous and induced re entrant tachy cardia man inst intra cavitary electrogram

Spontaneous recovery of the neuro muscular transmission in the rat after intoxication with sublethal doses of cholin esterase inhibitors

Spot contact thermometry in patients with peptic ulcer

Stabbing force required for penetration of human skin and various articles of clothing

Stable and fluctuating temperatures comparative study of their effects on the development of certain planaria

Standardization of the testing of mutagenic activity of chemical compounds

State of external secretory function of the pancreas in toxic goiter

Statistical comparative study of 3 methods of oxygen blood content determinations chemical polarographic and indirect by calculation

Status of the electrolyte balance in patients with an ulcerous disease

Stereo selective synthesis of the pink bollworm sex pheromone z z 7 11 hexadecadienyl acetate and its z e isomer

Stereotaxic approaches to pain problems

Steroid inhibition of cholesteryl sulfate cleavage in vitro by rat testis tissue abstract

Sterols and tri terpenes of the pitcher plant d

Stimulation of consolidation of mandibular fractures by means of vacuum therapy

Stimulation of ragweed antigen e specific thymus derived cells by denatured antigen and poly peptide chains lacking allergenicity

Stimulus transmission in cuticular mechano receptors

Stored grain insects and their control in middle atlantic states

Stream spora of japan

Stricklandistrophiidae a new family of stricklandiacea brachiopoda

Structural and functional study of hemo globin nancy beta 145 tyrosine replaced by aspartic acid a high oxygen affinity hemo globin

Structural independence of low density lipo protein in receptor from surface immuno globulin complement c 3b complement c 3d and sheep erythrocyte receptors

Structural variability and branching of calamopitys

Structure and function of immuno globulins

Structure function relationships in phospho inositides

Structure of rhombohedral 2 zinc insulin crystals

Structures of homoerythrina alkaloids from cephalotaxus harringtonia g

Studies in ovine infertility in agricultural regions in western australia analysis of reproductive wastage

Studies in vivo on the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin in ascorbic acid deficient guinea pigs

Studies of flavor components of foodstuffs part 1 distribution of tetra methyl pyrazine in fermented foodstuff

Studies of physiologically active arthropod secretions part 10 sex pheromone of the eastern spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae

Studies of the energy transfer system of sub mitochondrial particles kinetic studies of the effect of oligomycin metab on the respiratory chain of edta particles cytochromes rotenone antimycin a azide cyanide enz succinic oxidase enz dehydrogenase enz nadh oxidase enz transhydrogenase beef heart

Studies of tumor localizing radio nuclides in transplanted human tumors in nude mice

Studies on allergy like food poisoning part 2 studies on the relation between storage temperature and histamine production

Studies on biological activity of cyclic imide compounds part 2 anti microbial activity of 1 phenyl pyrrolidine 2 5 diones and related compounds

Studies on chromosomes of wild growing plants in the ob river region ussr part 4 karyotypes of cimicifuga foetida actaea erythrocarpa and actaea spicata

Studies on diverticulosis of the colon

Studies on foliar penetration of 2 2 di chloro propionic acid dalapon into the leaves of phaseolus vulgaris d

Studies on human erythrocyte nucleotide metabolism part 2 nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia high red cell atp and ribose phosphate pyro phospho kinase ec 2761 deficiency

Studies on kidney preservation by means of potassium magnesium aspartate

Studies on mining insects of the tatry national park part 6 phytomyza pseudogentii new species diptera agromyzidae

Studies on parainfluenza virus pneumonia in children part 2 parainfluenza virus pneumonia found in the mass chest x ray surveys in children

Studies on protein metabolism in rheumatoid arthritis comparison of immuno globulins of serum with those of synovial fluid

Studies on serratia marcescens l asparaginase

Studies on t strain mucoplasmata in nongonococcal urethritis

Studies on the attraction phenomenon of kinetin

Studies on the cell wall of spirillum serpens part 2 chemical characterization of the outer structured layer

Studies on the conversion of pro insulin to insulin in the isolated islets of langerhans in the rat

Studies on the effect of de nervation in developing muscle part 1 differentiation of the sarco tubular system

Studies on the fast reacting sulfhydryl group of skeletal myosin a conversion to smooth muscle myosin type with n ethyl maleimide treatment

Studies on the growth rate of the grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella fed on 2 aquatic weeds and a terrestrial grass

Studies on the inhibitors of phospho di esterase ec 3141 and alkaline phosphatase ec 3131

Studies on the mechanism of adenylyl sulfate reductase

Studies on the mode of action of estradiol on chicken oviduct characterization of estradiol receptor proteins

Studies on the pathogenesis and treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia

Studies on the production of phyto plankton and zoo plankton in the baltic in 1976 and a summary of results from 1973 1976

Studies on the role and mode of operation of the very lysine rich histone h 1 histone f 1 in eukaryote chromatin the properties of the amino terminal and carboxyl terminal halves of histone h 1

Studies on the structure of the retrocerebral organ of rotifers

Studies on the utilization of petrochemicals by microorganisms part 1 production of lactic acid from 1 2 propanediol by arthrobacter oxydans

Studies on vibrio parahaemolyticus part 8 on the specific vibrio parahaemolyticus existing for a long period of time in city river water

Study methods of the effect of work and of work environment on disability and life expectancy in various occupations

