A note on midsummer regrowth of Hasawi alfalfa and Rhodes grass (cv. Katamborn) grown under irrigation in Saudi Arabia

Robson, A.L.; Farnworth, J.; Ruxton, I.B.

Publication, Joint Agricultural Research and Development Project, University College of North Wales and Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Saudi Arabia 29: 8


Accession: 000006728

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At Hofuf, Saudi Arabia, (a) lucerne cv. Hasawi cut every 27 days and (b) Rhodes grass cv. Katamborn cut every 40 days, grown under irrigation, were sampled at intervals of 2-3 days between cuts in mid-summer. Plant DM production was higher in (b) than in (a) for the 1st 10 days after cutting, then became higher in (a) than in (b) until 27 days after cutting, when (a) was harvested. In (b), DM production continued to rise until it was cut at 40 days. The herbage content of CP was highest and that of CF lowest immediately after cutting and at 20 days after cutting in (a) and (b), respectively.