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Contribution of the cervical ventral nerve branches to the innervation of the rhomboid serratus ventralis and trapezius muscles of domestic mammals 1 the dog cat and pig

, : Contribution of the cervical ventral nerve branches to the innervation of the rhomboid serratus ventralis and trapezius muscles of domestic mammals 1 the dog cat and pig. Anatomia Histologia Embryologia: 136-143

In consideration of the scarcity of data regarding the anatomic organization of the innervation of the Rhomboideus, Serratus ventralis and Trapezius muscles in the general veterinary literature, a study of the innervation of the muscles was carried out. This work was done in the dog, the cat and the pig. Nerve supplying these muscles were studied through gross dissection, and described in regard to their origin, distribution and termination. The conclusions present a discussion of the relationship of muscle innervation to the ascending and descending branches of the ventral rami of spinal nerves. The pattern of innervation is discussed in relationship to the embryologic development and function of these muscles.

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Capacity building in food composition for Africa: Capacity building in food and nutrition involves more than formal training and individual development. Such a process is long term and continues, requiring lasting mentorship, coaching and leadership development, including individual commitment to...

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Micro structure and histochemistry of salamander spermatophores ambystomatidae salamandridae and plethodontidae: Four spermatophore cap microstructures were observed among 10 spp. of salamander. In 5 spp. of Ambystoma [A. dumerilii, A. mexicanum A. maculatum, A. texanum and A. tigrinum] the central area of the cap was surrounded by a membrane-like structure...

The glands of destiny: A popular presentation of many interesting facts regarding en- docrinology, vegetative neurology, ethnology and what not, with speculative interpretations.

Caesarean myomectomy-A safe procedure. A retrospective case controlled study: Sixteen women, with uterine fibroids in pregnancy, who were treated by caesarean myomectomy, were compared retrospectively with 16 women, without uterine fibroids who had caesarean section during the same period. Myomectomy was performed at caesar...

Trial of labor following prior section a 5 year prospective study 1982 1987: Between 1982 and 1987, 506 women previously delivered by Caesarean section were subjected to a trial of labour. Vaginal delivery was achieved in 78.6% with only 1 true rupture of the scar (0.2%). There were no intrapartum or neonatal deaths. Moreo...