Study of changes in fatty acid composition of lipids of millet during storage

Study of high frequency electro magnetic fields effect on the enzymatic activity of swine pancreatic alpha amylase

Study of phenol acids present in in vitro cultures of plant tissues compared to the plant of origin

Study of survival in organotypic culture of the intestinal mucosa of 3 species of mammals

Study of the dynamics of left ventricular systole in the course of myo cardial infarction

Study of the krylov birch

Study of the respiration and excretion of some planktonic copepods crustacea in the zone of deep water upwelling on the moroccan coast

Study on accelerating factors for per cutaneous absorption

Study on the metabolism of lactobacillus bifidus part 3 purification and some properties of beta galactosidase of a strain of lactobacillus bifidus

Sub cellular localization of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the parafollicular cells of the mouse thyroid gland an auto radiographic study

Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis agent in hamsters part 1 acute giant cell encephalitis in new born animals

Subretinal fluids lipid analyses

Substrates other than brady kininogen which release kinins in the presence of white cell enzymes

Successful treatment of bubonic and septicemic plague by trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole preliminary note

Sugar composition of trypanosoma brucei subgroup 4s surface antigens

Sulfhydryl groups and structural properties of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase from rat skeletal muscles

Summer count of water birds on alakulskie lakes

Superstitious responding as an artifact in investigations of shock elicited aggression

Suppression of human thymus derived cell colony formation during pregnancy

Supraliminal tests in tumors of the 8th nerve

Surface soil properties of black walnut d sites in relationship to wood color

Surgical aspects of pulmonary histoplasmosis a series of 110 cases

Surgical treatment of cancer of the esophagus balance sheet of 23 years of experiments

Survey of certain chemical compounds showing carcinogenic activity in rodents

Survival of aspergillus niger spores in various relative humidity conditions at 60 celsius

Susceptibility of germ free neo natal cats to rauscher murine leukemia virus

Sweating panting and body temperatures of new born and 1 year old calves at high environmental temperatures

Sympatho adrenal and hemodynamic effects of isoflurane halothane and cyclo propane in dogs

Symposium on commodity oil markets presented at the american oil chemists society 69th annual meeting st louis missouri usa may 1978

Symposium on problems of interrelations between the evolution of parasites and their hosts warsaw poland november 12 1971

Symptoms of x ray damage to radio sensitive mouse leukemic cells asynchronous populations

Syndrome of acute aortic regurgitation

Synovial fluid pyro phosphate phospho hydrolase in pseudogout gout and rheumatoid arthritis

Synthesis and biological properties of some 1 substituted 3 o methoxyphenoxy pyrrolidines

Synthesis and release of specific protein products by human mammary tumor cells in vitro

Synthesis of 5 6 di hydro 6 methoxy nitidine and a practical preparation of nitidine chloride

Synthesis of cord factor analogues part 1 study of selective esterification of trehalose by p toluene sulfonyl chloride demonstration of a dis symmetric ester by trehalose 2 6 di tosylate

Synthesis of n amidinobenzyl pyridones 2 and quinolones 2 and n amidinobenzyl 4 amino pyridinium salts

Synthesis of some 3 3 4 4 and 6 6 bi flavonyls

Synthetic fragments of apo lipo protein c ii phospho lipid binding studies

Systematic revision of aquilapollenites

Systemic transfer of phosphorus 32 labeled fensulfothion from soil into pasture plants a note

Tallow as a substitute for butterfat in the diet of a young calf

Taxonomic and evolutionary notes on 4 species of cave dwelling pseudosinella of the vandeli group

Taxonomy of immature insects present status and future needs

Technique and indications for determining gastric acidity

Tecleaverdoornine a new c prenylated phenylated furo quinoline

Temperature dependence of uridine transport in quiescent and serum stimulated 3t3 cells

Temperature sensitivity of metabolism in offshore and inter tidal onuphid polychaetes

Temporary threshold shift from irregular bursts of noise

Terbacil a promising herbicide for the control of perennial grass and sedge in unplowed lowbush blueberry fields

Tertiary plankton from the clipperton fracture zone equatorial east pacific

Testing soils for nitrogen

Tetra methylene di sulfo tetramine and amino acid inhibition in the rat brain

The 11th oliver bird lecture current research in steroid contraception

The 2nd professor of gynecology and the department of art as applied to medicine

The absolute configuration of valerosidate and didrovaltrate

The action of a new incisive psycholeptic sulpiride in chronic psychoses

The action on the body of low concentrations of the dye acid green under chronic experimental conditions

The acute toxicity of di methyl nitrosamine

The age dependent morphological changes of the human larynx

The american school of ethnology

The anatomy and histology of the neuro endocrine system of rhynchoschiara hollaenderi diptera nematocera

The anti gonadal properties of prolactin in birds failure of prolactin to inhibit the uptake of phosphorus 32 by testes of cockerels in vivo

The application of consistent species groups in the numerical organization of plant sociologic tables

The ascites tumor cell

The audio ocular response

The balsam of tolu agglutination test part 1 a new tool for detection of antibodies to saline soluble antigen with special reference to thyroid antibodies

The behavior of the bonnethead shark sphyrna tiburo tiburo

The binding of zinc to human deoxy hemo globin and its possible relevance to the anti sickling effect of zinc

The biological significance isolation and structure of histo compatibility antigens

