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Leoni, S., 1974: A comparison in the greenhouse of varieties and hybrids of different vegetables as a succeeding crop

Naumann, G., 1975: A leaf mosaic in the Russian apple clone R 12 740-7A connected with a strain of cherry necrotic ringspot virus

Worthington, J. T., 1974: A light-transmittance technique for determining tomato ripening rate and quality

Converse, R. H.; Casper, R., 1975: A member of the apple mosaic virus group occurring in Rubus

Bergman, B. H. H.; Beijersbergen, J. C. M., 1971: A possible explanation of variations in susceptibility of tulip bulbs to infection by Fusarium oxysporum

Gray, E. G.; Shiel, R. S., 1975: A study of smoulder (Sclerotinia narcissicola Greg.) of narcissus in northern Scotland

Ponz Ascaso, R., 1974: Analysis of the correlations in floral characters of carnations

Tarditi, S., 1972: Analysis of the location of horticultural production

Dennis, D. J.; Dullforce, W. M., 1974: Analysis of the subsequent growth and development of winter glasshouse lettuce in response to short periods in growth chambers during propagation

Uyemoto, J. K.; Stouffer, R. F.; Gilmer, R. M., 1975: Apple latent viruses: transmission from herbaceous host tissue to Malus indicator plants and distribution in apple budwood

Pena Iglesias, A., 1975: Apple proliferation disease in Spain: graft transmission and detection of mycoplasma and rickettsia plasma-like organisms in infected tissue

Beel, E., 1974: Application of artificial substrates for pot-plants and azalea

Dunez, J.; Marenaud, C.; Delbos, R., 1975: Bark split disease of plum trees and its association with strains of apple chlorotic leaf spot

Kaukovirta, E., 1972: Bark-humus as an alternative to peat and soil in the production of cut flowers

Singh, L. B., 1972: Biennial bearing in mango - retrospect and prospect

Basu, R. N.; Roychoudhury, N.; Lahiri, B.; Sen, P. K., 1972: Biochemical changes during root formation in Mangifera indica L. air layers

Phan, C. T., 1974: Biochemical studies on the development of bitterness in stored carrots

Tsukamoto, Y., 1973: Breaking dormancy of gladiolus corms and inhibitors inducing dormancy

Wadhi, S. R.; Sharma, D. N., 1972: Bromide residues in pulp of mango fruits subjected to hot aqueous ethylene dibromide dips

Munk, W. J. de, 1971: Bud necrosis in tulips, a multifactorial disorder

Choudhuri, J. M.; Basu, R. N.; Sen, P. K., 1972: Changes in endogenous growth regulating substances in the Mangifera indica L. shoot in relation to growth and development

Jacoboni, N.; Tombesi, A., 1973: Chemical aids to the mechanized harvesting of olives

Hague, N. G. M.; Kondrollochis, M., 1971: Chemical control of Ditylenchus dipsaci in narcissus and tulip

Boontjes, J., 1975: Chemical control of diseases on lilies

Maiti, S. C.; Basu, R. N.; Sen, P. K., 1972: Chemical control of growth and flowering in Mangifera indica L

Williams, M. W., 1973: Chemical control of vegetative growth and flowering of apple trees

Quinlan, J. D.; Preston, A. P., 1973: Chemical induction of branching in nursery trees

Parups, E. V., 1975: Chemical modification of ethylene responses in plants

Hartmann, H. T., 1973: Chemicals to promote fruit abscission of olives

Mamula, D.; Milicic, D., 1975: Cherry leaf roll virus in Sambucus ebulus L

Leoni, P., 1973: Comparative greenhouse trial of varieties and hybrids of different vegetables grown as a second crop

Ende, J. van den; Graaf, R. de, 1974: Comparison of methods of water supply to hothouse tomatoes

Hardh, J. E., 1972: Comparison of peat and bark-humus in greenhouse and outdoor vegetable culture

Sytsema, W., 1975: Conditions for measuring vase life of cut flowers

Geraldson, C. M., 1973: Constant nutrients and moisture for precision nutrient gradients

