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Starck, J. R.; Koruszko, B.; Senatorska Wisnioch, A., 1977: Fertilization of greenhouse tomatoes with copper and molybdenum when grown on sphagnum peat limed with ash of brown coal

Anonymous, 1978: Fifth Africa symposium on horticultural crops

Anonymous, 1978: Fifth Africa symposium on horticultural crops, 27 November-2 December 1977, Khartoum

Anonymous, 1978: First international symposium on spices and medicinal plants

Renaud, R.; Persais, J. P.; Chenneviere, E., 1978: First results obtained after preliminary attempts at artificial mutagenesis in the variety Prune d'Ente.

Eynard, I.; Bounous, G.; Savino, P. G., 1977: First results of the trial on twelve highbush blueberry cultivars at Revello (Italy)

Salter, P. J., 1978: Fluid drilling of pre-germinated seeds: progress and possibilities

Zraly, B., 1978: Frost hardiness of raspberry canes

Lobanov, E. M.; Gogoleva, G. A.; Tyurina, M. M., 1978: Frost resistance of alternately bearing apple trees in connection with endogenous growth rhythms and stored carbohydrate content in tissues

Price, D., 1980: Fungal flora of tomato roots in nutrient film culture

Price, D.; Dickinson, A., 1980: Fungicides and the nutrient film technique

Aynehchi, Y.; Aliabadi, Z.; Sormaghi, M. H. S., 1978: Furanocoumarins in the roots of Heracleum persicum Desf

Whittington, W. J., 1978: Genetic aspects of final emergence and rate of emergence

Bhattacjaryya, M. K.; Nandpuri, K. S.; Surjan Singh, 1979: Genetic divergence in tomato

Eremin, V. G., 1978: Genetic potential of species Prunus cerasifera Ehrh and its use in breeding

Junttila, O.; Landgraff, A.; Nilsen, A. J., 1978: Germination of Phalaris seeds

Basak, W.; Maszkiewicz, J., 1980: Gooseberry mosaic

Bernhard, R.; Renaud, R.; Garros, G., 1978: Graft incompatibility of the plum variety Reine Claude d'Althan

Sindile, N.; Costache, M.; Sociu, S., 1977: Greenhouse eggplant hybrids

Salamini, F.; Allavena, A., 1977: Greenhouse growing of dry-seed and snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris): indications and prospects

Shunichev, S. I.; Kravtsova, G. M.; Makarenko, L. N., 1977: Greenhouse soil and nutrition regime of tomatoes

Werzilov, W. F.; Plotnikova, I. V.; Alexandrova, W. S., 1978: Growth regulators in relation to apple bud differentiation

Vulsteke, G., 1979: Harvest-time in relation to sowing-time of scorzonera (Scorzonera hispanica L.)

Bailey, B. J., 1978: Heat conservation in glasshouses with aluminised thermal screens

Sobczykiewicz, D., 1980: Heat treatment and meristem culture for the production of virus-free strawberry plants

Morgan, J. V.; O' Haire, R., 1978: Heated hydroponic solutions as an energy saving technique

Oosten, H. J. van, 1978: High working for control of vigour of apple trees

Ludnikova, L. A., 1978: Histochemical investigation of pear ovaries (parthenocarpic and seeded cultivars)

Kokendyne Inantsy, I.; Szabo, T.; Buban, T., 1978: Histochemical properties of the embryo and fruit set in sour cherry following treatments by growth regulators

El Barkouki, M. H.; Hifny, H. A. A.; El Bana, G. S., 1978: Histological studies on floral malformation in mango developmental stages and the floral organogeny

Plich, H.; Hegazi, E. S., 1978: Hormonal control of fruit maturation and ripening. I. The effect of growth regulators on ethylene production and acid phosphatase activity in apple fruits

Hegazi, E. S.; Plich, H., 1978: Hormonal control of fruit maturation and ripening. II. Changes in abscisic acid content in apple fruits treated with growth substances