The biosynthesis of folic acid part 10 evidence for an amadori rearrangement in the enzymatic formation of di hydroneo pterin tri phosphate from gtp

The bn 1 apparatus for sonic anesthesia during operations on the hard tissues of the tooth

The buphthalmos syndrome in chicks fed an excess of glycine

The cardiac presso receptors and the heart enlargement

The cell membrane a common site of action of thyrotropin hormone and long acting thyroid stimulator hormone

The change of the distribution pattern of the large weevil hyposipalus gigas coleoptera rhynchophoridae within a single generation a preliminary note

The chemical ecology of biomphalaria glabrata the effects of media homotypically conditioned by adult snails on the growth of juveniles

The chorio angioma report of 3 cases

The clinical and hemodynamic diagnosis of uhls disease in the adult

The clomiphene dexamethasone test a new clinical investigation test for the assessment of amenorrhea and oligo menorrhea in clinical practice

The comparative anti arrhythmic effects of mepivacaine and lignocaine

The concentration clamp method for transport measurements in membranes

The constancy of cortical units in tetrahymena with varying numbers of ciliary rows

The contribution of serum enzymes and carcino embryonic antigen to the early diagnosis of metastatic colo rectal cancer

The copper content of regular vegetarian and renal diets

The craving factor in the treatment of smoking

The cumulation and disappearance of mirex residues part 3 in eggs and tissues of hens fed 2 concentrations of the insecticide in their diet

The dangers of lumbar puncture in the presence of an intra cranial mass lesion

The dependence of intra coronarily administered adenosine and of coronary conductance on artery ph and carbon di oxide tension in dogs

The determinants of onset of mitral valve prolapse in the systolic click late systolic murmur syndrome

The development of acquired resistance and age resistance to nematodirus battus in the laboratory rabbit

The development of the diencephalon of the chinese hamster an investigation of the validity of the criteria of subdivision of the brain

The diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in lactating cows a comparison of cytological methods and a monovalent radial immuno diffusion test

The differentiation of the chick chorionic epithelium

The distinctly different sulfur di peptides of vigna radiata and vigna mungo

The distribution of lipids in malignant hypertensive fibrinoid necrosis

The dnase pattern in cells from per iodic acid schiff positive acute lymphatic leukoses observations before during and after therapy

The dynamics of some indices of hemo coagulation and lympho coagulation in administration of polosukhins solution in experimental traumatic shock

The ecology of fresh water free living infusoria

The effect of 9 3 di methylaminopropylidene fluorene hydro chloric acid on episomal directed mating systems

The effect of addition of caproic acid on the motility viability and fertility of bull semen stored at room temperature

The effect of an anti androgen on isolation induced aggression in mice

The effect of atropine on plasma gastrin response to feeding

The effect of calcium ions on protein and rna synthesis in t 5 infected escherichia coli f

The effect of chlorpromazine on the late development of the rat cerebellum

The effect of corticotrophin on the rat uterine weight response to human chorionic gonadotrophin

The effect of di methyl biguanide on glucose tolerance serum insulin and growth hormone in obese patients

The effect of drought irrigation and mineral fertilization on the growth of the root system of soybean plants

The effect of ethyl urethane on hematocrit blood pressure and plasma glucose

The effect of freezing on the structure and physical properties of bone a preliminary report

The effect of heat shock on drosophila melanogaster

The effect of hypo thermia on frogs cellular and vascular response to heterotopic corneal xeno grafts

The effect of intermittent positive pressure breathing on airway resistance in normal and asthmatic children

The effect of ligand size and stereochemistry on the reactivity of the alpha and beta chains within hemo globin

The effect of medazepam and alcohol on cognitive and motor skills used in car driving

The effect of near uv irradiation on escherichia coli tryptophanase

The effect of oxygen breathing on maximal aerobic power

The effect of physical nature of acaricide deposits on their action

The effect of prolactin on kidney structure in the anadromous teleost gasterosteus aculeatus f trachurus during transfer from the sea to fresh water a morphometrical study with light and electron microscope

The effect of repeated incisor extractions and of isoproterenol and pilocarpine treatment on proteinase activity of rat saliva and salivary glands

The effect of size of food ration on egg production in the female three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus

The effect of static pulmonary capillary blood on diffusion of carbon mon oxide in the dog lung

The effect of temperature light and dew duration on the development of infection structures by puccinia coronata avenae

The effect of the oxygen solubility coefficient on the plotting of the oxygen dissociation curve

The effect of treflane on soil micro flora

The effect of viloxazine hydro chloride on the transport of noradrenaline dopamine 5 hydroxy tryptamine and gamma amino butyric acid in rat brain tissue

The effectiveness of simultaneous treatment with vitamin b 12 and insulin in schizophrenic patients

The effects of anti androgens on the hypothalamus

The effects of confinement on the regulation of the reproductive cycle of rana esculenta assay of the activity of pituitary extracts on the oviduct of animals kept in captivity for 3 months

The effects of ethionine and fat absorption on the phospho lipid metabolism of intestinal wall

The effects of increasing temporal disorganization on childrens memory for stories

The effects of motivation on cardiac activity

The effects of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha on vasopressin release and on cyclic amp content of the neural lobe of the rat

The effects of substrates on rat atria depressed with bi carbonate free medium citrate or low calcium

