Chhana production from buffalo milk

Kundu, S.S.; De, S.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 25(3): 159-163


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 000040892

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As a result of >20 experimental trials studying 5 factors affecting the physical quality of chhana (pH and temp. of coagulation, straining method, fat level of milk, and homogenization), the following method is recommended for production of chhana suitable for use in the preparation of rosogolla: freshly-produced buffaloes' milk, preferably standardized to 5% fat and homogenized at 176 kg/cm2 (after pre-heating to 60 deg C) is brought to the boil and promptly cooled to 70 deg C, then rapidly coagulated by addition of 1% citric acid to a pH of 5.7; the chhana is separated from the whey by delayed straining in which the whey is strained through a muslin cloth, and the chhana (still in the cloth) immersed in tap water until cool, then hung in the cloth until it ceases to drip (30-60 min).