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Biology, Geography & Health Sciences Research: Section 35

Section 35 provides bibliographic information on scholarly research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thrombotic microangiopathy a case report and review of the literature

Thymic oxytocin receptors during development and after steroid treatments in adults

Thyroid diseases in patients infected by HCV or HBV viruses

Thyroid status alters gill ionic metabolism and chloride cell morphology as evidenced by scanning electron microscopy in a teleost Anabas testudineus Bloch Short and long term in vivo study

Tick control A standardized terminology

Tilmicosin in cattle metabolism and tissue residues

Time course of pulmonary arterial myosin light chain phosphorylation in response to a variety of agonists

Time resolved x ray diffraction studies on intact single muscle fiber of rana temporaria during rapid length changes

Time-lapse video microscopy of stress fiber formation in response to microtubule depolymerization

Timing of myocardial functional recovery after primary stent treatment for acute evolving myocardial infarction

Tissue and organ culture and regeneration in arachis hypogaea and its wild relatives

Tissue expansion to cover amputation stumps A case report

Tissue selective inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in vitro and in vivo by pravastatin sodium a 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase inhibitor

Tissue-specific regulation of Sodium/Proton exchanger isoform 3 activity in Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 1 NHERF1 null mice

To discussion by D Skevington, 1968

Tobacco smoke-induced alterations of rhodanese and carboxylesterase in the olfactory mucosa of F344 rats

Tolerance of New Zealand White and Californian doe rabbits at first parity to the sub-tropical environment of Egypt

Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum Mill, cv Better Bush plant response to root restriction II Root respiration and ethylene generation

Tooth abrasion and task activity in the Natufian population of Mallaha Israel

Topical indomethacin aggravates the wealing and flare response in chronic dermographic urticaria

Topographic study of steady-state auditory evoked potentials in humans

Torfowiska jeziorne i dolinne zrodel Szczary Sur les tourbieres lacustres et fluviales aux sources de la Szczara

Total calcium intake and metabolic syndrome in middle aged women, Babol, Iran

Total quality management application to blood center nursing services impact on donor deferrals

Total synthesis of the dibenzopyrrocoline alkaloid s dextro cryptaustoline revision of absolute configuration due to an unusual inversion in stereochemistry

Toward a veterinary informatics research agenda An analysis of the PubMed-indexed literature

Towards a physical map of the fertility genes on the heterochromatic Y chromosome of Drosophila hydei Families of repetitive sequences transcribed on the lampbrush loops Nooses and Threads are organized in extended clusters of several hundred kilobases

Towards the disappearance of one of the largest foggaras of Algeria the foggara of El Meghier

Toxic properties of d limonene in the earthworm eisenia foetida

Toxicity of cadmium oxide instilled into the rat lung i metabolism of cadmium oxide in the lung and its effects on essential elements

Toxicity profile of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in three independent rat toxicology studies

Toxicology of Azadirachta indica

Trabeculectomy with 5 fluorouracil in therapy resistant glaucoma

Traceability of Asian Matsutake, specialty mushrooms produced by the ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete Ticholoma matsutake, on the basis of retroelement-based DNA markers

Tracking for underweight, overweight and obesity from childhood to adolescence a 5-year follow-up study in urban Indonesian children

Traffic and transportation planning Strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the New York Metropolitan area

Traitement multisite par toxine botulinique de Ihyperactivite musculaire chez ladulte

Transactivation of hiv 2 ltr by various hiv 2 tat genes

Transcranial electrostimulation apparatus having two electrode pairs and independent current generators

Transcription of the malic enzyme gene is increased by triiodothyronine and decreased by cyclic amp

Transcriptional elongation underload

Transcriptional regulation of the human GD3 synthase gene expression in Fas-induced Jurkat T cells a critical role of transcription factor NF-B in regulated expression

Transdermal clonidine compared to placebo in painful diabetic neuropathy using a two-stage enriched enrollment design

Transesophageal doppler mitral flow indices and ventricular relaxation

Transfer factor standardized for alveolar volume Validation, reference values and applications of a new linear model to replace KCo

Transferrin index An alternative method for calculating the iron saturation of transferrin

Transformation of prostacyclin pgi 2 to a biologically active metabolite 5 6 oxido pgi 1 by cytochrome p450 dependent epoxygenase

Transforming growth factor beta-1 induction by intramural anaerobes of the predominant colonic flora

Transfusions and erythropoiesis indicators influence serum transferrin receptor levels in premature infants

Transgenic model applications to drug discovery

Transient artifactual increase in serum iron and transferrin saturation following blood transfusion

Transient liver pathology in patients consuming water from a private well contaminated by pcbs from a submersible water pump

Transition of human breast cancer cells from an estrogen responsive to unresponsive state

Translational control of cyclin B mRNA during goldfish oocyte maturation

Transluminal implantation device

Transmission of listeria monocytogenes from mothers milk to her baby and to puppies

Transpiration, stomatal resistance and water potential in Golden Delicious apple grafted onto clonal rootstocks

Transplantation of testis-derived Sertoli cells into the mammalian brain

Transport of low and high molecular peptides across rabbit peyers patches

Transrectal ultrasonic monitoring of the prostate at voiding with reference to anterior fibromuscular stroma

Transvaginal puncture of tubal isthmic pregnancy complicated by secondary rupture a case report

Trauma of discovery Womens narratives of being informed they are HIV-infected

Travaux volcanologiques executes en Belgique et au Congo belge de 1939 a 1948; rapport presente a la huitieme Assemblee Generale de lUnion Geodesique et Geophysique Internationale, Oslo 1948

Treatment associated changes in serum IL-6, C-reactive protein, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Treatment of a previously placed autogenous masticatory mucosa graft A case report

Treatment of autoimmune neutropenia

Treatment of cocaine abuse and dependence with pharmacotherapy

Treatment of female urge incontinence with local estrogen therapy

Treatment of infection after total knee arthroplasty A case report of three cases

Treatment of mycoplasma contamination

Treatment of polyhydramnios with indomethacin

Treatment of several axial tardive dystonia with clozapine Case report and hypothesis

Treatment of tumors of the sacrum

Treatment time and ultrafiltration rate are more important in dialysis prescription than small molecule clearance

Tree species diversity and distribution patterns in tropical forests of Garo Hills

Trends in alcohol consumption patterns among whites, blacks and hispanics 1984 and 1995

Trends in the utilization of primary total hip arthroplasty, 1969 through 1990 A population-based study in Olmsted, County, Minnesota

Triangular fibrocartilage complex Diagnostic and operative arthroscopy

Trichomonacidal agents ii 4 6 disubstituted 2 cyanoaminopyrimidines carrying branched substituents

Trigeminal neurapraxia following a blow to the face A case report

Trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid -induced ileitis alters capsaicin-evoked electrolyte transport in guinea pig ileum

Trisomy 16 grafts a mouse model for alzheimers disease and down syndrome related neuropathology

TrixX structure-based molecule indexing for large-scale virtual screening in sublinear time

Trophic structure stability and extinction dynamics of beetles in tropical forest fragments

Trough to peak evaluation of lacidipine in elderly hypertensive patients

Trypanosoma cruzi Spontaneous transformation by a Y strain variant in liquid medium

Tsh action on thyroid hormone deiodination and secretion one aspect of tsh regulation of thyroid cell biology

Tuberculosis in the americas current perspectives

Tubulin delivery Polymerization chaperones for microtubule assembly?

Tumor growth modulation by sense and antisense vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression Effects on angiogenesis, vascular permeability, blood volume, blood flow, fluorodeoxyglucose uptake, and proliferation of human melanoma intracerebral xenografts

Tumor necrosis factor gene polymorphisms in Tunisian patients with Behcets disease

Tumor specific localization of anti cea monoclonal antibody 3a5 and its fab in nude mice with human colon cancer xenografts

Tumors of the urogenital system in dogs and cats Retrospective review of 138 cases

Turfgrass, crop, and weed hosts of Blissus occiduus Hemiptera Lygaeidae

Twenty five new records on Portuguese fungus gnats Diptera Sciaroidea

Two 2,4,6-trioxygenated flavanones from Artocarpus heterophyllus

Two cases of konnos operation for aortic stenosis developing after repair of interruption of the aortic arch with ventricular septal defect

Two dimensional electrophoretic protein profile associated with EMF inhibition of cytostatic effect of tamoxifen on MCF-7 cell growth

Two instances of Chinese herbal medicine poisoning in Singapore

Two new beta-class milbemycins from Streptomyces bingchenggensis fermentation, isolation, structure elucidation and biological properties

Two new species in the genus Cucullanus from the Australian region

Two new species of Ramphotyphlops from Queensland

Two new species of the genus Quedius from Algeria and Pakistan Coleoptera Staphylinidae Staphylinini Quediina

Two polymorphisms of platelet membrane glycoprotein Ibalpha are associated with arterial disease, but not with venous thrombosis

Two transcription factors involved in DNA repair in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Two-dimensional pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of yeast chromosomes Evidence for triplex-mediated DNA condensation

Type 2 helper cells infiltrate human renal cell carcinoma

Type of mutation in the neurofibromatosis type 2 gene frequently determines severity of disease

Typing of Salmonella enterica subsp enterica serovar Mbandaka isolates

Tyrosine phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and paxillin during insulin-like growth factor-I-stimulated lamellipodial advance

UMMS constrained harmonic and anharmonic analyses of macromolecules based on elastic network models

UV-irradiated and non-irradiated epidermal cells differentially upregulate early T cell activation genes

Ueber Sedimentationsrhythmen in den oberen Sprockhoeveler Schichten Namur C an Rhein und Ruhr

Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease in Children Diagnosis and management

Ultramicromethod for determining rhesus antigen in liquid blood

Ultrasonographic detection of foreign bodies An experimental study

Ultrasound guidance of bladder aspiration

Ultrastructural and cytochemical investigations on the functional role of proteinaceous nuclear inclusions in chlorenchyma plant cells

Ultrastructural evidence for post-golgi processing of pro-gastrin in human antral G cells

Ultrastructural relationships between neurons and glia modulating glutamate toxicity in cortical cultures

Ultrastructure of Joenoides intermedia Grasse 1952, a symbiotic parabasalid flagellate of Hodotermes mossambicus, and its comparison with other joeniid genera

Ultrastructure of the elasmobranch olfactory bulb circuitry

Ultraviolet-B-absorbing compound and chlorophyll concentrations in Typha latifolia leaves growing along natural light gradients

Un synclinal de trias au sommet du Pelvoux Hautes-Alpes

Uncommon primary epithelial malignancies of the vulva A clinicopathologic study of nine cases

Understanding abiotic stress tolerance mechanisms Recent studies on stress response in rice

Understanding the stratigraphic complexity of South African australopithecine cave deposits The contribution of John T Robinson