Edgerton, L. J., 1973: Control of abscission of apples with emphasis on thinning and pre-harvest drop

Looney, N. E., 1973: Control of fruit maturation and ripening with growth regulators

Subramanyam, H.; Moorthy, N. V. N.; Lakshiminarayana, S.; Dalal, V. B., 1972: Control of fungal spoilage in Alphonso mangoes by pre-harvest application of fungicides

Asjes, C. J., 1974: Control of the spread of the brown ring formation virus disease in the lily Mid-Century hybrid Enchantment by mineral-oil sprays

Crisp, A. F., 1974: Control of wastage in cooled storage - carrots

Marcellin, P., 1973: Controlled atmosphere storage of vegetables in polyethylene bags with silicone rubber windows

Salinger, J. P., 1975: Criteria for the evaluation of post-harvest senescence of cut flowers

Barnett, O. W.; Baxter, L. W, Jr, 1974: Cucumber mosaic virus in Nandina and other ornamentals

Jacot, P., 1972: Current problems in horticultural management

Grozdin, A., 1973: Current problems on the economics and organization of orchard production in Bulgaria

Desvignes, J. C.; Savio, A., 1975: Cydonia C 7-1 and Pyronia veitchii two complementary indicators

Ben Yehoshua, S.; Aharoni, N.; Barkai Golan, R.; Aloni, B., 1973: Delaying spoilage of vegetables for export

Gumpf, D. J.; Weathers, L. G., 1974: Detection of a new infectious disease of roses in California

Hakkaart, F. A., 1974: Detection of carnation viruses with the test plant Saponaria vaccaria 'Pink Beauty'

Herregods, M., 1974: Determination of the storage ability of witloof chicory (Cichorium intybus) by biological aspects

Hansen, A. J., 1975: Differences between twisted leaf and tomato bushy stunt virus in sweet cherry

Lavee, S., 1973: Dormancy and bud break in warm climates; considerations of growth regulator involvement

Ramaswamy, S., 1975: Dual infection of Roundel cherry with ring mottle and European rusty mottle viruses

Vroomen, C. O. N. de, 1975: Economic evaluation of differences in planting densities

Husabo, P., 1975: Edda - a new early plum

Jonkers, H., 1973: Effect of SADH on juvenility of apple seedlings

Fankhauser, F.; Schumacher, R., 1973: Effect of SADH on the time of flowering of apple

Clijsters, H., 1973: Effect of chlormequat and CEPA on the ripening of pome fruits

Link, H., 1973: Effect of fruit thinning on some components of fruit quality in apples

Karnatz, A., 1973: Effect of gibberellic acid on photoperiod controlled growth in seedlings of black currant (Ribes nigrum L.)

Modlibowska, I., 1973: Effect of growth regulators on plum and cherry trees

Dimitrov, G.; Rankov, V., 1973: Effect of mineral fertilization on the productivity and some quality indices of the white head cabbage

Gould, C. J.; Miller, V. L., 1975: Effect of time of digging on incidence of Fusarium rot in tulip bulbs

Ryugo, K.; Sansavini, S.; Cristoferi, G., 1973: Effects of SADH on the levels of diffusible and extractable gibberellins in the apices of sweet cherry

Einert, A. E., 1975: Effects of ancymidol on vase behaviour of cut tulips

Santos Caffarena, J.; Diaz Sabina, S., 1974: Effects of different techniques on the growth and yield of some varieties of female winter cucumbers

Hart, T. G., 1973: Effects of fumigation and mulching on yield of ripe tomatoes for the fresh market in Liberia

Marcelle, R.; Oben, G., 1973: Effects of some growth regulators on the CO2 exchange of leaves

Marriott, J.; Proctor, F. J.; Vakis, N., 1974: Effects of storage temperature and packing method on the keeping quality of Cyprus carrots

Apeland, J.; Hoftun, H., 1974: Effects of temperature-regimes on carrots during storage

Tesi, R., 1974: Effects of the evaporative cooling system in greenhouses used for roses and carnations

Paulin, A., 1975: Effects of watering following a drought period on nitrogen metabolism of cut Iris germanica flowers

