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Mode of action of fenpropimorph fenpropidin and tridemorph in fusarium spp

Mode of action of fenpropimorph fenpropidin and tridemorph in fusarium spp

, : Mode of action of fenpropimorph fenpropidin and tridemorph in fusarium spp. Pesticide Science. 30(3): 360-363

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Crop management practices for paddy P-33 under Doon Valley conditions: In trials with rice cv. P-33 grown in standing water of 3 cm ( plus or minus 2 cm) and given 100 kg N + 40 kg P2O5 + 20 kg K2O/ha there was no significant difference in paddy yields between inter-row spacing of 15, 20 and 25 cm, between-plant spac...

Acariasis due to dermanyssus gallinae gamasoidosis in vienna austria: Four cases of gamasoidosis (avian mite dermatitis) caused by D. gallinae (De Geer 1778) were observed in an optical instrument factory in Vienna. After removal of an infected pigeon nest outside a window with a ventilator fan, no further skin lesi...

Blood parasites of the dipper Cinclus cinclus in Scotland

Floristics of a sandstone glade in western Louisiana

Late Holocene landscape evolution in the Dazzler Range: New evidence: Radiocarbon dating of a wood sample from the upper part of a sequence of coarse fluvial gravels at Branchs Creek has confirmed that accumulation of coarse fluvial gravels continued into the late Mid Holocene, prior to an influx of up to 3 m of san...

Breakage of C-Cl bond during the photoreaction of 4-chlorophenol: Under shining of light, C-Cl bond is broken off in the reaction system of 20mg/L 4-chlorophenol, Cl- ion can be determined quantitatively by IC. Under simulated sunlight,the effect of Al3+ that accelerated the breakage of C-Cl bond is more strikin...

Transfer and expression of the human interleukin-4 gene in carcinoma and stromal cell lines derived from lung cancer patients: Introduction of the interleukin-4 (IL-4) gene into cells derived from human tumor tissue provides a means for generating a specific tumor vaccine. Such a vaccine could be produced by either transducing tumor-derived stromal cells with the IL-4 vec...

River Farm Spruces Up for Eastern Performance Trials

Large-scale freezers: The history of ice-cream freezer development is outlined and various aspects of the design of large-scale units (overrun control, refrigerant circulation, product viscosity control, dasher design, pumping arrangements, etc.) are discussed.

Embryo toxicity and feto toxicity of inhaled tri chloro ethylene per chloro ethylene methyl chloroform and methylene chloride in mice and rats

Protoclepsis tesselata (O. F. Mailer). Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis von Bau und Lebensweise der Hirudineen

Combined magnetic resonance imaging and spectrometry for characterization of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma (Capan-1) heterotransplanted in nude mice: Human pancreatic cancer cells (Capan-1 cell line) were heterotransplanted subcutaneously into nude mice. The resulting macroscopically visible tumours were analyzed by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry in a search for characteristic p...

Landscape-ecological evaluation of the flood plain of the River March (Morava) with regard to hare (Lepus europaeus Pallas) and roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.)

The analysis of cell cycle phenomena in stochastic cell populations

Comparative properties of the single chain antibody and Fv derivatives of mAb 4-4-20: Relationship between interdomain interactions and the high affinity for fluorescein ligand: Recombinant Fv derivative of the high affinity murine anti-fluorescein monoclonal antibody 4-4-20 was constructed and expressed in high yields, relative to the single chain antibody (SCA) derivative (2-3-fold), in Escherichia coli. Both variable h...