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A new species of Eofelis from the Phosphorites of Quercy, France

A new species of Eofelis from the Phosphorites of Quercy, France

, : A new species of Eofelis from the Phosphorites of Quercy, France. Comptes Rendus De L'Academie Des Sciences Serie Ii A Sciences De La Terre Et Des Planetes. 330(9): 653-658, 30 Mai

For the first time, a great part of the material assigned to the small nimravid Eofelis is present in a single work. A revised diagnosis is proposed and two species are distinguished in the old collections from the Phosphorites of Quercy: E. edwardsii which is the type species and the most abundant in collections; and Eofelis giganteus n.sp., a very large species since it is about twice as large as E. edwardsii. Unfortunately, the nature of the old collections from Quercy does not allow us to establish an ancestry-to-descendant relationship between these taxa.

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