Unequal distribution of local mating opportunities in an egg parasitoid

Unidirectional reconstitution of a secondary transport protein

Uniparental disomy A review of a causes and clinical effects

Universal and language-specific in the development of speech

Unravelling the conundrums of the diabetic heart diagnosed in 1876 Prelude to genetics

Unterdruck and ueberdruck 1904

Unusual high take off of the right coronary artery from the ascending aorta

Unwarranted intravenous calcium supplementation in preterm infants

Update on clinical trials with inhaled nitric oxide

Upper Miocene trapezoidal Candoninae Crustacea, Ostracoda of the Turiec Basin Slovakia; systematics, ecology and evolution

Upregulation of TNF-alpha production by IFN-gamma and LPS in cultured canine keratinocytes Application to monosaccharides effects

Uptake and translocation of iron by native tree species in a constructed wetland treating landfill leachates

Uracil-tegafur as an adjuvant for hepatocellular carcinoma A randomized trial

Urea-appearance Critical determinant of urea-nitrogen salvage on a low-protein diet

Urethral replacement using peritoneum in the rabbit model

Urinary eosinophil protein X in children with atopic asthma

Urinary selenium excretion in infancy Comparison between term and preterm infants

Urofollitropin for ovulation induction in infertile patients a prospective, multicenter, randomized and controlled clinical trial

Ursolic, oleanolic and betulinic acids antibacterial spectra and selectivity indexes

Use of D-254 resin in heparin sodium purification

Use of a b-glucan hydrocolloidal suspension in the manufacture of low-fat Cheddar cheese manufacture, composition, yield and microstructure

Use of a stress induced promoter to enhance trichloroethylene biodegradation in nutrient limited recombinant escherichia coli

Use of antiepileptic drugs in epileptology with respect to psychiatry

Use of cgp 12177 and cgp 26505 to characterize beta adrenergic receptors in vivo

Use of didanosine in zidovudine-intolerant patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Use of fluorescent dyes, microscopy and spectrofluorometry as evidence of vesicant toxicity in human epidermal cells

Use of hypoxic and carbon dioxide sensitivity tests to predict the incidence and severity of acute mountain sickness ams at moderate altitudes 3800 m

Use of localized proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in Canavans disease

Use of nanoparticles in soil-water bioremediation processes

Use of photomicrodensitometry to analyze the nuclear cycle in Ustilago maydis

Use of recombinant human erythropoietin after bone marrow transplantation in pediatric patients with acute leukemia Effect on erythroid repopulation in autologous versus allogeneic transplants

Use of specific primers based on the 16S-23S internal transcribed spacer region for the screening Bifidobacterium adolescentis in yogurt products and human stool samples

Use of the cytomegalovirus antigenemia assay for the detection of CMV in the blood of AIDS patients

Use of transbronchial lung biopsy in the diagnosis of diffuse lung disease

Usefulness of MRI to demonstrate the mechanisms of myocardial ischemia in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with myocardial bridge

Usefulness of the initial check-up in melanoma stage I

Using a reference tissue model with spatial constraint to quantify Pittsburgh compound BPET for early diagnosis of Alzheimers disease

Using ethephon and daminozide to regulate growth and initiate flower buds on bearing red delicious trees

Using nomograms to select individual doses of ftorafur when treating patients with acute pancreatitis

Using the Natural Language Paradigm NLP to increase vocalizations of older adults with cognitive impairments

Uterine leiomyosarcoma and endometrial stromal sarcoma Lymph node metastases and sites of recurrence

Utility of gallium and labeled leukocyte scanning in infectious disease practice

Utilization of blood meal as a source of dietary protein 2 Low cost diet consisting mainly of blood meal and chicken feed for the silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Utilization of the fish ladder at the Engenheiro Sergio Motta Dam, Brazil, by long distance migrating potamodromous species

V T Morozova

VIP-induced G protein-dependent activation of eNOS in COS-1 cells co-transfected with eNOS and natriuretic peptide clearance receptor

Vaccine assembly from surface proteins of Staphylococcus aureus

Vagal stimulation prevents av reentrant tachycardia by rate dependent effects on av refractoriness

Validation and typification of Laetiporus montanus

Validation of chemical analyses of atmospheric deposition on forested sites in Europe 2 DOC concentration as an estimator of the organic ion charge

Validation of tidal volume measurements in neonates using three external respiratory monitors

Valorisation des ressources alimentaires locales dans lembouche ovine paysanne performances technico-economiques et options de diffusion

Value of intracoronary venous electrocardiogram to detect regional myocardial ischemia during intracoronary injection of acetylcholine Comparison with lactate metabolism

Valvular interstitial cells Implications for a local angiotensin system and collagen turnover

Variability and corellations of some determinants in Amaranthus hypochandriacus L

Variability of North American regulatory guidance for heavy metal contamination of residential soil

Variable carbohydrate intake during interval training Effects on stress hormones and cycling performance

Variance to mean ratio, R , for poisson processes on phylogenetic trees

Variation in chick-a-dee calls of tufted titmice, Baeolophus bicolor Note type and individual distinctiveness

Variation in randomly amplified DNA markers and storage root yield in Jewel sweetpotato clones

Variation of DAT1 VNTR Alleles and genotypes among old ethnic groups in Mesopotamia to the oxus region

Variations in concentration of fluoride in blood plasma of pregnant women and their possible consequences for amelogenesis in a fetus

Variations of the P sub n velocities of earthquake waves in the Rhine graben region

Various manifestations of aggressive behavior in some somatic and mental diseases

Vascular effects of hydroxylamines oximes and methyl hydroxylamine role of endothelium

Vascular plants of the Uroczysko Wielkie unawy

Vasoactive effects of diadenosine polyphosphates are not mediated by endothelial cells

Vasopressin content in the fluid perfusing the cerebral ventricles after vagus nerve stimulation in rats

Vecuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade during xenon and sevoflurane anesthesia in humans

Vegetation-induced, subsurface precipitation of carbonate as an aggradational process in the permanent swamps of the Okavango delta fan, Botswana

Venom gland ontogeny in Formicinae, with special reference to the pulvinate convoluted gland

Ventilatory inhibition following mild hypocapnia in humans during nrem sleep

Ventriculo peritoneal shunt in the treatment of schizencephaly with infantile spasm report of one case

Verification of the Classification and Diagnostic System of Russian Soils 2004 on the materials of a collection of soil monoliths from the VV Dokuchaev central soil museum

Vertebrate life, Fourth edition

Verticillium dahliae and Pratylenchus spp populations in potato soils and plants in Australia

Vesicular release of prolactin from preformed prolactin granules is stimulated by soluble factors from the anterior pituitary of lactating rats

Viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei during storage at 7 degrees C in fermented milk products

Victims of organized violence A symptom-oriented approach in psychotherapy

Vigna luteola and Vigna longifolia the potential of local ecotypes from humid rangelands of southern Brazil

Viral antibodies in recent onset, nonorganic psychoses Correspondence with symptomatic severity

Virgatol a new diterpene from the roots of salvia virgata

Virulence of three species of entomopathogenic nematodes to the chestnut weevil, Curculio elephas Coleoptera Curculionidae

Visceral epithelial cell alterations in focal segmental, glomerulosclerosis

Visual acuity in preschool children The Chapel Hill-Durham Day-Care Vision Study

Visual influence on learning arm dynamics

Visualization of CD146 dimerization and its regulation in living cells

Vitamin A deficiency A serious threat in Dodota district in central Ethiopia

Vitamin D status of apparently healthy schoolgirls from two different socioeconomic strata in Delhi relation to nutrition and lifestyle

Vitamin definition in drugs by HPLC

Vitrification of isolated shoot tips

Volatile components and aroma active compounds in aqueous essence and fresh pink guava fruit puree Psidium guajava L by GC-MS and multidimensional GC

Volcanism of the Kerguelen Plateau Indian Ocean; composition, evolution, and sources

Voltammetric studies with copper microelectrodes fabricated from borosilicate-coated copper microwire

Vomeronasal, olfactory, hormonal convergence in the brain Cooperation or coincidence?

Vulvar dystrophies from the dermatological point of view

Wageningen Agricultural University Papers, Vol 96 No 3 Catharanthus G Don The Madagascar periwinkle and related species

Warm springs discovered on 35 Ma oceanic crust, eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge

Water and formula fluoride concentrations Significance for infants fed formula

Water loss and surface characteristics of frozen channel catfish fillets vacuum tumbled with sodium tripolyphosphate

Water saturation and pseudolyophilization new techniques for the study of ascomycetes using scanning electron microscopy application to the morphological study of lachnum virgineum batsch fr dasyscyphus virgineus sf gray inoperculate discomycetes hyaloscyphaceae helotiales

Water-soluble pleuromutilin derivative with excellent in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activity against Gram-positive pathogens

Weak associations bias and causal inferences

Weed management guides managing weeds for biodiversity

Weight gain by middle-aged mice Dietary modification does not result in loss

Werner syndrome and biological ageing A molecular genetic hypothesis

Wetting pattern and salt distribution in drip and micro sprinkler irrigation

What do we know about the mechanisms of aromatase inhibitor resistance?

What is the best ecological approach to improve understanding of large river-floodplain system?

What price perfection? calibration and discrimination of clinical prediction models

Wheat breeding XXX Evaluation of inbred lines tolerant to aluminum, manganese and iron toxicities under field conditions

When is it time to re-educate our patients?

Which canopy tier should be sampled to determine the fertility status of Acacia mangium on BRIS soils?

White pine blister rust on limber pine in south dakota

Whole body metabolism of cysteine and glutathione and their utilization in the skin of Romney sheep Consequences for wool growth

Why and how children with dengue die?

Why is seed set very low in the rare cactus, Opuntia spinosissima, in the Florida Keys?