Penot, M., 1978: Hormone-directed transport in detached leaf-phytohormonal competition

Bogemann, B., 1979: Horticultural enterprises in the Federal Republic of Germany in 20 years

Ostendorf, H. D., 1976: Household comparisons of the demand for flowers in the Federal Republic of Germany

Maric, A.; Balaz, F.; Jasnic, S.; Sekulic, R., 1977: Important diseases and pests of vegetables in Voyvodina glasshouses with particular reference to chemical control of Sclerotinia minor Jagg, Leveillula taurica (Lev) Arn. and Trialeurodes vaporariorum Weatw

Goldwin, G. K., 1978: Improved fruit setting with plant growth hormones

Popescu, V.; Ridiche, N.; Amza, M., 1977: Improvement of sweet pepper growing technologies

Fraysse, J. L.; Cassagnes, P.; Sergent, D., 1978: Improving colour in red apples with Alar 85 (SADH) and PRM-Fruit (ethephon + 2,4,5-TP)

Nikolaeva, M. G.; Polyakova, E. N., 1978: Indoleacetic acid and other physiologically active substances in fruit and other plant seeds

Bangerth, F.; Sjut, V., 1978: Induced parthenocarpy - a tool for investigating hormone regulated physiological processes in fruits

Salomon, E., 1978: Induction of dwarfing and early cropping through root treatments in citrus

Jonkers, H., 1978: Induction of parthenocarpy in apple and pear with mixtures of growth regulators

Wertheim, S. J., 1978: Induction of side-shoot formation in the fruit-tree nursery

Schumacher, R.; Fankhauser, F.; Stadler, W., 1978: Influence of a several-year-treatment with Alar on fertility, growth and physiological disorders of Gravensteiner

Mengel, K., 1979: Influence of exogenous factors on the quality and chemical composition of vegetables

Popescu, F.; Balasa, M.; Chilom, P.; Savulescu, A.; Pitis, S., 1977: Influence of foliar fertilization associated with regulator substances on some metabolic processes of greenhouse sweet pepper

Penka, M., 1978: Influence of irrigation on the contents of effective substances in officinal plants

Bacha, N. A.; Ibrahim, I. M.; El Morshedy, F. A., 1978: Influence of pinolene on fruit quality and nutrient element content of Shamouti and Washington navel oranges

Norman, J. C., 1978: Influence of planting materials on growth, flowering and fruiting of 'Sugarloaf' pineapple, Ananas comosus (L) Merr

Come, D., 1978: Influence of seeds on the ripening of apples after harvest

Enachescu, G.; Mirghis, E.; Tomescu, P.; Donoiu, E.; Apostoliu, A.; Dinescu, I.; Ilie, A.; Apreotesei, N., 1977: Influence of some nutritional and microclimatic factors on greenhouse tomato yield and on occurrence of some physiological diseases

Wambeke, E. Van; Vanachter, A.; Vaes, L.; Assche, C. Van, 1979: Influence of the growth regulator 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid (ethephon) on a few quality criteria of tomato

Fritz, D.; Weichmann, J., 1979: Influence of the harvesting date of carrots on quality and quality preservation

Vooren, J. van de; Lint, P. J. A. L. de; Challa, H., 1978: Influence of varying night temperatures on a cucumber crop. In: Potential productivity in protected cultivation

Yenikeyev, H. K., 1978: Inheritance of some characters in progeny at crossing of various varieties of plum (P. domestica L.)

Stancevic, A. S.; Bulatovic, M. S.; Mutapovic, A. R., 1977: Inheritance of some more important properties in the progeny of two pear families

Alehina, E. M., 1978: Inheritance of some signs in hybrid progeny got from the crossings Prunus domestica varieties in the conditions of the north Caucasus

Parry, M. S., 1978: Integrated effects of planting density on growth and cropping

Anonymous, 1977: International symposium on vegetable crops under glass protection

Salesses, G., 1978: Interspecific hybridization and cytology in plum trees - present trends

Festic, H., 1978: Investigation of new sharka virus hosts

Gogoleva, G. A.; Mikheyev, A. M.; Tyurina, M. M.; Smagina, V. P.; Yefimova, N. V., 1978: Investigations on the components of winter hardiness in fruit plants

Miljkovic, I.; Hadrovic, A., 1977: Iron chlorosis of pears in the nursery

Amsen, M. G., 1980: Is leaf temperature a suitable parameter for greenhouse environment control?

