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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 31640

Chapter 31640 provides bibliographic information on scholarly research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

HLA-identical peripheral blood progenitor cells transplantation for metastatic gastric carcinoma using non-myeloablative conditioning regimen

HLA-identical sibling allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation with reduced intensity conditioning compared to autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for elderly patients with de novo acute myeloid leukemia

HLA-identical sibling bone marrow transplants for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

HLA-identical sibling bone marrow transplants for chronic lymphocytic leukemia A collaborative study of the European Bone Marrow Transplantation Group and International Bone Marrow Transplantation Registry

HLA-identical sibling bone marrow transplants for chronic lymphocytic leukemia A collaborative study of the European Bone Marrow Transplantation Group and International Bone Marrow Transplantation Registry

HLA-identical sibling peripheral blood cell transplants The Australian experience and preliminary results of a randomised study

HLA-linked heat-shock protein 70 gene polymorphism and celiac disease

HLA-linked susceptibility and resistance to Takayasu arteritis

HLA-markers of severe atopic syndrome

HLA-mismatched cord blood transplantation in leukemia

HLA-mismatched family donor transplants A novel strategy as curative therapy for patients with hematologic disorders

HLA-non-identical T-cell depleted bone marrow transplantation for severe combined immunodeficiency

HLA-peptide tetrameric complexes

HLA-phenotype and deoxyribonucleic acid repair capacity of lymphocytes in asthmatic patients

HLA-phenotype and effect of thymic hormone preparation in patients with bronchial asthma

HLA-phenotype in the estimation of the risks factors of bronchial asthma

HLA-phenotype of patients with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and cytokine status

HLA-phenotypes in patients suffering from HCV induced end-stage liver cirrhosis with and without hepatocellular carcinoma requiring transplantation

HLA-profile of Armenian populations

HLA-region genes as predisposing factors for a H pylori infection

HLA-restricted, processing- and metabolism-independent pathway of drug recognition by human alphabeta T lymphocytes

HLA-specific B cells - I a method for their detection, quantification, and isolation using HLA tetramers

HLA-specific B cells - II Application to transplantation

HLA-specific antibody detection by ELISA may prevent undesired hyper-immunisation of kidney patients by blood transfusions

HLA-subtypes have limited impact on the risk of extra-articular manifestations in rheumatoid arthritis

HLA-system and the frequency of relapses in childhood minimal change nephrotic syndrome in Turkish children

HLA-system and viral hepatitis B in juveniles

HLA-type of cerebral vasospasm patients after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

HLA-typing in HIV infected caucasian patients with sulfonamides allergy

HLA-typing in three families with two generations of concurrent hypersomnia and attention deficit disorder

HLAB1*DR13 frequency decreased in cervical carcinoma

HLADRB1 antigens in children with symptoms of systemic onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

HLAMatchmaker A molecularly based algorithm for histocompatibility determination V Eplet matching for HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, and HLA-DP

HLH ID gene family expression in neural cells of the rat spinal cord following contusion injury

HLH proteins contribute to IgH gene expression in late B-cell differentiation

HLH-2004 Diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

HLH-3 is a C elegans Achaete/Scute protein required for differentiation of the hermaphrodite-specific motor neurons

HLH-94 A treatment protocol for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

HLOA class II alleles and autoantibodies in Bulgarians with systemic lupus erythematosus

HLP-I, is involved in targeting and assembly of outer membrane proteins Escherichia coli

HLTV-I in Burundi Lack of reactivity to the HTLV-I immunodominant envelope epitope

HLa-B39 may confer susceptibility to seronegative spondylarthropathies in Japan A support for arthritogenic peptide theory?

HM revisits the tower of Hanoi puzzle

HM shows impaired word-stem completion priming with novel words

HM-CSF in human primary endometrial cell cultures Effects of substrate, media, passage, and coculture with fibroblasts

HM-PAO SPECT brain scanning in the diagnosis of Alzheimers disease

HM-PAO SPECT diagnosis of brain death

HM1 receptor internalization induced by carbachol requires a short S/T rich domain of the i3 loop

HMAF has antitumor activity in the mdr1/gp170-positive human MV522 metastatic lung carcinoma xenograft

HMB-45 immunoreactivity in renal angiomyolipomas True vs false positive immunostaining with ultrastructural correlations

HMB-45 in non-melanocytic tumours

HMB-45 is not an absolutely specific pre-melanosome associated antigen

HMB-45 positivity in non-melanocytic tumors

HMB-45 reactivity in conventional uterine leiomyosarcomas

HMB-45 reactivity in renal smooth muscle neoplasms

HMB45 negative spindle cell melanoma

HMB45-immunoreactivity in pulmonary lesions Diagnostic usefulness and pitfalls

HMBA and related compounds induce apoptosis in human myeloma cells

HMDB the human metabolome database

HME1 nucleic acids and probes

HMG CoA Lyase Characterization of a mouse liver cDNA and chromosomal mapping in human and mouse

HMG CoA inhibits ATP citrate lyase in smooth muscle cells

HMG CoA lyase Characterization of human genomic clones and a cluster of mutations in hereditary HL deficiency

HMG CoA lyase Mutation detection and development of a bacterial expression system for screening the activity of mutant alleles from HL-deficient patients

HMG CoA lyase Targeted gene disruption in mice causes prenatal lethality in homozygotes

HMG CoA lyase deficiency Detection of a causal mutation in an affected French-Canadian sibship

HMG CoA lyase deficiency is lethal in the embryonic stage of murine development

HMG CoA reductase inhibitor suppresses initial macrophage infiltration and PDGF-induced mesangial cell proliferation in rats with mesangial proliferative nephritis in vivo

HMG CoA reductase inhibitors

HMG CoA reductase inhibitors do not alter adrenal cortisol secretion nor functional reserve, neither sexual hormone levels

HMG CoA reductase inhibitors in hemodialysis patients; A risk factor for acute pancreatitis?

HMG CoA reductase inhibitors induce apoptosis in rat aortic vascular-smooth-muscle cells

HMG I interferes with the DNA binding of NF-AT factors and the induction of the interleukin 4 promoter in T cells

HMG box proteins interact with multiple tandemly repeated n m DNA sequences

HMG boxes 1 and 2 are required for high affinity binding of high mobility group protein 2 to cisplatin-damaged DNA

HMG domain proteins Architectural elements in the assembly of nucleoprotein structures

HMG domain proteins Architectural elements in the assembly of nucleoprotein structures

HMG-2 protein participates in the negative regulation of human PTH gene mediated by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D

HMG-COA reducatase inhibitor metabolites

HMG-CoA lyase Demonstration of peroxisomal localization and possible implications for HMG CoA metabolism and hereditary HL deficiency in humans

HMG-CoA lyase gene Cloning and characterization of the 5 end of the mouse gene, gene targeting in ES cells, and demonstration of large deletions in three HL-deficient patients

HMG-CoA reductase activity and regulation in the isolated human apocrine and sebaceous glands

HMG-CoA reductase activity and regulation in the isolated human hair follicle

HMG-CoA reductase as a target for therapy in leukaemia

HMG-CoA reductase expression is related to ATR responsiveness in the myeloid HL60 cell line

HMG-CoA reductase from the thermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfatericus

HMG-CoA reductase inhibition by simvastatin depletes membrane-bound heterotrimeric G proteins and inhibits proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells

HMG-CoA reductase inhibition improved alcoholic liver disease

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor improved liver function tests of continuously drinking patients with or without HCV infection

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor improves exaggerated blood pressure response to mental stress in normotensives with hypercholesterolemia

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor simvastatin inhibits proinflammatory cytokine production from murine mast cells

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor suppression of glomerular cell proliferation in rats with anti-Thy-11 nephritis

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor use in the aged A review of clinical experience

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor-induced impotence

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors A look back and a look ahead

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors Role in normal and malignant cells

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and the kidney

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and the risk of stroke New mechanism independent of cholesterol-lowering

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors block multiple events in atherogenesis

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors decrease angiotensin-II-induced vascular fibrosis - Role of RhoA/ROCK and MAPK pathways

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in the control of lipid metabolism in macrophages

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors inhibits activated monocyte/macrophage surface expression of class I and II HLA molecules

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors pravastatin and simvastatin inhibit human B-lymphocyte activation

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors prevent inhibition of Gi-proteins by oxidized low-density lipoprotein

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors reduce cerebral infarct size by upregulating endothelial nitric oxide synthase

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors reduce nicotine-induced expression of cellular adhesion molecules in cultured human coronary endothelial cells