The effects of water treatment on broiler performance

The electro optical kerr effect in solutions of the nematogen n p methoxybenzylidene p n butyl aniline

The endosteum as a functional membrane

The epidemiology of cancer of the large bowel

The estimation of vertical eddy diffusivities below the thermocline in lakes

The evolution of migration patterns during urbanization in peru

The expression of hexosaminidase a depends on the presence of hexosaminidase b

The fate of bilirubin ix alpha glucuronides in cholestatic bile sequential migration of the 1 acyl aglycone to the 2 3 and 4 positions of glucuronic acid

The fern p hybrid asplenium x orellii p new hybrid equals asplenium majoricum p x asplenium trichomanes sp quadrivalens p and the origin of asplenium majoricum p

The fine structure of the developing allantois of the mouse

The flower sterility mechanisms and pollination control

The formation of particles in fresh water leachates of dead leaves

The function of hallucinated pain

The gall bladder without stones

The genetic muco poly saccharidoses

The genus neogamasellevans acarina

The goldblatt kidney

The growth promotive effect of extract from saline cultured chlorella cells on halophilic microorganisms

The hematocrit gradient a complementary method to explorative puncture in the diagnosis of intra cavitary hemorrhage

The histo compatibility complex of rhesus monkeys part 3 evidence for a major mixed lymphocyte reaction locus and histo compatibility linked immune response genes

The hospital disposable environment

The hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal neuro secretory system in unilaterally nephrectomized rats

The immune response in the hamster part 3 selective induction of concomitant antibody formation and unresponsiveness in the 7s gamma 1 globulin and 7s gamma 2 globulin with soluble hen egg albumin

The importance of 2 independent integrating monitoring systems in medical accelerators

The improvement of arabica coffee d in east africa

The incidence of cystic fibrosis in caucasian populations

The induction of arterio sclerosis by psycho social factors in cba mice observations on the heart aorta and kidneys

The influence of air cavities on the dose distribution of high energy electron beams

The influence of crotodur isodur and nitroform on some soil microbiological populations and processes

The influence of foliar applied 2 4 d upon fruit abscission of tabasco peppers

The influence of low sodium levels on the cation and free amino acid content of cotton d

The influence of pituitary hormones and norepinephrine hormone metab on the size of adipose cells in organ culture mouse

The influence of some soil physical properties on potato d yields and grade distribution

The influence of thermal burns on gastric acid secretion

The inhibition of 3 methyl 4 dimethylamino azo benzene induced carcinogenesis in rat liver by disulfiram

The inst high frequency acceleration direct body ballisto cardiogram its interpretation in terms of the 2nd derivative of the carotid pulse and its own next derivative

The interaction of naloxone with apo morphine induced hyper thermia in rabbits

The intestinal absorption of lead

The iron sulfur proteins evolution of a ubiquitous protein from model systems to higher organisms

The isolation of the perfect form of microsporum gypseum nannizzia gypsea from brazilian soil

The kinetics of myo globin and hemo globin and transition state theory

The laryngo tracheal function of surviving infants following oro tracheal intubation during the neo natal period

The lichens of the khibin massifs

The little whimbrel numenius minutus at st kilda

The low incidence of coronary thrombosis a poor target for long term anti coagulants

The major proteins of the escherichia coli outer cell envelope membrane preparative isolation of all major membrane proteins

The maring people of the bismarck ranges of new guinea some physical and genetic characteristics

The mechanical properties of 56 fijian timbers

The mechanism of purine poly nucleotide hydrolysis by rnase a

The memory of salivary gland cells

The metabolism of meperidine after chronic administration of pheno barbital

The microbiology and therapy of patients hospitalized with acute pelvic inflammatory disease

The mode of life of paraleucoptera sinuella cemiostoma susinella lepidoptera cemiostomidae a poplar leaf miner moth

The morphogenesis of regeneration buds in hordeum bulbosum a perennial grass

The movements of oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus visiting or breeding in the british isles

The national nutrition survey in new york city

The nature of storage deficits and state dependent retrieval under marihuana

The nesting of the crested grebe podiceps cristatus

The nomarski interference contrast technique modified for the use of apo chromatic objectives and other supplementary parts

The nurse midwife as a family planner

The occurrence of cross reactive antigens in myo cardial tissue and streptococcus pyogenes a survey of the literature and quantitative immuno histological findings

The oligo saccharide units of rabbit immuno globulin g multiple carbohydrate attachment sites

The organization of the spino tectal projection an experimental study in the rat

The oto toxic effect of streptomycin terato and di hydro streptomycin terato on the fetus human

The parallelism of the effects of di thio threitol and of electrical stimulation on the binding of mercurochrome to axonal membranes

The pathogenesis of the central nervous system lesion in border disease of sheep

The penetration of solar radiation through an apple tree canopy

The ph of the cytoplasm as an important factor in the survival of in vitro cultured cells after hyper thermia or irradiation

The photo stationary state in photochemical smog

The phytal fauna of ulva fasciata off visakhapatnam coast india

The plasminogen activator activity of arteries and veins in diabetes mellitus

The possibilities of extracting cytisine from cytisus laburnum d using electric charges in a liquid medium

The potential and limitations of hyperbaric oxygenation

The preparation of a viable suspension of epithelial cells from the rumen mucosa of cattle

The present state of dairy product contamination with residues of organo chlorinated pesticides