Wiedereinbuergerung des Habichtskauzes Strix uralensis im oberoesterreichischen Muehlviertel/Bohmerwald 2001/ 2002 Status, Monitoring, Radio-Telemetric - ein Erfahrungsbericht

Willard gibbs and the gibbs phenomenon

Wing fanning as a measure of pheromone response in the male pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Wintering shorebirds increase after kelp recovery

Wnt signalling and the actin cytoskeleton

Womens property, womens agency in Chinas new enclosure movement evidence from Zhejiang

Work organization in the Republican Center for preclinical study of new drugs

Workshop on the Biochemical Pathways in Parasites of Medical Importance

Wound healing response in the cat cornea following intrastromal photorefractive keratectomy with the picosecond laser

X linked cleft palate molecular analysis of an icelandic pedigree

X-ray diffraction analysis of tendon collagen at ambient and cryogenic temperatures Role of hydration

Xanthine oxidase potentiates Cu-induced lipid peroxidation of human plasma

Xeroderma pigmentosum a deficiency in nucleotide excision repair insights into photoproduct importance through phenotype reversion

YAC contig mapping of the U2020 deletion

Yeast protein geranylgeranyltransferase type-I Overproduction, purification, and characterization

Yield and storability of seven onion allium cepa l cultivars

Young childrens attention to dyadic conversation as modified by sociometric status

Zaleszczotki Pseudoscorpionidea masywu Babiej Gory

Zieves syndrome Description of a clinical case

Zinc supplementation reduces blood ammonia and increases liver ornithine transcarbamylase oct activity in experimental cirrhosis

Zoobathymetry and the so-called restriction in the deep-sea of some echinoderm communities

Zur Altersfolge und Faziesgliederung mitteleuropaeischer insbesonders hessischer Braunkohlen

Zweiter Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Gattung Trichobyrrhulus Ganglbauer, 1902 Coleoptera Byrrhidae

1-phenylpydrrolidin-2-ones and -thiones and 1- pydrrolidin-2-ones and -thiones which are useful in the treatment of inflammatory disease

14C-AIT-082 crosses the blood-brain barrier and is pumped out of brain by a probenecid- and verapamil-sensitive mechanism

1999 Update ACC/AHA guidelines for the management of patients with acute myocardial infarction Executive summary and recommendations A report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines

2-Methoxy-3- pyrazine, pea odour, from the marine bacterium Halomonas venusta

24 Week follow-up of patients switching from a protease inhibitor containing regimen with lamivudine and stavudine or zidovudine to an efavirenz based therapy

3-D reconstruction and detailed analysis of active zones located at the calyx of Held

3D-QSAR of peptide substrates of the mammalian peptide transporter PepT1

47,XX,UPD mat,+r pat/46,XX,UPD mat mosaicism in a girl with Silver-Russell syndrome Possible exclusion of the putative SRS gene from a 7p13-q11 region

5-fluorocytosine-induced differential gene expression in human monocytic cells

7-dodecenyl acetate A supernormal stimulus of Trichoplusia ni sex pheromone behavior

A 102 kDa protein might be involved in reduction of prothrombin time by anti-beta2 gycoprotein I antibodies with lupus anticoagulant activity

A Comparison of Visual Performance Tests in Normals and Refractive Surgery Patients

A PCR immunoassay method for the detection of Alexandrium species

A behavioral economic analysis of polydrug abuse in alcoholics Asymmetrical substitution of alcohol and cocaine

A case of 1q trisomy with mild dysmorphic features

A case of ochronosis Upper extremity involvement

A change in the distribution of recombination in intergeneric hybrids within the Lolium-Festuca complex

A combination of cyclosporin-A and interferon-gamma induces apoptosis in human gastric carcinoma cells

A comparative study of two chelating ion-exchange resins for the removal of chromium from aqueous solution

A comparison of manual and automated methods for assessing brachial artery endothelial function

A comparison of two C13 urea breath testing methods to confirm eradication of H pylori in patients with duodenal ulcers

A contradictory treatment for lysosomal storage disorders Inhibitors enhance mutant enzyme activity

A daily process investigation of college students multidimensional drinking motivations

A diversity of putative carboxylesterases are expressed in the antennae of the noctuid moth Spodoptera littoralis

A fertile amphiploid between diploid wheat and crested wheatgrass

A further new species of the leleupidiine genus Gunvorita Landin from Nepal

A glutamate-gated chloride channel subunit from Haemonchus contortus Expression in a mammalian cell line, ligand binding, and modulation of anthelmintic binding by glutamate

A homogeneous time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay for progesterone using Trace technology KRYPTOR PROGESTERONE

A linear model of motor adaptation

A mechanism by which ABO blood group may influence the concentration of plasma von Willebrand factor

A mitogenic signal triggered at an early stage of vaccinia virus infection Implication of MEK/ERK and protein kinase A in virus multiplication

A molecular test of alternative hypotheses of tetraodontiform sister group relationships using data from the RAG1 gene

A multisubunit membrane-bound hydrogenase and an NADH-dependent Fe-only hydrogenase in the fermenting bacterium Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis

A new IL-1 receptor inhibitor 139A Fermentation, isolation, physico-chemical properties and structure

A new cell cycle checkpoint activated by microtubule damage arrests cells very early in G1 phase

A new genus and a new species of longicorn beetles from China

A new method for fast proton spectroscopic imaging Spectroscopic GRASE

A new radionuclide approach for the quantification of left ventricular volumes The geometric count based method

A new species of Cymbasoma from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Central America

A new species of Theridion Walckenaer from Korea

A new subgroup of congenital disorders of glycosylation Abnormal O-glyco-sylation in congenital muscular dystrophies

A nonpathogenic GAAGGA repeat in the Friedreich gene Implications for pathogenesis

A novel approach for molecular characterization of bacterial populations from natural starter cultures

A novel gene containing a leucine zipper motif with decreased expression in HER-2/neu overexpressing breast cancer cells suppresses cell growth

A novel microcatheter approach to the ablation of atrial fibrillation Safety and feasibility in 43 patients

A novel role for TIMP-1 in the regulation of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis in prostate tumors from African-American men

A one-stop vascular clinic Initial experience of an out-patient immediate-access radioisotope limb blood flow service

A phase I/II trial to evaluate the immunogenicity of recombinant idiotype protein vaccines for the treatment of non-Hodgkins lymphoma

A pilot-scale evaluation of ultraviolet light-enhanced H2O2 oxidation of NOx emissions

A potent new antiischemic agent EGIS-8332

A project in exercise physiology for a high school student and a high school teacher

A protein interaction map for the yeast Dam1 spindle/kinetochore complex

A randomized comparison of unipolar versus bipolar recordings as a guide for segmental pulmonary vein isolation

A rare case of congenital hepatic fibrosis with severe pulmonary hypertension in an adolescent

A remote irrigation monitoring and control system for continuous move systems Part B field testing and results

A review of the genera of Pectinariidae together with a description of the Australian fauna

A role for Syk-kinase in the control of the binding cycle of the beta2 integrins in human polymorphonuclear neutrophils

A second human methionine sulfoxide reductase reducing methionine-R-sulfoxide displays a tissue expression pattern distinct from hMSRB1

A simple means of increasing muscle size after spinal cord injury A pilot study

A small sodium channel blocking factor in the cerebrospinal fluid is preferentially found in Guillain-Barre syndrome A combined cell physiological and HPLC study

A study comparing various non-invasive methods of detecting bladder cancer in urine

A study on the polymorphism of angiotensin II type I receptor gene in patients with stroke in type 2 diabetes in China

A synthetic direct thrombin inhibitor, Argatroban, as an anticoagulant for interventional cardiology Comparative clinical studies with heparin and Enoxaparin

A therapeutic RANKL vaccine induces neutralizing anti-RANKL antibodies and prevents bone loss in ovariectomized mice

A type species designation for Actilasioptera Gagne

A-seco steroids effective at treating ophthalmic pathological neovascularization and controlling intraocular pressure

ACEI, cilazaepril, reverse some risk factors for lacuna infarction patients with essential hypertension

ALK3 and SMAD4 regulate collecting duct morphogenesis in vivo

ARPP-19 mediates the post-transcriptional regulation of GAP-43 expression in PC-12 cells

Aachen keratoprosthesis Polyvinylidenfluoride as haptic for keratoprosthesis support, the effect of filament type texture and size in cell cultures

Abeta-mediated activation of the apoptotic cascade in cultured cortical neurones A role for cathepsin-L

Abnormal nocturnal blood pressure falls in elderly hypertension Clinical significance and determinants

Absence of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis DNA in intestinal tissues from Crohns disease by nested polymerase chain reaction

Abundance and diversity of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in relation to ammonium in a Chinese shallow eutrophic urban lake

Acceptability of complex microencapsulated diets by striped bass larvae

Accumulation of some nitrogen compounds in response to salt stress and their relationships with salt tolerance in rice seedlings

Acetate free buffer mitigates the inflammatory reactions due to dialysis fluid bioincompatibility

Acidic extracellular pH induces vascular endothelial growth factor in human glioblastoma cells via ERK1/2 MAPK signaling pathway Mechanism of low pH-induced VEGF

Acrocarpospora gen nov, a new genus of the order Actinomycetales

Activated airway epithelial cells induce migration of eosinophils through epithelial cell monolayer

Activation of PKC by Galphaq results in osteopenia by blocking osteoblast differentiation

Activation of mb-1 transcription by Pax-5 and Ets proteins

Activation of the pro-apoptotic protein Bak is a two-step process

Activities of hexadecylphosphocholine , AmBisome, and sodium stibogluconate against Leishmania donovani in immunodeficient scid mice

Activity-dependent plasticity of transmitter release from nerve terminals on rat fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers

Acute change of hemodynamics induced by vasoconstrictors augmented cardiovascular MAPK activity through oxidative stress in conscious rats

Acute in vivo effects of low and high doses of ethanol on hepatic nitrogen metabolism in normal man

Acute postgastric reduction surgery neuropathy A polynutritional, multisystem disorder

Acute weakness of the ankle extensors An orthopedically or a neurological problem?

Adaptive life history variation within and among unexploited populations of brook trout in southeastern Newfoundland

Additive effect of hypertension and diabetes on coronary flow reserve impairment

Adenosine receptor subtypes and vasodilatation in rat skeletal muscle during systemic hypoxia A role for A1 receptors

Adequate statistical methods to reduce the number of animals used in behavioural experiments The analysis of the behavioural transitions

Adjustable flow rate glaucoma shunt and method of using same

Adolescent boys before entering intensive football training have a greater bone mass than age and BMI matched controls

Adsorption and desorption of interferon onto colloidal hydrophobic surfaces

Advanced endglycosylation products promote an apoptosis in rat mesangial cells

Advancing age plays a significant role in the development of renal lesions in laboratory dogs

Aeromonas hydrophila and aspiration pneumonia A diverse presentation

Afternoon nap significantly affects the circadian periodicity for the time of onset of acute myocardial infarction

Age, growth and reproductive status of the European conger eel, Conger conger in Irish coastal waters

Age-related myopathy of paravertebral muscles

Aging and the hemopoietic system

Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation The biology behind the gene-jockeying tool

Akt-1 activation is required for insulin stimulation of glycogen synthesis, p85S6Kinase phosphorylation, protein synthesis but not for glucose transport in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

Alcohol intake in serotonin transporter knock-out mice

Alfimeprase Pharmacology of a novel fibrinolytic metalloproteinase for thrombolysis

All-trans retinoic acid in acute promyelocytic leukemia Long-term outcome and prognostic factor analysis from the North American Intergroup protocol

Allergic contact dermatitis from dithio-2,2-bis

Allogrooming and social rank in female Japanese macaques

Alpha- and gamma- tocotrienols are metabolized to carboxyethyl-hydroxychroman derivatives and excreted in human urine