Post, C. J. van der; Schie, J. J. van; Graaf, R. de, 1974: Energy balance and water supply in glasshouses in the West-Netherlands

Srivastava, D. N., 1972: Epidemiology and prevention of Diplodia stem-end rot of ripe mango fruits

Desvignes, J. C.; Savio, A., 1975: Evidence of a virus causing stone deformation in the peach seedling GF 305

Lauret, F., 1972: Evolution of the market channels for fruits and vegetables

Frenz, F. W., 1974: Experiences with an automatic watering-system for pot-grown vegetables in greenhouses

Hales, A. W., 1972: Experiences with linear programming in horticultural advisory work

Carlsson, M.; Johansson, S., 1972: Experiences with selling advice in management and entrepreneurship to horticultural firms

Abdel Al, Z. E., 1973: Experimental investigations on the yield and quality of garlic

Yamamoto, M., 1971: Experiments on tulip bulb production in relation to cucumber mosaic virus

Vidal, M., 1973: Extraction and identification of flavonoid pigments in some mediterranean cultivars of Dianthus caryophyllus

Asen, S., 1975: Factors affecting flower colour

Howard, B. H., 1973: Factors affecting the rooting response of plants to growth regulator application

Baldini, E.; Sansavini, S.; Zocca, A., 1973: Feather induction by growth regulators on maiden trees of apple and pear

Chroboczek, E.; Dobrzanska, J.; Nowosielski, O.; Rumpel, J., 1972: Field and greenhouse vegetable production on peat and brown coal dust

Os, H. van, 1971: Field inspection of bulbous plants in the Netherlands

Schenk, P. K. (Chairman), 1971: First International Symposium on flowerbulbs, Noordwijk, Lisse, Netherlands, 30 March - 4 April, 1970

Huet, J., 1973: Floral initiation in pear trees

Jarvesoo, E., 1972: Flower production, consumption and trade in the USA

Hofman, N., 1972: Flower sales through non-traditional outlets

Munk, W. J. de; Hoogeterp, P., 1975: Flower-bud blasting in tulips

Sen, P. K.; Chowdhury, T. K. D.; Basu, R. N., 1972: Flowering and biennial bearing in Mangifera indica L

Bukovac, M. J., 1973: Foliar penetration of plant growth substances with special reference to tree fruits

Grochowski, J., 1973: Formation of the economic effectiveness of investments in orchards in the light of organization and management

Klapwijk, D.; Lint, P. J. A. L. de, 1974: Fresh weight and flowering of tomato plants as influenced by container type and watering conditions

Bleijenberg, P., 1973: From partial to integral co-operation of horticultural holdings

Emechebe, A. M.; Mukiibi, J., 1975: Fungicidal control of brown spot of passion fruit in Uganda

Majumder, P. K.; Mukherjee, S. K.; Rathore, D. S., 1972: Further researches on propagation techniques in mango

Hamdorf, G., 1975: Further studies about the host range of sharka (plum pox) virus

Milia, M., 1974: Greenhouse variety trial with roses

Jankiewicz, L. S.; Plich, H.; Horkowska, B.; Moraszczyk, A., 1973: Growth correlations and the shape of young trees and shrubs

Fankhauser, F.; Schumacher, R., 1973: Growth regulators as aids to the mechanical harvesting of cherries

Hickey, K. D.; Shear, G. M., 1975: Growth response to latent virus infection of apple trees on seedling rootstocks

Meijneke, C. A. R.; Oosten, H. J. van; Peerboom, H., 1975: Growth, yield, and fruit quality of virus-infected and virus-free Golden Delicious apple trees

Windrich, W. A., 1971: Horizontal migration of the tulip race of stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci (Kuehn) from artificially infected tulip bulbs planted on a sandy and a heavy clay soil

Bruinsma, J., 1973: Hormonal aspects of fruit production

Isenberg, F. M. R.; Thomas, T. H.; Pendergrass, M.; Abdel Rahman, M., 1974: Hormone and histological differences between normal and maleic hydrazide treated onions stored over winter