The primary structure of transfer rna

The problem of studying water for the presence of pathogenic staphylococci

The production of milk and the nutritional situation of mexico

The prorocentrales dinophyceae part 1 a comparative account of fine structure in the genera prorocentrum and exuviella

The psyllidae of laurus nobilis d

The quantitative utilization of amino acids and glucose and contact inhibition of growth in cultures of the human diploid cell wi 38

The rapid method for the estimation of blood sedimentation rate comparative trials of its value as a sighting method in practice

The reactions of cord blood with saline agglutinating anti rho d serum

The regional distribution of cmp n acetyl neuraminic acid synthetase ec 277 in calf brain

The relation between the renal excretion of inorganic phosphate and sodium during chronic ammonium chloride load in infants

The relationship between histone f 2a 1 and histone f 2a 2 and ancestral histone a peptide further evidence for the common origin of histone f 2a 1 histone f 2a 2 and histone f 3

The relationship of a fluid membrane structure to cell agglutination and surface topography

The relative distribution of cyto toxic lymphocytes and of allo antibody forming cells in albumin density gradients

The renin angiotensin system in adrenal insufficiency

The response of adrenal glands to stress in rats with a different growth rate

The results of operations improving visual acuity of ectopia lentis

The rock vegetation in the region of monte doro corsica france

The role of calcium in antral gastrin release studies with di butyryl cyclic amp and ionophore a 23187

The role of electrical discharges in the agonistic behavior of a weakly electrical fish

The role of inert particulate matter in the activity of aquatic microorganisms

The role of nonspecific reticulo thalamo cortical systems in emotion

The role of scanning electron microscopy in pathology a pathologists viewpoint

The role of the golgi complex during spermiogenesis

The role of trigeminal afferents in the control of masseter moto neuron activity

The sarcopterygian thyroid

The sedimentology of a transgression portland point and cooksburg members middle devonian new york state

The serious complications of diuresis in the ascitic patient does the diuretic regimen matter

The significance of bundle branch block during acute myo cardial infarction

The significance of the colors black and white in the dreams of black and white patients

The size range of anchovy schools from the viewpoint of their swimming speed

The somatotopic arrangement of motor neurons in the spinal cord of buffalo part a brachial plexus

The spectrum of anti bacterial activity of metronidazol

The staphylococcal phosphoenol pyruvate dependent phospho transferase system isolation and properties of the membrane bound enzyme ii

The stereochemistry of sweetness

The structure and evolution of the middle intestine of campodea remyi function during inter molt

The structure of selected deciduous forests in southern chester county pennsylvania

The study of somato sensory evoked responses its interest with reference to analgesic surgery

The summer and fall flora of huntington beach state park georgetown county south carolina

The swimbladder and associated structures in western atlantic sea robins triglidae

The synthesis of ms 1 and ms 2 by bacillus subtilis

The taxonomy habitat and distribution of the fresh water triclad planaria torva platyhelminthes turbellaria in britain dugesia lugubris

The theory of energy transduction in electron transport

The time of ribosomal gene replication during the s phase of synchronized chinese hamster cells

The transfer function of the cochlea

The treatment of head injuries in the thirty years war 1618 1648 joannis scultetus and his age

The trypanosomes of ranidae i the effects of temperature and diurnal periodicity on the peripheral parasitemia in the bull frog rana catesbeiana

The ultrastructure of giant fiber and serial synapses in crayfish

The unknown poison

The use of a calcium infusion test in the diagnosis of hyper parathyroidism

The use of cephalexin in the treatment of gonorrhea

The use of fungicidal preparations sorbinic acid and hydroxamic acid in blood preservation

The use of menadione as an intermediate hydrogen carrier for measuring cytoplasmic dehydrogenating enzyme activities

The use of radioactive cobalt in the treatment of retino blastoma

The use of thermal effluent from the kola atomic power station for the rearing of marketable fish

The validity of indirectly measured blood pressures in rest and after treadmill work

The value of urine bacterial counts in urinary infection

The vertebral level of termination of the spinal cord during normal and abnormal development

The water supply to poultry

The yield and quality of phalaris tuberosa seed harvested prior to maturity

Theoretical study of the conformation of 6 aza 5 ump

Therapeutic possibilities of bronchoscopy

Thermal analysis of some chlatrates of cholic acid

Thermo lysin kinetic study with oligo peptides

Thermoplasma acidophilum dna fragments produced by nuclease digestion of isolated nucleo protein

Thin layer iso electric focusing for hemo globin screening and its application to hemo globin malmoe

Threshold intensity effects on 2 orienting response components

Thunder storm precipitation effects on the rainfall erosion index of the universal soil loss equation

Thymus marrow cell interaction in vitro a synergistic effect in phyto hem agglutinin response

Thyroid scinti scanning using iodine 131 sodium iodide a review of 150 scans

Tidal pool rocky bottom communities in the trenton limestone of the quebec city area

Time of oviposition of shell less eggs

Tissue culture propagation of broccoli plants for use in f 1 hybrid seed production

Titration of antibodies to salmonella o antigens by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Tolerance to cercosporella herpotrichoides in winter wheat

Topics in pharmaco kinetics part 1 concentration dependent rates

Total correction for fallots tetralogy operative and overall results in 156 cases