HMG-CoA reductase is differentially regulated in potato foliage by insect herbivory and mechanical injury

HMG-CoA reductase is regulated by salinity at the level of transcription in Haloferax volcanii

HMG-CoA reductase isozymes are differentially localized and induce the proliferation of distinct ER subdomains when expressed at increased levels in S cerevisiae

HMG-CoA synthase Identification of E95 as a catalytic residue

HMG-CoA-reductase inhibitors and neuropathy reports to the Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre

HMG-I phosphorylation status as a nuclear target regulated through insulin receptor substrate-1 and the I4R motif of the interleukin-4 receptor

HMG-box domain stimulation of RAG1/2 cleavage activity is metal ion dependent

HMG1-effected gene transfer using cell cultures and tissue explants xenografted in immunodeficient mice

HMG17-chromatosome is an ATP/ADP binding structure similar to actin

HMG2 promoter expression system

HMGA1 controls transcription of insulin receptor to regulate cyclin D1 translation in pancreatic cancer cells

HMGA1 is a determinant of cellular invasiveness and in vivo metastatic potential in pancreatic adenocarcinoma

HMGA1a sequence-specific RNA-binding factor causing sporadic Alzheimers disease-linked exon skipping of presenilin-2 pre-mRNA

HMGA1a sequence-specific RNA-binding factor causing sporadic Alzheimers disease-linked exon skipping of presenilin-2 pre-mRNA

HMGA2 gene is a promising target for ovarian cancer silencing therapy

HMGA2 mRNA expression correlates with the malignant phenotype in human thyroid neoplasias

HMGA2 overexpression in non-small cell lung cancer

HMGA2 participates in transformation in human lung cancer

HMGA2 regulates transcription of the Imp2 gene via an intronic regulatory element in cooperation with nuclear factor-kappa B

HMGB1 A signal of necrosis

HMGB1 Endogenous danger signaling

HMGB1 modulates inflammatory responses in LPS-activated macrophages

HMGB1 protein inhibits DNA replication in vitro A role of the acetylation and the acidic tail

HMGB1 regulates RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in a manner dependent on RAGE

HMGB1, a novel inflammatory cytokine

HMGB1-secreting capacity of multiple cell lineages revealed by a novel HMGB1 ELISPOT assay

HMGB1-stimulated human primary cardiac fibroblasts exert a paracrine action on human and murine cardiac stem cells

HMGCoA reductase inhibitors induce apoptosis in mouse proximal tubular cells in primary culture

HMGCoA reductase inhibitors lovastatin and simvastatin in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia after renal transplantation

HMGI activation by chromosome 6p21 rearrangements in multilineage mesenchymal cells from pulmonary hamartoma

HMGI and Sp1 in addition to NF-kappa-B regulate transcription of the MGSA/GRO-alpha gene

HMGI expression in human uterine leiomyomata Involvement of another high-mobility group architectural factor in a benign neoplasm

HMGI-C An architectural factor at 12q14-15 involved in frequent chromosomal rearrangement in benign tumors

HMGI-C and HMGI expression in uterine leiomyomata Dysregulation of architectural factors in a benign neoplasm

HMGI/Y chromosomal proteins in developing rat brain cells

HMGIC expressed in a uterine leiomyoma with a deletion of the long arm of chromosome 7 along with a 12q14-15 rearrangement but not in tumors showing del as the sole cytogenetic abnormality

HMJ-53A accelerates slow inactivation gating of voltage-gated K+ channels in mouse neuroblastoma N2A cells

HMLH1 and hMSH2 protein expression in sporadic colorectal cancer

HMLH1 promoter hypermethylation is associated with the microsatellite instability phenotype in sporadic endometrial carcinomas

HMLH1 promoter methylation and silencing in primary endometrial cancers are associated with specific alterations in MBDs occupancy and histone modifications

HMM-ModE - Improved classification using profile hidden Markov models by optimising the discrimination threshold and modifying emission probabilities with negative training sequences

HMM-based concept learning for a mobile robot

HMMatch Peptide identification by spectral matching of tandem mass spectra using hidden Markov models

HMN-1180, a novel selective nNOS inhibitor, and its structure-activity relationship

HMN-1180, a specific small molecule inhibitor of neuronal nitric oxide synthase

HMN-214, a novel antitumor sulfonamide compound

HMN-214, a novel sulfonamide anti cancer compound

HMO management of congestive heart failure Resource use, process of care and clinical outcomes

HMO physician attitudes toward drug cost containment strategies

HMO physician correlates of referral for acute low back pain

HMO provider attitude toward guideline implementation for diabetic care

HMOs and the elderly Focus on Boston

HMPA copolymer bound adriamycin does not induce multidrug resistance in a human ovarian carcinoma cell line

HMPA-based biodegradable hydrogels containing different forms of doxorubicin Antitumor effects and biocompatibility

HMPAO SPECT Assessment of brain inactivation during the Wada test

HMPAO SPECT brain imaging in treatment-resistant depression

HMPAO SPECT identifies cortical diaschisis effects of white matter lesions in dementia

HMPAO SPECT identifies schizophrenic patients with stimulant abuse

HMPAO SPECT measurement of reperfusion after thrombolytic therapy in acute stroke

HMPAO SPECT scan abnormalities in children receiving cytarabine high dose

HMPAO SPECT scans in epilepsy

HMPAO SPECT scans in normal volunteers and unmedicated schizophrenics

HMPAO Tc99m leukocyte scintigraphy is useful for the diagnosis of infected pancreatic necrosis

HMPAO and iomazenil SPECT scanning in patients with refractory symptomatic epilepsy

HMPAO brain SPECT and psychopathology in schizophrenic patients Comparison of unmedicated acute and with neuroleptics treated patients

HMPAO brain scanning with SPECT in patients with dementia

HMPAO technetium-99m leukocyte scintigraphy is useful for the diagnosis of infected pancreatic necrosis in alcoholic chronic pancreatitis

HMPAO-SPECT VS 18FDG-PET imaging in a community hospital CCTV-EEG unit

HMPAO-SPECT findings in opiate dependent subjects

HMPAO-SPECT imaging of dementias A new method for enhancing its usefulness using whole volume evaluation and a special scaling

HMPAO-Tc99m marked polynuclear scintigraphy One exam, one patient, three complications from Crohns disease

HMR 1883 - A novel KATP blocker with improved selectivity for heart muscle cells

HMR 1883, a novel cardioselective ATP-dependent potassium channel antagonist prevents ventricular fibrillation induced by myocardial ischemia

HMR 3647 Activity against Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 in monocyte-derived macrophages and in experimental guinea pig infection models

HMR 3647 Activity against erythromycin-resistant pneumococci and Haemophilus influenzae in murine pneumonia models

HMR 3647 treatment of beta-lactamase positive Haemophilus influenzae type b experimental pneumonia in immunocompetent mice

HMR-3647 Ketolide antibacterial

HMR3647 and HMR3004 in vitro and in vivo activity for Legionella spp

HMRF1L is a human mitochondrial translation release factor involved in the decoding of the termination codons UAA and UAG

HMS A MATLAB simulator of the Harris model of associative learning

HMS, hepatic microcirculatory subunit Three dimensional observations on development and spatial distribution in mammalian livers

HMSA-6 consists of two groups of structural proteins forming ER network and precursor vacuoles of secretory granules common to human neural crest cells

HMSH2 codons 662 to 790 confers drug resistance to Escherichia coli

HMSH2 gene alterations are related to hypermutability in sporadic gastric carcinomas

HMSH2 germline mutations screening in 50 familial cancer aggregations

HMSH2 mutation detection by direct automated fluorescent sequencing

HMT regulates histamine-induced Cl- secretion across the canine tracheal epithelium

HMUNC13- a novel human glucose regulatable gene A potential candidate for diabetic nephropathy

HMW H pylori antigens provide early assessment of eradication status

HMW-GS accumulation and GMP size distribution in grains of Shannong 12 grown in different soil conditions

HMW-GS components of some new wheat varieties in Guanzhong of Shaanxi Province

HMX based enhanced energy LOVA gun propellant

HMaxi-K gene transfer in males with erectile dysfunction Results of the first human trial

HMs MRI scan shows sparing of the posterior half of the hippocampus and parahippocampal gyrus

HMutL-alpha and hMutS-alpha function as heterodimers in human mismatch repair

HMutL-alpha and hMutS-alpha in human mismatch repair

HNA and ANA high-affinity arrays for detections of DNA and RNA single-base mismatches

HNA-1a, HNA-1b and HNA-1c gene frequencies in argentineans

HNE produced by the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum generates HNE-protein adducts and decreases erythrocyte deformability