Kitchener, H. M., 1980: Jersey tomato trials on temperature, direct seeding and nutrition

Thiele, G. F., 1979: Labour resources, education and management skills

Dressler, H. G., 1979: Long term changes in seasonal demand for fruit and vegetables in the Federal Republic of Germany

Looney, N. E.; Kamienska, A.; Legge, R. L.; Pharis, R. P., 1978: Metabolism of gibberellin A4 in relation to flower initiation in apple

Chilom, P.; Balasa, M.; Popescu, F., 1977: Morphological and anatomical modifications of tomatoes under the influence of treatment with retardant substances

Verzar Petri, G.; Marczal, G.; Lemberkovics, E.; Rajki, E., 1978: Morphological and essential-oil production phenomena in chamomile growing in phytotron

Roberts, E. H., 1978: Mutations during seed storage

Desmarest, P., 1978: New aspects of fennel cultivation in France

Madjarova, D. J.; Bubarova, M. G., 1978: New forms obtained by hybridization of Apium graveolens and Petroselinum hortense

Cuany, A.; Ritter, M., 1977: New trends for control of nematodes in carnation crops

Barralis, G.; Chadoeuf, R.; Desmarest, P., 1978: New trends of Gentiana lutea cultivation

Popescu, M.; Botu, I.; Godeanu, I., 1978: New valuable rootstocks for an intensive cultivation of the plum tree

Hansen, M., 1980: Nutrition of plants according to species and water supply

Bini, G.; Bellini, E., 1977: Observations on a mutation of a very early pear variety

Franke, W., 1978: On the contents of vitamin C and thiamine during the vegetation period in leaves of three spice plants (Allium schoenoprasum L., Melissa officinalis L. and Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) nym. ssp. crispum)

Khan, A. A.; Tao, K. L.; Knypl, J. S.; Borkowska, B.; Powell, L. E., 1978: Osmotic conditioning of seeds: physiological and biochemical changes

Luckwill, L. C.; Child, R. D., 1978: Part tree thinning of apples with CEPA

Stan, N., 1977: Particulars of floral buds differentiation in hothouse tomatoes

Gane, A. J.; Biddle, A. J., 1978: Pea establishment problems - a review

Zucconi, F., 1978: Peach fruit abscission: the mode of action of thinning agents

Guerriero, R.; Morini, S.; Vitagliano, C., 1978: Peach fruit thinning and fruit growth induced by GA3 treatment at bloom time

Westwood, M. N.; Lombard, P. B., 1977: Pear rootstock and Pyrus research in Oregon

Elenkov, E., 1977: Phytophthora capsici Leon. on peppers in greenhouses

Aleksic, Z.; Aleksic, D.; Sutic, D., 1977: Phytophthora capsici Leonian, a new parasite of pepper in Yugoslavia

Goedegebure, J., 1979: Planting densities in fruit-growing in relation to costs and returns

Jones, R. P.; Wilson, D., 1978: Plum breeding in Britain

Fogle, H. W., 1978: Plum improvement in the United States

Ozcagiran, R., 1978: Plum production and some important varieties in Turkey

Kolesnikova, A. F., 1978: Plum selection for winter hardiness in the middle belt of RSFSR

Runkova, L. V., 1978: Polyphenolic substances of apple seeds in relation to preharvest fruit abscission

Elfring, W.; Alvensleben, R. von, 1979: Possible effects of the EC-production subsidy on the market for tomato concentrates

Schouten, S. P.; Stork, H. W.; Esch, H. G. A. van, 1979: Post harvest factors affecting keepability of fresh market tomatoes