Alpha1-adrenergic signaling mechanisms in contraction of resistance arteries

Alterations in Endogenous Histamine Production and Histamine Receptor Density at Transcriptional Levels Are Related to Hemodynamic Changes during Septic Shock

Altered HLA-G transcription in pre-eclampsia is associated with allele specific inheritance Possible role of the HLA-G gene in susceptibility to the disease

Altered neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression contributes to disease progression in Huntingtons disease transgenic mice

Alternative splicing Combinatorial output from the genome

Am I my brothers keeper? Outlining rights and responsibilities in the context of the Human Genome Diversity Project

Amide molecular clocks in drosophila proteins potential regulators of aging and other processes

Aminomethylpyrimidines as novel DPP-IV inhibitors A 105-fold activity increase by optimization of aromatic substituents

Amphibian deformities - An emerging disease

Amyloid-associated alpha-synuclein pathology in aged amyloid precursor transgenic mice

An acidic environment leads to p53 dependent induction of apoptosis in human adenoma and carcinoma cell lines Implications for clonal selection during colorectal carcinogenesis

An anionic impurity in preparations of cytochrome c interferes with assays of cationic catalysts of the dismutation of the superoxide anion radical

An audit of clinic consultation times in a cancer centre Implications for national manpower planning

An endogenous capsaicin like substance with high potency at recombinant and native vanilloid vr1 receptors

An examination of adolescents reasons for starting, quitting, and continuing to use drugs and alcohol following treatment

An improved method of bathymetric and thermographic mapping of stream environments using real-time kinematic GPS

An integrated tool to generate and present LD maps

An on-road motor vehicle emissions inventory for Denver An efficient alternative to modeling

An unusual case of carbon-nitrogen bond formation Reactivity of a C-nitroso group toward acyl chlorides

Anagrelide in essential thrombocythemia Efficacy, safety and therapeutic environment

Analysis of Ca2+ currents in putatively identified neuronal subtypes of the superior region of the hippocampus

Analysis of an irrigation district in northeastern Spain I Characterisation and water use assessment

Analysis of epithelial K+ transport in Malpighian tubules of Drosophila melanogaster Evidence for spatial and temporal heterogeneity

Analysis of light and sucrose potencies on petal coloration and pigmentation of lisianthus cultivars

Analysis of protein that is lost from primary mesenchyme cell surface during ingression in the sea urchin embryo

Analysis of the conformational transition occurring upon amyloid aggregation of the HET-S prion protein by hydrogen/deuterium exchange monitored by mass spectrometry

Analysis of topoisomerase function in bacterial replication fork movement Use of DNA microarrays

Anaphylactoid reactions to multiple parenteral iron preparations A report of a case

Anchor libraries and identification of peptide binding sequences

Anesthesia Ventilation Strategy in General Surgery with Low Tidal Volume and Possitive Pressure at the End of Expiration Is Associated with Higher Arterial Oxygen Pressure Than Ventilation with High Tidal Volumen without Peep

Angiogenic growth factors expression of in-vivo human aortic endothelial cells within gas-plasma treated implants

Angiotensin II signals to phospholipase D in the spontaneously hypertensive and Wistar-Kyoto rats by pharmacologically distinct mechanisms

Animal ethics and the argument from absurdity

Annexin binding protein

Anoplodactylus petiolatus and Hydractinia echinata Observations on galls, feeding behaviour and the hosts defence

Anterior asymmetry, defensiveness, and perceptions of parental caring Implications for physical illness and mental wellness

Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody therapy for autoimmune hemolytic anemia following T cell-depleted, haplo-identical stem cell transplantation

Anti-class II antibodies in kidney transplant patients

Anti-paramyxovirus screening method and vaccine

Antibacterial characterization and mode of action of new oxazolidinone-quinolone hybrids

Antibodies for detection of water treatment polymers

Anticancer chemosensitization and radiosensitization by the novel poly polymerase-1 inhibitor AG14361

Antiferritin single-chain Fv fragment is a functional protein with properties of a partially structured state Comparison with the completely folded VL domain

Antihyperalgesic Effect of a Pre-Emptive Peripheral Nerve Block with Clonidine and Lidocaine in a Validated Animal Model of Postoperative Pain

Antimicrobial resistance of 1,113 Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from patients with respiratory tract infections in Spain Results of a 1-year multicenter surveillance study

Antioxidant and anticancer activity of extract from Betula platyphylla var japonica

Antiphospholipid antibodies and RA Presence of beta2GP1 independent aCL

Antisense modulation of BCL-X expression

Antitumor effects of bosentan, a novel endothelin receptor inhibitor, on melanoma cells

Aortic distensibility is independently correlated with exercise tolerance in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

Apolipoprotein E and atherosclerosis Insight from animal and human studies

Apoptosis in granulosa cells during follicular atresia relationship with steroids and insulin-like growth factors

Apospory and parthenogenesis may be uncoupled in Poa pratensis A cytological investigation

Apparatus and methods for METS measurement by accelerometer and minute ventilation sensors

Apparatus for the micro-dissection of tissue

Application of TNF receptor ameliorates cardiac and renal end-organ damage in Ang II-dependent hypertension independent of blood pressure

Application of multirow spiral computed tomographic scanning to detect pulmonary vein stenosis in patients undergoing circumferential ultrasound balloon ablation

Applications of seed gums in pharmaceutical formulations

Aquaporin-1 biogenesis involves dynamic interactions between TM segments and ER translocation machinery

Archaeomeryx Morphofunctional analysis and ecology

Are moth numbers declining? Evidence from moth trapping in Headingley , West Yorkshire

Argenteum mutant reveals mesophyll as driving force in pea leaflet expansion

Array-based screening identifies differential expression of heat shock proteins in human atherosclerotic lesions

Arterialisation of the portal vein improves hepatic parenchymal microcirculation in cirrhosis through stimulation of nitric oxide

Artificial reefs for shellfish habitat Results and ideas to date

Asp-99 is the surrogate catalytic base in the D38A mutant of 3-oxo-DELTA5-steroid isomerase

Assay of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity in rat brain by high-performance liquid chromatography using glyoxal as a fluorescence derivatizing reagent

Assessing physical activity in people with multiple sclerosis using three complimentary approaches Physiological, psychological and medical

Assessment of Swiss needle cast disease Temporal and spatial investigations of fungal colonization and symptom severity

Assessment of genetic management at three specific-pathogen-free rhesus macaque colonies

Assessment of regional LV function by a digital scintillator-photodiode camera with rotating chair system from gated myocardial SPECT A study of dynamic myocardial phantom

Assessment tools for physician knowledge and clinical skill in diagnosis of ankle and knee injuries

Association between child-care and acute diarrhea A study in Portuguese children

Association of HOPA polymorphisms with major depression and phobia

Association of interstitial deletion of chromosome 7 with shrinkage of uterine leiomyoma treated with GnRH agonist

Association study of the glutamate receptor GRIK2 gene in three independent populations of schizophrenic patients

Astrocytomas of the cerebellum in children

Ataxic form of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy

Atp channel activation increases the vulnerability of hippocampal neurons to amyloid beta peptide and glutamate

Attention deficits in aphasia Presence, nature, assessment, and treatment

Attraction of a leaf beetle to damaged host plants

Auditory neuropathy in Friedreich ataxia A report of two cases

Autoantibodies against the beta1-adrenoceptor from serum of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy increase action potential duration, L-Type Ca2+ current and contractility in cardiomyocytes

Autologous blood donation for surgery in inflammatory bowel disease A report of six cases

Automated solution injection-discharge system and automated peritoneal dialysis system

Autoradiographic and confocal laser microscopic observation revealed that lafutidine binds to endothelial cells and enteric nerves, as well as gastric parietal cells

Avian physiological ecology Old questions, new systems and new approaches

Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoroethane, pentafluoropropane, methylbutane and water

BCG scar and positive tuberculin reaction associated with reduced child mortality in West Africa A non-specific beneficial effect of BCG?

BPDE-induced DNA adducts and susceptibility to head and neck cancer

Baclofen reduce alcohol craving and intake in alcoholics An open clinical study

Bacterial removal of perchlorate and nitrate

Balancing pharmacokinetics and efficacy following oxazolidinone treatment in a chinchilla model of acute otitis media

Barriers and motivational factors for physical activity adherence in elderly people in developing country

Basic fibroblast growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor in uveal melanoma

Bcl-2 inhibition of neural cell mitochondrial permeability transition and cytochrome C release

Behavioral activity of catnip essential oil components to the German cockroach

Behaviour of pigs

Beneficial effects of pravastatin initiated immediately after a coronary event study

Benzimidazole compounds as bradykinin antagonists

Beta subunits of the Na+,K+-ATPase in Xenopus laevis

Beta-endorphin binding and regulation of cytokine expression in langerhans cells

Beyond rates The tragedy of suicide in Pakistan

Bifunctional recombinant proteins in cancer therapy Cell penetrating peptide aptamers as inhibitors of growth factor signaling

Bile salts do not promote pseudointimal hyperplasia following transjugular interhepatic portasystemic shunts

Binding of protein phosphatase 1 to the Na-K-Cl cotransporter

Bioaerosols from composting facilities

Biochemical characterisation of cap-poly synergy in rabbit reticulocyte lysates The eIF4G-PABP interaction increases the functional affinity of eIF4E for the capped mRNA 5-end

Biocompatibility of polycations In vitro agglutination and lysis of red blood cells and in vivo toxicity

Biodiversity of macroinvertebrate communities as describer of hydraulic variabiliy The example of two by-passed sections of the Middle Rhone River

Biographical memoir on Joseph Needham

Biological control of root rots in field pea

Biologically active composition

Biomechanical characteristics of human cataract nuclei

Biorational repellents obtained from terpenoids for use against arthropods

Biotechnology for the animal science classroom Development of an inquiry-based curricula for undergraduate and graduate students

Birds on the Farne Islands in 2001

Bizarre uterine leiomyomas Ki-67 activity and DNA ploidy

Blockade of AMPA receptors and volatile anesthetics Reduced anesthetic requirements in GluR2 null mutant mice for loss of the righting reflex and antinociception but not minimum alveolar concentration

Blood gas changes in the corpora cavernosa Metabolic and histomorphometric implications in the patient with erectile dysfunction

Blood-based reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction assays for prostatic specific antigen Long term follow-up confirms the potential utility of this assay in identifying patients more likely to have biochemical recurrence following radical prostatectomy

Body mass index and cardiovascular disease in the Asia-Pacific Region an overview of 33 cohorts involving 310 000 participants

Bone fixation assembly

Bone mineral density in the first decade after liver transplantation

Borrelia antigen

Bovine herpesvirus-1 recombinant expressing PrV gB and gC induce type 1 predominant immune response in BALB/c mice

Brain amino acids during hyponatremia in vivo Clinical observations and experimental studies

Brain to blood efflux transport of adenosine blood-brain barrier studies in the rat

Breast cancer cell line stimulates PSMA-expression in microvascular endothelial cells

Breeding in calcium-poor habitats Are there any extra costs?

