Changes in dried skim-milk during storage. II. Electrophoretic properties of insoluble protein in dried skim-milk

Furukawa, N.; Yamanaka, Y.

Journal of Agricultural Science, Japan 18(3/4): 206-210


Accession: 000037147

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Insoluble protein occurring in dried skim-milk during storage was determined by staining with amido black 10B, following disk electrophoresis. Increases of alpha s- and beta -caseins and a remarkable increase in relative proportion of alpha s-casein were observed, with a significant decrease in kappa -casein during storage. By carbohydrate staining with acid-Schiff technique following electrophoresis, insoluble protein was detected in 3 fractions. These fractions were alpha s-, beta -, and kappa -casein from the results of protein staining. Increases of sugars and amino sugars in insoluble protein occurred progressively during storage. After a 25-days storage, sugars had increased 5 fold and amino sugar 2.5 fold.