Bangerth, F., 1974: Hypobaric storage of vegetables

Verhoyen, M., 1974: Identification of a component of the carnation streak disease: the yellow and necrotic blotch reaction

Dansereau, B.; Vines, H. M., 1975: In-stem movement, isolation and identification of two bacteria and their antibiotic sensitivity

Raabe, R. D., 1975: Increased susceptibility of Easter lilies to Pythium root rot as a result of infection by necrotic fleck virus complex

Nicholson, J. A. H., 1972: Industrial management techniques in horticulture

Weichmann, J.; Ammerseder, E., 1974: Influence of CA storage on carbohydrate changes in carrots

Miranda de Larra, J., 1973: Influence of CCC and dark period on the length of the stem of chrysanthemum

Accati, E. G., 1974: Influence of planting date and density of mother plants on production of carnation cuttings under protection in Riviera Ligure

Obiol, R.; Cardus, J., 1974: Influence of rootstocks on rose culture

Peters, J., 1974: Influence of temperature on vegetative and floral development of Haemanthus X hybridus 'Konig Albert'

Kahcru, R. B.; Singh, R. N.; Chacko, E. K., 1972: Inhibition of flowering in Mangifera indica L. by gibberellic acid

Halevy, A. H.; Mayak, S., 1975: Interrelationship of several phytohormones in the regulation of rose petal senescence

Nauriyal, J. P.; Chadha, K. L.; Rajpoot, M. S., 1972: Investigations on the control of black tip disorder of mango

Kegler, H.; Verderevskaja, T. D.; Kleinhempel, H.; Muller, H. M., 1975: Investigations on the etiology of cherry decline in the German Democratic Republic and the Moldavian Socialist Soviet Republic

Zimmerman, R. H., 1973: Juvenility and flowering of fruit trees

Singh, R.; Singh, R. N., 1972: Lateral bud growth in Mangifera indica L. in relation to auxin and inhibitor content of shoots and fruits

Starck, J. R.; Grudzinska Kuhn, J.; Wojciechowski, J., 1973: Leaf analysis as a means of determining the nutrient requirements of greenhouse tomatoes

Verheij, E. W. M.; Verwer, F. L. J. A. W., 1973: Light interception and yield of peppers grown under glass in relation to plant spacing

Cropley, R.; Giunchedi, L.; Cameron, H. R., 1975: Localization of cherry leaf roll virus in Prunus avium X P. pseudocerasus rootstocks

Krahn, R., 1974: Long term storage of perishable vegetables

Penningsfeld, F., 1972: Macro and micro nutrient requirements of pot plants in peat

Malo, E., 1972: Mango culture in Florida

Prasad, A.; Nirwan, R. S.; Singh, S., 1972: Mango malformation - a review of work done at the Horticultural Research Institute, Saharanpur, India

Prasad, A.; Singh, A. R., 1972: Mango propagation studies at Govt. Horticultural Research Institute, Saharanpur, Inida

Purseglove, J. W., 1972: Mangoes west of India

Meneve, I.; Gabriels, R., 1973: Manuring of roses grown in peat moss

Ellis, P. G., 1972: Marketing boards and the fruit import trade of the United Kingdom

Daerwael, F. A., 1972: Marketing out flowers and potplants in Belgium

Krizek, D. T.; Bailey, W. A.; Klueter, H.; Liu, R. C., 1974: Maximizing growth of vegetable seedlings in controlled environments at elevated temperature, light and CO2

Storck, H., 1972: Methods and results of coordinated inquiries into the market for cut flowers and potplants in Western Germany

Diatchenko, V. S., 1974: Methods of controlling carrot and onion diseases under storage conditions

Verhaegh, A. P., 1972: Methods of investigation into regional differences in tomato cropping

Bik, A., 1974: Moisture supply and fertilization of pot plants

Ende, J. van den; Boertje, G. A., 1972: Molybdenum deficiency in young lettuce and tomato plants

Hugard, J.; Clanet, H.; Carbonneau, A., 1973: Morphactins as possible fruit thinning agents for peaches

