A study on the high-yielding varieties of rice in Andhra Pradesh

Gupta, S.S.; Banerjee, A.K.; Mehrotra, P.C.; Rajagopalan, M.

Agricultural Situation in India 28(1): 17-21


Accession: 000010747

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Information is presented on the yield, performance and the spread of the high-yielding varieties (HYVs) of rice, the amount of fertilizer application and other improved practices adopted by the cultivators on the basis of a survey of nine districts in Andhra Pradesh for the four seasons from rabi 1968-69 to kharif 1970-71. It is concluded that the farmers growing rice in Andhra Pradesh have kept pace with the newly developing HYVs. Though yields of traditional varieties have not varied from season to season, the HYVs have given better yields in rabi seasons than in kharif seasons. The area sown with HYV of rice has benefited by the application of nitrogen, and increased rates of application of nitrogen were accompanied by increased rates of phosphorous and potash together with higher yields.