Broad-spectrum and selective serine protease inhibitors prevent expression of platelet-derived growth factor-BB and cerebral vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage Vasospasm caused by cisternal injection of recombinant platelet-derived growth factor-BB

Bsoft An integrated rational approach to software development for structural biology

Buried emanation Benjamin Barringers prostate implants of 1915-1930

C-Jun N-terminal kinase 1 is required for cordycepin-mediated induction of G2/M cell-cycle arrest via p21WAF1 expression in human colon cancer cells

C13-norisoprenoid glucoconjugates from lulo leaves

CCAAT enhancer-binding protein beta and GATA-4 binding regions within the promoter of the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein gene are required for transcription in rat ovarian cells

CD36 in atherosclerosis The role of a class B macrophage scavenger receptor

CD81 on T cells enhances T-B cell interactions leading to antigen-specific Th2 responses

CGS 34226, a thiol-based dual inhibitor of endothelin converting enzyme-1 and neutral endopeptidase 2411

COMT polymorphism impairs working memory and increases risk for schizophrenia

CT tailored for assessment of microscopic hematuria

Ca2+ signaling in freshly dissociated and cultured human eccrine sweat gland epithelial cells

Caffeine citrate for the treatment of apnea of prematurity A double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Calcium blockers to treat proliferative vitreoretinopathy

Calcium-dependent activation of phospholipase C by mechanical distension in renin-expressing As41 cells

Caloric intake in medical ICU patients Consistency of care with guidelines and relationship to clinical outcomes

Can biological invertebrate traits resolve effects of multiple stressors on running water ecosystems?

Can turbidity caused by Corophium volutator activity be used to assess sediment toxicity rapidly?

Cancer risk in hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer due to MSH6 mutations Impact on counseling and surveillance

Cannabinoid receptor 1 binding activity and quantitative analysis of Cannabis sativa L smoke and vapor


Carbon and nitrogen reserve remobilization following defoliation Nitrogen and elevated CO2 effects

Carboxyterminal propeptide of type I procollagen in ELF Elevation in asbestosis, but not in pleural plaque disease

Cardiac expression of TNFalpha is associated with upregulation of the Fas receptor on cardiac myocytes and increased myocyte apoptosis in non human primates with AIDS cardiomyopathy

Cardiac troponin I during extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation Evidence for ongoing myocardial necrosis in the injured heart

Cardiovascular benefit of cholesterol-lowering therapy Does improved endothelial vasodilator function matter?

Caridina trifasciata, a new species of freshwater shrimp from Hong Kong

Cartilaginous tumors of the hand Proposal for a new classification system

Case-control studies of the efficacy of screening tests designed to prevent the incidence of cancer

Catalase-deficient tobacco plants Tools for in planta studies on the role of hydrogen peroxide

Cathelicidin family of antimicrobial peptides Proteolytic processing and protease resistance

Cattle as biomonitors of soil arsenic, copper, and zinc concentrations in Galicia

CdS-sensitized TiO2 in phenazopyridine photo-degradation catalyst efficiency, stability and feasibility assessment

Cell cycle arrest during measles virus infection A G0-like block leads to suppression of retinoblastoma protein expression

Cell proliferation induced by C5b-9 is mediated by RGC-32 via activation of CDC2 kinase

Cell-type specificity of mGluRs activation in striatal neuronal subtypes

Cellular localization of electron transport systems in Geobacter sulfurreducens

Central access cannulation device

Centromere satellites from Arabidopsis populations

Cerebral blood flow, hemoglobin oxygenation, and water diffusion changes during stroke Fingerprinting with near-infrared spectroscopy and MRI

Cerivastatin enhanced mRNA and protein expression of the inducible NO synthase in rat mesangial cells

Challenged by the small screen - responding to HIV - positive people on video in KwaZulu-Natal

Changes in access to mental health care among the poor and nonpoor Results from the health care reform in Puerto Rico

Changes in food cravings during dieting

Changes in physical performance and medical measures following a mandatory fire fighter wellness program

Changes in the hormone milieu with cancer-driven adipose loss

Changes with time in the short chain fatty acid profile during in vitro incubations of feeds with rumen fluid and their effect on the prediction of ATP production

Characterisation of a microdeletion in Xp1123 associated with X-linked retinitis pigmentosa and psychosis in a small family

Characteristics and outcome of patients presenting with ST elevation MI ineligible for reperfusion therapy in the Tetami study

Characteristics of women exposed and unexposed to environmental tobacco smoke in a general population sample of North Italy

Characterization of FAK/Grb7 signaling in cell migration

Characterization of a complex between biotin synthase and flavodoxin

Characterization of acute myeloid leukemia with MLL rearrangements Low incidence of coexpression of lymphoid-associated antigen on leukemic blasts

Characterization of cyanogenesis in Australian eucalypts

Characterization of inhibitory neuronal P2Y receptors

Characterization of p30 multigene family of Ehrlichia canis

Characterization of the B*5002-Cw*0602-DRB1*0406-DQB1*0402 Haplotype Impact on the unrelated-bone marrow donor search strategy

Characterization of the intestinal differentiation marker keratin polypeptide 20

Characterization of tyramine/octopamine receptors in Caenorhabditis elegans and Ascaris suum

Chelators that predominantely form a single stereoisomeric species upon coordination to a metal center

Chemical inducible promoter used to obtain transgenic plants with a silent marker

Chemoattractant activation of beta2 integrins and 5-lipoxygenase regulates neutrophil adhesion, migration, and oxidative burst

Chemoselective glycosylation based on difference in the reactivities of ethyl and p-tolyl thioglycosides

Child development services in Medicaid managed care organizations What does it take?

Chimera Construction of chimeric sequences for phylogenetic analysis

Chlamydia pneumoniae infection is a risk factor for non-cardioembolic ischaemic stroke in young patients

Cholangiocarcinoma has high telomerase enzyme expression A novel finding using telomerase immunohistochemistry A potential early biomarker

Cholinergic stimulation increases reflex bradycardia in normal rats

Chromatography in pharmaceutical chemistry

Chromosome 4 hyperploidy represents an early genetic aberration in premalignant Barretts oesophagus

Chronic and acute optic nerve sheath fenestration in monkeys using the free electron laser

Chronic hepatitis C in patients with functioning kidney graft

Chronic pelvic pain The assessment as therapy

Churg-Strauss syndrome The use of cyclophosphamide in mononeuritis

Circadian rhythm in colchicine-induced apoptosis in mouse duodenal crypts

Circumferential martius urethral wrap with vaginal urethrolysis for recurrent urethral hypersuspension

Clarithromycin has immune-enhancing effects on whole human blood against macrolide-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae

Cleaning method utilizing ozonated water and apparatus for producing ozonated water

Clinical Ligand Assay Society 29th National Meeting, Baltimore, MD, USA, May 7-10, 2003

Clinical and pharmacogenomic data mining 2 A simple method for the combination of information from associations and multivariances to facilitate analysis, decision, and design in clinical research and practice

Clinical course of concurrent lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia and common variable immunodeficiency

Clinical factors versus autoantibodies in the classification of diabetes Type

Clinical outcome and influencing factors of a new short-term quadruple therapy for Helicobacter pylori eradication A randomized controlled trial

Clinical relevance of thiamine status amongst hospitalized elderly patients

Clinical trials of new antipsychotics A critical appraisal

Clinicopathologic findings associated with Lagenidium sp infection in 6 dogs Initial description of an emerging oomycosis

Cloning and characterizaion of a guinea pig GnRH receptor

Cloning and expression of aquaporin-2 in the spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis

Cloning of a novel type-2 sulfonylurea receptor -like cDNA and its promoter from primary rat mesangial cells and whole rat kidney

Clopidogrel loading dose regimens Kinetic profile of pharmacodynamic response in healthy subjects

Clusterisation of CDNA array gene expression profile of Epstein Barr virus in Burkitt cell lines

Coagulation abnormalities in the carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome Case report and review of the literature

Cochliobolus heterostrophus and Fusarium graminearum Evidence for a common virulence factor

Cognitive and communicative capacities of Grey parrots Implications for the enrichment of many species

Colchicine, an efficient genome-doubling agent for maize microspores cultured in anthero

Collateral sensitive MRI Clinical experience in patients undergoing different experimental angiogenic treatments

Colony assay for phage-displayed libraries

Combination cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil and radiation therapy for locally advanced unresectable or medically unfit bladder cancer cases A southwest oncology group study

Combinatorial RNA interference indicates GLH-4 can compensate for GLH-1; these two P granule components are critical for fertility in C elegans

Combined interferon and ribavirin therapy in patients with recurrent chronic hepatitis C after liver transplantation

Combretastatin A-4 disodium phosphate and mild hyperthermia An effective combination for improving radiation therapy

Commentary on long-term outcome of percutaneous transhepatic cholangioscopic lithotomy for hepatolithiasis

Communication of information concerned with regulation of alpha-MSH secretion from the amphibian pars intermedia in cold environment

Comparative activity of clinafloxacin alone and in combination with other drugs against Gram-positive and -negative bacteria

Comparative cytotoxicity of Auger electron therapy, gamma-radiation and chemotherapeutics against EGFR-positive breast cancer cells

Comparative genomics of Arabidopsis and Brassica Its application to gene discovery and annotation in Arabidopsis

Comparative proximate body composition of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, parr from fluvial and lacustrine habitats of Conne River, Newfoundland

Comparative survey of PAHs and metals in Detroit and New Orleans soils

Comparison between manual and automated colony counts using the new Qcount system

Comparison of MRSA-Screen latex agglutination and the NCCLS oxacillin break point to detect mecA-positive strains of coagulase-negative staphylococci

Comparison of biochemical and molecular testing for Tay-Sachs disease

Comparison of dobutamine stress echocardiography and ECG for detection of coronary artery disease in high-risk renal transplant candidates

Comparison of hypoglycaemia awareness and hormonal counterregulation during induced controlled hypoglycaemia A contribution to the assessment of hypoglycaemia awareness in type 1 diabetics

Comparison of mutation detection methods for the connexin 26 gene

Comparison of resistance and conduit vessel nitric oxide-mediated vascular function in vivo effects of exercise training

Comparison of the antimicrobial activity of honey produced by Tetragonisca angustula and Apis mellifera from different phytogeographic regions of Costa Rica

Comparison of the reproducibility of visual or spectrophotometric reading for the in vitro susceptibility testing of filamentous fungi

Comparison of vasoreactivity and glucose utilization between haemodynamic ischaemia and crossed cerebellar diaschisis