Ottosson, L.; Wiberg, L., 1977: Post-harvest changes in greenhouse tomatoes Lycopersicon esculentum L

Thomas, T. H.; Gray, D.; Drew, R. L. K., 1977: Potential for outdoor tomato production and storage in the UK

Soczek, Z.; Mackiewicz, M.; Luczak, F.; Kowalski, R., 1977: Preliminary evaluation of some herbicides applied in young non-fruiting cranberry plantation

Hassan, G. M. El, 1978: Preliminary evaluation of tomato cultivars for high temperature emergence

Mackiewicz, M., 1977: Preliminary evaluation of twelve highbush blueberry cultivars growing in north Poland

Tetenyi, P.; Zambo, I., 1978: Preliminary genetical data of Papaver bracteatum

Franz, C.; Holzl, J., 1978: Preliminary morphological and chemical characterization of some populations and varieties of Matricaria chamomilla L

Wills, A. B.; North, C., 1978: Problems of hybrid seed production

Achmet, S.; Kollanyi, L.; Porpaczy, A.; Szilagyi, K., 1980: Procedures for the production of virus-free stocks of small fruits in Hungary

Hassan, M. S.; Mubarak, A. El, 1978: Processing quality of some dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) cultivars in the Sudan

Lamb, J. G. D., 1977: Progress with blueberries in the Republic of Ireland

Loreti, F.; Morini, S., 1977: Propagation of Pyrus betulaefolia Bunge by stem cutting

Morgan, J. V.; Moustafa, A. T.; Scanlan, F.; Tan, A., 1980: Propagation techniques for crops in nutrient solution culture

Wunsch, A., 1979: Protein fractions and amino acid patterns of some tomato varieties

Henze, J.; Baumann, H., 1979: Quality of red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) as affected by storage conditions

Muratovic, A.; Kapetanovic, N.; Numic, R. M., 1978: Reaction of two peach cultivars to the application of fruit-thinning substances

Chandra, S., 1979: Recent developments in the vegetable industry in Fiji

Hall, I. V.; Aalders, L. E.; Craig, D. L., 1977: Recent research on the improvement of the lowbush blueberry in Canada

Maynard, D. N.; Barker, A. V., 1979: Regulation of nitrate accumulation in vegetables

Veen, H., 1978: Relationship between translocation of 1,2-14C-(2-chloroethyl) phosphonic acid and petiole abscission in Coleus plants

Quamme, H. A.; Marriage, P. B., 1977: Relationships of aroma compounds to canned fruit flavor among several pear cultivars

Palevitch, D.; Thomas, T. H., 1978: Release of celery seed thermo-dormancy by gibberellins applied in low pH solution

Eschenbecher, F.; Jost, P., 1977: Research on inhibitors in cranberries

Tataru, D.; Hristea, N., 1977: Research on quality maintenance in eggplants during storage

Vincenzoni, A., 1980: Research problems concerning flower and vegetable cultivation in a cold greenhouse using the Colonna di Coltura technique

Iordachescu, O.; Dobreanu, M., 1977: Researches regarding the modification of tomato pigmentation during temporary storage

White, R. A. J., 1978: Response of tomatoes to low night-high day temperatures and carbon dioxide enrichment

Karnick, C. R., 1978: Responses of lunar-phases on the growth of Abrus precatorius Linn. (Leguminosae) and its effects as crude drug on disease

Costache, M., 1977: Results obtained in the control of vascular diseases in vegetables by means of systemic fungicides

Liebster, G.; Schimmelpfeng, H., 1977: Results of a 16 year variety trial on highbush blueberries

Fernqvist, I., 1977: Results of experiments with cowberries and blueberries in Sweden

Wirth, H., 1977: Results of six years' variety test of highbush blueberries

Oros, F.; Mircea, I.; Grigorescu, C., 1977: Results of testing new glasshouse vegetable varieties intended for consumers in Bucharest

