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Asexual propagation through paratomy in acoelous Turbellaria

, : Asexual propagation through paratomy in acoelous Turbellaria. Biol Zentrabl: 613-622

Histological observations from sagittal sections.

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Other Research

Method for the evaluation of the production of fresh beans applicable to completely randomized trials

Microsatellite analysis of genetic diversity of Cervus elaphus yarkandensis in XinJiang: The genetic polymorphisms of 5 microsatellites of Cervus elaphus yarkandensis was determined. The number of alleles, average effective number of alleles, and average rates of homozygosity in 3 populations were analysed. The results showed that 4 o...

3-A Sanitary Standards for fittings used on milk and milk products equipment and used on sanitary lines conducting milk and milk products: These standards cover sanitary aspects of steam injection heaters for milk or milk products.

Electron microscopy of axial fibrils, outer envelope, and cell division of certain oral spirochetes: The ultrastructure of axial fibrils and outer envelopes of a number of oral spirochetes was studied in thin sections and by negative contrast. The axial fibrils measured 150 to 200 A in diameter. Only one end of each fibril was inserted subtermina...

Constraints to soyabean production in Madhya Pradesh: an analysis: Soyabean yields in Madhya Pradesh state, India, are 77% and 244% lower than recommended technology and potential yields, respectively. This study was undertaken to investigate the factors responsible for these differences. The analysis indicated t...

Geologicheskoe stroenie i vozrast Chulkyzylskogo massiva ultraosnovnykh porod v severo-vostochnom Pribalkhashe: Summarizes data on the structure, composition (with analyses), and age of the Chulkyzyl ultrabasic massif in the northeastern Balkhash region, USSR, and concludes that emplacement occurred between the lower and upper Ludlovian (Silurian).

Relation of Pressure to Effectiveness in Spraying Tomatoes: For many years the authors have endeavoured to devise a practical spraying scheme for the control of insect and fungus pests of tomatos, which are one of the chief crops in Virginia. One of the most serious pests is Heliothis (Chloridea) obsoleta,...

Distribution of major and trace elements at the aggregate scale in a soil naturally rich in trace elements: A spatial approach using electron microprobe a nd X-ray microfluorescence analyses: Major and trace element concentrations have been determined from thin sections of an unpolluted and well-structured B horizon that presents macroscopic heterogeneous aggregates. Electron scanning microprobe and X-ray microfluorescence analyses hav...

Veterinarians test the waters of fish medicine

Expression of CYP3A7, a human fetus-specific cytochrome P450, in cultured cells and in the hepatocytes of p53-knockout mice: CYP3A7 is a major form of cytochrome P450 in human fetal livers. To elucidate toxicological significance of CYP3A7 in fetal livers, CYP3A7 cDNA was introduced into Chinese hamster lung (CHL) cells. Transformants carrying the CYP3A7 gene were more...

A potato rot caused by Oospora lactis (Fres.) Sacc: Geotrichum candidum was isolated from seed potatoes imported from the Netherlands. Pathogenicity was confirmed by inoculation. Biology of the pathogen and control methods are briefly reviewed.

Heat in propagation media

Kymographic recording of clot retraction effects of papaverine theophylline and cytochalasin b

The sedimentation and diffusion of polysaccharides from Penicillium luteum; interpretation of the results obtained from polydisperse material in the Gouy diffusiometer: Measurements of the sedimentation and diffusion of 2 samples of polysaccharide from P. luteum are descr. A new method is given for analyzing the diffusion data obtained with the Gouy diffusiometer, sos as to obtain a value of the arithmetic-mean d...

Influence of an acidic beverage on the absorption of itraconazole: Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of Coca-Cola in enhancing the absorption of itraconazole. Methods: Eight healthy volunteers were randomized to receive two treatment sequences in a two-way crossover design with a 1-week wash-out period sep...