HNF-1 alpha participates in glucose regulation of sucrase-isomaltase gene expression in epithelial intestinal cells

HNF-1 alpha plays an important role in IL-6-induced expression of the human angiotensinogen gene

HNF-3-beta, a potential A5 target, is expressed in midline structures of the embryonic murine CNS

HNF-4 mediated regulation of liver gene expression is defective in the BNLcl2 liver cell line

HNF1 alpha inactivation promotes lipogenesis in human hepatocellular adenoma independently of SREBP-1 and carbohydrate-response element-binding protein ChREBP activation

HNF1-alpha activates the aminopeptidase N promoter in intestinal cells

HNF4 alpha and the Ca-Channel TRPC1 are novel disease candidate genes in diabetic nephropathy

HNF4 alpha is a crucial modulator of the cholesterol-dependent regulation of NPC1L1

HNF4-gene is involved in regulation of hepatocellular carcinoma differentiation status

HNK-1 and tenascin distribution in the developing neuromuscular system of Xenopus

HNK-1 antigens and human cytomegalovirus infection

HNK-1 epitope on ocular and extraocular elastic system microfibrils and pseudoexfoliation aggregates

HNK-1 epitopes in normal and pseudoexfoliation lens capsules by tem

HNK-1 expression pattern in bis-diamine induced malformed developing rat heart

HNK-1 positive cells localized in embryonic cultured rat ventricular pacemaker

HNK-1-reactive novel oligosaccharide, sulfate-O-3GlcA-beta-1-4Xyl-beta-1- , synthesized by cultured human skin fibroblasts

HNK1 and NCAM expression in cultures of developing Xenopus neural tissue

HNK1 labeling of developing cranial nerves

HNPCC in Japan

HNT-3 gene cloning and gene therapy of kainic acid-induced lesions in rat hippocampus

HNUDC promotes the cell proliferation and differentiation in a leukemic cell line via activation of the thrombopoietin receptor Mpl

HNinein is required for targeting spindle-associated protein Astrin to the centrosome during the S and G2 phases

HO endonuclease and other exo- and endo-nucleases involved in site-specific homologous recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

HO endonuclease generated double-strand DNA breaks can induce damage-inducible genes Saccharomyces cerevisiae

HO-1 activation in brain following subarachnoid injections of hemoglobin, heme and heme analogs

HO-1 and VGEF gene expression in human arteries with advanced atherosclerosis

HO-1 expression after reversible cerebral ischemia

HO-1 induction lowers blood pressure and superoxide production in the renal medulla of angiotensin II hypertensive mice

HO-1 is located in liver mitochondria and modulates mitochondrial heme content and metabolism

HO-1 mediates the effects of HBO pretreatment against sepsis

HO-2 knock-out mice have increased lung oxidative injury in hyperoxia

HOCl effects on the tight junctions of rabbit tracheal epithelium

HOE 075032 for wild mustard control in Canola

HOE694 protects isolated heart and aortic endothelium of rabbits against free radical-induced injury

HOGG1 Ser326Cys polymorphism and susceptibility to gallbladder cancer in a Chinese population

HOGG1 polymorphism and lung cancer susceptibility

HOM/Hox-type homeoboxes from Stylaria lacustris

HOME measurement of epithelial volume improves the ability of serum PSA to distinguish residual malignancy in patients with incidental carcinoma of the prostate

HOME ploidy, a comparison with other cytometry methods

HOME, a new system for training and audit in morphometry

HOMER2 binds MYO18B and enhances its activity to suppress anchorage independent growth

HONO emissions from snow surfaces

HOOK3-RET a novel type of RET/PTC rearrangement in papillary thyroid carcinoma

HOP/NECC1, a novel regulator of mouse trophoblast differentiation

HOPS is an essential constituent of centrosome assembly

HOSCN, the major physiologic product of eosinophil peroxidase catalysis, induces endothelial cell tissue factor expression and activates NF-kappa-B

HOSCOM results A European health data base for hospital comparisons and management

HOT study Canadian experience after 24 months

HOTAIR lifts noncoding RNAs to new levels

HOW to wrap Axons with crooked neck

HOX 24 and a milieu of high IL-3 concentration deliver synergistic self-renewal signals

HOX A5 expression in human hematopoietic progenitor cells directs differentiation toward myeloid at the expense of erythroid differentiation

HOX D expression in developing and regenerating axolotl limbs

HOX cofactors PBX1 and PBX2 are required for normal hematopoiesis

HOX decoy peptide enhances the ex vivo expansion of human umbilical cord blood CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells/hematopoietic progenitor cells

HOX deregulation in acute myeloid leukemia

HOX gene expression and DNA methylation in human small cell lung cancers

HOX gene expression in human cancer

HOX genes and cell adhesion molecules in cancers

HOX genes in human cancer

HOX genes in human cancers

HOX, NK2, and paired-like less than gene trees in metazoan evolution

HOX-48 gene expression within the developing mammalian prostate

HOX-induced enhancement of in vivo and in vitro proliferative capacity and gene therapeutic methods

HOX11, a homeobox gene deregulated by the t of human T cell all is normally expressed in the hindbrain of the developing embryo

HOX11, a homeodomain-containing transcription factor dysregulated in the T translocation of T-ALL induces B-lymphoid malignancies in transgenic mice

HOX11, a homeodomain-containing transcription factor dysregulated in the T translocation of lymphoid malignancy, induces B-lymphoid malignancies in IgHmu-HOX11 transgenic mice

HOX11L2/TLX3 is transcriptionally activated through T-cell regulatory elements downstream of BCL11B as a result of the t5;14q35;q32

HOX40-hIgG fusion protein prevents colitis in mice

HOXA-10 is the predominant HOX gene expressed in human megakaryocytic cells but is normal in the thrombocytopenia with absent radius syndrome

HOXA1 gene variants influence head growth rates in humans

HOXA1-stimulated oncogenicity is mediated by selective upregulation of components of the p44/42 MAP kinase pathway in human mammary carcinoma cells

HOXA10 controls osteoblastogenesis by directly activating bone regulatory and phenotypic genes

HOXA10 expression induced by Abl kinase inhibitors enhanced apoptosis through PI3K pathway in CML cells

HOXA10 is a critical regulator for hematopoietic stem cells and erythroid/megakaryocyte development

HOXA11 DNA methylation - A novel prognostic biomarker in ovarian cancer

HOXA13 directly regulates EphA6 and EphA7 expression in the genital tubercle vascular endothelia

HOXA13 is essential for placental vascular patterning and labyrinth endothelial specification

HOXA5 is targeted by cell-type-specific CpG island methylation in normal cells and during the development of acute myeloid leukaemia

HOXA9 forms triple complexes with PBX and MEIS1 in myeloid cells

HOXA9 participates in the transcriptional activation of E-selectin in endothelial cells

HOXB13 promotes ovarian cancer progression

HOXB4 and retroviral vectors adding fuel to the fire

HOXB4s road map to stem cell expansion

HOXB7 impact on invasion of ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma cell line ES-2

HOXB7 overexpression in linked to stem cell proliferation and granulopoietic-restructed progenitor cell differentiation

HOXBES2 A novel epididymal HOXB2 homeoprotein and its domain-specific association with spermatozoal

HOXC6 and HOXC11 increase transcription of S100 beta gene in BrdU-induced in vitro differentiation of GOTO neuroblastoma cells into Schwannian cells

HOXD3-overexpression increases integrin alpha v beta 3 expression and deprives E-cadherin while it enhances cell motility in A549 cells

HP 228 decreases plasma levels of endotoxin induced IL-1-beta, IL-6 and TNF-alpha in mice

HP 228 is a potent agonist of melanocortin receptor 4, and significantly attenuates obesity and diabetes in Zucker fatty rats

HP 228 modulates endotoxin induced TNF-alpha and IL-1-beta levels in mouse organ tissues

HP 228 reduces chronic indomethacin induced gastropathy and associated mortality

HP 749 Enhances Calcium-Independent Release of Norepinephrine from Rat Cortical Slices and Synaptosomes

HP colonizes gastric metaplasia resulting in duodenitis and ulceration Isnt too good to be true?

HP infection in children Comparison of results with serology and 13C-urea breath test

HP positive functional dyspepsia in elderly patients Comparison of treatments

HP prevalence in IBD patients Role of IBD treatment

HP resistance to macrolides increases, to imidazoles remains stable

HP toxin reduces EGF binding to its receptor and proliferative response of human gastric Kato III cells to EGF stimulation Important mechanism for HP interference with the ulcer healing?

