1B/1R wheat-rye chromosome substitutions and translocations

Zeller, F.J.

Proceedings of the fourth international wheat genetics symposium Alien genetic material: 209-221


Accession: 000000776

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By means of crosses with normal wheat varieties, several Chinese Spring monosomic lines, and the wheat-rye chromosome 1B/1R substitutions lines Zorba, Salzmunde 14/44 and Weique Substitution, it is shown that several derivatives of Zorba have 20 wheat-chromosome pairs and an interchanged pair involving segments of wheat-chromosome 1B and rye-chromosome 1R (V); the varieties Kavkaz [Caucasus] and Aurora have 1B/1R translocations; Orlando, Neuzucht, Riebesel 47/51, Wentzel, and Weihenstephan 1007/53 are 1B/1R substitution lines; and Salmon has a translocation chromosome comprised of a large segment of wheat chromosome 1B and a small segment of rye chromosome 1R. Chromosome 1R in Zorba carries linked genes for resistance to Puccinia graminis, P. recondita and P. striiformis, and it seems likely that the wheat varieties examined with alien variation transferred from rye possess these resistance genes.