Schneider, G., 1973: Morphactins in fruit growing: early indications

Hesling, J. J., 1971: Narcissus eelworm Ditylenchus dipsaci: some aspects of its biology and control by thionazin

Powell, L. E, Jr, 1973: Naturally occurring plant growth regulators and their physiological roles in fruit trees

Morvan, G.; Castelain, C., 1975 : New observations on the sensitivity of Malus x dawsoniana to apple proliferation disease and on its use as an indicator

Lint, P. J. A. L. de; Klapwijk, D., 1973: Observations on growth and development rates of tomato seedlings

Brunt, A. A., 1971: Occurrence and importance of viruses infecting narcissus in Britain

Sundararaj, J. S.; Muthuswamy, S.; Raghavan, N., 1972: Off-season cropping of mango

Duineveld, T. L. J.; Beijersbergen, J. C. M., 1975: On the resistance to benomyl of fungi isolated from bulbs and corms

Tucker, W. G., 1974: Onion respiration during long-term-storage

Rylski, I.; Halevy, A. H., 1974: Optimal environment for set and development of sweet pepper fruit

Brun, R.; Villele, O. de, 1974: Orientation of greenhouses in the Mediterranean zone

Ishii, M., 1974: Partial elimination of virus from doubly infected orchids by meristem explant culture

Starck, J. R.; Oswiecimski, W.; Wojciechowski, J., 1974: Peat, bark compost and brown coal as growing medium for greenhouse tomatoes

Morgan, J. V., 1972: Perlite as a growing medium in high density tomato and cucumber culture

Suchonlimakul, C.; Ishii, M., 1974: Peroxidase isozymes in some virus-infected orchids

Dennis, F. G., 1973: Physiological control of fruit set and development with growth regulators

Wiebe, H. J.; Krug, H., 1974: Physiological problems of experiments with cauliflower in growth chambers

Woods, M. J.; Prasad, M., 1972: Plant propagation in peat harvested by different methods

Dhillon, B. S., 1973: Plant regulator induced male sterility in seeded grapes

Meer, F. A. van der, 1975: Plant species outside the genus Malus as indicators for latent viruses of apple

Swamy, G. S.; Rao, B. V. R.; Raju, D. S., 1972: Poly-embryonic rootstocks for mango

Krusze, N. K., 1972: Possibilities of international competition in the production of certain horticultural products

Pena Iglesias, A.; Ayuso Gonzalez, P., 1975: Preliminary identification of the viruses producing Spanish apricot pseudopox (viruela) and apricot mosaic diseases

Carfantan, N.; Daussant, J., 1975: Preliminary study of tulip proteins during senescence

Baumann, H., 1974: Preservation of carrot quality under various storage conditions

Dilley, D. R.; Carpenter, W. J.; Burg, S. P., 1975: Principles and application of hypobaric storage of cut flowers

Kloner, U., 1973: Problems and solutions in growing winter and spring tomatoes under plastics

Anonymous, 1974: Proceedings of the first symposium on artificial media in horticulture

Asjes, C. J.; Bunt, M. H.; Slogteren, D. H. M. van, 1974: Production of hyacinth mosaic virus-free hyacinths and lily symptomless virus-free lilies by meristem tip culture

Allen, T. C., 1974: Production of virus-free lilies

Mut Catala, M., 1972: Production, trade and consumption of the Spanish fresh tomatoes

Schmid, G., 1975: Prolonged observations on spread and behaviour of proliferation disease in apple orchards

Larsen, F. E., 1973: Promotion of leaf abscission in fruit nursery stock

Mukherjee, S. K., 1972: Propagation and rootstock problems in Mangifera indica L

Chhonkar, V. S.; Singh, R. K., 1972: Propagation of Mangifera indica L. by air-layering

Habben, J., 1973: Quality constituents of carrots Daucus carota L. as influenced by nitrogen and potassium fertilization

Boesman, G.; Flamee, M., 1975: Quality evaluation of cut flowers by means of objective colour measurement

Kaukovirta, E., 1974: Rate of carnation shoot growth as affected by variation in light conditions during the season of high light intensity