HP treatment The macrolide trail revisited

HP, TF and GC phenotype and allele frequencies in four South Indian population groups

HP-8 autoantigen

HP-positive versus HP-negative dyspepsia Are there differences in sociodemographic determinants and symptom pattern

HP1 alpha guides neuronal fate by timing E2F-targeted genes silencing during terminal differentiation

HP1 binding to chromatin methylated at H3K9 is enhanced by auxiliary factors

HP1 controls genomic targeting of four novel heterochromatin proteins in Drosophila

HP1 proteins are essential for a dynamic nuclear response that rescues the function of perturbed heterochromatin in primary human cells

HP1-beta mobilization promotes chromatin changes that initiate the DNA damage response

HP2-like protein a new piece of the facultative heterochromatin puzzle

HP333, a dprA homolog, is required for DNA transformation of Helicobacter pylori

HPA activity and neotic and anxiety-like behavior vary among Peromyscus species

HPA aix response to chronic glucocorticoid therapy in renal transplant recipients

HPA and immune axes in stress Involvement of the serotonergic system

HPA axis activity and neuropathogenesis in HIV-1 clade C infection

HPA axis and anxiety in adolescent pregnancy

HPA axis and depression in adolescent pregnancy

HPA axis dysfunction in unmedicated major depressive disorder and its normalization by pharmacotherapy correlates with alteration of neural activity in prefrontal cortex and limbic/paralimbic regions

HPA axis functioning associated with transition to psychosis Combined DEX/CRH test

HPA axis overactivity and the pathogenesis of depression

HPA axis programming by maternal undernutrition in the male rat offspring

HPA axis reactivity A mechanism underlying the associations among 5-HTTLPR, stress, and depression

HPA function in adolescence Role of sex hormones in its regulation and the enduring consequences of exposure to stressors

HPA function in asthmatic adults after 12 months of treatment with Azmacort HFA-134A, 75 mcg or Azmacort HFA-134A, 225 mcg oral inhalers

HPA genotyping by PCR-SSP Report of 3 workshops

HPA system regulation and adult attachment anxiety Individual differences in reactive and awakening cortisol

HPA- and HPT-axis alterations in chronic posttraumatic stress disorder

HPA-1 typing by PCR amplification with sequence-specific primers A rapid and simple technique

HPA-10w-b Genetic determination of a new platelet specific alloantigen on glycoprotein IIIa and its expression in Cos-7 cells

HPA-10w-b Genetic determination of a new platelet-specific alloantigen on glycoprotein IIIa and its expression in COS-7 cells

HPA-13bw neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia and low frequency alloantigens case report and review of the literature

HPA-1a antibody potency and bioactivity do not predict severity of fetomaternal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

HPA-1b of platelet glycoprotein IIIa as a risk factor for arterial disease

HPA-axis activity as a predictor of future disruptive behaviors in young adolescents

HPA-axis hyperactivity and mortality in psychotic depressive disorder Preliminary findings

HPAE-PAD analysis of terminal N-acetylglucosamine using the CarboPac MA1 column

HPAE-PAD monosaccharide and oligosaccharide analysis of glycoproteins electrotransferred onto polyvinylidene fluoride membranes

HPAEC-PAD analysis of monosaccharides released by exoglycosidase digestion using the CarboPac MA1 column

HPAI H5N1 in Europe 2007 poultry and wild birds

HPB12, a B subtilis bifunctional nucleoid protein in involved in ribosome assembly and DNA compaction

HPC-7, a novel stage specific oligodendrocyte marker

HPCE 93 More new applications

HPCE as an analytical probe for assessing irreversible ligand/macromolecule binding interactions

HPCE determination of R and S mepivacaine in human serum using a derivatized cyclodextrin and ultraviolet detection

HPCE quantification of 5-methyl-2-deoxycytidine in genomic DNA methodological optimization for chestnut and other woody species

HPDE IV-C A human phosphodiesterase IV isozyme

HPDE IV-C A novel human phosphodiesterase IV isozyme

HPEBP4 resists TRAIL-induced apoptosis of human prostate cancer cells by activating Akt and deactivating ERK1/2 pathways

HPEPT1 is responsible for uptake and transport of Gly-Sar in the human bronchial airway epithelial cell-line Calu-3

HPIC analysis of radioiodides Direct determination of isotopic and chemical purity

HPLC 93 Focus on biotechnology

HPLC Determination Of A New Multidrug Resistance Modulator Extracted From Cancer Cells in vitro

HPLC Determination of isosorbide dinitrate and its tablets

HPLC Investigation on Ni -Mediated DNA Damage in the Presence of T-Butyl Hydroperoxide and Glutathione

HPLC Separation of the Enantiomers of Racemic Benzergoline Derivatives on a Chiral Binaphthalene Covalently Bonded to Silica Gel

HPLC analysis CSF Intracerebral hemorrhage

HPLC analysis and pharmacokinetic study of quercitrin and isoquercitrin in rat plasma after administration of Hypericum Japonicum thunb extract

HPLC analysis and pharmacokinetics of icariin in rats

HPLC analysis coupled with diode array detector used in determination of isoflavone aglycones from different Romanian varieties of soybeans

HPLC analysis for 5-methyldeoxycytidine in cellular DNA obtained directly from the culture flask

HPLC analysis for deethylpiperacillin in plasma and bile

HPLC analysis for metaproterenol in plasma using a silica gel column and an aqueous mobile phase

HPLC analysis for metformin in blood, plasma and urine using a silica gel column and an aqueous mobile phase

HPLC analysis for simultaneous determination of rabeprazole and domperidone in pharmaceutical formulation

HPLC analysis in acyclovir in human plasma

HPLC analysis of 2- pyridine methiodide concentration in plasma

HPLC analysis of ADMA and other methylated L-arginine analogs in biological fluids

HPLC analysis of RO 40-5967 in human and dog plasma

HPLC analysis of Romet-30 in chinook salmon Wash-out times, tissue distribution in muscle and liver, and metabolism of sulfadimethoxine

HPLC analysis of Vitis vinifera cv Cabernet Sauvignon and Vitis rotundifolia cv Noble wine pigment liquid chromatographic fractions

HPLC analysis of acetaldehyde in hemoglobin fractions separated by cation exchange chromatography Three new peaks associated with acetaldehyde

HPLC analysis of acylglycerols and phospholipids with a C18-hema polymer column

HPLC analysis of algal pigments a comparison exercise among laboratories and recommendations for improved analytical performance

HPLC analysis of basic compounds with mobile phases above pH 7

HPLC analysis of bioactive diterpenoids from the root bark of Pseudolarix kaempferi

HPLC analysis of carbohydrates on POLYSPHER CH OH columns using pulsed amperometric detection with sodium hydroxide as post column detection reagent

HPLC analysis of chloroplast pigments from the marine ascoglossan Tridachia crispata

HPLC analysis of cholesterol ester oxidation products to evaluate the early phase of LDL oxidation

HPLC analysis of cocaine and benzoylecgonine in urine, plasma and meconium using solid phase extraction and diode array detection

HPLC analysis of coumarins in Turkish Seseli species Umbelliferae

HPLC analysis of diverse grape and wine phenolics using direct injection and multidetection by DAD and fluorescence

HPLC analysis of fibrinogen and fibrinogen degradation products

HPLC analysis of flavonoids in Lamiophlomis rotata

HPLC analysis of hesperidin in Xiangshaliujun concentrate pill

HPLC analysis of imidazole antimycotic drugs in pharmaceutical formulations

HPLC analysis of in vivo and in vitro cultivated crown gall tumor cells of Digitalis lanata

HPLC analysis of lymphocyte blastogenesis promoting factors in haemo-dialysate of patients with chronic renal failure

HPLC analysis of magnolol and honokiol in Magnoliae Cortex after solvent sublation

HPLC analysis of mangiferin in the blood and urine of rats

HPLC analysis of metronidazole and diloxanide furoate in its dosage forms

HPLC analysis of metronidazole and diloxanide furoate in its dosage forms

HPLC analysis of mildronate and its analogues in plasma

HPLC analysis of molluscicidal toxins from four different Bacillus species

HPLC analysis of niacin by postcolumn derivatization

HPLC analysis of nicotinamide, pyridoxine,riboflavin and thiamin in some selected food products in Nigeria

HPLC analysis of oligosaccharides in urine from oligosaccharidosis patients

HPLC analysis of omeprazole in human plasma

HPLC analysis of orlistat and its application to drug quality control studies

HPLC analysis of phenolics and flavonoids in Arctostaphylos uva ursi

HPLC analysis of pindolol enantiomers in human serum using a reversed phase chiral column and solid phase extraction

