Characteristics and production of the hybrid coconut palm, Malayan Dwarf X West African Tall

Fremond, Y.; Lamothe, M. de N. de

Cocoa and coconuts in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, November 1971: 309-319


Accession: 000038554

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The performance of 2000 Malayan Yellow Dwarf X West African Tall hybrid coconut palms, planted in 1962 on marine sand, was compared with that of their parents. In most respects the hybrid, which formed a fairly homogenous population, was intermediate between its parents. Its copra content per nut was, however, greater than that of either parent and since it is more precocious and produces more fruits, its copra yield was very much larger than that of the Tall parent. It was also much hardier than the Dwarf parent.