Competition of apo and plasminogen in vascular remodeling

Complete genomic structure of the mouse cathepsin K gene and its localization next to the Arnt gene on mouse chromosome 3

Complexes and combinations of fetuin with therapeutic agents

Composition and abundance of invertebrate benthic fauna in Farfantepenaeus paulensis culture pens

Compositional investigation of pigmented tannin

Compost spreader

Compressible enzyme powder

Computer tomography of hepatic circulation

Concepts in occupational and environmental health Contribution of the European Commission

Conditional immortalization of fibroblasts for genetic engineering of animals

Confocal measurements of mitochondrial activity during human preimplantation embryo development

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia caused by mutant P450 oxidoreductase and human androgen synthesis analytical study

Conjugated equine estrogen, but not reloxifene, inhibits neointima formation after balloon injury of carotid artery in ovariectomized rats

Consensus recommendations for the assessment and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Conserving slow-growing, long-lived tree species Input from the demography of a rare understory conifer, Taxus floridana

Constraints-based models Regulation of gene expression reduces the steady-state solution space

Consumption of C4b-binding protein during in vivo activation of the classical complement pathway

Contents of some of the heavy metals in irrigation soils

Continuous monitoring of cerebrovascular autoregulation A validation study

Contrast-enhanced power Doppler sonography Assessment of revascularization flow in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease

Contribution of single neuronal dynamics to spontaneous and persistent activity in prefrontal cortex A model study

Control of Chlamydia trachomatis infections in female army recruits Cost-effective screening and treatment in training cohorts to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease

Control of renal sympathetic nerve activity by caudal pressor area neurons

Controlling steering and judging heading Retinal flow, visual direction, and extraretinal information

Cooked rice evaluation as affected by polished rice with cracked surface

Copper complexes of oligopeptides Histidine binding modes

Corneal crystalline deposits as the initial manifestation of IgA-kappa multiple myeloma

Coronary restenosis prevention with a rapamycin coated stent

Correlation between cisplatin sensitivity and activation of MAP kinases in ovarian carcinoma cell lines

Correlation of corneal light scattering index measured by a confocal microscope with stages of diabetic retinopathy

Correspondence re Lo Guidice R, DAmbrosio E, Lupo F, Schiffer D A rare case of ceruminous tumor of the cerebellopontine angle Tumori, 86 178-180, 2000 Reply

Corticosterone responses in the chick social separation stress paradigm

Cost effectiveness of endoscopic ultrasonography, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography, and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in patients suspected for pancreaticobiliary disease

Cotton-based rotation systems on a sodic Vertosol under irrigation Effects on soil quality and profitability

Cover for urine collection container

Creatine kinase inhibition prevents phosphocreatine loss due to muscle isolation and freezing

Critical ischemia-Transfemoral endoluminal aortic management A minimally invasive option in aortic intervention

Cross-linking chitosan-Fe , an oral phosphate binder Studies in vitro and in vivo

Crustacean Hox genes and the evolution of the arthropod trunk

Cryptosporidium parvum Synchronized excystation in vitro and evaluation of sporozoite infectivity with a new lectin-based assay

Crystal structures of a template-independent DNA polymerase Murine terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase

Cultivation of the Bacillus of Whipples disease

Current advances in Holt-Oram syndrome

Current status of the bonobo in the proposed Lomako Reserve

Cuticular transpiration in woodlice inhabiting Benghazi, Libya

Cyclic guanosine monophosphate in human pregnancy A paracrine signal at the feto-maternal interface?

Cyclooxygenase expression in growth plate chondrocytes in situ and in vitro Is there a pathophysiologic or therapeutic relevance?

Cyclotron produced 18FFluoride A targets view of the beam

Cytochemical responses of tomato pollen to infection with Clavibacter michiganensis

Cytogenetic studies in Phaseolus L

Cytokine profiles in patients receiving wide-field+prostate boost radiotherapy for adenocarcinoma of the prostate

Cytological quality of goats milk

Cytosolic caspase-9 activity in the developing fetal guinea pig brain following hypoxia

D-optimal designs for parameter estimation for indirect pharmacodynamic response models

DKR polypeptides

DNA encoding fruit-ripening-related proteins, DNA constructs, cells and plants derived therefrom

DNA probe assay using neutrally charged probe strands

DNase I hypersensitive sites enhance expression of the alpha1 collagen gene promoter following a fibrogenic stimulus

Damage to DNA in bacterioplankton A model of damage by ultraviolet radiation and its repair as influenced by vertical mixing

DdNek2, the first non-vertebrate homologue of human Nek2, is required for centrosome duplication in Dictyostelium

Deceleration time of pulmonary venous D wave may be used to estimate left atrial pressure

Decrease in hepatic proteasome activity is associated with pathological severity and oxidative stress in experimental alcoholic liver disease

Decreased morbidity in HIV-infected children in the HAART era

Defect in SHAP-hyaluronan complex causes severe female infertility A study by inactivation of the bikunin gene in mice

Defining Cheetahs, a multivariate analysis of skull shape in big cats

Degradation of alpha-pinene oxide and -2,5,6-trimethyl-hept- -enoic acid by Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIMB 11761

Delayed dystonia following pimozide overdose in a child

Deletion polymorphism of the angiotensin I-converting enzyme gene is a potent risk factor for coronary artery ectasia

Demeter On seeds and goddesses

Dendritic cell-derived nitric oxide is involved in IL-4-induced suppression of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in Lewis rats

Dental composition system and method

Deposition of Alzheimers beta-amyloid is inversely correlated with P-glycoprotein expression in the brains of elderly non-demented humans

Derivatives of acyl-piperazinyl-pyrimidines, preparation thereof and application as medicaments

Description of a new species of Pionopsitta endemic to Brazil

Design and evaluation of multi-segment slant-hole SPECT

Design, syntheses, and evaluation of 2,3-diphenylcycloprop-2-en-1-ones and oxime derivatives as potential cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors with analgesic-antiinflammatory activity

Desynchronization and synchronization of EEG related to stimuli triggering or forbidding sensory-motor reaction in adolescents I The influence of stimulus modality

Detection and quantitation of gallid herpesvirus 1 in avian samples by 5 Taq nuclease assay utilizing Minor Groove Binder technology

Detection of TT virus infection in HCV-infected blood donors from southwestern China

Detection of cytomegalovirus from plasma by COBAS AMPLICOR MONITOR and LightCycler PCR assays

Detection of mammary, laryngeal and soft tissue tumors with FLT-PET

Detection of splice variants for producing genomic-based pharmaceutical candidates

Determinants of impaired renal function with use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs The importance of half-life and other medications

Determination of beta2-microglobulin by a particle-enhanced immunonephelometric assay

Determination of nitrite plus nitrate and malondialdehyde in human plasma Analytical performance and the effect of smoking and exercise

Determination of the sum of short chain polychlorinated n-alkanes with a chlorine content of between 49 and 67% in water by GC-ECNI-MS and quantification by multiple linear regression

Developing amacrine cells express axonin-1

Development and short description of grass cultivars released by the University of Florida

Development of a clinical and echocardiographic score for assigning risk of major events after exercise and dobutamine echocardiograms

Development of a prediction model for VO2max determination in adolescent girls

Development of an injectable, in situ crosslinkable, degradable polymeric carrier for osteogenic cell populations Part 2 Viability of encapsulated marrow stromal osteoblasts cultured on crosslinking poly

Development of in vivo-derived bovine embryos cultured with prostaglandin F2alpha

Development of selective compounds to four EP subtypes for prostanoid receptors and their expected clinical targets

Developmental analysis of the accumulation of alpha- and beta-dystroglycan at inhibitory synapses in the hippocampus and spinal cord

Developmental outcome of offspring of diabetic mothers Biological and environmental factors

Device and method of use for aldehyde removal

Device to provide data as a guide to health management

Diabetes education through oriented program on physical activities

Diagnosing osteoporosis in Japanese American women

Diagnosis of pneumonia and monitoring of infection eradication

Diagnostic rapid tests for acute hantavirus infections Specific tests for Hantaan, Dobrava and Puumala viruses versus a hantavirus combination test

Diarrhoea and ulcers

Diesel exhaust particles induce an inflammatory response in airway epithelial cells Involvement of reactive oxygen species

Dietary effect of egg immunoglobulins containing anti-pathogenic antibodies to pre- and postweaning pigs on growth performance till market weight

Dietary selenium and methylation status affect dimethylhydrazine-induced aberrant crypt formation in rat colon

Differences in bronchospastic activity between muscarinic agonists induced by iv injection in anaesthetized guinea pigs

Differences in vascular reactivity between isolated ultrafiltration and haemodialysis combined with ultrafiltration Comparison between thermal energy balance and different dialysate temperatures

Different patterns of circadian oscillation in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of hamster, mouse and rat

Differential binding of host complement inhibitor factor H by Borrelia burgdorferi Erp surface proteins A possible mechanism underlying the expansive host range of Lyme disease spirochetes

Differential effects of aging and Alzheimers disease on selective attention and arousal

Differential expression of VEGF and its receptors in endothelial cells exposed to tumors, wounds and VEGF

Differential gene expression in the substantia nigra pars compacta and pars reticulata A laser capture microdissection and cDNA microarray study in the rat

Differential processing of head velocity signals in the vestibular nuclei Voluntary head/neck versus head/space motion

Differential roles of Rac GTPases in axon pathfinding and cell corpse phagocytosis in Caenorhabditis elegans

Differentiation of HCV quasispecies under therapy Is it important in determining viral clearance?

Diffusion mri of rat hippocampal slice cultures initial results

Dilatation of the upper urinary tract after ileal orthotopic bladder substitution is a normal finding in the early postoperative period

Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV and hyperglycemia in Type 2 diabetes

Direct electrospun nanofiber wound dressings

Direct voltammetric investigation of the electrochemical properties of human hemoglobin Relevance to physiological redox chemistry

Discounting of delayed rewards in substance abusers Relationship to antisocial personality disorder

Discriminating 310- from alpha-helices Vibrational and electronic CD and IR absorption study of related Aib-containing oligopeptides

Disjunctive optokinetic nystagmus in a naturally esotropic macaque monkey Interaction between nasotemporal asymmetries of versional eye movement and convergence

Disposition of haloperidol pyridinium and reduced haloperidol pyridinium in schizophrenic patients No relationship with clinical variables during short-term treatment

Disseminated intravascular coagulation and massive obstetric hemorrhage Management dilemma

Distinct Wnt members regulate the formation and size of feather tract, apteric region, individual primordium and its spacing

Distributed multi-user catalog-based system for real time data access during cardiology procedures

Distribution of Pomatocalpa spicata Breda within and among host trees in Manusela National Park, Seram, Maluku Archipelago, Indonesia

Distribution of primary headache subtypes among those seeking specialized medical care in East Hungary

Disubstituted imidazoles useful in the treatment of bacterial infections

Diversity and composition of non-breeding bird assemblies in the northern Israeli desert during winter

Do Turkish immigrants with diabetes modify their nutritional habits when they are living in Germany?