Toward a speech plan eye movement model of reading

Toxicity and sterilization effectiveness of afla toxins b 1 and g 1 and distribution of afla toxin b 1 carbon 14 in house flies

Toxicologic effects of 5 soil nematocides in cattle and sheep

Trace elements and behavior

Training of tenebrio molitor larvae at various stages of post embryonal development

Trans parietal puncture in intra thoracic opacities possibilities and limitations

Transcription of repetitive dna in neurospora crassa

Transfer of transfer rna into somatic cells mediated by sendai virus induced fusion

Transformation of thymidine kinaseless l cells by temperature sensitive mutants of herpes simplex virus type 1

Transitory fall in the prothrombin level during acute respiratory failure

Transmission of mareks disease by shedder chickens extraction of virus and soluble antigen from skin

Transport and distribution of decapod crayfish larvae in the plankton of the western kamchatka shelf ussr

Transudates and exudates

Treating patients with cardiac ischemia with cordarone

Treatment of breast cancer with vincristine fluoro uracil methotrexate cyclo phosphamide and prednisone

Treatment of flail chest use of intermittent mandatory ventilation and positive end expiratory pressure

Treatment of migraine with propranolol

Treatment of respiratory problems in chest injuries

Treatment patterns and outcome for spina bifida within greater london

Tri dimensional structure of the formation face of the golgi apparatus examined by high tension electron microscopy following osmium impregnation

Trials with di ploid z n p types and the corresponding poly ploid types of a single sugar beet d variety

Trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole in typhoid fever

Trophic responses of adult mice under daily gamma irradiation at various levels

Tryptophan in mania theory of affective disorders

Tubular bodies in the cytoplasm of spermatids of planorbarius corneus basommatophora

Tumor specific antigen antibody reactions

Turnover of lipo protein proteins after porta caval shunt in swine

Types of beta lacto globulins and their relation to some commercially valuable properties of cattle

Ulcerating lepromatous leprosy in a patient with dapsone resistant mycobacterium leprae

Ultrasonic examination of orbital vasculature

Ultrastructural and cytochemical observations on the glands of necator americanus

Ultrastructural changes in the mitochondria of injured nerve cells after glutaraldehyde fixation

Ultrastructural features of viral leuko encephalo myelitis of goats

Ultrastructural organization of the taste buds of some elasmobranchs

Ultrastructural study of the dorsal root ganglia in the fetal mercury intoxicated rats

Ultrastructure of cell fusion

Ultrastructure of parathyroid glands and plasma immuno reactive parathyroid hormone in pregnant cows fed normal and high calcium diets

Ultrastructure of the longitudinal muscle of the guinea pig ileum and its microsomes

Unconditional duration conditioned acceleration multiple conditioned reflex measurement and pavlovian response response laws in rats

Unilateral diaphragmatic hernia mechanisms of neo natal death

Unreported method of stone collecting by the adelie penguin

Unusual placement of a central venous catheter via the internal jugular vein

Uptake and incorporation of leucine and thymidine in developing sea urchin eggs the effect of deuterium oxide

Uptake of phosphorus by groundnut d arachis hypogaea d from different parts of its root zone

Ureogenesis in chelonia

Urinary erythropoietin part 3

Urinary tract infection and renal homo transplantation part 4 the bladder defense mechanisms involved in bacteriuria in donors

Use of 5 methylpyrazole 3 carboxylic acid in studies on the mode of action of glucagon

Use of bacteria as protein producers in hydro carbon based manufacture

Use of enzymes in analytical chemistry

Use of l phenyl alanine mustard alkeran in canine renal allo grafts

Use of polymer material for packing food products

Use of the beaks and radula by octopus vulgaris in feeding

Use of vaginal wall cytologic smears to predict abortion in high risk pregnancies

Utility of plant tissue culture techniques in applied botany

Utilization of some carbohydrates as a source of carbon by fungi infecting purple foxglove d and grecian foxglove d

Vaccination against plasmodia

Validity of the hypothesis regarding the nature of the malignant neoplastic cell

Variability in composition of surface lipids the problem of the epidermal contribution human

Variants in human serum albumin and ceruloplasmin in populations from australia new guinea south africa and india

Variation in the response latency in cat retinal ganglion cells

Variations in protein and amino acid contents among genetic stock of rice m

Varied and original countenances

Vascular lesion of the frontal lobe a clinical and pathological study

Vasopressin effect on deformability of urinary surface of collecting duct cells

Vehicle related air pollution in sydney australia

Ventral temporal lobe lesions and visual oddity performance

Vertical activities and host preferences of several culicoides species in a southwestern virginia usa forest

Viability and production of pseudomonas aeruginosa in inorganic salt solutions

Viral and mycoplasma pneumoniae infections in exacerbations of chronic lung disease

Virus aggregates and pinwheels in plants infected with mite transmitted ryegrass mosaic virus

Viruslike particles associated with buffy coat cells of a cow with lympho sarcoma

Visual habituation in the human infant

Vitamin a and the nucleic acids and protein of rat corneal epithelium

Vitamin e tolerance test in various gastro intestinal disorders

Voltaren in the treatment of rheumatic diseases

Warblers tanagers in south florida

Water intoxication associated with oxytocin administration during saline induced abortion

Water vapor transmission studies on film burn wound coverings

Weevils of the tribe sipalini coleoptera curculionidae rhynchophorinae part 1 the genera rhinostomus and yuccaborus

