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Mode of action of fenpropimorph fenpropidin and tridemorph in fusarium spp

, : Mode of action of fenpropimorph fenpropidin and tridemorph in fusarium spp. Pesticide Science. 30(3): 360-363

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Other Research

Proportions and harvest of the small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata Mill.) in state forest of the Mazurian Lake District

The life histories and developmental morphology of two species of Gloiosiphonia (Rhodophyta: Cryptonemiales, Gloiosiphoniaceae) from the Pacific coast of North America

Preliminary studies of weberine and its congeners of neuro muscular transmission

Stiff man syndrome associated with nocturnal myo clonus and epilepsy: A 52 yr old man with muscle rigidity in his legs reported with stiff-man syndrome associated with primary generalized epilepsy. In addition, nocturnal polygraphic recording revealed a nocturnal myoclonus. Detailed examination of the CNS did not sh...

Dinoflagellate cysts, paleoproductivity and upwelling systems: A Late Cretaceous example from Israel: Diverse assemblages of dinoflagellate cysts occur in Coniacian-Maastrichtian sedimentary sequences in Israel, which represent the inner (shallower) and outer (deeper, seaward) belt of a Late Cretaceous upwelling system along the margin of the sout...

The use of antioxidants for improving the bleached brightness of mechanical pulps

Investigations into the incidence of field colic: This investigation was undertaken to compare the accuracy of different methods of collecting data on the incidence of colic. The results of an historical cohort technique and a questionnaire survey were compared with those obtained from a prospect...

Cell contacts between follicle cells and the oocyte of helisoma mollusca pulmonata: The cell contacts between follicle cells and follicle cells and oocytes of egg-laying populations of H. duryi and non-egg-laying populations of H. trivcolvus were studied. Scanning electron microscopy reveals that 4-6 follicle cells envelop a sing...

Choice of sheep and cattle between vegetative and reproductive cocksfoot patches: Unexploited reproductive areas appear in pastures when grazing pressure is low. This study was made to determine how sward height in vegetative patches and fasting influence the ability of sheep and cattle to feed on these areas of low quality but...

Effect of potassium fertilizing on yield and lodging of maize: In a loamy soil poor in N and P but rich in K, 40 kg/ha K reduced lodging and increased yield of maize.

Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen. Report for the academic year 1958-1959: utilization by ruminants of protein and nitrogenous compounds in grass products and concentrates, and the addition of fat to concentrates (20). Nitrogenous constituents of leaves (21). Proteinases of forage plants (32). Vitamin E in pig feeding (2...

Preservative Treatment of Wood

Geochemical background Can we calculate it?: The term "background" is discussed and a definition is suggested to put an end to the currently unsatisfying (non-) definition of geochemical or natural background. Based on the requirements stated in the definition, several simple and robust stat...

Symposium on detection of nutrition deficiencies in man. Proceedings of the Scottsdale, Ariz. conference sponsored by the National Vitamin Foundation, Inc., New York City: GOODHART, R. S. (513), introduction; PEARSON, W. N. (514-525), vitamins in blood and urine as indexes of body stores; SAUBERLICH, H. E. (528-542), interpretation of biochemical alterations in thiamine deficiency; LINKSWILER, H. (547-557), biochemi...

Haem homeostasis is regulated by the conserved and concerted functions of HRG-1 proteins: Haems are metalloporphyrins that serve as prosthetic groups for various biological processes including respiration, gas sensing, xenobiotic detoxification, cell differentiation, circadian clock control, metabolic reprogramming and microRNA proces...