Link, H., 1978: Results of thinning apples with some chemical compounds

Herner, R. C.; Sink, K. C, Jr, 1977: Ripening behavior of the rin tomato mutant

Stankovic, D. M., 1978: Role and directions of breeding in the increase of economic value of plum cultivars

Zwet, T. van der, 1977: Role of breeding in improving pear production

Frenkel, C., 1978: Role of reduced oxygen intermediates in the onset of senescence processes in fruit and storage organs

Daughtrey, M. L.; Schippers, P. A., 1980: Root death and associated problems

Eccher, T., 1978: Russeting of Golden Delicious apples as related to endogenous and exogenous gibberellins

Bhattacharyya, M. K.; Nandpuri, K. S.; Surjan Singh, 1979: Screening of tomato germplasms for quality and yield

Hegarty, T. W., 1978: Seed and soil factors affecting the level and rate of emergence

Faulkner, G. J., 1978: Seed production of F1 hybrid Brussels sprouts

Maude, R. B., 1978: Seed treatments for pest and disease control

Kapetanovic, N., 1978: Selection of plum rootstocks

Guerriero, R.; Scalabrelli, G., 1978: Several trials for delaying bloom in stone fruit trees by SADH

Wiebe, H. J., 1979: Short-term forecasting of the market supply of vegetables, especially cauliflower

Damagnez, J.; Bavel, C. H. M. Van; Sadler, E. J.; Chouaniere, M. P., 1980: Simulation of the effect of storage characteristics upon the dynamic response of the fluid-roof solar greenhouse

Haan, W. G. de, 1979: Sixth symposium on horticultural economics

Szilagyi, K., 1980: Small fruit cultivation in Hungary

Peck, N. H.; Clark, B. E., 1978: Snap bean seed injury by seed metering devices on planters

Royle, S. M.; Hegarty, T. W., 1978: Soil impedance and its effect on calabrese emergence

Ventner, F., 1977: Solar radiation and vitamin C content of tomato fruits

Orchard, B., 1980: Solution heating for the tomato crop

Lee, S. K.; Nichols, M. A., 1978: Some aspects of seed size and plant spacing on the maturity characteristics of radish

Popescu, V., 1977: Some aspects of the growth and fruit development of sweet pepper growth in glasshouse

Buljko, M., 1978: Some characteristics of the Japanese variety Florentia (Prunus triflora) grown in ecological conditions of Herzegovina

Tiernan, P. I.; MacNaeidhe, F. S., 1979: Some effects of seed treatments on quality of celery (Apium graveolens)

Cormack, M. R.; Waister, P. D., 1977: Some effects of variety, pruning and pH adjustments on the early development of highbush blueberry plants in Scotland

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Brunner, T., 1978: Some principles and experimental growth regulation problems in fruit trees

Kadman, A.; Oppenheimer, C., 1979: Some problems of cultivation of selected subtropical fruit crops under marginal conditions, and research carried out in Israel to solve these problems

Jarebica, D. S.; Muratovic, A. S., 1978: Some properties of growth and productivity of plum cultivars in Bosnia

Jovancevic, R.; Stankovic, D., 1977: Some very promising pear hybrids in the region of Polimlje (Montenegro, Yugoslavia)

Henriksen, K., 1978: Sowing depth and N-fertilizing in relation to yield and uniformity in onion crops (Allium cepa L.)

Porcelli, S.; Cosmo, F.; D' Amore, R.; Monopoli, F. P., 1977: Spectroradiometric, thermic and hygrometric observation in tunnels with 2 cubature ratios and 3 photoselective colours

El Ballal, A. S., 1978: Stability of selection response for high essential oil yield in local caraway (Carum carvi, L.)