Monselise, S. P., 1973: Recent advances in the understanding of flower formation in fruit trees and its hormonal control

Morgan, P. W., 1973: Regulation of ethylene as an agricultural practice

Lasala, M.; Cardus, J., 1973: Relations between the climatological conditions and the content of nutrient elements in carnations grown in greenhouses

Forster, H., 1973: Relationship between the nutrition and the appearance of greenback and blossom-end rot in tomato fruits

Shirokov, E. P., 1974: Reproductive changes of the apical cone of cabbage during storage

Goujon, C., 1974: Research on greenhouse rose stocks

Bohling, H.; Hansen, H., 1974: Respiration measurements in various kinds of vegetables and fruit during storage under increased CO2 and reduced O2 concentrations

Hardwick, R. C., 1974: Responses of Phaseolus vulgaris to temperature in growth cabinets and the field

Tesi, R., 1974: Results in air-supported plastic greenhouses with spring vegetable crops

Abdel Al, Z. E., 1973: Ridge cultivation and cultivar selection related to the yield of eggplant and sweet pepper grown in the Sudan

Yadav, T. D., 1972: Role of mango bud mite Aceria mangiferae Sayed in mango malformation

Parlevliet, J. E., 1971: Root-knot nematodes, their influence on the yield components of pyrethrum and their control

Basu, R. N.; Ghosh, B.; Datta, P.; Sen, P. K., 1972: Rooting in cuttings of Mangifera indica L

Ddungu, J. C. M., 1973: Rooting-behaviour of different types of pineapple propagating material

Jauhari, O. S.; Teaotia, S. S.; Upadhyay, S. K., 1972: Rootstock studies in Mangifera indica L

Rizzi, P. L., 1972: Seasonal demand for carnation at the farm level

Majumder, P. K.; Sinha, G. C., 1972: Seasonal variation in the incidence of malformation in Mangifera indica L

Tindall, H. D.; Wurster, R. T., 1973: Second Eastern Africa Horticultural Symposium Africa Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 6, 7, 8 September 1971. Symposium theme: vegetable crops for export

Folley, R. R. W. (Chairman), 1972: Second meeting on horticultural economics

Folley, R. R. W., 1972: Second meeting on horticultural economics Montpellier, 13-19 September 1970

Pierik, R. L. M., 1973: Secondary abscission and parthenocarpic fruit growth in apple and pear flowers in vitro

Majumder, P. K.; Chakladar, B. P.; Mukherjee, S. K., 1972: Selection and classification of mango rootstocks in the nursery stage

Bernhard, R.; Mesnier, Y., 1975: Selection of dwarfing rootstocks for Prunus domestica. A preliminary trial

Anonymous, 1973: Seminar on labour and labour management in horticulture

Nichols, R., 1975: Senescence and sugar status of the cut flower

Nisen, A., 1974: Shelters for crops in the Mediterranean region

Henze, J., 1974: Short-term storage of carrots and processing by drying

Shipway, M. R., 1974: Short-term storage of cauliflower in film wraps

Boekel, P., 1971: Soil structure problems in tulip culture

Canham, A. E., 1974: Some effect of CO2, air temperature and supplementary artificial light on the growth of young tomato plants

Cesar, G., 1974: Some observations on regulating the climate in plastic-covered greenhouses in the Valais

Bunt, A. C., 1974: Some physical and chemical characteristics of loamless pot-plant substrates and their relation to plant growth

Stone, O. M., 1974: Some properties of two spherical viruses isolated from geraniums in Britain

Gorini, F.; Borinelli, G.; Uncini, L., 1974: Some trials of salad precooling

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Tataru, D. P.; Weichmann, J., 1974: Storage of butter-type head lettuce in controlled atmospheres

Hansen, H.; Rumpf, G., 1974: Storage of carrots (variety 'Nantaise'): the influence of the storage atmosphere on flavour, decay and content of sucrose, glucose and fructose

Adamicki, F.; Kepka, A. K., 1974: Storage of onions in controlled atmospheres

Stoll, K., 1974: Storage of vegetables in modified atmospheres (CA)