HPLC analysis of plant phenols in mango and their role on malformation

HPLC analysis of polyamines as their benzoylated derivatives in cultured HELA cells

HPLC analysis of polyphenolic compounds present in Olea europea L

HPLC analysis of polyphenolic compounds present in the grapes of Vitis vinifera L

HPLC analysis of polyphenols in apple tree leaves

HPLC analysis of polyphenols in peel and pulp of fresh figs

HPLC analysis of quinolinic acid, a NAD biosynthesis intermediate, after fluorescence derivatization in an aqueous matrix

HPLC analysis of resveratrol and piceid during the development of grape berries

HPLC analysis of rosmarinic acid in feed enriched with aerial parts of Prunella vulgaris and its metabolites in pig plasma using dual-channel coulometric detection

HPLC analysis of salicylic acid derivatives from Viola species

HPLC analysis of selected xanthones in mangosteen fruit

HPLC analysis of sodium salinomycin in human plasma using derivatization and heart cut, column switching

HPLC analysis of some sulfonamides in selected pharmaceutical formulations

HPLC analysis of squid ink reveals olfactory stimuli, L-dopa and dopamine

HPLC analysis of sulfur compounds in cruciferous vegetables using pulsed electrochemical detection

HPLC analysis of tetracyclines and their degradation products in dosage forms

HPLC analysis of the 2-chloroprocaine metabolite diethylaminoethanol in blood using HPLC

HPLC analysis of the antidepressant trazodone and its main metabolite m-CPP in human plasma

HPLC analysis of the flavonoid constituents of black walnut

HPLC analysis of the flavonoids of Crataegi folium cum flore

HPLC analysis of the formation and removal of platinum-DNA adducts from cisplatin-sensitive and resistant ovarian cancer cell lines

HPLC analysis of the pyrimidine salvage enzymes, uridine hydrolase and uridine phosphorylase in enterics

HPLC analysis of theanine and gallic acid in the species of Camellia sect Thea

HPLC analysis of uridine hydrolase in KP1130, a Salmonella typhimurium mutant lacking uridine phosphorylase

HPLC analysis of urinary catecholamines using affinity SPE procedure

HPLC analysis of usnic acid in some Ramalina species from Anatolia and investigation of their antimicrobial activities

HPLC analysis of water-soluble vitamins in in vitro and ex vitro germinated chickpea

HPLC analysis of whole soybean seed oil

HPLC analysis on different phenolic acids and their contents of david poplar wood degraded by 6 species of wood white-rot fungi

HPLC analytical methods for the separation of molecular species of fatty acids in diacylglycerol and cellular phospholipids

HPLC and 31P NMR characterization of the reaction between antitumor platinum agents and the phosphorothioate chemoprotective agent S-2- ethylphosphorothioic acid

HPLC and GC-MS determinations of two anti-viral substances in ocular fluids after transscleral application

HPLC and HPAEC of oligosaccharides and glycopeptides

HPLC and NMR methods for the quantitation of the -enantiomer in - -timolol maleate drug raw materials

HPLC and TLC analyses of 32P-postlabelled DNA adducts-recent developments

HPLC and californium-252 plasma desorption-mass spectrometry of muropeptides isolated from Escherichia coli

HPLC and chemometrics-assisted UV-spectroscopy methods for the simultaneous determination of ambroxol and doxycycline in capsule

HPLC and drug analysis

HPLC assay and bioequivalence evaluation of biphenyl dimethyl dicarboxylate products

HPLC assay and impurity profile of thiostrepton

HPLC assay and purity of topiramate drug substance

HPLC assay as reference base for the determination of pyridinoline and deoxypyridinoline in urine and serum

HPLC assay for CI-1010, an alkylating radiosensitizer, in rat plasma

HPLC assay for CI-980, a novel mitotic inhibitor, in human plasma and urine

HPLC assay for benzoisothiazole antiviral agent, Cl-1012, following reduction of Cl-1012 and mixed disulfides in plasma to PD 162401 equivalents

HPLC assay for determination of aptiganel in human plasma

HPLC assay for determination of famotidine in human plasma

HPLC assay for dextromethorphan Application to the determination of cytochrome P4502D6 oxidation phenotype

HPLC assay for nictotine and cotinine in plasma and brain

HPLC assay for plasma homocysteine utilising cysteamine as internal standard

HPLC assay for quantitating salsolinol in the urine of patients with Parkinsons disease

HPLC assay for the analysis of oxcarbazepine and its main metabolites in plasma or serum

HPLC assay for the determination of caffeine metabolites in human urine

HPLC assay for the simultaneous analysis of prostacyclin analog iloprost and prostaglandin E analog misoprostol

HPLC assay of 6-methoxy-2-naphthylacetic acid, a major metabolite of nabumetone, in human serum

HPLC assay of KRM-1648 in rat and dog whole blood

HPLC assay of busulfan for organ distribution evaluation in rats

HPLC assay of cefixime in serum and CSF

HPLC assay of lidocaine hydrochloride and prednisolone acetate in anti-haemorrhoidal preparations

HPLC assay of reproterol hydrochloride

HPLC assay with UV detection for determination of RBC purine nucleotide concentrations and application for biomarker study in vivo

HPLC assisted chemobiological standardization of alpha-glucosidase-I enzyme inhibitory constituents from Piper longum Linn-An Indian medicinal plant

HPLC avidin monomer affinity resin

HPLC based perfusion immunoassay for anti-MUC1 antibody using non covalent adsorption of MUC1 antigen on AD immunosensor cartridge

HPLC characterization of organ-specific biotransformation of ormaplatin in tumor-bearing rats protected with WR-2721

HPLC chiral stationary phases for the stereochemical resolution of enantiomeric compounds The current state of the art

HPLC columns partition by chemometric methods based on peptides retention

HPLC detection of marker compounds during buccal permeation enhancement studies

HPLC determination and pharmacokinetic study of homoeriodictyol-7-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside in rat plasma and tissues

HPLC determination and pharmacokinetic study of tenatoprazole in dog plasma after oral administration of enteric-coated capsule

HPLC determination for prostaglandins from seaweed Gracilaria gigas

HPLC determination of 1,2-diethyl-3-hydroxypyridin-4-one , its iron complex -3 and glucuronide conjugate

HPLC determination of 18 amino acids with internal standard

HPLC determination of 4- amino-4-demethylepipodophyllotoxin in rat plasma and studies of its pharmacokinetics

HPLC determination of 4-chloroacetanilide in paracetamol

HPLC determination of 4-hydroxy-anethole trithione in plasma via enzymatic hydrolysis and its application to bioequivalence study

HPLC determination of E5531, a lipid A antagonist, in an ascending dose safety and tolerance study

HPLC determination of NPC 17731 in plasma after pre-column derivatization

HPLC determination of a doxorubicin, ondansetron and vincristine mixture

HPLC determination of a etoposide and idarubicin mixture in 09 percent sodium chloride injection

HPLC determination of a new anticancer agent in serum

HPLC determination of alpha- and beta-thujone, potentially toxic components of natural flavourings, in alcoholic beverages

HPLC determination of andrographolide in rat whole blood study on the pharmacokinetics of andrographolide incorporated in liposomes and tablets

HPLC determination of anethole trithione and its application to pharmacokinetics in rabbits

HPLC determination of antidepressants and their metabolites in plasma

HPLC determination of atenolol in human serum on underivatized silica using solid phase extraction

HPLC determination of beclomethasone dipropionate and its degradation products in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulations

HPLC determination of biologically active thiols using pre-column derivatisation with 5,5-dithio-

HPLC determination of caffeine and theophylline by direct serum injection

HPLC determination of carnitine and acylcarnitines in human plasma by means of fluorescence labeling using 2- -4,5-diphenylimidazole

HPLC determination of carotenoids in Bulgarian berries

HPLC determination of carotenoids in wild green leaves of Niger

HPLC determination of cefazolin in plasma, urine and dialysis fluid

HPLC determination of chlorate metabolism in bovine ruminal fluid

HPLC determination of chlorhexidine gluconate and p-chloroaniline in topical ointment

HPLC determination of chondrosine in mouse blood plasma after intravenous or oral dose

HPLC determination of closantel in multi-component anthelmintic suspensions and tablets

HPLC determination of cyclophosphamide

HPLC determination of cytarabine

HPLC determination of denaverine and propiverine in human plasma

HPLC determination of dexamethasone in human plasma and its application to an in vitro release study from endovascular stents

