Anthelmintic effect of a new salt of levamisole, levamisole phosphate, compared with levamisole hydrochloride

Billaudots, A.; Ortiz, E.; Goycoechea, C. de; Sylvester, V.B. de

Gaceta Veterinaria 37(298): 188-199


Accession: 000022667

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Two lots of cattle were used in trials : 30 weaned steer calves, and 45 steers about one year old; they were all kept on the same pasture throughout. Each lot was divided into three groups : A) injected with levamisole hydrochloride s/c at 3.7 mg/kg, B) with the phosphate at 8 mg/kg, and C) controls. Group A) of each lot made higher daily and total weight gains at 30 and 60 days than B), and both were much higher than C). Worm egg counts of A) of each lot were lower than those of B) and both were much lower than C). There was no evidence of inflammatory reaction at the site of injection in any animal. It was concluded that the new compound is non-irritant and can be injected in higher dosages than those of the hydrochloride with safety and increased efficacy.