In Situ Imine-Based Linker Formation for the Synthesis of Zirconium MOFs: A Route to CO 2 Capture Materials and Ethylene Oligomerization Catalysts

Non-Lethal Effects of N -Acetylcysteine on Xylella fastidiosa Strain De Donno Biofilm Formation and Detachment

Bisindole Alkaloids from a New Zealand Deep-Sea Marine Sponge Lamellomorpha strongylata

Rhinitis medicamentosa: a nationwide survey of Canadian otolaryngologists

Expansion of GGC repeat in the human-specific NOTCH2NLC gene is associated with essential tremor

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Genomic Survey, Transcriptome, and Metabolome Analysis of Apocynum venetum and Apocynum hendersonii to Reveal Major Flavonoid Biosynthesis Pathways

Coral-like hierarchical structured carbon nanoscaffold with improved sensitivity for biomolecular detection in cancer tissue

Howler monkeys are the reservoir of malarial parasites causing zoonotic infections in the Atlantic forest of Rio de Janeiro

General Study and Gene Expression Profiling of Endotheliocytes Cultivated on Electrospun Materials

Modelling and Validation of Computer Vision Techniques to Assess Heart Rate, Eye Temperature, Ear-Base Temperature and Respiration Rate in Cattle

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