Apeland, J., 1974: Storage quality of carrots after different methods of harvesting

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Trifonov, D., 1975: Susceptibility of plum varieties to plum pox disease

Anonymous, 1974: Symposium on basic problems of protected vegetable production

Anonymous, 1973: Symposium on greenhouse climate: evaluation of research methods. Naaldwijk, 3-7 May 1971

Anonymous, 1972: Symposium on mango and mango culture

Anonymous, 1973: Symposium on potplants

Anonymous, 1974: Symposium on the cultivation of vegetables under protection in the Mediterranean regions

Anonymous, 1973: Symposium on the timing of the field-production of vegetable crops, Alkmaar, June 1969

Anonymous, 1974: Symposium on vegetable storage

Fritz, D. (Chairman), 1971: Symposium on vegetable storage, Vollebekk, 11-14 August 1969

Anonymous, 1974: Symposium on water supply under glass and plastics

Anonymous, 1973: Symposium, Nutrition and fertilization of vegetables, Warsaw, September 1971

Anonymous, 1973: Symposium. Strawberry under protection

Anonymous, 1974: Symposium: cultivation of flowers under protection in the Mediterranean regions

Campbell, A. I.; Hughes, L. F., 1975: Symptoms of star crack virus on the fruit and shoot growth of apple cultivars

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Barrera Riber, R.; Alvarez Prida Vega, G., 1974: Testing of Ogalalla, Solana and Gorella strawberry cultivars under polyethylene mulching and tunnels

Nyland, G., 1975: Tetracycline therapy of pear decline and X-disease in peach and cherry

Lloyd Jones, C. P., 1973: The absorption of chlormequat and SADH into leaves of fruit plants

Werminghausen, B., 1972: The application of synthetic media in plant propagation

Kuntze, H., 1972: The availability of water in peat soils

Muijzenberg, E. W. B. van den, 1973: The changing role of human labour in horticulture

Borkowski, J.; Ostrzycka, J., 1973: The control of blossom-end rot of tomato and tipburn in lettuce by using the proper fertilization

Ondieki, J. J., 1973: The control of powdery mildew of capsicums with certain systemic and non-systemic fungicides

Hinton, W. L., 1972: The demand for horticultural produce and development in the pattern of trade in the United Kingdom

Bernhard, R.; Saunier, R.; Marenaud, C., 1975: The development and performance of a healthy peach clone, obtained by thermotherapy, after eight years' observation in the orchard

Wolf, J., 1972: The development of and prospects for horticultural trade between Mediterranean countries and North-Western Europe

Gibbons, E. T., 1972: The development of the Irish tomato industry

Chmela, V., 1974: The development of the water deficit in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in the interaction of the different water doses and of the milieu of the polyethylene tunnels

Chvojka, L., 1973: The effect of SADH, chlormequat and some fatty acids and their derivatives on apple trees

Benoit, F.; Hartmann, H. D., 1974: The effect of a flat plastic film covering on the development of lettuce

Zamir, N.; Dasberg, S.; Feigin, A., 1974: The effect of covering materials for greenhouses on growing conditions and yields of roses

Abdel Al, Z. E., 1973: The effect of cultivar, method of planting and plant population on the yield and quality of small potato tubers grown for export under tropical conditions in the Sudan

Sinnadurai, S., 1975: The effect of decortication of seed on germination and the number of nucellar seedlings of some mango cultivars in Ghana

Moe, R., 1975: The effect of growing temperature on keeping quality of cut roses

Rasmussen, G. K., 1973: The effect of growth regulators on degreening and regreening of citrus fruit

Ga' ash, D.; Lavee, S., 1973: The effect of growth regulators on maturation, quality and pre-harvest drop of stone fruits

Tucker, W. G., 1974: The effect of mechanical harvesting on carrot quality and storage performance

Maher, M. J., 1972: The effect of nitrogen concentration and amount of liquid feed on tomatoes grown in peat substrates

Carter, A. R., 1972: The effect of nitrogen on container grown shrubs in peat based substrates

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