Application date and dosage influence kill of hardwoods by soil application of bromacil, fenuron, and picloram

Peevy, F.A.

Proceedings, 24th Annual Meeting, Southern Weed Science Society: 271-273


Accession: 000023760

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Picloram, bromacil and fenuron were applied in bands 1 ft wide round Quercus marilandica and Q. stellata trees at rates of 1 or 2 g a.i. per inch. of d.b.h. in each month from March to June. Bromacil at 2 g a.i. per inch of d.b.h. gave good crown kills ( more than or equal to 91%) of both species during all four months tested, and bromacil at 1 g gave 'marginal' (85-90%) or lower kills in March, April and May. Fenuron and picloram were generally not effective in any season, although fenuron at 2 g gave 'marginal' kills in March and April.