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Chapter 39

Characteristics and prospects of the market for commercial hog feed in Illinois

Bursch, W.G.; Scott, J.T.J.; Arsdall, R.N. van

Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Illinois 743: 58


Accession: 000038555

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Two samples of pig producers were selected, one from western Illinois where the concentration of pig production is the greatest and the other from eastern Illinois where cash-grain farming is dominant. Some 218 pig farmers answered questions about their purchase of pig feed. They also kept an account of the feed they bought during a specified period, including the prices paid and the services rendered in connection with these purchases. The dealers and distributors who sold this feed were surveyed about their selling practices and policies. The results indicated the types of services being offered as well as the various price discounts, credit terms, contracting arrangements, etc. being used by these businesses.

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