HPLC determination of diprafenon and its active metabolite 5-hydroxydiprafenon in human plasma

HPLC determination of duloxetine and metabolite in humans

HPLC determination of extractable and unextractable proanthocyanidins in plant materials

HPLC determination of fleroxacin tablets

HPLC determination of four triterpenoids in rat urine after oral administration of total triterpenoids from Ganoderma lucidum

HPLC determination of free amino acids profile of Dao red wine Effect of Dekkera bruxellensis contamination

HPLC determination of furfural after preliminary extraction to aqueous phase

HPLC determination of furosine in dairy products

HPLC determination of glibenclamide and its two impurities

HPLC determination of iridoids in Cape Jasmine fruit

HPLC determination of irsogladine and its tablets

HPLC determination of isoniazid, acetylisoniazid and hydrazine concentrations in plasma samples from TB patients

HPLC determination of ketamine hydrochloride and benzethonium chloride in ketamine hydrochloride injection

HPLC determination of lidamidine hydrochloride

HPLC determination of m-hydroxymandelic acid and m-hydroxyphenylglycol in human plasma

HPLC determination of malondialdehyde in ECV304 cell culture medium for measuring the antioxidant effect of vitexin-4-O-glucoside

HPLC determination of midazolam and its three hydroxy metabolites in perfusion medium and plasma from rats

HPLC determination of morphine-ondansetron and meperidine-ondansetron mixtures in 09 percent sodium chloride injection

HPLC determination of nicotinic acid and its metabolite, nicotinuric acid in urine following 500 mg niacin tablets in healthy adult males under fed and fasted conditions

HPLC determination of ochratoxin A in roasted coffee beans

HPLC determination of ofloxacin tablets

HPLC determination of oral lonidamine in ovarian cancer patients Preliminary results

HPLC determination of oxadiazon in commercial pesticide formulations

HPLC determination of oxiracetam, its impurities, and piracetam in pharmaceutical formulations

HPLC determination of penicillamine in human urine applying a chemiluminescent detection system

HPLC determination of phenolics adsorbed on yeasts

HPLC determination of phenylacetic acid and penicillin G in 6-aminopenicillanic acid

HPLC determination of phyllanthin constituent in Phyllanthus urinari L

HPLC determination of polymyxin-b-sulphate, gramicidin and benzalkonium chloride in pharmaceutical formulations

HPLC determination of raloxifene before and after hydrolysis of human plasma

HPLC determination of ribavirin in troches

HPLC determination of rubber septum contaminants in the iodinated intravenous contrast agent

HPLC determination of safflor yellow A and three active isoflavones from TCM Naodesheng in rat plasma and tissues and its application to pharmacokinetic studies

HPLC determination of serum ganciclovir using ultrafiltration, ultraviolet and fluorescence detection

HPLC determination of serum terodiline concentrations by UV detection

HPLC determination of some liposome components using evaporative light scattering detector

HPLC determination of sugars and atomic absorption analysis of mineral salts in fresh figs of Tunisian cultivars

HPLC determination of sulfadiazine residues in coho salmon with confirmation by liquid chromatography with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry

HPLC determination of sulfamethazine in milk using surface-imprinted silica synthesized with iniferter technique

HPLC determination of the new cardiotropic drug protecor in blood serum of animals

HPLC determination of three components in compound indomethacin ointment

HPLC determination of tocopherol, retinol, dehydroretinol and retinyl palmitate in tissues of Lake Char exposed to coplanar 3,3,4,45-pentachlorobiphenyl

HPLC determination of torsemide and three metabolites in human biological fluids

HPLC determination of tramadol hydrochloride drops

HPLC determination of triamcinolone acetonide acetate and miconazole nitrate in Pikangshuang

HPLC determination of two flavonoids in Pollen Tythae and its different processed products

HPLC determination of underivatized fatty acids saponified at 37degreeC analysis of fatty acids in oils and tissues

HPLC determination of warfarin and acenocoumarol in raw materials and pharmaceuticals

HPLC determinations of ondansetron with selected medications in 09 percent sodium chloride injection USP

HPLC enantioseparation and absolute configuration of novel anti-inflammatory pyrrole derivatives

HPLC enantioseparation of di- and tripeptides on cyclodextrin bonded stationary phases after derivation with 6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxysuccinimidyl carbamate

HPLC evaluation of the minor lipid components of by-products resulting from edible oil processing

HPLC fingerprint analysis for Flos Daturae

HPLC fingerprinting and LC-TOF-MS analysis of the extract of Pseudostellaria heterophylla Pax root

HPLC fingerprinting of Radix Paeoniae Alba

HPLC fingerprints of 20S ginsenoside Rg3

HPLC fingerprints of crude drug of Pseudostellaria heterophylla and root tuber of its autotetraploid plant

HPLC fluorescence determination of XJ754, a IIb/IIa receptor antagonist, in biological fluids

HPLC for simultaneous quantification of total ceramide, glucosylceramide, and ceramide trihexoside concentrations in plasma

HPLC for stress-free screening of potential prostate cancer marker catechol estrogens in urine using a diamond-electrode electrochemical and a fluorescence detector

HPLC fractionation of molecules from the bursa of Fabricius which inhibit B-lymphocyte proliferation Comparison with bursal anti-steroidogenic peptide

HPLC fractions of uremic plasma contain powerful inhibitor of the RBC calcium pump

HPLC identification of mycobacterial species isolated from the MB/BacT detection system

HPLC in biopharmaceutical investigations of pyrimidine derivatives a review

HPLC investigations of chiral triazolophthalazines

HPLC levels of adenosine in awheto-indigenous New Zealand Cordyceps robertsii Hooker

HPLC measurement of guanine of the determination of nucleic acids in yeasts

HPLC measurement of ocular carotenoid levels in human donor eyes in the lutein supplementation era

HPLC measurement of phenosane acid in dosage forms

HPLC measurement of phenylalanine and tyrosine in plasma

HPLC measurement of the novel non-nucleoside anti-HIV agent, -dihydrocalanolide A

HPLC measurement of the uronate and neutral sugar contents in corn hemicellulose

HPLC measurements of hydrophobic organic compound adsorption in water-saturated microporous materials

HPLC method for analysis of various nucleosides in plasma using solid phase extraction and UV detection

HPLC method for and preliminary pharmacokinetics of the reactive metabolites of dacarbazine

HPLC method for comparative in rat after oral administration study on tissue distribution of salvianolic acid B and phenolic acids from Salvia miltiorrhiza

HPLC method for cyst ine and methionine in infant formulas

HPLC method for determination of four flavonoids in Rose Henryi Bouleng

HPLC method for determination of in vitro delivery through and into porcine skin of adefovir PMEA

HPLC method for enantioselective analysis of cloprostenol

HPLC method for estimation of carboxin and thiram in formulations and wheat seed

HPLC method for plasma vitamin K-1 Effect of plasma triglyceride and acute-phase response on circulating concentrations

HPLC method for separation and measurement of free and total fatty acids extracted from biological fluids and cellular membranes

HPLC method for simultaneous determination of retinol, alpha-tocopherol and coenzyme Q10 in human plasma

HPLC method for the analysis of KRN5500 and its impurities

HPLC method for the determination and pharmacokinetic studies of four triterpenoids in rat plasma after oral administration of Ganoderma lucidum extract

HPLC method for the determination of A-86929 in human plasma using electrochemical detection

HPLC method for the determination of alkaloids in extracts of goldenseal

HPLC method for the determination of azathioprine , 6-mercaptopurine and 6-thiouric acid in human blood, for use in drug registration studies

HPLC method for the determination of carboplatin and paclitaxel with cremophorEL in an amphiphilic polymer matrix

HPLC method for the determination of diclofenac in human plasma

HPLC method for the determination of estrogenic steroids in human urine

HPLC method for the determination of etodolac in human plasma

HPLC method for the determination of famotidine in human plasma

HPLC method for the determination of fluoxetine and norfluoxetine in human plasma

HPLC method for the determination of fluvoxamine in human plasma and urine for application to pharmacokinetic studies

HPLC method for the determination of indapamide in human blood

HPLC method for the determination of labetalol in human plasma

HPLC method for the determination of metformin in human plasma

HPLC method for the determination of naltrexone, DELTA-7-nalmefene and 2,2-bisnalmefene impurities in nalmefene HCl

HPLC method for the determination of pentoxifylline and two of its major metabolites, hydroxypentifylline and carboxypropylpentifylline in human plasma

HPLC method for the peptide mapping of KAPPA,alpha-s1- and beta-casein digested with a plant milk-clotting aspartic protease

HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of acetaminophen, codeine phosphate, sodium benzoate and methylparaben in acetaminophen and codeine phosphate oral suspension

HPLC method for thiacloprid residues in okra and tomato

HPLC method with dansylation for the assay of piperazine citrate in dosage forms

HPLC method with fluorescence detection for simultaneous quantitation of serotonin and paroxetine in rat brain microdialysate

HPLC method with spectrophotometric detection for the simultaneous assay of meglumine and its counterions iothalamic acid or diatrizoic acid in radiographic solutions for injection

HPLC methodology for the determination of total plasma homocysteine Study of 53 patients with vascular disease

HPLC methods for ciprofloxacin hydrochloride and related compounds in raw materials

HPLC methods for fluoxetine hydrochloride, its meta isomer and related compounds in raw materials

HPLC methods for purification of antimicrobial peptides

HPLC methods for the determination of simvastatin and atorvastatin

HPLC methods to isolate peptide neurotransmitters

HPLC micro-method for determining delta-aminolevulinic acid in plasma

HPLC microfractionation of flavones and antioxidant activity of Saccharum officinarum L

HPLC mobile phase recycler equipment evaluation and validation

HPLC monitoring of plasma catechol levels in the characterization of Parkinsons disease

HPLC of basic drugs and quaternary ammonium compounds on microparticulate strong cation-exchange materials using methanolic or aqueous methanol eluents containing an ionic modifier

HPLC of ftorafur and 5-fluorouracil on silica gel

HPLC of nucleic acid components with volatile mobile phases part 2 Separations on polymeric supports

HPLC of proteose peptones for evaluating ageing of packaged pasteurized milk

HPLC of radioiodinated salmon calcitonins

HPLC of triglycerides Identification of palm oils and palm oil fractions - Survey by a working party of the German society for fat science , 142nd report German standard methods for investigation of fats, fatty products, tensides and related materials, 109th report Analysis of fats XXXIII

HPLC of triglycerides Survey by a working party of the DGF 136th report German standard methods for investigation of fats, fatty products, tensides, and related materials 103rd report Analysis of fats XXX

HPLC post-column reaction system for the detection of polysaccharides

HPLC preparation of the chiral forms of 6-methoxy-gossypol and 6,6 -dimethoxy-gossypol

HPLC procedure for total and free plasma homocysteine analysis

HPLC profile and antihyperglycemic effect of ethanol extracts of Andrographis paniculata in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

HPLC profiling of Phellinus linteus

HPLC protein analysis using C4 reverse phase column

HPLC purification and separation of 5,5-substituted-2,4-imidazolidinedithiones

HPLC quantification of biogenic amines in cheeses correlation with PCR-detection of tyramine-producing microorganisms

HPLC quantification of dye flavonoids in Reseda luteola L from Portugal

HPLC quantification of perphenazine in sheep plasma Application to a pharmacokinetic study

HPLC quantification of seven quaternary benzophenanthridine alkaloids in six species of the family Papaveraceae

HPLC quantification of the HIV-1 protease inhibitor saquinavir in brain and testis of mice

HPLC quantification of the dihydrochalcones, aspalathin and nothofagin in rooibos tea as affected by processing

HPLC retention behavior on hydride-based stationary phases

HPLC screening of phenolic compounds in winter savory Satureja montana L extracts

HPLC separation and NMR structural elucidation of sn-1,2-, 2,3-, and 1,3-diacylglycerols from olive oil as naphthylethylurethane derivatives

HPLC separation and determination of naphtho furan-4,9-diones and related compound in extracts of Tabebuia avellanedae

HPLC separation and quantitative determination of cardenolides in herba convallariae

HPLC separation and radiochemical detection of thyrotropin-releasing hormone and its common metabolites in a physiologic salt solution circulated through the isolated perfused rat lung

HPLC separation of a basic pharmaceutical compound and potential impurities on a reversed-phase alumina column

HPLC separation of acyl lipid classes

HPLC separation of chiral benzol-1,4-diazepines

HPLC separation of cis-trans carotenoids in human serum using a novel C-30 stationary phase

HPLC separation of distinct natural peptides isolated from MHC class I molecules on MMTV infected and noninfected cell lines of mammary epithelial origin

HPLC separation of enantiomers of carbisocaine Study of local anaesthetics, part 138

HPLC separation of enterobactin and linear 2,3-dihydroxybenzoylserine derivatives A study on mutants of Escherichia coli defective in regulation , esterase and transport

HPLC separation of oligosaccharides from glycoproteins

HPLC separation of phosphorus-32 postlabelled DNA adducts formed from dibenz anthracene in skin

HPLC separation of phytoalexins from Phaseolus vulgaris treated with elicitor from Colletotrichum lindemuthianum

HPLC separation of some purine and pyrimidine derivatives on Chromolith Performance Si monolithic column

HPLC separation of the enantiomers of nicotine and nicotine-like compounds

HPLC separation of the positional isomers of MDL 72,974A

HPLC serum cortisol assay development and correlation to fluorescence polarization immunoassay

HPLC simultaneous assay of gentamicin and paromomycin in human plasma-postcolumn derivatization

HPLC strategies for profiling and sequencing oligosaccharides

HPLC studies of the hydrolysis of carbisocaine enantiomers

HPLC study of chlorin e6 and its molecular complex with polyvinyl pyrrolidone

HPLC study of fulvic acids isolated from composts and vermicomposts of different origins

HPLC study of tissue distribution of loganin in rats

HPLC with a graphitized carbon column Separation of chitooligosaccharides and glycopeptides

HPLC with carbohydrate carbamate chiral phases Influence of chiral phase structure on enantioselectivity

HPLC with laser induced fluorescence for the quantitation of gamma-cholesteryloxybutyric acid in rat liver tissue

HPLC, LC-MS and CE analysis for the investigation of metabolism of the antiallergic/antiasthmatic agent azelastine

HPLC, NMR and MALDI-TOF MS analysis of condensed tannins from Lithocarpus glaber leaves with potent free radical scavenging activity

HPLC-APCI-MS for the determination of teprenone in human plasma Method and clinical application

HPLC-DAD determination of benzo pyrene in waste gas

HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS analysis and antioxidant activities of nonanthocyanin phenolics in mulberry

HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS analysis and antioxidant activities of nonanthocyanin phenolics in mulberry Morus alba L

HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS analysis in leaves of 22 tea of polyphenols and purine alkaloids cultivars in China

HPLC-DAD-MS fingerprint of Andrographis paniculata Nees

HPLC-ED determination of catecholamines and their metabolites in urine

HPLC-ELISA and MS as complementary techniques to study plant hormone metabolites

HPLC-ESI+-MS/MS analysis of N7-guanine-N7-guanine DNA cross-links in tissues of mice exposed to 1,3-butadiene

HPLC-ESI-MS/MS validated method for simultaneous quantification of zopiclone and its metabolites, N-desmethyl zopiclone and zopiclone-N-oxide in human plasma

HPLC-F analysis of melatonin and resveratroll isomers in wine using an SPE procedure

HPLC-ICP atomic emission spectrometry in environmental analysis

HPLC-ICP-MS and HPLC-ES-MS/MS characterization of synthetic seleno-arsenic compounds

HPLC-ICP-MS speciation analysis of arsenic in urine of Japanese subjects without occupational exposure

HPLC-MS analysis and anti-oedematogenic activity of Hypericum grandifolium Choisy

HPLC-MS analysis and anti-oedematogenic activity of Hypericum grandifolium choisy Hypericaceae

HPLC-MS analysis of adducts between DNA nucleosides and cytotoxic platinum derivatives

HPLC-MS characterization of cyclo-statherin Q-37, a specific cyclizatin product of human salivary statherin generated by transglutaminase 2

HPLC-MS of anthraquinolds, flavonoids, and their degradation products in analysis of natural dyes in archeological objects

HPLC-MS validation of QualisaFoo R biosensor kit for cost-effective control of acrylarnide levels in Italian coffee

HPLC-MS/MS characterization of suramin analogs

HPLC-MS/MS determination of GABA in brain microdialysis A pharmacologic application

HPLC-MS/MS identification and quantification of heptylstigmine metabolites in human plasma and urine

HPLC-MS/MS identification of tryptophan-derived tetrahydro-beta-carboline derivatives in food

HPLC-MS/MS method for analysis of isoproturon in difficult matrix poppy seeds

HPLC-MS/MS method for determination of tepraloxydim and its major metabolites in soil and sediment