Zucconi, F.; Bukovac, M. J., 1978: Stimulation of growth of frost-injured peach fruit by gibberellin A3

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Savinova, N. I.; Popova, I. D., 1977: Studies of technological elements of autumn tomato crop in greenhouses

Zatyko, J. M.; Hrasko, I., 1978: Studies on abscisic acid in fruit of pear

Price, T. V.; Maxwell, M. K., 1980: Studies on disease problems and their control in hydroponics in Australia

During, H.; Alleweldt, G.; Koch, R., 1978: Studies on hormonal control of ripening in berries of grape vines

Brossier, J., 1977: Studies on new rootstocks for pear in the genus Pyrus communis L

Guerriero, R.; Loreti, F.; Morini, S., 1978: Studies on peach double row planting systems

Konradsen, P., 1980: Studies on the aspect of digital control of greenhouse crops

Tomlinson, J. A.; Faithfull, E. M., 1980: Studies on the control of lettuce big-vein disease in recirculated nutrient solutions

Jilaveanu, A., 1977: Studies on the effectiveness of a mildly virulent strain in diminishing the losses caused by tobacco mosaic virus in greenhouse tomatoes

Rickard, J. E.; Burden, O. J.; Coursey, D. G., 1978: Studies on the insolation of tropical horticultural produce

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Ahmed, A. H., 1978: Studies on the virus diseases of vegetable crops in the Sudan

Holubowicz, T., 1978: Survival test as a method of frost injury estimation

Trifonov, D., 1978: Susceptibility of Prunus insititia to sharka virus and to Polystigma leaf blight

Trifonov, D., 1978: Susceptibility of Prunus instititia to sharka virus and to Polystigma leaf blight

Anonymous, 1980: Symposium on computers in greenhouse climate control

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on fire blight. A bacterial disease of pomaceous plants

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on growth regulators in fruit production. Poznan, Brzezna, Skierniewice, Poland, 16-22 September, 1977

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on high density planting

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on more profitable use of energy in protected cultivation. Alnarp, Sweden, 22-26 August, 1977

Anonymous, 1979: Symposium on quality of vegetables

Anonymous, 1980: Symposium on research on recirculating water culture

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on seed problems in horticulture. The search for practical solutions. Sutton Bonington, England, 26-30 September 1977

Anonymous, 1979: Symposium on temperate fruit production adjustment in a changing world

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on the timing of field vegetable production. The role of plant establishment

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on the timing of field vegetable production: the role of plant establishment. Wellesbourne, Warwick, UK, 18-22 July, 1977

Groszmann, H. M; Borg, H. H-Van-Der, 1979: Symposium on tropical and subtropical fruits: in marginal environments: in the future

Greenhalgh, W. J., 1979: Symposium on vegetable growing in the Asian and Pacific region

Coombe, Bryan-George, 1979: Symposium on vineyards in the year 2000

Anonymous, 1979: Symposium on water supply and irrigation

Anonymous, 1978: Symposium on winter hardiness in woody perennials. Poznan, Brzezna, Skierniewice, Poland, 13-19 September, 1977

Moser, E., 1979: Technically-oriented research on drip-irrigation equipment for special crops

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Kinsella, M. N., 1979: The Australian vegetable industry

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MacKay, D. B., 1978: The laboratory germination test

Schneider, G. W., 1978: The mode of action of apple thinning agents

Wilson, W. C., 1978: The mode of action of growth regulators and other chemicals in loosening citrus fruit

Lukmanova, R. S., 1978: The natural growth inhibitors and winter hardiness of woody plants

Baicu, T.; Jilaveanu, A., 1977: The prevention of tobacco mosaic virus infections in tomato and pepper by some chemical substances

Budzynski, F., 1977: The problem of determining productivity of the greenhouse vegetables production

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Hoad, G. V., 1978: The role of seed derived hormones in the control of flowering in apple

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Jaumien, F.; Rejman, A., 1978: The use of CEPA to aid harvesting of sour cherry and plum

Muller, H. P., 1977: The use of Vaccinium fruits in the dairy industry

Quinlan, J. D., 1978: The use of growth regulators for shaping young fruit trees

Dempster, J. H., 1979: The use of micro-computers on nurseries

Ivanicka, J.; Pastyrik, L', 1978: The utilization of 3-indolebutyric acid in rooting hardwood cuttings of fruit trees

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