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Evaluation of the frequency demultiplication hypothesis of circannual pupation rhythm in the varied carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci Coleoptera Dermestidae

, : Evaluation of the frequency demultiplication hypothesis of circannual pupation rhythm in the varied carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci Coleoptera Dermestidae. Biological Rhythm Research. July; 333: 255-260

The present study was reported to examine whether the circannual pupation rhythm in Anthrenus verbasci is derived from a circadian rhythm through a process of frequency demultiplication. This frequency demultiplication hypothesis requires that the period of the circannual rhythm is proportional to the period of the entrained circadian rhythm. When larvae were reared under constant photoperiods of T=20h, 22 h, 24 h and 26 h at 20deg. C, the larval duration differed among the photoperiodic conditions, although there was no positive correlation between the period of T cycle and larval duration. The differences among photoperiods may have been caused by the duration of the photophase. Therefore, the results did not support the frequency demultiplication hypothesis.

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