Do polyphagous predators help control orange wheat blossom midge, Sitodiplosis mosellana Gehin in winter wheat?

Does Atrio-Ventricular synchrony during ventricular tachycardia improve blood pressure response?

Does disturbance drive the collapse of biotic interactions at the severe end of a diversity-biomass gradient?

Does parallel evolution of upper jaw protrusion result in similar prey capture kinematics? A comparative study of Danio rerio and Betta splendens

Does the severity of appetite suppressant-related aortic valve insufficiency change over time after stopping exposure to drug?

Donacia dentata Hoppe two steps away from Belgium Update on Chrysomelidae in Belgium and two bordering areas

Dopamine regulates food intake in the vmh differently in obese and lean zucker rats via its receptor expression

Dose heterogeneity may not affect the neointimal proliferation after gamma radiation for in-stent restenosis A volumetric intravascular ultrasound dosimetric study

Double evoked responses to electrical stimulation of Shaffers collaterals in CA1 hippocampal field

Down-regulation of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 by selective inhibition of protein kinase betaII A new therapeutic approach to vascular protection in acute hyperglycemia

Dramatically elevated rate of mitochondrial substitution in lice

Drug delivery research in India A challenge and an opportunity

Drug-induced liver injury

Dual innervation of the alary muscle in the Lepidopterous insect Agrius convolvuli

Dupontia in North America

Dynamic expression of caspases protein levels and activity, but not mRNA, in the primate corpus luteum during the menstrual cycle

Dynamics of concentration of sodium and calcium ions of the blood of the masked greenling Hexagrammos octogrammus at alterations of the environmental salinity

Dysmetabolic hepatosiderosis

ECG changes in left breast cancer patients following chemotherapy and radiotherapy

EMK protein kinase-null mice Dwarfism and hypofertility associated with alterations in the somatotrope and prolactin pathways

EUS assisted gastric pacemaker implantation for gastroparesis

Early clinical manifestations and long-term outcome in children with symptomatic congenital lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection

Early identification and cochlear implantation Critical factors for spoken language development

Early rectal cancer in which diagnosis of depth was difficult, report of a case

Eating disturbances among girls with Type 1 diabetes mellitus Examining the role of family dysfunction and mothers eating and weight control behaviors as contributing risk factors

Ecological dominance by Paratrechina longicornis , an invasive tramp ant, in Biosphere 2

Economic evaluations within drug development CNS drugs as case studies

Edaphic Millipede fauna of a rain forest from Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

Effect of 1/fn fluctuation in inter-stimulus intervals on auditory evoked magnetic fields

Effect of Geobacter species on the fate of metal and organic contaminants in the subsurface

Effect of Ringer-Lactate and isotonic saline solutions on mucociliary clearance of tracheal epithelium An experimental study in rats

Effect of active immunization with the C-terminal 67-94 region of human seminal plasma inhibin on the fecundity of adult male rabbits

Effect of anastrozole and tamoxifen on serum lipid levels in Japanese postmenopausal women with early breast cancer

Effect of blends of short and long-chain inulin on the rheological and sensory properties of prebiotic low-fat custards

Effect of chronic low dose clozapine and risperidone on positive and negative symptoms in the neonatal ventral hippocampal lesion model of schizophrenia

Effect of cyclosporine, a P-glycoprotein inhibitor, on the pharmacokinetics of cefepime in rat blood and brain A microdialysis study

Effect of different salts on calcium kinetics in rats

Effect of estrogenic and antiestrogenic substances on vitamin D metabolism in prostatic cancer cells

Effect of food on the oral bioavailability of ezetimibe

Effect of heavy metal stressors and salinity shock on the susceptibility of grouper to infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Effect of influent COD/N ratio on biological nitrogen removal from high-strength ammonium industrial wastewater

Effect of left ventricular outflow tract obstruction on hemodynamic adaptation to exercise in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Effect of melengestrol acetate on bovine muscle satellite cell proliferation and differentiation

Effect of nitric oxide on polymorphonuclear leucocytes function and heart-lung protection during cardiopulmonary bypass

Effect of partially or totally replacing soybean meal and maize by chickpeas in lamb diets Growth performances, carcass and meat quality

Effect of pre-sowing irrigation and soil mulch on yield attributes, yield and water-use of chickpea , linseed and Indian mustard

Effect of repressor mutations on mecA transcription among unique oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates

Effect of sinoaortic denervation on the expression of GABAA-alpha1, NMDAR1 and GLUR1 mRNA in the caudal nucleus of the solitary tract of renal wrap hypertensive rats

Effect of supplememation and resting period on forage quality and voluntary intake of elephantgrass grazed by lactating Holstein x Zebu cows

Effect of the inertial force on isoperoxidases pattern and activity in cucumis sativus hypocotyls and leaves

Effect of ultra high pressure on Cryptosporidium parvum infectivity

Effective and durable resistance against plant-parasitic nematodes

Effectiveness of phytoremediation as a secondary treatment for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in composted soil

Effects of C2-alkylation, N-alkylation, and N,N-dialkylation on the stability and estrogen receptor interaction of / -4,5-bis -2-imidazolines

Effects of McRoberts maneuver on intrauterine pressure during the second stage of labor

Effects of a cardioselective sarcolemmal KATP channel blocker, HMR1098, on programmed electrical stimulation induced ventricular arrhythmias in canine model of old myocardial infarction

Effects of age and dietary n-3 fatty acids on the metabolism of -alpha-linolenic acid

Effects of antifibrinolytic therapy on interleukins 6 and 10 in patients undergoing extracorporeal circulation A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Effects of cage size on abnormal behavior in rhesus monkeys

Effects of climate change on carbon storage in boreal forests of China A local perspective

Effects of developmental dha deficiency and remediation upon evoked brain activity at maturity in rats

Effects of duration for in vitro maturation and 6-dimethylaminopurine on activation of porcine oocytes

Effects of exogenous neurohormone, gonadotropin and dopaminergic drugs on the serum GtH content and ovulatory responsiveness of wild catfish, Silurus asotus

Effects of gender and 3700 m altitude on the response of subjects to 70degree head-up tilt

Effects of hormone replacement therapy on venous distensibility in angiotensin II-induced experimentally hypertensive, ovariectomized rats

Effects of intraocular cefotaxime on the human corneal endothelium

Effects of loss-of-function and gain-of-function mutations of c-kit on the gastrointestinal tract

Effects of multiple administrations of warfarin on drug metabolizing enzyme activities in rats

Effects of organic solvents on the activities of cytochrome P450 isoforms, UDP-dependent glucuronosyl transferase, and phenol sulfotransferase in human hepatocytes

Effects of population size and pollen diversity on reproductive success and offspring size in the narrow endemic Cochlearia bavarica

Effects of reduction of renal mass on renal oxygen tension and erythropoietin production in the rat

Effects of short-term ozone fumigation on tobacco plants Response of the scavenging system and expression of the glutathione reductase

Effects of summer precipitation on photosynthesis for seedlings of two common Great Basin shrubs

Effects of the immunomodulator linomide on macrophage migration and myelin phagocytic activity in peripheral nerve trauma An experimental study

Effects of unpaired cysteines on yield, solubility and activity of different recombinant antibody constructs expressed in E coli

Efficacious therapy for refractory idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in adolescents

Efficacy of 1400W, a novel inhibitor of inducible nitric oxide synthase, in preventing rodent pancreatic islet damage

Efficacy of empirical pharmacological therapy in clinically suspected gastroesophageal reflux in extremely low birth weight infants

Efficacy of surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma in HCV cirrhotic patients

Efficient magnet system for magnetically-assisted surgery

Eimeria hajeki n sp , a new coccidian parasite of the pygmy chameleon, Rampholeon temporalis from Usambara Mountains, Tanzania

Electrically induced reduction of trichloroethene in clay

Electrogenic sodium and chloride transport across invertebrate epithelia

Electrophoresis in the presence of gradients I Viscosity gradients

Electrostatics of biomolecular recognition and assembly

Elevated insulin-like growth factor-I and leptin expression in prepubertal girls

Eligibility for home treatment of deep vein thrombosis A prospective study in 202 consecutive patients

Embryonic and larval development of the muricid snail Chorus giganteus with an assessment of the developmental nutrition source

Emerging paradigms in applied bioinformatics

Enantiomeric resolution of 2-arylpropionic acid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs by capillary electrophoresis Methods and applications

Endemic mycoses A treatment update

Endogenous degranulation of uterine mast cells stimulates uterine contractility in pregnant humans

Endoplasmic reticulum and sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal myofibers are separate compartments

Endoscopic treatments of vesicoureteral reflux in children with Deflux

Endothelial nitric oxide gene polymorphism is not associated with coronary artery disease in Turkish population

Endotoxin activity in whole blood by neutrophil chemiluminescence A novel analytical paradigm

Energy efficient production of hydrogen and syngas from biomass Development of low-temperature catalytic process for cellulose gasification

Enhanced CD8+ T cell immune response against a V3 loop multi-epitope polypeptide of HIV-1 Env after priming with purified fusion protein and booster with modified vaccinia virus Ankara recombinant A comparison of humoral and cellular immune responses with the vaccinia virus Western Reserve vector

Enhanced in vitro radiosensitivity of skin fibroblasts in two patients developing brain necrosis following AVM radiosurgery A new risk factor with potential for a predictive assay

Enhancement of anti-tumor immunity by lipoteichoic acid-related molecule isolated from OK-432, a streptococcal agent, in athymic nude mice bearing human salivary adenocarcinoma Role of natural killer cells

Enlargement of plant cells oscillates with a temperature-compensated period of ca 24 min

Entomophthoralean fungi associated with the common nettle aphid and the potential role of nettle patches as reservoirs for the pathogens in landscape

Environmental heterogeneity and spatial structure of gerbil populations

Enzymatic reaction of hydrogen peroxide-dependent peroxygenase cytochrome P450s Kinetic deuterium isotope effects and analyses by resonance Raman spectroscopy

Eosinophilic cellulitis successfully treated with low-dose cyclosporine

Epidemiological typing and the prevalence of galE gene-associated guillian-barre syndrome among multiple drug-resistant Campylobacter isolated from turkey litter

Epidemiology, clinical features and treatment outcome of Wilms tumor in Taiwan A report from Taiwan Pediatric Oncology Group

Epilepsies of neonatal onset Seizure type and evolution

Epithelialization of a synthetic polymer in the feline cornea A preliminary study

Equine oocyte quality depending on original follicle population

Erythema multiforme possibly due to phenytoin

Esophageal achalasia Diagnosis of esophageal function

Establishment and characterization of a renal cell carcinoma cell line with the reciprocal ASPL-TFE3 fusion transcript

Estimating biomass carbon stocks for a Mediterranean forest in central Spain using LiDAR height and intensity data

Estimation of living body mass from multiple skeletal elements

Estrogen effects on endothelial nitric oxide synthase and caveolin-1 expression in different brain regions

Estrogens Neuroprotective or neurotoxic?