What is a hystricomorph hystricognath rodent

Whetzelinia sclerotiorum the cause of a dieback disease on euonymus alatus

Why didnt gregor mendel find linkage

Winter bud production and function in brasenia schreberi d

Worcestershire sauce and the kidney

X linked spondylo epiphyseal dysplasia tarda clinical and linkage data

X ray studies on the vertebrae of an eel anguilla anguilla with undulating curvature of the spine plecospondylie

Yeast has a true stringent response

Ytterbium 169 di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid cisternogram of patients with brain hemorrhage

Zoo geographical implications of small stream fishes in the mississippi river

2 amino 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 2 naphthoic acid atna a new model substrate with high affinity and specificity for system l

4 4' di hydroxy phenazone as a urinary metabolite of phenazone in different species including man

A case of allergic granulomatous prostatitis

A combination of t cell derived lymphokine and a physiological concentration of retinoic acid induces hl 60 to differentiate to cells with functional chemotactic receptors

A comprehensive study of parameters influencing the performance of multicomponent adsorption in fixed beds

A further chromosome count for christensenia marattiales

A method for recovering strand specific probes from nick translated dna fragments

A new autoantibody in patients with rheumatoid arthritis characterization of the anti hat 1 antibody system

A new subalpine species of lomatium umbelliferae from eastern oregon usa

A possible role for leukotrienes in the regulation of glomerular hemodynamics in the dog

A regional survey of the resistance to beta lactam antibiotics in clinical isolates of facultative aerobic microorganisms

A simple software routine for the reproducible processing of the electro cardiogram

A survey of gnathostoma hispidum in jiangxi china

Abnormal membrane protein methylation and merocyanine 540 fluorescence in sickle erythrocyte membranes

Acetaldehyde and ethanol biosynthesis in leaves of plants

Activation of a silent gene is accompanied by its demethylation

Acute myocardial infarction shortly after cocaine inhalation

Adjuvant treatment with a hydergin romergan cocktail in acute severe dyspneic pneumopathies

Age and diet composition in relation to experimental periodontal destruction in hamsters

Alcohol consumption and blood pressure the lipid research clinics prevalence study

Alteration by viral infection of responses in guinea pig isolated airway smooth muscle

Amino acid composition of secreted mouse prolactin growth hormone and hamster prolactin the presence of 1 tryptophan in mouse prolactin

An apparatus for continuous growth of microorganisms under oil reservoir conditions

An igg monoclonal antibody to group b meningococci cross reacts with developmentally regulated polysialic acid units of glycoproteins in neural and extraneural tissues

Anabolic steroids their basic properties and clinical application

Analysis of the specificity and reactivity of mono clonal antibodies directed against carcinoma of the prostate

Ankle fusion a long term investigation

Anti nociceptive effects of central and systemic administrations of nicotine in the rat

Antigonadal actions of olfactory and light deprivation 1. effects of blindness combined with olfactory bulb deafferentation transection of vomeronasal nerves or bulbectomy

Application of positron emission tomography in the heart

Arthrodesis of the wrist joint in rheumatoid arthritis

Assessment of regional wall motion and perfusion by multigated myocardial scintigraphy after intracoronary thallium 201

Atrio ventricular junction descriptive aspect

Autonomous production of parathyroid hormone by lympho blastic leukemia cells in culture

Barbiturates and certain other drugs to be controlled under the misuse of drugs act

Benign mixed tumor of the trachea

Binding of brain spectrin to the 70 kda neurofilament subunit protein

Biochemical studies of retinal and cerebral micro vessels

Biosynthesis of estrogens aromatization of 19r 19s and 19rs 19 tritiated deuterated protonated 3 beta hydroxyandrost 5 en 17 ones by human placental aromatase

Blossom populations of erwinia amylovora in pear orchards vs accumulated degree hours over 183 celsius 1972 1976

Branching cortical neurons in cat which project to the colliculi and to the pons a retrograde fluorescent double labeling study

Cadmium in gammaridae amphipoda crustacea of werra river and weser river west germany 2. seasonal variation and correlation to temperature and other environmental variables

Can mouth pressure be used to measure alveolar pressure in infants?

Carcinogens can induce homologous recombination between duplicated chromosomal sequences in mouse l cells

Catalysts for gasification of biomass

Cell wall elasticity i. a critique of the bulk elastic modulus approach and an analysis using polymer elastic principles

Cerebro spinal fluid lactate and pyruvate concentrations in patients with malignant hypertension

Changes in motor nerve terminals during bupivacaine induced postsynaptic deprivation in catalan

Characteristic echographic features of circumscribed cancer

Characterization of embryonal lung cells in organ cultures by electron microscopy and auto radiography

Chemical behavior of cmp n acetyl beta d neuraminic acid under neutral and alkaline conditions/

Chinese and indian strategies for feeding their populations the demographic view

Chloride dependence of bi carbonate transport in frog rana temporaria gastric mucosa

Chlorpropamide alcohol flushing in noninsulin dependent diabetics

Cholescintigraphy and real time ultrasound examination of experimental biliary obstruction in suckling pigs

Cholinergic gabaergic interactions in the generation of limbic motor seizures in rats

Chorology and ecology of the species potentilla palustris l scop in serbia yugoslavia

Chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow cells of childhood all

Chromosome breakage in normal and fragile x syndrome subjects using folate deficient culture conditions

Chronic active hepatitis specific antigens of the liver and lymphocyto toxicity

Chronic gonadal toxicity in patients with testicular cancer

Chronic pain patients characteristics of success in a self regulatory pain management program

Chronobiology and systolic time intervals in man

Ciguatera in australia occurrence clinical features pathophysiology and management

Circadian infradian intermodulation of corneal epithelial mitoses in adult female rats

Circannual changes in plasma concentration of glucose in toads bufo japonicus

Circulation and respiration in lungfishes dipnoi

Citrus mites in italy ii the gamasids phytoseiidae berlese and ascidae voigts and oudemans key to genera and species and biological remarks

Classification of greeting movements among males of a group of baboons papio in captivity

Cleavage of substance p to an n terminal tetra peptide and a c terminal hepta peptide by a post proline cleaving enzyme from bovine brain

Clinical and experimental studies on an elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay based method for the measurement of platelet binding immunoglobulins

Clinical application and significance of carbamylated proteins

Clinical autopsy

Clinical effects of chloral hydrate in hospitalized medical patients

Clinical evaluation of the treatment with streptococcal preparation ok 432 picibanil following interferon in advanced renal cell carcinoma

Clinical forms of lymphosarcoma in children

Clinical observations of two acute diseases of the digestive tract treated with two kinds of radix et rhizoma rhei

Clinical presentation and unusual infections in chronic granulomatous disease

Clinical significance of the nonspecific pleural biopsy

Clinical trial of interferon to gynecologic cancers

Clinically unrecognized myo cardial disease in young diabetics

Clonal growth of lymphoid cells in chemically defined media requires elimination of hydrogen per oxide cyto toxicity

Cloning and expression of synthetic porcine relaxin genes in escherichia coli

Cloning of nonadenylated polysomal rna from rodent brain

Closure of abdominal incisions with subcutaneous catheters a prospective randomized trial

Co translational processing of o glycosidic glycoprotein of gastrointestinal tract

Coccidioidomycosis a primate model part 5

Cognition and affect in measures of driving style

Cold hardiness in the woodland snail anguispira alternata endodontidae

Collagen synthesis in tensile stressed mature mouse cranial suture

Colonial recognition in social hymenoptera

Color vision in persons working under nonactinic light

Combination of irradiation and surgery

Combined immunoperoxidase immunofluorescence ip if staining as a new tool in immunochemistry

Combustion test data from a swedish hazardous waste incinerator

Common methods of catching air breathing fishes in darbhanga bihar india

Comparative analysis of biochemical findings and those of biopsy in hepatism due to alcoholism

Comparative clinical trial of enprostil and ranitidine in the treatment of gastric ulcer

Comparative efficacy of injection routes and doses of ivermectin against psoroptes in rabbits

Comparative in vitro activity of ciprofloxacin bay 09867 against bacteria from systemic infections

Comparative physiological effects of platelet activating factor and the platelet activating factor antagonist cv 3988 in non human primates

Comparative studies on the efficacy of brotizolam and nitrazepam a multicenter study

Comparative study of the metabolism and some enzymological characteristics of cell lines

Comparison between emission tomography and conventional scintigraphy in the detection of myo cardial infarction with thallium 201

Comparison of action spectra in optic nerve and fore brain of turtle pseudemys scripta

Comparison of caries incidence in children aged 6 9 and 12 years in finnish cities

Comparison of domiciliary salbutamol nebulizer and metered dose inhaler in stable chronic airflow limitation

Comparison of guinea pig and protozoan models for determining virulence of legionella species

Comparison of liver superoxide dismutase levels in male and female balb c mice at different ages

Comparison of outcomes of random and systematic genetic screening of a mentally retarded population

Comparison of rhesus and human dynamic spectral acuity

Comparison of the anaerobe tek and presumpto plate systems for identification of anaerobic bacteria

Comparison of the immunobiological properties of dermal microvascular endothelial cells dmec and umbilical vein endothelial cells uvec

Comparison of total body clearance and renal clearance of inulin and p aminohippuric acid during constant infusion

Comparisons of the vegetative and flowering characteristics of 4 10 year introduced prairies in butler county ohio usa

Competitive interactions among tropical intertidal limpets

Complementary dna sequence of dog pancreatic pre chymotrypsinogen 2

Complex mechanism of tissue specificity of the mouse immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer

Complications of malar fractures

Composition of mouse sperm chromatin and relationship to sperm head morphology

Computed tomographic demonstration of a traumatic aneurysm of the pulmonary artery

Computed tomography of hemophilic pseudotumors of the pelvis

Computer assisted diagnosis of acute scrotal pain

Computer simulation of polygenic system

Computerized visual fields of choroidal melanomas

Concentric arrays of ordered micro tubules alternating with macro molecular layers in neurites of taxol treated cultures of mouse dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord

Concurrent measurement of udp galactosyl transferase and carcino embryonic antigen levels in cancer patients

Cone and seed insects of world conifers a comparison with north american fauna

Conformational lability of immuno globulin m molecule

Congenital factor vii deficiency a case report

Congestive heart failure in a newborn secondary to coronary artery left ventricular fistula

Consequences of benzodiazepine receptor occupancy

Considerations in the usage and results of curietherapy

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