HPLC-MSn and GC-MS methods to study sunlight and UV-lamp, degradations of 1-amino-5-naphthalene sulfonate

HPLC-NMR with severe column overloading Fast-track metabolite identification in urine and bile samples from rat and dog treated with -ZD6126

HPLC-Receptorgram A comprehensive method for identification of veterinary drugs and their active metabolites

HPLC-SPE-NMR characterization of sesquiterpenes in an antimycobacterial fraction from Warburgia salutaris

HPLC-UV and HPLC-MSn multiresidue determination of amidosulfuron, azimsulfuron, nicosulfuron, rimsulfuron, thifensulfuron methyl, tribenuron methyl and azoxystrobin in surface waters

HPLC-UV assay method for clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride as drug substance and oral solution

HPLC-UV method for determination of tepraloxydim major metabolites in soil and sediment

HPLC-UV method for the quantitation of nevirapine in human plasma, serum, and milk following solid phase extraction

HPLC-aided pigment analysis

HPLC-assisted searching for potential antitumor agents for Crossosoma bigelovii

HPLC-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization MS/MS for quantification of 15-F-2t-isoprostane in human urine and plasma

HPLC-based analysis of serum N-glycans on a 96-well plate platform with dedicated database software

HPLC-based mRNA differential display

HPLC-based measurement of the chelator 1,2-dimethyl-3-hydroxy-pyrid-4-one and its iron complex for pharmacokinetic studies in humans

HPLC-based quality control of cytarabine preparations

HPLC-chip-mass spectrometry for protein signature identifications

HPLC-determination of lamotrigine and hydroxy-carbazepine in serum by automated sample extraction using a restricted access precolumn

HPLC-determination of the analgesic drug etodolac and its metabolites in proband urine as well as stereoselective determination of its main metabolites

HPLC-electrochemical array detection of protein oxidation and nitration products in CNS tissue

HPLC-electrochemical detection with graphite-poly electrode determination of the fungicides thiram and disulfiram

HPLC-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry for rapid determination of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase activity

HPLC-fingerprinting as a quantitative method to estimate phytoplankton assemblages in waters of different trophic state

HPLC-fluorescence detection and MEKC-LIF detection for the study of amino acids and catecholamines labelled with naphthalene-2,3-dicarboxyaldehyde

HPLC-fluorescence method for albuterol in metered dose inhalers

HPLC-fluorescence method to determine the residue to emamectin benzoate and its 8,9-Z isomer on soil

HPLC-fluorometric determination of XL843 in dog plasma

HPLC-isocratic study of the separation and determination of phenolphthalein and its metabolite, phenolphthalein-glucuronic acid, as markers of enterohepatic circulation

HPLC-photodiode array detection analysis of curcuminoids in Curcuma species indigenous to Indonesia

HPLC-purification of functional CHIP28 water channels for determination of secondary structure by CD and FTIR spectroscopy

HPLC-screening method to determine the adsorption coefficient in soil-comparison of immobilized humic acid and clay phases for cyanopropyl columns

HPLC-separation of some mandelic acid ester derivatives using alpha-1-acid glycoprotein

HPLC-solid phase ELISA demonstrates the present of both prothymosin alpha and thymosin alpha-1 in normal peripheral blood lymphocytes and CEM T cell lymphoma cells

HPLC-tandem mass spectrometric method to characterize resveratrol metabolism in humans

HPLC-thermospray-mass spectrometric analysis of piscicidal toxicants

HPLC/DAD/ESI-MS analysis of non-volatile constituents of three Brazilian chemotypes of Lippia alba N E Brown

HPLC/ESMS investigation of pH-dependent stability and acyl migration of an acylglucuronide in aqueous solutions

HPLC/MS and HPLC/NMR as hyphenated techniques for accelerated characterization of the main constituents in Chamomile

HPLC/MS method for simultaneous determination of sirolimus and cyclosporine in blood samples

HPLC/NMR determination of the rate of 5-aminolevulinic acid decomposition and identification of breakdown products in intravenous formulation media

HPLC/UV quantitation of retinal, retinol, and retinyl esters in serum and tissues

HPLC/colorimetric oxalic acid quantification and ESI localizations of P, C and Fe from Postia placenta grown on agar or wood blocks in liquid culture

HPLC/vapor generation/ICPMS of selenium metabolites relevant to human urine - selective determination of trimethylselenonium ion

HPMA copolymer bound meso-chlorin e6 in combination therapy of experimental ovarian carcinoma

HPMA copolymer platinates as novel anti-cancer agents

HPMA-based tumor delivery Pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity of the first MAG-phe-leu-gly-CPT soluble derivative

HPMC hydrophilic matrix systems Effect of degree of substitution on swelling behaviour and water mobility

HPMC hydrophilic matrix systems Structure-activity relationships and release behaviour of diclofenac sodium

HPMC tablet containing ion exchange resins

HPMPC , PMEA and related acyclic nucleoside phosphonate analogues A review of their pharmacology and clinical potential in the treatment of viral infections

HPMPC, trifluridine and foscarnet activity in vitro against acyclovir resistant and sensitive HSV isolates from patients with AIDS

HPMS1 is a novel, frequently targeted myositis autoantigen which is cleaved by granzyme B but not by caspases during apoptosis

HPRS-103 has an env gene related to those of endogenous elements EAV-0 and E51 and an E element found previously only in sarcoma viruses

HPRT T-lymphocyte assay monitoring of chemotherapeutic toxicity in pediatric oncology patients

HPRT gene mutation and expression of DNA-repair gene ERCC1 in replication error positive cells after exposure to carcinogen

HPRT minigene generates chimeric transcripts as a by-product of gene targeting

HPRT mutant frequency in circulating T-lymphocytes in normal and at risk groups in the human population

HPRT mutation frequency in T-lymphocytes from mice irradiated in vivo Role of dose rate, radiation quality and survival time

HPRT mutations in human T-cells as probes for fundamental cellular and molecular processes

HPRT- mutant T cells in the peripheral blood and synovial tissue of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

HPRT-mutation of Chinese hamster irs1SF cells belonging to XRCC3 and the involvement of a human chromosome 14 for the restoration of radiation resistance

HPRT-mutations in Italian Lesch-Nyhan patients

HPS-7/13 A promising TPS hybrid for potato production in northern hills of Chhattisgarh-MP

HPTH-fragment- , the preparation thereof, medicaments containing same and the use thereof

HPTLC A complementary successful method for the elucidation of organic reaction mechanisms Cyclic amidines

HPTLC Analysis of Antibiotics in Fish Feed

HPTLC Assay of acetylsalicylic acid and the impurity salicylic acid in pharmaceuticals

HPTLC Detection and Determination of Clobetasol Propionate in Topical Cream

HPTLC analysis of neutral lipids in the intestinal mucosa, serum, and liver of ICR mice infected with Echinostoma caproni and of worm excretory-secretory products

HPTLC and GC-MS for separation and identification of eugenol in plants

HPTLC as a reference method in clinical chemistry On-line coupling with spectroscopic methods

HPTLC assay of cephalexin and cefaclor in pharmaceuticals

HPTLC characterization of newly synthesized zinc coordination compounds

HPTLC determination of apigenin in some Iranian liquid products of Matricaria chamomilla L

HPTLC determination of ascorbic acid in fruits of the genera Ribes, Rubus, and Vaccinium

HPTLC determination of catechins in different clones of the genus Salix

HPTLC determination of catechins in in-vitro cultures of two species of the genus Phyllanthus

HPTLC determination of neutral lipids and phospholipids in Lymnaea elodes

HPTLC determination of neutral lipids in Echinostoma caproni, Echinostoma trivolvis, and Zygocotyle lunata

HPTLC determination of stigmasterol and tocopherol acetate in Leptadenia Reticulata and in its formulation

HPTLC determination of ursolic acid in Alstonia scholaris R Br

HPTLC discrimination of 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamines of the ecstasy group using o-benzenesulfonamido-p-benzoquinone as detection reagent

HPTLC fingerprint analysis of Momordica charantia, Curcuma longa, Emblica officinalis, and their mixtures

HPTLC for monitoring the kinetics of formation of quinoxaline derivatives 2 Benzoquinoxalinone derivatives

HPTLC in the quantitative assay of drugs

HPTLC method for determination of colchicine in a pharmaceutical formulation

HPTLC method for quantification of apigenin in the dried root powder of Gmelina arborea Linn

HPTLC quantitation of camptothecin in Nothapodytes foetida Wight Sleumer stem powder

HPTLC, with UV and MS detection, and preparative-layer chromatography for analysis and purification of synthesis products

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