Ethical decision making and patient autonomy A comparison of physicians and patients in Japan and the United States

Etiology and type of the first-ever epileptic seizures in the elderly

Eutrophication of gravel pit lakes which are situated in close vicinity to the river Donau Water and nutrient transport

Evaluation of 3D imaging

Evaluation of a common program for predicting the outcome of prostate biopsy with 4 different PSA assays at PSA 2-10 ng/ml based on 4366 patients

Evaluation of an external device measuring knee joint rotation An in vivo study with simultaneous Roentgen stereometric analysis

Evaluation of culture, NASBA and RT-PCR for the detection of rhinoviruses in nasopharyngeal aspirates

Evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma after treatment with transcatheter arterial chemoembolization Comparison of Lipiodol-CT, power Doppler sonography, and dynamic MRI

Evaluation of new rapid antigen detection kits for RSV

Evaluation of sampling variability of liver fibrosis in hepatitis C using virtual biopsies How long the biopsy?

Evaluation of the action of the extract from Tabernaemontana catharinensis ADC on the myotoxic activity induced by the venom of Bothrops jararacussu and BthTX-1

Evaluation of the persistence of vaccine-induced protection with human vaccines

Evaluation revaluation of upper limits of normal values of anti-streptolysin O anti-deoxyribonuclease B in Mumbai

Evidence for a susceptibility gene for restricting anorexia nervosa on chromosome 1

Evidence for oxidative stress in the subthalamic nucleus in progressive supranuclear palsy

Evidence of differential sensitivity to hypoglycemia in carbohydrate depleted subjects

Evidence that the preterm fetus mounts a more intense systemic inflammatory response than the term fetus in intra-amniotic infection

Evolution of gene order in prokaryotes

Evolutionary genomics Reading the bands

Examination of food access practices in older adults with type 2 diabetes

Excitatory and inhibitory circuitry in the superficial gray layer of the superior colliculus

Exercise training improves arterial chemoreflex in control and diabetic rats

Exotic species and education A Great Lakes Sea Grant Network approach

Experience with photodynamic therapy for the treatment of early gastric cancer

Experimental investigation on the reproducibility of ensemble averaged electromyographic gait analysis data in experimental and clinical orthopaedics

Exploration for testicular remnants Implications of residual seminiferous tubules and crossed testicular ectopia

Exposure to continuous light inhibits maturation in turbot

Expression and functional role of two pore domain K+ channels in the dorsal thalamus

Expression of BCL-2, BAX and BAK in the trophoblast layer of the term human placenta A unique model of apoptosis within a syncytium

Expression of MAGE-1/-3, BAGE and GAGE-1/-2 genes in cytologic material from females with suspected ovarian cancer

Expression of a ricin toxin B subunit insulin fusion protein in edible plant tissues

Expression of clusterin in androgen independent prostate cancer cells after transfection with an IkappaBalpha super-repressor

Expression of guanylyl cyclase C mRNA in the chick embryo and fetus

Expression of monocyte chemotactic peptide-1 in diabetic rats

Expression of retinoblastoma gene product in respiratory epithelium and sinonasal neoplasms Relationship with p16 and cyclin D1 expression

Expression of the homeobox gene TG-interacting factor is an independent predictor of survival in acute myelogenous leukemia

Expression pattern of heat shock genes during spermatogenesis

Extended spectrum beta-lactamases in salmonella strains isolated in Austria

External structures used during attachment and sperm transfer in tubificids

Extracorporeal liver perfusion

Extrapyramidal signs and cognitive abilities in Alzheimers disease


FKBP51 regulation by fasting and leptin

Face representation in macaque inferotemporal cortex revealed by optical imaging of intrinsic signal

Factors affecting bone loss in female endurance athletes A two-year follow-up study

Factors for predicting multiple pregnancy in fresh in-vitro fertilization cycles can be used for selection of patients suitable for one-embryo transfer

Failed autologous chondrocyte implantation Complete atraumatic graft delamination after two years

Familial aggregation of early-onset ischemic stroke in a genetically isolated population

Family history of alcoholism and cocaine use

Fast Ca2+ signals at mouse inner hair cell synapse A role for Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release

Fatal outcome from meningococcal disease An association with meningococcal phenotype but not with reduced susceptibility to benzylpenicillin

Faunal and ecological notes on species of Bombus Latreille, 1802, and Psithyrus Lepeletier, 1833 from the Tarbagatai and Saur mountain ranges in eastern Kazakhstan

Features of membrane receptor functions in premature infants

Feeding of Palaemonetes argentinus from an oxbow lake of the Parana River, Argentina

Femoral-sciatic nerve blocks for complex outpatient knee surgery are associated with less postoperative pain before same-day discharge A review of 1,200 consecutive cases from the period 1996-1999

Fetal arterial pressure, vasopressin and c-fos increased by central angiotensin II

Fibre reinforced composite dental bridge Part I experimental investigation

Fibula fracture-football

Filling in the map estimating receptive field characteristics at locations not sampled by a multielectrode array

Fine needle aspiration cytology of medullary carcinoma of the breast Analysis of 9 cases cytologically diagnosed as medullary carcinoma

First European record of Coriolopsis aspera Teng from Malta

First record of Brundiniella from the Palaearctic Region, with the description of a new species

First report of powdery mildew on Carpinus betulus in Poland

Fishes of the genus Artedidraco from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, with the description of a new species and a colour morph

Flat and depressed colorectal lesions have a high malignant potential in the UK A prospective study using high resolution chromoscopic colonoscopy

Flip-flop of sulfonylureas across membranes

Flow cytometric-based isolation of nucleated erythroid cells during maturation An approach to cell surface antigen studies

Fluence monitoring method for laser treatment of biological tissue

Fluorescence-guided resections of malignant gliomas An overview

Fluvastatin inhibits the activation of endothelial cells induced by antiphospholipid antibodies in vitro

Folding and refolding simulations of beta-hairpin peptides in explicit solvent

Fomes pectinatis An aeroallergen in India

Food webs in phytotelmata Bottom-up and top-down explanations for community structure

Forebrain dopamine systems Can they help us to understand psychosis?

Formation of a tight 11 complex of Clostridium pasteurianum Fe protein-Azotobacter vinelandii MoFe protein Evidence for long-range interactions between the Fe protein binding sites during catalytic hydrogen evolution

Forward medical files Evolution within the framework of multinational operations

Fox encephalitozoonosis Isolation of the agent from an outbreak in farmed blue foxes in Finland and some hitherto unreported pathologic lesions

Free amino acids, oligopeptides, organic acids and nucleotides of ISHIRU

Frequency distribution of collateral flow and factors influencing collateral channel development Functional collateral channel measurement in 450 patients with coronary artery disease

Freshwater bryozoans of Norway II Distribution and ecology of two species of Fredericella

From molecules to networks Cortical/subcortical interactions in the pathophysiology of idiopathic generalized epilepsy

Frugivorous butterflies in Venezuelan forest fragments Abundance, diversity and the effects of isolation

Function and regulation of SLAT, a novel Th2-specific adapter

Functional analysis of mice deficient of the presynaptic active zone proteins piccolo and bassoon

Functional characterization of CD8+ tumor-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes after enrichment based on cytokine secretion Comparison with the MHC-tetramer technique

Functional evaluation of the role of reticuloendotheliosis virus long terminal repeat integrated into the genome of a field strain of mareks disease virus

Functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence of purely extrastriate basis for poststroke quadrantanopia

Functional role of fast oscillations for perception and behaviour

Fundoplication enhances solid and liquid gastric emptying

Further data on the presence and spread of grapevine yellows in Lombardia

Future directions

GABA-transporter deficient mice show tremor and increased GABAergic tonic conductance

GH strongly affects serum concentrations of mannan-binding lectin Evidence for a new IGF-I independent immunomodulatory effect of GH

Gaba/dopamine interaction in the central amygdala regulate ethanol maintained responding

Gallstones and acute pancreatitis More than a mechanistic connection?

Garabrant et al respond to Wartenberg and Buckler

Gastric preconcerous lesions how to prevent?

Gated SPECT myocardial imaging improves test accuracy in patients with persistent perfusion defects

Gender Differences in Patterns of Cognitive Dysfunction after Cardiac Surgery

Gender-specific alterations in the effects of prenatal protein malnutrition and cocaine on sensitivity to cocaine in adulthood

Gene expression in plant mitochondria Transcriptional and post-transcriptional control

Gene expressions of fatty acid synthesis enzymes in brain

Gene therapy of endothelial progenitor cell for vascular development in severe ischemic disease

General survey of taxonomic differentiations, morphodynamic and evolutionary trends in terrestrial isopods A review

Generation of neuronal intranuclear inclusions by polyglutamine-GFP Analysis of inclusion clearance and toxicity as a function of polyglutamine length

Genetic alterations involved in the evolution and progression of diffuse astrocytomas

Genetic and functional analysis of the von Hippel-Lindau tumour suppressor gene promoter

Genetic coronary risk factors in conventionally low-risk patients

Genetic diversity of Hibiscus tiliaceus in China assessed using AFLP markers

Genetic isolates Separate but equal?

Genetic predictors of spontaneous viral elimination or chronic liver disease in hepatitis C infection

Genetic testing in Czech patients with idiopathic and hereditary chronic pancreatitis

Genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of CNS synaptogenesis

Geniom technology The benchtop array facility

Genomes, transcriptomes, and proteomes Molecular medicine and its impact on medical practice

Genomic structure and evolution of the ancestral chromosome fusion site in 2q13-2q141 and paralogous regions on other human chromosomes

Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of the flagellin from urease-positive thermophilic Campylobacter

Geographical ecology at the community level Perspectives on the diversity of New World bats

Gestational changes of endogenous NOS inhibitors and role of nitric oxide in rat myometrium

Ginkgo biloba extract modulates bleomycin-induced acute lung injury in rats

Global and dimensional self-esteem in preadolescent and early adolescent children who are overweight Age and gender differences

Glucagon is processed into miniglucagon by a complex of two metallo-proteases NRD convertase and aminopeptidase B

Glucose regulates somatostatin gene expression in rainbow trout

Glutamic acid 472 and lysine 480 of the sodium pump alpha1 subunit are essential for activity Their conservation in pyrophosphatases suggests their involvement in recognition of ATP phosphates

Glycine on a wet pyrite surface at extreme conditions

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